01.26.22- Oklahoma Latest State to Consider Bullion Holdings
Joseph P. Farrell

Well this week we’re back to a “sort of regular” blogging schedule as I am planning blogs for the 24th, 26th, 28th (Mon, Wed, Fri) plus our usual honorable mentions. And again, thanks to all of you submitting articles and stories.

This one comes courtesy of V.T., and if been following the stories of states passing bullion depositories and/or constitutional money resolutions, this story can be filed in the “more evidence of looming crack-up” category, because now the US State of Oklahoma is considering a bullion holdings bill:  Read More

01.25.22- 10 Clues to Where Gold’s Price Is Headed in 2022
Peter Reagan

10 key factors driving the precious metals market this year

ETF Trends has published a concise, information-rich report that outlines 10 key forces precious metals investors must watch this year. The first is the uncomfortable relationship between the M2 money supply, U.S. 10-year Treasury after-inflation yields and the dollar. The monetary expansion and the highest debt level in nearly a century have brought on historically low yields. There is also a general appetite for a weaker dollar among central banks to loosen global financial conditions. Read More

01.24.22- Bill Holters’ Latest Interview
With Dr. Dave Janda

Operation Freedom

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01.22.22- Central Banks’ record gold stockpiling
Claudio Grass

According to recently released data by the World Gold Council (WGC), as of September 2021, the total amount of gold held in reserves by central banks globally exceeded 36,000 tons for the first time since 1990. This 31-year record was the result of the world’s central banks adding more that 4,500 tons of the precious metal to their holdings over the last decade and it provides ample support for the investment case for gold, in both directly performance-related terms, but also from a big picture perspective. Read More

01.21.22- Understanding the Inflation Problem
Alasdair Macleod

In recent weeks inflation has become a major economic concern. Nearly all the commentary emanating from monetary policy makers, economists, and the media is misguided, believing inflation is rising prices and must be addressed accordingly.

They are only the symptoms of inflation. The true cause is the expansion of currency and bank credit, which, reflected in the US dollar’s M2 money supply has increased substantially since March 2020, and now stands at nearly three times the level when Lehman failed. Read More

01.20.22- Silver Price Prediction 2022
David Morgan

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01.19.22- Silver Short TRAPPED! Bank Can’t Buy Back 800,000,000 OUNCE SILVER SHORT!
Bix Weir

Shorting an asset is the most RISKY endeavor in the financial world because you are subjecting yourself to UNLIMITED LOSSES! You can not only lose your investment but EVERYTHING YOU HAVE IN LIFE AND MORE! Read More

01.18.22- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: It's A Gas Woo - Explorers' Guide to SciFi World
Clif High

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01.17.22- Nuclear Energy, Silver Shortages, and Bringing Back the Gold Standard
Maria Bonaventura

Welcome back to our mailbag edition of Inside Wall Street with Nomi Prins.

That’s where, every Friday, we put your questions to Nomi and her team of experts.

First up this week, reader Robert C. has some ideas about how to fix the cheap-money distortion Nomi has been writing aboutRead More

01.15.22- Waiting for the Pivot
John Hathaway

Shrinking mine supply, robust physical demand, minuscule interest rates and the advent of problematic inflation failed to generate an advance in the gold price in 2021. Gold bullion declined 3.64% in 2021, while gold mining stocks fell 9.25%.1 What stymied interest in precious metals over the past twelve months was the lure of strong equity market returns, the prospect of tighter monetary conditions and an infatuation with all things crypto. We expect things to be different in 2022. Read More

01.14.22- Can't Happen Here???
Mike Savage

It can’t happen here! How many times have I heard that one when I start to explain history to people? I have said to many of these people that “economic law is in effect everywhere in the world EXCEPT here?”

A few years ago, people thought I was crazy when I was warning about what we are seeing right now. The only thing I can say is that my timing may be off, but history has shown how this is most likely to play out. Read More

01.13.22- Coming Market Madness Could Take 70 Years To Recover From
Egon von Greyerz

Cervantes famous classic novel Don Quixote can in simple terms be described as a fight for liberty and freedom against oppression and against the state. This book is from 1605 and considered to be one of the best books ever written.

