12.08.21- America’s Dr. Mengele
Thomas DiLorenzo

In his must-read new book, The Real Anthony Fauci, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. describes how journalist Liam Scheff chronicled Fauci’s “secretive experiments on hundreds of HIV-positive foster children at Incarnation Children’s Center (ICC) in New York City and numerous sister facilities in New York and six other states between 1988 and 2002” (p. 245).  He describes in detail how “Fauci’s NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) and his Big Pharma partners turned Black and Hispanic foster kids into lab rats, subjecting them to torture and abuse in a grim parade of unsupervised drug and vaccine studies . . .” Read More

12.07.21- The Road to Insurrection: 
Where are we going?

Charles R. Dickens

The Talking Heads said – We’re on the Road to Nowhere…

Do we know?

I can’t shake the suspicion that all these moronic mandates and irrational, deluded decisions are parts of the master plan to plunge ‘merica into another civil war – insurrection, revolt, or violent rejection of the lunacy from the DC Swamp. Read More

12.06.21- The Worst That Could Happen
Bill Sardi

Call To Suspend Covid-19 Vaccination Upon Discovery Of Spike Protein In The Nucleus Of Living Cells

Resveratrol Pills Could Rescue The Vaccinated

The horror of horrors has happened.  Spike protein produced by injected RNA vaccines has been found in the nucleus of living cells and can weaken the human immune response and impair immunity.Read More

12.04.21- Biden’s Bounty on Your Life: Hospitals’ Incentive Payments
for COVID-19

Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.

Upon admission to a once-trusted hospital, American patients with COVID-19 become virtual prisoners, subjected to a rigid treatment protocol with roots in Ezekiel Emanuel’s “Complete Lives System” for rationing medical care in those over age 50. They have a shockingly high mortality rate. How and why is this happening, and what can be done about it? Read More

12.03.21- What Do They Know? Insiders Are Dumping Stocks At A Pace Never Seen Before In All Of U.S. History
Michael Snyder

Why are CEOs and corporate insiders selling their stocks at a far faster rate than we have ever seen before?  Do they know something that the rest of us do not?  If stock prices are going to continue soaring into the stratosphere like many in the mainstream media are suggesting, these insiders that are dumping stocks like there is no tomorrow will miss out on some absolutely enormous profits.  On the other hand, if a colossal market crash is coming in 2022, then 2021 was absolutely the perfect time to get out.  As I have said countless times before, you only make money in the stock market if you get out in time.  Could it be possible that many of the richest people in the world have picked the absolutely perfect moment to pull the trigger? Read More

12.02.21- People Long Drowning In A Sea Of Misinformation Are Slowly Awakening As 'Cognitive Dissonance' Strikes Hard & The Globalists 'Orwellian Doublethink' Masks Melt Away
Stefan Stanford

According to this entry over at Wikipedia on ‘cognitive dissonance’in the field of psychology, ‘cognitive dissonance’ is the perception of contradictory information…two (or more) actions or ideas that are not consistent with each other…triggering discomfort within the individual…who then tries to find a way to resolve the contradictory information which is a battle between their original beliefs and new information learned that contradicts those beliefs. Read More

12.01.21- This is a leading indicator of a civilization in decline
Simon Black

In early 2007, the brand new District Attorney for Milwaukee County, Wisconsin gave an interview to a local newspaper spelling out his ‘progressive’ approach to crime.

He told the reporter:

“Is there going to be an individual I divert [i.e. release back onto the street] or I put into treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody? You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.”

(Actually his approach is invalidated by the data; rape, homicide, arson, aggravated assault, and other violent crime have risen dramatically in Milwaukee. His approach is clearly not working…) Read More

11.30.21- The Narratives Fail
James Howard Kunstler

Does it finally look like Dr. Anthony Fauci is trying to carry out an assisted suicide of the United States? On the Sunday Morning TV chat circuit, the White House Covid-19 czar (a.k.a. The Science) declared that the new Omicron variant is “a clarion call” to get people vaccinated. Is that so, Dr. Fauci? Considering how well your “vaccines” work? And how many people have been maimed and killed by their side-effects? (More than all other vaccines combined over the past thirty years.) And how you knavishly outlawed effective and cheap early treatment protocols that would have put Covid-19 down by June of 2020 (and saved half-a-million lives). Read More

11.29.21- The Biden Crackdown on Thought Crimes
Jim Bovard

The Biden administration is seeking to radically narrow the boundaries of respectable American political thought. The administration has repeatedly issued statements and reports that could automatically castigate citizens who distrust the federal government. We may eventually learn that the new Biden guidelines spurred a vast increase in federal surveillance and other abuses against Americans who were guilty of nothing more than vigorous skepticism.  Read More

11.27.21- Shits and Giggles
Charles R. Dickens

Never before have I seen a president so willing to abandon, no – fuck an entire country to follow his deluded crusade to secure his legacy. His Don Quixotesque quest to correct Mother Nature borders on lunacy and religious zealotry. He is a danger to himself and America. He should be confined.

In January of 2021, someone appointed Bungles the Clown and Giggles to front for the cabal. The Bungles the Clown and Giggles shit-show began entertaining America and the world eleven months ago with their ludicrous political decisions and idiotic ideas. Read More

Thanksgiving 2021
Andrew P. Napolitano

“Government requires make-believe. Make believe that the king is divine, make believe that he can do no wrong or make believe that the voice of the people is the voice of God. Make believe that the people have a voice or make believe that the representatives of the people are the people. Make believe that governors are the servants of the people. Make believe that all men are created equal or make believe that they are not.”
— Edmund S. Morgan (1916-2013) Read More

11.25.21- Slightly Up From Slavery
Doug Casey

To eliminate misunderstanding as to what taxes are, it is helpful to define the word “theft.” One good definition is “the wrongful taking and carrying away of the personal goods of another.” The definition does not go on to say, “unless you’re the government.”

There is no difference, in principle, between the State taking property and a street gang doing so, except that the State’s theft is “legal” and its agents are immune from prosecution. Many people do not accept that analogy, because the government is widely viewed as being of, for, and by the people, even though it’s also acknowledged as acting badly from time to time.  Read More

11.24.21- Finally! Medical Proof the Covid Jab is “Murder”
Dr. Vernon Coleman

View Video

11.23.21- Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Joins Mike Adams
Latest Jab Info and the Fate of Humanity


View Video

11.22.21- Onward Into Darkness
James Howard Kunstler

Tripping over the doorsill into “Joe Biden’s” dark winter, what do you see out in the gathering gloom? That old Shining City on a Hill is looking more like Detroit in a sleet-storm, with dumpster fires sputtering here and there in the broken streets. The darkness descending is something more ominous than any ordinary night. In the shadows, an insectile legion seems to be stealing away with what remains of your country.

Was it reassuring to see Dr. Anthony Fauci declare on MSNBC: “What we’re starting to see now is an uptick in hospitalizations among people who have been fully vaccinated but not boosted”? And the moral of that story? Get more of the same thing that’s not working — and if you don’t volunteer to get it, maybe we can find a way to force you.  Read More

11.20.21- Weekend Rant: Fauci Finally Admits Vaccines Don’t Protect Against Serious Covid or Death
Vasko Kohlmayer

Last week Dr. Anthony Fauci made perhaps the most damning confession in the Covid vaccine saga. So far-reaching are the implications of his statement that the interview in which he made it may well prove a turning point in the fight against the great vaccine fraud that is being perpetrated on the peoples of the world.

In a November 12 podcast session with the New York Times, Fauci was forced to admit the fact that the vaccines do not reliably protect their recipients from serious Covid or death. Read More

11.19.21- Can The FBI Be Salvaged?
Victor Davis Hanson

For its own moral and practical survival, the FBI should be moved far away from the political and media tentacles that have so deeply squeezed and corrupted it...

The Washington, D.C.-based Federal Bureau of Investigation has lost all credibility as a disinterested investigatory agency. Read More

11.18.21- The Road to Fascism: Paved with Vaccine Mandates and Corporate Collusion
John W. Whitehead

We are moving fast down the road to fascism.

This COVID-19 pandemic has shifted us into high gear.

The heavy-handed collusion between the Techno-Corporate State and the U.S. government over vaccine mandates is merely the latest manifestation of the extent to which fascist forces are working to overthrow our constitutional republic and nullify the rights of the individual. Read More

11.17.21- How Fanatics Took Over the World
Jeffrey A. Tucker

Early in the pandemic, I had been furiously writing articles about lockdowns. My phone rang with a call from a man named Dr. Rajeev Venkayya. He is the head of a vaccine company but introduced himself as former head of pandemic policy for the Gates Foundation.

Now I was listening. Read More

11.16.21- The U.S. Is a Powder Keg
Jeffrey Tucker

Last night I did my usual grocery run. I don’t shop at stores with philosophies. I go for el cheapo places that don’t have olive bars and don’t play Schubert on the intercom. I just want the stuff I need at the lowest possible prices. Even I was stunned at the 40% increase in my usual bill. I thought I was buying in a minimalist way.

Later I looked more carefully at what went wrong. I bought beef and bacon. Beef price increases are now at double-digit rates, and bacon is even higher. You are paying much more per pound than one year ago. Pork and chicken are less, but that could change. Read More

11.15.21- Wallace: Should Blatant In-Your-Face Treason be Ignored?
Andrew C. Wallace

Biden, “THE USURPER” and his faux administration who are giving aid, support and encouragement to the illegal invaders are guilty of TREASON as specified in our Constitution.



