02.10.16- Setting The Record Straight On The Massive Gold Supply Conspiracy
Steve St Angelo

As market turmoil continues to push gold and silver prices higher, precious metal investors need to understand the fundamentals more than ever.  Unfortunately, there continues to be a lot of misinformation reported by sources in the precious metal community.  This is harmful as it confuses would be precious metal investors.

I decided to write this article due to a recent email question from one of my readers.   This individual wanted to know what I thought of the notion that the world held nearly two million tons of gold instead of the official 170,000 metric ton (mt) figure.  Let me start off by saying, I have answered this question dozens of times.  So, I thought it would be best to write an article to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT. Read More

02.09.16- They Broke the Silver Fix
Keith Weiner

Last Thursday, January 28, there was a flash crash on the price chart for silver. Here is a graph of the price action.

If you read more about it, you will see that there was an irregularity around the silver fix. At the time, the spot price was around $14.40. The fix was set at $13.58. This is a major deviation.

Many silver bugs are up in arms about how unfair the new silver fix is. That’s nothing new. They were up in arms about the old one. The old one was supposedly manipulated. Read More

02.08.16- INDICATORS SHOW: Collapse Of The Paper Gold & Silver Market May Be Close At Hand
Steve St Angelo

There is something seriously wrong taking place in the markets today.  This is also true in the paper gold and silver markets as well.  For a paper precious metals futures market to function properly, there has to be ample supplies of physical metal.  However, the ongoing trend of falling precious metal inventories points to big trouble in the paper gold and silver markets.

We must remember, a collapse does not happen overnight, but the endgame does.  This can be clearly seen in the collapse of the Roman Monetary System: Read More

02.06.16- Gold And Silver – Is A Bottom In? Nothing Confirmed.
Michael Noonan

Confirm – verb – establish the truth or correctness of (something previously believed, suspected, or feared to be the case).  state with assurance that a report or fact is true.

We are again seeing more and more experts and non-experts calling for the bottom for gold and silver, but none can confirm it as a proven fact.  Few realize how important it is to have confirmation that one’s position is correct and will be profitable.  It is confirmation that gives validity to a prior market move/event.  This is the theme of our analysis, today. Read More

02.05.16- Market Report: Systemic risk and negative interest rates
Alasdair Macleod

It was a better week for precious metals, with gold and silver hitting new highs for 2016.

Last night gold closed at $1155.5 and silver at $14.91, and in early London trade this morning prices opened at these closing levels. The performance for 2016 so far represents a rise of 9% for gold, and 7.75% for silver. Normally silver is roughly twice as volatile as gold, which suggests that it is relatively under-priced in current market conditions. Read More

02.04.16- Gold Prices: This 1 Thing Could Send Gold Prices to $5,000
Moe Zulfiqar, BAS

Think long-term and global when looking at gold prices. The yellow precious metal could be worth much more than it is today. In fact, $5,000-an-ounce gold doesn’t seem like an irrational idea in 10 years.

To see where gold prices will go in the long-term, investors should pay extra attention to one thing: money printing on the global level. As it stands, if you look closely, it seems as if there’s a flood of fiat money hitting the global economy.

You see, there’s still big debate about how to price gold. It doesn’t pay any dividend or any interest like other investment instruments, so investors tend to get confused about its value. Read More

COMEX Gold: Two Reasons It Is At RECORD LOWS
Mike Maloney

View Video

Precious Metals Firm Last Week

The price of the dollar was down 0.50mg gold, to 27.8mg, or if you prefer 0.04g silver to 2.18g. Why do we measure the volatile dollar in terms of gold and silver? There’s nothing else to measure it in, certainly not the dollar-derivatives called euro, pound, franc, yen, and yuan.

In the common tongue, gold was up $20 and silver rose 25 cents.

More importantly, we want to know what happened to the fundamentals. Read on for the only proper fundamental analysis of the gold and silver markets … Read More

Mike Burnick:  It’s been tough finding winners in financial markets so far this year. Nearly every asset class is moving together in lockstep … to the downside.

But one asset that’s been much maligned in recent years, practically given up for dead in fact, is glittering again: Gold!

The Dow and S&P 500 are both down 8% year to date.

