01.22.19- 3 Reasons Gold Market Could See
a Bull Run

Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest news involving precious metals and the overall economy. Stories include: 3 reasons why gold market could run with the bulls, silver could break its resistance, and billionaire investor Sam Zell turns to gold.

3 reasons why gold market could run with the bulls

According to Reuters columnist Clyde Russell, the very same drivers that propelled gold to its all-time highs between 2008 and 2011 could be making a comeback. In a recent Newsmax article, Russell outlines the three main supporting factors that backed the crisis-driven price spike and why each of them have made a return. Read More

01.21.19- About That Government Silver Confiscation...
Chris Duane

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01.19.19- “Real” Inflation Expected to Rise – Hedge Your Bets With Gold

Some are under the impression that gold’s performance in the U.S. is not asgood as it should be, considering we had a rather uncertain year last year.

In the U.S., even economists who favor the dollar gold price might be blind to an upcoming rise in the financial power of the precious metal.

That, and real inflation may become a better gauge to see just how well this measuring stick is doing. Though revealing it at the federal level may send the market into a panic. Read More

01.18.19- Gold - The Only Safe Place
Egon von Greyerz

In 2019 the investment world will start to realise that asset markets don’t grow to heaven as stocks, bonds and property start their long journey down which will eventually lead to declines of 75% to 95% in real terms. But the major risk is not just investment markets. Just as important is counterparty risk which too few investors are concerned about.

Anyone who wants to protect their wealth should not be invested in any of the bubble asset markets as I have stated in many articles. But to also avoid counterparty risk is a lot harder. Read More

01.17.19- 10 Reasons Why Silver Will Outshine Gold In 2019
David Schectman


Silver was thought of as a godlike metal in ancient times and was associated with magic. It was often used in ancient religious ceremonies.

Silver has a very robust profile of uses, including: electronics, automotive, medicinal, coins and medals, photography, and green tech.

Silver has a six thousand year history of use as money, longer than gold, from ancient Mesopotamia to the US Constitution.

Silver's production profile suggests that while it gets more and more valuable in society, the lack of primary mines, lower ore grades, and mill output portends a much higher rise in the price than gold. Read More

01.16.19- Side-Step the Financial and Political Circus
David Schectman

It’s a small sample size, but recently, gold and silver started to move up along with the stock market is. In the big picture, gold and the Dow move in opposite directions. Who are buying stocks now? The hedge funds will buy and sell on a headline, A quote from the Fed or on major moving average changes, but I can’t help but wonder if a nudge or two from the PPT to halt and fall and get it moving up isn’t the real energy behind this? That’s right out of JPMorgan’s playbook. Silver is such a small market that it is easy for JPMorgan to short silver until the price drops sufficiently for the managed money hedge funds to join in on the selling. They are the momentum moving the market, or specifically in this case, capping the rallies  Read More

01.15.19-Will The Next Silver Rally Exceed
The 2011 Highs

Chris Marcus

While many are beginning to realize that the gold and silver markets have indeed been manipulated, it’s interesting to consider what might happen when that manipulation is resolved.

Because while the wait has been frustrating for many, that’s not to say it will not end without due reward. Especially when you think back about what actually happened in 2011, and consider some of the dynamics involved.  Read More

01.14.19- Top Ten Trends Lead to Gold
Jim Willie

The year 2018 was a memorable year of great transitions. They involved changes in the political arena. They saw enormous changes in the debt picture, for both the USGovt and the major Western corporations. They saw a struggle to terminate the QE bond monetization, laced with hyper-inflation. They offered staggering damage to California, whose effects are easily 100 times greater than the World Trade Center fallout. They offered resistance to the US-led bully tactics, in slapping sanctions even on the US allies, a forecast by the Jackass two years ago. The globalist cabal agenda has been dealt a powerful damaging blow, perhaps lethal, during a year of great exposure for their criminality. The transitions offered a complete shift away from the perception of USMilitary full spectrum dominance. But the most important changes have come in the finance & economic sectors.  Read More

01.12.19- $2,000 Gold and the Secret Gold Rally Hiding in Plain Sight
Martin Katusa

What if I were to tell you that gold is within earshot of all-time highs. You’d call me crazy. But I’m not.

Below is a chart which shows gold prices denominated in Canadian, Australian and U.S. dollars.

You’ll notice gold went on a tear in all currencies from 2000 to 2012. However, after that, gold priced in U.S. dollars has under-performed. Gold priced in Canadian and Australian dollars has been very strong and is within striking distance of all-time highs.  Read More

01.11.19- Questions Only the DOJ Can Get Answered
Theodore Butler

Reasonable questions should be answered reasonably. When such questions cannot be answered reasonably or at all, particularly by those with a responsibility for answering, something is wrong. A good number of such questions remain unanswered in silver and those not providing answers include the federal commodities regulator (the CFTC), the designated self-regulator (the CME Group), as well as the most important bank in the US, JPMorgan.  Read More

01.10.19- Silver Outperforms Key Markets,
Metals & Energy

Steve St Angelo

While December was a horrible month for the broader markets, that wasn’t the case for the precious metals.  As the Dow Jones and S&P 500 Indexes suffered the worst December since the Great Depression, the silver price enjoyed quite a healthy rally.  The notion of rising precious metals prices during a market selloff ran counter to most analysts who forecasted falling asset values across the board.

However, that’s exactly what took place in December.  I stated, since the beginning of 2018, that when the markets really started to decline the precious metals would likely disconnect and rally higher.  Over the past month, the silver price jumped by 10% and gold 5%, while most of the broader indexes, base metals, and energy declined.  Read More

01.09.19- All We Have Left is to
Wipe the Slate Clean
John Rubino

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01.08.19- Surest Way to Overthrow Capitalism
Keith Weiner

One of the most important problems in economics is: How do we know if an enterprise is creating or destroying wealth? The line between the two is objective, black and white. It should be clear that if business managers can’t tell the difference between a wealth-creating or wealth-destroying activity, then our whole society will be miserably poor.

Any manager will tell you that it’s easy. Just look at the profit and loss statement. Profit is so powerful an incentive for managers, that one could never persuade them to operate based on any other indicator. And it would work—if economists had done their jobs properly. Read More

01.07.19- Gold's Safety Factor Kicks Into High Gear
Cliff Droke

For the first time in nearly a year, gold has a number of important supports in its favor which should propel its price higher in the months ahead. Signs of continued deterioration in the global economy, along with a a distressing drop in U.S. Treasury bond yields, are among the major factors fueling increased gold demand. In today’s report we’ll discuss these factors, as well as take a look at the improvement in the actively traded gold mining stocks.

Gold is clearly benefiting from fears of a global economic slowdown and should continue to do so in the weeks ahead. The equity market is trying to bottom and the threat of falling stock prices isn’t an immediate concern among investors right now. Read More

01.05.19- Precious Metals Are Overbought....And That's Not A Bad Thing
CEO Technician

Gold and silver are on an impressive run higher since mid-November; gold is up around $100 an ounce (~8%) and silver is up nearly $2 (~13%). Silver is up 7 consecutive trading sessions and gold has risen in 10 of the last 12 trading sessions.

The run has been strong enough that one could consider both precious metals to be 'overbought' using standard technical indicators such as RSI (at top of charts below) and MFI (at bottom of charts below): Read More

01.04.19- GOLD…For Whom The Bell Tolls
Ross Norman

There is probably no more irritating an adage than the old Wall Street one which says “no one rings a bell at the bottom or top of a market” … but it does highlight the purpose or value of making a trading call - or if you prefer (as it is the season for it) … in making a forecast.

No one wants to be too early in calling a bottom in gold as your career would then be aligned with those slightly unhinged perma-bulls that have been calling for a massive move up in gold year after year - and been perma-wrong. Nor do you want to be too late - because that would make you, well plain dull. Read More

01.03.19- Gold Price Survey Predicts Prices Could Reach $1,500 in 2019
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest news involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Main St. bullish on gold for 2019, market turmoil shows why you should own gold, and gold to remain an attractive diversifier in 2019.

A recent poll by Kitco News had nearly 5,000 retail investors share their forecast for gold’s price in 2019. The largest group of respondents, numbering 1,640 participants or 34% of the overall pool, predicted that gold would push above $1,500 an ounce by the end of 2019. Read More

01.02.19- Doug Casey and Rick Rule on Gold-Backed Cryptos
Doug Casey

Justin’s note: There’s a huge opportunity right now…

Crisis Investing chief analyst Nick Giambruno says there is a new kind of digital asset that marries cryptocurrencies and gold into one powerful new financial tool: gold-backed cryptos. If you missed his essay on this idea back in October. Dozens of these gold-backed cryptos are now sprouting up. And the potential is enormous.

Investing legends Casey Research founder Doug Casey and Rick Rule – president and CEO of Sprott U.S. Holdings – are both excited about the huge potential of gold-backed cryptos as well. Nick recently interviewed the two on the subject, and today and tomorrow I’m sharing their fascinating discussion…Read More

01.01.19- Gold Barrels Into 2019 as Growth Concerns Spur Demand for Haven
Jake Lloyd-Smith and
Krystal Chia

Gold is closing out 2018 on a strong note, its haven demand reinvigorated by volatile trading in global equities, rising concern about the economic outlook and a drawn-out government shutdown in the U.S.

Spot bullion is holding near a six-month high after topping $1,280 an ounce, and the metal is set for the best monthly gain in almost two years. December’s rally has pared an annual decline, the first full-year loss since 2015. Read More

12.31.18- Silver Quietly Climbs Higher As Cries Of ‘Mass Arrests’, ‘Sealed Indictments’ & ‘Military Tribunals’ Go Silent
Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

We’re quietly climbing as silver catches a whiff that ‘mass arrests’, ‘military tribunals’, and ‘locking her up’ just aren’t going to happen…

Q-Anon has gone silent since December 22nd:

These are Q’s last two posts, and the posts are curiously from the same day the very limited federal government shutdown began.

One day of will-still-be-paid-in-arrears work was all Q could take?

Does truth take a day off? Read More

12.29.18- Could the Silver Price Really Hit
$130 per Ounce?

Johnny Silver Bear

Silver has made significant gains in the past, but has not risen past $20 per ounce since 2016

Nonetheless, well-known figure Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver (TSX:FR,NYSE:AG), believes the white metal could reach the $130 level.

Neumeyer has voiced this opinion many times, recently giving the $130 number in a November 2017 interview with Palisade Research, and again in March 2018 with Kitco. In the past he’s been even more bold, suggesting the white metal could reach $1,000. Read More

12.28.18- The Patriotic and Moral Imperative for Owning Gold and Silver
Johnny Silver Bear

Old GloryI pledge allegiance to the flag...

Remember when you learned those words? It was back when everything was simple. The Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, the circulation manager of the Boston based "The Youth's Companion" magazine. The end of the Nineteenth Century was a much simpler time. The world was a much simpler place. It is not so simple anymore. Read More

12.27.18- Frank Holmes Predicts Gold Explosion to the Upside in “Blink of an Eye”
Mike Gleason

Mike Gleason: It is my privilege now to welcome in Frank Holmes, CEO and Chief Investment Officer at US Global Investors. Mr. Holmes has received various honors over the years, including being named America's best fund manager by the Mining Journal. He's also the co-author of the book The Goldwatcher: Demystifying Gold Investing and is a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and also right here on the Money Metals Podcast. Frank, welcome back, and thanks for joining us again.

Frank Holmes: Mike, it's great to be back with you at this time of the year, a year of thankfulness and gratitude, even with sloppy markets. We're all listening and talking, and we're alive, and we have many to be thoughtful and thankful for. Read More

12.26.18- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Humility Saves Us From Foolishness
Jesse's Café Américain

“As long as you are proud you cannot know God.  A proud man is always looking down on things and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you...

True humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself, less."

C. S. Lewis

"Further, all of us should be kind and helpful to one another, and carry ourselves with humility: for God is set against the proud, but graciously favours the humble."

1 Peter 5:5 Read More

12.25.18- The Bottom For Gold Was December, 2015 At $1050
Jim Rickards and Alex Stanczyk

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12.24.18- Gold: Trump, the Tariff Man
John R. Ing

“I am the egg man They are the egg men I am the Tariff man Goo goo g’joob” - Thanks to the Beatles, “I Am the Walrus”

Equity markets soared on reports of a ceasefire negotiated by Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping, after the G-20 talks. But markets plunged when President Trump deflated the enthusiasm with a self-congratulatory tweet, “I am the Tariff Man”, ignoring that tariffs are really a tax on consumption. Trump, the Tax Man? Then the short lived truce was ended by the diplomatic firestorm caused by the unprecedented Canadian arrest of Huawei’s CFO, Sabrina Meng Wanzhou on a US warrant which was more evocative of the 19th century gunboat Opium Wars than modern democracies with established rules and norms. Read More

12.22.18- And the Horse You Rode In On - Purposeful Risks
Jesse's Café Américain

“Corrupt citizens breed corrupt rulers, and it is the mob who finally decides when virtue shall die.”

Taylor Caldwell, Dear and Glorious Physician

"The world is a comedy to those that think; a tragedy to those that feel — a solution of why Democritus laughed and Heraclitus wept."

Horace Walpole, Letter to Horace Mann Read More

12.21.18- Third Stage Gold
Jeffrey P. Snider

Rather than sticking gold in with my last one on collateral, I felt it deserved its own focus. Its duality often puts it on the side of deflation with collateral shortage as the main mechanism. Given that, it wouldn’t have been surprising if gold was collapsing now as it had been during the earlier eurodollar mess after mid-April.

