08.18.22- An Autum With Epic Collapses of Stocks, Debt, Currencies, Much Higher Inflation - Leading to Poverty & Social Unrest
Egon Von Greyerz

The world economy and especially the political and economic situation today consists of a potpourri of lethal ingredients which will have dire consequences.

Let’s look at what this deadly potion consists of:

  • Debts at levels that can never be repaid – sovereign, corporate & private
  • Epic global bubbles in stocks, bonds & property – all about to collapse
  • Major geopolitical conflicts with no desire for peace – major wars likely Read More

08.17.22- Welcome to the World of Bankster Magic Where We Shall Have “Weather Followed by More of the Same Unless it Changes.”
David Haggith

At the start of the year he said we were entering the “strongest economy” he had ever seen. Then he said he saw storm clouds. Then he said his storm-cloud forecast might have been underestimating the calamity coming upon us because we were likely facing an economic “hurricane.” Now we’re back to “storm clouds” and a “strong economy.” JPMorgan’s CEO, Jamie Dimon, goes wherever the wind blows that particular day. Read More

08.16.22- "It's Time To Fasten Our Seat Belts"
Michael Every

"It's time for all of us to fasten our seat belts"

It’s hard to disagree with the above sentiment from multiple angles. What else is there to do about the ongoing shift from developed to emerging market norms in the West?

  • In society, a famous writer is violently attacked… to shrugs rather than hugs from large parts of literary society; and Twitter --always happy to deplatform people at the drop of a hat-- allows follow-on gloating and death threats to other authors. Read More

08.15.22- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Ron Paul Says Abolish the FBI, Don’t Just Review and Reform It
Adam Dick

After the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raid and seizure at Donald Trump’s home this week, there has been much talk, including from United States Congress members, about holding hearings concerning the FBI and implementing reforms of the FBI.

One former Congress member, though, says such actions do not go far enough. Ron Paul, who served in the House of Representatives as a Republican from Texas for over 20 years during which he twice sought the Republican presidential nomination, says that what is needed is the abolition of the FBI.
Read More

08.13.22- Geico Abruptly Shuts Down Every Office in California, Sparking Concern
Matthew Holloway

Across California, Geico customers suddenly found their local offices shuttered on Aug. 2.

Doors locked. Lights out. Some were found with a hand-written note on the door stating that the local insurance offices had closed, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

“I’d be worried about it if they’re closing or if all the insurance are going to close or is a recession coming or what is it?” customer Angelina Barron, who saw such a sign, told KXTV-TV in Sacramento. Read More

08.12.22- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Kari Lake, AZ candidate for governor, has the right idea
Jon Rappoport

Kari was fuming after the Feds raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. And she launched a statement about that. Yup. OK. Fine. But it’s how she moved on from the subject of Trump that really interests me.

Here’s her blast:

“This is one of the darkest days in American history: the day our Government, originally created by the people, turned against us. This illegitimate, corrupt Regime hates America and has weaponized the entirety of the Federal Government to take down President Donald Trump. Our Government is rotten to the core. Read More

08.11.22- The American Gestapo a.k.a. FBI
Paul Craig Roberts

What kind of Justice Department official would sign off on a FBI raid on a former US president’s home when the president is fully cooperating with the spurious “investigation” of him?

What kind of judge would issue the warrant and then hide it from view by sealing it?

What kind of FBI agent would invade a president’s home instead of resigning over the assignment? Read More

08.10.22- Why Inflation Could Last Years
Jeffrey Tucker

When inflation started clobbering producers and consumers last year, the general feeling in the air was: This won’t last long. After all, everyone in a position to know promised it was all transitory. Just one of those things that comes and goes before life gets back to normal.

Gradually, we’ve come to see the light. There will be no rolling back those price increases in general. There will be declines in the pace of increase here or there but overall prices have shifted upward, permanently. Read More

08.09.22- Are Older Workers Propping Up
The US Economy?

Charles Hugh Smith

Are 55 and older workers propping up the U.S. economy? The data is rather persuasive that the answer is yes.

The chart of U.S. employment ages 25 to 54 years of age and 55 and older reveals a startling change.

