02.06.16- The Truth About Politics
Lew Rockwell

The very first votes of the 2016 presidential election season were cast this week in the Iowa caucuses. This is supposed to fill us with happy thoughts about self-government, civic virtue, rational deliberation, and about politics as the way the people’s will is put into effect.

But to the contrary, we should spurn what the establishment would have us celebrate. Politics operates according to principles that would horrify us if we observed them in our private lives, and that would get us arrested if we tried to live by them. The state can steal and call it taxation, kidnap and call it conscription, kill and call it war. Read More

02.05.16- There Is No Freedom Without Truth
Paul Craig Roberts

Dwight D. Eisenhower was a five-star general in charge of the Normandy Invasion and a popular two-term President of the United States. Today he would be called a “conspiracy theorist.”

Were Ike to be issuing his warning from the White House today, conservative Republicans like Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) would be screaming at Ike for impugning the motives of “the patriotic industry that protects our freedom.”

Neoconservatives such as William Kristol would be demanding to know why President Eisenhower was issuing warnings about our own military-industrial complex instead of warning about the threat presented by the Soviet military. Read More

02.04.16- Smedley Butler: Forgotten Hero, Forgotten Warning
Jeff Nielson

Few areas of knowledge have been more heavily mythologized than “American History”. Much of what Americans (and people outside the U.S.) think they know has been heavily fictionalized such as the Battle of the Alamo. Or, it has even been completely falsified, such as the Japanese “attack” on Pearl Harbor, which allowed the U.S. to enter World War II.

Documenting falsified American “history” (as well as the falsified history of other nations) begs an obvious question. Who has both the means and the motive to transform actual historical events into a mixture of tall tales and propaganda, to the degree that this false “history” is written in our text books, and taught in our classrooms? Read More

02.03.16- Now even your own children will be fined by Obama’s government under harsh new Obamacare penalties called ‘incentives’
Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) For much of his tenure, President Obama tried to obscure, hide and flat-out lie about what his signature piece of legislation — the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare — would accomplish. Wheninconvenient truths about the law leaked out, however, Obama wielded his executive authority, even in contravention of the law itself and the Constitution, to delay the most damaging portions of it. Read More

02.02.16- When The Economy Collapses The Government Will Implode : “The Support Mechanisms On Which We Depend Will Break Down”
Mac Slavo

For twenty years Micheal Rivero of What Really Happened has been exposing the lies and corruption emanating from the Federal government, Wall street bankers, and big business.

In his latest interview with Crush The Street he sounds one of his most dire warnings yet: Read More

Manmade Environmental Catastrophes
Now Plague the Nation

Public Health Disasters Threaten Citizens Everywhere.

Chemical Geoengineering via Chemtrail Aerosols and Space-based HAARP Transmitters Threatens the Biosphere.

State of the Nation

The List of Calamities in the USA Grows by the Year Read More

01.30.16- Gold And Silver – Current Prices Do Not Matter.
Michael Noonan

Truth be known, short of an uprising or revolution by the masses, which is highly unlikely, the elites have won over the masses, hands down, and the end game is in the final and irreversible stages.  Time and again, we have reiterated the elites formulaic strategy of Problem, Reaction, Solution.  The most current is the outrageous Mid East refugee situation where European countries are being forced to accept hundreds of thousands of displaced refugees from the war-torn Middle East. Read More

01.29.16- Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction!
Bill Holter

Every once in a while it is a good thing to review something we already know and have known for quite a while. What we’re talking about are derivatives and the very basics of how they work… or not. We have seen massive volatility since the Fed raised rates last month. The humor (tragedy), admitted to yesterday by the Fed, the 4th quarter saw slowing economies all over the world and “Nobody Really Knows Anything Right Now” ! I say “humor” because the Fed tightened rates just as the economy was weakening again. Many have said the Fed raised rates at “exactly the wrong time”. Read More

01.28.16- John B’s Caravan To Midnight:
The War On Sanity

Dave Kranzler

John B Wells hosted me on his “Caravan To Midnight”  for the quickest two hours of my day.  Caravan To Midnight is a late-night internet radio show covering a wide range of topics which include current events, politics, conspiracy theories and unexplainables.  This is the second time I’ve been on his program.  John B and crew take a refreshing and entertaining approach to goal of audience enlightenment.   Both times I’ve been on his show the two hours seemed to last 10 minutes. Read More

01.27.16- The War on Cash:
A Country by Country Guide

James Corbett

Corbett Reporteers will be no stranger to the war on cash. I’ve made videos discussing it, conducted interviews about it, written articles examining it and dissected it on the radio.