But, as I pointed out here, there are actually three stages of gold. The first is reflation or inflation, straightforward enough. The second deflation stage historically isn’t associated with the worst of deflation. It just pushes gold down in sympathy with other commodities. Read More

12.20.18- Real Gold Price Lowest in 50 Years
Egon von Greyerz

As we approach the beginning of the biggest wealth destruction in history, it is timely to turn to the wisdom of one of the great philosophers. Plato (428-348 BC) stated:

“The greatest wealth is to live content with little”

And this is the lesson that most people in the world will need to learn the hard way in coming years. We are now at the end of an era which has created unreal wealth for a few and massive debt for most of the world. As all the bubble markets in stocks, bonds, property and other financial assets implode, together with the debt that has fuelled it all, 100s of trillions of dollars will just vanish and never return. The consequences will be both shocking and devastating for most people. Read More

12.19.18- Stumbling Near the Abyss
Gary Christianson

From Bill Holter “Crash Alert.” 

“For the last 6 months we have responded ‘it is happening right before your very eyes!’”  

The coming crash is a mathematical certainty and one that historians will ask in the future, ‘what were they thinking.’ While CNBC parades clown after clown to tell you this is a buying opportunity, I would simply advise DON’T BE STUPID and use your own common sense! We lived through the biggest super cycle of credit the world has ever seen… how do you think this ends?”

Bill Holter understands the financial dangers confronting the world, particularly in Europe and the U.S. As for timing he said, “it is happening right before your eyes.” Read More

12.18.18- Why it makes sense to
invest in silver now

Narendra Nathan

Despite a period of uncertainty— US-China trade war concerns, sanctions on Iran, fall in the rupee, etc.—silver, unlike gold, has not seen a rally. The market not recognising the dual status of silver—bullion and industrial commodity—is the prime reason for the metal’s underperformance. “The market is treating silver only as an industrial commodity,” says Manoj Kumar Jain, Director, India Nivesh Commodities. Experts feel silver’s underperformance may continue in the short term as, unlike gold, it is not being treated as a precious metal. “As long as the trade war and the resultant global economic slowdown fears remain, silver (along with other industrial commodities) will underperform gold,” says Praveen Singh, AVP, Sharekhan Comtrade. Read More

12.17.18- Palladium?
Larry LaBorde

I have invested in palladium from time to time in the past.  I just dabbled a bit here and there but the market now just seems crazy.  In case you haven’t been watching lately palladium has exceeded the price of gold!

Palladium (Pd)  is a by product of nickel, copper and zinc refining usually.  It is mainly used for catalytic converters.  It is sometimes alloyed with gold to form white gold.  Other uses are in ceramic capacitors for electronic devises and for the purification of hydrogen gas.  Read More

12.15.18- Gold - A Perfect Storm For 2019
Alasdair Macleod

This article is an overview of the principal factors likely to drive the gold price in 2019. It looks at the global factors that have developed in 2018 for both gold and the dollar, how geopolitics are likely to evolve, the economic outlook and how it is worsened for the dollar by President Trump’s tariff war against China, the availability and likely demand for bullion, and the technical position in paper markets. Taken together, the outlook is bullish for gold. Read More

12.14.18- Is The Buyer’s Market For Silver Coming To An End?
Stefan Gleason

Few markets are as depressed – and, as many analysts argue, suppressed – as silver. Prices for the white metal continue to languish in a low-level trading range amidst lackluster demand.

The upshot for investors is that they can now obtain silver bullion at both a low spot price and a low premium above spot.

How long this buyer’s market will is unknowable last. But given silver’s manic-depressive personality, prices could launch explosively higher at any time. Read More

12.13.18- The Role of Silver Historically as well as Recent Moves in the Market
Michael Ballanger

Could there have ever been constructed four finer sentences strung together for the purpose of defining eight items related to money and social standing than the following?

"Gold is the money of kings. Silver is the money of gentlemen. Barter is the money of peasants. And debt is the money of slaves."

While they sound impressive, and while I understand the reason for their construct, I actually take umbrage with the linkage of debt to slavery because slavery is a man-induced condition whereby one man is responsible for the enslavement of another while debt is often (but not always) a choice made by the individual. Read More

12.12.18- Gold and Global Financial Crisis Redux
Jim Willie

The Global Financial Crisis, a broader deeper more powerful systemic crisis than the Lehman Event was, has finally arrived in a great redux. It is seen in numerous areas. We have finally arrived at the ten-year anniversary of the Lehman event, a killjob whereby JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs bought a few $billion in mortgage bonds and never paid Lehman Brothers. The firm died, called a financial failure, but was actually a strangulation. Goldman went on to capture AIG, in order to claim 100 cents per dollar on insured mortgage bonds, a second crime. The Wall Street banks, under the leader Henry Paulsen as the managing USTreasury Secretary, completed the third crime, by pitching the $700 billion TARP Fund. They stole it, using the fund for enriching themselves with redeemed preferred stock, instead of making the funds available for lending purposes. Read More

12.11.18- Gold & Silver Prices Rise As The Markets & Oil Decline
Steve St Angelo

Over the past week, the gold and silver prices have held up rather well compared to the overall markets.  While precious metals investors still fear that a huge sell-off in the gold and silver prices will take place during the next market crash, it seems that the metals continue to be very resilient during large market corrections.

Now, I am not saying that the metals prices cannot fall any lower, but a lot of the leverage in the gold and silver market has already been removed and is now at a near all-time low.  So, even though we could see weaker precious metals prices, the overwhelming leverage and bubble asset prices are in the stock and real estate markets. Read More

12.10.18- Watching Gold
Global Macro Monitor

Gold is looking interesting

Fundamentally, it shouldn’t as the Fed is tightening the screws on liquidity, the ECB is ready to stop the printing press, and international reserves continue to decline.

Check out the chart

Higher lows since August,  a breakout of a crude cup-and-handle formation, and what looks like the coming test of the 200-day at 1257, which has rejected the gold price over the last year almost as many times I was in high school asking girls out on dates. Read More

12.08.18- Is An Inverted Yield Curve Bullish
For The Gold Price?

Jordan Roy-Byrne

In recent days we’ve seen the beginnings of an inversion in the yield curve.

The 2-year yield and the 5-year yield have inverted but not yet the 2-year yield and the 10-year yield, the curve that is watched most. However, “2s and 10s” as bond traders would say appear headed for an inversion very soon.

We know that an inversion of the yield curve precedes a recession and bear market. That is good for gold. But timing is important and the key word is precedes. Read More

12.07.18- Gold, Silver & the Markets:
What’s Next For 2019

Steve St Angelo

The big question on the minds of most investors is what will happen to the markets and precious metals in 2019.  Well, the answer depends mainly on two factors, the oil price and overall weakness in the economy.  If the oil price continues to decline, it will indicate a deflationary outcome for the economy and markets.

While this sounds counter to the notion that falling oil prices will drive higher consumer demand, we also must remember that it will negatively impact the U.S. shale oil industry.  A lower sustained oil price, as I wrote about in my previous article, IT BEGINS… Rapidly Falling Oil Prices First Guts Tar Sands, Then Shale Oil will begin to destroy the oil industry, especially the unconventional oil industry.  I don’t believe Americans or the investors realize the tremendous amount of economic activity it takes to produce shale oil. Read More

12.06.18- Why buy gold now?
Because I don’t know

Simon Black

From 2000 through 2012, the price of gold increased every year, rising from around $280 an ounce to nearly $1,700. It was an unprecedented run.

Then, in 2013, gold took a nose dive, losing over 27% of its value.

It was widely reported that the Swiss National Bank, the former bastion of monetary conservatism, lost $10 billion that year just on its gold holdings.

As you probably know, central banks hold a portion of their reserves in gold. The practice goes back to when central banks actually had to have gold on hand to trade in and out of paper money (or even trade for goods and services). Read More

12.05.18- Gold Will Rally If The Trade War Resumes
Jim Rickards

“I will not be the one to break the peace we have made here today.”

With those words, the Godfather, Don Corleone, played by Marlon Brando, ended the war among the five mafia families in New York. This peace was hammered out at a dinner among the heads of the five families.

This weekend the eyes of the world were on Buenos Aires, where President Trump, China’s President Xi Jinping and some top aides had a private dinner to discuss the current China-U.S. trade war. When I saw the photos of the dinner on Sunday morning, my mind flashed back to the dinner scene from The Godfather. Read More

12.04.18- By Their Actions, Central Banks Guarantee Gold & Silver Prices Can ONLY Go Up
Egon von Greyerz

Both Western and Eastern central banks are now fully supporting gold. Precious metals investors can with total confidence buy and hold physical gold, silver and platinum in the firm knowledge that central banks both in the West and the East will by their actions guarantee that the price can only go up.

But the support from West and East is very different. Western central banks have not been friendly to gold for decades as they have significantly reduced their holdings. Read More

12.03.18- Asset Allocation Made Easy
Larry LaBorde

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1

Last month Bill Bonner wrote an interesting article about trading the Dow/gold ratio. He recommended selling the Dow and buying gold when the ratio was above 15 (the Dow is too high compared to gold) and selling gold and buying the Dow when the ration was below 5 (the Dow is cheap compared to gold). I did a quick back test and found that simple strategy yielded an 8+% yearly average over the last 100 years with only 6 swaps. I then back tested trading the gold:silver ratio back and forth (from a ratio of 75 high down to 50 low) during those times that you held your gold position. Read More

12.01.18- Silver Price Scandal
Ted Butler

A few follow up comments about the still rather remarkable announcement by the Department of Justice concerning the guilty plea by the former JPMorgan trader for spoofing in precious metals. Contained in the announcement was the statement that the guilty plea was accepted and sealed on Oct 9, nearly a month before it was unsealed on Nov 6. With a rather short sentencing date approaching on Dec 19, and the time it took to unseal the plea, it may be assumed that the trader has already fully cooperated in the hopes of reducing his jail time, said to approach 30 years with no cooperation. Read More

11.30.18- INVESTMENT DEMAND: Still The Largest Growth Sector In The Silver Market
Steve St Angelo

Even though interest in precious metals has fallen over the past few years, investment demand is still the largest growth sector in the silver market.  Yes, it may be hard to believe, but physical silver investment has grown the most since the 2008 financial crisis compared to the other sectors.  And while industrial users consume the highest amount of silver in the overall market annually, its total demand has fallen over the past decade. Read More

11.29.18- Love. Fear. Inflation…
A Precious Metals' Trifecta

David Smith

Going forward, there are – and will continue to be – three primary drivers of global physical gold (and silver) demand.

During certain times in the past only one or two of these elements provided most of the momentum.

However, as we move into 2019, and for possibly the next 5-10 years, all three will be in play. They will operate synergistically to consistently motivate increased precious metals' buying around the globe. This will happen, even as meeting that demand with sufficient new supply becomes problematic. Read More

11.28.18- Reliable Chart Suggests Gold’s Time
May be Near

Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest stories involving precious metals and the overall economy. Stories include: A chart that might give hope to gold bugs, silver to surprise with a rally by year-end, and global growth worries could boost gold demand.

A chart that might give hope to gold bugs

Few could argue that the dollar’s rally since the start of the year hasn’t been excessive. After running lower for consecutive years, the greenback reversed course around January and has resisted a correction. Read More

11.26.18- Metals Moving in Unison for a Massive Price Advance: Part II
Chris Vermeulen

As we continue to explore our custom research into the metals markets and our presumption that the metals markets are poised for a massive price rally over the next few months/years, we pick up this second part of our multi-part article illustrating our research work and conclusions.  If you missed the first part of this article, please take a minute to review it by before continuing further

We left off in Part I showing a number of supply and demand components and briefly highlighting our newest research using a custom Gold/Silver/US Dollar ratio index.  Our attempt at finding anything new that could help us determine the future outcome of the metals markets and to either support or deny our future expectations that the metals markets are poised for a massive price advance was at stake. Read More

11.26.18- Gold remains exceptionally oversold
Alasdair Macleod

The US’s Thanksgiving holiday on Thursday has thinned Comex markets, though volume figures for gold have held up reasonably well. Doubtless, this is due to the December contract running off the board.

In early European trade this morning (Friday), gold and silver prices have been marked lower, leaving gold up $2 on the week at $1222 and silver down five cents at $14.28.

The active December contract expires next week, and 233,000 contracts will have to be liquidated or rolled forward. But if the shorts are reluctant to roll positions forward, then a bear squeeze should ensue. Traders will be looking for news and rumour for guidance, and ahead of the G20 meeting in Buenos Aires, there are likely to be plenty. Read More

11.24.18- Why Gold Is Money
Doug Casey

It’s an unfortunate historical anomaly that people think about the paper in their wallets as money. The dollar is, technically, a currency. A currency is a government substitute for money. But gold is money.

Now, why do I say that?

Historically, many things have been used as money. Cattle have been used as money in many societies, including Roman society. That’s where we get the word “pecuniary” from: the Latin word for a single head of cattle is pecus. Salt has been used as money, also in ancient Rome, and that’s where the word “salary” comes from; the Latin for salt is sal (or salis). The North American Indians used seashells. Cigarettes were used during WWII. So, money is simply a medium of exchange and a store of value. Read More

11.23.18- How Will the Rollback of Dodd-Frank Affect Gold?
Arkadiusz Sieroń

This reform will make US financial system more vulnerable, just adding fuel to the fire of easy money. This is what some people worry about. Are they right? We invite you to read our today’s article about the rollback of Dodd-Frank Act and its potential implications for the price of gold.

In May, President Trump signed the rewrite of the 2010 Dodd-Frank law passed earlier by Congress with rare bipartisan support. The bill is the biggest rollback of bank rules since the financial crisis. According to the new law, lenders with less than $10 billion in assets will be exempted from the Volcker rule that bans proprietary trading. Read More

11.22.18- Another Great Oxymoron: "LBMA Transparency"
Craig Hemke

On Tuesday, significant gold news was made when the London Bullion Market Association finally began its long-awaited disclosure of gold market size and trading volume. If anything, all their first report revealed was the sheer magnitude of the scam and the fraud that persists in the current system.