There are now 20 million more 55+ employed than there were in 2000, an equivalent of the entire workforce of Spain. 

This unprecedented demographic / employment transition is worth a closer look. Read More

08.08.22- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Four ways the “experts” have proven that they are insane this week
Simon Black

There’s an old saying that people often misattribute to Albert Einstein-- that ‘the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.’

The saying has become a bit of a cliché, but there is actually some truth to it. Read More

08.06.22- Here Is What Stagflation Looks Like
David Stockman

Yes, we have some stagflation. Subsequent to the pre-Covid peak in Q4 2019, real final sales of domestic product have slowed to a crawl, rising by just 0.73% per annum during the last 2.5 years.

We much prefer this measure over real GDP because it removes the abrupt inventory swings from quarter to quarter, which can have out-sized impacts on the headline number. Thus the reported back-to-back real GDP contraction was owing to inventory liquidation, not an actual shrinkage of current activity. Read More

08.05.22- "It Only Hurts When I Laugh"
Michael Every

Minister: Good morning. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, but I'm afraid my walk has become rather sillier recently, and so it takes me rather longer to get to work. Now then, what was it again? 

Mr. Pudey: Well sir, I have a silly walk and I'd like to obtain a government grant to help me develop it.  Read More

08.04.22- How America’s Economy Was Destroyed
Paul Craig Roberts

(Editor's Note: In order to solve a problem, you must first determine that there is a problem. Secondly you must determine the cause of the problem and, thirdly, you must eliminate that cause. Consequently, the bulk of Americans are sheeple and prefer to turn a blind eye on the problems. As a result, the problems compound and eventually become ingrained in the fabric of our nation. Lyndon Johnson was, perhaps, the most corrupt and malevolent politicians in the history of the Republic. To review some of my research on Johnson, please follow this link, and scroll down to Slimeball Politicians -JSB)

In 1945 the United States emerged from a world war with the only intact industrial economy in the world.  The British, European, Soviet, and Japanese economies were in ruins.  China and the rest of Asia, Africa, and South America had undeveloped economies, later renamed third world economies. Read More

08.03.22- Office Space Market Faces "Economic Downturn" Due To Perfect Storm Of Factors
Tyler Durden

More than two years after the virus pandemic upended the world of work, signs of distress in commercial real estate markets are emerging. The world is transitioning from an artificial landscape of ultra-accommodative monetary and fiscal stimuli that inflated returns to an environment where the federal government and the Federal Reserve tighten financial conditions. Given work from home has become a more permanent feature of the labor market and the souring macroeconomic backdrop, commercial real estate may be on the brink of a downturn. Read More

08.02.22- Rising Financial And Economic Uncertainty: Watch Big Pension Funds
Dave Kranzler

After a decade of deranged monetary policies that ultimately amplified speculation beyond 1929 and 2000 extremes, we are so far from “normal’ that arriving anywhere near that neighborhood will be a journey. The recent market decline has simply retraced the frothiest portion of the recent bubble, bringing the most reliable market valuation measures back toward their 1929 and 2000 extremes – John Hussman, Hussman Funds Read More

08.01.22- The Government Runs the Ultimate Racket
Gary Galles

"Seniors hurt in Ponzi scam" headlined the story of elderly Southern Californians bilked in a pyramid scheme. While sad, the story reminded me of Social Security, since it is also a Ponzi scheme involving those older, with high payoffs to early recipients coming from pockets of later participants. With Social Security, however, it benefits those older at others' expense. Read More


07.30.22- Weekend Rant: Stop Saying the U.S. Dollar Is Strong, ‘It’s a Lie’; China on Track
To Become Reserve Currency

Mark Yusko

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07.29.22- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Fmr. Greenpeace President Dr. Patrick Moore Says the Elites Have a 'Suicide Pact' to Reduce the World's Population
Chief Nerd

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07.28.22- No, The Economy Will NOT Be OK
Karl Denninger 

No, this is not transitory.

And since we're headed for political season let me remind you of the sordid tale that led us here.

