07.10.20- The new deal is a bad old deal
Alasdair Macleod

So far, the current economic situation, together with the response by major governments, compares with the run-in to the depression of the 1930s. Yet to come in the repetitious credit cycle is the collapse in financial asset values and a banking crisis.

When the scale of the banking crisis is known the scale of monetary inflation involved will become more obvious. But in the politics of it, Trump is being set up as the equivalent of Herbert Hoover, and presumably Joe Biden, if he is well advised, will soon campaign as a latter-day Roosevelt. In Britain, Boris Johnson has already called for a modern “new deal”, and in his “Hundred Days” his Chancellor is delivering it. Read More

07.09.20- A potential crisis in Comex gold
Alasdair Macleod

We are all used to the bullion banks covering their shorts on Comex by waiting until the speculators are over-bullish and vulnerable to mark-downs that trigger their stops. Algorithmic traders go from long to short in a heartbeat as well, and they dump contracts into a falling market, speeding up the decline. We should say at this juncture that the Managed Money speculators are short-term, attracted by futures leverage, and their gold position is often part of a wider risk strategy deployed by hedge funds. They do not intend to stand for delivery. The wider investment world taking strategic portfolio decisions does not often get involved with gold, so the Comex gold contract has been a secular play. Read More

07.08.20- How to Squash this Stealthy Attack On Your Wealth
E.B. Tucker

(A note from your Editor: One of the most important aspects of your financial survival concerns your understanding of the nature of money. If you believe that precious metals do not constitute "money", you may have been misled. If you have been misled, who misled you? Why? And "What's wrong with this picture"?

What is money? The whole point of money is suppose to be the provision of a convenient and liquid medium that can be exchanged for less liquid value. It is a go between. One strives to accumulate money so it can be exchanged for something else. Read More

07.07.20- We Are In Never Neverland
Bob Moriarty

The year 2020 is the gift that just keeps on giving. Just when we think things can only get calmer, we have a border confrontation between China and India. In addition, COVID-19 appears to be accelerating in certain parts of the world. Meanwhile, the stock market couldn’t care less about either China/India or the virus. In this month’s conversation with 321gold founder Bob Moriarty we discuss the virus, why there won’t be an election in the US this year, the dichotomy between the employment situation and the stock market, and finally the junior mining bull market….  Read More

07.06.20- What Went Wrong In 1971
Jan Nieuwenhuijs

An interview with the gentlemen behind the website "WTF Happened in 1971?"

The last remnants of the gold standard were abandoned in August 1971, when President of the United States Richard Nixon decided to close the gold window (foreigners couldn’t redeem dollars for gold at the Treasury anymore). From 1945 until 1971, the U.S. dollar was backed by gold, and served as the world reserve currency under a system called Bretton Woods.  Read More

07.04.20- Market Update: Gold Hits $1800 –
What’s Next?

Adam Taggart

Gold just had one of its best-performing quarters ever

As we committed to last week, this week’s video focuses on the precious metals and the exceptional performance gold is exhibiting right now after many years of disappointing returns.

Year-to-Date, it’s hard to find an asset class that has performed better than gold and gold mining stocks:  Read More

07.03.20- World’s Two Largest Silver Producers Mine Supply Cut Drastically In April
Steve St Angelo

With Mexico finally releasing its mine supply data for April, the top two silver producers saw their combined silver output decline by 53%.   To give you an idea of the amount of lost silver mine supply from Mexico and Peru, it was more than all the global gold production that month.  Actually, it was 1.5 months worth of world gold mine output.

According to Mexico’s INEGI, silver output in April fell to 301 metric tons (mt) compared to 500 mt in March.  This turned out to be a 40% decline, less than my forecast of 60-70% loss in production. Read More

07.02.20- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Battling the Globalist Cabal, and Learning as We Go
Wayne Jett

A very real war is being fought presently by unconventional means in America and much of the world. As usual, the aggressors are the powerful alliance known as the globalist cabal. But this time an historic counterattack is underway by nationalists seeking to protect and preserve cultural values and governance. Another extraordinary feature is that the war is not presently being fought between weaponized military warriors of opposing nations.  Read More

07.01.20- The Patriotic and Moral Imperative for Owning Gold and Silver
Johnny Silver Bear

Old GloryI pledge allegiance to the flag...

Remember when you learned those words? It was back when everything was simple. The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, the circulation manager of the Boston based "The Youth's Companion" magazine. The end of the Nineteenth Century was a much simpler time. The world was a much simpler place. It is not so simple anymore.

When we recite those seemingly patriotic words, what are we really pledging our allegiance to? To the flag? To the United States? To the Republic for which it stands? Read More

06.30.20- Outlook for Gold “Hasn’t Looked This Good in a While”, Says Bank of America Strategist
Birch Gold Group

Analyst: Gold is targeting its $1,920 all-time high in Q3 with more upside potential

In a recent note, Bank of America Chief Global FICC Technical Strategist Paul Ciana shared some highly bullish predictions as to where gold is headed over the next few months. From a technical standpoint, Ciana noted that the metal hasn’t looked this good in a while, which was on full display on Wednesday, when gold hit $1,779 for the first time since October 2012. Read More

06.29.20- Stagflation Is Paradise
For Gold And Silver

John Rubino

If we can’t stop the massive deficits and rampant currency creation, we might as well embrace the resulting stagflation and keep stacking…

The creators of Medicare, Social Security, and other long-term spending programs had a handle on demographics – or at least on the political realities of the time – so they structured those programs to initially take in more money than they needed in order to build up “trust funds” to cover the eventual retirement of the massive Baby Boomer generation. Read More

06.27.20- A Can Too Big For
The Fed And ECB To Kick

Egon von Greyerz

Now is the final chance to jump on the gold wagon…

There are lies, damned lies, and economists. Whether these economists work for the government or a bank, they spend all their time on the computer extrapolating current trends with minor adjustments. 

If you want to understand the future, don’t spend your life preparing and constantly revising an Excel sheet with masses of economic data. Collective human behaviour is extremely predictable. But not by spreadsheet analysis but by studying history. Read More

06.26.20- The Final Chapter
Ted Butler

All things, both good and evil, come to an end. So it will be with the great silver price manipulation, which I date as having existed, in its COMEX-orchestrated version from 1983. Before that, of course, silver prices were never truly free, mostly as a result of some type of government interference. The US Government both supported and then depressed the price of silver for a hundred years prior to 1983, first by amassing more than 5 billion ounces and then by disposing of same. Read More

06.25.20- Silver is the Better Bargain Right Now
Lobo Tiggre

View Video

06.24.20- The Money Printing Road To Perdition
– Got Gold?

Dave Kranzler

Where’s the “V?” – Obviously the Fed has injected monetary cocaine into the stock market to make it appear as if stocks are “discounting a “V” economic recovery.  But a “V” on Main Street is nowhere to be found (graphic is from Crescat Capital -the comment bubble is my edit):

The chart above plots the NY Fed’s weekly index of economic activity (red line) vs. the Bloomberg U.S. financial conditions index, which attempts to measure the relative strength of the bond, equity and money markets (white line). With the amount of money the Fed has injected into the financial system, it’s no surprise that the financial conditions index is soaring. However, as I’ve suggested in recent issues, this money is having little, if any, effect on real economic activity. Read More

06.23.20- Peru Silver Mine Supply
Collapsed In April

Steve St Angelo

With the data now finally out, Peru’s silver mine production collapsed in April.  Due to the shutdown of a large portion of Peru’s mining industry, as a result of the global contagion, the impact on the world’s second-largest silver supply was enormous.  While I had mentioned in previous articles that I expected to see silver production from Mexico and Peru to decline significantly, I’m amazed actually to see the real numbers. Read More

06.22.20- History of world currencies vs gold
Olivier Crottaz

From 1900 to the end of 2019, all currencies lost their value relative to gold.

The British Pound lost 99.63% and the US dollar 98.64%. Even worse, for the Japanese Yen and the French Franc.

The German currency lost its value completely twice and is about to go for a third time !

The German Mark called the Goldmark (backed by gold) was introduced in 1873. With the outbreak of World War I, the Mark was taken off the gold standard and became the Papiermark and briefly the Rentenmark in 1923. Read More

06.20.20- Fact, Fiction And Fraud At The Comex
Dave Kranzler

“I think there will be a full monetary system reset after the world has had enough of Jay Powell and his digital printing press.”

The alleged gold flow into the Comex and amount of gold for which contract longs are taking “delivery” is at a historical extreme. I use “delivery” because “taking delivery” means being assigned an electronic warrant that records ownership transfer of a Comex registered bar presumably (but not guaranteed) to be sitting in a Comex-approved vault.  It does not mean that the party taking delivery takes possession of  a physical bar. Read More

06.19.20- Major Investment Factor: 5 Billion Ounces Of Silver Mine Supply
Economically Lost In Past Decade

Steve St Angelo

A large percentage of the silver that’s mined is “Economically Lost” forever. Investors are sitting on an investment that few understand…

Silver will likely turn out to be one heck of a better investment than gold due to the rarity of the metal and lack of available supply in the future.  While gold has stolen the show recently, I’ll bet my bottom Silver Dollar that silver will outperform gold during the next currency crisis. Read More

06.18.20- Metals Nearing Critical Momentum for New Paraboic Rally
Chris Vermeulen

While the US stock market has rallied over the past 5+ weeks, Gold has stalled near $1730 to $1740.  We issued a research post suggesting the GREEN Fibonacci Price Amplitude Arc was acting as major resistance and once that level is breached, we expect a big upside move in Gold.  Currently, Gold has reached just above the Green Price Amplitude Arc and this week may be a critical moment for both Gold and Silver in terms of a momentum base. Read More

06.17.20- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: The System Is Rigged: Qualified Immunity Is How the Police State Stays in Power
John W. Whitehead

The system is rigged.

The system is rigged, the government is corrupt, and “we the people” continue to waste our strength by fighting each other rather than standing against the tyrant in our midst.

Because the system is rigged, because the government is corrupt, and because “we the people” remain polarized and divided, the police state will keep winning and “we the people” will keep losing. Read More

06.16.20- Bullion Bank Retreat Puts Floor Under Silver And Gold Prices
Clint Siegner

Investors dumped paper gold and silver along with stocks, commodities, and most other asset classes in March. The price of silver dropped to $12.02/oz on March 18th and gold bottomed at $1,473/oz.