A summary of the report, along with a brief interview of LBMA CEO Ruth Crowell, can be found at this link:https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-20…

Here are the three main takeaways from the LBMA’s “disclosure”: Read More

11.21.18- Metals Moving In Unison For A Massive Price Advance : Part I
Chris Vermeulen

Are the metals markets ending a price correction in unison and preparing for a massive price advance? This is the question we asked our research team to investigate and their findings may help skilled traders identify great opportunities in the future. This multi-part research article will share our most recent opinion about the metals markets as well as share some critical new data that can shed some light into what we believe will become a massive upside price rally in the metals markets. Let's get into the data. Read More

11.20.18- Majority Of Silver Miners Sustaining Cost Significantly Higher Than Market Price
Steve St Angelo

The Primary Silver Miners lastest results were quite dismal as their All-In Sustaining Costs to produce silver were considerably higher than the market price.  Many of the silver miners production costs increased in the third quarter of 2018 due to higher energy, material, and labor costs.

Only one silver mining company out of the group posted a profit of $6.8 million for the quarter, and that was Fortuna Silver Mines.  The biggest loser was Coeur Mining which suffered a $53 million loss for the period.  Even the largest silver miner in the group, Pan American Silver, reported a surprise loss of $9 million Q3 2018. Read More

11.19.18- China’s monetary policy must change
Alasdair Macleod

The next credit crisis poses a major challenge to China’s manufacturing-based economy, because higher global and yuan interest rates are bound to have a devastating effect on Chinese business models and foreign consumer demand. Dealing with it is likely to be the biggest challenge faced by the Chinese Government since the ending of the Maoist era. However, China does have an escape route by stabilising both interest rates and the yuan by linking it to gold.

But will the Chinese have the gumption to take it? This article examines the challenges and the possible solution. It concludes there is a chance China will embrace sound money, because it is in a position to do so and the dangers of not doing so could destroy the State. Read More

11.17.18- Gold Re-Monetization Is Much Closer Than Many Realize
Brandon White

Monetary policy is largely responsible for the market conditions we have today. Whether we like it or not, central planning in the capital markets will remain with us for the foreseeable future. Capital flows will be as much a function of market fundamentals as they are of policy.

This is very true for gold.

Gold was formally de-monetized in 1978 with the Jamaica Accord. It is now being re-monetized. This paper aims to answer the questions of how and why. Read More

11.16.18- JP Morgan Silver Web Unweaving
James Anderson

Here we have silver at $14 and with JPMorgan shorting the snot out of it for no conceivable legitimate economic motive, just as the Justice Department announces a criminal guilty plea by one of its former silver traders for manipulating prices. I could never have made any of this up if I tried.

– Ted Butler / November 10, 2018

On the heels of the US Department of Justice‘s commodity fraud and conspiracy guilty plea by a former 13-year JP Morgan silver and other precious metal derivative trader ( now a self-admitted spoofer ). Read More

11.15.18- This precious metal has almost NEVER been so cheap
Simon Black

Even after yesterday’s 600-point plunge in the Dow, bargains are hard to find.

The air is just starting to be let out of the 10-year “everything bull market” caused by a decade of ultra-low interest rates and the Fed printing trillions of dollars.

I don’t know if the volatility we’re seeing today is just a blip or the start of a much larger correction. But I do know we’re closer to the end of this cycle than the beginning. And a correction is due. Read More

11.14.18- Silver Could Surprise With New Strength By Year-End
Birch Gold

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest stories involving precious metals and the overall economy. Stories include: Silver to show strength before the year ends, the concerning implications of gold’s comeback, and why the world always returns to gold.

Analyst: Silver will show strength before the end of the year

After a middling October, Kitco reports that silver has spent the first week of November catching up with gold and now looks ready to stage its own upturn. A recent analysis by Metal Bulletin’s Boris Mikanikrezai asserts that silver could surprise investors towards year-end due to the favorable gold/silver ratio. Read More

11.13.18- The Fall Of The US Dollar: Is The Return To A Gold Standard Inevitable?
Grant Williams

View Video

11.12.18- The End Of The 'Nanny State' & What Happens To 'Prices' When Gold Is Money
Alasdair Macleod

We are getting ahead of ourselves here. Gold does not circulate as money – yet. It might never do so. Perhaps the end of government currency, fiat money imposed on us by government laws, may never be replaced by what for millennia has been the people’s money, gold. Do we even wish it? Given what we have to do to get there, probably not.

It is hard to think of a life without Nanny State giving us her money-tokens to buy our sweets, telling us what to eat and what medicine to take. But Nanny State is getting long in the tooth. When she was younger, she was less controlling. Her constant refusal to allow us, the ordinary people, to do what we want is a source of friction. Read More

11.10.18- The End of a Supercycle
Egon von Greyerz

In a world based on fake paper and fake electronic money as well as fake asset values, the real significance of gold has got lost. With endless credit expansion and money printing, all asset prices have exploded and investors have made fake profits that seem real. But the imminent secular downturn of debt and asset markets as well as the world economy will reveal how unreal these profits were as 90% or more of all the paper wealth in the world will go up in smoke. So investors should now prepare for the biggest wealth destruction in history and also the biggest wealth transfer. Read More

11.09.18- Silver to Gold Ratio =
7 to 1...or even 1 to 1?!

Bix Weir

Read More

11.08.18- This Myth About Gold Could Be Costing You Serious Money
Justin Spittler

Forget what you know about interest rates and gold.

…Specifically the idea that high rates hurt gold.

That’s a myth… one that could cost you serious money in the months ahead.

More on that in a second. But first, let me tell you why many investors believe high interest rates are bad for gold. It’s a simple idea. Read More

11.07.18- JP Morgan’s Ethereum-Based Quorum Blockchain Will Tokenise Gold Bar
Jimmy Aki

US banking giant JPMorgan Chase Bank’s blockchain, Quorum, will be used to “tokenize” gold bars. Quorum is the enterprise version of the Ethereum blockchain, developed by JPMorgan Chase, will ensure users operate smart contracts while using pre-programmed rules to automate them.

The ethereum-based blockchain will afford sustainable miners the opportunity of earning a premium on the global market. In a report on popular news website Financial Review, the development was described as “an indication of new trading opportunities the disruptive technology will create over the coming decade.” Read More

11.06.18- 2019 to See a Rise in Gold and Silver Prices
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest stories involving precious metals and the overall economy. Stories include: U.S. dollar weakness to drive gold and silver prices in 2019, silver is a promising investment in 2019, and explorers are searching for rare gold coins from the SS North Carolina wreck.

In their latest report on commodity prices, French bank Natixis outlined why precious metals have a strong couple of years ahead of them as the U.S. economy slows. According to an article on Kitco, the report states that after a remarkable year, the dollar will finally begin to trend lower as the Fed puts the brakes on its tightening cycle. Read More

11.05.18- Silver, The S&P and Sanity
Gary Christenson

Silver prices peaked in 2011. The descent has been long and tedious. Perhaps silver prices made an important low on September 11, 2018, like they did on November 21, 2001 at $4.01. That long-term low was twenty cents below the price on September 11, 2001, the day the twin towers fell at free-fall acceleration, which marked the beginning of the silver bull market that launched prices upward by factor of 12.

The S&P 500 Index has risen for over 9 years, from a low of 666 to a high of 2,940. It sits in late October at about 2,641. Massive debt increases, central bank created low interest rates, fiat currency devaluations, stock buybacks and debt based optimism fueled the rally. A correction is occurring. Read More

11.03.18- Infinite growth in a finite world?
Bill Holter

As I alluded to a couple of days ago, “look around, what do you see?”. People who own precious metals are quaking in their boots at EXACTLY THE PRECISE TIME they should be comfortable. We have gotten many “scared” e-mails recently, some from people I would have never guessed. Even a $10 move down in gold has sparked fearful e-mails … but why?

It should be clear to you now, the “unwind” has begun. Jim and I tried to tell you this a couple of months back, now there is absolute evidence. Look at real estate in many parts of the world. Australia, China, London, Vancouver, New York and now even San Francisco. The most important thing to look at is “volume”, as price always follows. Read More

11.02.18- Silver Needs To Make A Move - A Halloween Head Fake Inspired By The Dollar
Andrew Hecht

Silver is a precious metal that tends to move when no one expects a break to the upon or downside. Silver also can lag moves in markets that send signals that the price should respond or display head fake price action frustrating those with long or short positions. Gold moved to a low in mid-August when the dollar index traded to a high of 96.865. While silver also fell to a lower low for 2018 in mid-August, gold recovered, and silver followed only to fail once again and declined to a lower low for this year as gold remained above its nadir. Read More

11.01.18- A Stock Market Guy Gets It: The 10-Year Gold Bull Market…Starts Now!
Zach Scheidt

“…as counter-intuitive as it may sound, people have to hate the market that’s about to take off. Because the more non-believers there are today, the more…”

“If only I could go back and invest at the start of this 10-year bull market…”

It seems like every week I hear some variation of this statement. People are frustrated that they didn’t invest when the market was on sale in the wake of the financial crisis ten years ago. Read More

10.31.18- What Can Kill a Useless Currency
Keith Weiner

There is a popular notion, at least among American libertarians and gold bugs. The idea is that people will one day “get woke”, and suddenly realize that the dollar is bad / unbacked / fiat / unsound / Ponzi / other countries don’t like it. When they do, they will repudiate it. That is, sell all their dollars to buy consumer goods (i.e. hyperinflation), gold, and/or whatever other currency.

Redemptions Balanced With Deposits

No national currency is gold-backed today. In a gold backed currency, each currency unit begins life with someone who chooses to deposit his gold coin in exchange for the paper currency. And it ends life with someone redeeming the paper to get back the gold coin. Read More

10.30.18- 2018 Marks First Annual Central Bank Gold Demand Increase in 5 Years
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know brings you the latest stories involving precious metals and the overall economy. Stories include: Central banks to increase gold buying for the first time since 2013, gold gains ahead of a volatile trading day, and scientists think silver can help kill brain-eating amoeba.

According to a report by Metals Focus Ltd, 2018 will mark the first annual increase in central bank gold demand in the last five years. According to a recent article on Newsmax, the consultancy projects that net purchases of gold in the official sector will rise to 450 tons before the end of the year, up from 375 tons in 2017. Read More

10.29.18- Precious Metals Storage at Home
Larry LaBorde

The first part of home storage is just basic home security. Your home does not have to be a fortress but it needs to have better security than the other homes in your neighborhood so that criminals just pick another one. The obvious ones are:

• Lock your doors and windows at all times.
• Motion detection activated outdoor lights
• Good deadbolt locks
• Thorn bushes under exterior windows
• No ladders or tools stored outdoors
• Typical security system with offsite monitoring
• Tactical shotgun
• Cameras
• A dog that barks.
Read More

10.27.18- The biggest of big pictures
Alasdair Macleod

I have had a request from Mrs Macleod to write down in simple terms what on earth is going on in the world, and why is it that I think gold is so important in this context. She-who-must-be-obeyed does not fully share my interest in the subject. An explanation of the big picture is also likely to be useful to many of my readers and their spouses, who do not share an enduring interest in geopolitics either. 

That is the purpose of this article. It can be bewildering when a casual observer tries to follow global events, something made more difficult by editorial policies at news outlets, and the commentary from most analysts, who are, frankly, ill-informed. Accordingly, this article addresses the topic that dominates our future. The most important players in the great game of geopolitics are America and China. Read More

10.26.18- Gold Gains Nearly 1% On Week As Global Stock Markets Fall Sharply
Gold Core

Key Gold and Precious Metals News, Commentary and Charts This Week

Here is our Friday digest of the important news, commentary, charts and videos we were informed of this week.

The old Wall Street adage is that they "never ring a bell at the top" but there was a real sense this week that we may have seen a turning point. U.S. stocks including both the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 have seen sharp falls already this week of 4% and nearly 5% respectively. Read More

10.25.18- Gold’s Official Price is $42, and maybe that’s a Good Thing
JP Koning

People often whisper conspiratorially about the age-old U.S. practice of fixing the gold price at $42.22.

"They're just trying to keep gold down," is a complaint I've heard more than a few times. But in this post I'll show that the monetary authorities have sound reasons for keeping the price of gold at $42.22.

Below, I've charted out the history of the U.S.'s official gold price. As you can see, the $42.22 price has been maintained since 1973, an odd-seeming state of affairs given that gold is currently hovering at around $1225. Read More

10.24.18- How The Midterm Elections Might Affect Gold And Silver Prices
Clint Siegner

The outcome of the November 6th voting will be a big deal for investors, including gold and silver bugs. The metals, perhaps more than most other asset classes, are sensitive to geopolitics.

Let’s break down what the potential voting outcomes might mean for the factors currently driving the metals.

Let’s start with the equity markets. Stocks got a boost from President Trump’s election and subsequent tax cuts. Last week, the President floated the idea of additional tax cuts and he wants to pass a major infrastructure spending bill.  Read More

10.23.18- Mining Stocks Have Not Been Cheaper In The Last 78 Years

Dave Kranzler

It’s important to keep in mind that the mining stocks have been sold to levels well-below their intrinsic value – in the case of larger-cap producing miners. Or their “optionality” value – in the case of junior mining companies with projects that have a good chance eventually of converting their deposits into mines. “Optionality” value is based on the idea that junior exploration companies with projects that have strong mineralization or a compliant resource have an implied value based on the varying degrees of probability that their projects will eventually be developed into a producing mine. Read More

10.22.18- Inflection Point for Gold
David Brady

After falling from 1369 to 1167 in just four months, Gold is attempting to rally now, having risen to a high of 1237 recently. But as I shared in my previous article: “There is significant resistance ahead that could stall Gold’s rally, most notably 1244, the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement of the entire drop from 1369 to 1167, and 1251 on a closing basis (1360-1184). If we close above the latter, then the bottom is likely in place and a truly historic rally has begun. There is plenty of upside from there.” Read More

10.20.18- The Outlook For Gold
Thomas Puppendahl

Gold is in a new bull market that began in December 2015, but it has been working through a painfully long, broad-based bottoming phase over the last 2 ½ years. The charts were aligned for a break-out through the $1360 resistance level earlier this year, but the gold price ran out of steam at this critical level several times.