Small caps have it worse with a double-digit decline of 12.2%. Read More

The low price of silver has finally claimed is first victim.  Endeavour Silver announced that it will cut silver production by 25% in 2016.  The company has three mines working in Mexico and will produce 7.2 million oz (Moz) of silver in 2015.  However, Endeavour plans to shut down production of one of their mines by the end of 2016 and put it on care and maintenance. Read More

01.29.16- They Don’t Bother To Hide The Criminality In Silver And AMZN Trading
Dave Kranzler

When they’re trading 1.5 billion oz. of silver each day in London, the ‘silver’ fix each day is a complete sham. Now the fix has been found to be openly manipulated, it will be interesting to see what happens with the London silver market. – David Jensen, “Silver: Is It The LBMA’s Greatest Rig?”

Strange things are happening in the global financial markets.  Most likely evidence of a massive systemic earthquake starting to shake.  As many of you know, the LBMA price fix “fixed” the a.m. priceof silver 84 cents below the front-month futures price right before the price was “fixed.”   This graph to the right shows how the criminal activity went down (click to enlarge). Read More

01.28.16- These Insiders Say They’re Shocked By Today’s Low Platinum Prices
Dave Forest

Unexpected news in the platinum market this week. With key consumer Japan saying that its buying surged to a record in 2015.

Japan’s biggest bullion seller, Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo, reported that its platinum sales more than tripled during the past year. Rising to an all-time high of 537,946 ounces, from just 149,272 ounces in 2014. 

That comes as platinum prices fell over 25% last year, this week hitting the lowest level since 2008 — at near $800 per ounce. Read More

01.27.16- Charts with more words than Comex has regitered ounces
Bill Holter

A reader recently sent me these charts.  I do not know who put this collection together to give credit to but I do want to say these charts pretty much tell the WHOLE STORY!  Please note each graph has grey shaded areas which identify recessions.

What we need to focus on is what has happened since the last “official” recession of 2008/2009.  I put the word official in quotation marks because it is clear something has gone very wrong since 2009, have we really recovered? Read More

01.26.16- The Coming Revaluation of Gold
Hugo Salinas Price

The current melt-down of the world's debt bubble is likely to continue in the course of the next months. The secular trend to expansion of credit has morphed into contraction and liquidation. It is my opinion that the new trend is now established and no action by any of the Central Banks (CB) that issue reserve currencies will do anything at all to reverse that trend.

Sandeep Jaitly thinks that the desperate reserve-issuing CBs - the US Fed, the ECB, the Bank of England and the Japanese CB. Read More

01.25.16- Gold Deficits, Fort Knox, and a Reset
Gary Christenson

Everyone knows that government expenses and deficits are out of control. Think U.S., Europe, the U.K., Japan, and others. So what?

  1. Borrowing today supposedly brings spending forward from the future, so future spending should be curtailed. It hasn’t happened so far.

  2. But no government will reduce spending so they must either borrow more or devalue their currency via “money printing,” various forms of QE – bond monetization, or increasing taxes. Not sustainable! Read More

01.23.16- Market Report: Gold steady, equities volatile
Alasdair Macleod

Gold and silver had a better week, before yesterday afternoon (Thursday), when gold steadied and silver slid 20 cents back below the $14 mark.

However, in early European trade this morning gold was level at $1097 and silver slightly better at $14.07. This was relatively subdued, given that US crude oil dropped to under $28 at one point this week, but recovered to $30.60 per barrel this morning. However, the real action was in equities. Read More

01.22.16- If You Are A Silver Investor, You Have To See These 3 Charts
Steve St Angelo

As the global stock markets continue to crash, demand for precious metals will continue to increase.  Already, the U.S. Mint had to ration Silver Eagles sales due to a shortage of silver blanks.  Sales of Silver Eagles in a little more than a week have reached nearly five million oz.

While Silver Eagle sales in January are normally very high compared to the rest of the year, initial sales this month are starting off with a real bang.  The Authorized Dealers purchased all of the four million oz of Silver Eagles allocated last week and have already taken delivery of 950,000 of the 1 million oz allotment this week.  There are only 50,000 Silver Eagles remaining until next week’s allotment. Read More

01.21.16- The Best Way to Prepare for a Gold Bull Market
Justin Spittler

It’s been hard to make money in stocks this year.

So far in 2016, the S&P 500 and the Dow have both dropped 8%. The NASDAQ has plunged 10%. And the Russell 2000, which tracks 2,000 small U.S. stocks, has plunged 11%.

Global stocks have also sold off. The Euro Stoxx 600, which tracks 600 of Europe’s largest stocks, is down 10%. The Japanese Nikkei 225 is down 11%. And the Chinese Shanghai Composite Index is down 18%. Read More

01.20.16- Post-ZIRP stock/gold era
Adam Hamilton

The Federal Reserve finally mustered the courage to end its radical zero-interest-rate-policy experiment this week.  Its quarter-point rate hike announced on the seventh anniversary of ZIRP kicks off the long road to normalization.  This leaves the stock markets and gold in unprecedented uncharted territory.  The Fed has never before attempted to exit ZIRP, let alone in the midst of such extremely distorted markets.