The bullion banks – notorious for their concentrated short positions – might have made a killing. But that isn’t what happened. Some of the most prominent players took massive losses instead. Read More

06.15.20- Rare Earths Show Signs of
Another Bull Market

Andrey Dashkov

Life-changing opportunities often come from the smallest markets or the tiniest stocks.

These opportunities are perfectly suited for the average investor, because they’re cheap enough to put your money in… they’re often overlooked by Wall Street… and they are so small that it could take just a little good news to send them soaring. Read More

06.13.20- The Potential Looming Catalyst for Silver No One Sees Coming
Jeff Clark

There are a number of catalysts that could ignite the silver market over the coming months and years. To Mike and I it seems inevitable that silver will be a direct beneficiary of the monetary madness that defines the world of central banking today. Give us some headline-making inflation, for example, and a roaring bonfire in the silver market will be underway.

But there’s another potential catalyst that is so immense, so market-altering, that it would overwhelm the silver market and profoundly change its structure for a generation or more. Not just something that would send the price soaring, but reshape the supply/demand balance and even change the way people view it. Read More

06.12.20- Falling Supply & Surging Physical Investment, We Could See Some
Crazy Silver Prices

Steve St. Angelo

Few investors realize that the fundamentals for silver continue to improve each and every day. Unfortunately, the bullish case for owning silver is lost in a market that has gone utterly insane trading high-flying over-leveraged tech stocks and other assorted financial garbage assets. This is the way of the world presently… but a BIG CHANGE is coming.

As I have stated over-and-over again, the coming ENERGY CLIFF is going to change the world as we know it. Read More

06.11.20- Cyberfraud Lawsuit Reveals Dangerous Threat to IRAs, 401(k)s
Peter Reagan

One look on the FBI website reveals many different ways that a criminal could try to access assets in most 401(k) plans, IRAs and pensions.

Data breaches, compromised email accounts, ransomware, and phishing are a few of the many ways you could have part or all of your retirement disappear in the blink of an eye.

According to the FBI, "Internet crime schemes steal millions of dollars each year from victims and continue to plague the Internet through various methods." Read More

06.10.20- Chaotic Price Swings Will Be Engineered To Shake Off Gold Investors
Chris Powell

Expect attacks on gold whenever major government fundraising is being arranged or there’s big economic news. President Trump will support all this as…

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

A European friend well known to us who prefers not to fall under even more surveillance in his own country sends the observations below, for which your secretary/treasurer will take the responsibility of sharing with you. Read More

06.09.20- The “Great Unlock” Does Not Change
the Case for Gold

Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Why a quick economic recovery might not be around the corner, gold investors could be facing a buying opportunity, and auction of first U.S. gold coin could see a $15 million bid.

The return to normal might seem rapid, but the economic rebound could be anything but Read More

06.08.20- Silver Will Explode and Fake Money Collapse Like in Third Century
Egon von Greyerz

History repeats itself with staggering similarity. The Crises of the 3rd Century and today have much in common. All empires have the seeds of their own destruction within them. So if we look back almost 2000 years to the Roman Empire we will find exactly the same symptoms as today.  

Deficits, debts, excessive military spending, debasement of currency, breakdown of trade, plague, revolts, wars, and hyperinflation. This is exactly what happened in the Crisis of the 3rdcentury and right now the world is facing the same disasters. Read More

06.06.20- You May Never See “Normal” Again
James Rickards

American cities are burning, there’s a lethal pandemic and we’re in a new Great Depression.

Other than that, everything’s fine.

People often ask me when things will “get back to normal.” Well, the answer could be never (or at least not for a long time).

Germany was not “normal” from 1914–54, for example. Social disorder is like a virus; it goes away eventually but not necessarily soon. Read More


06.05.20- Why Gold?
James Rickards

Why gold?

That’s a question I’m asked frequently. It’s usually followed by a comment along the lines of, “I don’t get it. It’s just a shiny rock. People dig it out of the ground and then put it back in the ground. What’s the point?”

I usually begin my reply by saying, “It’s not a rock, it’s a metal” and then go from there.

I have a lot of sympathy in these conversations. The fact that people don’t know much about gold today is not exactly their fault. The economics establishment of policymakers, academics and central bankers have closed ranks around the idea that gold is taboo. Read More


06.04.20- Return to gold standard
could value gold at $7,000/oz.


Central banks have been printing so much money lately that one firm suggests a possible return to the gold standard. In fact, based on the gold standard, the firm argues the implied gold price is higher than $7,000 an ounce. However, right now, it argues that gold prices are too high.

Gold is too expensive right now Read More


06.03.20- Maxime Bernier Becomes First Major Western Political Leader to Call for a Gold Standard
Peter Diekmeyer

Maxime Bernier, who recently became the world’s first major leader to call for the re-imposition of the gold standard, is quietly carving out a niche as one of the country’s most innovative monetary policy thinkers.

“Central banks are printing massive amounts of currency to prevent the economy’s collapse under the weight of debt,” says Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada. “The fiat money system is bankrupt.” Read More

06.02.20- Does Enough Physical Silver Exist In The World To Make Delivery Plausible To Close Out The Big COMEX Short Positions?
Ted Butler

It seems things have been falling into place. It would be surprising if things further falling into place don’t include sharply higher silver prices…

One wants to be careful about seeing things as previously predicted, but not so careful so as to not recognize when things seem to be playing out exactly as expected. Recent news stories and events seem to be in accord with a number of my central themes, but I’ll present the case as I see it and let you decide. Read More

06.01.20- Silver scores biggest monthly gain in 9 years as U.S.-China tensions boost gold prices
Myra P. Saefong

Gold rose Friday buoyed by U.S.-China tensions and global monetary stimulus measures

Silver futures on Friday posted a gain of nearly 24% for the month, the largest since 2011, with the industrial metal finding support as global economies continue to reopen from pandemic-related shutdowns. 

Gold futures, meanwhile, rose for Friday’s session buoyed by U.S.-China tensions and global monetary stimulus measures. Read More

05.30.20- The Next Silver Rally will Dwarf the Gold Rally
David Brady

View Video

05.29.20- US Gold Confiscation Would Be Folly
Egon von Greyerz

Will gold be confiscated? Yes, of course, it could be. Desperate governments will take desperate actions. And as the world economy is now slumping into a hyperinflationary depression, unlimited money printing will cause currencies to collapse, leading to a surge in the gold price measured in worthless paper money. 

So the first question we must ask is: Why would governments punish prudent savers who have taken protection in gold against the mismanagement of the economy and the currency? Read More

05.28.20- How Would Gold Perform In a Second Stock Market Crash?
Jeff Clark

1929… the 1970s… 2000… 2008… and now 2020?

In the biggest stock bear markets over the past nine decades, there was an initial crash… followed by a big bounce… and then a more severe selloff, a “second leg down” if you will.

Could it happen again? As Mark Twain said, “history doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.” Read More

05.27.20- Why The Gold/Silver Ratio Is A Useful Indicator
John Rubino

There’s a debate in gold bug circles over whether the price difference between gold and silver – the gold/silver ratio – tells us anything useful. Some skeptics, for instance, view the original gold/silver ratio of 15 — from America’s 18th century bi-metallic system – as just a political number pulled more-or-less out of thin air by Alexander Hamilton and therefore useless today. Others note that gold is a purely monetary metal and silver is part industrial, part monetary, and conclude that it’s apples to oranges — and therefore not an indicator of future prices.

Both points are factually defensible, sort of. But they’re also irrelevant. The real reason the gold/silver ratio has tended to fluctuate within a broad but well-defined range is that humans have a vivid visual imagination. Here’s how it works: Read More

05.26.20- Australian Perth Mint Silver & Gold Bullion Sales Surge In April
Steve St Angelo

Due to investor fears stemming from the global contagion, demand for Perth Mint silver and gold bullion products surged in April.  According to CoinNews.net, the Perth Mint’s gold bullion sales in April were the highest since the website started collecting data in February 2013, while silver bullion sales were in second.

The Perth Mint gold bullion bar and coin sales reached 120,504 troy ounces in April, while silver bullion sales were 2.1 million oz.  Thus, the Perth Mint sold 17 times more silver bullion than gold last month.  Figures in the chart below are shown in troy oz Read More

05.25.20- California Just Put Washington in this Economic “Catch-22”
Birch Gold Group

Government bailouts are being revived, and this time, unlike during the 2008 recession, it appears large financial companies won’t be the only ones asking for help.

The problem is, the government may not be able to help this time.

In response to a bloated state budget and a massive debt of over $550 billion, Newsmax reports that California Governor Gavin Newsom is looking for a bailout from the federal government:Read More

05.23.20- U.S. Mint Gold Coin Sales Already Double vs. 2019: Best BUY PRICES
For Gold Eagle & Buffalo Update

Steve St Angelo

Sales of the U.S. Mint Gold Eagle and Buffalo coins are already double what they were for full-year 2019.  And, with the Fed and central banks continuing to print money hand-over-fist, I doubt the demand for gold coins will diminish anytime soon.

Interestingly, sales for precious metals bullion retail products, according to Dan at Cloud Hard Assets, are running about 60% for gold and 40% for silver (total value, not ounces).  Investors would be buying more silver, but due to the backlog and shortage of retail silver bullion products, individuals are being forced to buy more gold.Read More

05.22.20- Gold Prices Could Hit a Record High by Year End. Just Don’t Expect an Easy Ride.
Myra P. Saefong

Gold prices could reach a record by the end of the year. But don’t expect to see a smooth ride to the top, even as measures to offset the pandemic-hit economy support the precious metal’s appeal as a haven.

U.S. gold prices are likely to gradually increase over time, says Darwei Kung, portfolio manager and head of commodities at asset management firm DWS Group. Read More

05.21.20- Silver Soars & Posts Big Gains
Versus Gold

The RMB Group

Silver is finally gaining on gold, reversing nearly all of its richer cousin’s gains since silver’s coronavirus collapse. It took 125 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold barely a month ago. This drove the gold/silver ratio far above its previous all-time highs. It now takes 97.38 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold. This is a sharp downward reversal of 22%, over half of which has occurred in the last three days. This volatile price action has all the characteristics of a classic “blow-off.”