The war has been waged through mainstream propaganda outlets, TV advertisements and even children’s games.

We’ve heard cash is dirtied by drug dealing, tarnished by terrorism, tainted by tax evasion (heaven forbid!) and just plain dirty. Not to mention sooooo outdated. Read More

01.26.16- These 3 Wars Being Waged On Humanity Offer Full Picture Of End Game
Bernie Suarez

Rarely can we summarize the times we live in so clearly and concisely that (if you don’t already see and understand what is happening globally) after reading this article, anyone who wasn’t sure at first but is paying attention to developments shouldn’t have any trouble seeing the end game agenda at play.

As I’ve stated many times in the past, humanity is being sifted. Scientists call it survival of the fittest. I describe it as a process of mental and consciousness-related natural selection. The same way that scientists describe natural selection is the same way this consciousness and awareness natural selection works. The scientific natural selection states that it’s a: Read More

01.25.16- The Government Will Never Let It Happen!
Bill Holter

What a tangled web the global geopolitical situation has become.  Geopolitics and finance have always been interrelated but recently much more so.  As many readers know, I have speculated we would be hit over the head with a “truth bomb” from the East and most likely from Mr. Putin himself.  Just this week Britain has alleged Mr. Putin personally ordered a “hit” on an ex KGB agent for calling him a pedophile  http://nypost.com/2016/01/21/murdered-ex-spy-accused-putin-of-pedophilia/.  Another story came out that Turkey shot down a NATO helicopter which made no press coverage at all in the West. Read More

01.23.16- Weekend Rant: The Right to Tell the Government to Go to Hell - Free Speech in an Age of Government Bullies, Corporate Censors and Compliant Citizens
John W. Whitehead

We’re headed toward another big credit explosion and I think what’s happened in the oil market is will trigger that.  The perfect poster-child of what’s going to happen to the stock market is what’s happened to Kinder Morgan stock.

It speaks volumes about the corrupted nature of our financial markets that this news report does not cause a huge downward price adjustment in the entire stock market:  Read More

01.22.16- Fed Requires URGENT Help From the Treasury- Silver Will Soar Through $400/oz!
Jim Willie

It has an important feature now, with national security stamped on it. This is truly the end game for the USDollar. Big thanks to Rob Kirby and EuroRaj on my colleague team for leading the way and shining the spotlight. Their abilities to see through the maze, smoke, mirrors, and din is impressive.

Consider the many points, which can be connected. As they say, connecting the dots can lead to conclusions more clearly, when the dots display a recognized picture. The deception was well organized, well planned, well delivered, and well done generally. Read More

01.21.16- Like Sheep to Slaughter: You Still aren’t Grasping the Systemic Risk in the Stock Market (or else You Would have Sold Everything Already)
Mike Adams

(NaturalNews) If you still own stocks and mutual fund shares, you still aren't grasping the systemic risk in the stock market. No matter what you claim to BELIEVE, it is your ACTIONS that actually determine your true grasp of reality. Failing to sell all your stock holdings right now could result in massive losses as the world's bubble markets continue with an implosion that could wipe out 50% of current valuations for many stocks. Read More

01.20.16- First the U.S. Government Kills MLK,
Then They Have a Holiday For Him

Jeff Berwick

I awoke this morning eager to see the gains we’d make on our TDV newsletter calls as Middle Eastern markets absolutely cratered on Monday.  The Saudi Arabian stock market is down a stupendous 33% in the first few weeks of January, alone!

But then I noticed the US markets were closed today.  A quick Google search told me it was Martin Luther King day.  Certainly an excellent person (although not perfect, of course) to honor… much better than “President’s Day” where you honor your slave-owner. Read More

01.19.16- The American Revolution - The Sequel
Jeff Thomas

The US is the most observed country in the world. Since it’s the world’s current empire (and since it is beginning its death throes as an empire), it’s fascinating to watch.

