01.14.17- The Overthrow of the US dollar as Global Reserve Currency
Jim Rickards

Now is the time to keep your eyes on the monetary endgame. Not the daily mark-to-market in paper gold. This endgame is an all-out attack on the status of the US dollar as the benchmark global reserve currency. Numerous players have an interest in ending the dollar’s role for reasons ranging from climate change (global problems require global money solutions) to geopolitics (Russia and China both have regional hegemonic ambitions in Eastern Europe and East Asia respectively). As investors with longer horizons and patience, we see ways to profit from these global macro trends. Read More

01.13.17- The Legendary James Dines Calls for a New Uranium Bull Market, A Bond Market Crash And Gold To $5000.00
Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real: This is Gerardo Del Real for Resource Stock Digest. I have a real treat for you today. Joining me today is the legendary Mr. James Dines. Mr. Dines is the editor of The Dines Letter. He's also authored several books including Goldbug!, Technical Analysis, Secrets of High States, and Mass Psychology. Mr. Dines has a legendary record in the investment community. His contrarian approach to investment analysis has led Mr. Dines to accurately forecast trends for over six decades, from the invisible crash that would bring down stocks in 1966, the unexpected gold boom of 1974, to the internet revolution of 1996, Mr. Dines has consistently gone against the grain and delivered gains that have been passed down for generations. Read More

01.12.17- Another Major Catalyst For Silver Is About To Surface
Jeff Clark

There are lots of reasons silver is poised to rip higher over the next few years. Here’s another one, and it’s a new development that’s flying under the radar of most investors…

Indian citizens buy a LOT of gold. Macquarie bank estimates that 78% of India’s household savings are held in gold, more than any other economy in the world. Right or wrong, this much savings in gold creates a drag on growth, because the available funds for bank lending decrease. Read More

01.11.17- Gold Is Undervalued, And That’s Great News For Precious Metals Funds
Frank Holmes

You could say gold miners struck gold in 2016. The group, as measured by the NYSE Arca Gold Miners Index, finished the year up an amazing 55 percent, handily beating all other asset classes shown below.

Miners were followed by commodities at 25 percent and silver at 15 percent. Gold finished up 8.6 percent, its first positive year since 2012, when it gained 7.1 percent. (Keep your eyes peeled for our forthcoming annual periodic table of commodity returns, one of our perennially popular pieces!) Read More

01.10.17- Gold And Silver Price Forecast:
This Week’s Price Action Being Crucial To Trend

Christopher Aaron

During last week spot gold prices rose 1.9% or nearly $22 to close at $1,173 as of the final tick on the New York COMEX.

Initial resistance is expected to be seen between $1,190 - $1,200, labeled below in red, with support coming from the broken 2013 – 2015 down channel, highlighted in blue.

Gold’s behavior near the $1,190 - $1,200 resistance level this week will be telling and thus important to watch. Broken support should act as resistance on the next advance. In plain English, what we are saying is that since buyers failed to show up at $1,200 last November in the wake of the post-Trump sell-off, all else being equal we would expect them to be absent this week when the price tests that level again. Read More

01.09.17- Gold Reacts Strongly to China’s Latest Currency Shenanigans
Birch Gold Group

Despite China’s roaring growth and status as the world’s second largest economy, it’s currently in the midst of a complex currency crisis that revolves around the valuation of the yuan.

Donald Trump says China is manipulating its currency, threatening multiple times to hold them accountable. But Chinese officials are choosing to ignore him. In fact, they just made another currency move that will likely make Trump very unhappy. Read More

01.07.17- How To Buy Gold Bars: Tips & Advice For Investors
Jeff Clark

If you’re looking to invest in physical gold at the lowest possible price per ounce, there’s no better choice than gold bars. Coins may be more attractive, but all that manufacturing and packaging comes at a price. Gold bars, on the other hand, are the stalwart of the industry, what everyone from average investors to central banks buy and store. In other words, you can’t go wrong buying gold bars—provided you follow four tips.

The Advantage of Buying Gold Bar

Tip: You’ll get more ounces for your money with bars than coins.Read More

01.06.17- Jim Sinclair on Bitcoin, Gold,
Silver and Outer Space

Rory Hall

Legendary Gold Trader Jim Sinclair Doesn’t Mix Words…

I have argued that bitcoin, along with all the other cryptocurrencies, plays into the hands of the banking cabal. Virtual currencies, online only currencies or cryptocurrencies, in my opinion, have built in flaws that make them extremely risky, on a good day, and a tool of enslavement on their worst day. We recently learned there is a cryptocurrency that is available now and was designed specifically for central banks – the Utility Settlement Coin Read More

01.05.17- The Endgame, Trump And Gold
Daryl Robert Schoon

In the bankers’ endgame, slowing economic growth and excessive central bank liquidity forces investor capital into financial markets; driving up the price of stocks, bonds and commodities and creating financial bubbles whose collapse pose a systemic threat in overly-indebted capitalist economies. 