Blow-offs in the gold/silver ratio are rare and nearly always game-changing. While the past is not a perfect predictor of the future, we view the blow-off happening now as a powerful signal that silver is shifting into higher gear as it rallies to catch up with gold. This fundamental change in the relationship between these two metals could last for years. Read More

05.20.20- Two Months Of New Currency In Circulation Could Buy A Stunning Amount
Of Silver & Gold

Steve St Angelo

The Federal Reserve issued a RECORD amount of new Currency in Circulation over the past two months.  While the financial media has focused on the massive amount of additional “Digital” money printing, the Fed also introduced more new DOLLAR BILLS into the market from March to May than it did all last year. Read More

05.19.20- Here’s 5 Reasons Why Gold Miners Have Massive Outperformance in the Tank
Bryce Coward, CFA

As I write this note on a dreary Friday afternoon from Boulder, CO. I am reminded of my town’s origin. Its first non-native settlers established the town 1858 as a base camp for gold and silver miners. Nestled literally at the foot of the Rockies, its location was ideal for supplying the Colorado mining boom at that time and by 1871 a railroad had been built to connect Denver, Golden, Boulder and the mining operations directly to the West of Boulder. One such mining operation was in what is still known as Gold Hill, which I highly recommend visiting for a live music and BBQ event the next time you are in Colorado (COVID permitting). Read More

05.18.20- Silver price to outperform gold in Q2
Anna Golubova

May is looking great for silver as the metal is outperforming its complex with more gains still in store, according to Orchid Research. 

Silver prices are off to a solid rally after being left out of the gold price party in Q1. Spot silver has been even outperforming spot gold this month, up 6.7% since the beginning of the month while spot gold is up only 2.5%. 

“We continue to favor silver over gold in the near term for at least three reasons. First, the silver price is relatively cheaper than the gold price judging by historical standards. Second, its positioning is cleaner (i.e., less crowded) than gold. Third, the re-opening of the economy could result in a rebound in industrial activity and therefore, a pick-up in silver consumption considering that 50% of annual silver supply is consumed by the industrial sector,” Orchid Research summarized in an Alpha Post on Wednesday. Read More

05.16.20- Silver Markets Break Major Barriers
Christopher Lewis

Silver markets have exploded to the upside during the trading session on Friday, breaking above several barriers that now have given way quite violently.

Silver markets have broken higher during the trading session on Friday, slicing through a couple of major resistance barriers at this point, the market slicing through the $16 level during the day on Thursday, and then the 200 day EMA after that. Ultimately, the market looks as if it is going to make a serious attempt at $17, which is an area that has been the scene of major selling previously. At this point in time, the market will have a bit of a fight above, but with the movement that we have seen its rather easy to see that buyers will return on dips, with the $16 level being a very interesting area for buyers to come and pick up value. Read More

05.15.20- TIGHTNESS CONTINUES IN RETAIL SILVER MARKET: Best Gold-Silver Eagle Buy Prices Update
Steve St Angelo

With the lack of availability of precious metals retail bullion products, the premiums for gold and silver coins-bars continue to be quite elevated. Depending on the dealer, 2020 Silver Eagle premiums are still ranging between $7.5 and $13. Thus, the Silver Eagle premiums are between 47-81% of the spot price, depending on the dealer.

I continue to check the U.S. Mint website, but there still hasn’t been any update for Silver Eagle sales for May.  While the U.S. Mint sold 7,000 oz of Gold Eagles in May so far, it shows no figure for Silver Eagles.  The large online dealers are still struggling to obtain supplies of silver bullion products with the availability pushed back 2-4 weeks or longer. Read More

05.14.20- Dow-to-Gold Ratio Signals
Best Time to Buy Stocks

Tom Dyson

Editor’s note: In today’s Dispatch, we’re sharing another piece from our friend and colleague, Tom Dyson.

Tom’s one of the brightest analysts in the financial world – and when he discovers a money-making opportunity, he goes “all in.”

Regular readers know we’re big on gold – but Tom took it a step further. Two years ago, he put nearly all his money into the precious metal. And below, he shares how he bet thousands of dollars on bitcoin in 2011… just before it took off. Read More

05.13.20- Gold Sets Its Sights on $1,800
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Gold could move past $1,800 in the near future, every investor should view gold as a core asset, and times like these highlight gold’s true purpose.

Analyst: Gold could be heading above $1,800 next

Gold has been trading steadily around the $1,700 level as various uncertainties grip the global market. According to UBS Investment Bank’s precious metal strategist Joni Teves, the metal has a short-term target of $1,790 with an upside above $1,800 after that. Read More

05.12.20- The Changing Value of Money
Ray Dailo

This is an appendix to Chapter 2, “The Big Cycle of Money, Credit, Debt, and Economic Activity.”  It is intended to look at the concepts expressed in that chapter in a more granular way and to show you how these concepts are consistent with the actual cases that are behind the concepts.  While in this appendix we will get a bit more into the mechanics and specifics than we did in Chapter 2, it is written in a way that should be both palatable to most people and specific enough to satisfy the needs of skilled economists and investors.  If you find that the material that you are reading is getting too wonky for your taste just stick to reading that which is in bold and you should be just fine. Read More

05.11.20- Silver Coin Premiums Soar: Signal "Alt-Money" Demand As Re-Opening Recovery Hype Fades
Tyler Durden

Silver is the matrix of precious metals:

  • on the one hand, it is an industrial metal, critical to the production process in many of the world's most in-demand products;

  • and on the other hand, it has been 'money' for millennia, playing second-fiddle as a spending 'asset' relative to gold's 'wealth'.

The question is always, which of these demand/supply attributes is more prevalent at any one time. Read More

05.09.20- $3K To $20K Gold Coming? These Pundits (Now 34) Think So!
Lorimer Wilson

Ten years ago every “analyst” and his brother was hyping the future price of gold and I kept track of their guesses in an article entitled “Gold Going To $2500, $5000, $10000, Even More? These 148 “Analysts Think/Thought So“. None of their forecasts “panned” out (pun intended) but some are back at it again suggesting that we are going to see gold going as high as $20,000.

Here are the most current (i.e. within the last year) forecasts for the price of gold: Read More

05.08.20- Junior Gold Miners Ready To Run
Chris Vermeulen

Both Gold and Silver Futures have been struggling to rally above recent high levels since the start of the global stock market collapse related to the COVID-19 virus event.  Yet, the Junior Gold Miners appear to be telling us the Precious Metals market is boiling hot.

Gold, the bell-weather safe-haven asset, initially collapsed when the US stock market started the massive selloff in late February 2020, then recovered to higher price levels near $1785 recently.  Since reaching these levels, Gold has stalled into a sideways price flag near major resistance. Read More

05.07.20- How to Know the Perfect Time
to Invest in Gold

Michael Pento

View Video

05.06.20- Silver to Go to $150 and Beyond!
Mark O’Byrne

View Video

05.05.20- Gold: $6,600, $20,000
Bob Moriarty

What historically happens to the gold price with every $500 billion increase in US deficit spending? What does this say about the current environment?

I like to read. I read fast and that helps.

I can’t quite come to grips with all these guys now coming out with 25-minute videos they insist we watch instead of reading. Do they really believe that everyone has so much free time that they can pay attention to someone chattering away for 25 minutes? Read More

05.04.20- Silver Is Due For An EPIC Mean Reversion Relative To Gold
Adam Hamilton

Silver is powering higher in a new bull market after getting clobbered in March’s stock panic.  Investors have been flocking back to silver in the aftermath of that ultra-rare extreme-fear event.  That brutal selloff also utterly wiped out speculators’ upside bets in silver futures, giving them massive room to buy back in.  After being pummeled to record-low levels relative to gold, an epic silver mean reversion higher is underway. Read More

05.02.20- Gold's Got Your Back
in More Ways Than One

Rick Rule

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05.01.20- Silver hasn’t been this cheap in 5,000 years of human history
Simon Black

More than 4,000 years ago, the city of Kanesh was quickly becoming an important commercial trading hub within the ancient Assyrian Empire.

Kanesh was located in the dead center of modern day Turkey, so it was perfectly situated on the route between the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, and between Europe and Asia Minor. As a result, Kanesh became a popular trading post. And merchants, scribes, and moneylenders from all over the Assyrian Empire traveled there to profit from the boom in copper, tin, and textiles. Read More

04.30.20- GOLD EAGLE SALES SURGE: Update On Best Buy Silver-Gold Eagle Prices
Steve St Angelo

Gold Eagle sales surged in March and April as investor concerns of the global contagion spread to the United States.  Demand for Gold Eagles in February fell to only 7,000 oz but surged to a record monthly high in March.  The U.S. Mint sold 151,000 oz of Gold Eagles in March, nearly the same amount sold during full-year 2019.

Even with the temporary shut-down of the U.S. Mint in April, another 101,500 oz of Gold Eagles were sold during the month. Thus, total Gold Eagle sales of 320,000 oz for 2020 is more than double the 151,000 oz sold during full-year 2019: Read More

04.29.20- Crooks and Criminals – Gold and Silver SUPRESSION – Upside Imminent
Ted Butler

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04.28.20- Why We Rush to Gold in Times of Crisis
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: How gold manages to stand out during every crisis, gold might be signaling a monetary collapse, and Swiss gold exports to the U.S. jump to eight-year high.