11.13.21- Weekend Rant: The Recognition
James Howard Kunstler

The climate change agitation is based on a central grandiose fallacy of our wobbling technocratic age: the idea that if you can measure enough stuff, you can control it. The master-wish in this case is what, exactly? To control the weather? (Which we might define as the day-to-day expression of the planet’s climate?) That ain’t gonna happen. In case you haven’t noticed, the business model of industrial civilization is already broken, and many of its dazzling tricks with it. And, anyway, the earth’s climate is forever and always changing, as is the adaptive response to it by human populations over the centuries, sometimes slowly and sometimes fast. Read More

11.12.21- Frogs Will Get Boiled As Regime Change Is Coming
Mark Cudmore

The fourth-largest economy, Germany, also confirmed inflation at the fastest pace since the early ‘90s, but that release didn’t surprise economists as it was the final print and the beat had come with the preliminary estimate. Germany isn’t letting the side down though -- it recently confirmed the highest producer price inflation on records that go back to 1977. This from the country where policy makers famously fear inflation more than most!

Inflation angst: we ain’t seen nothing yet. Read More

11.12.21- Leftists Support Tyranny – Conservatives Do Not: It’s Time To Separate
Brandon Smith

One of the great semantic debates of the past decade has been the ongoing attempt to muddle the definition of “Left vs Right” in the American political sphere. For example, a lot of people who are new to the liberty movement (people who became active during or after the Trump campaign in 2016) have heard of the “false left/right paradigm”, but they have no clue what it actually means. If you think it means there are no legitimate political sides in this fight and that the entire conflict is theatrical or manipulated, then you are misinformed. Read More

11.10.21- The New American Plantation
Charles R. Dickens

When someone mentions plantations, what comes to mind? And when you hear the words white privilege, white supremacy, or racism, do they conjure similar images?

The plantation analogy occurred to me after I received a White Privilege Card from a friend. Of course, it was a joke, and I had a good belly laugh, but it did cause me to wonder about the concept of white privilege and plantation life.

Historians and economists argue that the plantation system ended with FDR’s New Deal in the 1930s. Read More

11.09.21- Patents, Biodiversity,
and Genetic Ownership

Joseph P Farrell

On this website and in our members’ vidchats, a number of readers and contributors of articles have been wondering to what extent a patented synthetic life form places a lien on an individual who may wittingly or unwittingly consume it.  Well, if you have any doubts about the ultimate answer to that question and the lengths that Mr. Globaloney and his “technoapparatchikcrats” intend to go, check out the following article shared by V.S.: Read More

11.08.21- A Closer Look At The Great Reset – A Fake Utopia Sold To Us By Charlatans
Caeli Francisco

As we exit the pandemic, expect to hear much more about The Great Reset and building back better. Far from resulting in a low-carbon dream life, though, it’s a cartoonish fantasy that will hand the global elite even more power.

The Great Reset’ is a term that has been bandied about quite readily by most Western neo-liberal politicians. So often, in fact, and without proper explanation, that it strikes the prudent observer as a kind of paid advertisement. Read More

11.06.21- Woke Gets Whacked —
But Hold the Victory Lap

James Howard Kunstler

It begins to look like the 2021 elections put a decisive end to the Woke-Jacobin-Progressive reign-of-terror, and its demonic efforts to cancel the authority of truth in human affairs — truth being derived from reality. For years,05 in an ever-escalating campaign of coercion, persecution, and punishment, the WJPs made their own reality-optional “truth” and foolishly expected the nation to roll over for it. On Tuesday, voters all over the land, in effect, whapped the Party of Chaos upside its head with thirty inches of No. 6 rebar and said “no more.” Days later, the Wokesters are still seeing stars and planets blink in their temporal lobes. Read More

11.05.21- AT&T Declares Our Country’s Problem to Be White Americans
Paul Craig Roberts

Terry McAuliffe, until yesterday the Democrat governor of Virginia, agrees with AT&T that our country’s problem is white Americans. The anti-Southern, anti-white, anti-straight, anti-American and spiritually, morally, and intellectually corrupt Democrat McAuliffe regime was swept out of power in Virginia by enraged parents tired of having their daughters raped in Virginia public school girls restrooms by black men pretending to be transgenders, and tired of their kids being taught by Democrats in Virginia public schools to hate themselves, their parents, and white people in general. Read More

11.04.21- ‘Brought to You by Pfizer’: Pharma Giant Spends More on Ads, News Sponsorships,
Than Research

Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D

By “sponsoring” mainstream television newscasts and information programs, Pfizer hopes to increase vaccination rates, but critics suggest another motivation — skewing news coverage in their favor.By “sponsoring” mainstream television newscasts and information programs, Pfizer hopes to increase vaccination rates, but critics suggest another motivation — skewing news coverage in their favor.  Read More

11.03.21- The Most Important Battle For Press Freedom In Our Time
Chris Hedges

For the past two days, I have been watching the extradition hearing for Julian Assange via video link from London. The United States is appealing a lower court ruling that denied the US request to extradite Assange not, unfortunately, because in the eyes of the court he is innocent of a crime, but because, as Judge Vanessa Baraitser in January concluded, Assange’s precarious psychological state would deteriorate given the “harsh conditions” of the inhumane US prison system, “causing him to commit suicide.”  Read More

11.02.21- Chilling Bigly
James Howard Kunstler

Is it so, as some wags say, that industry no longer makes money; only finance does? That’s been the operating theory for much of the West lately. Of course, that invites the question: what then is finance supposed to finance… that is, put money into? Why… industry, of course, and in the broadest sense of the word: the production of goods… goods being things that have value (that’s what‘s good about them). How quaint! But most of the industry that used to be here has gone to other lands. Read More

11.01.21- One Step Closer to Rule by Decree
Justin Smith

We know who Biden and his people are, and he’s pushing the country towards authoritarian socialism. He’s essentially abandoned whatever “moderate” views he ever held and opted for the communist worldview to the dismay of many.

If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Biden may not be a communist, but he’s sure quackin; like one these days.  Read More

10.30.21- It All Makes Sense Once You Realize They Want to Kill Us
Mike Whitney

“It is now apparent that these products in the blood stream are toxic to humans. An immediate halt to the vaccination programme is required while an independent safety analysis is undertaken to investigate the full extent of the harms, which the UK Yellow Card data suggest includes thromboembolism, multi-system inflammatory disease, immune suppression, autoimmunity and anaphylaxis, as well as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE).” Tess Lawrie, Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy  Read More

10.29.21- Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Death of the Internet
Tyler Durden

The Internet is becoming smaller, fragmenting down national borders, and succumbing to regulations imposed by governments and various special interests.

An internet is a network made of smaller networks. The Internet is the single international network you are using right now. The Internet is enormous. The Internet spans from research facilities in Antarctica up into outer space. The Internet is how I'm writing this in Europe for a website in the United States which is accessible almost everywhere in the world.  Read More

10.28.21- The Great Replacement is not “Racist”
Donald Jeffries

Let me make the usual disclaimers. I supported the Civil Rights movement. I reveled in Martin Luther King’s speeches as a young man. I have never knowingly discriminated against anyone for their skin color, religion, sexual preference, gender, etc. I am not now, nor have I ever been, a racist. We all discriminate against others based on their behavior, and how they treat us. That’s normal and not “racist.” 

For some years, the White Nationalists have been referring to a campaign to eradicate White people, which they call the Great Replacement. It’s easy to scoff at this, but the facts suggest they’re on to something. Read More

10.27.21- Puppies, Sadists and Vaccines
Raúl Ilargi Meijer

There’s something mightily ironic in me getting sick to my stomach when I read about sadistic experiments on puppies by Fauci et al, while at the same time recognizing it’s the same thing that he – and they- have been doing to the America people for 20 months now. Sadism rules under the guise of The Science, faithfully covered by the media, and spread to 200 million Americans, let alone the much larger numbers worldwide.

I don’t have the stomach for this, really, I’ve been literally sick about it all day, but I can’t not talk about it either. Read More

10.26.21- The Military Origins of Facebook
Whitney Webb

Facebook’s growing role in the ever-expanding surveillance and “pre-crime” apparatus of the national security state demands new scrutiny of the company’s origins and its products as they relate to a former, controversial DARPA-run surveillance program that was essentially analogous to what is currently the world’s largest social network.

In mid-February, Daniel Baker, a US veteran described by the media as “anti-Trump, anti-government, anti-white supremacists, and anti-police,” was charged by a Florida grand jury with two counts of “transmitting a communication in interstate commerce containing a threat to kidnap or injure.” Read More

10.25.21- Living in a Potemkin World (Part Two)
James Quinn

In Part One of this article I described the fraudulent world we live in, and postulated we are moving from Huxley’s “soft” dystopia towards Orwell’s boot on the face “hard” dystopia. This pandemic of fear initiated by the Davos crowd over the last two years is following the path I have laid out.

All the examples of truth suppression and silence regarding the truth pale in comparison to the massive conspiracy of silence related to this build back better pandemic scheme. From the outset, when ZeroHedge and a few other alternative media outlets postulated the virus had escaped from the Wuhan bio-weapon lab, a conspiracy of silence was initiated to cover-up the facts. Twitter crushed anyone who put forth this possibility and suspended ZeroHedge from posting for months. Read More

10.23.21- Big Pharma Owns The World
Bill Sardi

Big Pharma will earn billions in profits this 2nd pandemic year; projected to be $16 billion for Moderna this year 2021 and $38.7 billion in 2022, as a startup vaccine maker.  Pfizer’s RNA vaccine is expected to $54.5 billion in 2022, says the drug industry resource Fierce Pharma.