Deregulation And The Endgame

Fundamental and pragmatic banking regulations, which arose from the devastating financial collapses of the Great Depression, for decades strengthened U.S. banks and capital markets, making them the twin engines of American growth and the envy of the world… Read More

01.04.17- Silver Price Forecast: Expect Higher Silver Prices In 2017 And Beyond
Robert Shapiro

In May 1970, my dad gave me a book to read: Harry Brown's “How You Can Profit From the Coming Devaluation.” It was a clear explanation of why Budget Deficits, Trade Deficits, and FED Money Printing were killing our country.

The major conclusion was that to protect the real value of your life savings from the ravages of the imminent Inflation, gold – and by extension silver – would be the place to be for the next generation.

In 1968 the US had stopped using silver in the last of the silver coins (40% silver half dollars) and had reneged on the Silver Certificate Paper Dollars. And, the London Gold Pool, which was a Central Bank effort to maintain the then $35/oz official Dollar price for gold fell apart. Read More

01.03.17- Another Interview with
Silver Guru Ted Butler

James R. Cook

Cook: People that have been holding silver for several yearsare beginning to lose patience. What do you say to them?

Butler: The facts surrounding silver have never been more bullish.

Cook: Such as?

Butler: Over the last few years, enormous changes have recast and transformed the silver market.

Cook: Can we have an example? Read More

01.02.17- Silver Prices and the Russian Connection
Gary Christenson

Silver prices nearly reached $50.00 in April of 2011. They crashed to a low under $14 in December of 2015 and currently (December 2016) sit at about $16.

Silver prices, in our increasingly unreal debt based fiat currency world, streak higher and subsequently crash to unbelievable lows.

Option One: Silver prices are near the end of their correction and will rally substantially higher. Why? Exponential increases in debt and total currency in circulation lift the prices for nearly everything, including college tuition, cigarettes, the S&P, housing, health care, silver and gold. We have heard this before and we see the consequences of using our “fake money” every day. Read More

12.31.16- Analyst: Gold to Turn Positive Because of This Overlooked Factor
Birch Gold Group

This week, Your News to Know brings you the top stories involving gold and the overall economy. Stories include: The overlooked factor that may turn gold turn positive, gold miners are running out of the metal, and new Islamic finance standards spur development of gold and silver products.

With a strengthening dollar and rising yields, many are giving gold a negative forecast for 2017. One analyst, however, believes that the metal will do just fine because everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room: an outstanding Treasury debt that will blow up due to rising yields. Read More

12.30.16- JP Morgan Gobbles Up a Minimum of Over 31 Tons (possibly up to 186 tons) of Gold!
Avery B. Goodman

Back in August 2015, I noted that Goldman Sachs and HSBC had taken delivery of a huge tonnage of physical gold, probably purchased near the lows. Physical bars of gold are, by definition, a very long term investment in the yellow metal. At the time, the two banks were telling clients and others not to buy gold, even as they were loading up on it, themselves.

Starting in December 2015, JP Morgan began buying tremendous quantities of physical gold, as opposed to paper/electronic gold futures, forwards, ETF certificates etc. From December 1, 2015 to December 29, 2016, the big bank purchased and took physical delivery of over 31 metric tonnes worth of bars of the yellow metal for its house account at COMEX alone. Read More

12.29.16- Gold – Ready to Spring Another Surprise
Pater Tenebrarum

Below is an update of a number of interesting data points related to the gold market. Whether “interesting” will become “meaningful” remains to be seen, as most of gold’s fundamental drivers aren’t yet bullishly aligned. One must keep in mind though that gold is very sensitive with respect to anticipating future developments in market liquidity and the reaction these will elicit from central banks. Often this involves very long lead times.

If one looks at long term charts of gold, one can see that meaningful rallies usually start as technical short covering moves, which often are still at odds with at least some of the macroeconomic fundamentals. The starting points of these rallies often involve divergences with associated markets or data points. Read More

12.28.16- Goldman to Trump: Situation Assessment, Government Bail-ins and the Precious Metals Threat
Stewart Dougherty

Some pretty heady stuff,particularly the part about the Fed’s balance sheet being a lie. (I am 100% convinced of this, but cannot prove it, at least not yet.) And remember, Bernanke was caught issuing $10 trillion in swaps to foreign banks, all of which was supposed to remain a complete secret. It is not as if they haven’t been caught doing what I am saying they are still doing, to an even larger degree.