The Fed’s ZIRP saga symmetrically ended 7 years to the day after it began way back in mid-December 2008.  That was just after the dark heart of that year’s once-in-a-century stock panic, which struck terror into the Bernanke Fed. Read More

01.19.16- Gold Deficits and T-Bond Fantasies
Gary Christenson

Fantasy #1: 

My name is John Q. Public.  I live a good life, make lots of money (never mind how) and have debts such as a mortgage on a great house – $375,000, a Cessna – $150,000 (my air force), and a sweet little two mast sailing ship – $78,000 (my navy).  Also my wife and children (my army) spend a lot of money.  My total credit card debt is $97,000. 

But this was a bad month for revenue collections and there was only one thing to do.  I called the customer service agent at my bank – the 3rd State Bank of Chicago, and asked for a credit limit increase.  The friendly customer service agent asked how much I wanted my credit limit increased and I suggested from $100K to $200K. Read More

01.18.16- Gold Breaches R18000/oz in South Africa, Up 11% In Two Weeks!
Steve St Angelo

The price of Gold breached R 18,000/oz for the first time ever on the 11th of January 2016 in South Africa (R = Rand). It is currently standing on R 18,239/oz.

Let’s take a look at the price of Gold in South African Rands (ZAR) over the last 30 years, and the returns a saver would have earned had they bought and held Gold over various time periods since then: Read More

01.16.16- Changes On The COMEX As Bankers Increase War On Cash & Gold
Steve St Angelo

There have been some recent changes on the COMEX in response to the Bankers “War on Cash.”  Last year, Chase Bank in the U.S. advised its clients who rent safe deposit boxes there would be some policy changes.  Some of these changes had to do with the storage of cash and coins.

According to The International Man article, The End of Safe Deposit Box For Wealth Storage: Read More

01.15.16- Gold in 2016
Gary Christenson

We all know that gold prices in US dollars have been in a downtrend for about 4.5 years.

We all know that gold prices rise, on average, as the underlying currency declines in value.  Gold in the US was priced under $21 per ounce when the Federal Reserve was established.  Since then the dollar has been devalued and gold has increased in price by a factor of about 50.

It is the same story around the world, whether you evaluate in terms of British pounds, euros, rubles, yen, or any other debt based fiat paper currency. Read More

01.14.16- The Chinese Silver Fox
Bill Holter

I recently had a long and very interesting conversation with John Embry of Sprott Resources. It is always good to speak with him as I consider him one of the five sharpest economic/precious metals minds I know of and certainly value his opinion. John’s name came up a couple of days ago when someone asked “where is all this silver coming from” to meet the outsized physical demand? I said “this is the number one question John Embry and Eric Sprott have been asking for about a year now”. Read More

01.13.16- Eureka Moment
Theodore Butler

Over the past month, there have been at least three separate occasions in which silver rallied sharply in a single day, only to lose most of those gains the next day. On another occasion silver rallied over several days, only to lose its gains in one day. This is highly unusual price behavior, even for silver, the world’s most manipulated market. There are no legitimate supply/demand explanations for this kind of erratic price behavior. It always comes down to who’s tapping who on the COMEX - check that - it always comes down to how the commercials are tapping the technical funds. Read More

01.12.16- IT’S TRUE…. The U.S. Peaked In Silver Production 100 Long Years Ago
Steve St. Angelo

There continues to be a lot of misinformation on the internet, even on the alternative media.  So, I thought I set the record straight.  Yes, it’s true…. the facts show that the U.S. peaked in silver production a century ago.  That’s correct, 100 years ago.

In my recent article, U.S. Silver Production Drops Significantly Again In October… Has Peak Silver Arrived?, I wrote about the recent steep drop in U.S. silver production and how this was a likely trend for many countries in the future .  I also stated that if the global economy went into the toilet in 2016, then I believe Peak Silver is already here. Read More

01.11.16- The Time of the Stackers
Jeffrey Bennett

The past few years have been challenging times for most of us in the coin and precious metals business.

The US$ price of gold has been in retreat since 2011, but sometimes we have to look at the big picture, and reexamine our premises to remember why we promote gold and silver and how such resonates with our clients.