The drop below the support at $1220 in July was particularly damaging and led to additional liquidation and a capitulation spike down to $1160, despite an overwhelmingly bullish technical picture. The speculative positioning of Comex traders (COT) is usually a reliable contrarian indicator at turning points, and in fact the COT readings are at an extreme bullish level not seen since the beginning of gold’s last secular bull market in 2001. When it looks too good to be true, it usually is. Read More

10.19.18- Has China Finally Lifted Its
Thumb Off Of Gold?

Tom Luongo

There’s a lot of talk about the Yuan price of gold falling out of a price suppression channel.  Both Zerohedge and Nomura have weighed in on this.

The Yuan price of gold surged overnight to above CNY 8500 per ounce which is a major breakdown  But it’s also indicative of something that has long been suspected during this gold bear market.

China doesn’t want the price of gold to rise.  Those accumulating gold — China and Russia — have zero incentive to accumulate at higher prices.   And the gold chart of the last three years bears out that they have had to come in at higher prices on pullbacks because market bottoms keep coming in higher and higher. Read More

10.18.18- The Price Of Gold Bottomed, And Silver Miners Might Offer An Epic Buy Opportunity
Taki Tsaklanos

The gold price already bottomed, says InvestingHaven’s research team. The upside potential in gold’s price near term is 7 percent while gold’s price may rise 12 pct into 2019. Best case, though, if gold would get a bid with global markets continuing their sell-off we may see 25% upside. That’s when silver miners will do exceptionally well, similar to their epic rally in 2016.

Precious metals were quite weak in recent months, and, as always, there was a stream of bearish news in the same month that gold and silver bottomed. That was in August of this year, and InvestingHavenrecommended readers to stay calm and focus on the leading indicators and gold’s chart suggesting a major bottom was being set. Read More

10.17.18- Is The Price of Silver About To Explode?
Chris Marcus

With the stock market reaching new all-time highs almost by the day, and precious metals in a vicious 7-year bear market, why would anybody want to invest in silver?

Fortunately, the exact conditions described above, as well as a unique set of events that most in the financial markets remain largely unaware of, have led to what could well be one of the most explosive (and profitable) events in financial market history.

Representing a potentially life-changing opportunity to those who recognize it before it’s too late. Read More

10.16.18- Last Week Was Just A Taste Of The Coming Gold Short Squeeze
John Rubino

The gold and silver futures markets got even more unbalanced last week, with speculators (who are usually wrong at the extremes) going as short as they’ve ever been and commercials going even more long. 

These are historically huge imbalances that – if the action in the paper markets still has predictive value – point to a gold short squeeze in which the speculators who are now betting that precious metals will fall are forced to cover those positions by buying, in the process sending the price up dramatically. 

On Thursday we got a sense of what that might look like. Stock markets around the world sold off, which sent capital scurrying for cover. Some of that capital flowed into gold, which chased futures speculators out of some of their shorts. The result was a nice pop in gold: Read More

10.15.18- As The Markets Sell-off The Precious Metals Rebound
Steve St Angelo

To the surprise of many investors, the precious metals have rallied while the broader markets continue to sell-off.  Currently, both gold and silver are solidly in the green while the major indexes were all the red following a huge sell-off yesterday.  The Dow Jones Index has lost nearly 1,000 points in the past two days while the gold price is up nearly $25.

However, even though we could see a late-day rally in the markets, and even higher stock indexes over the next few months, the bear market for stocks is still coming.  The Dow Jones Index has now suffered two large sell-offs in the past ten months: Read More

10.13.18- There are three faithful friends - an old wife, an old dog, and ready money.
Tom Lewis

As I mentioned last week, I no longer feel that it is prudent or productive to discuss solutions to our economic woes. The problems that we already, or are about to face are no longer solvable. The system has been damaged to such an extent, that it cannot be fixed. The series of events that is responsible for the deterioration, decimation and decay of our economic system has already occurred. The genie, so to speak, cannot be put back in the bottle. Therefore, I think we should focus on strategies that might enable us to adapt and adjust in a manner that will allow the reset to be as painless as possible. Read More

10.12.18- Gold Set To Climb Over $1300? BofA Thinks So
Tom Lewis

According to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch, gold is set to take a run over the next year due to the constant cloud of uncertainty with regards to the U.S budget deficit alongside concerns over trade wars.

The head of global commodities and derivatives research, Francisco Blanch has stated that gold could average $1,350 an ounce of 2019 due to the U.S fiscal balance.

“We’re still pretty constructive longer term on gold,” because of worries over the future of the U.S. economy even though it’s performing relatively well right now, said New York-based Blanch.  Read More

10.11.18- "Gold Is On The Cusp" Of An "Explosion Higher" As Tech "Crash Is Coming"
Christoph Gisiger

"The Crash Is Coming" As "Money-Printing Never Works" Warns Hickey

Few investors have a deeper understanding of the tech sector than Fred Hickey. 

The renowned editor of the popular investment newsletter «The High-Tech Strategist» draws alarming parallels to the bursting of the dotcom bubble in the year 2000 and spots high risks in stock market darlings like Amazon and Apple.

For the industry veteran, one important reason to be concerned are rich valuations. He also sees troubles ahead with respect to the rise in interest rates and the mountain of debt around the world. Read More

10.10.18- What to Expect When the Democrats Lose the Midterm Elections
Dave Hodges

Bill Pawelec taught me the meaning and importance of predictive programming. As a result, I am going to reveal a partially redacted, but very relevant email from a member of my audience about the extreme relevance of predictive programming. And then I am going to allow the predictive words of my late friend, CIA contract agent and former Air Force Intel operative, Bill Pawelec, who revealed what is coming and I fear we will not have to wait very long this to happen.

The Importance of Predictive Programming

Anyone who follows my work, knows that I have spent significant time analyzing popular shows and movies for recurrent themes which are predictive of what is coming.  Read More

10.09.18- Gold’s UPCOMING DECLINE Will Generate THE ENERGY For The COMING RISE
Cyrille Jubert

Below is a technical analysis of gold. Please don’t shoot the analyst.

As you know, several factors could counter this trend that seems to have started, and I may be wrong. I would even say I’d be glad to be wrong.

First, here is a big picture of the gold chart in US dollars, on which we can see Fibonacci fans radiating since the start of the bull market.

Curiously, we can see on this chart that the bull market started in 1984. There has been an upward push of gold, along with resistance that stopped its rise five times between 1984 and 1988, and that was tested again in 2011. The other Fibonacci fans of this rise initiated in 1984, have also been usedsince then. Read More

10.08.18- The Toxic Stew
Keith Weiner

Last week, we shined a spotlight on a crack in the monetary system that few people outside of Switzerland (and not many inside either) were aware of. There is permanent gold backwardation measured in Swiss francs. Everyone knows that the Swiss franc has a negative interest rate, but so far as we know, Keith is the only one who predicted this would lead to its collapse (and he was quite early, having written that in January 2015).

Of course, in hindsight, it makes sense that durable negative interest rates would lead to permanent backwardation. What use to de-carry gold—i.e. sell the metal, buy a future, and use the cash for some productive purpose—if there is no productive purpose? Read More

10.07.18- Prepare For A Gold And Silver Price Rally
Chris Vermeulen

Our modeling systems are suggesting that Gold and Silver will begin a new upside rally very quickly.  We wrote about how our modeling systems are suggesting this upside move could be a tremendous opportunity for investors over 2 weeks ago.  Our initial target is near the $1245 level and our second target is near the $1309 level.  Recent lows help to confirm this upside projection as the most recent low prices created a price rotation that supports further upside price action.  What is needed right now is a push above $1220 before we begin to see the real acceleration higher.

The Daily Gold chart, below, shows our Fibonacci modeling system suggesting that $1235 to $1250 are the upside target ranges.  Near these levels, we should expect some price rotation before another leg higher begins.  Currently, support near $1180 is the floor in Gold. Read More

10.06.18- Hot Economic Warfare:
Scrambling For Rare-Earth Minerals

Wayne Madsen

Just like the gold rushes of California between 1848 and 1855, Canada’s Klonike of 1896 to 1899, and Western Australia’s of the 1890s, the world is experiencing a frenzy to obtain mining rights in pursuit of today’s “gold,” namely rare earth minerals. Used for components of electric vehicle batteries, mobile telephones, flat-screen televisions, flash drives, cameras, precision-guided missiles, industrial magnets, wind turbines, solar panels, and other high-tech items, rare earth minerals have become the type of sought-after commodity that uranium and plutonium were during the onset of the atomic age.  Read More

10.05.18- The Surge Is GUARANTEED With The IMMINENT Revaluation Of Gold & Silver
Egon von Greyerz

The coming gold and silver surge is guaranteed. It is not a question of IF but only WHEN. Initially, the imminent revaluation of the precious metals will have nothing to do with an investment mania but with the total mismanagement of the world economy. A spectacular rise in the metals is just a reflection of the mess the world is in. But as the paper market fails in gold and silver, there will be panic and manic markets.

So has the Silver Rocket just started? Last week I talked about the coming silver explosion and we could be seeing the beginning of it right now. I have often talked about the Gold-Silver Ratio as the key to the turn up in the precious metals. Read More

10.04.18- Look at how well gold has retained its value from 1,000 years ago
Simon Black

On October 12, 929, roughly 1100 years ago, Abd-ar Rahman III of the Umayyad Dynasty was proclaimed ruler of Cordoba– the Islamic kingdom that comprised most of Spain at the time.

Rahman was just 21 when he ascended to power, and he remained there for nearly 50 years as one of the wealthiest and most powerful monarchs in Europe.

Historians Denis Cardonne and Edward Gibbon calculate his annual tax  revenue at 12 million gold dinars… which was a LOT. Read More

10.03.18- Now is the Time to Buy Gold
Says Barron’s

Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know brings you the latest stories involving precious metals. Stories include: Barron’s says it’s time to buy gold, Bank of America sees gold soaring above $1,300, and Indonesians snap up gold as currency and stocks tumble.

Barron’s: Time to Buy Gold

Despite persistent faith in the U.S. dollar and assurances that rate hikes will continue into 2019, gold has plenty of room to take back its losses and make new gains, reports an article on Newsmax. Barron’s contributor Andrew Bary notes that gold’s lower prices come at a time when global inflation is bound to go up as governments look to deal with mounting sovereign debt. Read More

10.02.18- Silver VS Gold Standard
Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You do not give much credence to the world returning to a gold standard. Didn’t the entire world use the gold standard before?

Thank you for your input


ANSWER: The entire world has NEVER been on the gold standard simultaneously. Asia was on a silver standard while the West was on a gold standard. Above is the first coin struck in Hong Kong in 1866 which was the Hong Kong Dollar. The West struck Trade Dollars during the 19th century to pay for goods from Asia and they were silver – never gold. Here is an example of both the British and American trade dollars used in payments particularly with China. The Spanish 8 reals Americans called Pillar Dollars and slicing this up into pieces like a pie gave rise to the term for a Piece of Eight – 2 bits, 4 bits, 8 bits a dollar.  Read More

10.01.18- Precious Metals Sentiment Hasn't Been This Bad Since 2001, Get Ready For A Turn Like February 2016

Three weeks ago when GDX was trading around $17.90 I wrote a post titled "Why I Bought Gold Miners Today" in which I presented the concept that the gold miners were potentially all "sold-out" and ripe for a rally.  Since that day the GDX is up a little more than 3% but the price action has been far from convincing and GDX ran into stiff resistance just above $19 last week (double-top at $19.11 to be precise).  However, when one considers the totality of the picture it becomes easier to discern a potential head & shoulders bottoming pattern, with the recent choppy and lackluster price action as part of a larger bottoming process: Read More

09.29.18- Gold Risks Lower Lows Next, But The Outlook Remains Bullish
David Brady

We now have confirmation that the trade war between the U.S. and China is going to be a protracted one, given that neither side is willing to back down. China has declined any further talks because it refuses to negotiate under the threat of further tariffs, or as it puts it, with a knife at its throat. At the same time, Trump is clearly intent on pressing ahead with tariffs on all of China's exports to the U.S., regardless of rising opposition at home.

China has devalued the yuan relative to the dollar in response to U.S. tariffs. Given the relatively fixed range for gold in yuan terms, XAU/CNY, the higher USD/CNY exchange rate has led to a dramatic decline in gold in dollar terms, XAU/USD. However, at least officially, China has said it will not devalue the yuan further. Read More

09.28.18- Take the Precious Metals Tide or End Up in Miseries
Egon von Greyerz

With global investment markets standing at crossroads, investors have the option to lose it all or to benefit from the biggest wealth transfer in history. I have quoted this passage from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar many times but it is more appropriate than ever for the situation the world is now in:

09.27.18- Which would YOU rather have?
Kettlemoraine Precious Metals

 Read More

09.26.18- Gold Through the Ages... Civilization’s Love Affair with the Yellow Metal
U.S.Global Investors

4600 B.C. – 3000 B.C.

Gold artifacts are found in the Varna Necropolis, a gravesite in present-day Bulgaria . These are the earliest evidence of mankind’s ornamental use of gold. The Sumer civilization came into existence around 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia and used gold for jewelry and headdresses.

