09.28.21- China Gold Buying Surges on Evergrande Crisis
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Asian gold demand is picking up, EVs as the biggest driver of silver’s gains, and amateur divers stumble upon antique gold coins.

How a housing crisis is joining seasonal demand to give gold an Asian market boost Read More


09.27.21- If Silver Could Talk: What She Told Me When I Wrote to Her
Jeff Clark

I wrote to silver last week—yes, the physical metal herself, the one we trust and convert our paper dollars to. And as luck would have it, she wrote me back! I'd like to share our correspondence with you…

Dear Silver,

I’m a big fan. Your industrial uses in our modern society are exploding, and you’ve been money for as long as records have been kept. It’s hard to imagine your monetary value losing stature, especially when I look at the destruction of our currency by central bankers and politicians today.
Read More


09.25.21- Silver price to hit ‘high ranges’ of triple digits; Not enough on planet to meet demand
Keith Neumeyer

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09.24.21- Three Themes Coalescing
Crescat Capital

With unsustainable imbalances in the global economy and financial markets today, we see unprecedented opportunities to grow and protect capital in both the near and long term. Crescat is focused on investment strategies that offer uncommon value and appreciation potential. 

We believe that all of Crescat’s strategies offer an incredible entry point today based on the firm’s three core macro themes:

1. China credit collapse
2. Record overvalued US equity market top
3. Flight to safety into deeply undervalued gold, silver, and precious metals miners Read More

09.23.21- Time to Say Goodbye to
the Everything Bubble

Egon Von Greyerz

Will the autumn of 2021 be the end of the everything bubble?

Are investment markets very soon coming to the end of market insanity?

Since there is very little sanity left in markets or the in the world economy, we have now reached a point where we must accept madness as sanity, as George Bernard Shaw said:

When the world goes mad, one must accept madness as sanity; since sanity is, in the last analysis, nothing but the madness on which the whole world happens to agree.” Read More

09.22.21- 50 Years Since The Closure Of The “Gold Window” (Part 1)
Claudio Grass

What happened and why 

This year marked the 50th anniversary of President Nixon’s decision to unilaterally close the “gold window”. The impact of this move can hardly be overstated. It triggered a tectonic shift of momentous consequences and it changed not just the global economy and the monetary realities, but it also shaped modern politics and severely affected our society at large. Read More

09.21.21- Harvest Time Approaches for Low Hanging Fruit
Bob Moriarty

We are in the liquidity crisis that happens at the end of all roaring bull markets when the piper shows up at the door and demands to be paid. It’s something that both Bob Hoye and I have been predicting for months. Perhaps it will be laid at the feet of  Evergrande but it really doesn’t matter. It was fated to happen and someone will always be blamed. The general stock market is about to start the biggest financial crash in history.

Think of the resource market in 2008 that topped in March and kept diving lower and lower into October and beyond. I did some research into the  DSIof gold and silver back then. Gold hit a low of 11 and silver a DSI of 5 on September 11th of 2008. Remarkably gold and silver both hit 10 on September 16th of 2021. That should be a tradable low. And Monday September 20th is a full moon and that tends to mark both tops and bottoms. Look for an immediate but short-term bounce. Read More

09.20.21- Silver-infused bacteria build more efficient microbial fuel cells
Michael Irving

Microbial fuel cells are a promising new technology for generating electricity, but so far they’re plagued by inefficiency. Now, researchers at UCLA have found a way to wring more energy out of them, by feeding the bacteria silver to make them more conductive.

Some bacteria produce electrons through their normal metabolic processes, and microbial fuel cells tap into that to generate electricity. Grow them in films on electrodes, feed them organic matter, and presto – you’ve got a devicethat generates electricity while helping clean up wastewater. At least, that’s how it would work in an ideal world, but getting a decent output has remained frustratingly elusive. Read More

09.18.21- The Inflation Train Isn’t
Anywhere Near Full Speed

Birch Gold Group

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell and other members of the Fed have been using the term “transitory” to downplay the threat that the last 16 months of skyrocketing inflation would last.

But inflation has been sharply on the rise since March 2020, with only a minor pause toward the end of last year before rising even more sharply since January 2021. Two Fed officials dissented in June of this year, but Powell’s money-printing habit hasn’t slowed. Read More

09.17.21- Uranium spot price reaches nine-year high as Sprott resumes purchases
Wendy Dulaney

Current month uranium spot prices rose sharply to a nine-year high Sept. 15 as the Sprott Physical Uranium Trust began buying again after approval of an expanded equity sales program that will allow the fund to acquire up to $1 billion in additional uranium in the coming months.

S&P Global Platts assessed spot U3O8 prices at $48/lb at 1 pm ET, the highest price since September 2012.

It also marked a jump of $5/lb, or 11.6%, since Sept. 13 Read More

09.16.21- 3 Spoonsful of Social Security “Sugar” Help the Bitter Pill Go Down
Peter Reagan

Time is running out on any possibility that the Social Security Trust will be able to provide the expected benefits to beneficiaries after 2033.

That is a bitter pill that Americans will have to swallow in 12 years. But there are at least three spoonsful of sugar that might help it go down (if you don’t choke).

Before we examine them, let’s take a quick look at the most current trust fund summary released in August, and get the news straight from the horse’s mouth: Read More

09.15.21- In Gold We Trust
Richard (Rick) Mills

Inflation is one of the best determinants of gold price movements, because investors buy precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) as an inflation hedge when the prices of goods and services are rising faster than interest rates.

Although gold offers neither a yield (bonds, GICs) nor a dividend (stocks and mutual funds), it is considered a smart investment when inflation diminishes an investor’s principal or erodes the purchasing power of a currency. Read More

09.14.21- Triple-Digit Target Projection: Silver Is Your Best Strategy
Korbinian Koller

There are two software development strategies. “Waterfall,” which produces a product sequential, sending stages of development through various departments until it is finished. And “Agile strategy,” which, on the other hand, is all focused on “time to market.” It identified that product placement is doomed to fail if the rate of change outside a company is faster than the rate of change inside the company. It focuses on a parallel effort of teams to produce an MVP (minimum viable product). Investing isn’t much different. If you follow sequentially through news and buy an investment when the media finally shouts it off the rooftop, you most likely are the one holding the bag and are beyond late to low-risk entry timing. Right now, Silver is your best strategy. Read More

08.13.21- The story of silver’s future as money is yet untold
Stefan Gleason

Silver’s near-term price trajectory remains uncertain amid choppy market conditions. Its future, however, looks bright.