For many it is a hedge against the inevitable coming chaos that the fiat debt ponzi-scheme will lead to. For others, yes, just a speculation for profit… buy low, sell high. Some of our clients intend their gold holdings to be a permanent family estate, and if rare coins, a family heirloom to pass from generation to generation. For we in the business, it is both a passion and a livelihood chosen because we are believers in honest money. Read More

01.09.16- Gold And Silver – Why More Important Than When. Going Lower Before Moving Higher.
Michael Noonan

When the globalist’s central bankers are in control, primarily the US/UK, they are proving their ability to supersede the natural forces of supply and demand with impunity. When they have the ability to “print” unlimited amounts of fake fiat, no other country can stand in the way, not even China.

On the other hand, neither China nor Russia wants to oppose the globalist forces of evil, for both of those nations see what is unfolding on the world’s stage is the kabuki theater death dance of the US and the inexorable fading away of the fiat Federal Reserve Note. Read More

01.08.16- Gold in 2016
Alasdair Macleod

Advance signs of a global slump in economic activity emerged in 2015.

Furthermore, the dollar's strength, coupled with widening credit spreads confirms a global tendency for dollar-denominated debt to contract. These developments typically precede an economic and financial crisis that could manifest itself in 2016, partially confirmed by the disappointing performance of equity markets. If so, demand for physical gold can be expected to escalate rapidly as a financial crisis unfolds. Read More

01.07.16- During A Currency Crisis, This Is Tremendously Helpful
L Todd Wood

As Canada suffers through a currency crisis, one notable result is the tremendous benefits of holding gold. How does this apply to you?

Gold always works during a currency crisis. It has been proven over and over again throughout history, that when people fear the value of their fiat currency issued by the government, they substitute another currency that will maintain its value in a crisis. Gold has been that substitute for thousands of years. Read More

01.06.16- Gold investing: why it’s an indispensable insurance
Ivestment Watch

At the lowest price in the last 5 year, gold investing hasn’t been successful. Mainstream media says it’s a barbaric relic. The days as a safe haven are gone. But those analysts are missing one important reason to buy gold: it’s not an investment, it’s an indispensable insurance.

2015 was the year of the rate hike, everything else was useless. The first rate hike in 9 years crushed the gold price. Mainstream media believed it would push the gold price under $1.000. Probably the gold price has already priced in an interest rate increase. Read More

01.05.16- Silver, Silliness, Gold, and Risk
Gary Christenson

The movie “The Big Short” features Michael Burry. His statement from Zerohedge:

It seems the world is headed toward negative real interest rates on a global scale. This is toxic. Interest rates are used to price risk, and so in the current environment, the risk pricing mechanism is broken.”


What risks could be mispriced? A few come to mind. Read More

01.04.16- Silver will break $50.00 in 2016
Future Money Trends

Future Money Trends believes silver could break $50 in 2016 due to three reasons.  They put together this short video detailing the reasons why the market could see a breakout in the silver price.  Will it happen?  That’s a good question.

While I believe the value of silver will surge in the future, it’s hard to determine the timing of this event.  That being said, Future Money Trends puts together high-quality interesting videos with a lot of good information and data.  I highly recommend watching this video and it contains valuable information about the silver market and industry. Read More

01.02.16- Guernsey's Monetary Experiment
Louis Even

(Editor's Note: Out of the thousands of essays and articles that we have posted on "the Bear" over the years, this one provides the most simple and understandable explanation of the differences between a fiat currency (backed by nothing) issued by the Darkside Banksters, and an interest free currency (backed by the toil of the people) and issued by the people's representatives (I would call that the government, but that term does not currently fit our situation). If you can understand money, and believe me, most folks don't even have a clue, you will be well on your way to attaining a position to, effectively, take care of yourself and those you love. If you don't, you won't. - JSB)

Guernsey is a small island located in the English Channel. An Anglo-Norman population. This island is located closer to the French coast than to the English one.

At the close of the Napoleonic wars, the island, like several countries, was in pitiful condition, both physically and financially. Read More

01.01.16- Silver Manipulation Solution: 17 Requirements for a Freely Traded Silver Market Structure
Bix Weir

The silver market is broken and has been broken for a long, long time. Much longer than most people think although many people can finally SEE the problems with the market now as the paper market continues to distort the price of physical silver. It is silver derivatives and computer trading models introduced in the 1970's that really started to distort the market value and it has never been more distorted than it is today. Hundreds of Billions of silver derivative ounces are transacted by the bullion banks every year to steer and control the price of silver. This volume of silver trading dwarfs the tiny physical silver market that only provides a few hundred million ounces of physical silver to the market annually for investors to buy. Read More

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