The reason we rush to gold whenever crises hit

For the gold market, the coronavirus crisis brought about another instance of familiar price action. Barring the initial rush to liquidity, people around the world were quick to search for a safe haven to pile into and quickly found gold to be the ideal choice. This, in turn, pushed the metal’s price to seven-year highs, as it has traded above $1,700 for two consecutive weeks. Read More

04.27.20- And Now, for Somrthing Entirely Different: Throttle Up
Jim Quinn

The phrase “Throttle Up” jumped into my consciousness in the last week when Trump and his coronavirus task force of government hacks and bureaucrat lackeys announced the guidelines for re-opening America, as if a formerly $22 trillion economy, tied to a $90 trillion global economy, could be turned off and on like a light switch. Clap off, clap on. It just doesn’t work that way. The arrogance and hubris of people who think they can declare a global shut down for a virus and think they can easily deal with the intended and unintended consequences of doing so, is breathtaking in its outrageous recklessness and egotistical belief in their own infallibility. This contemptible belief in their own superiority has permeated every fiber of those who rule over us, particularly among captured central bankers, corrupt politicians, bought off scientists, and billionaire oligarchs. It is the same groupthink, purposeful failure to address risks, and willfully ignoring those in the trenches that murdered seven astronauts on January 28, 1986 and has created the 2nd Great Depression of today. Read More

04.25.20- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Pandemic And Economic Collapse:
The Next 60 Days

Brandon Smith

The news cycle moves so quickly these days writing analysis on current events becomes difficult; the moment you publish an examination of the situation people have already moved on to the next disaster. So, today I'm not going to do that. Instead, let's look at current trends and project what is likely to happen in the next couple of months. In my article 'How The Pandemic Crisis Will Probably Develop Over The Next Year' published in early March, I outlined what I believed would be the major developments on a longer timetable. Some of these predictions have already occurred. Read More

04.24.20- America finally found the
lost City of Gold

Simon Black

In the early 1530s, a Spanish conquistador named Diego de Ordaz was exploring modern-day Venezuela when he first heard rumors of a nearby City of Gold.

Ordaz thought he was about to hit the jackpot. And he wasted no time ordering expeditions of the area to find this city– what eventually became known as El Dorado.

The mission failed, and most of Ordaz’s men died. But one survivor, a crewman named Juan Martinez, claimed that he had been captured and held prisoner for 10 years in El Dorado. Read More

04.23.20- The U.S. Government Spent Fort Knox Gold—Hundreds of Times
Gary Christianson

Fort Knox Gold: Once upon a time, the Fort Knox Bullion Depository was a vast storehouse for American gold. Official records claimed 20,000 tons in the 1950s. Over 640,000,000 ounces of real money sat behind those massive locked doors.

That gold gradually disappeared until President Nixon refused to exchange dollars for gold in 1971. Officially in 2020, 147,000,000 ounces of gold remain inside those locked vaults. Read More

04.22.20- Is the Extreme High in the Gold/Silver Ratio Setting Up For an Extreme Reversal?
Jeff Clark

There are a few times in an investor’s life where, as Jim Rogers once put it, you see a pile of money sitting in a corner and you can go pick it up. In other words, an investment opportunity that’s not just obvious, but has a high reward-to-risk ratio.

It may not have been expected by many investors, but the gold/silver ratio (gold price divided by the silver price) has stretched to never-before-seen levels. It’s soared to not just a generational high, but a historic high. As in 5,000 years of history. Read More

04.21.20- Crouching Silver, Hidden Oil
Keith Weiner

The price of gold has been up steadily for the last 30 days (with a few zigs and zags), now re-attaining the high it achieved prior to the big drop in March. Gold ended the week at $1,662. Alas, it’s not quite the same story in silver, whose price drop was bigger. Now its price blip is smaller. Silver ended the week at $15.19.

One does not need to look to the gold-silver ratio, which is currently off the charts, to see that the world has gone mad. Silver, it has long been understood, has both industrial as well as monetary demand. With the plunge in economic activity of all kinds due to the response to the coronavirus, the industrial component of silver demand is drastically reduced. Read More

04.20.20- The Fed Just Put Gold
in this Win-Win Situation

Peter Reagan

Since March 23, the Fed’s balance sheet has soared like no other time in history, shooting up to more than $6 trillion.

This is thanks to the “extensive new measures” that Chairman Jerome Powell decided to deploy, as a monetary moon shot intended to avoid severe economic disruptions.

But is this what the economy really needs? And is the Fed fueling a recovery or complete economic disaster? Let’s briefly examine these questions. Read More

04.18.20- Silver and COVID-19,
Capitalism's Black Swan

Darryl Robert Schoon

Regarding today’s markets and gold and silver, on April 15th,  Sandeep Jaitly wrote

Over the past few weeks and months, there have been seismic changes in the way people are thinking of markets – and the concept of markets – generally. 

As evidenced by movements in the Federal Reserve’s sale and repurchase facility from last September, which has resulted in the TARP balance sheet reaching a record of $6,000bn and at a record rate of over $630bn/month since the year began, there are ‘issues’ with all markets – in as much as markets are markets with ‘monetary’ fiat.  Read More

04.17.20- AI Fibonacci Modeling Predicts
Silver at $26

Chris Vermeulen

Our Adaptive Fibonacci Price Modeling system incorporates an intelligent “Inference Engine” into internal decision-making and future analysis.  This type of “Adaptive Learning” is one of the core elements of Artificial Intelligence – the ability to read inputs, adapting to price structures and setups and infer expected outcomes/results based on a complex decision-making process.  Today, we are alerting you that our Adaptive Fibonacci Price Modeling system is suggesting $26 is the next target level for Silver (which is currently trading near $15.65).  Read More

04.16.20- Loading Up on Silver:
The Whole World Will - Decimation

Tom Beck

I’ve made my career living by this mantra: DON’T try to change the world, ADAPT to it. In the next two years, WHOEVER is willing to SEPARATE his personal DISGUST of how corrupt, useless and UNFAIR the financial system is from the OPPORTUNITY to capitalize on the INHERENT flaws that this very system can’t fix, will potentially make a GENERATIONAL FORTUNE in the coming transition.

You can shout from the rooftops, but this won’t change the REALITY we live in one bit. Read More

04.15.20- Why the price of silver could skyrocket
Simon Black

By the mid-6th century BC, Darius the Great was ‘King of Kings’, ruling over the vast Achaemenid Empire.

By that time, gold and silver had already been in use by earlier civilizations for thousands of years.

There are cuneiform tablets that are nearly 4,000 years old from ancient Sumeria which record commercial transactions made in gold and silver. Read More

04.14.20- The Fed Must Embrace Inflation, So You Must Embrace Gold, Says CIO
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Gold is a critical response to the economic crisis, gold jumps to seven-year high as Fed doubles down on stimulus programs, and gold prices could be going for a record.

As the Fed responds to the crisis with inflation, investors should return with gold Read More

04.13.20- Strange Things Are Happening
Theodore Butler

I know I may be dating myself, but that was the title of a popular children’s song (circa 1953) by the comedian Red Buttons that came to mind as I contemplated the truly strange events occurring currently in gold and silver. Perhaps intended to demonstrate that my musical tastes have evolved, another question arises – what business does a 73 year old have in listening nonstop to the Red Hot Chili Peppers? 

There truly are strange things occurring in gold and silver, things I not only have never observed previously, but also nearly impossible to explain in rational terms. The two main things most strange are the extremely wide discounts of spot gold and silver to the most active COMEX futures months and the sudden large inflow of physical gold deposited in the COMEX gold warehouses. There is little question in my mind that the two strange occurrences are very much related, although it has taken me a bit of time to come up with an explanation. Read More

04.11.20- Gold Soars as the Fed Goes Full MMonTy
Tom Luongo

If you’re like me and you follow gold closely, you’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. It’s the moment where the Federal Reserve finally gave up the charade of being an independent actor and the lie that gold is not an important part of the global monetary system was shattered.

And this is why now, more than ever, you should be asking yourself one simple question over and over again: “Do I have enough gold?” Read More

04.10.20- Global Stimulus on Steroids Means Higher Gold and Silver Prices
David Brady

It seems like there isn’t a day that goes by without more stimulus from either the Fed or the government. The Fed’s balance sheet is spiking higher to new record levels, with no signs of stopping any time soon. Fiscal stimulus already in place or planned is $7 trillion and counting. This is equivalent to over 200% of Federal Tax Revenues and a whopping 32% of GDP, and we’re not done yet! Read More

04.09.20- It Likely Came From
Chinese Biowarfare Lab

James Rickards

The stock market was up big today on news that the COVID-19 outbreak may be slowing in the U.S. That would be good news. But it’s still far too early to draw any conclusions and make no mistake — this crisis has a long way to go.

All we can do is wait and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, gold topped $1,700 per ounce today. That’s nice for gold, but it’s better understood as an early warning of declining confidence in the dollar. Read More

04.08.20- Silver Eagle Update: Premiums Range Between $6.50-$10.00+ Based On The Dealer
Steve St Angelo

Investors continue to purchase a record amount of Silver Eagles.  The premiums on Silver Eagles are ranging between $6.50-$10.00+, depending on the precious metals dealer.  With Silver Eagle premiums ranging at these levels, investors must make sure they find the best deals.

Today, the silver price shot up over $15.00, and gold surpassed $1,700, while the Dow Jones Index surged by 1,600 points.  It seems as if the market now believes the WORST HAS PASSED in regards to the global contagion.  While the “WARM FUZZY” today motivated investors to push the broader markets higher by more than 8% today, the fundamentals continue to deteriorate. Read More

04.07.20- Precious Metals are About to Reset Like in 2008 - Gold Bugs, Buckle Up!
Chris Vermeulen

For years, many Gold Bugs (investors who’ve been advocating buying Gold and Silver at low prices as a hedge against future global economic risks) were shunned as conspiracy theorists and nuts. How could these people believe Gold and Silver were solid investments when the Global equities markets were rallying 5% a year consistently – what could go wrong? Read More

04.06.20- The Comex Does Not Trade Gold
Dave Kranzler

Unequivocally, gold does not trade on the Comex. The Comex trades paper gold derivatives. It is a futures and options exchange on which a small amount of 100 oz. gold bars change ownership each contract month. The transfer of title is facilitated by the creation of an electronic record called a “warrant.” But even these “warrants” which assign title to specific bars are derivatives. Presumably gold is “delivered” to the parties who stand for delivery (the “stopper”). But that “delivery” most commonly is the electronic transfer of a warrant from the entity short a paper gold contract to the entity who is long the same. Read More

04.04.20- Silver and Sanity
Gary Christenson

Silver is real money, not a debt-based fiat currency that will eventually fail.Silver bullion production requires capital and effort to mine and refine. We use it for solar panels, iPhones, cruise missiles and thousands of other items. Silver is monetary sanity.