I’ve stated that the “conversation” is imagined, intuited and fictional, so the small living parts of the shredded Constitution might actually protect my freedom of speech; wouldn’t that be amazing. Read More

12.27.16- Breakout Of 35-Year Downward Yield Range Will Blow-Up Interest Rate Derivatives
($500 Trillion+)

Gijsbert Groenewegen

Nothing makes sense anymore. The markets keep going up like it is going out of fashion Trump’s honeymoon period or not. Trump might be getting a strong cabinet around him and have good ideas to stimulate the economy…
though you first have to spend money (increasing debt) before you make money, which takes time.

And the obvious question is how the expenditures and lower tax rates (15%) will be financed. Inevitably it will mean a further increase in the already high debt burden of nearly $20trn further straining the Debt/GDP ratio. Total US debt plus unfunded future liabilities is estimated at some $200trn+. Read More

12.26.16- Bigger Buying Opportunity In Precious Metals Now Than 11 Months Ago
Ceo Technician

Energy & Gold connected with 321gold editor & founder Bob Moriarty one last time before 2017 arrives and the conversation was wide ranging and insightful. Bob is more bullish than he’s ever been on precious metals (PMs) and points to a 20+ year low in investor sentiment on PMs as one of the main reasons why he’s so bullish. Without further ado here is Energy & Gold’s year end interview with outspoken and unapologetic precious metals investor Bob Moriarty. Read More

12.24.16- Forensic Evidence: Why Silver Price Manipulation Will End
Steve St Angelo

The one thing silver investors want to know, is when will the manipulation of the silver price finally end.  And who can blame then.  It becomes extremely frustrating to watch the silver price fade lower and lower, especially as the Dow Jones Index gets ready to surpass the 20,000 level.

Furthermore, precious metals sentiment continues to head down the toilet and into the cesspool, while the financial networks like CNBC get ready to pass out “Go 25,000 Dow Jones”baseball caps.  However, the broader markets are in serious trouble, pointed out by Wolf Richter’s article, What The Heck’s Happening To Our Shale Buyback Boom.  In that article he posted this chart and stated the following: Read More

12.23.16- Deutsche Bank Settlement:
Seasonal Intraday Charts Provide Evidence for Market Manipulation

Dimitri Speck

Deutsche Bank Caves In

Deutsche Bank trader: “u just said u sold on fix.”

Answer UBS trader: “yeah, we smashed it good.”

Deutsche Bank is a defendant in more than 7,000 lawsuits worldwide. In two of them it has recently agreed to settlements and is prepared to pay tens of millions of US dollars in restitution and fines. This includes the settling of lawsuits over gold and silver price manipulation. Associated court proceedings against other financial institutions are still underway. Read More

12.22.16- Expert: Gold is the Investment with the Biggest Turnaround Potential in 2017
Birch Gold

This week’s Your News to Know brings you the latest top stories involving finance and the gold market. Stories include: Why one expert believes that gold is the investment with the biggest turnaround potential in 2017, gold could shine in 2017 due to inflation, and gold is getting set to rise higher.

About a year ago, MarketWatch contributor Henry To listed three stocks with the biggest turnaround potential in 2016. His prediction was on point, as the three have gone up in price by 21%, 42% and 99%. Read More

12.21.16- Axis of Gold
James Rickards

Now is the time to keep your eyes on the monetary endgame. Not the daily mark-to-market in paper gold. This endgame is an all-out attack on the status of the U.S. dollar as the benchmark global reserve currency. Numerous players have an interest in ending the dollar’s role for reasons ranging from climate change (global problems require global money solutions), to geopolitics (Russia and China both have regional hegemonic ambitions in Eastern Europe and East Asia respectively). As investors with longer horizons and patience, we see ways to profit from these global macro trends.

We’ve done the deep-dive you need to see the big picture. All indicators show this is an excellent time to accumulate a position in gold, if you haven’t put 10% of your investable assets in gold and physical metal already (which is what I recommend). Read More

12.20.16- Silver Manipulation,
Mining Stocks & Freedom (Part 1)
Mike Maloney & David Morgan

View Video

12.19.16- James Dines - Urgent Warning From
"The Original Goldbug"

Nick Hodge

Today I’d like to tell you about a legend I recently had the pleasure of meeting.

His name is James Dines. But I — and most of his peers — have too much respect to call him James. So we always refer to him as Mr. Dines.