Those of us outside of the US watch it like Americans watch TV. It’s like a slow-motion car wreck that we observe almost daily, eager to see what’s going to happen next. We criticise the madness of it all, yet we can’t take our eyes off the unfolding drama. It has all the excitement of a blockbuster movie. Read More

01.18.16- Politicians’ class-privilege:
armed security

Jon Rappoport

“After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.” (William Burroughs, Grand Street no. 37, 1992)

Let me state, for the record, that I’m not in favor of selling guns at 7-Elevens or from street vending machines. There are, however, a few nagging questions about gun ownership I want to scratch, claw, and flagellate, so follow along as I try to take apart a weird, wacky, and wonderful subject. Read More

01.16.16- Weekend Rant: New World Order:
Public Be Damned, Preferably Dead

Michael Noonan

In the midst of this political and economic maelstrom that appears to be reaching its peak since the pivotal 9/11 “attack” on the US, when the twin towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed, partially by an airplane flying into each tower, then more fully by the detonation of all the explosives planted in the buildings to insure their destruction.  Should there be any question as to that assessment, which has gained greater acceptance by those willing to do their due diligence, the unprovoked destruction of building seven [WTC 7] adds proof of how these buildings were planned for certain demolition, in advance. Read More

01.15.16- Canadians Are Panicking Over Food Costs After Currency Collapse
Joshua Krause

It’s no secret that America has a serious inflation problem. Though the Federal Reserve insists that our inflation rate is only at around .5%, we’ve all seen the price of food, rent, healthcare, and energy skyrocket over the past 10-20 years. However, this has been a gradual shift. Canada on the other hand, has just seen the price of every day goods rise precipitously over a very short period of time.

The crash in oil prices has crippled their economic growth, and led to the decline of the Canadian dollar, as well as a predictable increase in the cost of imports like food. For those of us living in the US, this provides a really good example of what life may be like should the dollar take a plunge in the near future. Here’s what our northern neighbors have been dealing with: Read More

01.14.16- The International War on Cash
Jeff Thomas

Back in 2008, I began warning of increasing capital controls that we would see in the future, as a component in the decline of Western economies (Western in the broad sense, including Japan, Australia, etc.)

Along the way, it occurred to me that, at some point, governments might collectively attempt to eliminate paper currency in favour of an electronic currency - transferred from party to party solely through licensed banks. Sound farfetched? Well, maybe, but what if the U.S. and EU agreed on an overall plan, then suggested it to other governments? On the face of it, this smacks of conspiracy theory, yet certainly, all governments would benefit from this control and would be likely to get on board. In fact, it might prove to be the only way out of their present economic problems. Read More

01.13.16- Oregon Standoff: Federal Land Grab vs. the Sagebrush Rebellion
Joel Skousen

The occupation of the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon by a small group of armed protesters represents a new and confrontational tactic in the Sagebrush Rebellion--the decades old struggle of Western ranchers against federal control of state lands. While the majority of rancher disputes are against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) the US Fish and Wildlife Service has been just as ruthless--in this case expanding the wildlife refuge at the expense of neighboring ranchers. This week I'll detail the struggle of the Hammond family, and of Ammon Bundy the protest leader. When you read the litany of federal abuse of ranching families, you will better understand why some ranchers are staging an armed resistance. I also give some suggestions on how this can be resolved peacefully. Read More

01.12.16- Some Reflections on
the Right to Private Property

Tibor Machan

Private Property Rights

The first step in the destruction of capitalism must be the abolition of the right to private property.  Marx and Engels were clear about this in The Communist Manifesto. And many who sympathize with this idea of a socialist political economy agree.

This is one reason many such thinkers and activists are champions of land use, eminent domain and related legal measures that render even the most personal of real property subject to extensive government control. Read More

01.11.16- The State of the Union speech
Obama won’t give

Jon Rappoport

“The greatest covert op in the world is demoralization. If you can do that to a population, anything and everything follows.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Suppose, in a burst of exasperation, Obama gave a quite different State of the Union Address to Congress and the American people.

Exasperation? Why? Because Obama wants recognition for his clever and ingenious manipulations. He doesn’t want to be known as a clueless President. He doesn’t want to be remembered as a rank amateur. He wants credit where credit is due. Therefore, he spills the beans: Read More

01.10.16- An Extinction Event

Sickened animals “unlike anything doctors have ever seen” on West Coast — “They’re eating themselves from the inside” — Cancers… liver, pancreas, intestines shut down… infested with parasites and immune to antibiotics — Unprecedented catastrophe to cause loss of 200,000 sea lions.

Al Jazeera, Jan 6, 2016 (emphasis added): In warming ocean, record number of seals and sea lions sicken and starve — Ailing or dead seals and sea lions washed up on California beaches in record numbers in 2015; this year could be worse… They are brought in with all sorts of problems: lockjaw, poisoning, cancer… But most of the record number of seals and sea lions washing up on California’s shores and being brought to a regional rescue center are starving… this slow-motion catastrophe is likely to continue… In 2015, [NOAA] counted more than 4,200 California sea lions, 90 Guadalupe fur seals, and 70 northern fur seals. Read More

01.09.15- Amman Bundy Is the Next Davy Crockett
Dave Hodges

At the conclusion of this article, it will be clear to see that the defenders of the federal building in Burns, Oregon, have no way out. Their fate can be likened to Davy Crockett and the Tennessee Volunteers.