In addition to the white metal’s growing uses in high-tech and alternative energy industries, some silver bulls are banking on rising bullion demand by retail investors and a possible reinvigoration of its use as currency. Read More

09.11.21- Gold Inverted Head-N-Shoulders Suggests $2000+ is Next Upside Target
Chris Vermeulen

After a moderately strong rebound from the $1675 lows in early August, Gold has clearly started to set up the Right Shoulder of what appears to be an Inverted Head-and-Shoulders pattern.

The recent weakness in the US Dollar suggests any breakdown in the US Dollar below $91.70 will likely prompt a new bullish price advance in Gold targeting highs above $1900 and likely attempt to reach $2100 or higher. Read More

09.10.21- A Gold Whale Surfaces
Ted Butler

Compelling data in recent Commitments of Traders (COT) reports point to the emergence of a very large buyer in COMEX gold futures. The last four COT reports, starting with the report for positions held as of August 10, show a dramatic increase on the long side in gold for the 4 largest traders (not to be confused with the concentrated short position I speak of regularly, particularly in silver).  Data over the past 4 reporting weeks indicate that a large non-commercial trader has amassed as many as 40,000 COMEX gold contracts, the equivalent of 4 million ounces of gold. Read More

09.09.21- Silver seen tracking copper prices higher
Rick Mills

As a keen observer of the silver market, something recently caught my eye concerning the relationship between silver and gold (well-recognized) and silver and copper (less so).

Traditionally, silver prices have tracked gold prices fairly closely, which makes sense given that both function as monetary metals, and they often occur together in mineral deposits. The correlation between gold and silver since 1975 has been 0.8876. The 10-year correlation coefficient is 0.7511However this year, the correlation has dropped significantly to 0.1959. Read More

09.08.21- Silver Price Forecast – Silver Markets Pull Back With Dollar Strength
Christopher Lewis

The silver markets pulled back rather significantly during the trading session on Wednesday as the US dollar gain strength. As I write this, the market is currently testing the crucial $24 level.

Silver markets have pulled back a bit on Wednesday as the US dollar strengthened quite significantly. As I write this article, we are currently testing the $24 level, which is an area that has been massive support in the past, as well as resistance. Read More

09.07.21- When Will It Be Time To Sell Precious Metals?
Clint Siegner

Clients often ask when they should sell precious metals. We usually suggest one basic rule around the timing. After that, the decision to sell will depend upon whether your reasons for holding gold and silver have changed.

The basic rule is to avoid selling based on impulse. Humans are emotional creatures and studies show most of us make poor choices when it comes to timing. If you are making a snap decision to sell (or buy) based upon a surge of either fear or greed, odds are you will regret it. Read More

09.06.21- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Family of Brit Killed on 9/11 Presents Gov’t With 3,000 Pages of Evidence...
‘Towers Blown Up from Inside’

Matt Agorist

If you turn on your TV — even if you are watching subscription services — you cannot escape the mainstream media’s incessant harping on the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. The blood-hungry pundits from both the left and right have been crying for a month that their beloved war is finally coming to an end. Yet not a single outlet covers the reasons, or lack thereof, for why we invaded Afghanistan, killed thousands of their children, maimed countless American troops, and then gave the country over to the Taliban along with billions in weapons.

That reason was 9/11. Read More

09.04.21- Facing Inflation Threat, German Investors Loading Up On Gold
Peter Schiff

While most American investors have faith that the Federal Reserve can and will successfully tighten monetary policy to fight inflation — or have simply bought into the “transitory” inflation narrative — Germans are loading up on gold as a hedge against growing inflationary pressures.

Through the first half of the year, gold coin and gold bar demand in Germany hit the highest level since 2009 – the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. First-half demand for bar and coins in Germany increased by 35% from the previous six months, compared with a 20% increase in the rest of the world, according to World Gold Council data. Read More

09.03.21- Gold Clarification
Martin Armstrong

Let me explain something. What I have pointed out about gold is that it DOES NOT rally merely because of inflation or the rise in debt. It will rally when we are looking at the collapse in confidence. The central banks have no desire to raise for their own budget will blow apart. The Fed is restrained by the ECB and the rest of the central banks pleading with the Fed on their knees NOT to raise rates.

Do not get confused about comments from the central banks that they will not raise rates. CBs only can regulate the short-term. The long-term rates are set by the market. That is why they even do Quantitative Easing – they buy in the long-term debt trying to reduce those rates because they cannot control them. Read More

09.02 21- The NEXT Greatest Trade Ever: Billionaire Gurus Increasingly Point to Gold
Stefan Gleason

Mega investors have been talking up the merits of gold ownership lately. For example, the billionaire hedge fund manager who executed the “greatest trade ever” in 2007 is now pounding the table about the opportunity in hard money.

John Paulson rose to fame during the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007-2008 when his fund bet big that housing-related financial assets would crash. Read More

09.01.21- SUPER-STRONG INVESTOR DEMAND: Gold Eagle Sales Already Surpass
Full-Year 2020 Sales

Steve St Angelo

With continued strong demand for precious metals, U.S. Mint Gold Eagle Sales already surpassed last year’s total, and there are still four months remaining in the year.  That turns out to be a great deal of investor money.  At $1,900 per coin, that’s $1.6 billion so far this year.  Also, Silver Eagle sales nearly reached four million in August.  Most Dealers are still charging between $9-$10 over spot for the brand-new redesigned 2021 Silver Eagles. Read More

08.31.21- While We Wait on Silver & Gold, Do This
Jeff Clark

They say to buy straw hats in winter, and stack your firewood in summer. That advice is based on the simple fact that seasons change, and preparing for the next season is easier and cheaper and more useful before it begins to switch.

