09.19.20- Collapse Is A Process, Not An Event
Chris Martenson

How does one ‘get ahead’ during hard times?

Look, I’m a systems guy.  I think in systems terms.  You should as well.


Because we’re entering a period of time when the major systems that have supported humanity are going to fail.

Or, put more accurately: they are already failing. Read More

09.18.20- Believe It Or Not, 2021 Is Looking Worse Than 2020
John Rubino

This year is, by any measure, brutal.

First came a pandemic so baffling that virtually no one other than Sweden made it through without a near-depression. (Reminiscent of the previous decade’s financial crisis, when only Iceland got it right.)

Then came civil unrest on a scale not seen since the 1960s, about which more than enough has already been written. Read More

09.17.20- Yes, 2021 Could Be Worse
Robert Wright

I notice lots of folks on social media pining for 2021. Don’t kill the messenger, but 2021 could be much worse than 2020.

Coronavirus restrictions could get worse.

But how? Covid-19 came close to causing a legitimate crisis only in the New York City area and there only with “help” from Governor Cuomo’s kill people in nursing homes policy. Not that they needed much help as the virus has killed mostly the frail and elderly and according to one study people who normally would have died of the flu a year or two ago had not the last two flu seasons been relatively light. Moreover, death counts have been confusing, with documented instances of people dying in motorcycle accidents and from terminal cancer being counted as Covid-19 fatalities. Read More

09.16.20- America’s Wealth Gap Grows in the Post-COVID-19, K-Shaped Economic Recovery
Bill Bonner

“It feels like the world has changed so much. Just in the last six months. We’ll get home; but it won’t feel like home anymore.”

Thus spake the distaff half of the household, looking ahead to November. We’ve been holed up here in the Calchaquí Valley in Argentina for the last six months. We’re now hoping to get home to Baltimore for Thanksgiving. Read More

09.15.20- America Lives or Dies on the Moral Character of Her People
Justin O Smith

Don’t Let America Fade Into the Sunset!

America abandoned a pretty good system rather quickly with the onset of our first Civil,War, that led to a gradual dismantling of our federal system, under the idea of “liberal democracy”. But, the abandonment went to light-speed after 1913. and the rise of economic fascism, something that will be written about for years to come, assuming America doesn’t descend into those “thousand years of darkness” Reagan once spoke of regarding if America should ever lose Her way.  Read More

09.14.20- The US & Its Constitution Have
Two Months Left

Paul Craig Roberts

Bob Woodward writes that Trump’s Secretary of Defense, General James Mattis, and Trump’s Director of National Intelligence, Dan Coats, spoke together about taking “collective action” to remove President Trump from office. General Mattis said Trump is “dangerous. He’s unfit.”

This is the same thing that the Generals and the CIA said about President John F. Kennedy. Read More

09.12.20- Weekend Rant: The Plot Against Libya: An Obama-Biden-Clinton Criminal Conspiracy
Eric Draitser

The scorching desert sun streams through narrow slats in the tiny window. A mouse scurries across the cracked concrete floor, the scuttling of its tiny feet drowned out by the sound of distant voices speaking in Arabic. Their chatter is in a western Libyan dialect distinctive from the eastern dialect favored in Benghazi. Somewhere off in the distance, beyond the shimmering desert horizon, is Tripoli, the jewel of Africa now reduced to perpetual war. Read More

09.11.20- If You Feel Like Something Really, Really Bad Is About To Happen,
You Are Definitely Not Alone

Michael Snyder

If this is “the recovery”, what are things going to look like once economicconditions start to deteriorate again?  As you will see below, more than half of all households in some of our largest cities “are facing serious financial problems”, and Americans continue to file for unemployment benefits at a rate that the United States had never seen before prior to 2020.  When 695,000 workers filed for unemployment benefits during a single week in 1982, it established a record which stood for nearly 38 years.  But now we have been way above that old record for 25 weeks in a row.  On Thursday, we learned that another 884,000 Americans filed new claims for unemployment benefits last week… Read More

09.10.20- Economic War with China is the Final Step Before the “Great Reset”
Brandon Smith

With the pandemic dominating the news cycle, the general public has been completely distracted from a much more important crisis; namely, the economic crisis. To be sure, economic decay is not as swift or exciting, but I doubt that’s why the mainstream media mostly ignores the issue. From my experience, the media tends to omit coverage of the things they don’t want the population to notice or think about. Read More

09.09.20- This US Stock Bubble Could Rank Among The Biggest In History
Jason Junior

I am experiencing déjà vu. 

In 1988, as a young and inexperienced investor, I met a transportation analyst from Nomura. He explained how a midsized and heavily indebted railroad company owned land in Tokyo Bay. It had the potential to build a giant condominium complex on this land, thereby diversifying into the highly profitable real estate market. Read More

09.08.20- In the Footsteps of Rome: Maybe It No Longer Matters Who's Emperor
Charles Hugh Smith

Pretense and PR are not reality, and believing the Old Normal will magically be restored with sacrifice-free Federal Reserve printing is not an actual strategy.

Quick history quiz: who was the second-to-the-last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire? Read More

09.07.20- Do Any Lives Actually Matter?
Tim Kirby

If there is one expression that has defined the political arguments of 2020 it is Black Lives Matter and its many derivatives like All Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter and so on. But why is this the case? There is something in these statements that is very powerful, political and deeply ideological. Something about this reasoning is very effective. So, let’s take a look at its internal mechanics. Read More

09.05.20- Why We Are Facing The Biggest Election Nightmare In Modern American History No Matter Who Ends Up Winning
Michael Snyder

It looks like we are headed for the most chaotic presidential election in modern U.S. history.  According to some estimates, somewhere around 40 percent of all U.S. voters will vote by mail this year.  That means that tens of millions of votes will be going through the postal system, and that has the potential to create all sorts of problems.  For one thing, it is going to take a lot of extra time to open those ballots and count them.  For states that allow mail-in votes to be counted in advance, that shouldn’t delay final results by too much, but in other states we are facing the possibility of a nightmare scenario.  Read More

09.04.20- Big Government Is the Problem
Bill Bonner

SAN MARTIN, ARGENTINA – The funeral cortège headed straight across the field. The big, green tractor, too old and unreliable for much of the farm work, led the way.

It was dragging the body of one of the dead cows. Behind it, their heads low, followed a group of about 20 bovine mourners. Read More

09.03.20- Trump Orders Feds To Begin Process Of Defunding New York, Portland And Other "Lawless" Cities
Tyler Durden

The feud between Trump and liberal cities which encourage protests which seeking to defund the police escalated sharply on Wednesday, when the President ordered the federal government to begin the process of defunding New York City, Portland, Seattle and Washington, cities where officials allowed "lawless" protests and cut police budgets amid rising violent crime. Read More

09.02.20- Why Economics Cannot Be Understood through Experimentation
Frank Shostak

In the natural sciences, a laboratory experiment can isolate various elements and their movements. There is no equivalent in the discipline of economics…

In the natural sciences, a laboratory experiment can isolate various elements and their movements. There is no equivalent in the discipline of economics. The employment of econometrics and econometric model building is an attempt to create a laboratory where controlled experiments can be conducted. Read More

09.01.20- Deflation of the Citizenry's Hard Assets Will Be a Huge Buying Opportunity
for Insider Power Elites

Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D

The gravy train will have to stop at some point, but right now the global elites have pushed their chips on to the U.S. dollar and stocks... Read More

08.31.20- Why Affirmative Action Must Go
Michael S. Rozeff

A rather small number of black organizers and activists used the death of a black man, George Floyd, to accuse the country of systemic racism. Understood, there are always factions forming that promote their causes, but they do not win goodies for themselves unless certain factors are operating on their side. In this case, a whole bunch of American institutions rapidly knuckled under. Even if there is only feigned acceptance of what the BLM activists are selling, nonetheless, all sorts of people and organizations have been kissing ass. Suddenly, businesses and universities are promoting workshops and diversity training. All sorts of ridiculous social behavior are being promoted, and if you do not accept it as an employee or a student, you are asking for trouble. Read More

08.29.20-A Surprising Segment of Retirement Savers Just Turned Pessimistic
Peter Reagan

When you've worked all your life to save for retirement, the idea is you get to enjoy that retirement stress-free.

But that idea could soon get tossed out the window.

We've already covered how retirement for some savers may not last longer than five years. We've also covered how the Fed's response may eat away at the retirement savings of many Americans. Read More

08.28.20- Face masks make you stupid
Patrick Fagan

Why face masks are a form of dehumanisation

In Joost Meerloo’s analysis of false confessions and totalitarian regimes, The Rape of the Mind, he coins a phrase for the ‘dumbing down’ of critical resistance – menticide. “In the totalitarian regime,” he wrote, “the doubting, inquisitive, and imaginative mind has to be suppressed. The totalitarian slave is only allowed to memorise, to salivate when the bell rings. Read More

08.27.20- The Futility of Politics
Donald Jeffries

I’ve been a political junkie since at least the age of eleven, when I rooted with all my heart for Bobby Kennedy to win the Democratic Party presidential nomination. When RFK was assassinated, it absolutely crushed my young spirit. I think I realized even then that the good guys simply aren’t allowed to win.

Still, I remained keenly interested in the political world. During Watergate, as a high school student, I’m sure I exasperated most of my classmates with my nonstop anti- Nixon, burgeoning radical leftism. I also converted a few of them. In this regard, I guess I’m still doing the same thing; offending or persuading others. Read More

08.26.20- A Silver Mystery in Full View
Ted Butler

For those who have come to be convinced of the silver price manipulation, as well as those who remain unconvinced, I ask you to put aside all thoughts about derivatives trading, concentrated short positions and epic double crosses and think about something completely different. Please accept this as an open invitation in which no prior experience in matters related to sophisticated financial transactions is required and in which all that is needed is common sense and logical thinking. Read More

08.25.20- Older Americans Should Be Anti-Lockdown Activists
Jeffrey A. Tucker

It’s happened to quite a number of us. We write against the lockdowns for all the incredible economic, psychological, and institutional carnage they have caused, and how they have shattered our expectations of our rights and freedoms, and our presumptions about what government has the power to do to us. 

We can make a convincing case; we see no basis for disrupting social functioning in the event of a pandemic, no matter how terrible it is, as I’ve been writing since January 27, 2020. Indeed that original article assumed as a matter of argument that C-19 was going to be as bad as Ebola, which it very obviously is not. Read More

08.24.20- One Step Removed
Chris Martenson

Avoid the trap the system is setting to imprison you

Millions of people are about to enter a financial purgatory, becoming little more than modern-day slaves.

While they’ll be reported by the media as those “evicted” or “foreclosed on”, if we define a slave as someone forced to work for another by existing legal circumstances or approved cultural norms, then that’s exactly what these people should actually be called: slaves. Read More

08.22.20- The Economic Insanity of This Coronavirus Pandemic Plot and the Coming Global Reset
Gary D. Barnett

“Economic globalization creates wealth, but only for the elite who benefit from the surge of consolidations, mergers, global scale technology, and financial activity.”

Anita Roddick (2001). “Take It Personally: How to Make Conscious Choices to Change the World”, Harper Thorsons Read More

08.21.20- Our Systemic Drift to Collapse
Charles Hugh Smith

Thus do the lazy complacent passengers drift inexorably toward the cataracts of collapse just ahead.

The boat ride down to the waterfall of systemic collapse is not dramatic, it's lazy drifting: a lazy complacency that doing more of what worked in the past will work again, and an equally lazy disregard for how far the system has drifted from the point when things actually worked. Read More

08.20.20- 2021 Could Establish this “New Normal” for Social Security
Birch Gold Group

Thanks to a combination of economic factors that have been years (and decades) in the making, there isn’t much doubt that the Social Security program has been put in serious jeopardy.

To add fuel to the fire, some potential changes coming to SSA in 2021 might create a somewhat “new normal”.

Here’s what we mean… Read More

08.19.20- A Week of Wonders and Marvels
James Howard Kunstler

Don’t the Democrats know that we can do better than mail-in voting? How about a national show of hands? Say, around four p.m. on Tuesday, November 3 — just after lunch for west coasters and after nappy-time back east? Ready, set… hands up (don’t shoot!). Or maybe just a voice vote: all in favor of blank, say aye…. Wouldn’t that be the most heartwarming moment since Michael Jackson led the all-star chorus of We Are the World? Read More

08.18.20- Why the Death of Original Thought is Ushering in the New World Order
J.S. Kim

If there is a true pandemic afflicting the world today, it certainly is not the coronavirus. The true pandemic afflicting the world is the death of critical thought. In discussing the pandemic lockdown measures with friends, I’ve had one friend state an opinion that differs from the medical narrative being propelled by nearly every nation in the world to rationalize extreme economic lockdowns. Read More

08.17.20- Is Covid Coming For Your Job?
Adam Taggart

Laid off or fear you could be? Then read this.