Big Pharma has the world by the tail, able to make an RNA vaccine for a variant viral strain overnight and put it on the market with no advertising, using health officials “vaccinate or die” sales pitch, or the Executive Order for a vaccine mandate, issued by paid-off politicians. Read More

10.22.21- Living in a Potemkin World
James Quinn

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” ― George Orwell, 1984

“Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.” ― George Orwell, 1984  Read More

10.21.21- The Empire of Lies Breaks Down: Ugly Truths the Deep State Wants to Keep Hidden
John W. Whitehead

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”—Albert Einstein

America is breaking down.

This breakdown—triggered by polarizing circus politics, media-fed mass hysteria, racism, classism, fascism, fear-mongering, political correctness, cultural sanitation, virtue signaling, a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness in the face of growing government corruption and brutality, a growing economic divide that has much of the population struggling to get by, and militarization and militainment (the selling of war and violence as entertainment)—is manifesting itself in madness, mayhem and an utter disregard for the very principles and liberties that have kept us out of the clutches of totalitarianism for so long. Read More

10.20.21- Because I Said So!
Charles R. Dickens

A most excellent friend, Kastle, frequently sends me thought-provoking articles like this one by Lew Rockwell: “Where is the Executive Order?

Mr. Rockwell’s post tackles the tender topic of Executive Orders (EO), opening the curtain a little more; precisely why we take time to write articles like these.

The EO for the General Covid Vaccine Mandate is missing from the Federal Register. You know, the part that requires businesses to fire unvaccinated workers and demand that all Americans be vaccinated. Read More

10.18.21- It’s Time For All Good Men to Stop Fearing John Galt
Thomas Luongo

There comes a point in every person’s life when they have to reckon with the person in the mirror. Who am I? What do I want? Where am I going?

Since the beginning of the COVID-9/11 story I’ve watched it break so many people who couldn’t answer these basic questions. The fear of the virus uncovered a lot about all of us. Read More

10.18.21- The American System Is Broken
Bill Bonner

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Yes, today we bite into the mushroom.

So, make sure you are in a “safe space.” And keep a stomach pump handy.

Let’s begin with another Argentine-style headline, this time from the U.S. Here’s MarketWatch:  Read More

10.16.21- Why the US Is Headed into
Its Fourth Turning

Doug Casey

International Man: The economic, political, social, and cultural situation seems to have become increasingly volatile in the United States and more broadly in the West. Is this a unique situation or part of a recurring historical cycle?

Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe introduced a popular theory in their book, The Fourth Turning, outlining the recurring generational cycles that have occurred throughout American history. Read More

10.15.21- America: A Dead Man Walking
Paul Craig Roberts

Will America Exist in 10 or 20 Years? Probably Not

I knew America was finished when the insouciant dumbshits let the corrupt Establishment openly and blatantly steal a presidential election and install a cipher as front man for the Establishment’s agenda.

What is the Establishment’s agenda? It is Evil incarnate.

The agenda is the rewrite of Western history as one vast crime.

The agenda is the demonization of all European and British ethnicities with white skin. Read More

10.14.21- There Will Be NO Unity In America Until Tyrannical Liberalism Is No Longer Tolerated - #DoNotComply Movement Explodes Into Action As Walkouts Hit Airlines, Trains, And Hospitals Over Vax Mandate
Susan Duclos

The Twitter hashtag #DoNotComply was trending on October 11, 2021, after employees of multiple large corporations decided to protest with a “sick out,” causing Amtrak delays, thousands of canceled flights,  hospital workers walking out and state leaders bringing in the National Guard to staff said hospitals. Read More

10.13.21- The IMF Should Be Eliminated,
Not Expanded

Daniel J. Mitchell

I’m not a fan of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Since I work mostly on fiscal issues, I don’t like the fact that the bureaucracy is an avid cheerleader for ever-higher taxes (which is disgustingly hypocritical since IMF employees get lavishtax-freesalaries). Read More

10.12.21- Will Vaccine-Linked Deaths Rise Sharply This Winter?
Mike Whitney

“I am concerned about the possibility that the new vaccines aimed at creating immunity against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein have the potential to cause microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in a way that does not appear to be assessed in the safety trials.” Dr J. Patrick Whelan

“We are dealing with evil. In case you hadn’t noticed.” Robert W Malone, MD, Twitter Read More

10.11.21- The Great Southwest Airlines Rebellion?
Dr Ron Paul

The incredible cruelty and folly of forced vaccines finally came home to roost. The vaccine mandate backlash has been bubbling just under the surface, but now it has spilled out into the open, threatening to completely derail an already crumbling economy and to obliterate a deeply unpopular US President and Administration.

Seemingly out of nowhere what appears to be a Southwest Airlines rebellion has taken flight this weekend. According to media reports, scores of pilots and other Southwest employees have coordinated the taking of “sick days” to use them up in advance of a Southwest Airlines mandate to get the jab or lose the job. Over Saturday and Sunday more than 2,000 flights have been cancelled, with airports experiencing full-on mayhem. Read More

10.09.21- The Old Devils Letter to the Young, 1942
C.S. Lewis

''One young devil asked the old man: "How did you manage to bring so
many souls to hell?" The old devil answered: "I instilled fear in them!"

Answers the youngster: "Great job! And what were they afraid of? Wars? Hunger?"

Answers the man: "No, they were afraid of the disease!" Read More

10.08.21- “Woke” California bill would ban gas-powered generators in part of the state that has more than its share of brownouts
JD Heyes

It is obscene that the country’s largest (in terms of population), richest state has one of the worst power grids in the country, but welcome to California, circa 2021.

For years the state has been suffering under increasingly worse drought conditions not due to ‘human-caused climate change’ but due instead to a change in weather patterns that occur naturally on planet Earth, California being no exception. Read More

10.07.21- Washington Idiots at Work
David Stockman

If you don’t think Washington is populated by the world’s greatest collection of idiots, just consider some of today’s incoming data, starting with another disastrous trade report.

The trade deficit in goods for August posted at -$89.4 billion, which is nearly the worst monthly figure on record and 40% below the already huge -$63.7 billion deficit posted for the pre-Covid peak in February 2020. And, no, we are not harping here on the trade account’s tsunami of red ink out of some Trumpian affection for protectionism. Read More

10.06.21- The Vaccine, Not Covid, Is the Threat
Paul Craig Roberts

On October 4, I presented Dr. Richard Fleming’s verdict that the Covid Vaccine is a greater threat to humanity than the virus itself

Today I present a study by 26 scientists that people vaccinated with the Covid “vaccine” are “more likely than unvaccinated persons to be infected by variants.”  This is consistent with country data that shows that most hospitalized Covid patients are vaccinated. Read More

10.05.21- The Final Chapter
Charles R. Dickens

Is this the finale of the Great American Experiment?

Have we reached the end of the enterprise?

When I was young, I admired and respected the president, elected representatives, and authorities. That’s how my parents raised us.

Now that I’m more aware of the siren call of power and corruption, I see these people in an exculpatory light. Read More

10.04.21- How Democracy Ends
Vinay Prasad

COVID19 policy shows a (potential) path to the end of America...

The pandemic events of 2020-2021 outline a potential pathway for a future democratically elected President of the United States to systematically end democracy.  

The course of events leading to this outcome need not be a repeat of the assault on the Capitol, but a distortion of risk of illness as justification for force and suspension of democratic norms. Read More

10.02.21- Now They’ve Crossed the Line
Jeffrey Tucker

There are so many examples of depredations in American public life that it’s impossible to keep up. Things happen daily now that would have caused national outrage a few years ago.

But our sense of outrage has become dulled after nearly 20 months of the most irresponsible public policies in many generations. These days, news of terribleness just washes over us, and we hardly have time to think about it before the next shock comes along. Read More

10.01.21- This is Getting Really Insane
Martin Armstrong

Well, my phone has been red hot today. There are some people in Washington who should call to get a reality check. Biden’s plan for spending is in trouble, and even Democrats are starting to wonder who the hell is pulling these strings. There have been proposals to save the planet and impose about an 8 cent per mile driven tax, which could be $2,000 per year — just to drive! There was an emergency meeting with Biden and Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-NY) in the White House, and people were wondering if Biden was coherent. Read More

09.30.21- We Will Not Comply: Red States Should Offer Sanctuary To Businesses, Military And Medical Personnel
Brandon Smith

All it takes is one free place to change the dynamic between the public and an authoritarian regime. Just one.

This week has been an extremely busy news cycle and there is a lot to cover, so along with my normal weekly analysis on one major topic, I am going to start writing shorter synopsis articles on developing news items happening in real time. I think everyone has noticed a marked and aggressive shift in the vaccine passport agenda being railroaded into existence by the Biden Administration and governments around the world. Read More

09.29.21- Reporting a Federal Crime
John Kiriakou

I tried to report a crime last week.  It was a serious crime, too.  Rather, it was a whole bunch of federal crimes.  It was impossible to find anybody interested.

Let me start at the beginning.  Over the past year, I have developed first-hand knowledge of what I believe is a major international fraud.  The principal is an American citizen who is defrauding investors in a financial technology bank scam based overseas, and the investors include people in the United States and in at least three foreign countries. Read More

09.28.21- The United States and the West are in the Grip of Delusional Madness
Steve McCann

The politically motivated and unprecedented overreaction to a virus with a 99.5% survival rate was launched in March of 2020, thus unleashing what can best be described as a once-in-a-century fiasco. Nineteen months later it is impossible to look at the United States and the world and not conclude that this country and much of the West is in the grip, not of a virus, but of delusional madness and malevolence. Read More

09.27.21- An Undertaker Explains How the Depopulation Project Is Working
Paul Craig Roberts

Despite the coherence and sincerity of the undertaker, few are likely to take his account seriously.  For decades Americans have been indoctrinated to regard all explanations contrary to official accounts as “conspiracy theory.”  The CIA planted conspiracy theory on the media to discredit highly credible accounts of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination that rejected the official narrative, and since 1963 the presstitutes have used “conspiracy theory” to shut down all challenges to official narratives.  The consequence is that instead of thinking and considering alternative explanations, most people, at least initially, dismiss non-official explanations.  People who know from lifelong experience that government always lies nevertheless always fall for the next lie.Read More

09.25.21- Weekend Rant: 2019 US Air Force Study: Gene Therapy as a Weapon
Joseph P. Farrell

The article behind today’s blog literally left my mind reeling when I read it, and it comes courtesy of an individual who has requested to remain completely anonymous to the extent I cannot even refer to the individual’s initials, but nonetheless, thank you; you know who you are.