2600 B.C. – 1500 B.C.

Egyptians are the first gold miners. Hieroglyphics depicting gold date back to 2,600 B.C. The vast quantity of gold discovered in the Nubia region makes Egypt wealthy and establishes gold as a standard for international trade. Read More

09.25.18- Gold Set to Soar Above $1,300, Bank of America Says
Ranjeetha Pakiam

  •  Growing fiscal gap is viewed as ‘pretty positive’ for bullion
  •  Follows Ray Dalio comments on U.S. two years from downturn

Gold is set to surge over the next year as concerns deepen about the widening U.S. budget deficit and a tariff-driven trade war starts to damage the country’s economy, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Bullion could average $1,350 an ounce in 2019 as corporate tax reforms worsen the U.S. fiscal balance, Francisco Blanch, head of global commodities and derivatives research, said in a phone interview last week. Spot gold traded at $1,198.82 on Monday and has averaged about $1,285 this year. Read More

09.24.18- Gold Is Cheap. Inflation Is Coming.
You Do the Math

Andrew Bary

Gold has gotten a bad rap.

Long seen as the investment choice of the cranky and the fearful, the metal yields nothing; as Warren Buffett has said, it just “looks at you.” 

This year has been especially lackluster for gold. Its price has slumped 8%, to about $1,200 an ounce, and is off more than 35% from its high of $1,900 in 2011. Adding insult to injury, Vanguard will soon rechristen the largest gold-oriented U.S. mutual fund and shift its focus away from the metal. Read More

09.22.18- Why the Next Silver Rally Will Be
Ted Butler

View Video

09.21.18- The Next Stock Market Crash Won’t Take Gold Down With It
Rudi Fronk and Jim Anthony

The global financial crisis of 2008 was essentially caused by excessive leverage, a loss of confidence in real estate credit and a resulting sudden collapse of liquidity in the financial system. The central bank response was to lower interest rates and flood markets with liquidity. Since then, debt loads have increased more than 30% and the percentage of higher risk credit has also grown sharply. Many analysts believe that another crisis is possible due to a combination of enormous leverage and deteriorating credit standards. What will happen to gold if we have another financial crisis?

Not surprisingly, many investors think the next crisis will look like the last…all asset classes will fall in price including gold (although gold will fall less than the others). Gold will then rocket higher as central banks confront the crisis. Read More

09.20.18- Which Precious Metals Are Likely To Be Better Investments During The Next Market Crash?
Steve Se Angelo

The question on the minds of many investors, is which of the precious metals will be better investments during the next market crash?  I should know because I receive this question in my email box quite often.  So, I decided to test the price action of several metals and how each traded during a large market correction.

This article will focus on the top four precious metals, gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.  Even though Rhodium and other metals are considered precious, the ones listed above take the lion’s share of the investment market.  Furthermore, while platinum and palladium are purchased as investments, they have a much larger industrial component than gold or silver. Read More

09.19.18- Silver, Trump’s Trade War, Mining Stocks And The Fed’s Gold
Jeffrey Bennett

If you have gold, you have money – If you don’t have gold, you have a problem – Alisdair Macleod

With the massive net short position in both gold and silver Comex paper precious metals, offset by the historic net long position of the “commercials” (banks, mining companies, users, hedgers), numerous rumors are swirling around the precious metals market. For certain, the availability of physical gold bars in London that can be delivered to the large eastern hemisphere buyers who demand delivery is growing tight.  Apparently the retail silver coin/bar market is starting to feel supply strains. Read More

09.18.18- Earthquakes Turn Water Into Gold

Earthquakes have the Midas touch, a new study claims.

Water in faults vaporizes during an earthquake, depositing gold, according to a model published in the March 17 issue of the journal Nature Geoscience. The model provides a quantitative mechanism for the link between gold and quartz seen in many of the world's gold deposits, said Dion Weatherley, a geophysicist at the University of Queensland in Australia and lead author of the study. Read More

09.17.18- The Paper Gold Market Is Screaming “Short Squeeze”
John Rubino

Every once in a while the trading action in a given market breaks through its historically normal boundaries and starts exploring new territory. This can mean one of two things: Either something fundamental has changed, creating a “new normal” to which participants will have to adapt. Or the extreme move is a temporary aberration that will eventually be corrected by an equally extreme snap-back into the previous range. Read More

09.15.18- Bad Money
Chris Martenson

Our debt-based fiat money system poses an existential threat

We’re all going to have to be a lot more resilient in the future.

The “long emergency”, as James Howard Kunstler puts it, is now upon us.

If ever there was a wake-up call from Mother Nature, it’s been the weather events over the past 12 months.

Last year, the triplet Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Irma resulted in thousands of deaths (mainly in Puerto Rico) and tens of $billions in destruction. Read More

09.14.18- Central Banks Go On Gold Buying Spree Over Dollar Worries
Simon Constable

The world's central banks are on a gold buying spree that has lasted more than a decade. That's the longest period of consistent gold acquisition by the so-called official sector in more than half a century.

But this time the motivations of the buyers are different than they were back in the 1950s, and they are worrying. That's why investors should take note, including anyone who owns the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) exchange-traded fund, which holds bars of solid bullion.

In the distant past, central banks had to buy gold because of its vital role in the global financial system. Now they are choosing to do so because they are worried about the dollar. In other words, they've been scared into this bullion buying binge. Read More

09.13.18- Memoirs Of A Man Fighting For Silver (And With Little To Show For It)
Hugo Salinas Price

I have had an interesting life, in the course of my retirement from business; my retirement happened somewhat by chance, in the year 1988; one Friday evening I presided a meeting of a group directors of Elektra, a Mexican company the property of my father and myself. We had had some 500 of these meetings in past years; they took place every two weeks. My son Richard was present, having been with the company since 1980. (He had arrived in 1980 from Dallas, Texas, looking for a post at Elektra, after being fired from his job  – he had called his supervisor a fool, if not something worse. He was probably right in his judgment of his superior officer’s decisions, but of course saying what you think is not the best way to get along in business). Read More

09.12.18- Setting Up For The Next
Major Silver Bull Market

Steve St Angelo

While the precious metals are totally off the radar by the majority of investors, silver is setting up for one major bull market.  Yes, it’s hard to believe as the gold and silver prices have been trending lower while the broader markets grind up higher, but if we look at the fundamental and technical indicators, the stock market and precious metals are now at extreme opposites.

The situation is so much more favorable today than when it was trading at $20 at the peak in 2007.  I will go one step further and say that the current silver indicators are even better than when the silver price fell to $9 at the end of 2008. Read More

09.11.18- ALERT: Gold-to-Silver Ratio Spikes to Highest Level in 27 Years!
Jason Hamlin

The gold-silver ratio has been one of the most reliable technical ‘buy’ indictors for silver, whenever the ratio climbs above 80. The gold-to-silver ratio has now spiked above 85, which is the highest level of this entire 18-year bull market! In fact, you have to go back 27 years to 1991 for the ratio to be higher than it is today. The gold-to-silver ratio is a powerful trading signal that can help to identify buying or selling opportunities in the precious metals sector. The ratio represents the number of silver ounces it takes to buy a single ounce of gold. It might sound simple, but this ratio is more powerful than it may seem at first blush. Amazingly, the ratio is currently higher than it was at the depths of the 2008-09 financial crisis. Read More

09.10.18- The real Goldfinger: the London banker who broke the world

Every January, to coincide with the World Economic Forum in Davos, Oxfam tells us how much richer the world’s richest people have got. In 2016, their report showed that the wealthiest 62 individuals owned the same amount as the bottom half of the world’s population. This year, that number had dropped to 42: three-and-half-dozen people with as much stuff as three-and-a-half billion.

This yearly ritual has become part of the news cycle, and the inequality it exposes has ceased to shock us. The very rich getting very much richer is now part of life, like the procession of the seasons. But we should be extremely concerned: their increased wealth gives them ever-greater control of our politics and of our media. Countries that were once democracies are becoming plutocracies; plutocracies are becoming oligarchies; oligarchies are becoming kleptocracies. Read More

09.08.18- 2018 Bullion American Silver Eagles Temporarily Sell Out
Mike Unser

Inventories of bullion 2018 American Silver Eagles are depleted for now, the United States Mint told its Authorized Purchasers (APs) today, Sept. 6.

According to U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White, the agency sent the following information to its APs:

"This is to inform you that due to recent increased demand, the United States Mint has temporarily sold out of its inventories of 2018 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins.

All orders received prior to this communication shall be honored. Read More

09.07.18- The Dark Years Are Here, Part Two
Egon von Greyerz

Hindsight is the most exact of all sciences. Most people who live their life backwards have a miserable life. Having been around for a while, I tend not to look back, especially not at negative events. Much better to embrace uncertainty since everything going forward from here is uncertain. We can’t do anything about the past but we certainly have more control over our future. And looking at the next few years, it does seem that these are going to be extremely turbulent both economically, socially and politically.

In spite of not normally looking back, I have had a look at a Newsletter that I wrote in July 2009 when gold was just over $900 and the Dow 9,100. It was called “The Dark Years are here” and received quite a lot of attention at the time. This was at the end of the sub-prime crisis when the Dow had just declined by 60% and gold had risen from $250 in 1999 to $925. Read More

09.06.18- Get Ready for the “Strongest Commodities Bull Market of All Time”
Justin Spittler

Investors hate gold.

Sentiment’s so bad that The Vanguard Group—one of the world’s biggest money managers—is overhauling its gold fund. Not only that, speculators are shorting (betting against) gold more aggressively than ever before. 

Regular readers know what I’m talking about. I laid this all out in the August 28 Dispatch.

I need to repeat a critical point of that essay. This sort of bad press sends investors running for the hills. And it keeps other investors from wanting anything to do with that asset.

But not us. Read More

09.05.18- Alert! Physical Silver... Buy! Buy! Buy!
Bix Weir

View Video

09.04.18- Gold And Silver Are Set-Up To Soar
Dave Kranzler

Per the latest COT report (note: this references the August 21st COT Report), the hedge fund (Managed Money) net short position in Comex paper gold was 90,000 contracts – by far a record short position for the hedge fund trader category. Conversely, the bank net long position (Swap Dealers) in Comex paper gold was close to an all-time high. It’s not quite as high it was in December 2015.

The hedge fund long position in US dollar futures is also at an extreme right now, with the banks taking the other side. Unless there’s something devious going on behind the scenes in the reporting of this data (possible but not probable), the banks are positioned for a huge move higher in gold and a sell-off in the dollar. The only question is timing. Read More

09.03.18- JP Morgan's Opportunity of a Lifetime in Silver
Ted Butler

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09.01.18- Are Silver and Gold 'at the Flood'?
David Smith

There is a tide in the affairs of men...

Thus begins one of the most famous quotes ever uttered, taken from Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar. Brutus, talking to Cassius, says, "There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune..."

A flood tide takes place at the very crest in the water's height. Once the "tide turns," there is no stopping its ebb until, much later, it reaches an extended, even a minus low. Read More

08.31.18- The Last Hurrah Before the Dark Years
Egon von Greyerz

This is it! The autumn of 2018 will be momentous in the world economy, markets and politics.

We are now seeing the Last Hurrah for stocks, bonds, the dollar and most asset markets.

The world economy has been living on borrowed time since the 2006-9 crisis. The financial system should have collapsed at that time. But the massive life support that central banks orchestrated managed to keep the dying patient alive for another decade. Lowering interest rates to zero or negative and printing enough money to double global debt seem to have solved the problem. But rather than saving the world from an economic collapse, the growth of debt and asset bubbles has created a system with exponentially higher risk. Read More

08.30.18- "JPM Buying Back as Many Short Silver Positions as They Can"
Ted Butler

"Every time we’ve had a rally in the last 10 years, ever since J.P. Morgan took over the investment bank Bear Stearns, J.P. Morgan has added aggressively to its paper short division on the COMEX as speculators, technical fund,s and what-have-you come in to chase rallies higher. J.P. Morgan has always been the seller of last resort, and they sell whatever is required to satisfy all buying. And, ultimately, after that buying is satisfied, the prices roll over and come back down. This is the "wash, rinse, repeat" cycle that many people have become aware of. J.P. Morgan adding short positions has stopped every rally in silver -- and gold, for that matter -- over the last 10 years. Read More

08.29.18- Who Would Invest in a Gold Bond?
Keith Weiner

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet famously dismissed gold.

“Gold has two significant shortcomings, being neither of much use nor procreative.”

I have recently written about how a government with gold mining tax revenues can use gold. The benefits of issuing gold bonds include reducing risk, and relieving debt at a discount. Pretty useful, eh?

As to his second point, one should never confuse suppressed with impossible.By President Roosevelt's edict in 1933, the government made it illegal for Americans to possess the metal—as in a go-to-prison criminal act. The government busted every gold bond. Of course, under such conditions, gold could not be useful or procreative. If they wanted to keep their gold, people kept it well hidden. Read More

08.28.18- Gold at the Crossroads
Steven Saville

Although I’m not in total agreement with it, I can highly recommend Erik Norland’s article titled “Gold: At the Crossroads of Fiscal and Monetary Policies.” The article is informative and, unlike the bulk of gold-related commentary, actually deals with fundamental developments that could be important influences on gold’s price trend.

The article was published in early-May and states that the U.S. is in a mid-to-late stage recovery. While that statement was probably correct at the time, evidence has since emerged that the economy has entered the “Late-Expansion” stage. Read More

08.27.18- Insure Your Wealth or Lose it All
Egon Von Greyerz

Embrace uncertainty – Anyone who doesn’t follow this momentous maxim in coming years is likely to get one unpleasant shock after the next. Because the stable progression of the world economy since WWII is now coming to an end. What should have been a normal cyclical high in the next year or two, is now going to be the most massive implosion of a bubble full of debts and inflated assets. The system has been “successfully” manipulated for decades by central banks, certain commercial banks, the BIS in Basel and the IMF for the benefit of a small elite. Read More

08.25.18- COMING BREAKOUT: The Gold & Silver Setup Today vs. 2008
Steve St Angelo

While many investors still believe that gold and silver will crash along with the markets as they did in 2008, I think we may see quite the opposite.  In this video update, I provide even more important information on why the gold and silver setup today is much different than it was in 2008.