Similarly, we know winter is coming for the economy and markets. It may not feel that way at the moment, but nothing goes up indefinitely. And when things shift, it will likely kick-start the next surge in gold and silver. Read More

08.30.21- The U.S.: 50 Years in Currency Fantasyland
James Wesley Rawles

Today, in lieu of our regular column of Economics & Investing news items, I’m posting my retrospective on the long-term legacy of currency debasement in the United States. I chose to do so this week because Richard M. Nixon’s Day of Perfidy was 50 years ago, earlier this month.

It was 50 years ago, in August of 1971, that the United States finally severed its last vestige of a gold standard. This came when President Nixon announced that the Treasury “temporarily” ceased redemption in gold of U.S. Dollars presented by foreign governments. He blamed this move on “currency speculators”, but the real culprits were the over-spenders in the U.S. Congress. Read More

08.28.21- How Much Will Silver Be Worth If the Dollar Collapses? 2021 Edition
Ryan Carey

Precious metals include platinum, gold and silver.

In the last few weeks we’ve seen most gold and silver dealers with ‘out of stock’ signs on their storefront. 

That’s what the vast majority of silver bullion consumers have been getting since the end of January.  Stories have been surfacing online about Silver bullion dealers seeing a rise in demand, one of the biggest they’ve seen in their lifetime. 

Everyone is buying, and no one is selling the physical metal in the United States.  Bullion Dealers are requesting 35% premiums…and that’s if you can get your hands on some. Read More

08.27.21- Somethin's Gotta Give!
Hugo Salinas Price

Rounded figures, based on Google.com:

World population:

In 1971: 3,761,000,000 human beings.

In 2020: 7,900,000,000 human beings.

In forty-nine years, the population of our World more than DOUBLED – the Earth’s population in 2020 was 2.1 times the population of the Earth in 1971. Read More

08.26.21- And Now, for Someting Entirely Different: How Many Millions will the Covid Cult Kill Before People Wake Up?
Bob Moriarty

"People in a cult don’t know they’re in a cult. But everyone else can tell." Oliver Markus Malloy 

Results of the study: COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated.

We are in the midst of the largest assault on liberty in the history of the world. Twenty months ago most people in the world were free to travel without restriction, interact with others without government controls and were about as free as any time in history. Read More

08.25.21- Silver Is Still Going to over $300
Peter Krauth

View Video

08.24.21- After the Gold Standard, Government Grew While the Dollar Shrank
Peter Reagan

Why ending the gold standard led to a bigger government and a smaller dollar

As The Hill’s Robert P. Murphy notes, most Americans associate the end of the gold standard and the ensuing dollar erosion with Nixon and his 1971 decision to “close the gold window.” In truth, however, the U.S. dollar was weakening long before that, something that can be explained by evaluating the length of the tether between gold and the dollar. Read More

08.23.21- A Tragic Half Century Without Gold Money
Richard M. Salsman

In 2012 a poll taken by the University of Chicago’s Booth School of three dozen academic economists from eight prestigious universities revealed that they all despised the gold standard; they rejected it not so much for its track record but as a possible monetary system for current times. Professors from Chicago (8), Stanford (6), Yale (5), Harvard (5), Berkeley (5), MIT (4), Princeton (4), and Columbia (1) spoke with one voice and not a scintilla of intellectual diversity. 

Surely then they must know something I don’t know, me being a serious scholar and proponent of the gold standard. Alas, it isn’t so. Their view is a product of their time, not of monetary scienceRead More

08.21.21- The Slow-Motion Train Wreck of Market Mania and Inflation
Birch Gold Group

The markets are severely overvalued, according to both the Buffett Indicator and the Schiller P/E ratio. Taken together, these are a reliable indicator that Wall Street isn’t thinking clearly. Optimists persist in the delusion that the stock market party is going to continue forever.

Wall Street already dodged one bullet they didn’t even hear fired:

Corporate profits have roared higher in such a spectacular fashion that those valuations — when analyzed against the actual earnings reported a year later — were almost 20% cheaper than analysts thought when investors began piling into the S&P 500 Index in April 2020. Read More

08.20.21- The Demise of the Gold Standard
Mark Thornton

This is the fiftieth anniversary of the demise of the gold standard and the beginning of the current fiat paper standard. Many will say “good riddance” to gold and “thank goodness” for the “good ole greenback”! Reflection, however, produces an alternative conclusion.

To be sure, the opinion of current experts places great weight on paper money. Economists, bankers, and central bank bureaucrats are so universally in support of paper and in opposition to gold that a person would be hard pressed to think otherwise. However, Larry White has shown that monetary and macroeconomists are biased by the professional incentives they face. Read More

08.19.21- A Stock Market Meltdown, $2500 Gold, $50 Silver
David Hunter

This week on GoldCore TV, Dave Russell welcomes David Hunter, Chief Macro Strategist at Contrarian Macro Advisors, who expects a stock market meltdown. According to David, a global bust could occur in 2022, with a potential market crash of 80%.

He believes that while inflation will be a challenge for the Fed, it will not prevent what he predicts will be the stock market’s last melt-up, with the Dow Jones hitting 40,000, the NASDAQ at 18,000, and the S&P 500 at 5000. Read More

08.18.21- Palantir Buys Over $50 Million Of Gold Bars: "Preparing For A Future With
More Black Swans"

Tyler Durden

Anyone watching Tuesday's US market cash session sees red across the board. One of the strongest selling programs in months dumped stocks, and equity volatility exploded to the upside. Quite frankly, this could be the beginning of a market storm.  Ahead of what could be further market turmoil, Palantir Technologies warned about an upcoming "black swan event," according to Bloomberg. Read More

08.17.21- Those gold smashes aren’t the bullion banks’ doing but government’s
Chris Powell

Writing at Sprott Money, market analyst David Brady attributes last Sunday night’s flash-crash attack on the monetary metals to the desperation of bullion banks to cover their longstanding short positions in the futures markets in anticipation of cataclysmic events that will be enormously positive for the metals. Read More

08.16.21- Gold Price Smashdown vs Gold on Fire
Keith Weiner

No sooner did we write Silver Rorschach Test, than the price of gold flash-crashed, or was smashed down. On Sunday afternoon in Arizona—i.e. Monday morning in Australia and Asia—the gold price dropped sharply. Gold bug sources claim that the drop was $100, but as we can see from the price graph included in this report, the actual crash itself was about $70.