In this case, the “article” in question is not an article, it’s a 2019 US Air Force study titled Next Generation Bioweapons: Genetic Engineering and BW, by Michael J. Ainscough, which bills itself as US Air Force Counerproliferation Center Future Warfare Series No. 14. The whole study is worth a read, particularly with what’s going on now: Read More

09.24.21- Half of America gearing up to wage legal war against Biden over unconstitutional
covid vaccine mandates

Ethan Huff

At least 24 states, or roughly half of the country, is planning to unleash hell against the Biden regime over its unconstitutional Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandates.

Two dozen Republican state attorneys general have signed onto a letter challenging Biden’s mandate, which amounts to forced medical rape. Those states include Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming. Read More

09.23.21- Lab Grown Meat To Hit U.S. in 2022, Backed By FDA & USDA, Along with “Smarter Food Safety Blueprint” and
Traceability All Underway

Corey Lynn

Corey’s Digs first reported on cultured lab grown meat back in 2018, alerting people that this would soon become a reality, as the globalists chip away at our food security. Now, Future Meat Technologies, a company out of Israel is nearly set to begin shipping its lab grown meat to the U.S. in 2022. This was a blip in the news, missing everyone’s radar, and yet their connections and the potential repercussions of this is alarming. But they are not the only company involved with this, and the industry is rapidly gaining traction while the FDA and USDA are getting everything lined up, along with their “Smarter Food Safety Blueprint” with food traceability technologyRead More

09.22.21- A Letter to My Vaccinated Friend
James Kullander 

You texted me: “I miss my friend.” And I replied, “I miss you, too.” Aside from that, I don’t know what else to say to you because our paths, for the time being, have so greatly diverged.

I am torn. I love you for who you are. But I hate you for what you have done. You got the double jab. You were among the first. When you told me I said nothing. I suppose I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. I know you did what you believed was right for you based on the knowledge that you had. But the way I see it, you allowed yourself to get swept up in an insidious, mass propaganda campaign, thereby contributing to the most crippling calamity that the world has ever faced. My point is a simple one: To accept the fraud merely legitimizes it, and you have done exactly that. Read More

09.21.21- Conquered by a Fake Pandemic, We Can Kiss America Good-bye
Paul Craig Roberts

How obvious does it have to be before even insouciant Americans realize that there is something seriously wrong about the Covid vaccination program?  

One would think we are already past that point even for the mentally-challenged.

Consider the many things we now know that make it clear that the vaccination program is a horrendous mistake. Read More

09.20.21- The Hoax That Rocked the Media
Jeffrey Tucker

I hope you do not mind a bit of anger in this letter. Right now, I’m really feeling it. I’m beyond fed up.

This week the entire English-speaking world was rocked with an amazing claim. The issue was the overcrowding of hospitals by people who had overdosed on ivermectin, the therapeutic sometimes mentioned in the context of COVID. Rolling Stone reported — the story is still there albeit with a shy correction — that gunshot victims were being turned away to treat people who had taken the drug. Read More

09.18.21- The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right; It IS a "Poison-Death Shot"
Mike Whitney 

“I’ll do one more mind experiment with you: If everyone on the planet were to get Covid and not get treated, the death-rate globally would be less than half a percent. I’m not advocating for that, because 35 million people would die. However, if we follow the advice of some of the global leaders– like Bill Gates who said last year said “7 billion people need to be vaccinated”– then the death-rate will be over 2 billion people! SO, WAKE UP! THIS IS WORLD WAR 3! We are seeing a level of malevolence that we haven’t seen in the history of humanity!” Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, Author of The Zelenko “Early Treatment” Protocol saved thousands of Covid-19 patients. Read More

09.17.21- Crypto Conundrum
Bill Bonner

New ideas come at you, whether you want them or not. Sometimes, they are as easy to understand as a Post-It Note.

But sometimes, you don’t know what to make of them. Useful? Silly? Valuable? Time waster?

The powers-that-be generally resist them. They fear the powers-that-will-be if they let things evolve freely. If they see a new idea as a threat, they try to drown it in the river… as though it were an unwanted kitten.

But often, new ideas are laughed at… or ignored. Or they spread far and wide… until it is too late to stop them. Read More

09.15.21- The Virus Plandemic,
the Quackcine Scamdemic, a Couple of...

Joseph P. Farrell

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m constantly amazed at the readers of this website who send us stories and articles for their ability to ferret out some mind-blowing information, and today’s find by V.T. ( a regular contributor of articles) is a stellar case in point.  In this case, there was something that leapt right of the page, and I’m sure it will for you as well: Read More

09.15.21- There’s a New Battleground in America
Bill Bonner

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

– Benjamin Franklin

YOUGHAL, IRELAND – “This is not about freedom or personal choice,” said Joe Biden.

But that is exactly what the vaccine mandate is about. There are choices to be made: to vax or not to vax.

The real question is: Who gets to decide?

In a free society, people decide for themselves. In a less free society, somebody else decides. In this case, it’s the Decider-in-Chief who wants to tell others what to do. Read More

09.14.21- Medical Experimentation and Collective Punishment Are War Crimes
J.B. Shurk

Fake President but Real Dictator Joe Biden: "We are going to protect the vaccinated workers from unvaccinated coworkers."  Ah, if only the "vaccinated" workers had as healthy immune systems as their unvaccinated colleagues.  Whatever the friendly U.S. government is injecting into people, it's certainly not inoculating against or inhibiting transmission of the Fauci Virus if the "vaccinated" must walk around in bubble-boy suits for the rest of their lives.  The "vaccine" that works so nice you have to take it twice...er, thrice...er, we'll let you know when you've had enough, prole! Read More

09.13.21- Then What…?
James Howard Kunstler

The strange demeanor of CNN’s news readers is telling us something: check out Erin Burnett in the seven o’clock time slot. No affect, like she is on drugs, in a kind of trance… or just going through the motions against her will. Same thing with Kate Bolduan, a sort of permanent half-scowl, as if she’s been told to carry out a detested chore, like cleaning the carpet where hubbie’s old dog had another “accident.” Is it, perhaps, that they just don’t believe the bullshit they are serving up to anxious viewers anymore? Or is it something even darker? That would be my guess. Next thing you know, their heads will start rotating 360 degrees, projectile vomiting pea soup at the cameras. Read More

09.11.21- Death By A Thousand Cuts
Neal Ross

I often wonder whether we do not rest our hopes too much upon constitutions, upon laws and upon courts. These are false hopes; believe me, these are false hopes. Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it. While it lies there it needs no constitution, no law, no court to save it.” Read More

09.10.21- STUDY: Covid “vaccine” spike proteins damage heart cells, alter heart function… and they’re in the booster shots, too
Ethan Huff

new study brings further clarity as to the effects of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” spike proteins on the human cardiovascular system.

According to science, vaccine-induced spike proteins change heart cells, disrupting their functionality. This was observed specifically in the small blood vessel cells that surround the heart, although it was also found to occur elsewhere. Read More

09.09.21- Seeking 9/11 Truth After Twenty Years
Ron Unz

he twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks is almost upon us, and although their immediacy has been somewhat reduced by the events of the last eighteen months, we must recognize that they have drastically shaped the world history of the last two decades, greatly changing the daily lives and liberties of most ordinary Americans.

The widespread doubts about the reality of the official story provided by our government and almost universally promoted by our media has severely diminished popular faith in the credibility of those two crucial institutions, with consequences that are still very apparent in today’s highest profile issues. Read More

09.08.21- Mediocrity Reigns

The Russian evolutionary anthropologist Peter Turchin coined the term “elite overproduction” to describe the condition of a society that is producing too many potential elite members. These potential elites jostle for positions that are declining in number relative to the increase in elite members. This game of musical chairs creates conflict as these elites engage in a struggle for power within society. Read More

09.07.21- The Rise of Economic Fascism
in America

Thomas DiLorenzo

When people hear the word “fascism” they naturally think of its ugly racism and anti-Semitism as practiced by the totalitarian regimes of Mussolini and Hitler. But there was also an economic policy component of fascism, known in Europe during the 1920s and ‘30s as “corporatism,” that was an essential ingredient of economic totalitarianism as practiced by Mussolini and Hitler. So-called corporatism was adopted in Italy and Germany during the 1930s and was held up as a “model” by quite a few intellectuals and policy makers in the United States and Europe. A version of economic fascism was in fact adopted in the United States in the 1930s and survives to this day. In the United States these policies were not called “fascism” but “planned capitalism.” Read More

09.06.21- Everything Points to Thierry Meyssan Being Right About 9/11
Thierry Meyssan

By challenging the official version of the 9/11 attacks, Thierry Meyssan opened a worldwide debate. But the essence of his book on the subject was a political science study predicting the evolution of the United States after these crimes. The problem is not how the attacks were committed, but why the US reacted that day by violating its own Constitution, why it implemented in the following days very deep reforms of its institutions that changed its nature. Thierry Meyssan had predicted the transformation of the American Empire that we are seeing with the planning of the fall of Kabul. Everything he predicted has been confirmed over the last twenty years. Read More

09.04.21- Weekend Rant: Vaccine Voodoo
Jim Rickards

Many everyday Americans probably believe that the COVID vaccines will keep them from getting COVID. That’s not true and never has been true.