Prices for silver rise as currency units are devalued. Silver sold for $1.29 in the 1960s. Today’s COMEX price is around $16.00 because dollars buy less. Prices for physical silver are much higher. The continual devaluation benefits the political and financial elite who own most paper assets – stocks and bonds. The bottom 90% pay higher prices for necessities plus interest on their debts. Savings in silver coins will offset devaluation and loss of purchasing power. Read More

04.03.20- Silver Shock Update: A New and Major Threat to Supply
Jeff Clark

As many of our readers know, silver supply from mining operations has been in decline.

That decline has just sped up. In a big way.

As you might know, a plethora of mining companies around the world have announced they suspended part or all of their operations. It’s probably worse than we know, as I suspect other miners have curtailed activities even if they haven’t announced it. Read More

04.02.20- Silver Investing During The Coming Financial Storm
Steve St Angelo

While the world has entered into a financial crisis, the worst is still yet to come.  When the global contagion continues to spread, the crisis will turn into a FINANCIAL STORM, in which few are prepared.  Unfortunately, the analysts on CNBC and Bloomberg continue to provide incorrect forecasts because they are looking at the markets in a linear fashion. What lies DEAD ahead is a collapse and disintegration of a way of life that won’t return as it was in December 2019. Read More

04.01.20- The ‘Out’ Has Not Yet Begun To ‘Fall’
Keith Weiner

Irrevocable economic damage has already been done…

So, the stock market has dropped. Every government in the world has responded to the coronavirus with drastic, if not unprecedented, violations of the rights of the people. Not to mention, extremely aggressive monetary policy. And, they are about to unleash massive fiscal stimulus as well (for example, the United States government is about to dole out over $2 trillion worth of loot).

The question is what will be the consequences? Read More

03.31.20- Supply of Gold Craters
(Just As Demand Surges)

Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Physical gold is getting more difficult to come by, gold jumping to $2,000 by 2021 is a reasonable prediction, and Goldman Sachs tells investors to buy gold.

While many countries have experienced some form of shutdown in response to the pandemic, Switzerland’s case is shaping up to be the most impactful to the gold market. When it comes to gold processing and storage, Switzerland is a pivotal countries in the world. Read More

03.30.20- Gold and Silver Break Free From Their Paper Chains
David Brady

What happens in the real world (not the paper monopoly world) when demand soars and supply disappears? 

Last week I wrote “Paper Prices Dump, but Premiums for the Physical Metals Soar on Heavy Demand”. My sincere thanks to the many Twitter followers who alerted me to this phenomenon around the world almost two weeks ago now, in which prices for physical Gold and Silver were soaring and inventories were fast running out. Despite encroaching censorship, Twitter still remains an important tool for sharing valuable information. Since then, Silver prices reached a peak of around $35 CAD and ~$25 USD, but that was as of last Friday. It is now almost impossible to know what the real price is, because inventories have disappeared. It could be much, much higher now. We just don’t know. Read More

03.28.20- Swiss Gold Refiners Cease Production - End of Paper Market

The Swiss Canton of Ticino, in the Italian part of Switzerland, has just ordered the gold refiners based there to close, initially to March 29th but this is expected to be extended.

Three of the world’s largest refiners – Argor, Valcambi and PAMP are based in Ticino. We are likely to see major pressure on the gold and silver paper market. More later in this article. Read More

03.27.20- Gold Price Forecast 2020: The Shift Towards Precious Metals Has Begun
AG Thorson

The paradigm shift I spoke about last year is unfolding before our eyes. Precious metals are likely to emerge from the global COVID-19 crisis as the premier asset for investors. 

Investment Themes

Every decade has a distinct investment theme. One asset class rises to the top and outperforms everything else. Read More

03.26.20- The Time of the Vulture

In times of expansion, it is to the hare the prizes go. Quick, risk taking, and bold, his qualities are exactly suited to the times. In periods of contraction, the tortoise is favored. Slow and conservative, quick only to retract his vulnerable head and neck, his is the wisest bet when the slow and sure is preferable to the quick and easy.

Every so often, however, there comes a time when neither the hare nor the tortoise is the victor. This is when both the bear and the bull have been vanquished, when the pastures upon which the bull once grazed are long gone and the bear's lair itself lies buried deep beneath the rubble of economic collapse. This is the time of the vulture. – DRS, 1991 Read More

03.25.20- Gold Price Tells Us Nothing About Gold

If the title of this article is in any way disturbing or seems incorrect to you, then I sincerely recommend that you read it through carefully and completely. It was written for your benefit.

People are obsessed with the price of gold. That is not surprising, given that most people likely view gold as an investment opportunity. "How much can I make and how quickly?"

What really plagues gold investors and others is the question "Why didn't gold respond the way we expected?" Read More

03.24.20- Buy Gold and Silver While You Still Can, Warns Analyst
Birch Gold

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Jim Rickards says economic freeze is here, precious metals are the biggest buying opportunity of the decade, and the U.S. Mint can’t keep up with demand for physical silver.

Jim Rickards: Get gold and silver now instead of waiting for things to get worse Read More

03.23.20- Corona, Exter’s Inverse Pyramid and the Coming Gold Spike
Jan Nieuwenhuijs

An analysis of the current volatility in the gold market, and what to expect going forward.

In my previous article “Coronavirus to Boost Gold Price” from March 5, I wrote, “Although I think gold has a lot more upside, it can be a bumpy road.” Since then, the US stock market has declined by about 21%, and gold took a beating too, having lost 10%. Many people question why gold is down, at the same time when stock markets are dropping at the fastest pace in history. In this article, I will set out my view on the developments that cause downward pressure on gold and what will happen going forward. Read More

03.21.20- This Is Why You Should Own High-Quality Gold Miners
John Rubino

A long list of companies ranging from cruise ship operators to retailers to airlines to restaurants are on life support. Many others (we’re looking at you, IBM) have spent billions buying back their own stock with borrowed money and now, even if they survive, look ridiculous.

Is there anyone left out there with good year-ahead business prospects? Why yes there is: High-quality gold miners have been accumulating reserves that made sense when gold was considerably lower. Now they’re producing at a profit and have free cash flow to distribute to shareholders. Assuming the gold price stays more-or-less at current levels, these companies will be almost unique in reporting positive year-over-year comparisons in 2020. Read More

03.20.20- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Is The Panic Worse Than The Virus?
MN Gordon

The Great Panic of 2020 is already one for the history books.  Yet the damage has only just begun.  We suspect the stock market crash, economic destruction, and forfeiture of freedoms will persist long after the coronavirus hobgoblin has been put to bed.

With respect to the stock market, the modus operandi of the last 11 years is being stood on its head.  Rather than ‘buy the dip.’  The new divine mantra is ‘sell the rip.’  Here’s why… Read More

03.19.20- It Is All Being Exposed…Now!
Bill Holter

Very brief commentary today.What happens when the most overlevered global economy in history shuts down for a month, or more?Global bankruptcy. It is over folks, the system is coming apart at the seams and the “promises” the world ran so smoothly on for so long are being laid bare.You might ask, which promises?The answer is ALL promises.

All of a sudden and immediately after the Fed and Treasury announced over $4 trillion in various stimulus and aid …interest rates on Treasuries are rising.For example, rates on the 10yr Tsy collapsed to .34% a week ago Monday.Now, after 150 basis points in cuts, the 10yr is trading over 1.1% just 7 trading days later! Read More

03.18.20-Is This the End of Gold or the End of Gold Market Rigging?
Chris Powell

How much of last week’s smash in monetary metals prices was caused by what seems to be the primary explanation for it — selling required to meet margin requirements for positions in other markets that were falling amid the worldwide virus panic?

Surely there was some of that, but suspicion also must fall on governments and central banks seeking, as they long have done in times of crisis, to bolt the exits from the financial system, which they control. This suspicion must be especially strong because of what GATA disclosed last week — the refusal of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission to answer a member of Congress as to whether the commission has jurisdiction over manipulative futures trading conducted by or for the U.S. government and whether the commission is aware of such trading: Read More

03.17.20- Masking The Drop In Open Interest
Jeremiah Johnson

Golds value remains inside yesterday’s trading range with the price at $1,470.80 down $15.70 after dipping to $1,465.60 with the ICE rally high at $1,519.30. Silver is still leading the declines with the trade at $12.150, down 66.10 cents and at its low of $12.11 with the ICE high to beat at $13.230. The new quarter’s US Dollar trade (June) now has a value of 99.205, up 105.3 points after reaching up to 99.395 with the low at 98.105. Of course all this happened already, before 5am pst, the Comex open, the London close, after the G7 threatened the world that it will survive even without human participation, after Nasdaq, Dow, S&P Futures surged limit-up but not locked, after fast food restaurants close their dining areas and playgrounds, and after the slow minded are told not to call 911 because they can’t find toilet paper. You will survive, Cowboy Up and just use a corn cobb. Read More

03.16.20- Feeling Adventurous? Consider Silver
John Rubino

Silver is getting crushed in the pandemic-driven flight to safety — which might have created one of those blood-in-the-streets opportunities that contrarian investors dream about. 

To understand why, lets start with the gold/silver ratio. The relationship between the prices of these two monetary metals tends to fluctuate within a wide band running from 20 to 90. A high reading implies that fear is the dominant emotion in the market, sending money toward the safest safe haven, which is gold, and away from silver, which is more volatile and therefore riskier.  Read More

03.14.20- Move Over Coronavirus; Is This “Repo-Virus” the True Culprit of the Crash?
Birch Gold

There is no doubt, if stocks don’t stage a turnaround soon, the coronavirus could bring the U.S. economy to its knees.

But there is another entity that could cause even more panic in the markets than a virus, and that’s the Federal ReserveIn fact, the Fed has already been creating uncertainty in the markets since last September.

Back then, a sudden 10% jump in repo market borrowing costs caused panic and liquidity problems. The Fed reacted by injecting billions in cash in attempts to restore sanity (and liquidity). Read More

03.13.20- SALES EXPLODE: U.S. Mint Sells Another Million Silver Eagles Past Two Days
Steve St Angelo

With the spread of the Global Contagion, the demand for physical precious metals has increased significantly.  According to the U.S. Mint’s newest update, another million Silver Eagles were sold over the past two days. 