Perhaps you’ve heard of him before. Mr. Dines is what you call a ‘guru’s guru.’ He’s a guy who the biggest powerhouses in the financial publishing world look up to as a pioneer — and as a mentor. Read More

12.17.16- Will Gold Prices Drop Below $1,000?
AG Thorson

It's easy to turn bearish when gold prices drop consecutively for 6-weeks without an intervening rally. Sentiment for precious metals and miners has cratered, but prices continue to grind lower. The charts are oversold, and Investors are growing concerned, understandably so. However, I think once you understand where we are in the gold cycles your anxiety will turn into enthusiasm.

I’ve written many articles regarding the 8-year gold cycle. This critical cycle bottoms consistently every 8-years a few months before or up to 4-months after a US Presidential election. Gold prices bottomed at $1,045 in December of 2015, that appeared to be the 8-year cycle low. Although it arrived early, I gave it the benefit of the doubt because miners rallied nearly 200% in just 7-months. Read More

12.16.16- The Real Reason China Is “Dumping” U.S. Treasuries
Birch Gold Group

As we’ve noted in previous articles, countries around the world are liquidating U.S. Treasuries at an alarming rate, with China moving the fastest to unload its stake. The motivations behind China’s rapid selling of U.S. Treasuries aren’t clear. Some believe it’s a jab at the U.S. economy; others think it’s a gesture of skepticism in response to the impending Trump presidency.

But there’s another key factor to consider when we ask ourselves why China would start dumping its treasury holdings so abruptly, and that factor could turn out to be important for the gold market too. Read More

12.15.16- Gold and Silver Rally Post-Trump
and the Silver Fix

David Morgan

David Morgan on the gold and silver rally after the US presidential elections, the silver fix and its repercussions, and the effect of a Fed rate hike.

Last time INN spoke to The Morgan Report author David Morgan was right after Donald Trump won the US presidency, and prices of commodities were surging. He says, “A lot of people anticipated a rally, but it happened in a space of 24 hours.”

On election night, gold surged nearly 5 percent–its biggest single-day gain since June 2016. But when Trump took to the stage a few hours later, the price of gold plunged to $1,302.42. Gold dropped even further to $1,217.25 on a stronger US dollar and an anticipated Federal Reserve interest rate hike in December. Read More

12.14.16- Shariah Gold Standard Is “Revolutionary” Says Mark Mobius

One of the world’s leading investors, Mark Mobius told a gold conference in Dubai that the new ‘Shariah Gold Standard’ is both “innovative and revolutionary” and importantly will bring “transparency” to the physical gold market which suffers from a lack of trust.

The executive chairman of Templeton Emerging Markets Group was speaking at the ‘Gold in Islamic Finance’ conference organised by the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI), the World Gold Council and Amanie Advisors and held in Dubai last Thursday.Read More

12.13.16- As Europe’s Financial System Fails,
Gold Will Rise

Egon von Greyerz

“The Die is Cast” for Europe and the EU. This is what Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon in 49 BC marching towards Rome, leading to a major change in Europe’s history. The Italian referendum which took place on December 4 had a similar significance. The Brexit vote in which Britain decided to divorce from the EU started the breakup of the artificial construction of 500 million people being ruled by an unelected and unaccountable elite in Brussels. Even worse is an artificial paper currency, the Euro, which is used by 19 out of the 28 EU countries. All paper currencies are of course artificial constructions that eventually become worthless but to have a currency for 19 countries with different cultures, different growth rates and productivity and vastly different inflation rates is a total disaster. Read More

12.12.16- US Debt Default Dead Ahead
Jim Willie

Foreign USTreasury Bond dumping continues, and even accelerates. China and the Saudis are selling USTreasurys in a near panic. Foreign central banks liquidated a record $375 billion in USGovt debt in the last 12 months. An American disaster lies in the making from debt saturation, debt overload, and debt dumping. It is all denied by the Washington mouthpieces and the Wall Street handlers, as they lie. The USGovt debt default is within view, dead ahead.

One month ago in October tally, the USFed update of Treasurys held in custody revealed a frightening picture of foreign sales, big sales, even accelerated sales. The total amount of custodial paper had fallen to $2.805 trillion, the lowest since 2012. Read More

12.10.16- The Secret of the Bankers
Herman Gazort

What is money? Really. It’s a token, receipt or an electronic note we get or give for some thing or some doing. It’s a convenient marker to interchange value.

Oh, and it’s also the most powerful WMD ever been used against us, for centuries.

A small group knows lots about money but they don’t want us to know what it is or how to use it to prosper because they are the ones who have been using it against us.