How safe is your job?

Because despite the “Everything is Awesome!” mirage the financial markets are desperate to project, the real economy — you know, where people actually live their lives — is telling us a far darker story.

Tens of millions of US workers have lost their jobs since covid-19 arrived on America’s shores. Over 28 million people right now are currently filing to receive state & federal benefits: Read More

08.15.20- Weekend Rant: Tony Fauci and the Swine Flu disaster; betrayal of trust
 Jon Rappoport

I take you back to the summer of 2009, when the CDC and the World Health Organization were hyping the “deadly H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic.”

They were, of course, also urging people to take the new Swine Flu vaccine. On that subject, here is an excerpt from Robert Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense (3/27/20):

“For example, [Dr. Anthony] Fauci once shilled for the fast-tracked H1N1 influenza (‘swine flu’) vaccine on YouTube, reassuring viewers in 2009 that serious adverse events were ‘very, very, very rare.’ Read More

08.14.20- Democide: Understanding the State’s Monopoly on Violence and the Second Amendment
Sam Jacobs

Gun control is predicated on the belief that private citizens cannot be trusted with firearms. That the state should have a “monopoly on violence” because it is less violent than individuals. And that firearms should be taken away from private citizens because only the state is responsible enough to handle them.

There is a major problem with this: States are statistically far more violent than individuals. In the 20th century alone, 262 MILLION people died at the hands of their own governments. Read More

08.13.20- Don’t Live Your Life In a Bubble
Roger W. Koops

Dear Younger Generations;

I am writing to the younger generation. When you become an old-timer like me, anyone younger is of the younger generation. My focus is on the slightly more than half of the population of the U.S. who are younger than the age of 40, but this message is for those older as well. I write this because I, as a scientist, am very worried about what has become of the human species. In just a few short months, we have seen the species devolve into a panic-driven, irrational, hysterical species. Read More

08.12.20- Jim Rickards’ Blockbuster
Election Prediction

Jim Rickards

The presidential election is now less than three months away. A lot can happen in three months. But today I’m issuing a blockbuster election prediction that might shock you.

I’m not doing it to attract attention or to be controversial. I’m doing it because I believe the data point in that direction.

I’ll reveal my prediction in a moment. First let’s step back and look at the bigger picture. Read More

08.11.20- The State of the American Debt-Slaves Q2 2020: The Credit Card Phenomenon
Wolf Richter

Consumer debt to GDP spikes, but why did credit card balances plunge and new delinquencies decline?

OK, as I mentioned on Friday, things are a little crazy in the consumer-debt arena at the moment: No Payment, No Problem: Bizarre New World of Consumer Debt. But there is another aspect to it – that of the American debt-slaves themselves. And there are all kinds of things happening. Read More

08.10.20- EXPOSED: The Great Money Fiction
Brian Maher

Men spin myths as spiders spin webs…

Eve and Adam munched the apple, Zeus kinged Earth, Washington axed the cherry tree.

To these fantastic fictions we must add another:

Money and wealth are synonyms. Money is wealth and wealth is money. Read More

08.08.20- Things Going By
James Howard Kunstler

If this (first?) summer of Covid-19 has revealed anything about the current version of civilization, it’s the profound exhaustion of a culture reduced to going through the motions of its once-vital activities. A lot of things that we hope will come back are probably gone forever in the form we knew them, though they will eventually return in another configuration, reduced in scale, but perhaps finer in quality. Read More

08.07.20- The American History You’re Not Supposed to Know
Thomas DiLorenzo

Brion McClanahan’s new book, Southern Scribblings, contains sixty scholarly and eloquently-written essays about the American history you are not supposed to know.  The reason you are not supposed to know about it is America’s first cultural war that long preceded the current one and is still ongoing. Read More

08.06.20- Food Prices Rise To Dangerous Levels As “A Second Wave Of Layoffs”
Hits The U.S. Economy

Michael Snyder

You may have noticed that food prices have started to go up very aggressively.  I repeatedly warned my readers that this is precisely what would happen, and more price increases are on the way.  Fear of COVID-19 has sparked a tremendous amount of extra demand as Americans have feverishly stocked up their pantries, and at the same time the virus has made it very difficult for the major food companies to keep up.  Over the past several months we have seen a large number of food production facilities close down temporarily, food supply chains have been thrown into a state of chaos, and grocery stores have found it increasingly difficult to keep their shelves full. Read More

08.05.20- The Voluntary End of America
Due to a Coronavirus Hoax

Gary Barnett

Unemployment has surged to levels never before seen in this country, but not one politician has lost his job due to any lockdown. There were over 40 million job losses by the end of May due to government mandates, and this deliberately structured second phase plot will see that number continue to increase dramatically. Not only will many more lose their jobs, but also millions of those jobs will be lost permanently. How is it that those that created and implemented this fake pandemic, from the banking and corporate heads, the tax exempt foundations, the ‘health’ organizations and pharmaceutical companies, and the politicians that serve their interests, have been unaffected by this insanity? Read More

08.04.20- Are You Loving Your Servitude?
(Part 2)

Jim Quinn

In Part One of this article I laid out the argument Huxley’s dystopian vision of the future had played out over many decades, but now I observe Orwell’s darker vision in motion since the start of this century.

All the “solutions” being imposed by those in power don’t solve anything, because they aren’t designed to solve anything. These are nothing but short-term emergency sustaining maneuvers to keep the dying patient alive, while the criminals ransack his house, extracting whatever wealth he has saved. Read More

08.03.20- Are You Loving Your Servitude?
Jim Quinn

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.” ― Aldous Huxley, Brave New World

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” ― George Orwell, 1984  Read More

08.01.20- Make America Constitutional Again?
James Bovard

The American political system may be on the eve of its worst legitimacy crisis since the Civil War. Early warning signals indicate that many states could suffer catastrophic failures in counting votes in November. The election will occur amidst the vast economic devastation inflicted by a political class that responded to COVID by seizing almost unlimited power. And Deep State federal agencies have already proven that they will trample the law to sabotage election results. Read More

07.31.20- Keep Those Federal Troops out of American Cities
Ryan McMaken

The violence and the utter disregard for basic human rights displayed by the Left in recent years—combined with its support for war crimes when a Democrat is president—have made me inclined to play nice with conservatives these days. At least conservatives aren't planning to torch my neighborhood any time soon, and at the moment they're no worse than the Left on foreign policy.

On the other hand, sometimes even the relatively less bad guys (for now) come to some very dangerous conclusions. Read More

07.30.20- Culturally Appropriating the Word “Liberal”
Donald Jeffries

I became politically aware as a teenager in the mid-1970s. It was a different country, and a different world. America 1.0, as I like to call it. I gravitated naturally to the far Left side of the political spectrum. I was against all war. I thought the poor were getting a raw deal. I didn’t think blue-collar workers were being paid enough. I felt sympathy for the unjustly convicted and opposed the death penalty. I thought marijuana should be legalized. I believed our leaders should be focusing on the many domestic problems, instead of senseless foreign intervention. Read More

07.29.20- Big Tech commits MEDICAL TREASON by censoring doctors’ video revealing covid-19 CURE being suppressed by Big Pharma / Big Science fraudsters
Mike Adams

Big Tech, a massive criminal enterprise that colludes with Big Pharma to see Americans enslaved under a system of medical tyranny, has now committed an act of medical treason against all Americans.

They’ve blacklisted a powerful video of doctors presenting the solution to covid-19 that can save lives, end the pandemic and get America back to work right now. Read More

07.28.20- Four Months of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance
Heather Mac Donald

The following is adapted from a lecture delivered on June 18, 2020, for a Hillsdale College online symposium, “The Coronavirus and Public Policy.”

Over the last four months, Americans have lived through what is arguably the most consequential period of government malfeasance in U.S. history. Public officials’ overreaction to the novel coronavirus put American cities into a coma; those same officials’ passivity in the face of widespread rioting threatens to deliver the coup de grâce. Together, these back-to-back governmental failures will transform the American polity and cripple urban life for decades. Read More

07.27.20- When It Comes To Economic Suffering, Some Parts Of The U.S. Are Feeling It Far More Than Others
Michael Snyder

2020 has been a very tough year for the U.S. as a whole, but some portions of the country have been hit much harder than others.  For example, if you live in a rural area that hasn’t seen any civil unrest and that hasn’t been hit very hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, the way that you are living your life now may seem nearly unchanged from the way you were living your life in 2019.  But if you live in an urban area that has experienced endless protests and rioting and that has seen COVID-19 sweep through local neighborhoods like wildfire, your life in 2020 may look radically different from the way it looked in 2019. Read More

07.25.20- Eviction Moratorium Expires Today, Putting Millions Of Renters At Risk
Tyler Durden

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was able to stop evictions of renters during the coronavirus pandemic. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES) also made it unlawful for landlords to evict tenants in federally subsidized or federally backed housing. However, those protections are set to expire today (Friday, July 24). 

Washington D.C.-based think tank Urban Institute estimates the eviction moratorium, expiring today, could put more than 12.3 million renters at risk of losing their home. Read More

07.24.20- What if a Riot Comes Down
My Street?

T.S. in Ohio

A few weeks ago, I jumped on SurvivalBlog hoping to see discussions about the riots and good ideas being shared but I was very surprised with such a major disaster unfolding to see that there was barely a mention about the riots. (Sorry, I meant “mostly peaceful protests”!) But I was glad to see the discussion pick up a few days ago with the article titled: Is It Time to Worry? by Jim S. because I believe these riots and the groups behind them are the most “clear and present danger” that the citizens of America currently face. I believe that we preppers should be shifting our efforts in this direction. If you’re lucky enough to live on a 50-acre ranch in rural Idaho, then you may not be as concerned about a riot moving down your street, however the violent attempt to take away our freedom by these anarchists should be of serious concern to everyone. Read More

07.23.20- The Evils of Government Statistics
Brian Maher

The official unemployment rate is 11%. Yet we remind you:

The unemployment rate is but a statistic. And statistics are the damndest of all damnable lies.

Thus we wonder… What is the truthful unemployment rate?

Today we peer within official numbers, behind official numbers, beneath official numbers… in pursuit of a square answer. Read More

07.22.20- Hydroxychloroquine Should Be Available Over the Counter
John and Andy Schlafly

It is time to take the bull by the horns to conquer the Wuhan virus. Drastic action is necessary, like on December 8, 1941 after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

President Trump should order immediate public access to hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) by making the medication available over-the-counter (OTC). Liberals have interfered with public access to this medication for COVID-19 through the old-fashioned route of requiring a prescription and then having a pharmacist fill or reject the prescription. Read More

07.21.20- Now We Have Proof Dr. Fauci Is Full of Crap and Can't Be Trusted
Matt Margolis

According to a recent poll, two-thirds of voters trust Dr. Anthony Fauci, not President Trump, when it comes to information on the coronavirus.

Well, if you think you can trust Dr. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, you now have every reason to question his judgment. In an interview with PBS NewsHour, Dr. Fauci, the trusted expert, actually lauded New York’s response to the coronavirus. Read More

07.20.20- Dispatches from the War: Mr. Trump, deliver a knockout blow to the traitorous CDC
Jon Rappoport

“…against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

Let’s get domestic.

I promise you, Mr. President, if you send a hundred FBI agents into the CDC and remove millions of their files as evidence, you’ll discover this federal agency is entirely corrupt, and has been for decades.

While the Department of Justice prepares indictments, make a public declaration that your administration will ignore all their COVID case numbers and recommendations. They’re criminal liars. That’s their whole game. Read More

07.19.20- In America 2020, Truth is Being “Canceled
Steven Yates

Truth itself, not just history, is being “canceled” in America. It’s become a cliché that we live in a post-truth world. The situation is actually worse. We now live in a world in which truth and lies are almost perfectly inverted, so that lies pass for truth, while truth is denounced or mocked in a fashion that would have shocked even Orwell. Read More

07.17.20- The Social Justice Cult Really Hates Parler - Here's Why...
Brandon Smith

I have never been a fan of social media platforms, primarily because I realize most of them are operated by leftists and globalists with an antagonistic agenda. The idea of spending all the time and resources needed to build a following on these websites only to then have that work used against you as leverage to silence your viewpoints is not appealing. The more effort you put into sites like Twitter, the more dependent you become on it to get your message out, and the more dependent you become the more power the people at at these companies hold over you. Read More

07.16.20- Why The Civil War Wasn’t About Slavery
Dr. Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr.

From the 1870s to the late 1950s, there was an unofficial truce between the North and South. Each side recognized and saluted the courage of the other; it was conceded that the North fought to preserve the Union and because Old Glory had been fired on, and the Southerner fought for liberty and to defend his home; the two great heroes of the war were Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee; and the South admitted that slavery was wrong but never conceded that it was cruel. Read More

07.15.20- What is the real purpose
of the Lockdowns?