This brings to total Silver Eagle sales in March at 2.3 million, more than three times the previous month.

On my last update, the U.S. Mint sold a total of 1,345,000 Silver Eagles as of March 9th Read More

03.12.20- Silver – Left Behind Today, But Not Tomorrow
Gary Christenson

Breaking News: The DOW rose 455 for the week ending March 6. It fell 3,583 the previous week. Gold rose $105 and silver rose $0.87 for the week.

The coronavirus is blamed for weak global demand and damaged supply chains. The Fed is worried; they lowered interest rates by half a point. But central banking is part of the problem. Central banks created bubbles, and those bubbles crashed in 2000, 2008, and 2020. Read More

03.11.20- Gold is Immune to the Coronavirus, Says Goldman
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Gold is immune to the effects of the coronavirus, the Fed is once again driving a flurry of gains in the gold market, and the Royal Mint of Britain issues various unique gold coins and bars ahead of new James Bond movie premiere. Read More

03.10.20- Why are Gold & Silver Crashing?
Jeff Clark

Gold is down over 3% today as we write. Silver is down over 6%. The gold/silver ratio has soared to 95, its highest level since March 1991.

Why is this happening? Aren’t gold and silver crisis hedges?

One of the biggest reasons has to do directly with the stock market. It’s the same reason gold and silver crashed in October 2008. Read More

03.09.20- Gold steadily climbs back closer to multi-year tops on coronavirus jitters
Haresh Menghani

  • A fresh wave of the global risk-aversion trade boosted gold’s safe-haven status.
  • Collapsing US bond yields, Fed rate cut speculations provided an additional boost.
  • A strong bearish sentiment surrounding the USD remained supportive of the move.

Gold gained some traction on Friday and has now moved well within the striking distance of multi-year tops set on February 24. Read More

03.07.20- "The Market Slump Is Just Beginning" -
Covid-19 Is Not The Cause, It's The Catalyst

Egon von Greyerz

This is it! The party is over. The world is now facing the gravest economic and social downturn in Modern Times (18th century). We are now entering a period of global crisis that will change the world for a very long time to come. This should come as no surprise to the people who have studied history and also read my articles for the last few years. Many others have also warned about the same thing. But since MSM never talks about the excesses in the world or the risks, 99.9% of people are totally unprepared for what is coming next. Read More

03.06.20- Silver Backwardation Returns, Gold and Silver Market Report 2 March
Keith Weiner

The big news this week was the drop in the prices of the metals (though we believe that it is the dollar which is going up), $57 and $1.81 respectively.

Of course, when the price drops the injured goldbugs come out. We have written the authoritative debunking of the gold and silver price suppression conspiracy  here. We provide both the scientific theory and the data. So we won’t say anything more about it today. Read More

03.05.20- Why Precious Metals Crash During Market Meltdowns

During last week’s Coronavirus market sell-off, where global stock prices plunged more than 10%, you can assume investors are moving into the usual safe-havens: Government bonds, Japanese Yen, and Swiss Franc, among others, are rallying in unison.

There is, however, one asset class that’s behaving rather strangely: precious metals. Despite their popular safe-haven status, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium — priced in U.S Dollars — have fallen 5% or more from their highs. But why, in a period of mass panic and fear, are metal investors experiencing heavy losses?

The answer is volatility. Read More

03.04.20- Physical Gold Will Soon Break Free from the Paper Market in Spectacular Fashion
Brandon Smith

Not long ago, the idea of gold and silver market manipulation was considered the realm of “conspiracy theory”. Alternative economists and precious metals investors were often accused of “wild imagination” or bitterness when it came to long periods of stagnation in the market. Despite a considerable amount of evidence to the contrary, our suspicions were not being taken seriously.

Fast forward to 2019, which was the year of vindication for all gold bugs. Multiple banking entities had been implicated in gold and silver market manipulation, including JP Morgan. It was no longer a “theory”; now it was fact. The problem is, whenever these institutions get caught illegally undercutting the market, they get a fine, at most. Essentially, they receive a slap on the wrist and then go right back to strongarming metals. Read More

03.03.20- Like Last Week, Gold Dropped in 2008. Then It Did This
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Gold’s losses alongside stocks are an expected result of the coronavirus panic selloff, expert sees the virus as the last straw needed to push gold to $2,000, Goldman raises its gold price forecast as the pandemic takes its toll.

There is a good reason behind the gold selloff and plenty of upside Read More

03.02.20- Stocks And Gold: What Happened Last Week
David Kranzler

The coronavirus crisis is perhaps the real “Black Swan” that no one saw coming.  While the virus pulled the trigger on the loaded weapon aimed at the stock market, it’s not the cause of the 2nd fastest 10% decline in the history of stock market.  Using “as adjusted” GAAP accounting applied to the current trailing 12-month SPX earnings to make them comparable to the GAAP standards applied to 1999 earnings, this was the most overvalued stock market in U.S. history.  While Fed officials and Wall Street story-tellers rejected the notion that the stock market was in a bubble, this table from Crescat Capital demonstrates the stock market’s extreme degree of overvaluation: Read More

02.29.20- Why Is Gold Tanking?
James Rickards

The coronavirus continues to take its toll on the stock market.

If you were expecting a major recovery today after yesterday’s bloodbath, you were very disappointed.

Stocks opened higher this morning but soon fell back into red territory again, where they stayed throughout the day.

The Dow ended up losing another 879 points today after yesterday’s 1,031-point hammering. Read More

02.28.20- How Gold Is Manipulated
James Rickards

Is there gold price manipulation going on? Absolutely. There’s no question about it. That’s not just an opinion.

There is hard statistical evidence to make the case, in addition to anecdotal evidence and forensic evidence. The evidence is very clear, in fact.

I’ve spoken to members of Congress. I’ve spoken to people in the intelligence community, in the defense community, very senior people at the IMF. I don’t believe in making strong claims without strong evidence, and the evidence is all there. Read More

02.27.20- 2021 Social Security COLA Could Be “Infected” by the Coronavirus

It appears that the coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, could claim a surprising victim: the 2021 COLA from Social Security.

According to official statistics, more than 64 million Americans receive more than $1 trillion in Social Security benefits. It also represents about 33% of total income for the elderly. Read More

02.26.20- Gold: The Piper Must Be Paid
John R. Ing

In his State of the Union victory lap, the president crowed that the “great American comeback” entered this decade with the longest bull run in American history. Unsaid is that in dancing to all time highs, the bond and stock markets are priced for perfection. In normal times, this would not be as dangerous as it is today.  Read More

02.25.20- Silver and Sanity
Gary Christenson

Silver is real money, not a debt-based fiat currency that will eventually fail. Silver bullion production requires capital and effort to mine and refine. We use it for solar panels, iPhones, cruise missiles and thousands of other items. Silver is monetary sanity.

Prices for silver rise as currency units are devalued. Silver sold for $1.29 in the 1960s. Today’s price is around $18.00 because dollars buy less. The continual devaluation benefits the political and financial elite who own most paper assets – stocks and bonds. The bottom 90% pay higher prices for necessities plus interest on their debts. Savings in silver coins will offset devaluation and loss of purchasing power. Read More

02.24.20- A Minsky Moment is coming for gold
Rick Mills

“Minsky Moment” refers to the idea that periods of bullish speculation will eventually lead to a crisis, wherein a sudden decline in optimism causes a spectacular market crash. 

Named after economist Hyman Minsky, the theory centers around the inherent instability of stock markets, especially bull markets such as the current one that has been in place for over a decade. Read More

02.22.20- Will COVID-19 Lead To A Gold Standard?
Alasdair Macleod

Even before the coronavirus sprang upon an unprepared China the credit cycle was tipping the world into recession. The coronavirus makes an existing situation immeasurably worse, shutting down China and disrupting global supply chains to the point where large swathes of global production simply cease.

The crisis is likely to be a wake-up call for complacent investors, who are content to buy benchmark bonds issued by bankrupt governments at wildly excessive prices. A recession turned by the coronavirus into a fathomless slump will lead to a synchronised explosion of debt issuance for which there are no genuine buyers and can only be monetised. Read More

02.21.20- The World's Best Kept Investment Secret
Egon von Greyerz

There is a secret investment that virtually no investors are aware of. This is an investment that despite government manipulation and being besmirched by MSM still has outperformed all asset classes in this century. But it is not just an investment, it is the best hedge that anyone can buy against:

  • A failure of the financial system
  • Central bank debasement of fiat money
  • Stock market crashes
  • Credit market failures
  • Property bubbles
  • Collapse of art or other inflated assets like vintage cars Read More

02.20.20- Surprise! Massive Consumer Debt Fueling 'Record' Economy
Peter Reagan

In May 2018, we reported a 47% increase in total consumer debt. Today, that debt is still on the rise, now at a staggering 61% increase since 2008.

You can see how total outstanding consumer debt, currently at $4.2 trillion, has skyrocketed since 2008 in this graph.

But the total amount of outstanding debt isn't the only problem, because as reported by Newsmax Finance, consumer borrowing in December also shot up the most in five months: Read More

02.19.20- What Do Crashing Emerging Market Currencies Signal About Future
Gold and Silver Prices?

J Kim

For the past year, I’ve mentioned multiple times on my Instagram posts how many/most citizens in the developed world have ignored the critical importance of owning physical gold and silver as a hedge against crashing emerging market currencies and against the time when the Bubble of Everything implodes. In part, this is due to the fact that (1) most citizens in the developed world are ignorant of how much the price of gold has exploded higher against crashing emerging market currencies; and (2) most citizens suffer from the “if it doesn’t critically affect me, I won’t worry about it until it does” syndrome. Furthermore, central bankers, with their currency policy statement releases, as I’ve also discussed regularly, have provided plenty of hints about their intention to continue to destroy the purchasing power of fiat currencies further. Read More

02.18.20- Widening Bid-Ask Spreads,
Gold And Silver Market

Keith Weiner

The price of gold rose $14 and the price of silver fell $0.07. The gold-silver ratio rose further with this price action.