Maybe it has crossed your mind that something is wrong with money; that it’s not working right; that maybe the whole monetary system is broken; that “economics” is just being used to justify money failures; that maybe banks get richer because we get poorer. Mostly we ignore it because it’s there. Hmm? Read More

12.09.16- Gold Versus Dollar Devaluations
Gary Christenson

President Nixon “temporarily” severed the weak link between gold and the U. S. dollar in 1971. The link is still severed.

The economic well-being for most people and the sound dollar have suffered. The dollar is no longer described as “good as gold” as it was 60 years ago. Today we deal with mini-dollars and $ trillions instead of $ billions.

The government grew much larger, the financial complex benefitted, while “fly-over” America suffered, victims of dishonest money. Read More

12.08.16- Silver Fundamentals VS.
The Base Metal Bubble

Andrew Hoffman

The market “response” to the Italian referendum – unquestionably, a political, financial, and economic “nuclear bomb” – was as hideously rigged as anything I’ve ever seen.  And trust me, the strafing is just starting, given this morning’s news that not only is Bank Monte dei Paschi likely to be nationalized this weekend, but snap elections to elect a new Prime Minister (likely, a violently anti-EU Five Star Movement candidate) may occur as soon as next month.

In yesterday’s Audioblog, I noted how the Cartel utilized its DLITG, or “Don’t Let it Turn Green” algorithm, to prevent gold from turning positive in the referendum result’s wake; first after it was initially announced at 5 pm EST; and then, at both 11 pm EST and, of course, the 2:15 AM EST open of the London paper Pre-market. Read More

12.07.16- This "Sleeper" Mining Problem Is Set To Explode In The Coming Weeks
Dave Forest

It might be the biggest issue in mining you haven’t heard about. But events this week suggest that one “sleeper” problem may be about to leap to the main stage. 

That’s the introduction of a new mining charter in key producing nation South Africa. Which the government said is going ahead this coming month - despite objections from miners, who say the new rules will have “dire consequences” for the industry. 

The new charter has in fact been winding its way through political process for several months. But South Africa’s department of mineral resources said late last week that the deal is nearly done - with the new rules ready to be finalized for next month. Read More

12.06.16- The Gold Correction Is Over: “We’re Going To Come Out Of This In A Big Way”
Mac Slavo

When gold exploded to the upside earlier this year amid the biggest New Year’s stock market panic in history, we noted that the bull market had awoken. And despite arguments to the contrary from mainstream financial pundits that gold and silver were not monetary metals and nothing but historical relics, it became apparent during the Brexit vote that precious metals were the assets of last resort during market panic. On the night of Presidential election, as it became clear that Donald Trump would become the leader of the free world, stock markets once again sold off. And just as had happened earlier this year, prices for physical gold and the companies that mine it skyrocketed in a matter of hours, this time to the tune of over $100 per ounce. Read More

12.05.16- Investors Push Gold Eagle Sales To Record High & Commentary On Precious Metals Sentiment
Steve St Angelo

Investment demand for Gold Eagles surged during the last day in November pushing sales to a new monthly record.  Not only did Gold Eagle sales for November reach a new record high for the year, it surpassed sales during the same month last year by 52%.

It seems as if investors are once again taking advantage of lower gold prices.  I had planned to publish the article on Wednesday (last day of the month) showing that November sales hit a new record high, but the U.S. Mint updated their figures yesterday reporting another 20,000 Gold Eagles oz were sold on the 30th. Read More

12.03.16- Buy A House For 2.6 Ounces Of Gold
By Egon von Greyerz

Few people realise the coming bargains in all asset markets within the next five years or so. Stocks, bonds and property will be fractions of current prices. I discussed in last week’s article how I expect stocks and property to decline maybe as much as 90%. Most people will consider this as sensational speculation and impossible but similar falls have happened in history before. And at no previous time in history has there been a credit bubble of a magnitude that the world is facing today. Previously individual countries have experienced depressions, often preceded by hyperinflation. But never before has every single industrialised country had a century of exponential growth of credit, asset prices and inflation which is likely to lead to a global collapse. Read More

12.02.16- Copper Prices To Rocket In 2017
Dave Forest

Warnings of a potential surge coming in global copper prices this week. Emerging from a place few observers in the space are focused on.

The southern Africa producing nation of Zambia.

Industry sources in Zambia told Reuters this past week that some big changes are quietly afoot in the copper market here. Triggered by a change in government policy for local smelters.

That’s a new tax reportedly being introduced by the Zambian government on imports of copper concentrates. With officials apparently planning to tax incoming shipments of concentrate at up to 7.5 percent. Read More

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