Some of these sources were very quick to assert that the drop was caused by naked selling of gold futures contracts. This is an allegation that is either supported by the data, or not. Read More

08.14.21- 'Tonya Harding' Explains Last Weekend's Gold "Flash Crash"
Matthew Piepenburg

Gold price manipulation is back in the form of a “flash crash“; below we skate through its details and ask: “Why now” and “how’s it done?”

Kneecapping the Competition

Many may remember figure skater Tonya Harding and the infamous pre-Olympic kneecapping of her competitor, Nancy Kerrigan, in 1994.

The scandal was simple: If there’s a stronger athlete on the rink who frightens you, “then take em out.” Read More

08.13.21- What’s Happening With Gold?
Jim Rickards

The gold market — at least the paper gold market — has seen a lot of volatility recently. Gold lost about $80 between August 5 and August 8 before rebounding. Gold gained over $22 today, by the way, to close at $1,753.

Many gold investors are panicked after the recent mini-crash. But today, I want to show you why the case for gold is still intact and why the recent tumble is just a bump in the road. Read More

08.12.21- Forget The “Taper”, More QE Is Coming Along With Higher Gold And Silver Prices
Dave Kranzler

In the last FOMC policy announcement, the Fed announced that it is establishing a “standing” $500 billion repo facility open to domestic and foreign banks. A repo facility provides overnight or short term liquidity to the banking system. It moves liquidity around from banks that have it to banks that need it and enables the Fed to manage the Fed Funds rate. Yet for several months the Fed has been removing liquidity from the banking system on an overnight basis with reverse repo operations that are now averaging over $900 billion on daily basis. Read More

08.11.21- Gold Price Smash in Paper – But Physical Demand on Fire
Ronan Manly

On Sunday evening 8 August at 6:00pm New York time, as the trading of gold futures contracts commenced for the week and the COMEX GCZ1 December 100 oz gold futures contract opened at $1765 per ounce, there was nothing in the market or in wider macro news to suggest that the gold price was about to witness a sudden drop of $87 or 5% to a low of $1677.9, or that 90% of that drop would be in a 12 minute period between 6:45 pm and 6:57 pm when the gold price fell by 4.93% on huge contract trading volume. Read More

08.10.21- Fund Manager Who Predicted Gold’s All-Time High Sees Gold Doubling in 3-5 Years
Birch Gold Goup

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Fund manager says gold could double in price, now is the right time to buy gold, and silver prices are getting ready for a big jump.

Now is likelier than ever for gold to double in price, says fund manager Read More

08.09.21- Gold Flash Crashes By Almost $100 As $4 Billion In Sell Orders Hit
Tyler Durden

In the liquidity void that follows the resumption of futures trading, and which saw US futures trade modestly lower, a sudden burst of selling in the gold futures contract sent Gold pries plunging to as low as $1,677.0 or almost $100 lower from the Friday close of $1,761.50. Read More

08.07.21- The Extinction Of Gold Derivatives
Alasdair Macleod

This month is the fiftieth anniversary of the Nixon shock, when the Bretton Woods agreement was suspended. And the expansion of commercial banking into credit for purely financial activities became central to the promotion of the dollar as the international replacement for gold.

With the introduction of Basel 3, commercial banking enters a new era of diminishing involvement in derivatives. The nominal value of all derivatives at the end of last year amounted to seven times world GDP. While we can obsess about the effects on precious metals markets, they are just a very small part of the big Basel 3 picture. Read More

08.06.21- The Craziest Bubble in History
Dave Collum

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08.05.21- Silver Warning 🚨: This Is About To Happen To Silver Prices
Doug Casey

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08.04.21- How High Could The Silver Price Go
Andy Schectman

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08.03.21- Credit Suisse: Gold Currently 10% Undervalued (At Least)
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Bond yields are telling us gold should climb another 10%, consumer demand for gold is returning, and gold buying continues as some concerns ease.

Bond yields are telling us gold should sit at $2,000 Read More

08.02.21- Gold Stocks’ Autumn Rally 6
Adam Hamilton

The gold miners’ stocks were whacked hard earlier this summer on a Fed-rate-hikes scare. That serious anomaly really damaged sentiment, spawning exceptionally-weak seasonal performance in this contrarian sector. But the bruised gold stocks and the metal they mine have trudged through, making it back to the start of their traditional strong season. That begins with robust autumn rallies that usually start marching now.

Seasonality is the tendency for prices to exhibit recurring patterns at certain times during the calendar year. While seasonality doesn’t drive price action, it quantifies annually-repeating behavior driven by sentiment, technicals, and fundamentals. We humans are creatures of habit and herd, which naturally colors our trading decisions. Read More

07.31.21- Market Report: Oversold gold and silver set for recovery
Alasdair MacLeod 

Following the demise of gold’s active August contract, gold and silver had a better week. In European morning trade, gold was at $1829, up $28 from last Friday, while silver rallied to $25.60, up 45 cents. As always at the month-end, the bullion banks had an interest in seeing prices lower, so that call options expired worthless and in the hope that short-term speculators would trade these factors, giving added downward impetus to prices. Read More

07.30.21- Is it a buy? Gold and Silver round-out a bullish technical case.
Alex Krainer

One of the greatest worries for investors and savers – and also everyone living on fixed income – is inflation, which could accelerate to levels not seen since the 1970s. One of the asset classes that ofer effective protection from inflation are precious metals. Over the recent months, as many commodities have rallied strongly (Oats, Coffee, Oil, Natural Gas, Corn, Copper…), Gold and Silver spent nearly a year treading water and going nowhere. But yesterday’s COMEX closing prices rounded out a clearly defined bullish technical picture. Read More

07.29.21- Not Your Mother's Inflation: Why This Is the Time to Invest in Precious Metals
Kevin C. Smith

Kevin C. Smith, chief investment officer, and Tavi Costa, portfolio manager, of global macro investing company Crescat Capital, take a deep dive into the macroeconomic shift they believe is upon us, and what it means for investors.