Also, it’s important to understand that when I discuss this information, I am not concerned about what happens to the precious metals or the markets today, tomorrow, next week or even next month.  Rather, I am focused on the trend change.  Which is precisely why I show these charts using a “monthly timeframe.” Read More

08.24.18- John Law – 300 years On
Alasdair Macleod

Most people are aware that historically there have been speculative bubbles. Some of them can even name a few – the South Sea bubble, tulips, and more recently dot-coms. Some historians can go even further, quoting the famous account by Charles Mackay of the South Sea bubble, the tulip mania and the Mississippi bubble, published in the mid-nineteenth century.

The most valuable bubble empirically for the purpose of our elucidation has to be the Mississippi bubble, whose central figure was John Law. Law, a Scotsman whose father’s profession was as a goldsmith and banker in Edinburgh, set up an inflation scheme in 1716 to rescue France’s finances. He proposed to the Regent for the infant Louis XIV a scheme that would be based on a new paper currency. Read More

08.23.18- Global Funds IN FAANGs Today, BANNGs Tomorrow?
First Macro Capital

The world is familiar with FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google), then came FAANG, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google. But are you familiar with BANNG? We would like to introduce to the world a countercyclical group of stocks that could be the biggest winners if FAANGs lose. BANNG = Barrick Gold, Agnico Eagle, Newmont Mining, Newcrest Mining, and Goldcorp. They are the collection of gold stocks that would appear in all the major gold stocks ETFs, major indices in their respective countries. They have the liquidity, market cap, dividends, along with being the group of some of the largest gold miners in the world. Barrick and Newmont are the largest gold miners in the world. Both FAANG and BANNG stocks are in a global equity fund managers MSCI ACWI Index (All Country World Index). Read More

08.22.18- Gold output in key countries to slump to ‘generational’ lows — report
Cecilia Jamasmie

Large operations facing falling grades will be producing far less gold this year than in 2017, such as Barrick and Goldcorp’s Pueblo Viejo mine, in Dominican Republic. (Image courtesy of Barrick Gold.)

Gold output in key producing countries, such as Australia and Peru, is set to slump to generational lows in the mid-term even though bullion production grew for nine consecutive years, reaching an all-time high in 2017, a new report shows.

While S&P Global Market Intelligence does expect output to rise reach new highs this year, to 108 million ounces, as well as in 2019 and 2020, it doesn’t see growth across the board. Read More

08.21.18- The Bullion Banks Are Net Long Gold For The Very First Time
Michael Ballanger

Michael goes over the two primary drivers of gold (and silver) right now, and argues how gold is set up very similar to December of 2015…

History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.  – Mark Twain

I decided that before I sat down to write the weekly recap and outlook for the gold and silver markets that I would go to a few of the great commentary sites such as Streetwise, 321Gold, Goldseek and Gold-Eagle and read what the other “experts” are saying about the precious metals markets before I attack the keyboard. Earlier in the week, I had been working on a Western Uranium Corp. story and was astounded how stress-free it was writing about an energy deal as opposed to a sound money deal. Read More

08.20.18- The next major gold rally
Steven Saville

During the first three quarters of 2016 we were open to the possibility that a new cyclical gold bull market got underway in December of 2015, but over the past 18 months we have been consistent in our opinion that the December-2015 upward reversal in the US$ gold price did NOT mark the start of a bull market. Since late-2016 there have been some interesting rallies in the gold price, but at no time has there been a good reason to believe that we were dealing with a bull market. That’s still the case. The question is: what will it take to set a new cyclical gold bull market in motion? Read More

08.18.18- Gold & the Changing Fundamentals
Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; You are obviously the person worth listening to when it comes to gold. Every fundamental these people have argued to support gold has proven completely false. Confusion in gold is really very high. You have to be really stupid at this point to listen to this nonsense. Can you express any opinion on gold?

It would be very helpful. PL

ANSWER: You are correct, that concerns over U.S.-Russian relations, coming talks on the Korean Peninsula, action in Syria over a suspected chemical weapons attacks and uneasiness over trade conflicts would normally be the battle cry to buy gold.  Traditionally, this would form a cocktail of geopolitical uncertainty that would lead to screams buy gold! The uncertainty has not led to support for gold. They are proving to be a narrative that no longer seems to be factors for the bulls. Read More

08.17.18- Gold Seen Fighting Back in Battle With Dollar for Haven Role
Ranjeetha Pakiam

Don’t write off gold in the battle of the havens.

Bullion has lost out in a paradigm shift where the metal’s no longer viewed as the traditional refuge when investors are in a risk-off mood, but that won’t last, according to Rick Rule, chief executive officer of Sprott U.S. Holdings Inc.

Investors are favoring U.S. Treasuries, and that’s seen the dollar get stronger, Rule said in an interview from Vancouver on Aug. 15. But the greenback’s strength is relative, not absolute, and the overwhelming faith that the global saver has placed in the U.S. currency is “probably partly misplaced,” he said. Read More

08.16.18- Gold to Soar Above $6,000
Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA

In our regular gold trading alerts, we focus on the short- and medium-term outlook and we rarely discuss the very long-term issues or price targets. The reason is simple – the long-term issues and price targets don’t change often, so usually there’s little new to say about them. Consequently, it’s been a long time since we last discussed our view on gold’s explosive upside potential. In fact, it’s been so long that those who do not take the time to read our analyses thoroughly and those who have been reading them for only a short while may think that we are bearish on gold in the long run. Or that we’re perma-bears. Naturally, it’s nonsense and those who have been diligently following our articles know it. What we’re aiming for is to help investors position themselves to make the most of the upcoming rally in the precious metals market and one of the best ways to do it is to help people prepare for the final bottom in gold. Read More

08.15.18- Gold & Silver Being Hit Like In 2008 To Cover-Up Impending Global Financial Crisis
Dave Kranzler

In 2008, gold was taken from $1020 to $700 and silver was pounded from $21 to  $7 during the period of time that Bear Stearns, Lehman and the U.S. financial system was collapsing.  The precious metals were behaving inversely to what would have been expected as the global financial system melted down.   Massive Central Bank intervention was at play.

Currently the price of gold and silver are being dismantled by what appears to be massive hedge fund shorting of Comex paper gold.  As of last Tuesday, the “managed money” trader category as detailed in the Commitment of Traders report showed that the hedge funds were short a record amount of paper gold. Read More

08.14.18- Top 10 Reasons I Buy Gold & Silver
Mike Maloney

View Video

08.13.18- Spectacular COT Report: Prepare For A Huge Six Months In Gold & Silver
John Rubino

John Rubino says there’s no need to mince words anymore: The gold price is going to spike, and silver will perform even better than gold…

No need to mince words anymore. If the futures market still influences gold’s price, then that price is going to spike. And silver is better than gold.

Since January, gold futures speculators have been trending from extremely bullish to scared short. And in the week ending last Tuesday (the most recent data available) they appeared to capitulate, adding a massive number of short positions while marginally cutting their longs. They’re now about as close to neutral as they’ve ever been. Based on the history of the past decade this is hugely bullish, since speculators tend to be wrong when they’re fully convinced they’re right. Read More

08.11.18- When The World's Greatest Bubbles Pop, You Better Own Some Precious Metals
Steve St. Angelo

In just the past few years, global asset values have risen to the biggest bubbles in history. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be a concern to the market because most people believe they are getting richer. However, rapidly rising digital riches can easily turn into digital losses, just as quickly. But, this will likely remain a secret until the major fireworks begin in the markets by the this fall or within the next 1-2 years.

According to a recent update by Savills, a global real estate services provider listed on the London Stock Exchange, global real estate values reached a new record of $281 trillion at the end of 2017. That is a BIG number because their last update in April 2017, stated that world real estate values were $228 trillion for 2016 yearend. How could global real estate values jump that much in a year?? Read More

08.10.18- The Next Silver Run To $50 (And Beyond)
Ted Butler

Twice in the past the price of silver has risen in a short period to $50. It happened in 1980 during the Hunt brother’s manipulation and again three decades later in April 2011, when the price rose to nearly $50. Prior to the price run up in 2011, I wrote that a move to $50 was more than possible, since it had already occurred and that proved such a move was possible. Something that has happened twice before can certainly occur again. One thing that makes it probable is that there was three times the amount of silver above ground in 1980 than there is today. The six billion ounces that existed in 1980 has shrunk to two billion ounces of industry standard 1000 ounces bars. The amount of world money creation and buying power has increased exponentially over the past seven years. Read More

08.09.18- Fort Knox Gold?
GE Christenson

Corruption in government is universal, now and throughout history. Like living with gravity, we realize it exists and carry on because we must.

Fort Knox gold questions are like corruption and gravity. There are issues but we move on. Consider:

  1. There are 147 million ounces of gold supposedly stored in the Fort Knox Bullion Depository.
  2. It has not been audited since the 1950s and has never been independently audited.
  3. Whether the gold remains in the vaults or disappeared long ago has no obvious impact upon our daily lives. Read More

08.08.18- Mad Money Host Says Major Breakthrough in Gold Market Near
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know brings you the latest news involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: A massive comeback in gold could be right around the corner, the stock market is on its way to the biggest correction since February, and Iran’s gold demand hits four-year high ahead of U.S. sanctions.

In Tuesday’s episode of CNBC’s Mad Money, host Jim Cramer shared his view that a major breakthrough in the gold market could be near, reports Kitco. Cramer said that large speculators in gold are a good indicator of the metal’s direction and that, given the many short positions and the metal’s contrarian nature, we could see a spike in gold prices. Read More

08.07.18- Wait until you see the price of gold in Venezuela right now
Frank Holmes

Last month in Venezuela’s capital city of Caracas, a cup of coffee would have set you back 2 million bolivars. That’s up from only 2,300 bolivars 12 months ago, meaning the price of a cup of joe has jumped nearly 87,000 percent, according to Bloomberg’s Café Con Leche Index. And you thought Starbucks was expensive.

But that was July. Prices in Venezuela are doubling roughly every 18 days. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) now projects inflation to hit an astronomical 1 million percent by the end of this year. Read More

08.06.18- Gold Futures Market At Extremes, Suggests Gold Price Bottom Set For 2018
Taki Tsaklanos

The gold futures market is writing history in 2018, again. Particularly, the gold futures market shows extremes in positions of key market participants. Compared to the other similar extremes in the gold futures market in the last 10 years it suggests to us that the gold price is setting its major bottom of 2018.

Astute readers remember how we published our Gold Price Forecast For 2018 almost a year ago when the price of gold was testing its support $1200 to $1220 level. We were bearish at that point in time. However, right after our publication the futures market, one of our leading indicators, changed its shape. We updated readers about this event, and early this year the gold futures market confirmed its new trend which was also reflected in the price of gold. Read More

08.04.18- Gold: The Bull In The China Shop
John Ing

“Hence, a wise general makes a point of foraging on the enemy. One cartload of the enemy’s provisions is equivalent to twenty of one’s own.”

Sun Tzu – the Art of War (5th Century)

In essence, if you are going to war, make sure the costs of war is borne by the enemy, not your own people. Instead of saying, “trade wars are good and easy to win”, Mr. Trump would be wise to follow the ancient general’s advice. Winning a trade war is not so easy, history shows that tariffs which are like taxes will hurt his own people in many ways. Read More

08.03.18- Hyperinflationary Gold at
$175 Billion Dollars

Egon von Greyerz

The Sword of Damocles is hanging over the world economy, held only by a single hair of a horse’s tail. With such visible danger, the problem could have been fixed easily by either using a gold chain or even removing the sword altogether.

But the elite, and central bankers have had other plans. Instead of replacing the hair with a solid metal chain, the sword is today hanging by a very fragile thread that can break at any time. Read More

08.02.18- Ancient Dollars and Gold Bullion
Gary Christenson

Consumer price inflation is real. It sneaks into every facet of life. Bags of coffee shrink from 16 ounces to 12 ounces and then to 10 ounces. “Shrinkflation” is policy. That Snickers candy bar is smaller but costs the same or more.

But don’t blame the candy industry, coffee distributors or automobile manufacturers. Fiat currencies create the problems.

Why do we need to fix our currency? Because commercial banks (via fractional reserve banking) and the Federal Reserve print dollars by the trillions, devalue all existing dollars, and increase prices on almost everything. Do you remember McDonald’s prices in 1961? Read More

08.01.18- GOP Congressman Investigates Undisclosed Gold Market Intervention by China and the Exchange Stabilization Fund
The Sound Money Defense League

Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) Calls Out Fed & Treasury for Dodging Questions on Gold Activities

Washington, DC (July 31, 2018) – A member of the U.S. House Financial Services Committee is calling out the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury for dodging questions about their activities involving America’s gold reserves.

In a letter dated July 27, Representative Alex Mooney (R-WV) wrote to Jerome Powell, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, after receiving perfunctory responses to his April 24th letter, noting “a few questions were either not addressed at all or not fully addressed.” Read More

07.31.18- Top Gold Miners Production Declined 15% While Costs Escalate
Steve St Angelo

Even though the gold price increased in 2018, the top gold miners production declined while costs continue to escalate. Output at three of the top gold miners in the world fell in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period last year.  With rising costs due to higher energy prices, on top of decreasing production, the top gold miners free cash flow declined precipitously in 2018.