Renée Parsons

From masks to lockdowns to “social distancing”, do these anti-Covid measures serve another purpose?

If given the choice between maintaining a toxic world of fear, pollution and violence controlled by the State or a society of prosperity and compassion based on individual rights, there is little doubt that the majority of Americans would want the old paradigm of synthetic events to take a hike; except that choice has been distorted under the guise of what the World Health Organization has mislabeled the most deadly virus in history. Read More

07.14.20- Pandemic Compresses Brick & Mortar Meltdown: Brooks Brothers Files for Bankruptcy, Ascena (Ann Taylor, etc.) Prepares to File, Tailored Brands (Men’s Wearhouse, etc.) Not Far Behind
Wolf Richter

A dozen major brands, thousands of stores, after years of struggling. Work-from-home is annihilating casual and formal office attire. Read More

07.13.20- How You Can Prepare
for America’s Decline

Dan Denning

Last weekend was the 244th anniversary of the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. At this point, you have to wonder if America’s 244th birthday might be its last.

As Bill pointed out recently in his Diary, the good times in America probably peaked in the middle of the 20th century. How fast will the decline be? (More on how to prepare for that shortly.) Read More

07.11.20- Economic Cannibalism: What Millennials Don’t Know Will Hurt Everyone
Judith Acosta

As a conservative social worker, I stand out like a tar pit in a snowstorm. My family leans to the left like a genetic tower of Pisa and I live in a state that is heavily dependent on federal jobs. How this has happened is beyond me, but there it is. I’m surrounded. And baffled by what I hear. Read More

07.10.20- Armed Militias: Severe Madness - Markets Aren't Ready!
Lior Gantz

We believe that most market participants have just not realized HOW PROBLEMATIC the current situation really is. The global economy will prevail and resume growing and creating wealth, but that’s like saying that a climber will reach the summit of Mount Everest since he’s capable of doing so, even though he PRESENTLY has a BROKEN LEG and a cast on it. Read More

07.09.20- My Investigation of COVID-19
Jon Rappoport

This is one of those investigations in which you ask yourself, IS THE PHENOMENON, AS DESCRIBED, REAL? That’s where I started. At this point, I’ve written well over 150 articles about COVID-19.

And of course, the phenomenon is not real. Read More

07.08.20- "Pragmatism Is Out The Window, The Days Of Madness Are Upon Us"
Bill Blain

“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get..”

I used to think the “believe 6 impossible things before breakfast” line from Alice Through the Looking Glass was one of the funniest things ever written. Until this year.. I’ve come to understand it’s a statement of simple fact for this corona-addled age. I really can’t believe just how confused, conflicted, unfocused and distracted the various threads of society are becoming. Read More

07.07.20- Bye Bye American Pie
James Howard Kunstler

Way back in the 1950s, the popular euphemism to describe black children struggling in poverty was “underprivileged.” The elegant trope guided the nascent social services industry that reached full flower a few years later in Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty — a cause as lost, it turns out, as the War in Vietnam. The wonder is that it took seventy years for the race-and-gender faculty to come up with the corollary notion that white folks must be excessively privileged, and must be punished for their broken promise to bestow more privilege upon those lacking it. Read More

07.06.20- Hyperinflation: Absolutely EVERYTHING You Need To Know!
Lorimer Wilson

To wind up with true hyperinflation, some very bad things have to happen. The government has to completely lose control and the populace has to completely lose faith in the system – or both at the same time. Will the U.S. go down that path? Let’s review the situation. @A Financial Site For Sore Eyes & Inquisitive Minds. Read More

07.04.20- Trading and Investing America’s second Civil War
Global Intel Hub

A second civil war is brewing in America and by some accounts has already started.  Regardless of your opinion and proclivities you can't deny that things are going to get more chaotic before they become more stable.  War is always a volatile situation but we have extensive experience trading through wars.  This is an intelligence brief for traders and investors it is not meant to be a comprehensive guide or a particular recommendation. Read More

07.03.20- Investors Feel Bulletproof Again
Dan Amoss

Investors are ignoring the worst economic and earnings data since 2008. They’ve piled into risky assets in the hope that conditions will soon be back to normal.

But as much as we all hope for restoration to pre-coronavirus economic conditions, there are many reasons why the environment for stocks won’t be back to normal for much of 2020. Read More

07.02.20- Storm Warning
James Howard Kunstler

The USA has gone so crazy in these months of the coronavirus freak-out that an orgy of looting, arson, and murder, on top of epic job loss and business failure, propelled the stock markets up-up-and-away back to near-record highs.

Makes sense, right?

The market came down a bit towards the end of the week, but don’t worry. The Fed will make another announcement that it’s going to do something or other and presto, the market will be off to the races again. Read More

07.01.20- Trump's Next Move Could Mean EVERYTHING!
Robert David Steele

View Video

06.30.20- Surrounded by Government Failure, Why Do People Still Believe?
Veronique de Rugy

I am always amazed by the faith that people have in government. Scour the newspaper any day of the week and you will read stories detailing the many failures of the federal, state, and local governments or agencies, and of their stupendous ability to commit the same mistakes over and over again. Yet these agencies are the one that people turn to in times of troubles or needs.

Astonishing. Read More

06.29.20- The Four Steps to an Unstable and Corrupt America
Bill Bonner

Week 15 of the Quarantine

SALTA, ARGENTINA – We drove up to the capital city to take care of business. Argentina has the toughest lockdown in the world. Regular airline travel to Europe or America, for example, is not expected to resume until September.

But there are no cases of the virus in Salta. So it has been allowed to return to normal… almost. Read More

06.27.20- How Surging Bank Deposits May Collapse US Dollar
Peter Reagan

In another episode of “Strange 2020,” banks have become flush with deposits. But not in the way you might expect.

According to CNBC, “A record $2 trillion surge in cash has hit the deposit accounts of U.S. banks since the coronavirus first struck the U.S. in January.”

In one month, deposits grew by $865 billion, which beat the record for an entire year.  Read More

06.26.20- 2020 Economic Predictions: This Series of Unfortunate Events Guarantees the Epocalypse
David Haggith

Look at the plethora of problems in my list of 2020 economic predictions, which are so severe and so likely to get even worse that it’s more difficult to imagine they won’t get worse than to believe they will. Some are so bad that just a few of them would plunge us into an abyss of social and financial catastrophes.

Here are my economic predictions for the remainder of 2020

This list of economic predictions is not hard to come up with. It is, however, the fact that it is so easy to predict these things this year that makes this year’s list so important. Read More

06.25.20- Five places that should boom from the coming Covid migration
Simon Black

Today’s the day.

Across the Land of the Free, and much of the world, local governments are finally starting to allow businesses to re-open and employees to come back to the office.

Offices in New York City opened this morning for the first time in months, after Comrade Mayor Bill de Blasio’s politburo finally approved the policy. Read More

06.24.20- Life is getting harder for debt collectors, and that is bad news for borrowers
Walter E. Block

According to Kathy Kraninger, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, help for beleaguered debtors is in the offing. The new rules would limit the number of calls that can be made to debtors by collectors.

The collectors would be required to furnish the debtors with their options, ability to dispute claims made against them, provide more information to them, etc. Read More

06.23.20- I, Who Hates Shorting, Just Shorted the Entire Stock Market. Here’s Why
Wolf Richter

I’m sharing this trade for your future entertainment so you can hail me as the obliterating moron that infamously shorted the greatest rally floating weightlessly ever higher above the worst economic and corporate crisis imaginable.

I hate shorting. The risk-reward relationship is out of whack. It feels crappy. I lost a ton of money shorting the worst highfliers a little too early in late 1999. It’s just nuts to short this market that is even crazier than in late 1999. But this morning, I shared in a comment in our illustrious comment section that I’d just shorted the SPDR S&P 500 ETF [SPY]. My time frame is several months. Read More

06.22.20- Crimes Against Common Sense
Diane Dimond

What the hell is going on in this country? When did we, the majority, stop speaking up for ourselves? Crimes against common sense seem to happen every week, yet most of us stay silent.

Or is it that the media only highlights those who scream the loudest, leaving the impression that what they demand must be implemented? Read More

06.20.20- Fake News Is Manipulating the Markets
Teeka Tiwari

Fake news… It’s everywhere. But it’s not a new story…

As a young stockbroker, I read how the great speculators of the early 1900s would float negative stories. They’d crash shares so they could cash in on short positions.

Others would whisper bullish stories into the ears of clueless newsmen so they could dump overpriced shares onto the public.

From Jay Gould to Jesse Livermore, Wall Street’s history is littered with moneymen playing the media for personal profit. Given there were no rules governing stock trading back then, it was easy for them to move stock prices. Read More

06.19.20- Black Lives Matter is a Modern Totalitarian Revolution
Douglas V. Gibbs

If we allow the Black Lives Matter movement to become America’s Bolshevik Revolution, we will lose our liberty, and many of us will likely lose our lives, as well, for daring to question them. This was never about racism. It has been about power…

Classic totalitarian regimes share a number of common characteristics. The rise of these regimes began with a cultural revolution, aimed at angering the citizens against the current system.  Read More

06.18.20- Meanwhile, Back In The Real World...
Bill Blain

Yet, the bottom line is the virus will pass. The global economy, led by the US, has bounced off the bottom of the COVID shock, and is now posting gains off the lows. The numbers will probably confirm the economic nadir was sometime in April. Is it now Recovery? Not yet. Normalisation? No. 

Recovery is the wrong word. After 3 months of lockdown, consumers are out in force, industrial production is rising, activity is increasing. It feels like the first glimmers of spring have arrived. Problem is… we’re nearly half-way through the year! A lot has been missed and lost forever. Consumption and production are rising – but are nowhere near where they would be if things were normal. Growth remains fettered by the ongoing virus hurdles.  Read More

06.17.20- Wall Street Greed Will Make This Asset Skyrocket
Teeka Tiwari

For years, I’ve been telling my readers there’s a new narrative emerging on Wall Street.

This story is still being written… and it won’t be finished overnight. But it’s unfolding in front of your very eyes.

Back in January 2019, I said it would be the year of Wall Street greed. This was right on the heels of the brutal 2018 Crypto Winter.

Here’s what I wrote back then…Read More

06.16.20- NPR: “Mounting Evidence” Suggests COVID Not As Deadly as Thought. Did the Experts Fail Again?
Stephanie Landsman

The 'experts' may have subjected us to a blunder greater than any since the Iraq War.

In April 2005, Charles Duelfer, the CIA’s top weapons inspector in Iraq, admitted in the CIA’s final report that after an extensive search, no weapons of mass destruction could be found. Read More

06.15.20- Second Amendment now ACTIVATED: Defend your history, your cities and your nation… Patriot groups plan July 4th “retake” of downtown Seattle
Mike Adams

The Second Amendment, America’s natural immune system against tyranny and terrorism, is now activated.

The rise of Black Lives Matter terrorism and their seizing of downtown Seattle through the use of violence, demands a law-and-order response. But the feckless Mayor of Seattle kowtows to the terrorists, and the Governor of Washington is a Soros-controlled left-wing puppet who relishes in the idea of America being destroyed. Read More

06.13.20- We Don't Need No Stinking Vaccine For COVID-19
Tyler Durden

A Glaring Omission

With the 24/7 media circus coverage of Covid-19 I find it particularly interesting that there is an obvious glaring omission of some extremely important facts relative to dealing with a virus, especially one that is allegedly so virulent like this one. Yes, I read all about the critical need to shelter in place, stay inside away from other people, wash your hands constantly, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, wear your face mask and by all means observe social distancing if you MUST venture outside for food! Read More

06.12.20- Unstoppable: The Greatest Depression and the Reverse Wealth Effect
Charles Hugh Smith

We are entering The Greatest Depression because there is no exit.

I'll try to summarize all this as simply as possible:

1. The global economy's cost structure has been fatally distorted by central bank policies of inflating asset bubbles and reducing interest rates to near-zero.

2. Earnings from labor have stagnated or eroded since the era of globalization / financialization took off around 2000. Read More

06.11.20- Rent Strikes, the Erosion of Property Rights, and What Comes Next
Doug Casey

International Man: In recent months, “rent strikes” have emerged in many cities. There has also been an increasing number of politicians suggesting they’ll pass laws to force landlords to “cancel rent.”

What is your take on this?