We elected Donald Trump as President. Donald Trump deliberately, from his first day, pushed "easy money" policies that were in fact how he levered his real estate empire to "success."  Easy money policies are a scam, but a very easy to run scam that appears to be "great" for a while. The reason is simple.Read More

07.27.22- An Apocalypse Upon Us: How much more can we take?
David Haggith

Trade wars, crashing stocks, bond blowouts, global recessions, rapidly plunging corporate earnings, the start of firings, a global energy crisis, collapsing cryptos, sliding housing markets, Covid, monkeypox, worldwide quarantines, government-mandated job terminations over forced experimental vaccines, soaring inflation, worldwide shortages, multinational involvement in a hot European-Russian war, sanctions, record heat waves, widespread, droughts, brownouts, blackouts, and burnouts, famines, political riots on the US Capitol steps, riots on the steps of other capitals under revolt, and racial riots in the streets. How much can we take? Read More

07.26.22- The Wrecking Crew Will Be Overcome
James Howard Kunstler

In keeping with the principles of mass formation psychosis, the maliciously insane people in charge of national affairs will expect you to swallow ever-greater absurdities to maintain their control (and protect themselves).

We stumble into the horse latitudes of summer feeling trapped in the stillness. The heat disorders minds — and these are minds already scrambled by official propaganda. We are this close to a general recognition that the Covid vaccines were a deadly scam, even while Rochelle Walensky of the CDC keeps pushing boosters on TV and the entire public health bureaucracy stands by silently behind this murderous fakery. When their trials finally come, will they plea that they just didn’t know? How is that possible? (It’s not.) Read More

07.25.22- A Flood Of Repossessed Vehicles Poised To Hit The Used-Car Market
Mike Shedlock

Now is one of the worst times ever to buy a car. Wait six months or a year and things will be different.

Auto Loan Bubble About to Burst

A pair of excellent Tweet threads explain what is happening with car prices and pending repossessions.  Read More

07.23.22- Do Fed Rate Decisions Affect The Price Patterns For Gold & Silver?
Chris Vermeulen

Many traders are focused on Gold as price has contracted over the past 5+ weeks, and the $1700 level is being retested. This prompted my team and I to do some research related to the US Federal Reserve’s recent rate increases and how Gold has previously reacted to rising and falling interest rates. Read More

07.22.22- Markets and Black Swans
Jim Rickards

I began studying complexity theory as a consequence of my involvement with Long Term Capital Management, LTCM, the hedge fund that collapsed in 1998 after derivatives trading strategies went catastrophically wrong.

After the collapse and subsequent rescue, I chatted with one of the LTCM partners who ran the firm about what went wrong. I was familiar with markets and trading strategies, but I was not expert in the highly technical applied mathematics that the management committee used to devise its strategies. Read More

07.21.22- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Former Clinton Advisor Says Hillary Is Preparing To Run Again In 2024
Paul Joseph Watson

A former top advisor to Bill Clinton claims that Joe Biden will be forced to step aside and be replaced by Hillary, who is preparing to run again for president in 2024.

No, not again!

The prediction was made by Dick Morris, who ran Bill Clinton’s successful re-election campaign in 1996 and was once touted as Clinton’s most influential advisor.  Read More

07.20.22- Russian gas cuts threaten to shutter Germany industry
Patrick Foy

(Editor's Note: The dominoes are beginning to fall - JSB)

I was lucky tonight. He had a gun, but I had a tire iron.—Phillip Marlowe, 1958

I woke up in Munich with a headache this morning to see an alarming item in the Financial Times, reproduced below. The FT is not part of the underground press. It’s mainstream. Looks like Germany, and hence Europe, and hence the world, is in real trouble. Economic trouble due to Russia’s fisticuffs with Ukraine. Once again, I must say, “Thank you, Washington!” Read More

07.19.22- A Tale Of Two Dollars
Peter Schiff

The dollar has been on a tear in recent months. Just last week, the dollar index moved from 107 to 108 with an inter-week high of 109.3. The greenback also hit parity with the euro last week. The dollar is near a 20-year high compared to the European currency and a 24-year high against the Japanese yen. And yet we have a massive devaluing of the dollar domestically. Read More

07.18.22- Sri Lanka, Farmer Revolt, Energy Crisis
Doug Casey

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07.16.22- National railway strike APPROVED by locomotive union… all trains in America may HALT this coming Monday
Ethan Huff

Some 57,000 rail workers across the United States are slated to walk off the job on July 18 in protest against low wages and poor working conditions.