While many analysts focus on the company’s profits or net income, I like to pay attention to its free cash flow.   Free cash flow is nothing more than subtracting capital expenditures from the company’s cash from operations.  Because the gold mining industry is very capital intensive, the company’s free cash flow is a better indicator of financial health rather than the net income. Read More

07.30.18- Gold's Groundhog Day
Todd 'Bubba' Horwitz

Gold appears to be experiencing Groundhog Day every day. Like the movie with Bill Murray, gold seems to be repeating the same action day after day. Sellers meet every rally, and even when the rally appears strong, the sellers are ready.

Many are still calling the bottom in gold, which only indicates that there is room to the downside. The groundhog may or may not see his shadow but as it looks now, there will be six more weeks of selling. Read More

07.28.18- Silver – Depressing and Exciting!
Gary Christenson


Silver looks oversold and ready to rally. Examine the weekly RSI (a timing indicator) and the MACD (a moving average indicator). These indicators suggest silver prices are low and could rally.

Medium Term:

Silver closed July 24 at $15.42, which for silver bugs is depressing or exciting: Why? Read More

07.27.18- POP QUIZ: What’s The Difference Between “Junk Silver”, “Constitutional Silver”, And “90% Silver”?
Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart 

Do you know the difference between “Junk”, “Constitutional”, and “90% Silver Coins”? The difference may surprise you

Article originally written by Paul Eberhart and guest posted at SD Bullion

Junk Silver Coins, Constitutional Silver Coins, and 90% Silver Coins are all ways to refer to the same thing: pre-1965 / pre-1964 90% silver dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins. Read More

07.26.18- Crying Wolf
Keith Weiner

Quantity Theory Revisited

The price of gold fell another ten bucks and that of silver another 28 cents. Perspective: if you’re waiting for the right moment to buy, the market is offering you a better deal than it did last week (literally, the price of gold is a 7.2% discount to the fundamental vs. 4.6% last week). If you wanted to sell, this wasn’t a good week to wait. Which is your intention, and why?

We have written many times that the quantity of dollars does not cause the price of gold to rise. Two weeks ago, we showed a graph of M2 overlaid with the gold price. Read More

07.25.18- Disregard The Noise: Here's Why Gold And Silver Prices Are Going Much Higher
Victor Dergunov


Gold and silver have been victims of steep declines in recent weeks, with gold dropping by roughly 7%, and silver by about 12% since the Fed's decision in mid-June.

But despite the recent declines, the backdrop for precious metals remains very strong.

Inflation is already spiking, but trade tariffs and other factors should accelerate the inflationary process going forward. Read More

07.24.18- Ted Butler: New Hope
For Higher Silver Prices
Chris Martenson

View Video

07.23.18- The Truth About Inflation And The Coming Crash
Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen

Inflation in the US as ‘officially’ reported has hit a six year high. Let’s dive into what that means is coming for the markets, gold and silver…

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent news that inflation in the United States reached an 6 year high.
Breaking down this news, we take a trip through the past, present and future of inflation, why it happens and what can be done. Read More

07.21.18- How To "Measure" Your Precious Metals Holdings
Thorsten Polleit

Now that the "summer doldrums" for the metals and miners seem to be upon us – which may or may not last until after Labor Day – it might be worth your time to "measure" your precious metals' holdings.

Let's start by taking a look at the terms and (simplified) definitions for foreign and domestically-listed mineral resource-sector companies that are listed on a Canadian stock exchange.

Called the National Instrument (NI) 43-101, this reporting review was put together in an effort to protect investors, after a "fake mining story" of truly epic proportions erupted in the late 1990's... Read More

07.20.18- The Silver and Platinum Express
Bob Moriarty

I’ve written about both  Group Ten Metals (PGE-V) and Metallic Minerals(MMG-V) before. I’m going to group the two companies in one piece today for a number of reasons. The companies share management. One, Group Ten, is a platinum/palladium company. The other, Metallic Minerals Corp, is oriented toward silver in the Keno Hill silver district.

Inflation is directly responsible for the price increase of everything. That doesn’t mean that all commodities or financial instruments go up in unison, they don’t. But soybeans or silver are not inherently more valuable today than they were a hundred years ago. What has changed is the value of the dollar, not the commodity. Markets search constantly for the correct price. That is why prices go up and prices go down. The market never quite knows what is the right price for anything so it searches until buyers and sellers are satisfied with price and make a transaction. Read More

07.19.18- Signal vs. Noise in the Gold Market
Jordan Roy-Byrne

In his book Nobody Knows Anything, my friend Bob Moriarty wrote about the difference between signal and noise. Unfortunately, much of the information in the gold space or what passes for such is really noise. Conspiracy theories around manipulation, price suppression and China are all too popular while important factors like real interest rates, investment demand and gold’s relationship to equities are neglected. At present the Gold market has experienced a critical breakdown yet in some circles a new theory and explanation is gaining traction.

Last week more than a handful of subscribers alerted me to Jim Rickards’ beliefthat China has pegged the SDR (an IMF reserve currency) Gold price from 850-950 SDR/oz and this is what is impacting the Gold price. Rickards writes that the peg is too cheap given the scarce supply of Gold and that the IMF will print trillions of SDRs during the next global financial crisis. Read More

07.18.18- Gold Price Forecast: Will Gold Prices Ever Bottom?
Thorsten Polleit

The 2-month assault on gold seems never-ending. Investors (including myself) have exceeded their breaking point. From a sentiment point of view, nearly everyone is bearish. I’ve seen this scenario play out many times. I can assure you, prices will find a bottom...if they haven't already.

It’s been 30-weeks since the last 6-month low (December). The intermediate cycle has averaged about 23-weeks, so we are well overdue for a bottom. Interestingly, while gold crashed nearly 10% in 2-months, gold miners remained relatively stable. Currently, they linger just 6% below their April highs; their resilience should not be ignored. It speaks of a hidden energy that once loose, should deliver brilliant gains. Read More

07.17.18- Goldcorp Chairman Warns World is Running Out of Gold
Birch Gold

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Mining experts warn that the world is running out of gold, gold is getting ready to hit $1,300, and buying gold and dumping stocks is a no-brainer this summer.

Mining experts warn that the world is running out of gold

Could the gold market be facing the prospect of dwindling mine supply? According to industry experts, the phenomenon known as “peak gold” is an imminent threat that will become reality in less than a year. In fact, some believe the decline may already be underway. Read More

07.16.18- South African Mint Gets it Right with 2018 South African Silver Bullion Coin
James Anderson

A sovereign coin, silver, a Krugerrand, and a sweet price to boot! The South African Mint really hit it out of the park with this one! Here’s the details…

Many precious metal bullion buyers have been hoping for a competitively priced 1 oz Silver Krugerrand bullion coin.

After last year’s higher price limited issuance, it appears the South African Mint has heard silver bullion buyers loud and clear having just released their first competitively priced Silver Krugerrand Coin. Read More

07.14.18- Everyone is Hoarding Gold
Tom Lewis

As de-dollarization continues, and even tiny nations have big plans for upping their gold reserves. Here’s the details…

The tiny nation of Kyrgyzstan has big plans. Caught between its giant trading partners, China and Russia,Kyrgyzstan is stockpiling goldIt wants to increase gold from 16 percent to 50 percent as part of its international reserve.

Tolkunbek Abdygulov of the Kyrgyz Central Bank has stated that any currency, whether dollars, rubles, or yuan, has become too vulnerable. The small mountain nation, with a population of 6 million, relies heavily on Russian and Chinese imports. With the possibility of global trades war on the horizon, Read More

07.13.18- Gold Should be Viewed as Money —
Not as an Investment Instrument

Thorsten Polleit

On May 4 and 5, 2018, Warren E. Buffett (born 1930) and Charles T. Munger (born 1924), both already legends during their lifetime, held the annual shareholders’ meeting of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Approximately 42,000 visitors gathered in Omaha, Nebraska, to attend the star investors’ Q&A session.

Peoples’ enthusiasm is understandable: From 1965 to 2017, Buffett’s Berkshire share achieved an annual average return of 20.9 percent (after tax), while the S&P 500 returned only 9.9 percent (before taxes). Had you invested in Berkshire in 1965, today you would be pleased to see a total return of 2,404,784 percent: an investment of USD 1,000 turned into more than USD 24 million (USD 24,048,480, to be exact). Read More

07.12.18- Is There A Massive U.S. Gold Deposit Hidden In The Chocolate Mountains, California??
Steve St Angelo

Is the U.S. Government hiding a massive gold deposit in the Chocolate Mountains in California?  Well, according to a few top-notch conspiracy theorists, the U.S. Congress passed the Desert Wilderness Protection Act that has cordoned off this vast gold discovery from the public.  Unfortunately, we may never know if this mammoth gold deposit exists due to the clandestine nature of our government… or will we? Read More

07.11.18- Another billionaire says we’re running out of gold
Simon Black

A few months ago I sent you a note explaining that major gold discoveries are shrinking.

Simply put, mining companies are no longer finding vast, new deposits of gold to replace their aging mines.

I quoted Pierre Lassonde, the billionaire founder of gold royalty giant Franco-Nevada and former head of Newmont Mining:

If you look back to the 70s, 80s and 90s, in every one of those decades, the industry found at least one 50+ million-ounce gold deposit, at least ten 30+ million-ounce deposits, and countless 5 to 10 million ounce deposits. Read More

07.10.18- Incrementum AG Says Gold’s Hardships Could Soon Be Over
Birch Gold

This week, Your News to Know rounds up the latest news stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: Gold has bottomed out and will soon go up, the gold market is starting to heat up, and gold’s value to technology sector will lead to a major spike in demand.

Incrementum AG: Gold has bottomed out and will soon go up

In a recent interview with Kitco, Incrementum AG’s fund manager Ronald-Peter Stoeferle said that gold’s hardships could soon be over as the metal readies for another bullish run. Stoeferle sees numerous tailwinds for gold, not the least of which is a potential reversal of the dollar’s gains. Read More

07.09.18- Top 10 Countries with Largest Gold Reserves
Frank Holmes

Beginning in 2010, central banks around the world turned from being net sellers of gold to net buyers of gold. Last year official sector activity rose 36 percent to 366 tonnes – a substantial increase from 2016. The top 10 central banks with the largest gold reserves have remained mostly unchanged for the last few years. The United States holds the number one spot with over 8,000 tonnes of gold in its vaults – nearly as much as the next three countries combined.

For six consecutive years the Russian Central Bank has been the largest purchaser of gold, increasing its holdings by 224 tonnes in 2017 and overtaking China to hold the fifth spot, according to the GFMS Gold Survey. Read More

07.07.18- Gold and a Drive Down Memory Lane
Gary Christianson

For most of human history gold was money. The currencies that circulated were silver, gold or paper backed by silver and gold.

Times have changed.

In 2018 we live with the Internet, fast communications, and huge piles of unpayable debt. The consequences of massive debt include:

  • That debt ($200+ trillion globally) cannot be repaid except by additional borrowing which enlarges the debt pile.
  • The owners of debt paper believe debt is an asset. They expect payment plus interest.
  • Rising interest rates make the debt destructive and the debt service more onerous. Read More

07.06.18- Silver will be gold on steroids!
Bill Holter

Rather than write on a planned topic, I received at least 20 e-mails yesterday on the same subject so had to switch gears. The e-mails were all panicky because an analyst who works in the precious metals industry suggested that silver will not perform as gold will in the coming reset. I feel the need to address this because I believe it is faulty analysis and may have motivation behind it. I will not name the analyst but can be easily discerned.

In an interview it was said that during the Weimar experience, gold performed extremely well but silver lagged. It is for this reason they suggested not to pay attention to the current out of whack silver to gold ratio north of 80-1 and it will not narrow. This is just wrong for so many reasons. First, the ratio of silver to gold worldwide at the time was roughly 15-1. Silver was priced at $1.385 per ounce while gold was at $20.67 per ounce in dollar terms. Read More

07.05.18- Crucial Factors Why Silver Will Increase More Than Gold During The Next Financial Collapse
Steve St Angelo

There are two crucial factors why silver will increase more in value than gold during the next financial meltdown.  These factors are not well known by many precious metals analysts because they focus on antiquated information and knowledge.  While several individuals in the precious metals community forecast a much higher Gold-Silver ratio during the next financial crash, I see quite the opposite taking place.

For example, Lynette Zang, at ITM Trading, has suggested in recent videos, that the gold to silver ratio will increase significantly during the upcoming currency reset. Read More

07.04.18- Life-Changing Gains
Can Be Found In Silver
Daniel Ameduri

View Video

07.03.18- Imminent EU Financial Crunch Could Signal Big Gold Price Jump
Birch Gold Group

When you’re on a ship that you know is going to take a hit from the equivalent of an “air-to-sea” missile, you don’t wait to try and protect yourself.

The EU may be that ship, and could it take a big economic hit come March 2019 to the tune of $38 trillion in uncleared derivatives contracts.

Derivatives allow trading of assets that derive their value from elsewhere. For example, credit swaps and options are two common derivatives.

Business Insider reported on this explosive development: Read More

07.02.18- Sell-Off Completed?
Alasdair Macleod

Gold and silver sold off last week, and as shown in our headline chart, have lost nearly all the gains made since the last major turning point on 11 December 2017.

Gold at its low yesterday was within $9 of that low, and silver 30 cents. By early European trade this morning (Friday), gold had fallen $19 from last Friday’s close to $1251 and silver by 25 cents to $16.09.

It often happens that gold and silver prices hit low points in June and December, before rallying sharply. The reason is not hard to understand: traders at the bullion banks close their books at the year and half-year ends and are almost certainly instructed by their superiors to reduce their trading positions to as low a level as possible. This is because the banks wish to report balance sheets that reflect low risk exposure for the purpose of making regulatory returns. Read More

06.30.18- It's Time To Care Again About
Gold & Silver

pAdam Taggart

Fundamentals and technicals are signaling extreme undervaluation...

It's been a while since I've covered the precious metals in an article. They've been range-bound for much of the past year, with few notable sector developments to report.