In the midst of market madness, risk doesn’t exist because lunatics neither see, nor worry about risk. And still, 2022 will be more about risk and survival than anything else. So I will obviously talk more about The Triumph of Survival” which I discussed in a recent piece. Read More

01.12.22- Inflation is Just Getting Started – Got Gold? Silver?
Dave Kranzler

A portion of the commentary below is from the latest issue of the Mining Stock Journal. Recent trading action in gold, silver and the mining stocks lead me to believe that a major move in the precious metals sector may have started. You can learn more about my newsletter by following this link:  Read More

01.11.22- Analyst: Here’s What Will Push Gold to a Record High (Sooner than Most Expect)
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Gold at $2,100 before the end of the year, global central bank holdings rose to 36,000 tons last year, and U.S. Mint posts strongest annual gold coin sales in 12 years. Read More

01.10.22- American Exceptionalism: Not Looking Too Exceptional for 2022
Matthew Piepenburg

Below, we look at the converging market forces, policies and math which portend a re-thinking of American Exceptionalism for 2022.

The Fed’s REAL Mandate

As expected, the Fed is an essential starting theme in any conversation of this nature.

Officially, the Fed has two primary mandates: 1) containing inflation and 2) ensuring full employment. Read More

01.08.22- Big Gold Breakout Nearing
Adam Hamilton

Gold is nearing a major technical breakout from a massive chart formation. This classic pennant is a type of continuation pattern, a long high consolidation which gold climbed into from below. Thus odds heavily favor this tightening pennant resolving to the upside, gold surging above upper resistance. That breakout will work wonders for battered gold sentiment, quickly reversing herd psychology from bearish back to bullish. Read More

01.07.22- Gold’s Turn to Shine
Adam Hamilton, CPA

Gold’s turn to shine again is nearing, with major bullish drivers aligning heading into this new year.  The Fed’s vast deluge of new money remains intact despite QE tapering, continuing to fuel raging inflation.  A new rate-hike cycle to fight that is looming, but gold has thrived during past cycles.  This Fed tightening will weigh heavily on QE-levitated bubble-valued stock markets.  As they fall, gold investment demand will surge. Read More

01.06.22- Why Gold’s 2021 Disappointment?
What about 2022?

Alasdair Macleod

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01.05.22- The Economic Depression Is Already Here – Here’s How to Counter It
Peter Reagan

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: We’re past the point of waiting for an economic depression, next bear market will be worst in Jim Rogers’ lifetime, and retail investors are bullish on gold.

Finance author Robert Kiyosaki recently spoke to Stansberry Research, reiterating his bearish stance on the global economy. Kiyosaki has been sounding the bells for what he calls the biggest crash in world history for months, initially predicting it to hit in October 2020. The S&P 500 Index has done nothing but soar since then, but Kiyosaki can’t ignore the red flags. Read More

01.04.22- 21 Things About 2021 That Hint About 2022 for Silver & Gold
Jeff Clark

What can we expect from gold and silver in 2022?

Part of effectively answering that question is to look at the context of what happened this year. Nothing happens in a vacuum, after all.

With that in mind, see if this review of 21 things that happened with gold and silver this year helps you prepare for 2022… Read More

01.03.22- Forecast 2022 — Dumpster Fire Blazing on the Frontier of a Dark Age
James Howard Kunstler

If 2021 was the year of maximum corruption, political decadence, and mind-fuckery in US history, 2022 is looking like a convulsive snap-back to the harrowing rigors of reality, spiked with shocking losses, reckonings, and not a little retribution for the rogues and reprobates who drove our country into a ditch. Quandaries abound now in the wreckage of economy, culture, and polity. The years of anything-goes-and-nothing-matters have ended — though you might not know it yet, at this very advent of Twenty-Double-Deuce. Welcome to the banquet of consequences. Soup’s on! Read More

01.01.22- More Serious Than I Thought
Ted Butler

I’m taking the unusual step of publishing a follow up article to my recently posted public article on the recent stunning OCC derivatives report. What prompts this more serious turn on my part was a question from a reader of my public article who asked me if I thought he should transfer the securities he held at his Merrill Lynch brokerage account to another broker, seeing as Merrill is owned by Bank of America. I responded initially that I doubted that the banking authorities would ever let BofA go under since it was clearly in the too big to fail category. After a few moments I wrote back to the reader suggesting that he send my article and ask whoever was his contact at Merrill what they thought. Read More


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