Welcome to our new Gold and Silver Market Report, or “Market Report” for short. We are separating this from the economics essay, which was attached for many years. As they used to say in many toy commercials of yore, “batteries sold separately”—or in this case essays.  Read More

02.17.20- Copper market is a coiled spring
Richard (Rick) Mills

As the third most-consumed metal on earth, behind iron and aluminum, copper is all around us. Found naturally in the earth’s crust, copper was among the first metals used by early humans, dating back to the 8th century, BC.  

Three thousand years later homo sapiens figured out how to smelt copper from its ore, and to alloy it with tin to create bronze. Bronze was useful for tools and weapons, making it one of the most important inventions in the history of civilization. Copper was later used in roofing, and still is, for its strength and oxidized green look, as well as in works of art. Copper, or Cu, is also essential for all living organisms. Read More

02.15.20- Spotlight on the DOJ and JPMorgan
Ted Butler

It has now been more than eleven years that I have been writing about the leading role that the US’ largest bank, JPMorgan, plays in the pricing of silver and gold. My suspicions that JPMorgan was the big silver and gold manipulator started shortly after the release of the August 2008 Bank Participation report, which indicated an unnaturally large increase in the short positions of one or two US banks in COMEX silver and gold futures contracts. That’s when I started speculating that JPMorgan was the big COMEX short seller. On Nov 10, 2008, I stopped speculating and directly pointed to JPM, as a result of correspondence between a US congressman and the CFTC. Read More

02.14.20- Do You Solemnly Swear?
Gary Christian

Stay with me on this… the purpose will become clear soon.

Assume (without laughing or crying) that our U.S. senators are honest individuals filled with integrity. Yes, I know, but stay with me…

They voted last week during the impeachment trial for President Donald Trump. They swore to uphold the following oath:

“Do you solemnly swear that in all things appertaining to the trial of the impeachment of Donald John Trump, president of the United States, now pending, you will do impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws, so help you god?”  Read More

02.13.20- Gold, silver prices up as coronavirus back on the front burner
Jim Wyckoff

Gold and silver prices are modestly higher in early U.S. futures trading Thursday. Risk aversion is back in the marketplace late this week, as the coronavirus outbreak has escalated in China. February gold futures were last up $4.30 an ounce at 1,575.80. March Comex silver prices were last up $0.093 at $17.59 an ounce. 

Asian and European shares were mostly down overnight. U.S. stock indexes are also pointed toward lower openings when the New York day session begins. Read More

02.12.20- The Eternal Relationship Between Gold and Global Crisis
Brandon Smith

Though it is often referred to by critics and elitist central bankers as a “barbaric relic”, there is no denying that gold is usually the go-to asset during times of crisis and uncertainty. And as much as they pretend to hate it, even the elites secretly stock the precious metal whenever the economy goes awry. In fact, you can almost predict when things will go bad simply by watching how much gold central banks around the globe stockpile in a particular year. Read More

02.11.20- Investing In Gold: The Biggest Upside With the Smallest Risk
E.B. Tucker

Maria’s Note: On Wednesday, colleague E.B. Tucker held his Explosive Profits Summit… and pulled back the curtain on what he calls “the most explosive securities in America.” They’re a little-known type of security that, for just pennies on the dollar, can deliver double- and triple-digit gains in months.

For example, his subscribers are already sitting on 867% gains – and counting – from a single investment E.B. recommended last February. And he has plenty more opportunities like those on his radar… So don’t miss the replay of E.B.’s big event. Then read on for this weekend’s Diary guest feature… Read More

02.10.20- This Is What a Run on the Bank for Precious Metals Looks Like…
Stefan Gleason

The explosive price action seen in palladium recently is indicative of a physical shortage.

Put simply, available inventories are failing to keep up with demand (largely from the automotive industry).

According to Refnitiv GFMS, the palladium market will be under-supplied by 883,000 ounces this year.

Stresses on the physical market are showing up in spiking lease rates, illiquidity, widening bid/ask spreads, and disconnections between quoted spot prices and actual physical prices. Most importantly, the deficit in palladium supply is manifesting in the form of rising prices. Read More

02.08.20- You Cannot Go Wrong With Gold
Egon von Greyerz

This is probably the most important article I have penned. It is about the destiny of three individuals who all followed different tides. We are today at the point when the consequences of taking the wrong tide will be ruinous whilst the right one will be extremely propitious.

I have quoted Brutus’ speech in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar many times in the last twenty years. But I believe that it is today more relevant than at any time in history, when it comes to economic affairs. Read More

02.07.20- The Eternal Relationship Between
Gold and Global Crisis

Brandon Smith

Though it is often referred to by critics and elitist central bankers as a “barbaric relic”, there is no denying that gold is usually the go-to asset during times of crisis and uncertainty. And as much as they pretend to hate it, even the elites secretly stock the precious metal whenever the economy goes awry. In fact, you can almost predict when things will go bad simply by watching how much gold that central banks around the globe stockpile in a particular year.

As noted in my last article, the banking establishment is often privy to impending disasters, usually because they directly participate in creating them. This is why they always seem to know when to prepare and hedge their assets to weather the storm. Read More

02.06.20- The Guggenheim "#1 Conviction Trade"
Craig Hemke

At the recently completed World Economic Forum in Davos, many interesting stories and headlines emerged. Here’s one you may have missed.

In our 2020 forecast, we wrote that you should expect higher gold and silver prices this year due to a continuation of the trends from 2019. And we expect great things for “all forms of precious metal” as the global investment community slowly begins to add asset allocation to the sector. If you missed this forecast in January, here’s the link: Read More

02.05.20- Gold, only safe haven in town amid coronavirus outbreak, expected hit
record high this year

Enoch Yiu

  • Gold prices have remained elevated in the post-Lunar New Year period, which is new, Standard Chartered says

  • Precious metal might even rise to more than US$1,800.2 per ounce, getting closer to historic high of US$1,889.70, Hong Kong brokerage says

Gold rose 4.8 per cent in January to hit a seven-year high on Friday, as investors sought out the safe-haven asset amid the coronavirus outbreak, a trend that will support its price this year, analysts said. It was up 4 per cent year to date on Wednesday. Read More

02.04.20- There’s Just Not That Much Silver Investment Insurance To Go Around
Steve St Angelo

As the Fed and Central banks continue propping up the financial markets, many precious metals analysts advise owning gold over silver.  They say that gold is the key precious metal that will be used to reintroduce a “Sound Monetary System.”  However, I believe the real winner in terms of “future value” in percentage terms will be silver, not gold.

Why?  It all comes down to ENERGY.  While I have repeated myself many times over about energy being the driver of the economy, there is a large percentage of precious metals analysts and investors that still don’t “GET IT.” Read More

02.03.20- What lies ahead for gold in 2020
Claudio Grass

Over the last few months, gold’s performance has been remarkable. Many market observers and mainstream analysts have pointed to various geopolitical developments in their efforts to explain away the bullishness as a reaction to whatever happens to be in the headlines at the time. The Trump impeachment, the US-China trade war, more recently the tensions with Iran, are all among the reasons that have been put forward so far to justify the current gold rush. And yet, while all these events might have played some part in fueling short-term price spikes, I personally think that the explanation for the overall rise in gold demand runs much deeper than that. The real motivations behind it have a lot more to do with fundamental issues and chronic ones at that, which means that this uptrend is only getting started and likely to accelerate as we enter the new year. Read More

02.01.20- Silver Prepares for Next Leg Higher
Chris Vermeulen

Silver must begin to move dramatically higher in order to close this price disparity between the value of Gold to Silver…

Following up on some of our recent metals research, we wanted to alert our friends and followers to the incredible opportunity that still exists in Silver.  We’ve highlighted two of our more recent articles for reference and review, below.  Silver continues to be one of the most incredible opportunities for 2020 and Silver Miners (SIL) could explode to the upside as the price of Silver rallies to close the gap between the Gold to Silver ratio. Read More

Inflate and Die - Stock Collapse and Gold Surge Imminent
Egon von Greyerz

“Inflate or die” was coined by the legendary and extremely wise Richard Russell of Dow Theory Letters. He understood the necessity, as well as the curse, of permanent central bank money printing already at the beginning of this century. Richard died in 2015 so sadly he didn’t live to see how right he was.

After three decades of massive money printing and credit expansion, “inflate or die” has artificially kept the world economy going. But we are now in the 2020s moving in to the next stage which will be INFLATE AND DIE. Because, as stock and credit bubbles implode and money printing accelerates, the world will soon realise that not only is the freshly printed money worthless but also most of the manufactured money from the last 20 years. Read More

01.30.20- Sweet Spot for Gold’s Fundamentals
Jordan Roy-Byrne

Gold cannot lose this year.

Let me explain.

The most bearish points for Gold (aside from a blowoff in inflation) are when an economic recovery gains traction or when the Fed raises rates to combat inflation. All three scenarios entail stable or rising real interest rates and, therefore, no investment demand for Gold.

At present, the Fed is seeking higher inflation while trying to keep the economy from falling into a recession. Do not expect higher real interest rates anytime soon. Read More

01.29.20- Alert: Silver Goes on Sale
Jeff Clark

As we write, silver is down 3.4%, one of its more volatile days.

This has pushed the gold/silver ratio back close to 90. It hasn’t been this high, meaning silver hasn’t been this undervalued compared to gold, since early last summer.

It may not feel like it, since silver has been on the rise, but this level of volatility makes today a prime buying opportunity. Read More

01.28.20- Coronavirus Jitters Spur Safe Haven Demand for Gold
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Gold soars on the threat of a possible pandemic, the yellow metal is the place you want to be in right now, and gold and silver are looking like 2020’s top bets.

Gold prices soar as U.S. reports multiple patients infected with coronavirus Read More

01.27.20- Why Germany Is Going To War With Gold
Richard Mills

Germans, like Indians and Chinese, love their gold - although their reasons for buying and keeping bullion are somewhat different. 

In China and India, gold jewelry is a status symbol - a sign of wealth and success. In Germany, owning gold bars and coins, maybe a 24-karat necklace or two, is a means of preserving wealth, especially in times of war or economic crisis, something never far from Germans’ minds, considering their history.  Read More

01.25.20- Mississippi Bill Would Remove Barrier to Use of Gold and Silver as Money
Michael Maharrey

JACKSON, Miss. (Jan. 21, 2020) – A bill introduced in the Mississippi Senate would exempt gold and silver bullion from the state sales tax. Enactment of this legislation would eliminate one barrier to using gold and silver in everyday transactions, a foundational step for people to undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.