Investors are always looking to history for guidance by attempting to find the most economically comparable period to the present. Two timeframes are the most conspicuous, the 1940s and the 1970s. Some macro investors today are citing the 1940s to validate the Fed's hypothesis that the recent rise in consumer prices will prove to be transitory. Ironically, if the past is prologue, this period supports the idea of inflation getting much worse before it gets better today. The 1970s period, meanwhile, substantiates the risks of an even longer lasting and more gradually rising inflationary trend that could last more than a decade. Read More

07.28.21- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: How Important Is Freedom To You?
Neal Ross

How many of you have seen the Mel Gibson movie, Braveheart? If you have, you probably remember the horrific torture that his character, William Wallace, underwent at the hands of the British when he refused to pledge fealty to the King. Since I was not there amongst the crowd, there is no telling how accurate that scene was, but nonetheless, in the movie Wallace remained true to his cause; regardless of how much suffering he underwent at the hands of his tormentors.  Read More

07.27.21- Why Silver is the Major Investment of the Future: U.S. Financial System & Massive Debt Heading To Epic Meltdown
Steve St Angelo

The U.S. Financial System is heading towards an Epic Meltdown.  At this time, most financial assets will lose value, even the U.S. Dollar.  While the Federal Reserve has been able to prop up the U.S. Economy & Financial System, this isn’t something that can go on for many years.  With the U.S. shale oil production on a “Collapse Trajectory,” over the next 5-10 years, the U.S. economy and Dollar will be in serious trouble.

I put together a new Youtube Video on why Silver will be the Major Investment of the Future.  So, we shouldn’t be concerned about the short-term movement or weakness in the silver price because it’s important to continue to acquire physical metal for the mid-long term financial problems coming our way. Read More

07.26.21- MUST READ: Ivermectin
Tales from the Crypt

Bob Moriarty

These are true stories taken from one of the chat boards over the weekend.

@Icarus  This is a COVID post. Please ignore if you are not interested in Covid or Ivermectin. I just contracted Covid on a plane trip to New York for my nephew's wedding. I purchased one of those test kits and the result was unequivocal...COVID for sure. This is my story. After returning from the Wedding I spent the entire weekend without going out, so the only possible exposure was on the plane or at the Wedding. 4 days after exposure I felt great up until 9:45 pm Tuesday night. within 15 minutes my whole body crashed. I started getting massive muscular aches and pains, and chills. Maybe just a cold? I went to bed. Read More

07.24.21- Connecting the Dots: The Making of a Gold Heist, Part 1
J Kim

Today, in Part 1 of "Connecting the Dots: The Making of a Gold Heist", I am going to dive deep down the rabbit hole. In fact, I’m going to dive so deep, that just to understand the making of the gold heist that occurred in 2020 and to predict the future of BTC, ETH, gold and silver prices, we have to go back all the way to September of 2019. Read More

07.23.21- The Grind of Silver
Craig Hemke

It has been a challenging and frustrating year thus far for COMEX silver. Inflation is raging while interest rates are falling, yet COMEX silver prices are down year-to-date. This has left many silver investors wondering: Is there still hope for a renewed rally, or has all of this become a lost cause?

Things have been particularly challenging as of late. Before the June FOMC meeting, COMEX silver was up on the year and trading near $28. After the meeting, it fell into a four-week range where price seemed trapped between $26.00 and $26.50. And now, after a sharp selloff over the past few days, price is barely holding above $25.00. That places price down about 5% year-to-date. Read More

07.22.21- Why Australia’s Gold Rush Ushered In Political Freedom (As Well As Wealth)
Lawrence W. Reed

Nineteenth century gold miners brought democracy and property rights to Australia, as well as riches. But the history was at times bloody.

Historically, the connection between gold and liberty is a potent one. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to assert—if you will pardon the pun—that they are two sides of the same coin. Australia in the 1850s provides a sterling example. Read More

07.21.21- After Three Weeks of Gains, Gold May Be Poised to Revisit Yearly Highs
Peter Reagan

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: What’s next for gold after third consecutive week of gains, silver’s role in the monetary reset, and Reddit traders’ next push to normalize silver prices.

Gold’s slow and steady gains might be the prelude to a new all-time high

In line with the expectations of many, gold prices have been climbing ever since the metal broke the all-important $1,800 resistance level. Friday’s volatility saw the metal fall from above $1,825 before bouncing back and finishing the day above $1,810. Read More

07.20.21- The Everything Bubble is Popping - Bill Holter on Silver & Gold
Bill Holter

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07.19.21- Can Reddit's silver 'apes' beat the market?
Peter Hobson

Wall Street Silver Ivan Bayoukhi believes price of silver can rise 100% or even 1,000%

Kerry Kraker, 56, has worked in kitchens all his life. Since March he's spent around $100 a week - half his spare cash – on silver coins. He's part of a growing social media movement who say they are buying bars and coins for protection from a coming age of inflation.

Thanks to a community of like-minded silver 'stackers' gathering on social-media platform Reddit Inc., Seattle-based Kraker says he also feels empowered. Read More

07.17.21- Weekend Rant:
Corrected Golden Lessons

Craig Hemke

If there is anything positive about 21st century finance, it’s that the internet allows you to find all sorts of analysis to consider. Back in the day, you were stuck with the ravings of your commission-hungry stockbroker and his sell-side research. Today, however, those willing to seek out investment information can do so without outside influence.

it’s now more possible than ever to educate the masses on sound money, monetary history and the manipulation of markets by central banks and their agent primary dealers. As this relates to the gold price, anyone with internet access can now learn about The Crisis of 1957, The London Gold Pool, and Nixon “closing the gold window”. Read More

07.16.21- The Fiat Free-For-All: Currency Creation vs. Gold and Silver Production
Jeff Clark

Most headlines about the Fed’s open market committee (FOMC) announcement focused on the potential change in interest rates. What went largely ignored was that it will continue to purchase $120 billion in bonds every month.