According to reports, the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET) voted by a resounding margin of 99.5 percent to authorize a strike if such action becomes legal and “necessary to secure a contract worthy of their consideration.” Read More

07.15.22- Los Angeles port boss: Fix rail service or risk ‘nationwide logjam’
Greg Miller

Los Angeles imports down 5% year on year in June, Long Beach imports up 16%

The Port of Los Angeles released record results for June on Wednesday. Neighboring Port of Long Beach followed suit with its own records later in the day. Read More


07.14.22- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Origins of the New World Order:
Nazi, Germany

Dr. Joseph Farrell

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07.13.22- Why Economic Collapse is Inevitable
Chris Martenson

Note:  This is the first half of a talk I presented at the recent Rebel Capitalist conference in Miami (June 24/25, 2022). The conference was amazing and this talk was very well received by the audience. I highly encourage anybody interested in economics, investing and/or finance to attend future Rebel Capitalist events!  The second half is reserved for paying members.

If you understand energy and its foundational role in making the economy happen, then you understand something that few others do. I’m not sure why this energy blindness exists, but it is as mysterious as it is widespread. Perhaps, the implications are just too profound for many people to really entertain? Read More

07.12.22- LoanDepot To Fire Another 2,000 Workers As Mortgage Market Implodes
Tyler Durden

It's only appropriate that one day after we reported that the "Housing Market Craters As Sales Get Canceled At The Highest Rate On Record" that the Biden housing crash claimed its latest victim, or rather 2,000 victims, as mortgage lender LoanDepot announced it would  would fire another 2,000 staff by the end of the year as the company downsizes “to align with rapidly changing market conditions.” The latest round of layoffs is part of the company's plan to reduce staff to 6,500 by the end of 2022. Read More

07.11.22- Wen Bazooka?

It's hard to punish and save the banks at the same time.” – Henry Paulson

After a frenzied weekend of tense and complex negotiations between senior leaders of the US government and the CEOs of the big Wall Street banks produced no viable alternative path for Lehman Brothers, the company filed for bankruptcy on Monday, September 15, 2008. The filing set off one of the most memorable weeks in the history of finance. Concurrent with the failure of Lehman was the forced sale of Merrill Lynch to Bank of America, a move so rushed and dramatic it’s incredible to think it was the second most important headline on that fateful day. Read More

07.09.22- Weekend Rant: Failing states and strangled economies
Alasdair Macleod

Fickle markets have stopped worrying about inflation and begun to worry about recession. Both the financial establishment and investors seem incapable of understanding that it is not either one or the other, but both together. Read More

07.08.22- The Dollar Is a Victim of Its Own Success
James Rickards

America’s most powerful weapon of war does not shoot, fly or explode. It’s not a submarine, plane, tank or laser. America’s most powerful strategic weapon today is the dollar. The U.S. uses the dollar strategically to reward friends and punish enemies.

The use of the dollar as a weapon is not limited to trade wars and currency wars, although the dollar is used tactically in those disputes. The dollar is much more powerful than that. Read More

07.07.22- Central Bank Digital Currencies Are the Ultimate Tool of Financial Oppression
Brandon Smith

Currencies are the lifeblood of a nation’s trade and its economy. When a currency fails, the entire economy collapses.

Even so, most people rarely think about the health or buying power of the money in their pockets. They watch their bank balance, their brokerage or IRA balance and are aware of their home’s value. They see those numbers change, but they never reflect on the value of the currency itself.  Read More

07.06.22- The One Solution to All Our Problems
Charles Hugh Smith

Pick one, America: national security of the essential material foundation of everything, the industrial base, or "global markets," maximizing greed / corporate profits. 

Sorry about the clickbait title. We all know there isn't "one solution" to anything as complex as a socio-economic-cultural-political system. Read More

07.05.22- If Central Banks Do Not Tackle Inflation, Deflation Will Come from A Crisis
Daniel Lacalle

Most market participants have been surprised by the last six months. The total return of the US Treasury Index was the worst since 1788 according to Deutsche Bank.