But I feel compelled to write about them today for two reasons:

  1. The probability of an upwards re-pricing of the precious metals is rising, and Read More

06.29.18- About The Coming Second American Civil War: Gold, Silver, And The Dollar Aren’t Buying It At All
Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

There’s been lots of talk about a second civil war, but looking at the action in the dollar and the metals tells a different story. Here’s the details…

Is the United States really on the brink of civil war?

Which I’m sure the trendies are calling Civil War 2.0, as if war was somehow cool.

I don’t think so.

Or at least things aren’t as deadly serious as they sound. Read More

06.28.18- Silver & Gold Will SKYROCKET! - The Crypto Revolution Has JUST Begun
David Morgan

View Video

06.27.18- The Petroleum Age
Hugo Salinas Price

Here is what I have been able to gather, from reading Steve St. Angelo’s website.

Suppose you have the opportunity and the means to create a gold mine, and decide to undertake the challenge; you invest in the building and installations of the gold mine, and in all the related salaries to carry out the building of the mine, by paying for all expenses in gold; finally the gold mine is selling the gold it produces, in exchange for dollars. So now you have an abundant income in dollars, because your mine has been a successful venture. Hurray!

But think about this: when you get those dollars of income from your mine, are you really registering profits? Read More

06.26.18- Gold and Silver: A Rarer Than Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity
Ron Paul

When examining our current fiat currency conundrum, it’s easy to get bogged down in historical “What ifs.” What if we never went off the gold standard? What if the Fed were never created in the first place? What if the federal government wasn’t allowed to treat debt ceilings and government shutdowns with such casual disdain?

Of course, all of those ships have sailed. We live in a reality where past fiduciary mistakes are “corrected” by amplifying those same mistakes, as if the solution to having our heads buried in the sand is that we just haven’t buried them deeply enough; that maybe the tsunami created by generations of criminal, federal, financial mismanagement and unsustainable promises will disappear if we can just duck around this next corner and close our eyes long enough. Read More

06.25.18- How Long Can This Last?
Arkadiusz Sieron

Yields are rising. The global economy has adapted so far without any major problems. So far. But how long can this last? And what does it ultimately mean for the  gold market?

Let’s look at the chart below. As one can see, the U.S. long-term  interest rates have been rising since September 2017. And they breached 3 percent in the second quarter of 2018, attracting investors’ attention all over the world.

Chart 1: Gold prices (yellow line, left axis, London P.M. Fix, in $) and the 10-year U.S. Treasury yields (red line, right axis, in %) from January 2017 to May 2018. Read More

06.23.18- The Gold Price Manipulation “Mask” Gets Ripped Off
Birch Gold Group

Jim Rickards thinks that when you’re buying gold, looking for the best “entry point” is one key.

And that makes sense. Ideally you want to enter at a price that is low enough, so you can store as much value in your portfolio as possible.

But a challenge arises when there are factors you can’t “see” that affect that entry point. For example…

When you take a look at the standard “gold price” in the chart below, you can see the 5-year trend. Any “breakout” remains in check, with prices failing to break $1400: Read More

06.22.18- Gold At 6-Mo. Low,
But Metal Is Now Oversold

Jim Wyckoff

(Kitco News) - Gold prices are down and hit another six-month low in early-afternoon U.S. trading Thursday. However, prices have moved up from their daily lows. An appreciating U.S. dollar on the foreign exchange market continues to squelch buying interest in the precious metals. However, the gold market is now short-term oversold and due for a least a decent corrective upside bounce very soon, and perhaps as early as Friday. August Comex gold futures were last down $3.60 an ounce at $1,270.80. July Comex silver was last up $0.011 at $16.32 an ounce.

The specter of a global trade war continues to dent trader and investor confidence and is pressuring world stock and commodity markets. Gold and silver continue to act like the raw commodities they are, instead of safe-haven stores of value. Read More

05.21.18- Own A “Bit Of Gold” As We Are Moving Ever Closer To A Trump Trade War
John Stepek

The Chinese stock market took a hit today.

The Shanghai Composite Index ended the session down 3.8% to close at a two-year low, notes Bloomberg.

What’s wrong?

Investors are starting to worry that Donald Trump is deadly serious about his enthusiasm for a trade war, that’s what’s wrong.

Trump has a point on China, although that doesn’t mean this is a good idea. Read More

06.20.18- The Deviant Conundrum Called Silver
Michael Ballanger

When I was a young lad, there was a classmate (let's call him "Frankie") in the very early years of my education whose behavior was quite often deemed as "peculiar" and while I found him immensely entertaining, the teaching staff and my fellow students did not entirely agree. Frankie was the kind of kid who would bang on our doorknocker on a frigid winter morning just before sunrise, fully clad in hockey skates, gloves and stick, and ask if he could skate on our frozen backyard hockey rink. The fact that it was a school day made it not exactly the brightest of decisions but my Dad would invariably say "Alright. You two boys have got 20 minutes then back in your houses to get ready for school." It was never an outright rejection on the grounds of unsuitable behavior; it was more so an accommodation for the simple reason that 20 minutes of hockey at 6:35 a.m. in advance of school was a "noble enterprise" and certainly beat watching Captain Kangaroo over a bowl of Fruit Loops. Read More

06.19.18- 5 Reasons The Drop In Gold Prices Shouldn't Worry Investors
Simon Constable

Gold prices took a hit at the end of last week, and it has some observers concerned.

But the truth is it shouldn't be worrying. Here's what you need to know:

The price of bullion fell more than $20 a troy ounce between Thursday and Friday, hitting a low around $1,279.

News reports declared, "Gold Solidly Down [...]" and "Gold Prices Take 2% Hit [...] Fresh 2018 Lows."

Here's why gold investors shouldn't worry. Read More

06.18.18- Inflation Trade, In Progress Since Gold Kicked It Off in Q1 2016
Gary Tanashian

I am sure you remember the lead up to Q1 2016. The US economy and stock market were transitioning from a Goldilocks environment and narrowly avoiding a bear market while the rest of the world was still battling deflation. Precious metals and commodities were in the dumper and try though US and global central banks might, they seemed to fail to woo the inflation genie out of its bottle at every turn.

Then came December of 2015 when gold and silver made bottoms followed by the gold miners in January of 2016. Then by the time February had come and gone the whole raft of other inflatables (commodities and stocks) had bottomed and begun to set sail. Read More

06.16.18- Follow Swiss Pension Fund- But Gold - "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
Egon von Greyerz

Brexit, Quitaly and Grexit. Debt Defaults, Stock Shocks, Bond Bubbles, Properties Popping, Derivative Defaults and Banks Busting. Well that is just some of the events that twill take place in the next few years. But the world is living in ignorant bliss of what is coming next. As the song tells us:

“In every life we have some trouble
But when you worry you make it double
Don’t worry, be happy
Don’t worry, be happy now
don’t worry” Read More

06.15.18- Donald Trump's "Madness"
Hugo Salinas Price

Way back in 1995, when Mexico was in the throes of another financial crisis, I figured out the problem of the existing world’s monetary system, based on the paper dollar as the fundamental currency of the world.

In my ignorance, I did not know that a man named Triffin had already pointed out that problem, which became known as “Triffin’s Dilemma”.

The problem is really very simple:

If the dollar – such as it is – is going to be the basis of the world’s monetary system, and therefore required by all Central Banks as Reserves, there is only one way that these CBs can obtain those Reserves: Read More

06.14.18- Silver’s Not-so-subtle Outperformance
Przemyslaw Radomski, CFA

Silver soared recently and white metal’s rally was accompanied by a huge volume. Those who are new to the precious metals market will probably immediately view this as bullish as that’s what the classic technical analysis would imply. Silver is not a classic asset, though, and classic measures often don’t apply to it. One way to check the real implications of a given development is to examine the previous cases and see what kind of action followed. That’s what we’re going to do in today’s free analysis. Let’s start with silver’s daily chart. Read More

06.13.18- Gold and Silver Setting Up for
A Sleeper Breakout

Chris Vermeulen

As the world continues to see economic improvements, specifically within the US and major global markets, Gold and Silver are relegated to an after-thought by investors. Why consider Gold or Silver when the NASDAQ or S&P leaders are rallying 2%+ per week? 

Well, the recent G7 meeting and President Trump's meeting with Kim Jung Un in Singapore may spark a little interest in these shiny metals as they setup a “rope-a-dope breakout” for those not paying attention. Read More

Price Is Heading Up Much Higher

Steve St Angelo

Harry Dent has been making the rounds suggesting that for gold to get back to its pre-bubble price, it would need to fall to $400 or $450. If we were to believe Mr. Dent, then it would be bad news for gold investors. However, Harry Dent’s gold price forecast is quite faulty because he fails to consider the most critical factor.

Harry Dent has become well-known on the internet for his $750 gold price forecast. He bases a low gold price upon what he calls “The end of the Commodity Super-Cycle.” Dent sees nothing but massive deflation ahead. Thus this will cause the gold price to fall along with all commodities. Read More

06.11.18- He Ran Into My Knife Ten Times
Gary Christenson

The song “Cell Block Tango” from the Oscar winning movie “Chicago” included the line, “He Ran Into My Knife Ten Times.”

Those seven words suggest anger, bleeding and murder… 

The American people have “run into a financial knife” many times in the last century. (Solutions listed at the end.)

1.In 1913 congress approved The Federal Reserve, the U.S. central bank which created dollar devaluation, massive unpayable debts, transfers of wealth to the financial cartel and more. This knife cut deep and caused huge economic blood loss. Read More

06.09.18- Gold Should be Viewed as Money - Not as an Investment Instrument
Thorsten Polleit

On May 4 and 5, 2018, Warren E. Buffett (born 1930) and Charles T. Munger (born 1924), both already legends during their lifetime, held the annual shareholders’ meeting of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Approximately 42,000 visitors gathered in Omaha, Nebraska, to attend the star investors’ Q&A session.

Peoples’ enthusiasm is understandable: From 1965 to 2017, Buffett’s Berkshire share achieved an annual average return of 20.9 percent (after tax), while the S&P 500 returned only 9.9 percent (before taxes). Had you invested in Berkshire in 1965, today you would be pleased to see a total return of 2,404,784 percent: an investment of USD 1,000 turned into more than USD 24 million (USD 24,048,480, to be exact). Read More

06.08.18- Stock Market More Important for Gold than US Dollar
Jordan Roy-Byrne

The fundamental drivers for Gold and the US Dollar are similar and that is why they typically trend together. Negative and/or falling real rates drive Gold and the same drives the greenback though with respect to differentials between the other competing currencies. When real rates are rising or strong in the US that is bearish for Gold and bullish for the US Dollar. The opposite is also true. And with the US Dollar being the global reserve currency, it naturally competes with Gold, which is an alternative. All being said, history as well as recent action suggests that weakness in the stock market is more crucial to Gold’s future than weakness in the US Dollar.  Read More

06.07.18- Gold’s Break-Out Must Occur Within Months But It Looks Imminent
Clive Maund

Gold’s breakout from its giant 5-year base pattern has had to wait for the dollar rally to run its course, which it now appears to have done, and this being the case, gold is now free to break out into a major bull market that looks set to dwarf all prior ones. We have in the past described gold’s base pattern from 2013 as a complex (multi-shouldered) Head-and-Shoulders bottom and while this description is still valid, it is perhaps more simply described as a Bowl or Saucer pattern, that is shown on its latest 10-year chart below. Read More

06.06.18- Gold’s Monetary Rehabilitation
Aasdair Macleod

There is a quiet revolution taking place in the monetary vacuum that’s developing on the back of the erosion of the dollar’s hegemony. It is perhaps too early to call what’s happening to the dollar the beginning of its demise as the world’s reserve currency, but there is certainly a move away from it in Asia. And every time the Americans deploy their control over global trade settlement as a weapon against the regimes they dislike, nations who are neutral observers take note and consider how to protect themselves, “just in case.”Read More

06.04.18- Gold and the Monetary Blockade on Iran
JP Koning

With Donald Trump close to re-instituting economic sanctions on Iran, it's worth remembering that gold served as a tool for skirting the the last round of Iranian sanctions. If a blockade were to be re-imposed on Iran, might this role be resuscitated?

The set of sanctions that the U.S. began placing on Iran back in 2010 can be best thought of as a monetary blockade. It relied on deputizing U.S. banks to act as snitches. Any U.S. bank that was caught providing correspondent accounts to a foreign bank that itself helped Iran engage in sanctioned activities would be fined. To avoid being penalized, U.S. banks threatened their foreign bank customers to stop enabling Iranian payments or lose their accounts. And of course the foreign banks (mostly) complied. Read More

05.02.18- How silver changed the world
Adolfo Arranz

The main objective behind the sea route plied by Spanish galleons was to establish trade with China. These European vessels became known as China Ships. They transported silver from the Americas to exchange for goods in Asia, mostly commodities of Chinese origin.

It can be argued that when Spain instituted a common currency in the form of the Real de a Ocho, also known as Pieces of Eight, or the Spanish dollar, globalisation’s first chapter had been written. The acceptance of the dollar coins for commercial transactions throughout Asia, the Americas and much of Europe, resulted in a cultural exchange between nations, as well as the relatively free movement of people and goods between the three continent. Read More

06.01.18- Gold - The Only Money That Can't Be Debased
Egon von Greyerz

In 1980, global assets, including property, were less than $20 trillion. Today almost 40 years later they have grown to $524 trillion. That is a compound annual growth rate of 9% which is quite remarkable for a 38 year period. Global assets have gone up 26 fold during this period.

In the same period, gold went from an average price of around $650 in 1980 to $1,300 today. So whilst global assets have gone up 26x since 1980, gold has just managed to go up 2x. Admittedly gold started at $35 in 1971 so it had already benefitted from a substantial rise by 1980. Read More


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