The vaccines do not prevent you from being infected with the COVID virus. They do notkeep you from spreading the COVID virus.

There have been many cases of so-called “breakthrough” infections where double-vaxxed citizens get COVID anyway. Read More

09.03.21- Secession: Not When or Why But How?
Brion McClanahan

View Video

09.02.21- The Elites' Battle For The Future America
Charles Hugh Smith

No nation can produce less of lesser quality, and squander more on infinitely greedy and corrupt elites, all funded by issuing trillions of new units of currency, and imagine that this asymmetry will never have consequences. 

As I have often noted, historian Michael Grant identified profound political disunity in the ruling class as a key cause of the dissolution of the Roman Empire. Grant described this dynamic in his excellent account The Fall of the Roman Empire, a book I have been recommending since 2009. Read More

09.01.21- Afghanistan: A Tragically Stupid War Comes to a Tragic End
Ron Paul

Sunday’s news reports that the Biden Administration mistakenly killed nine members of one Afghan family, including six children, in “retaliation” for last week’s suicide attack which killed 13 US servicemembers, is a sad and sick epitaph on the 20 year Afghanistan war.

Promising to “get tough” on ISIS, which suddenly re-emerged to take responsibility for the suicide attack, the most expensive military and intelligence apparatus on earth appears to have gotten it wrong. Again. Read More

08.31.21- Under covid tyranny, US hospitals have become MURDER FACTORIES where ivermectin is forbidden because it saves lives
Mike Adams

Across the United States, hospitals have been transformed into murder factories where people are falsely “diagnosed” with covid via a fraudulent PCR test, then put on miscalibrated, made-in-China ventilators that blow out their lungs and kill them. Safe and effective medical interventions that actually save lives among covid victims — such as ivermectin — are strictly prohibited in nearly every hospital in the country, obviously as part of a malicious medical scheme to exterminate as many patients as possible to drive up the “pandemic” death numbers. Read More

08.30.21- Quantitative Brainwashing
Jeff Thomas

We’re all familiar with the term, “quantitative easing.” It’s described as meaning, “A monetary policy in which a central bank purchases government securities or other securities from the market in order to lower interest rates and increase the money supply.”

Well, that sounds reasonable… even beneficial. But, unfortunately, that’s not really the whole story. Read More

08.28.21- This Is A Moment In U.S. History That Will Forever Live In Infamy
Michael Snyder

There are certain moments that just make you want to cry.  The bombings in Kabul that killed 13 U.S. troops and at least 90 Afghans didn’t have to happen.  If we didn’t have completely and utterly incompetent political leaders and completely and utterly incompetent military leaders, things could have turned out very differently.  The end of a 20 year war is being capped off in humiliating fashion, and nobody is going to be afraid of the United States after this.  And that is actually a really bad thing, because fear of U.S. retribution has kept China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and a whole host of terror groups largely in check for the past several decades. Read More

08.27.21- What Can We Learn About Covid Tyranny From Australia And Afghanistan?
Brandon Smith

Despotic people tend to telegraph their future actions like inexperienced fighters tend to telegraph their punches; it’s not as if the intentions of totalitarians are obscured or hard to predict. In some cases they may even believe that they can be as obvious as they wish because they assume no one will ever try to stop them. They’ve been destroying lives for so long they adopt a sense of superiority, as if they are untouchable. Read More

08.26.21- Did FDA Really Approve the Pfizer COVID Vaccine? Wait. What?
Jon Rappoport

The pressure is building. “Take the vaccine.”

Many people are looking for a successful way to refuse the COVID vaccine in situations where the shots are mandated. I fully support such efforts.

Some people believe they can make the argument that the FDA didn’t actually give full approval to the Pfizer vaccine on August 23rd. Therefore, these people can refuse the vaccine on the grounds that it is still experimental, meaning it has only been granted Emergency Use Authorization. Read More

08.25.21- Indian Bar Association Charges WHO Chief Scientist for Mass Murder
Paul Craig Roberts

As I posted this morning, Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis pulled the rug out from under the lying scum that constitutes the American medical establishment by establishing throughout Florida medical centers that cure Covid instead of spreading it with vaccination.  Now it has happened again.  This time in faraway India.

The Indian Bar Association is charging WHO chief scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan with the mass murder of Indians.  Dr. Swaminathan spoke against the use of Ivermectin in the Tamil Nadu province with the consequence that Ivermectin’s use was blocked and Covid cases skyrocketed with deaths increasing ten-fold.  Read More

08.24.21- Save the Military By Starting with a Woke Purge
Kurt Schlichter

Our military has descended into this kind of morass of failure before – maybe not this deeply, but deeply enough that the last time we also allowed a pack of medieval throwbacks to giggle at us in front of the world. That was at Desert One, the smoldering Iranian debris field where Jimmy Carter’s post-‘Nam military announced to the world that the U.S. armed forces were no longer ready for primetime. Yet, just over a decade later, that same military dismantled an entire national army not far away in southern Iraq in 100 hours, taking casualties that barely amounted to a rounding error. Read More

08.23.21- It's Time To Purge The "Experts"
Wesley Smith

The United States’ military mission in Afghanistan has collapsed in chaos and ignominy. The catastrophe has many parents. But surely “the experts” upon which our leader relied bear much blame.

They were the ones who often failed to comprehend the power of religious belief and the role pride in Islam played in the Taliban’s unyielding commitment to victory. They were the ones who thought we could remake Afghanistan into a western liberal image. They were the ones who failed to comprehend the intractable tribal nature of Afghan society. Read More

08.21.21- Why Are We Being Deceived
About Covid?

Paul Craig Roberts

Why have US corporations involved themselves in public health policy?  Why have they taken a position that is totally contradicted by all facts and all known evidence?

It is not only democratic governments that have turned totalitarian but also private corporations who are asserting authority to override the Nuremberg Laws and mandate that employees be vaccinated with the Covid Vaccine.  A vaccination is a medical procedure and requires informed consent.  Read More

08.20.21- The Afghanistan Exit Debacle: Incompetence, Distraction Or Something More Sinister?
Brandon Smith

My first instinct has been to ignore the circus surrounding Biden’s apparent bungle of the troop exit from Afghanistan, primarily because I think it distracts from the much bigger danger of despotic covid mandates and vaccine passports that Biden and his handlers are trying to push forward right now on our home soil. That said, I have received numerous requests from readers to discuss the situation and I’ve found certain aspects of the pull-out rather suspicious. The basic assumption here is that Biden is senile and his handling of the exit is tainted by his stupidity, but maybe there is more to this than meets the eye… Read More

08.19.21- “I Have No Choice” But to Keep Working
Peter Reagan

There’s no doubt that the Social Security benefits that hard-working Americans have paid into for decades are under incredible pressure.

If nothing is done except “kicking the can down the road,” by 2035 retirement savers won’t be able to count on the entire benefit they’re entitled to.  Read More

08.18.21- The Collapse Of Afghanistan Has Brought Us A Lot Closer To
A Chinese Invasion Of Taiwan

Michael Snyder

The way that the Biden administration has handled the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan is not going to bring peace.  Instead, I believe that it is going to result in more war.  For decades, the overwhelming strength of the United States restrained other major powers from becoming too adventurous.  But now the stunning defeat in Afghanistan has exposed how weak we have become.  At this point, the U.S. is like a rapidly aging boxer that is becoming even more feeble with each passing day.  Read More

08.17.21- Some clear thinking on Afghanistan
Simon Black

The King of Macedonia was only 21 years old in the spring of 334 BC when he led his army to the Hellespont strait in modern day Turkey.

The Hellespont was (and still is today) considered the geographical border between Europe and Asia. And the king was ready to invade.

According to legend, Macedonia’s young king heaved his spear through the air, landing it squarely on Asian soil. He then claimed the entire Asian continent for himself. Read More

08.16.21- Nixon's Gold Treachery
Made Me A Cynic

James Bovard

Fifty years ago, on August 15, 1971, President Richard Nixon announced that the U.S. government would cease honoring its pledge to pay gold to redeem the dollars held by foreign central banks. Nixon declared he was taking “action necessary to defend the dollar against the speculators.” But there was no way to defend the dollar against politicians. Nixon touted his default as therapy for his tormented fellow citizens, promising it would “help us snap out of the self-doubt, the self-disparagement that saps our energy and erodes our confidence in ourselves.” Nixon wrapped his decree with lofty political rhetoric, appealing to the nation’s “greatest ideals” and promising a “new prosperity” that “befits a great people.” Read More

08.14.21- Brace for Impact
James Howard Kunstler

My Pillow man Mike Lindell’s three-day Cyber Symposium demonstrated a couple of things about the current depraved state of our nation: You could prove pretty conclusively that the national election of 2020 was saturated with fraud; and that no one in the news business would either care or dare to report it. Otherwise, it’s a little early to tell whether the exercise will have any effect on the country’s mood, though it is apparently a fact that millions tuned into the event on the few Internet sites that evaded the efforts to hack it out of existence. Read More

08.13.21- The History We Do NOT Wish to Revisit!
Kitty Werthmann

“I cannot tell you that Hitler took Austria by tanks and guns; it would distort history.

If you remember the plot of the Sound of Music, the Von Trapp family escaped over the Alps rather than submit to the Nazis. Kitty wasn’t so lucky. Her family chose to stay in her native Austria. She was 10 years old, but bright and aware. And she was watching. Read More

08.12.21- Top Ten Signs You Are Part Of The COVID Cult And The Biggest Threat To America - Cult Leaders And Members Are Destroying What Freedoms We Have Left
Susan Duclos

The COVID cult is made up of two groups of people.