The central bank said it “might” raise rates in 2023, but there was NO hesitation to continue full steam ahead with its aggressive bond-buying program. Read More

07.15.21- Gold Could Jump To $1,900-$2,100 In Next 30 days – Here’s Why
Lorimer Wilson

For the past two years at this juncture, the Precious Metals Sector has risen sharply in a month-long up cycle for Silver and with the high inflation expectations going forward a similar ramp up for the Precious Metals Sector is a real possibility.

Inflation Expectations

According to the New York Fed’s Survey of Consumer Expectations: Read More

07.14.21- Basel III and Gold Resource Center
Keith Weiner

What is Basel III?

Born out of the global financial crisis, Basel III is an international regulatory accord intended to mitigate risk within the banking system and make banks more resilient to financial stress, thereby preventing system-wide failure. Key requirements cover leverage ratios and reserve capital (Source: Investopedia). The stated purpose of Basel III regulation is to prevent the repeat of another global financial crisis event.

Originally written in 2009, over 28 central banks participated in drafting the regulation. It has been repeatedly delayed and is now set to go into effect on January 1, 2022. Read More

07.13.21- Basel III’s Effect on Gold & Silver
Keith Weiner

There is sometimes a tendency to confuse ends and means. For example, in traveling through an airport there is extensive inspection of passengers. Before you are allowed to board an airplane, you must go through a process that is intrusive and increasingly invasive. This is deemed to be security. How do we know it makes us secure?

Because it is annoying. Read More

07.12.21- The Silver Bull is not Transitory
Peter Krauth

Transitory. That's something we've been hearing a lot lately.

At its latest FOMC meeting the Fed naturally decided to keep the fed funds rate target at 0.25%. 

It also decided not to mess with the $120 billion monthly bond buying program to help "support the flow of credit to households and businesses." Par for the course. Read More

07.10.21- Why Copper Will Help Define Silver Supply through at Least 2030
David Smith

70% of silver supply comes as a "by-product" of base metals, e.g., lead, zinc, copper, and (some) gold. With the race to find, develop and market new copper projects, one might assume that "since new copper supply will come online during the next few years, it also means that a 'lot of silver' will also become available."

But these assumptions – on both counts – are almost certain to be incorrect. Here's why… Read More

07.09.21- Precious metals outlook: This summer presents a rare entry point
Claudio Grass

It’s been an intense few weeks for precious metals investors, with gold and silver suffering setbacks and somewhat increased volatility. This has caused some observers and mainstream analysts to jump to gloomy conclusions and proclaim that gold’s bull run is over. Instead, they’re betting everything on the “great recovery” from the covid crisis and on an apparently imminent roaring comeback of the world economy. However, when one takes a closer look at the reality on the ground, at the state of the real economy and at the historical context of precious metals performance, arguments like that appear to be increasingly hollow and unconvincing. Read More

07.08.21- The Dollar's Final Crash Down a Golden Matterhorn
Egon Von Greyerz

Was Richard Nixon a real gold friend who understood the futility of tying a weakening dollar to gold which is the only currency that has survived in history?

So was Nixon actually the instigator of the movement to FreeGold?

I doubt it. He was just another desperate leader who was running out of real money and needed to create unlimited amounts of fiat money. Although his fatal decision to close the gold window was clearly the beginning of the end of the current monetary system. Read More

07.07.21- Gold: Simply the Best Hedge in All Economic Climates
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Gold in today’s portfolio, why $15,000 gold is a realistic forecast, and bracing for the next jump in gold and silver.

How gold beats other hedges

In an analysis from International Man, gold expert Adrian Day reminded investors of gold’s role and history during an especially important time. With negative real interest rates and the ongoing drop in the dollar’s buying power, it’s becoming more and more difficult to hold onto one’s savings (let alone make sound investments). Read More

07.06.21- Gold/S&P 500 Ratio Reversal: Are Mainstream Investors Ready?
Jeff Clark

My article last week on the coming reversal in the silver/S&P 500 ratio was very popular.

But I heard from many of you… “What does this same ratio look like for gold?”

This week, I answer that. So we can be ready ahead of mainstream investors who will turn to gold when the broad stock market begins to weaken. Read More

07.03.21- Weekend Rant: I’m a Gold Bug...
Because I’ve Seen Real Inflation and Devaluation

Lobo Tiggre

People often say that Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The phrase comes from The Mourning Bride, written by William Congreve in 1697. He put it this way:

Heav’n has no rage, like love to hatred turn’d,
Nor hell a fury, like a woman scorn’d.

I think this psychology is relevant to us as speculators today. Read More

07.02.21- Gold and Silver: What the hell happened after the FOMC?
Jonathan Mergott

I’ve been insanely busy last couple weeks.  I got back from Lake George and we have some friends staying with us for the next few weeks that have been traveling. We’re having a bunch of furniture moved and delivered, and then I get to top it off with a pretty severe cold of some sort in June.  (Go figure). I feel pretty crappy but trying to get my thoughts down on the metals here.  I’ll apologize ahead of the time for the sporadic jumpiness of moving from 1 thought to another, but I’m focusing on getting those thoughts down, not on writing a perfect master’s thesis.  Inevitably I’m gonna miss some points, we can hopefully fill in some blanks with a Youtube Q&A in a few days when I’m feeling better, but let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of it. Read More

Peak Silver. Peak Debt. Peal Insanity.
Keith Neumeyer

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06.30.21- Silver Has Only Three Futures
Robert (Bobin) Zee

Silver has only three futures. One, obviously, is to stay the present course and reap the consequences of unrelenting and alleged persistent price manipulation and suppression by bullion banks and futures trading organizations. These organizations are referred to as The Cartel by a popular silver commentator. The second potential future is to cease price manipulation and suppression by the aforementioned cartel, thus allowing true price discovery in the marketplace. That is simply not going to happen. The third future is to allow, cause, or otherwise introduce a disruptive force in the marketplace, thus paving the way for exponential demand resulting in an exponential price increase. Read More

06.29.21- CIBC: We’re Months Away From $2,000 Gold, $31 Silver
Birch Gold Group

CIBC: Gold is still going towards $2,000 and silver to $31

Despite the selloff that caused gold to drop by more than 5% within a week, Canadian bank CIBC is still optimistic on both gold and silver’s prospects over the next few years. While the bank downgraded their average 2021 forecast for gold to $1,925, they expect the metal to average $2,100 in 2022.