Sen. Joey Fillingane (R-Sumrall) introduced Senate Bill 2097 (SB2097) on Jan. 17. The legislation would exempt the sale of bullion or currency in gold, silver, platinum or palladium from the state sales tax. Read More

01.24.20- MSM Gold Reporting Becomes More Absurd By The Day
Dave Kranzler

I sent this article linked to Chris Powell and Bill Murphy at GATA for a good chuckle.  Chris has turned it into worthwhile commentary:

Practially every day prompts those who consider themselves market analysts to contrive explanations for movements in the gold price, no matter how implausible. Zaner Metals in Chicago attributed today’s slight decline in the gold price to concerns about the new virus that has appeared in China: Read More

01.23.20- The Tremendous Hidden Value
In Every Silver Coin

Steve St Angelo

Very few people understand the tremendous hidden value in every silver coin in the world.  Unfortunately, most precious metals investors do not realize the critical factor in acquiring and holding the physical silver investment.

The majority of gold and silver analysts provide forecasts for precious metals based on the negative symptoms taking place in the economy and market (debt, derivatives, fiat money, etc), and not the fundamental factor… ENERGY. Read More

01.22.20- A New Gold Standard:
Orderly or Chaotic?

Jim Rickards

Don't expect the US to expect it...

OVER the past century, monetary systems change about every 30 to 40 years on average.

Before 1914, the global monetary system was based on the classical gold standard. Then in 1945, a new monetary system emerged at Bretton Woods. I was at Bretton Woods this past summer to commemorate its 75th anniversary. Read More

01.21.20- “Boiling Conflict” to Push Gold Past $2,000 in 2020
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: CIO of world’s best-performing fund sees gold hitting $2,000, gold is still the go-to haven asset, and Victorian-era £5 gold coin fetches nearly $700,000 at an auction.

Bridgewater CIO: Gold could hit $2,000 due to loose monetary policies and geopolitical tensions Read More

01.20.20- The Cannibalization Of The Financial System Will Force Investors Into Silver
Steve St Angelo

Day in and day out, the global financial system continues to cannibalize itself.  Clear evidence of this points to the massive “Artificial” liquidity and asset purchase policy instituted by the Federal Reserve.  While financial analysts provided several theories why the Fed was forced to inject liquidity via the Repo Market and also purchase $60 billion a month in U.S. Treasuries, the real reason has to do with the falling quality of oil and its impact on the value of assets and collateral. Read More

01.18.20- Stock Market Ready to Crash, It Could Happen at Any Time
Egon von Greyerz

We will soon see how it all unwinds…

This week I will discuss Fed bubbles and a potential imminent major market event, including an extremely important chart and also the safest private gold vault in the world. But first, last week was overshadowed by Iraq and Iran, which again has reminded us of terrorism in various forms.

Terrorism is not just an act of violence. Cyber attacks can have devastating effects like paralysing air traffic or making all your digital assets disappear. Read More

01.17.20- Silver Could Blow-Through $50 And Be At $85 Only 5 Days Later!
David Morgan

View Video

01.16.20- Silver Price Forecast: Most Likely A Strong Decade Ahead
Lyn Alden

There is always a lot more attention on gold than silver.

Central banks primarily buy gold, rather than silver. Investors view gold as a safe haven, rather than silver. Gold is for kings and queens, while silver is for gentlemen and ladies. 

Silver is more speculative. It is a smaller market, it is a primarily a mining byproduct of other metals rather than a directly-mined metal itself, and it is a metal that has both an industrial side and a monetary/jewelry side, with the industrial side being slightly larger. Electronic devices, electric vehicles, solar panels, and a variety of industries use silver. Read More

01.15.20- The 3 Reasons Gold Will Remain Above $1,600 in 2020
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving precious metals and the overall economy. Stories include: Why strategists expect gold to form a new base around the $1,600 level, gold could reach $3,000 by 2025, and constant gold buying shows risk aversion in the stock market.

3 key reasons why the gold market is ready to trace back to $1,600 Read More

Here Is Why Gold Could Rise Above $7,000 An Ounce
Charlie Morris

In Part I, I reiterated that gold is in a bull market, and Isuggested that a bullish target for $7,166 is both logical and plausible.

So how did I reach that conclusion?

Allow me to talk you through it, step by step below.

How inflation could get going again 

US real interest rates are falling again. Read More

01.13.20- Gold’s New Bull Market and Why Over $7,000 Per Ounce Is “Logical” (Part I)
Charlie Morris

A year ago, in my occasional free newsletter, Atlas Pulse, I upgraded gold – which was trading at $1,239 an ounce at that point – to “bull market” status for the first time since 2012.

Unlike the gold bugs, I’m not a broken record. And unlike the barbarous relic brigade, I recognise gold’s importance in the modern world. Read More

01.11.20- Gold futures tally a third weekly rise
Myra P. Saefong

Gold’s price has swung 4.4% in this week’s trade, on a peak-to-trough basis

Gold futures ended higher Friday, finding support from weaker-than-expected monthly U.S. jobs data to score a third weekly climb, even as easing tensions in Middle East worked to dull haven demand for the precious metal. 

Gold had climbed past the “psychological $1,550 level as immediate reaction to the underwhelming December US nonfarm payrolls,” Han Tan, market analyst at FXTM, told MarketWatch. However, “bullion bulls are struggling to find cause for a sustained liftoff back to $1600 after the US and Iran appeared to walk away from the brink of an all-out conflict earlier this week.” Read More

01.19.20- How to return to sound money
Alasdair Macleod

Given the current fiat money system is on a path towards its own destruction it is not surprising that there has been increasing talk of a monetary reset. Without a completely different approach and by retaining the same institutions and macroeconomic concepts, any such reset is bound to fail.

This article provides a template for an enduring sound money solution that will deliver economic progress while eliminating destructive credit cycles. It posits that a properly constructed gold and gold substitute monetary system, which also includes the removal of bank credit inflation as a means of providing investment capital, is the only way that lasting stability and prosperity can be achieved.  Read More

01.09.20- Gold And Financial Survival In The 2020s
Egon von Greyerz

2020 – what an ominous year and even more so what an inauspicious decade.

2020 is of course perfect vision or “facilely accurate judgment or assessment” as Webster’s defines it.

So why should we be able to forecast the 2020s better than we have the 2000s or the 2010s? Well, I can with confidence say that we won’t. Read More

01.08.20- I sure am glad that I own gold…
Simon Black

The price of gold is up nearly $100 since Christmas, reaching around $1,575 per troy ounce as I write this letter.

This most recent price bump is due to the panic over Iran. But the gold price is up nearly 20% over the last year, so there have obviously been plenty of other factors driving the price higher before the Middle East started flaring up again.

And there will be plenty more after these tensions cool down.

Trade wars, economic crisis in China, Bolshevik nonsense in the US, Brexit woes… the world is definitely not lacking in major issues that could continue to drive gold prices higher. Read More

01.07.20- As the World Embraces Clean Energy, This Metal's Price Will Soar
John Doody

Imagine cruising along a silent highway.

It's rush hour... yet it's quiet. Although the road is packed with cars rushing to their destinations, one after the other... the only sounds are the whip of the wind and the crunch of asphalt under their tires. No engine rumble can be heard. Quiet and efficient electric vehicles ("EVs") now comprise the majority of all automobiles on the road.

The formerly empty fields to the sides of the highway are now filled with farms of silver-coated solar panels. Air-polluting coal power plants are nearing obsoletion. Shiny photovoltaic ("PV") panels can be seen on most houses. Read More

01.06.20- Gold Or Oil: Which Is A Better Iran Crisis Hedge? Here Is Goldman's Answer
Tyler Durden

Now that Dennis Gartman's daily recos can no longer be faded, algos are feeling just a little confused: after all, with no 100% guaranteed way to make money, some risk has to be taken and that just won't stand. So what is a good alternative to the "Gartman Letter"? Here Goldman's sellside recos certainly come to mind. And while nobody can ever come close to the uncanny Gartmanity of Goldman's former FX strategist, Thomas Stolper, Goldman's research desk does have a peculiar habit of advising its clients to do precisely the opposite of what Goldman's own prop desks are doing at any one moment. Read More

01.04.20- This Is Great News For Gold
John Rubino

The 2010s were not kind to precious metals, in either nominal or relative terms. Gold and silver are down from their 2011 highs and waaayyy down versus equities and other favorite assets of the 1% like fine art and trophy real estate. 

But this imbalance has begun to reverse, in two ways. 

First, stocks have soared to nosebleed valuation levels — see Nasdaq caps $7 trillion decade with its best rally in 10 years. Apple, Gooogle and Netflix might continue to rise from here, but they’re no longer anyone’s idea of a safe haven. Read More

01.03.20- Gold Price Forecast: Gold To Rise On Fed Dollar Debasement
Christopher Aaron

We are starting to get a stronger sense of what will be causing 2020’s advance in gold and silver: weakness in the US dollar and a concurrent inflationary spike in the entire commodity sector.

Gold and silver sometimes act on their own, independent of what is happening to the broader commodity world. However, at other points gold and silver will get pulled together with the rest of the resource sector – this is what is about to occur in the precious metals world. Read More

01.02.20- Gold Surges Due To Troubled Fed Repo & U.S. Treasury Market
Steve St Angelo

Gold continues to move higher due to trouble in the Fed Repo and U.S. Treasury Market.  In the first hour of business today, the Fed has already injected $57 billion in the Repo Market.  While the Fed’s Repo Market injections didn’t spike during the last few days of 2019, as many analysts forecasted, there’s still BIG TROUBLE ahead. Read More

01.01.20- Money Printing And Physical Demand Will Drive Gold Higher
Dave Kranzler

I’m growing more confident that we’re on the cusp of a big move higher in the precious metals sector because of the Fed’s massive money printing. Also, because the money printing and near zero interest rates are visibly not stimulating economic growth, we’re at the point at which unless the Fed continues increasing the amount of money it puts into the system, the melt-up in the stock market is completely unsustainable. Read More


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