The Proverbial Line In the Sand Has Been Drawn

Amman Bundy released a statement to Joe Biggs of Infowars that “they are ready to lay their lives down”. Read More

01.08.16- "It's A Xanax World"
Bill Gross

The Romans gave their Plebian citizens a day at the Coliseum, and the French royalty gave the Bourgeoisie a piece of figurative “cake”, so it may be true to form that in the still prosperous developed economies of 2016, we provide Fantasy Sports, cellphone game apps, sexting, and fast food to appease the masses. Keep them occupied and distracted at all costs before they recognize that half of the U.S. population doesn’t go to work in the morning and that their real wages after conservatively calculated inflation have barely budged since the mid 1980’s. Confuse them with demagogic and religious oriented political candidates to believe that tomorrow will be a better day and hope that Ferguson, Missouri and its lookalikes will fade to the second page or whatever it’s called these days in new-age media. Read More

01.07.16- Internal War Is Now
On The Horizon For America

Brandon Smith

If internationalists were to get their way fully with the world and future historians write their analysis from a globalist perspective of the defunct American nation, they will probably say simply that our collapse was brought about by our own incompetence - that we were our own worst enemy. Yes, they would treat America as a cliché. They will of course leave out the destructive influences and engineered disasters of elitists, that would just complicate the narrative.

My hope is that we do not prove these future historians correct, and that they won’t have an opportunity to exist. My work has always been designed to help ensure that resistance thrives, but also that it is pursued in the most intelligent manner possible. Read More

01.06.16- Clinton Is Selling Uranium From Bundy and Hammond Ranches to Russians
Dave Hodges

When Donald Trump accused Clinton and Obama of creating ISIS, he was absolutely 100% correct. This fact was undeniably established in 2015 when I interviewed former Army Special Operations Officer and advisor to George W. Bush, Scott Bennett. However, this is merely the starting point of this article.

Both the Bundy and Hammond Ranch affairs is about control of significant amounts  of uranium and the BLM is willing to shed blood in order to procure this uranium for very nefarious purposes. Read More

01.05.16- Turkey’s Erdogan: Drug Kingpin
Stephen Lendman

In a just world, Erdogan would top Interpol’s most wanted list, along with US-led NATO leaders, Israel’s Netanyahu, and Middle East Arab despots – partners in high crimes too major to ignore.

Along with arming and providing safe havens for ISIS terrorists, supplying them with toxic chemical agents, and selling their oil on the black market, Erdogan is a major drug trafficker. Nothing significant happens in Turkey without his knowledge, approval and involvement. Read More

01.04.16- The Hammond Ranch Affair Will Become Waco II
Dave Hodges

The coming showdown between 150+ Patriots who have gathered near Burns, Oregon is grossly misunderstood by the general public. The following paragraphs shed light on both the history of the present conflict between the Hammonds and the federal government as well as the current status of the situation. It is the express hope of The Common Sense Show, that calmer heads prevail and the present crisis does not end in the loss of life.

The Beginning of the Present Hammond Ranch Crisis

Dwight Hammond and son Steve Hammond, were convicted of lighting fires on federal land. Federal prosecutors wanted blood, overreacted and pursued the two in what could be described as a case of malicious prosecution. Read More

01.02.16- Gun Sales Surge In Switzerland As Army Chief Warns "Arm Yourselves"
Tyler Durden

It would appear the people of Switzerland have been listening to their military leaders. Having recently been warned by the Swiss army chief of growing social unrest, SwissInfo reports applications for gun permits in Switzerland increased by 20% between 2014 and 2015, according to a survey conducted in 12 cantons. But while the army proposes "arm yourselves," Swiss crime prevention officials warn against the false sense of security that guns bring.

Whereas in 2011 numerous people in Switzerland voluntarily gave up their firearms, today more and more people are purchasing guns. Read More

01.01.16- Time For Torches & Pitchforks - The Little Guy Is About To Get Monkey-Hammered Again
David Stockman

The reputations of Ben and Janet are going to be eviscerated in 2016. That’s because the US economy will slide into recession in defiance of every claim they have made for their snake oil monetary policies. The plain fact is, massive falsification of financial markets via their “wealth effects” doctrine did not levitate main street prosperity at all; it just fueled another giant speculative mania in the Wall Street casino. Read More

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