Doug Casey: Property rights are basic to human rights. In fact, it doesn’t make any sense to talk about human rights unless you talk about property rights. Read More

06.10.20- May 2020 Jobs Report Highlights Disconnect Between Wall Street, Main Street
Bill Bonner

Week 13 of the Quarantine

SAN MARTIN, ARGENTINA – It was like waking up from a bad dream. As if the last 90 days had never happened…

…No COVID-19… no lockdown… no 20 million job losses… no market crash… no $3 trillion in new money-printing… no $4 trillion budget deficit… Read More

06.09.20- Just Like That, Gun Control Support and COVID-19 Died This Week
Clarice Feldman

After watching hundreds (including Michigan Governor Whitmer and other political figures who placed the rest of us in lockdowns) marching, screaming shouting -- without social distancing and often without masks -- it’s going to be hard to persuade us that even normal social contact will infect us and those around us with COVID-19. After watching the police hamstrung by these same politicians as their cities were looted and burned and they and civilians were severely injured and killed, gun sales are soaring. Read More

06.08.20- The Systemic Collapse Of The US Society Has Begun
The Saker

I have lived in the United States for a total of 24 years and I have witnessed many crises over this long period, butwhat is taking place today is truly unique and much more serious than any previous crisis I can recall.

And to explain my point, I would like to begin by saying what I believe the riots we are seeing taking place in hundreds of US cities are not about. They are not about: Read More

06.06.20- Crime Is Crime
Robert Gore

You can fool most of the people most of the time, but you can’t fool reality any of the time.

The reigning chaos reflects perfectly what passes for thought in millions of minds. Minds that have been taught that reality is whatever one believes it to be. That reason is a superstition and is inferior to random feelings and emotions. That observation, hypotheses, experimentation, discovery, and science itself are akin to voodoo rituals. That consumption precedes production and is morally superior to it. That anyone’s work, income and wealth are subject to anyone else’s proclaimed need. That actions have no consequences. Read More

06.05.20- My Stream of Consciousness Thoughts About What’s Going On
Ray Dalio

With racial prejudice, protests and riots arising from the murder of George Floyd, and attempts to maintain law and order grabbing headlines, I was asked, and feel a compelling need, to share my thoughts about what’s going on. So I will do that. However, at this time there are too many thoughts running through my mind for me to express adequately, so I beg your indulgence as I share them with you in a stream of consciousness way. Read More

06.04.20- Fiddling While America Burns
Donald Jeffries

Thus far, 2020 has been a sci-fi dystopian nightmare. Six months ago, how many people would have believed the images of human beings wearing masks everywhere, while carefully keeping six feet apart from each other? Who could have imagined something like “social distancing?”

But within the last week, the COVID-19 production has been replaced by nationwide riots, ignited by white Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin grinding his knee into the neck of an alleged forger, George Floyd, long enough to kill him. Read More

06.03.20- That Change You Requested…?
James Howard Kunstler

All the previous incidents of white cops killing blacks were just too ambiguous to seal the deal. Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri (a murky business); Tamir Rice in Cleveland (waving the BB gun that looked like a .45 automatic); Trayvon Martin (his killer George Zimmerman was not a cop and was not “white”); Eric Garner, Staten Island (black policewoman sergeant on the scene didn’t stop it); Philandro Castile, Minneapolis, (the cop was Hispanic and the vic had a gun). Even the recent February killing of jogger Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia, had some sketchy elements (did Arbery try to seize the shotgun?) — YouTube has scrubbed the video (?) — and then it took months for the two white suspects (not cops) to be arrested. Read More

06.02.20- Do Conservatives Really Believe that an Unconstitutional Law Is No Law?
Laurence M. Vance

I see that all manner of conservatives are saying in response to the draconian lockdowns across the country that an unconstitutional law is no law. They are praising district attorneys, sheriffs, and local police for saying that they won’t enforce the decrees of state governors. Some conservatives are advocating rebellion and civil disobedience. Their focus, of course, is mainly on states with Democratic governors. But it is typical of conservatives not to criticize Republicans too much. Read More

06.01.20- Ecuadorian President: World Leaders Asvised to Take Hydroxychloroquine
Joseph P. Farrell

I know, I know, we’re all tired of hearing about the story no one wants to talk about. We’re tired of the social engineering of the manipulated memes of “wear a mask” and “social distancing,” and of dirty doctors connected to the Baal and Malicious Gates Foundation trying to set policy for how, when, and under what circumstances churches may open and worship. I have a couple of words for said people: anathema fiat (and I mean that). Read More

05.30.20- Who’ll Stop the Rain?
Gary Christenson

From John Fogerty:

“Long as I remember,

The rain been comin’ down,

Clouds of mystery pourin’

Confusion on the ground.

Good men through the ages

Tryin’ to find the sun.

And I wonder,

Still I wonder

Who’ll stop the rain.” Read More

05.29.20- 70% Depopulation Of The U.S. Predicted By 2025
Bill Sardi

Many people are asking, what is the endgame of this contrived coronavirus epidemic?  What is government attempting to accomplish?  Complete control of individuals? Total destruction of private enterprise? Abolishment of Constitution protections? Foment racial discord?  Outlaw guns?  Demolish religion?  Sweep the President from office?  Cull the world’s human population?  Yes, all of those are likely objectives.  And to realize how fragile our freedoms are, this was all done in a period of one week.  And a fearful population fully cooperated, voluntarily at first, and eventually by mandate.  Now, can America ever get fearful workers to come out of hibernation and go back to work? Read More

05.28.20- Where Did My World Go?
Paul Craig Roberts

Change Is Not Always Progress

I remember when there was no tamper-proof and child-proof packaging.  That was before multiculturalism and Identity Politics when we could still trust one another and parents accepted responsibility for their children without fobbing it off on a company with a liability claim. Read More

05.27.20- COVID Vaccine: What Else Could They Put in the Shot?
Jon Rappoport

There has never been a greater opportunity to deploy one vaccine against so many people. So it’s certainly not out of line to consider a “dual use.”

I have already covered the devastating effects of experimental RNA/DNA vaccine technologies—both of which could be launched with a COVID vaccine. Putting that aside for the moment, could the vaccine serve another purpose? Read More

05.25.20- Moderna and the COVID Vaccine: What Kind of Lunacy?
Jon Rappoport

“It’s completely correct to say that NIAID will reap a profit on the Moderna/NIAID vaccine. There are 6 NIAID scientists who work for Dr. Fauci, each of whom would get $150,000/year indefinitely as their reward. So that’s $900,000 to his subordinates every year in perpetuity.” Mary Holland, General Counsel, Children’s Health Defense

Would you buy a used car from the company called Moderna?

The US government has shelled out $500 million to this Massachusetts-based biotech firm for a COVID vaccine.

Based on what? Read More

05.23.20- The Path To Monetary Collapse
Alasdair Macleod

Few mainstream commentators understand the seriousness of the economic and monetary situation, ranging from a V-shaped rapid return to normality towards a more prolonged recovery phase.

The fact that a liquidity crisis developed in US money markets five months before the virus hit America has been forgotten. Only a rising gold price stands testament to a deeper crisis, comprised of contracting bank credit while central banks are trying to rescue the economy, fund government deficits and keep the market bubble inflated. Read More

05.22.20- Social Security Has a Big COLA Problem (Oh, And It May Be Insolvent
in 9 Years)

Peter Reagan

Back in February, we reported that next year’s Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) from Social Security may get “infected” by coronavirus, thanks mainly to inflation.

We suggested the COLA would not be enough to cover increased prices. And it appears that’s been accurate so far this year, as food inflation almost doubled from March to April, increasing from 1.9% to 3.5%. Read More

05.21.20- Did the Lockdown Save Lives?
Jeffrey A. Tucker

For two to three months, Americans have suffered the loss of liberty, security, and prosperity in the name of virus control. The psychological impact has been beyond description. We thought we could count on basic rights and freedoms. Then over a few days in March, it all ended in ways hardly anyone could believe possible. Read More

05.20.20- “Free Money”: Most Americans Want The Government To Issue
More Stimulus Checks

Michael Snyder

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money that will herald the end of the republic.”  That is a direct quote from Benjamin Franklin, and it has turned out to be quite prophetic.  Today, most of our politicians are socialists whether they accept that label or not, and the American people have come to expect the government “to do something for them” whenever any sort of a crisis comes along.  In response to this COVID-19 pandemic, Congress has borrowed and spent trillions more dollars that we do not have, and most Americans have been quite thrilled to receive their “stimulus checks”. Read More

05.19.20- Beware The CoronaNazis
Bill Blain

We learn and adapt quickly. 

Business and markets are arbitraging government support packages and central bank QE Infinity to stay “insanely high” despite the massive economic hit of the virus. If the proverbial Martian visited the stock market today, he’d struggle to understand just why markets are so high when prospects look so low. Read More

05.18.20- Police State Dry Run a Huge Success
Carol Brown

When the coronavirus landed on our shores, communist China came with it. 

We have become part of a mass scale human experiment in government control and it turned out that stripping away our freedom wasn’t all that difficult. Under the guise of concern for our health and well-being, tyrants came out of the woodwork.  Our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our lives are being destroyed as the left solidifies and expands their oppressive powers. We’ve been herded around like cattle, threatened, isolated, confined, silenced, and arrested. You name it, it’s happening. Read More

05.16.20- Tasting the Forbidden Fruit
of Free Money

MN Gordon

Has anyone given credit to the coronavirus for exposing the general folly of our time?  We’ve yet to find mention of it.  Not even on the web.  Here we shall do our part to give proper credit where credit is due.

Numerous stimulus proposals are currently being cooked up in Congress.  In an election year, with unemployment going vertical, now’s the time to cash in on populist sentiments.  The three leading bills, for example, are the Automatic Boost to Communities (ABC) Act, the Emergency Money for the People Act, and the Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act.  Read More

05.15.20- The U.S. Is Caught In An Economic Death Spiral, And One Group Is Being Hit Particularly Hard…
Michael Snyder

Many have been warning for years that our economic bubble would eventually burst and that a collapse was inevitably coming, but the ferocity of this new economic crisis has caught just about everyone off guard.  And even though some states have been attempting to “reopen” their economies in recent days, the job loss tsunami just continues to roll on.  Prior to this year, the all-time record for the most new unemployment claims in a single week was 695,000.  That record was set all the way back in 1982, and it had survived all the way until 2020.  Read More

05.14.20- Fourth Turning Accelerating
Towards Climax

Jim Quinn

“At some point, America’s short-term Crisis psychology will catch up to the long-term post-Unraveling fundamentals. This might result in a Great Devaluation, a severe drop in the market price of most financial and real assets. This devaluation could be a short but horrific panic, a free-falling price in a market with no buyers. Or it could be a series of downward ratchets linked to political events that sequentially knock the supports out from under the residual popular trust in the system. As assets devalue, trust will further disintegrate, which will cause assets to devalue further, and so on. Every slide in asset prices, employment, and production will give every generation cause to grow more alarmed.” – Strauss & Howe – The Fourth Turning Read More

05.13.20- 'Social Distancing' Is Snake Oil,
Not Science

William Sullivan

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York says that it’s “shocking” to discover that 66 percent of new hospitalizations appear to have been among people “largely sheltering at home.” 

“We thought maybe they were taking public transportation,” he said, “but actually no, because these people were literally at home.”

“Much of this comes down to what you do to protect yourself,” he continues.  “Everything closed down, government has done everything it could, society has done everything it could.” Read More

05.12.20- Market Insights From May 2021: Remembering The End Of The Beginning Of The End
Bill Blain

“Sell in May – oh don’t bother – you are already away…” 

It’s just over a year since 20mm Americans lost their jobs in a single month and United Airline’s failed $2 bln bond issue in the first week of May 2020 became the unstable pebble that triggered the most devastating landslide in financial market history.  Read More

05.11.20- Former JPMorgan Economist:
We Are Heading Towards A Weimar Republic Inflation Setup

Tyler Durdwn

The everything bubble

Readers will have anticipated the bursting of the bubble that has been re-inflating ever since 2009. Ultra-loose monetary policy, coupled with deflationary pressures from increased aggregate supply and investors chasing yield at ever higher risk, meant that almost all asset classes had reached all time highs just before entering the current bear market. Read More

05.09.20- Time To Learn About Money
Alasdair Macleod

An unexpected destruction of fiat currency has been advanced by the monetary and fiscal response to the coronavirus. Financial markets have yet to discount the possibility of such an outcome, but in the coming months they are likely to awaken to this danger.

The question arises as to what will replace fiat currencies. In the past the answer has always been gold but today there are cryptocurrencies as well, whose enthusiasts are more aware than most of fiat money’s failings. Read More

05.08.20- Beware of the Bear. He is Soon Back.
Egon Von Greyerz

As the world economy is about to implode, very few investors realise what will hit them. The dip buyers of stocks don’t understand that it really is different this time as the world is now facing the biggest destruction of wealth in history. Stocks, bonds, and property are likely to decline by at least 95% in real terms in the next few years. With both sovereign and private defaults, many bonds will go to zero and interest rates to infinity.