Likewise, CIBC’s analysts downgraded their average silver forecast for 2021 to $28 from $29, but said that the metal will nonetheless head onwards to $31 next year. Interestingly, the analysts emphasized that physical precious metals will dominate demand: Read More

06.28.21- Basel 3’s gold rules start Monday but it probably won’t be the day of deliverance
Chris Powell

Many people involved with the monetary metals may be eagerly awaiting Monday, when the “Basel 3” regulations on unallocated gold held by bullion banks take effect in the European Union, supposedly making the unallocated business prohibitively expensive. 

Of course there are great hopes that implementation of the rules will begin to explode the fraud of “paper gold” by which gold’s price long has been suppressed with the assistance of central banks. Read More

06.26.21- Fed Musings About Distant Interest Rate Hikes Spook Metals Markets
Mike Gleason

Well, precious metals markets got absolutely slammed on Thursday. The selling rout followed statements put out by the Federal Reserve suggesting that tapering and rate hikes could come sooner than previously expected.

The U.S. Dollar Index spiked on the Fed’s latest talking points, prompting short sellers in the commodity futures markets to pounce. Read More

06.25.21- Michael Burry Warns “The Mother of All Crashes” Is Close Upon Us. I Would Buy Gold.
Anna Sokolidou

Michael Burry, the Scion Asset Management boss, became a famous and a widely followed investor afterhis winning bet against mortgages just before the 2008-2009 crisis. His highly ambitious bet against the bubble was described in the book and the film "The Big Short."He is now worried about the cryptocurrencies boom and meme stocks mania. I agree with Michael Burry. It is uncertain when this bubble will eventually burst. However, there are hawkish signs from the Fed. Read More

06.24.21- The Icarus Wax of the Everything Bubble is Melting
Egon von Greyerz

When will the wax melt that holds up the global economy? Hubris is driving humans and markets ever higher and closer to the sun. The higher everything goes, the greater the risk that the wax melts and the wings that are supporting the global economy just fall off and everything crashes to the ground. Investing successfully is primarily about managing risk rather than maximising profits. As we reach the end of the biggest bull market in history, investors feel so secure that risk has become an irrelevance. Read More

06.23.21- After the Smash
Craig Hemke

Once again, it was the "escalator up and elevator shaft down" for the COMEX digital metals. What does this mean for price moving forward and into the second half of 2021?

First off, we should address what happened and why the precious metals (and most all commodities) reacted as violently as they did last week after the June FOMC meeting. Read More

06.22.21- Gold Price Easily Going to $3,000: Currency Collapse is Coming - Buy Gold & Silver
Keith Neumeyer

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06.21.21- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: On The Verge Of The Unthinkable
Michael Snyder

Over the past couple of years we have become accustomed to expecting the unexpected, but soon we many have to start anticipating the unthinkable.  In this article, I am going to be discussing a couple of potential scenarios that would have been unimaginable to the vast majority of Americans just a few short years ago.  Unfortunately, our world is now changing at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking, and many things that were once “unimaginable” could soon become reality. Read More

06.19.21- Live from the Vault: Insiders underestimate power of Reddit Wall Street Silver
Craig Hemke

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06.18.21- From Yellen’s Tweets to Basel III, Gold Can Only Trend North as Currencies
Can Only Go Down

Egon von Greyerz

In this 20-minute MAMChat, Matterhorn Asset Management principals Egon von Greyerz and Matthew Piepenburg address the current and ever-evolving inflation narrative as well as its inter-relationship with interest rates. This relationship has a direct impact upon gold pricing in a global backdrop of rising and unsustainable debt levels. Matt begins with a brief “translation” of Yellen’s most recent comments on increased fiscal spending, reminding viewers that such serial stimulus from DC has massive inflationary implications despite the meme out of DC that current inflationary tailwinds are merely “transitory.” Read More

06.17.21- Weimarica: Read The Parsson’s Excerpt In Its Entirety…
Dave Kranzler

But think about it as you read in terms of what is unfolding in the United States financial and political system (note: sourced from Zerohedge;  Jens Parssons wrote a book title “Dying of Money:  Lessons of the Great German and American Inflations” published in 1974) – the excerpt describes what it looked toward the end of the Reichsmark (November 1923):

“The life of the inflation in its ripening stage was a paradox which had its own unmistakable characteristics. One was the great wealth, at least of those favored by the boom…Many great fortunes sprang up overnight…The cities, had an aimless and wanton youth” Read More

06.16.21- Translating Yellen-Speak
into Golden-Speak

Matthew Piepenburg

Given the increasingly politicized interplay (cancer) of central bank policy and so-called free market price discovery, it’s becoming increasingly more important to track the actions of central bankers rather than just traditional market signals alone.

Like it or not, the Fed is the market.