The first are the leaders that say do as I say, not as I do, along with the media and power-hungry politicians (the same “do as I say not as I do people”)

For examples see: “14 prominent Democrats stand accused of hypocrisy for ignoring COVID-19 restrictions they’re urging their constituents to obey” Read More

08.11.21- The Biggest Lie about COVID
Maker S Mark

Excluding the origin story of COVID, I believe the biggest lie in the handling of COVID is the lie around asymptomatic spread — i.e., you could have the virus and not know it and kill people.  This has been the great distraction of COVID, and it is being used even today to distract from major issues.

For those who have been monitoring the research, we have suspected since fairly early on that having otherwise healthy people and asymptotic people wear a mask has no known benefit in preventing viral spread.  Even the peer-reviewed journal articles on the CDC website testify to this.  If this statement was true then and is true now, then how did the CDC come to recommend in April of 2020 that healthy people wear masks? Read More

08.10.21- Danger, Cover Blowing
James Howard Kunstler

Of all the inane ideas shoved down the nation’s craw lo these years of the Covid-19 virus, “stop the spread” was surely the worst. For one thing, it was impossible, as in not going to happen no way, because the gift from Dr. Anthony Fauci & Associates spread anyway, despite all attempts to hide from it via lockdowns, or social distancing, or the wearing of face masks. All that accomplished was to destroy 40 percent of the small businesses in America. Read More

08.09.21- Trust the Science?
Jim Quinn

“I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

“I have certain rules I live by. My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me.” – George Carlin Read More

08.07.21- Weekend Rant: America R.I.P.
Paul Craig Roberts

Mark Twain, once a celebrated American Author, now cast into the Memory Hole as the author of “racist” Huckleberry Finn, opposed American hegemony and warned Americans, usually a useless and unprofitable task, that Washington’s lust for conquest would destroy the American republic. He wrote that Washington’s “trampling upon the helpless abroad” would teach Americans, “by a natural process, to endure with apathy the same treatment at home.” Americans who had applauded the crushing of other people’s liberties would live to suffer  the same fate. Read More

08.06.21- We Will Not Comply: A Campaign Against Medical Tyranny
Brandon Smith

I have been feverishly writing lately on covid mandates and vaccine passports issues, and I’m sure most readers understand why – We are currently at the cusp of a great conflict against the powers that be; people who are exploiting the (mostly manufactured) covid crisis for unprecedented political and economic control. And when I say “manufactured”, I mean that there is no crisis, no need for mandates, no need for lockdowns and no need for vaccine passports. Read More

08.05.21- "They Can't Arrest Us All" - Sen. Rand Paul Urges Americans To "Resist" Pelosi & The Petty Tyrants
Rand Paul

They can’t arrest us all. They can’t keep all your kids home from school. They can’t keep every government building closed – although I’ve got a long list of ones they should.

We don’t have to accept the mandates, lockdowns, and harmful policies of the petty tyrants and feckless bureaucrats. We can simply say no, not again. 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi — you will not arrest or stop me or anyone on my staff from doing our jobs. We have all either had COVID, had the vaccine, or been offered the vaccine. We will make our own health choices. We will not show you a passport, we will not wear a mask, we will not be forced into random screening and testing so you can continue your drunk with power rein over the Capitol. Read More

08.04.21- Bill Gates Conspiracy

Our biggest threat is our corrupted governments, corrupted by the NWO billionaires, who are posing as philanthropists “helping humanity”.  Bill Gates received a marketing makeover, just like Rockefeller, by creating a foundation.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is an evil organization providing dark money to further Bill Gates’ NWO eugenics.  It isn’t just Bill Gates, there are many foundations that have been set up to direct NWO dark money.  The Obama’s, the Clintons, Warren Buffet, Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative are all vehicles of dark money with dark aims. Read More

08.03.21- When Will the COVID Revolt Come?
Roger Kimball

At some point, there will be a revolt. The longer the arbitrary insanity persists, the more violent the reaction will be.

The most cheerful headline I have seen in weeks was on Glenn Reynolds’ New York Post column: “No, Karen, we’re not masking again.” I hope he is right. I do wonder, though. I have no doubt that the second part of his headline—“A winning GOP message for 2022 [and] beyond”—is correct. At least it’s correct if it is expressed as a conditional: It would be a winning strategy were it adopted. As Reynolds notes, “There is a great deal of pent-up frustration and resentment over the inconvenience, the loss of freedom and the general climate of hectoring that the government’s pandemic response has created.” Indeed. And he’s right, too, that. Read More

08.02.21- Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates?
Brandon Smith

I don’t think I am the only person that has noticed it – There has been a sudden deluge of covid vaccination propaganda and vaccine passport propaganda in the past month, more so than I think we have seen since the beginning of this year. I am speaking of the US in particular, but it is important to point out that in the US the establishment is still desperately clamoring for a much higher vaccination rate. In places like Europe, the UK and Australia vaccinations rates are higher and governments have moved on to the vaccine passport phase of their agenda. Read More

07.31.21- Disband The FBI
Chris Farrell

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) continues its downward spiral into terminal corruption. Sadly, the scandals, criminality and ethical abuses of the organization are largely ignored by the American public and by the institutions of government charged with oversight and correction. Outrage after outrage is reported, hearings are held, Inspector General reports are issued -- but the systemic corruption is never really tackled and dirty cops skate away virtually unscathed.

This situation is constitutionally unacceptable, corrosive to public trust in law enforcement, and a threat to the survival of the republic. Read More

07.30.21- CNN’s Death Toll
Robert E. Wright

CNN and other alarmist mass media outlets have been implicated in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans but nobody seems to care, including those outlets themselves. Throughout the pandemic, CNN and certain other cable news networks deliberately induced panic in order to boost their ratings and the CDC recently revealed that anxiety is the second most important contributing factor to death from/with Covid. Mass media pundits may have been as deadly as Masses or mass meetings. Read More

07.29.21- Health Freedom Is the Hottest Political Issue on the Entire Globe
Michael Snyder

Our World Will Never Be the Same After This!

We live at a time of incredible stupidity, and our stupidity is going to end up getting a whole lot of people killed.

We are witnessing an epic global struggle for freedom, and the outcome of that struggle is going to greatly shape what our world is going to look like in the years ahead. Ultimately, one of the most fundamental rights that we have is the right to make our own health decisions. If someone else has the authority to make those decisions for you, then you aren’t really free. Read More

07.28.21- A Planscamdemic Gold Heist?
Joseph P. Farrell

It amazes me that so few people connect the planscamdemic to high financial shenanigans, and the somewhat panicked reaction of Mr. Globaloney to cover his financial tracks by diverting attention to a basic non-event (covid) that has been exploded to be a “crisis” similar to the bubonic and black plagues (which it isn’t), and the rush to get everyone quackcinated. But then, every now and then, there’s some sanity injected into the mix, and that’s what this lengthy article shared by E.G. and V.T. states.  It’s quite a tall and longer drink of water, but it rewards close reading, and there’s a few paragraphs that positively leap from the page: Read More

07.27.21- We Live in a Fraud of Unprecedented Dimensions
Paul Craig Roberts

The illegitimate  Occupant of the Oval Office Continues to Spread Disinformation Designed to Cause People to Damage their Health and perhaps Terminate their Lives by having the Covid shots.  The claim that doctors and nurses are all vaccinated is a lie.  A survey conducted by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons found that 60% of doctors are not vaccinated. Read More

07.26.21- The Bad and the Very Bad
Daniel B. Klein

“The entire book that you are going to read,” wrote Alexis de Tocqueville in the introduction to Democracy in America (1835), “was written under the pressure of a sort of religious terror in the author’s soul, produced by the sight of this irresistible revolution.” This religious terror haunts the two volumes of Democracy in America. What is the object of that terror? Read More

07.23.21- Whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts Reveals Central Banking Reset Plan!
Dark Journalist

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07.23.21- Anywhere pharma advertises, expect to be LIED TO about health and safety
S.D. Wells

America was built on advertising. Nearly every popular product today is promoted on television, in magazines, on billboards or on the internet by companies and corporations that pay millions of dollars for marketing ads. The people who own and run those lavishly rich companies and corporations make a fortune off customers in two ways. The first way, everyone understands, and that’s profit from product sales. The second way, hardly any Americans understand, including about 200 million people or so. That fortune is made off consumers getting sick from the products they’re sold, and we’re not just talking about food. So how do they accomplish that? Read More

07.22.21- Injectable Brain-Reading Nanosensors
Joseph P. Farrell

While watching the lamestream propatainment media’s ongoing “coverage” of the planscamdemic, one thing that is being consistently ignored is the mRNA injection as an “operating system,” even though that’s exactly what Moderna calls their version of it. One concern that has been raised by myself, or people like Catherine Fitts, and others, is that this “operating system” is less about people’s health, than it is about constant surveillance. Read More

07.21.21- Watching China: Anatomy of a Suicide
Fred Reed

Technological advance in China is rapid, broad in scope and, one might suppose (apparently) incorrectly, of interest to Americans. It is also easily discovered. Subscriptions are not all that expensive to Asia Times, NikkeiAsia, the South China Morning Post, and Aviation Week. The web is awash in tech sites covering everything from operating systems for smartphones to quantum computing. Reading of Chinese efforts, one gets a sense of motion, agility, vitality remarkable in a nation that in 1976, when Mao died, was the poorest nation on earth. America maintains a lead in many things, but seems to be almost asleep and resting on scientific virtuosity that is now lacking. Read More

07.20.21- #UNRIG: Reject the Corporate State’s ‘Permanent Emergency’ (Lessons From 9/11)
Ben Bartee

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

-H.L. Mencken

Join in battle Robert David Steele to #UNRIG from the decadent, corrupt oligarchy currently at the helm of the neoliberal US police state.