We are not just talking about the US and Europe but the whole world, including China, Japan, and emerging markets. This will clearly involve a very unpleasant and disorderly reset leading to great suffering.  Read More

05.07.20- The Great Myth of “Small Government”
Brian Maher

“At this point,” says a New York Times editorial column, “even many Republicans acknowledge that the era of small government is over.”

We have no doubt they do. But how can an era end… if it never began?

No Republican in current practice has lived one day in an era of small government. Read More

05.06.20- Bubble-Wrapped Americans: How the U.S. Became Obsessed with Physical and Emotional Safety
Sam Jacobs

“In America we say if anyone gets hurt, we will ban it for everyone everywhere for all time. And before we know it, everything is banned.”

 Professor Jonathan Haidt

It’s a common refrain: We have bubble-wrapped the world. Americans in particular are obsessed with “safety.” The simplest way to get any law passed in America, be it a zoning law or a sweeping reform of the intelligence community, is to invoke a simple sentence: “A kid might get hurt.” Read More

05.05.20- Millennials Are Creating Massive Demand for Crypto
Teeka Tiwari

On January 5, the World Health Organization reported that Wuhan, China, was seeing a “cluster of pneumonia cases of unknown cause.”

A week later, COVID-19 claimed its first reported death.

Today, there are more than 3.5 million global cases and over 248,000 deaths. In the United States alone, more than 1 million have been infected and over 67,000 have died during the pandemic. Read More

05.04.20- Why Sweden Has Already Won The Debate On COVID-19 "Lockdown" Policy
Patrick Henningson

As Europe and North America continue suffering their steady economic and social decline as a direct result of imposing "lockdown" on their populations, other countries have taken a different approach to dealing with the coronavirus threat. You wouldn’t know it by listening to western politicians or mainstream media stenographers, there are also non-lockdown countries. They are led by Sweden, Iceland, Belarus, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Surprisingly to some, their results have been as good or better than the lockdown countries, but without having to endure the socio-economic chaos we are now witnessing across the world. For this reason alone, Sweden and others like them, have already won the policy debate, as well as the scientific one too. Read More

05.02.20- Weekend Rant: War on Cash
Kicking Into Overdrive

Jim Rickards

In the depths of the 2008–09 financial crisis, Obama’s first chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, remarked that one should never let a good crisis go to waste. You probably recall him saying that.

He was referring to the fact that crises may be temporary but hidden agendas are permanent. Read More

05.01.20- About One-Fifth Of All The Jobs In The U.S. Are Already Gone, And This Economic Depression Is Just 6 Weeks Old
Michael Snyder

In all of U.S. history we have never seen anything like this.  I have been sitting at my desk for quite a while searching for the proper words to convey the gravity of what we are facing, and to be honest it has been quite a struggle.  On Thursday, we learned that another 3.8 million Americans filed initial claims for unemployment benefits last week.  That was much higher than many experts were anticipating, because by now the initial surge of unemployment caused by the coronavirus lockdowns should have started to fade quite a bit.   Read More

04.30.20- What happens when you cancel rent, mortgages, and debt?
Joe Jarvis

In Ancient Greece around 600 BC the commoners had fallen into heavy debt.

First they mortgaged their land, and delivered the majority of their crops to the lender.

But after a bad harvest, the farmers needed to borrow more in order to afford another planting.  Read More


04.29.20- We Are Fighting a Public Health Crisis, Not a War
Bill Bonner

SAN MARTIN, ARGENTINA – “The last flight out” was how it was described in the email.

The U.S. embassy in Buenos Aires notified us yesterday that it had organized a flight to Miami. It is scheduled to leave tomorrow.

But why the “last flight?” we wondered. Then we got the news.

Argentina has banned until September ticket sales for commercial flights, according to a decree published on Monday, in a new measure the government said is part of its coronavirus response.  Read More

04.28.20- Are You Ready For The Great Depression Of The 2020s?
Michael Snyder

For those of you that were expecting just a “deep recession”, I am afraid that you are going to be very disappointed.  It took years for the U.S. economy to fully unravel in the 1930s, but now we have witnessed a similar level of economic devastation in just a matter of weeks.  More than 26 million Americans have already lost their jobs, economic activity has come to a standstill, people are lining up for miles at food banks all over the nation, and businesses are being permanently shuttered at a staggering pace.  But the good news is that some states will attempt to “reopen” their economies in the weeks ahead. Read More

04.27.20- Moving Out and Not Coming Back
Jim Geraghty

On the menu today: The possibility of another wave of Americans moving out of the big cities, the likelihood of some future pandemic further down the road, and how the Red America–Blue America divide is likely to be altered when we emerge from this crisis.

Yesterday on my work Facebook page, a reader asked, “Why is it that the places Covid-19 show up the most are in Democrat controlled areas?” As much as I’d like to believe that all the troubles in the world can eventually be traced back to Bill de Blasio, I responded, “Probably because ‘the places it shows up the most’ are large densely-packed cities with a lot of international and domestic air travel and high use of mass transit, where Democrats have been winning elections more than Republicans for at least a generation and in many cases several generations.” Read More

04.25.20- On Quarantines and Trees, Pencils, Technology, Art and Music
Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Due to some sustained winds, I had a large limb of a sizable ash tree blown down. And, in consideration of the Emerald Ash Borer, which is sort of the COVID-19 of ash trees complete with its own federal quarantine regulations, I decided not to save the tree.  Instead, I chose to cut it down in 18-inch chunks, stack it, and let it season in the round.  Then, as needed, I’ll split it and restack it prior to its ultimate delivery into my high-efficiency wood burner on some crisp winter day. Read More

04.24.20- Narrative Insanity
Karl Denninger

Oh really, now you figure it out?

You needed a study to go through the NY daily Covid death report and figure out that if you didn't have one of the underlying conditions they specifically listed your risk of being killed by this bug was roughly equal to your all-cause mortality -- that is, of no particular concern at all?

Or do you need a study to know that anywhere from a quarter to a half or more of the mortality from this bug came from nursing home patients, when in fact the first big "oh oh" was in a nursing home in Washington State? Read More

04.23.20- How Could This Possibly Happen?
Brian Maher

We exist in a time of “firsts”…

A microbe shutters the global economy for the first occasion in history… the stock market careens from bull market to bear market in record time… never have so many millions filed for unemployment in so short a stretch… Read More

04.22.20- Human Lab Rats: The U.S. Government’s Secret History of Grisly Experiments
John W. Whitehead

“They were monsters with human faces, in crisp uniforms, marching in lockstep, so banal you don't recognize them for what they are until it's too late.” — Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

I have never known any government to put the best interests of its people first, and this COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. Read More

04.21.20- End Occupational Licensure
Walter E. Block, Ph.D.

In the bad old medieval days there were masters, journeymen and apprentices. This guild system controlled many occupations. If you wanted to enter any of them you had to be approved of by the powers that were.

The same sort of thing took place in bad old India under British rule. There was that scene in the movie “Gandhi” in which numerous of his followers were brutalized as they approached the sea. What was that all about?  The colonial powers had reserved salt-making for the crown. Gandhi did not quite buy into this prohibition. His supporters were attempting to violate this stricture and were subjected to ruthless beatings to quell their protest. Read More

04.20.20- The Locked Down World
Donald Jeffries

Not much more than a month ago, the various countries of the world were meandering along, mired in corruption, poverty, injustice, unfairness, and all the other niceties of modern civilization. The gap between the rich and the poor was ever widening. Freedom was something America in particular boasted about.

But within the period of a just a few weeks last month, virtually the entire world went on lock down. No police were needed. No troops were needed. Not a single shot was fired. When the dust had settled, healthy people everywhere were being quarantined within their homes. Voluntarily Read More

04.18.20- Investing Is Now Simple
Brian Maher

The raging pandemic has served one high and worthy purpose:

It has made obvious — to all with open eyes — that the stock market is a crook’s game, a vast swindle.

How else could the stock market regain so many of its initial pandemic losses… while 16 million Americans file unemployment claims… and second-quarter GDP may contract 40%? Read More

04.17.20- Is Nassim Taleb "The Only Man
That Has A Clue"?

Raul Ilargi Meijer

Today, I’m going to try to show you how and why we know that in the case of a pandemic like the one we’re in, surrounded by doubts and uncertainties, there are still a series of measures that we can and, more importantly, must take. But also, how these measures are hardly ever taken, and if they are, not in the correct fashion. This has to date led us into a ton of preventable misery and death. If only we would listen. And there’s still more we can do to prevent more mayhem, there is at every step of the process. Read More

04.16.20- Worst Recession in 150 Years
Jim Rickards

The stock market had another big day today, spurred by the Fed’s massive recent liquidity injections.

But you really shouldn’t be terribly surprised by the rally. Even the worst bear markets see substantial bouncebacks. And you can expect the market to give back all of its recent gains in the months ahead as the economic fallout of the lockdowns becomes apparent. Read More

04.15.20- Epidemiologist: Coronavirus Could Be “Exterminated” If Lockdowns Are Lifted
Mac Slavo

Finally, we have begun to hear solutions that don’t require the government to enslave the population and people to give up their basic human rights in order to fight COVID-19.  One epidemiologist has now said that if we want to “exterminate” the coronavirus, lockdowns will need to be lifted immediately.

Knut Wittkowski, previously the longtime head of the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design at the Rockefeller University in New York City, said in an interview with the Press and the Public Project that the coronavirus could be “exterminated” people were allowed to lead normal lives. Read More

04.14.20- The Epocalypse is Different This Time, Yet Much as Predicted
David Haggith

Four years after the following lead-in article to my Epocalypse series was written, it is coming true before your eyes. Some of it came true right after it was written. Most is happening now. You can see the events it describes overtaking us in all the ways it laid out, and you can go back to the original to verify I haven’t changed it.

The following article is verbatim from my original lead-in to the Epocalypse series I wrote with just a few comments or updated words added in brackets so you can tell exactly what’s been changed — and an additional quote [also noted as additional in brackets]. Read More

04.13.20- Welcome to your new Freedoms: “Shoot them dead”
Simon Black

In the words of Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff to BarackObama, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Emanuel first said this during the 2008/2009 financial crisis… meaning that politicians can use a crisis as an opportunity to push through radical ideas that would otherwise never be accepted. Read More

04.11.20- Soaring Food Prices May Signal U.S. Return to “Inflation Nation”

The monetary “moon shot” taken by the Federal Reserve two weeks ago – in which they committed to adding an historic amount of liquidity to the markets – appears to have set the stage for some potentially nasty price inflation in the coming weeks and years.

In the near term, it appears some food prices are rising dramatically. Robert Wenzel explains why he thinks the first signs are happening: Read More

04.10.20- 14 Ways to Be Civilly Disobedient in the Face of the Corona Ban
Allan Stevo

Let’s face it, these corona shelter-in-place orders are illegal and ineffective. Politicians, however, aren’t just going to back down over such a grandiose idea. They need to be pushed. The bigger the government mistake, the harder it is to kill. And the corona bans need to be killed if they are going to die.

Case in point, even the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, more than two weeks ago, acknowledged that the hasty and heavy-handed corona ban may have backfired, saying “If you re-thought that or had time to analyze that public health strategy, I don’t know that you would say ‘Quarantine everyone.’” Yet the corona ban remains firmly in place in New York. Read More

04.09.20- Know Your Rights Under Martial Law: Regulations, WEAPONS
Tennille Shelley

While Martial Law is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution, the suspension of habeas corpus is mentioned, which basically explains the idea behind one of the main consequences of martial law: the suspension of your right not to be held against your will without just cause. In the normal function of everyday law and order, it is unconstitutional to be held against your will without good cause. In the normal context of law and order to legally arrest you and put you in jail, the courts must issue what is called a “writ of habeas\corpus” – which requires those who are holding you to provide the court with a necessary reason for doing so. If Martial Law is implemented, habeas corpus is suspended and you’re basically left at the mercy of Military Justice. Read More

04.08.20- A New World Is Being Born:  
What Will It Be?

Paul Craig Roberts

We are hearing from many that the world after Covid-19 will be different.  The question is:  Different in what way?  Will it be better or worse?

Elites are working to make it better for them, and worse for the rest of us.  About that the evidence is clear.  The Big Boys are being bailed out and their debts covered.  Everyone else, except those already marginalized and without a recent work record and fixed address, got a month’s rent and extended unemployment benefits. Read More

04.07.20- Blame the Baby Boomers
James Howard Kunstler

History will probably record that America’s Baby Boom generation threw one helluva party; Gen X was left with the sorry task of cleanup crew; and the Millennials ended up squatting in the repossessed haunted party-house when it was all over. On behalf of the Boomers, let me try to explain and apologize.