Toward this end, we’ve had some substantive fun deciphering the past, current and future implications of “forward guidance” from our openly mis-guided crop of central bankers, most notably Greenspan, Bernanke and Powell. Read More

06.15.21- Gold Getting Ready to Rumble
David Brady

Real yields remain relatively stable despite soaring inflation numbers in the past few months. Today’s CPI print:

“Core Consumer Prices Surge At Fastest Rate Since 1992”

“Goods prices are up 6.5% YoY – the highest since 1982”

Why? Because bond yields rise at the same time as inflation expectations. Simply put, real yields = bond yields – inflation expectations. Read More

06.14.21- After The Reset Silver & Gold Won’t Be Priced in Dollars
Dave Kranzler

“April 2021 money supply and monetary base growth continued to explode” – John Williams, Shadowstats.com

Williams is referencing the “base” monetary aggregates which are compiled monthly. The Fed’s balance sheet grows by the week, hitting $7.935 trillion as of June 3rd. It’s doubled plus another 13% since September 2019, when “QE” was restarted.  Read More

06.12.21- You Need an Escape Plan and Untraceable Wealth ASAP
Robert Kiyosaki

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06.11.21- Basel 3 already has demolished claims that central banks don’t rig the gold market
Chris Powell

Some observers foresee an explosion in the gold price, likely carrying silver and other metals with it, while others expect…

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Many predictions are being offered about the impact of the “Basel 3” regulations on “unallocated gold” that have been proposed by the Bank for International Settlements and that the European Banking Authority has scheduled for implementation in the European Union at the end of this month.  Read More

06.10.21- Basel III And COMEX Gold
Craig Hemke

If you're a gold investor, then you've likely read of the NSFR of Basel III, which are due to be implemented by the EU-based Banks at the end of this month. Well, here's something else to consider.

First of all, these new capital requirements were first introduced as part of Basel III in 2014, and it has taken nearly seven years for them to be instituted. As of June 28, the EU-based Banks will be subject to these new rules, and the UK Banks must fall in line by January 1, 2022. This, of course, is causing all sorts of chagrin and teeth-gnashing in London. The LBMA and their pals at the World Gold Council put out this final plea for help last month: LBMA Responds to Prudential Regulation Authority Consultation  Read More

06.09.21- $4000 Gold – Insurance,
A Hedge, An Investment

Kelsey Williams

After decades of concerted effort by governments and central banks, the focus away from gold as money has led to its characterization as an investment, a hedge, insurance, etc. Some still refer to it as a barbarous relic. Are any of these descriptions valid?


There is a seemingly plausible argument for calling gold a hedge or insurance given volatile conditions in our society today. But the logic leading to those classifications ignores the single factor that affects the price of gold. That single factor is the actual loss in purchasing power of the paper money substitute in which gold is priced. Read More

06.08.21- Money As the Greater Depression Deepens
Doug Casey

We talk a lot in these pages about what to do with one’s money, but I question whether most subscribers (forget about the public at large) have an adequate grasp of the basics. Without it, much of what we say may seem capricious or outlandish, crazy ideas readers tolerate only because we’ve been so right about the big trends. But the basics in speculating and investing are like the basics in martial arts: Just remembering them isn’t enough; they need to be second nature. That means reviewing and practicing over and over.

It’s not an accident that we usually make good investment calls; the selections arise from a constant awareness of the basics. So I want to briefly review those fundamentals. Let’s start with gold. We’re very gold-oriented around here. Read More

06.07.21- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Outsourcing The Production Of Virtually Everything Has Brought Us To The Brink Of A Nightmare Scenario For The U.S. Economy
Michael Snyder

Many of the imbalances that are contributing to the nightmarish shortages that we are currently witnessing are not going to be solved any time soon.  Ever since I started The Economic Collapse Blog, I have been warning that outsourcing the production of just about everything and running massive trade deficits year after year would eventually have very serious consequences down the road.  Well, now we are officially “down the road”, and our incredibly foolish trade policies have put us in a very precarious position.  During the “good times”, being extremely dependent on the rest of the world to make stuff for us wasn’t a problem, but now it is rapidly becoming a national security issue.Read More

06.05.21- Don’t Go Picking Up Quarters
in Front of a Steamroller

Peter Reagan

How did you go bankrupt?
Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.

― Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises

Winning the lottery sounds like a dream come true, until you understand most people who win end up broke a few years later. (Most don’t invest their money properly to make it last.)

Everyone knows the possibility of making a large sum of money fast is a thrill, especially if you end up turning a small amount of money into a heap of cash. Maybe that’s why Americans on average spend over $1,000 a year on lottery tickets? Read More

06.04.21- The Geopolitics of Gold
Alasdair Macleod

A number of events are coming together which are set to push gold prices higher. Besides a combination of continuing inflationary policies and massive future budget deficits undermining the dollar, by closing down derivative market activities new Basel 3 regulations appear set to deflect some demand into physical metals. Furthermore, liquidity in gold markets will contract, potentially making prices more volatile

This article looks at how these developments will affect the undeclared but very real financial and propaganda war being waged by America against China. Read More

06.03.21- Silver Price Forecast: Breakout Ahead This Fall
Christopher Aaron

There is a big opportunity setting up in the silver market.

It should be no wonder: with global inflation reaching levels not seen in 13 years (source: https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/02/economy/inflation-oecd/index.html), markets are increasingly becoming concerned with ever-rising prices. It seems everywhere we look, prices for the things that we need to live (food, energy, housing) are increasing.

What is one way to protect oneself from rising inflation? By investing in tangible assets, which will at least keep pace with the inflation over the long run, and quite possibly outperform it. Read More

06.02.21- Why Is the Bank of England’s Gold Selling at Unusual Premiums?
Birch Gold Group

The Bank of England’s vaults in London collectively hold one of the largest bullion stashes in the world. Much of this gold belongs to central and commercial banks which use the vaults to both store and trade their bullion, with the BoE acting as an intermediary. Normally, the gold sells within a few cents of its benchmark price, just like gold held in other London commercial vaults. Read More

06.01.21- How Governments Killed The Gold Standard
Joseph T. Salerno

The historical embodiment of monetary freedom is the gold standard. The era of its greatest flourishing was not coincidentally the 19th century, the century in which classical liberal ideology reigned, a century of unprecedented material progress and peaceful relations between nations. Unfortunately, the monetary freedom represented by the gold standard, along with many other freedoms of the classical liberal era, was brought to a calamitous end by World War I.

Also, and not so coincidentally, this was the "War to Make the World Safe for Mass Democracy," a political system which we have all learned by now is the great enemy of freedom in all its social and economic manifestations. Read More


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