#UNRIG has got plenty of stops ahead as we zigzag through the Heartland on our national tour. Read More

07.19.21- Who Wins? Part V –So what happened?
Charles R. Dickens

I sit here still half asleep, waking from a night of fitful sleep disturbed by unusual dreams that make no sense. I’m searching for some context and cohesion.

I read the online news feeds and watched a couple of short videos, then realized that I am entangled in conflicting information and things that make no sense. What else would my mind do but attempt to order this confusion? Read More

07.17.21- Who Wins? Part IV – The Game
Charles R. Dickens

I’ve been considering why there is so much disinformation in the American media. The truth is necessary but not nearly as exciting or entertaining as a lie can be. The other problem with reality is that it rarely fits the narrative, but as we’ve seen, it can be fine-tuned. It’s hard to sell the truth, whereas a lie can be tailored to serve any story.

Another name for lie is a fabrication – in this instance, it fits perfectly, tailor-made for both the intent and the presentation.

There are hundreds of ways to define how something appears, but I like optics. It describes what the media want us to see. Read More

07.16.21- Who Wins? Part III –
Why, Why do they do it?

Charles R. Dickens

I was recently reminded: “Don’t blame people for disappointing you; blame yourself for expecting too much from them.” The bar is already so low it nearly touches the floor; how can I expect less. Maybe it’s best not to expect anything because then I’ll never be disappointed.

You see, I expect people to behave like adults, love this country as much as I, and have the same level of respect for the country and each other. These unrealized expectations are the root of my disappointment. Read More

07.15.21- Who Wins? Part II – Media Bias
Charles R. Dickens

I became a news junky a few years ago but sorting through the dross became a daunting challenge. I wanted to find the press’s honesty and true community spirit, but my expedition took me down a cyberspace rabbit hole. I am disheartened but not surprised at what I discovered.

If you have ever embarked on a journey of this type unintentionally, you know the inevitable outcome. I almost forgot the intent of the search. There is so much data; I refuse to call it information; it is absolutely mind-boggling. How can anyone possibly establish fact from fiction, truth from lie, or even real from imagined? That’s how my trip of discovery started. Read More

07.14.21- Who Wins? Part I – The Big Question
Charles R. Dickens

Is this all real, is there a problem or is what we see manufactured by the people who profit from the chaos they create? Both sides of this conflict – yes, it is a conflict – claim the other side is wholly to blame.

So stop for a moment and think. Ask yourself – who really wins in this situation? It certainly isn’t the people involved in this violence or hatred or conflict, and it certainly isn’t the citizens of this country.  Read More

07.13.21- True Civil Libertarians
Must Oppose the IRS

Dr Ron Paul

Progressives who work to end individual rights violations committed by the NSA, FBI, DEA, CIA, and other federal agencies usually overlook, or even support, the routine violations of Americans’ rights by the IRS.

For example, progressives rarely, if ever, speak out against the IRS’s targeting of the opponents of those in power. When liberal Democrats control the White House, the IRS targets advocates of free markets. When hawkish Republicans are in power, the IRS targets antiwar activists. Read More

07.12.21- Our Modern Era Village of the Damned!
Jeffrey Bennett

In the words of Sam Cooke, ‘a change is gonna come!

Something is terribly wrong with the Education ‘Village‘ of America – the complete breakdown of America’s government controlled education system through indoctrination and Socialism. Our children have become truly ‘damned‘ and will have little chance to truly succeed in this nation – UNLESS – the system can be overturned. Read More

07.10.21- Weekend Rant: Eviction is Just Another Word for Extinction
Tom Luongo

The Federal Moratorium on evictions is ending at the end of the month. Like last month, it could always be extended again.

It will be extended until the most opportune moment to do the most damage to the economy. Why? Vandals are in charge in D.C.

This was always a misguided program but was an integral part of destroying the relationship between lender and lendee, renter and landlord. The government comes in all humanitarian-like to suspend payments on FHA-backed mortgages, which are all of them post-Lehman Bros., after locking people in their homes for a year while blocking access to therapeutics which would have mitigated the worst of COVID-19’s effects on the society. Read More

07.09.21- When Did College Turn Into Just Another Scam?
John Rubino

‘Financially Hobbled for Life’: The Elite Master’s Degrees That Don’t Pay Off

Recent film program graduates of Columbia University who took out federal student loans had a median debt of $181,000.

Yet two years after earning their master’s degrees, half of the borrowers were making less than $30,000 a year. Read More

07.08.21- The Second Amendment’s Right To Bear Arms: What It Means
John W. Whitehead

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”—The Second Amendment to the US Constitution

You can largely determine where a person will fall in the debate over gun control and the Second Amendment based on their view of government and the role it should play in our lives. Read More

07.07.21- STUDY: 82% of pregnant women who got vaccinated for covid during first and second trimesters suffered miscarriage
Ethan Huff

New research published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) inadvertently revealed that as many as 82 percent of pregnant women who get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) end up suffering a miscarriage.

Entitled, “Preliminary Findings of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine Safety in Pregnant Persons,” the paper contends with its words that there are “no obvious safety signals among pregnant [women] who received Covid-19 vaccines.” However, a table published as part of the study shows that the vast majority of pregnant women who get injected never end up delivering a live baby. Read More

07.06.21- July 4th: Sorry, America, You Lost Me
Charles Hugh Smith

Star Wars 24 plus the novelized version, amusement park ride, podcast, action figure and OnlyFans pages, anyone? 

I happened to be in a Big Box Emporium, buying two bags of whole wheat flour, when a strange revelation struck me: almost nothing in this giant emporium was made in the USA. Apologists will quickly point out that the two bags of whole wheat flour were "made in the USA," and note the US-made items in the food, liquor and beverage aisles; but wander out of these aisles and tell me how many of the hundreds of items are made in the USA (not assembled of foreign components, but made entirely in the USA). The answer is very few. Read More

07.03.21- Inflation Is a Form of Embezzlement
Frank Shostak

Monetary inflation is just a type of embezzlement. Historically, inflation originated when a country’s ruler such as king would force his citizens to give him all their gold coins under the pretext that a new gold coin was going to replace the old one. In the process of minting new coins, the king would lower the amount of gold contained in each coin and return lighter gold coins to citizens.

Because of the reduced weight of gold coins that were returned to citizens, the ruler was able to generate extra coins that were employed to pay for his expenses. What was passing as a gold coin of a fixed weight was in fact a lighter gold coin. On this Rothbard wrote, Read More

07.02.21- The Odds Were NEVER In Our Favor
Neal Ross

Mother should I trust the government?”
~ Roger Waters; The Wall, 1979

I’m hoping that some of you have heard the saying, “The house never loses”? What that saying refers to is the statistical probability that when you visit a casino you are more likely to walk out with less money than you had when you walked in. It doesn’t matter what you play, cards, craps, roulette, or the slots, the odds are that they are going to relieve you of your money.  Read More

07.01.21- How U.S. Could Make China Pay for COVID
Jim Rickards

As my readers know, I don’t like to get into politics in my analyses; I cover economics and capital markets. That said, there are times when politics are so focused and powerful that we have to pay attention because the impact on markets will be enormous.

This could be one of those times. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, has written an open letter calling on Congress to investigate the origins of the COVID pandemic and to hold China responsible if the evidence points in the direction of intentional or reckless conduct on the part of the Chinese. Read More

06.30.21- America’s Descent Into Totalitarianism
Paul Craig Roberts

Everyone knows that the 2020 presidential election was stolen along with the two Georgia US senatorial elections. Little doubt much more was stolen. But no one is allowed to state the fact.

Yes, fact it is. Many experts attested to the facts of the theft. They did so in testimony before state legislators in the states where the election was stolen. The hours of expert testimony were available online. I linked to some of it. A search of this website’s archives would provide it or else provide evidence that the evidence was taken down by Google, YouTube, and the other censors. Read More

06.29.21- Falsehood Rules
James Howard Kunstler

Who knew that reality could become such a squishy thing in the USA? But such are the agonies of a collapsing society that it becomes ever harder to know what’s real, especially with factions in power intent on gaslighting, manipulating, obfuscating, and coercing the raw material of public opinion, which is: what has actually happened in the past and what is happening now. Read More

06.28.21- Blackness Fatigue
Wild Bill for America

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06.26.21- Weekend Rant: How to Destroy the Middle Class in One Easy Step
Taps Coogan

Are you an evil mastermind solely focused on the destruction of the American middle class? If so, here is an easy one-step plan for you.

Step One: Hold the savings deposit rate below the inflation rate in perpetuity. 

That’s it. Read More

06.25.21- Greenwald: Lib media is covering for the FBI’s suspected role in the 1/6 Capitol attack because they work together
JD Heyes

Last week, Fox News host Tucker Carlson stunned viewers when he revealed details of a Revolver News investigation into charges surrounding individuals allegedly linked to the Jan. 6 protest at the U.S. Capitol Building.

“Without fail, the government has thrown the book at most people who were present in the Capitol on Jan. 6,” Carlson said during his show. “There was a nationwide dragnet to find them. And many of them are still in solitary confinement tonight.” Read More

06.24.21- Biden’s Crime Against the Economy
James Rickards

I try to keep politics out of my economic analyses, and my approach is non-partisan. But sometimes I can’t avoid it because political policies can have significant economic impacts. Today is one of those times.