We came along at the end of history’s earlier biggest trauma, the Second World War, following the hard stumble of the Great Depression — which, by the way, for those of you unsure of chronology, followed the First World War, an epic, purposeless slaughter that utterly demoralized Western civilization. What a set-up for my parents’ generation. Read More

04.06.20- Food Banks Warn They Will Soon Run Out Of Food As Economic Suffering Explodes All Over America
Michael Snyder

What are hungry Americans going to do when the food banks don’t have any more food for them?  Over the past couple of weeks, we have witnessed the largest spike in unemployment in all of U.S. history.  Since most of those workers did not have any sort of a cushion to fall bank on, a lot of of them have been forced to seek out emergency assistance for themselves and their families almost immediately. Read More

04.04.20- Testing for DNA...Er...
I Mean Corona Virus

Joseph P. Farrell

Someone who wishes to remain so Anonymous that they don’t even want me to use their initials spotted this article and passed it along. It has me wondering, and doubtless, will have you wondering too.

This intrigues me because it prompts an obvious question: what the heck is a DNA-heritage testing company doing involved in helping  China create a corona virus test? Well, for one thing, recall those stories early on as the corona virus story stated to go Viral (pardon the pun), spreading faster than the virus itself. Those early stories indicated that oriental peoples, and particularly Chinese, were more susceptible to the virus due to much higher numbers of receptors in their lungs for the virus to latch onto. Read More

04.03.20- Who’s Next to Fail
in the Post-COVID World?

Tom Luongo

As much as I hate to invoke The Ayn Rand lest I give off the impression I’m some kind of Objectivist, which I am most certainly not, the engine of the world is coming to a halt.

Money velocity has been falling for years. It is now cratering as we hide in our homes from a bug that eventually we will all have to reconcile with. Credit is the engine of the world of today. 

It is the gas which fuels the engine of the world.

COVID-19 has cratered the global economy exposing the internal rot within our hyper-financialized global economy as nothing more than a pyramid of Ponzi schemes… Read More

04.02.20- A light in the Darkness
Paul Craig Roberts

Diana Johnstone’s just published book, Circle in the Darkness: Memoir of a World Watcher, is the best book I have ever read, the most revealing, the most accurate, the most truthful, the most moral and humane, the most sincere and heartfelt, and the best written.  Her book is far more than a memoir.  It is a history that has not previously been written.  If you want the truth of the last 60 years in place of the contrived reality constructed for us by controlled explanations, it is in this book. Read More

04.01.20- Pharma Insider: ‘First Data From ClinicalStudies’ Indicates
‘Hydroxychloroquine Kills the Coronavirus’

Shane Trejo

The CEO of Novartis is giving the public a reason to be hopeful during the pandemic.

Novartis Chief Executive Vas Narasimhan has announced that there is preliminary evidence showing that “hydroxychloroquine kills the coronavirus.”

Narasimhan made the announcement to Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung on Sunday, as he was touting the ability of his pharmaceutical corporation to develop medicines to stop the pandemic. They have pledged to donate 130 million doses of hydroxychloroquine as soon as the medicine is approved for widespread use. Read More

03.31.20- "Don't Be Fooled...
April Is Going To Hurt"

Bill Blain

“Damn, he was good. Came out of nowhere. Hit us with a full broadside, cut across our tail and took out our rudder. Damn fine gunnery.”

According to the press, China is experiencing normal traffic jams, while the major threat is reinfection from the West, so borders are locked shut. They are anticipating business as usual. They are in for a shock. 

JP Morgan are on the wires saying markets have made their lows, and although it will be volatile, its time to “average into oversold markets.”

In my opinion… they are fools. Read More

03.30.20- Boot Strapping the World Economy

“Boot strapping” is an electrical term used to perform a “black start” or a complete “cold start” of a complex electrical grid after a catastrophic failure.  The East Coast blackout of 1965 was one such occurrence.  Another was on the Gulf Coast after hurricane Rita.  More recently the complete electrical failure in Venezuela illustrates the difficulty.   It has been over a year and Venezuela’s power system is still struggling to provide power after their cold start.  When the crash happens everything is still connected and tries to restart all at once.  It can take up to six times the running power to start an electric motor.  When everything is trying to start at the same time the system is overwhelmed and the breakers trip out again.Read More

03.28.20- The Grasshoppers Are Swarming Mad That You Are Prepared For The Crash

Most people are familiar with the tale of the Ant And The Grasshopper, an ancient fable about a grasshopper who spends the fruitful months of spring and summer in idle recreation, dancing and playing carelessly while the industrious ant works tirelessly to prepare for what he knows will be a harsh winter. In many versions the Grasshopper harasses the Ant, criticizing him for wasting so much time on work when he could be out enjoying himself in the sun. Read More

03.27.20- FDIC asks Americans to keep their money in the banks

Yesterday the Chair of the FDIC released an astonishing video asking Americans to keep their money in the bank.

Accompanied by soft piano music playing in the background, the official said:

“Your money is safe at the banks. The last thing you should be doing is pulling your money out of the banks thinking it’s going to be safer somewhere else.” Read More

03.26.20- The Pandemic Is Accelerating the Breakdown That Began a Decade Ago
Charles Hugh Smith

The feedback loop has reversed: by saving more, people will spend, borrow and speculate less, draining the fuel from any broadbased expansion…

The feedback loop has reversed: by saving more, people will spend, borrow and speculate less, draining the fuel from any broadbased expansion. Read More

03.25.20- It Could Last 18 Months —
“or Longer”

547.5 days. 78.2 weeks. 18 months. “Or longer.”

That is how long the coronavirus scourge may endure. This we learn by way of The New York Times.

It has done us all a capital service by executing a rare feat of journalism.

For its spies have captured a government document “not for public distribution or release.”  Read More

03.24.20- Good night, John Boy…
Frank Giustra

As some of my readers might remember, there was a 1970’s TV show called The Walton’s. It was a weekly staple during my early teenage years. The show featured the life of a family living in a small Virginia community during the 1930’s Depression years. Although the family was poor, it was rich in love, respect and inner strength. It was a show about the importance of holding on to ones values and morals in a difficult and often negative world. 

It may not come as a surprise to many that the recent Covid-19 Crisis will bring about some very difficult times for many people in our community and around the world. How we all conduct ourselves will make the world of difference to the level of suffering to many around us and even the quality of our own lives. Read More

03.23.20- The End of Civilization?
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Governments all over the world are using the alleged threat of a COVID-19 pandemic to shut down the world’s economy. Daniel Lacalle, an authority on energy economics, writes: “The decision to shut down air travel and close all nonessential businesses is now a reality in major global economies. The United States has banned all European flights as Italy enters a complete lockdown, Spain declares a state of emergency, and France closes all nonessential public places and businesses.” Read More

03.21.20- “Hell Is Coming”
Brian Maher

We sense that we are among unrealities…

It is as if some hinge, deep within the national psychology, has suddenly given way.

The daily rites of life are suspended. Businesses, schools and arenas the nation over have gone dark. Travel is hopeless…. and borders are sealed shut.

Unemployment claims are piling up. Secretary Mnuchin has suggested they may scale a depression-level 20%. Read More

03.20.20- Will This Be “Just A Recession” Or Will It Be “The Next Great Depression”?
Michael Snyder

As America slowly but surely shuts down from coast to coast, everyone is acknowledging the fact that we are heading into a very serious economic downturn.  Originally, many experts were warning that this coronavirus pandemic could spark a recession, but now some are actually starting to use the “d” word.  Yesterday, I wrote about the government planning document that envisions an 18 month pandemic, multiple “waves” of infections, and “critical shortages” of important supplies.  If that scenario actually plays out, what we will experience will be far, far worse than the “Great Recession” of 2008 and 2009.  So let us hope that a way can be found to slow down the spread of this virus. Read More

03.19.20- How Dead is the Fed?
David Haggith

You can only be so dead, and that’s just “plain dead.” But there is also Feddy Krueger dead. The kind of dead that keeps on happening like a demonic death that won’t stay dead. It is in that nightmarish Elm St. light that I’m going to review the Federal Reserve’s death.

It’s happened via face-plant failures over past month that I’m going to lay out to show how savagely the Fed is dying a perpetual-motion death. Read More

03.18.20- Economic Effect of Coronavirus Could Be Revolutionary
Paul Craig Roberts

Coronavirus and globalism will teach us vital lessons.  The question is whether we can learn vital lessons that do not serve the ruling interest groups and ideologies.

Coronavirus will teach us that a country without free national health care is severely handicapped. Millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  They cannot afford health care premiums, deductions, and copays.  Millions have no insurance.  This means millions of people infected with coronavirus who cannot get medical help.  The morbidity from this is intolerable in any society.  Read More

03.17.20- Federal Government To Control And Oversee Grocery Distribution Within Days
Mike Adams

Trump will implement the plan with absolutely zero advanced warning to the public to protect the supply lines and prevent mass starvation & death…

Breaking news alert – NaturalNews.com – The US federal government is in the planning stage of implementing a plan to protect and control grocery distribution across the United States via public / private partnerships with top grocery chains such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, HEB (Texas), Target, Costco, etc., sources now tell Natural News. Read More

03.16.20- The "Greater Depression" Is Coming
Doug Casey

Just because society experiences turmoil doesn’t mean your personal life has to. And a depression doesn’t have to be depressing. Most of the real wealth in the world will still exist – it will just change ownership.

What is a depression?

We’re now at the tail end of a very long, but in many ways a very weak and artificial, economic expansion. At the same time, we’ve had one of the strongest securities bull markets in history. Both are the result of trillions of new dollars created over the last decade. Right now, very few people are willing to consider the possibility of tough times – let alone The Greater Depression. Read More

03.14.20- Treatments for coronavirus that have worked in China
Paul Craig Roberts

These are scientific papers showing effective treatments for coronavirus being used in China

Treatments for coronavirus that have worked in China


These research papers show great antiviral promise for both Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine. The Chinese have started using them. So should we. Read More

03.13.20- Your Pension May Quickly Be 'Infected' by Coronavirus Panic
Peter Reagan

Following the week that the coronavirus tanked the Dow Jones, it was only a matter of time before ripple effects started to make their appearance.

One of the ripple effects that will likely impact some retirement savers is panic stemming from the virus' potential impact on public and corporate pensions.

Of course, both types of pension programs have been running on fumes for years now. The coronavirus may just be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Read More

03.12.20- Fear Of The Coronavirus Is Causing
A Stock Market Apocalypse

Michael Snyder

In all of U.S. history, we have never seen the Dow Jones Industrial Average go from an all-time high to a bear market as quickly as we just did.  As I keep reminding my readers, the stock market is all about how investors view the future.  Early this year, extremely irrational optimism about the future pushed stock prices to the most overvalued levels that we have ever seen, but now things have completely changed.  Fear of the coronavirus has many investors fearing an imminent economic crisis, and we have seen volatility on Wall Street that is absolutely insane. Read More

03.11.20- Even The Best-Case Scenario Is Pretty Grim
John Rubino

Let’s say President Trump is right about the coronavirus  “miraculously” fading away as temperatures rise in the Summer. Will things then go back to the old normal of globalization, free trade and finance-driven “growth”?

Almost certainly not, because the psychological damage has already been done. Over the past couple of weeks the modern globalized economy with its multi-nation supply chains and just-in-time inventory systems has been forced to recognize that such a system only works in a nearly-perfect environment. Take the iPhone: It is designed in the US, its constituent raw materials are mined and processed in numerous other countries and the resulting components are then shipped for assembly to vast Chinese factories. Read More

03.10.20- No, the world is not coming to an end…
Simon Black

This is going to be a rough day for a lot of folks. But it’s one that I’ve been writing about for quite some time.

I’ve been saying for years that, at some point, there will be a severe financial reckoning. We wouldn’t know how, and most likely, we would have very little advance warning.

As an example, in June 2018 I wrote “whatever causes the next major downturn can be something completely obscure and unpredictable. And no one realizes it until it’s too late.” Read More

03.09.30- Pandemic Pandemania Causes Global Economic Crisis
David Haggith

Back in the oil-embargo recession of the early 70s when Boeing was Seattle’s economy and was laying off thousands of Seattleites, a billboard on the edge of town by Sea-Tac Airport read, “Will the last person leaving Seattle turn the lights out?” (Boeing had gone from 100,800 employees in 1967 to 38,690 in 1971.) Read More

03.07.20- Weekend Rant: Corona baloney...
it’s the money, honey

Jon Rappoport

We all understand that governments can invent money out of thin air. However, inventing a reason out of thin air to invent the money sometimes takes a little more ingenuity.

Enter THE VIRUS. The medical version of Satan.

To new readers: to fully understand the next paragraph, you’ll need to read my previous articles on the “China epidemic” con job (archive here). Read More

03.06.20- Top FBI Spill DISTURBING Beans on Massive Clinton Crime Cartel — How Much Tax Money Did Bill & Hillary Steal
& Where Did it All Go?