One of Joe Biden’s first acts as President was to kill construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. This is a pipeline that would bring oil from the tar sands of Alberta, Canada to the Midwest United States. From there it would be moved through other pipelines or refined and distributed to gas stations and industrial users in America.

Biden’s decision was destructive for a long list of reasons. Read More

06.23.21- What Are You Going To Do When America Goes to Hell?
Bill Sardi

“Reality is scoffed at, and illusion is usually king.”  – Dr. Stan Monteith

It appears, in the very near future, Americans are going to wake up to an America:

  • Where money is nearly worthless due to intentionally-induced inflation;

  • Where there are contrived shortages of gasoline, food, water and electricity; Read More

06.22.21- Is the Danger Covid or the Vaccine?
Paul Craig Roberts

Why is so much evidence being suppressed?

How many Americans are as brave as Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley, who announced he would give up playing football before he submits to the NFL’s vaccine protocols?

Health care employees and many other Americans are experiencing pressure to accept vaccination or be fired. For example, a hospital in Texas has made vaccination a condition of employment. I can understand the reluctance of a nurse or doctor, who has witnessed severe injury and death to those who were vaccinated, being unwilling to subject themselves to the risk. Read More

06.21.21- Who Is Really Killing
American Democracy?

Pat Buchanan

By a vote of 30-1 in the House, with unanimous support in the Senate, Juneteenth, June 19, which commemorates the day in 1865 when news of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation reached Texas, has been declared a federal holiday

It is to be called Juneteenth Independence Day.

PredictionThis will become yet another source of societal division as many Black folks celebrate their special Independence Day, and the rest of America continues to celebrate July 4 as Independence Day two weeks later. Read More

06.19.21- The Great Deception
Rob Slane

Dr. Peter McCullough is one of the most eminent physicians and scientists in the US, and reputed to be the most published cardiologist in history. Along with a number of others, he devised a treatment protocol for Covid-19, which was shown to be effective in preventing up to 85% of deaths. Yet having spent the best part of a year seeing all discussions of these treatments suppressed, resisted and censored by the authorities, media and Big Tech, he has come to a shocking conclusion: Read More

06.18.21- IS America Worth the Sacrifice? I’ll Take Liberty Over Peace Every Time
Justin O. Smith

“Young man, what we meant in going for those redcoats was this: we always had governed ourselves, and we always meant to. They didn’t mean we should.” Levi Preston, Veteran of the American Revolution, 1842

Reasonable Americans and decent and sane humans in general naturally prefer peace over any violent environment in society, and although one should always strive to preserve the peace, peace isn’t worth a damn if it’s preserved at the expense of individual liberty, through the coercion and threats of retaliation and violence from the foot-soldiers of an opponent and a regime that governs and manipulates the mechanisms and processes of “the law”, through diktats and tyranny and outside the normal rules and understanding of established law Read More

06.17.21- America’s Middle Class
Will Pay the Price

Bill Bonner

We’re in a rush this morning. No time to write a short message. We’ll have to send you a long one. 

First, here’s Business Insider with a news update:

Michael Burry said markets were in a bubble of unprecedented scale.

The “Big Short” investor tweeted his dire warning after a 10-week break from Twitter.

Burry has flagged reckless speculation on Tesla stock, bitcoin, and other assets. Read More

06.16.21- Take Action: Financial Takeover & Your Bank Account – BlackRock, Envestnet/Yodlee, and The Federal Reserve
Corey Lynn

Ever hear of Yodlee? Neither had I, until I discovered it was aggregating my data in my bank account, and likely selling it to third parties. This quickly became a personal dig, until I found staggering connections that I realized the public needs to be made aware of. Before you determine this has nothing to do with you, I urge you to review this article in its entirety and pay close attention to the timeline actions, because this affects ALL OF YOU, and it’s being rolled out in multiple countries. 

Then, I encourage you to check with your bank and find out exactly which third parties are wrapped up in your accounts, and consider the option of moving your funds to a smaller local bank. Read More

06.15.21- As The Evidence Becomes Overwhelming
Dr Roger Hodkinson

View Video

06.14.21- Why Countries Collapse
Paul Craig Roberts

Dmitry Orlov and Vladimir Putin believe the US is failing, because the US government, in Putin’s words, is “making sure-footed strides directly along the path of the Soviet Union.”

These strides are, in Orlov’s words: “exorbitant debt, problems in the energy sector and unreformable political systems mired in corruption, their elites delusional in their feelings of omnipotence. And now comes a truly eerie analogy: the powder keg that detonated under the USSR was ethnic nationalism and separatism; and the powder keg that is currently detonating under the US is “woke” (anti-)racism: another brand of ethnic fascism but with American characteristics.” Read More

06.12.21- The Real Reasons Why California Leftists Are Terrified Of The AR-15
Brandon Smith

This past week a US District judge in California struck down the state’s 30 year ban on high capacity semi-automatic rifles which leftists label “assault weapons”. The judge called the ban unconstitutional (which it is). In response, the progressive media has lost their collective minds, screeching in horror at the idea of AR-15 rifles being legal within the borders of their carefully manicured socialist Utopia state. Their most commonly expressed reaction seems to be fear. Read More

06.11.21- How to Reverse the Global Reset, Reclaim Local Control, #UNRIG From the Broken
Political System

Ben Bartee

Rather than sitting on the sidelines, get in the game with #UNRIG and the 2021 Resurrection Tour. Together, we are making big moves to take back the power from corrupt politicians and restore local control to the people – where it belongs.

In 2020, Elite DC politicians and their overlords at the World Economic Forum fired the opening salvo in the inevitable conflict between the global technocrats and the American people, marketed in the corporate media as the “Great Reset“: Read More

06.10.21- Climate Engineering Is Causing Mega-Drought, The Food Supply Is Being Cut Off
And Is Collapsing

Dane Wigington

There is no official source that is willing to discuss this because it is simply too alarming to the population…

About a month ago, climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington said the severe drought unfolding in the Western United States is only going to get worse.  It has.  Now, large portions of the Western U.S are being hit with earthquakes.  Wigington contends that science shows the rash of earthquakes in the West are linked to climate engineering. Read More

06.09.21- Was the Whole Pandemic
About the Vaccine?

Dr Joseph Mercola

In my opinion Dr. Peter McCullough is one of the most courageous well credentialed academic physicians out there and I hope to interview him soon. He is vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center and despite his impeccable credentials, he has been vilified for stating during the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, that it was all about the vaccine and getting a global mass vaccination campaign underway.

“All roads lead to the vaccine,” McCullough said in a recent interview (video above1,2), with stakeholders banking on countries mandating the vaccine worldwide. The first video above is a 16-minute outtake from a much longer interview, which is the second video.3  Read More

06.08.21- Six Minutes From World War III
Bob Moriarty

In the afternoon of June 8th, 1967 the United States came within six minutes of starting a nuclear war with the Soviet Union during the  Six-Day War. At the direction of President Lyndon Johnson, US Navy aircraft from the USS America armed with nuclear weapons were ready to launch with Cairo their target. The Soviet Union told the US that soon after the first nuke went off in Egypt, another would be dropped on Jerusalem. Read More

06.07.21- Students at West Point threatened with solitary confinement, separation from Academy for refusing risky covid
Ethan Huff

The United States Military Academy at West Point is attempting to force all cadets to get vaccinated for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) by threatening them with solitary confinement, separation from the Academy, and no more essential training.

Senior military officers at the institution are reportedly demanding that students take the experimental injections on command or else be treated like an enemy in war. At first, more than 700 cadets resisted, but heavy pressure has reduced that number to less than 100.  Read More

06.05.21- The Fauci Files, The WuFlu
and the War to Come

Tom Luongo

Isn’t is amazing how quickly things seem to change when it’s in the interest of those that think they run the world? For years we’ve been trying to get access to Hillary Clinton’s missing e-mails as Secretary of State but to no avail. However, at the most opportune time in the collapsing COVID story, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails are uncovered and broadcast to the world.

The same mechanism, FOIA, that Hillary has stonewalled us on for six years uncovers Fauci’s emails in six weeks?

Doesn’t that strike you as just the slightest bit odd?  Read More

06.04.21- New Evidence that World Trade Center was Not a Surprise – More lies?
Martin Armstrong

Recently, a tape has emerged from a private camera that was there during 911 filming the collapse of World Trade Center #7 – the only one that no plane ever hit. I have stated that the coincidence with WTC7 collapse was a wipeout of evidence as was the Pentagon which conveniently hit the room with all the evidence about the missing $2.3 trillion from the defense budget. Read More

06.03.21- Total Domination is their
End-Game Goal!

G Edward Griffin

View Video

06.02.21- Without Truth There Is
No Freedom or Security

Paul Craig Roberts

June brings my  quarterly request for donations. Your financial support for the website tells me that my efforts are valued and worthwhile.  Your donations support me in standing up to the smears. Telling the truth in America in these days is a punished, not a rewarded, activity.  

The United States is best understood today as the Disunited States.  There is less unity than in 1860.  Civility is gone from debate; indeed, debate itself is gone.  Integrity and respect for truth have lost out to worship of money and the rule of power.  Ideology has shoved aside facts. Read More

06.01.21- On 'Good Uses' for the
Confederate Battle Flag

Larry L. Beane

One of my colleagues in the ministry of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) recently wrote that among “good uses” for the Confederate battle flag are “diaper, shop rag, kindling, stuffing for a pillow, burping cloth,” and “toilet paper.”  In the ensuing discussion – which I was not a part of – he added, “It’s a treason/slavocracy flag.  Plain and simple.  It’s the revisionists that have a complete lack of understanding of history.”

Fortunately, this kind of churlish and disrespectful rhetoric is not common among my brethren in the ministerium.  Read More


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