True Pundit

Just how much money did the Clinton Foundation and its criminal cartel of bogus subsidiaries steal from U.S. taxpayers and unsuspecting dupes worldwide? And where did all the hordes of illicit cash go?

Top FBI and federal law enforcement insiders were investigating what amounted to a Clinton-backed crime spree but were told to stand down by Attorney General William Barr. These agents may have stopped the official probe but that is not stopping high-ranking personnel from spilling the beans to Thomas Paine, detailing how the Clinton Foundation ripped off taxpayers amd many many other entities worldwide. Read More

03.05.20- How The Pandemic Crisis Will Probably Develop Over The Next Year
Brandon Smith

For a while now I have been hearing it said that Americans are “in a panic” over the coronavirus outbreak in the US, and that mainstream media outlets are “feeding the fear”.  This is an odd conclusion to come to and something worth noting, because the truth is mostly the opposite.  For the past couple of months the WHO, the CDC and even Donald Trump have been dismissing Covid 19 as nothing much to worry about.  The WHO actually still refuses to call it a pandemic even though the virus meets all of their own criteria. Read More

03.04.20- Have we brewed a whirlwind?
Paul Craig Roberts

In the United States and throughout the Western World there is public distrust of public authorities and distrust among the public of one another.  Public authorities who do not like “conspiracy theories” do a lot to generate them.

We can see the public’s distrust of public authorities in the negligent response to the coronavirus.  The refusal of public authorities to stop incoming flights from infected countries has brought the dangerous virus into the Western World where inaction has so far prevailed. Read More

03.03.20- What Is The Deep State

A new focus on the Deep State in undermining the national interests has become a serious thought for many citizens. Not known to many, the Deep State has its origin in the British Empire and how the Round Table infiltrated former British colonies (including India) through America.

Last year, fuel was added to this fire when internal memos were leaked from the British-run Integrity Initiative featuring a startling account of the techniques deployed by the anti-Russian British operation to infiltrate American intelligence institutions, think tanks and media. Read More

03.02.20- All Of A Sudden, People All Over America Are Prepping Like Crazy
Michael Snyder

I can’t remember a time when we have seen such widespread “panic buying” all over the nation.  Today I spoke with someone that just visited the closest Wal-Mart in this area, and I was told that there are empty shelves all over the store.  There are very few canned goods left, some of the most essential medications have been cleaned out, and there was nothing left in the long-term storable food section at all.  Of course similar things are being reported at major retail stores all across the United States.  All of a sudden, fear of COVID-19 has motivated thousands upon thousands of Americans to start prepping like crazy. Read More

02.29.20- What happens to your bitcoin after you die?
Alyssa Hertig

If a "dead man's button" isn't pressed one week, it is assumed the user is dead and the service automatically dispenses a "secret," which heirs can use to retrieve the crypto.

This is more than just a philosophical question: It could involve a substantial amount of currency. Read More

02.28.20- Doug Casey on the Truth About Millennials and the Next Crisis
Doug Casey

International Man: Many people perceive Millennials to be entitled, spoiled snowflakes who refuse to work hard.

Whether or not this is true, Millennials as a group will soon surpass the number of baby boomers as the largest generational group.

How equipped is this soon-to-be dominant generation for handling a financial crisis, a major war, or civil unrest?

Doug Casey: According to William Strauss and Neil Howe in their book, The Fourth Turning, the Millennials should be a “Hero” Generation, set to face a huge threat to the country. Read More

02.27.20- The Unsustainable Trajectory of America’s Economy
Justin O. Smith

I have never claimed to be an economics “expert” or anything remotely close, but my university years did make me well familiar with certain aspects of higher math as course requirements and quantitative methods of social science research, especially as applied to the demographics of any particular culture and society. So, through this prism and the perspective of largely a layman on the topic, I have looked at all the numbers I could find on this topic, and I attempted to condense them to a core of those most pertinent, in order to present a fairly comprehensive overview of where America’s economic future currently stands. Read More

02.26.20- No One on Food Stamps Should Be Allowed to Vote
Mr Reagan

View Video

02.25.20- Your Doctor and Your Guns
Dr. John Edeen

What do you do when your doctor asks if you own a gun?

You are at the pediatrician’s office for a routine well child visit. Maybe you just moved to a new town. The nurse hands you the standard paperwork with the questionnaire pertaining to your child’s health. You start filling out the form and right there . . . question number 14 . . . “Do you have a gun in the home?” It’s right after the question about swimming pools and right before the one about household cleaner storage. What do you answer?  Read More

02.24.20- US Biowarfare Act Author: Studies Confirm Coronavirus Weaponized!
Spiro Skouras interviews Professor Francis Boyle

View Video

02.22.20- Is There Any Place Safe Left To Live?
Dunagun Kaiser with Joel Skousen

Is there any place where liberty, privacy, self-reliance, and the ability to garden, fish, hunt, build, and protect one’s hearth & home are still possible?

Has the entire country gone mad? Is there any place left where liberty, privacy, self-reliance, and the ability to garden, fish, hunt, build, and protect one’s hearth and home is still possible? Read More

02.21.20- Omens, Portents, Karma and the Mandate of Heaven
Charles High Smith

The question of legitimacy isn’t limited to China.

What makes humans unique among social mammals? Some say humor, I would nominate superstition: regardless of how hard we promote our rationality and logic, humanity continues to sense portents and omens in events and feel the intangible tug of karma: the consequences of past actions that we arrogantly thought we’d escaped forever. Read More

02.20.20- The Lessons We Have Learned From The Coronavirus So Far...
Brandon Smith

Every disaster contains a lesson or a message that needs to be examined. Every tragedy, no matter how terrible, should be absorbed into the public consciousness and adopted as a cautionary tale; a part of our mythos. These events should not be cast into the memory hole to make life less stressful, they need to be taken seriously. Otherwise, the damage done and the lives lost are all for nothing.

Refusing to examine the dark side of life and its dangers has become a staple of our society, to the point that it has given birth to a kind of religious cult. Naive optimism has become a virtue, a misplaced form of faith that encourages people to remain oblivious in the face of adversity. Read More

02.19.20- The Betrayal Of The Elites
Paul Adams

In an important new book, political scientist Yuval Levin argues that we have lost faith in our institutions—public, private, civic, and political.

We need institutions, including families, associations, churches, corporations, trade unions, political parties, professions such as law and medicine, as well as the formal institutions of government such as Congress, the presidency, and the courts. Read More

02.18.20- Why Covid-19 Demands Our Full Attention
Chris Martenson

This is an unprecedented moment for our hyper-connected planet

There’s a reason we’ve re-directed so much of our attention towards reporting on and trying to understand the novel coronavirus (covid-19) that originated in Wuhan, China in December.

The heart of our approach is to be “systems thinkers.”

“Learn how to see.  Realize that everything connects to everything else” ~ Leonardo Davinci  Read More

02.17.20- The coronavirus achieves all the top priorities of the globalists: Depopulation, authoritarian government and elimination of the elderly who no longer contribute tax money
Mike Adams

If the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) pandemic began from an “accidental” release, it sure was a happy accident for the globalists. Everything the pandemic is achieving just happens to perfectly fit the top priorities of the globalist agenda.

Consider the following: Read More

02.15.20- White People Are Being Erased
Paul Craig Roberts

White people aren’t supposed to know that they are being demonized by the New York Times, PBS, universities, the Democrat Party’s Identity Politics, and corporations, and if they find out they are not allowed to protest.  If they do protest, they are in even more trouble.

Those Americans empowered by “white privilege” who are still a demographic majority are too scared and too intimidated to open their mouths or use their pocketbooks to protest their demonization and marginalization. Facebook and Twitter will drop them, denying them their virtual existence. Indoctrinated and mindless white friends will shun them as racist, anti-semitic white supremacists.  Read More

02.14.20- The Necessity of Questioning Mass Media Journalism (About Nearly Everything)
J. Kim

We now live in an age in which it is imperative to always question mass media journalism if we are interested in arriving at truth about almost any matter. Given recent numerous examples of mass media journalism spreading disinformation as “facts” and social media icons aggressively forwarding the suppression of freedom of speech by censoring any independent journalists that (1) either spreads truth or (2) merely questions the numerous holes that sometimes exist in the mass media narrative.  Read More

02.13.20- Hackers Attacking Retirement Savings With Increasing Frequency
Peter Reagan

Imagine building up a lifetime of retirement savings, in one or perhaps even several retirement accounts ...only to wake up one morning and discover one of your retirement accounts has been wiped out by a hacker.

Unfortunately, this nightmare scenario is happening more and more often as hackers become more creative and use more sophisticated methods. Read More

02.12.20- If Only Economics Was as Easy as Rocket Science
Gary M. Galles

Over the years, I have often heard “rocket science” used to describe the hardest things to do. But as an economics professor, I recognize that the questions of social coordination economics addresses are in many ways much more complex and difficult, especially when it comes to controlling results.

After all, we have successfully sent rockets to many places in our planetary neighborhood, demonstrating a tolerable ability to solve enough of the relevant problems, yet many economic policies impose more harm than help. And the more one tries to control, the more the information and implementation issues undermine the possibility—much less the probability—of effectiveness. Read More

02.11.20- A Most Convenient Virus
Dmitry Orlov

I prefer to write on things I know about, but once in a while an opportunity presents itself for me to comment on some aspect of widespread mistrust and confusion while resting on a solid foundation of my professional curiosity. This is the case of the 2019-nCoV novel coronavirus. A lot of the elements of the coronavirus story just don’t add up, and that’s what I want to explore. At the outset, I want to make it clear that I am no expert on these matters. Is 2019-nCoV a genetically engineered biological weapon or is it a naturally evolved strain of a virus that is endemic in China’s bat population? This we don’t know, but it is interesting to look at the plausibility of each of these scenarios and also to consider whether what we are observing could be a combination of a little of each. Read More

02.10.20- In The Bubble: Trump's Presidency Reveals 7 Undeniable Facts About The Swamp
Doug “Uncola” Lynn

Barely into the New Year, 2020 vision has brought many revelations into better focus, making several ongoing observations perfectly clear.  Although there are those who’ve been watching the dots of The Matrix assemble into the big picture for decades now, the election of Donald Trump has increasingly exposed what was hidden in plain sight for so long. Read More

02.08.20- Welcome to the Bullshit Economy
David Dayen

The Iowa caucus disaster is a function of a broken economic structure that rewards con artistry over competence.

The story of Shadow, makers of the app that utterly failed to deliver in Iowa, is a perfect example of the bullshit economy.

In one sense, the Iowa caucus debacle will last just a couple of news cycles. We have the data on paper, tabulated in front of tens of thousands of witnesses, and it merely needs to be collated. Eventually it will, and though the damage to the news cycle is irreparable—Joe Biden’s disappointing outcome has been diluted in particular—the process will go on with an accurate count. Read More

02.07.20- The Height Of Idiocy
Doug Casey

“The only element in the universe more common than hydrogen is stupidity.”

– Einstein

I’m not a fortune teller. In fact, the only things anybody knows about predicting – even if you gussy the concept up by calling it “forecasting” – are 1.) Predict often and 2.) Never give both the time and the event.

The worst offenders are those who pretend they know where the economy’s headed. Read More

02.06.20- Pandemic, Lies and Videos
Charles Hugh Smith

Will we wonder, what were we thinking? and marvel anew at the madness of crowds?

When we look back on this moment from the vantage of history, what will we think? Will we think how obvious it was that the coronavirus deaths in China were in the tens of thousands rather than the hundreds claimed by authorities?

Will we think how obvious it was that the virus would spread around the globe, wreaking havoc on the global economy and social order, even as the authorities claimed only a handful of cases had arisen outside China? Read More

02.05.20- Are you prepared for the contagion?
Bill Holter

We have been harping on the question “are you prepared?” for years. We have asked if you were prepared financially, mentally, physically, and with your maker? The potential boogeyman as we suggested could come from anywhere or any angle but the end result would affect the economy and thus finance (credit) and would then spill over socially.

I have to admit, a “pandemic” was low on my list of possible sparks, but after thinking it through, a pandemic is a financial disaster. Yes it is a human disaster and many will die, but the odds of dying from the virus are and will remain quite low. The real problem is what the human response will be. I say this because we live in a world of just in time inventory AND production. Read More

02.04.20- The Awakening to Human Truth – Powerful new video forces Leftists to face the depths of their own anti-human EVIL
Mike Adams

We’ve now posted a powerful new mini-documentary called, “The Awakening to Human Truth.” Just ten minutes in duration, the documentary forces pro-abortion Leftists to face the depths of their own evil as they call for the destruction of the very same kind of conscious human existence that once defined their own lives as unborn human babies. Read More

02.03.20- Our Kardashian Culture
Donald Jeffries

The recent death of former NBA star Kobe Bryant, and the unbelievable saturation news coverage that followed, illustrated again that we are no longer living in America 1.0.

Bryant was a great basketball player, one of the best in NBA history. He was also accused of raping a nineteen year old hotel worker in 2003. Like all celebrities and wealthy people, Bryant escaped punishment and later settled out of court. The mainstream media broke a time-honored tradition at the time, by disclosing the name of the victim, and questioned her character and motivations in several biased, inflammatory reports. At the last minute, she abruptly decided not to testify, and Bryant avoided a trial. Read More

02.01.20- More on the Coronavirus... a Real Simulation
Joseph P. Farrell

Earlier this week I blogged about the mysterious coronavirus outbreak in Communist China. I pointed out that in addition to the fact that the virus may have been stolen and weaponized by Chinese spies inside of Canada's National Micriobiology Laboratory, there is an additional "coincidence" in that the outbreak appears to have occurred during the height of the Chinese lunar new year, when many people in China travel. Read More

01.31.20- Savings vs. Money:
Which Is More Important?

Frank Shostak

Conventional wisdom holds that savings is the amount of money left after monetary income was used for consumer outlays. Hence, for a given outlay, an increase in money income implies more savings and thus more funding for investment. This in turn sets the platform for higher economic growth.

Following this logic, one could also establish that increases in money supply are beneficial to the entire process of capital formation and economic growth. (Note: increases in money supply result in increases in monetary income and this, for a given consumer outlay, implies an increase in savings). Read More

01.30.20- A Date and Time for
“Financial Armageddon?”

Brian Maher

Pete H. — a reader — gives us a good, round piece of his mind:

I have read your emails and joined some of your services over the last 10 or more years.

I have put up with your ramblings about the financial world coming to an end pretty much over that same time. Read More

01.29.20- Some Thoughts on
Democracy and China

Hugo Salinas Price

Wise Aristotle placed “Democracy” in the category of “Worst Possible Political System”, some 2,300 years ago.

Today, Democracy has become the only accepted political system. All others are considered outrageous. This circumstance did not come about by itself, that is to say, in the course of a normal change in the flow of opinion among the nations of the world. Read More

01.28.20- How screwed up is
the pension system

Simon Black

Late last year, the investment management giant Morningstar published a report concluding that most people can either save money for retirement, or save money for their kids’ education… but NOT both. They make the economic realities very clear: parents have to choose between their own future, or their children’s future. And one of the report’s lead authors went on to say that the RIGHT choice– the ONLY choice– is to choose your retirement over your kids: Read More

01.27.20- The Things We Believe
That are Untrue

J. Kim

I’ve often spoken of, in this blog, in the many things we believe that are untrue. For example, many financial metrics in which we blindly believe, reported by the mainstream news, like inflation, GDP and unemployment statistics are patently false and not even close to being reflective of reality. This holds true not just in the financial world but also extends to many other beliefs that have been sold to us as facts in the academic setting, but simply are not facts. The things we believe that are untrue, depending on our critical thinking skills, may range from nearly all of, to the majority of, to the minority of our beliefs. Even societal constructs like institutional academics as the only viable choice for education can be a construct in which we believe that is patently not the best option for us. Read More

01.25.20- Coronavirus Is Worse Than You've Been Told: Scientist Explains
Chris Martenson

View Video

01.24.20- UN Human Rights Ruling Says “Climate Refugees” Cannot be Returned back to Their Home Country - US Must Open Its Borders to All Central Americans
Jim Holt

The United Nations ruled that “climate refugees” cannot be returned back to their home countries. This ruling forces the United States to allow all Central Americans into our country.

Literally, anyone can claim the new refugee status.

This will essentially open US borders for good. Read More

01.23.20- IMF warns of new ‘Great Depression’, Russia ahead of the curve due to increased cash & gold reserves
Bryan MacDonald

Last week, the IMF issued a stark warning about the global economy. While most large Western states are vulnerable to a new crisis, Russia has prepared its defenses.

Kristalina Georgieva isn’t any sort of conspiracy theorist; she’s the head of the International Monetary Fund. And when she warns that the global economy risks another “Great Depression,” you would think everyone would listen. Read More

01.22.20- One Of The Most Monstrously Evil Political Agendas Of All Time Being Unveiled By Democrats In 2020: The Impoverishment, Enslavement & Extermination Of Much Of The Human Race
William B. Stoecker

The environmental extremists continue to chant their monotonous mantra about the “existential threat” of man-made global warming, or climate change. Indeed, the climate is changing, and it has been changing for nearly four billion years. They recently began using an (apparently autistic) teenager as their spokes-mouth. Like all leftists they talk a good line, assuring us that they care deeply for wildlife, nature, clean air and water, etc. Read More

01.21.20- This IS Tomorrow: Gun Control Is A Tool Of Socialism
Al Benson Jr.

That a form of socialism is being foisted on the people of Virginia should come as no surprise. Socialism is an anti-Christ system that more folks need to understand.

If you look, over the years, at those who have promoted gun control, you find that the vast majority of them, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and a vast host of others, were socialists or communists of one stripe or another. Socialists usually have agendas that are not always wildly popular with those living under their regimes and so gun control is one way of “protecting lives” in such countries–socialist lives, nobody else’s because socialists don’t care about any lives but their own.  Read More

01.20.20- Remarks on the
US/China “Trade Deal”

Paul Craig Roberts

The first thing to understand is that it is not a trade deal.  It is Trump backing off his tariffs when he discovered that the tarrifs fall on US goods and American consumers, not on China.  Trump is covering his retraction by calling it a trade deal.  China’s part of the deal is to agree to purchase the US goods that it already intended to purchase. Read More

01.18.20- What Will It Take to Get the Public to Embrace Sound Money?
Brendan Brown

In the last decade, the combination of virulent asset price inflation and low reported consumer price inflation crippled sound money as a political force in the US and globally. In the new decade, a different balance between monetary inflation’s “terrible twins” — asset inflation and goods inflation — will create an opportunity for that force to regain strength. Crucial, however, will be how sound money advocacy evolves in the world of ideas and its success in forming an alliance with other causes that could win elections. Read More

01.17.20- The two best gifts to give your newborn child
Simon Black

A Japanese woman was surprised when Hong Kong Express Airways required her to take a pregnancy test before boarding her flight.

They made the poor woman sign a form indicating her body type was observed by staff to appear pregnant. The test proved she wasn’t.

The woman was traveling to Saipan, the largest island among the Northern Mariana Islands, a US territory. Read More

01.16.20- Debt and Inflation Are Bringing the Economy Down
Bill Bonner

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – “Fed Adds $82 Billion to Financial Markets.” That’s the headline on page B12 of today’s Wall Street Journal, reporting on Tuesday’s Federal Reserve action. On Monday, the Fed added $60 billion.

This “repo madness” has been going on for four months.

It’s time to ask some questions… Read More

01.15.20- 7 Major Earth Changes That Are Happening Right Now That Everyone Needs
To Know About

Michael Snyder

There has never been a time in modern human history when our planet has been changing as rapidly as it is changing right now.  The sun is behaving very strangely, freakishly cold weather is breaking out all over the world, ocean temperatures continue to rise, volcanoes all over the globe are shooting ash miles into the air, Australia is experiencing the worst wildfires that they have ever seen, and the north magnetic pole has been moving at a pace that is deeply alarming scientists.  Could it be possible that all of this bizarre activity is leading up to some sort of a crescendo? Read More

01.14.20- Commercial Ammo: The Untold History of Springfield Armory and America’s Munitions Factories
Sam Jacobs

To understand how American citizens today can get their hands on ammo, which rolls off the same factory lines as those that supply the world’s largest militaries, it’s important to first understand how munitions technology developed. Starting in medieval Europe, on a battlefield where a mounted knight in armor could defeat almost any number of peasants, the development of more advanced and accurate ways to destroy enemy personnel and equipment by launching a projectile is one which combines trial and error, scientific ingenuity, and private enterprise. It’s a story of power and technology dating back to the 13th century, at the height of “the divine right of kings,” and tracks the subsequent diffusion of that power held by a chosen few as the individual became capable of breaking the state’s monopoly on violence. Read More

01.13.20- This Is What 'Diversity'
Has Gotten You

Karl Denninger

You can't argue with the numbers.

The number of murders has gone up and down.  Note that the population of the United States has continually risen, so the number of murders, assuming that the rate per person remains the same, should be a continually-upsloping line growing at about 1% a year.

It isn't.  In fact the number of murder peaked around 1990.  It is materially lower now than then, despite all the screaming of the various scolds, and we're 20 years further down with more people in the nation. Read More

01.11.20- Sanctuary Cities: A Battle Over the Second Amendment is Unfolding Across America
Dimitri Speck

The Second Amendment sanctuary city movement is growing and showing no signs of slowing down.

As Virginia’s new Democratic legislature promises gun control measures, the wives of National Guardsman are warning that impending gun legislation threatens to turn neighbor against neighbor. Read More

01.10.20- Doug Casey on the Difference Between a Whistleblower and a Rat
Doug Casey

International Man: There’s been a lot of talk from the political class about whistleblowers lately, but few have clearly defined what it means.

Webster’s defines a whistleblower as “one who reveals something covert or who informs against another.”

Doug, you’re a fan of using words correctly. What is your view on what a whistleblower is? Read More

01.09.20- Facts and Speculations – Next Decade
Gary Christenson

Breaking news: The impeachment circus continues, the trade deal is both off and on, tweets and Iran news move the market, S&P 500 Index hit new highs (thanks to central bank liquidity), and more of the same nonsense will unfortunately create more of the same.


01.08.20- Another Stupid War
Michael Krieger

All I wanted to do this week was work on part 2 of my localism series, but circumstances quickly got the best of me. The assassination of Iran’s top general Qassem Soleimani was an event of such historical significance, I feel obligated to detail my thoughts on what it means and how things unfold from here, especially given how much of a role geopolitics and questions of empire have played in my writings. Read More

01.07.20- No, Jesus Wasn't a Socialist
Lawrence W. Reed

Christian charity, being voluntary and heartfelt, is utterly distinct from the compulsory, impersonal mandates of the state.

The claim that Jesus Christ was a socialist has become a popular refrain among liberals, even from some whose Christianity is lukewarm at best. But is there any truth in it?

That question cannot be answered without a reliable definition of socialism. A century ago, it was widely regarded as government ownership of the means of production. Jesus never once even hinted at that concept, let alone endorsed it. Yet the definition has changed over time. When the critiques of economists such as Ludwig von Mises, F. A. Hayek, and Milton Friedman demolished any intellectual case for the original form of socialism, and reality proved them to be devastatingly right, socialists shifted to another version: central planning of the economy. Read More

01.06.20- Our Real Existential Crisis - Extinction
Pat Buchanan

If Western elites were asked to name the greatest crisis facing mankind, climate change would win in a walk.

Thus did Time magazine pass over every world leader to name a Swedish teenage climate activist, Greta Thunberg, its person of the year.

On New Year’s Day, the headline over yet another story in The Washington Post admonished us anew: “A Lost Decade for Climate Action: We Can’t Afford A Repeat, Scientists Warn.” Read More

01.04.20- 3 Key Economic Trends to Keep Your Eye On in 2020

As we enter the year 2020 (and a new decade), it's important to keep in mind how long it has been since the last major recession started in the U.S. — more than 11 years now.

Since the economy generally operates in cycles, and the yield curve has already inverted, the next recession could be right around the corner.  Read More

Iran, It’s Your Move – Trump’s Takedown Of Iranian General Qassim Suleimani Is Likely To Start A Global War
Michael Snyder

We just witnessed one of the most important deaths in the Middle East in decades.  Just hours ago, President Trump ordered the drone strike on Baghdad International Airport that killed Iranian Major General Qassim Suleimani and several other key officials.  Suleimani was the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Quds Force, but even more importantly he was a huge national hero in Iran.  To describe this killing as “seismic” would not do it justice. Read More

01.02.20- Understanding The Keys To Power Will be a Survival Requirement for the Coming Decade
Adam Taggart

The past decade was undoubtedly shaped by the policy adopted by the global central banking cartel to flood the world with massive amounts of liquidity (over $15 trillion) to “rescue” markets following the Great Financial Crisis.

It’s becoming increasingly clear who benefitted most from this: the ultra-rich Read More

01.01.20- I, Who Vowed to Never-Ever Short Stocks Again, Just Shorted the Entire Market
Wolf Richter

In my decades of looking at the stock market, there has never been a better setup. Exuberance is pandemic and sky-high. And even after today’s dip, the S&P 500 is up nearly 29% for the year, and the Nasdaq 35%, despite lackluster growth in the global economy, where many of the S&P 500 companies are getting the majority of their revenues. Read More

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