Stocks closed June with one of the largest corrections since 2008. Bonds and equities are falling in unison, driven by rate hikes and normalization of monetary policy. Read More

07.04.22- Harry's Rant
Harry Dent Jr

View Video

07.02.22- Weekend Rant: Will This Recession Rival the Great Depression?
Peter Reagan

By the time you read this, the U.S. economy will likely be officially mired in what could be a long and deep recession.

Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood said Tuesday we’re already there

We think we are in a recession. We were wrong on one thing and that was inflation being as sustained as it has been. Read More

07.01.22- BIS To Allow Member Banks To Hold 1% Of Their Reserves In Bitcoin
Tyler Durden

It might seem like a rather odd move for the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) to make after Bitcoin has lost around 60% of its value in only six months, but the globalist institution is now allowing member banks to hold 1% of their reserves in the cryptocurrency (around $1.8 trillion total).  Is this about recognition of Bitcoin as a viable trade mechanism, or is there an agenda afoot?  Read More

06.30.22- The 2022 Market Disaster...
More Pain To Come

Matthew Piepenburg

If you think the current market disaster hurts; it’s gonna get worse despite recent dead cat bounces in U.S. equities.

The Big 4: Dead Bonds, Rising Yields, Tanking Stocks & Stagflation

For well over a year before fantasy-pushers and politicized, central-bank mouth pieces like Powell and Yellen were preaching “transitory inflation,” or hinting that “we may never see another financial crisis in our lifetime,” we’ve been patiently and bluntly (rather than “gloomily”) warning investors of the “Big Four.” Read More

06.29.22- "It Is Possible - Even Probable - That The World System Will Shatter"
Michael Every

"and such small portions"

Another messy market day with bond yields down slightly, stocks by more, and oil up a lot. That was on the back of ugly US data, in particular consumer confidence expectations tumbling to 66.4, the lowest in years, and China reducing quarantine times from two to one week, which despite suggestions that Zero Covid will stay for five years(!), is a possible sign of opening up. The irony is that if China does, or stimulates, growth will pick up, commodity prices will go up, and the Fed will have to act more aggressively. The dollar had an up day, perhaps smelling that too. Read More

06.28.22- Your financial liability to your government is infinite
Simon Black

In the year 1255 AD, a prominent Italian businessman named Orlando Bonsignori launched a new venture that he boldly called the Gran Tavola, or “Great Table”.

Despite the name, it wasn’t a medieval furniture shop. Bonsignori came from a family of wealthy bankers who had highly influential political connections across Europe. And Bonsignori’s idea was to create the biggest bank on the continent that would cater specifically to kings, popes, and emperors. Read More

06.27.22- Dead Cat Bounce;
A New Reserve Currency

Dave Fairtex

The markets were mixed for most of the week. However on Friday, there was a bit of a surprise rally in equities. Financial Entertainment News thought the pop on Friday was due to this:

The University of Michigan’s Surveys of Consumers said consumers expect inflation to rise at a 5.3% annualized rate as of the end of June. Read More

06.25.22- What’s Behind the Collapse of So Many Stocks Since Feb 2021?
Wolf Richter

This crash beneath the surface showed something had broken, that the magic had died, that hype and hoopla were suddenly unable to carry the day.

Stocks have been in a downward spiral for a while. The S&P 500 Index has dropped 23% from its high on January 3rd, the Nasdaq has dropped 33% from its high on November 22. Read More

06.24.22- Crashing Markets, Commodities, & What Happens Next
Doug Casey

International Man: In addition to stocks, it seems that almost every asset class is also crashing.

What’s your take on the markets, and where do you think it’s headed?

Doug Casey: Let’s take them in order of size and importance. Read More

06.23.22- The Inflation Solutions Are Even Worse Than The Problem
Michael Maharrey

As Americans labor under the burden of inflation, the Biden administration keeps telling us the economy is just fine. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently said we are “transitioning” to “steady and stable growth.” As a result, she claims the American people are in a place where they can “take on inflation.”

Americans aren’t buying it. In fact, they’re buying less of everything as rising prices squeeze their wallets. Consumer confidence has plunged to historically low levels. But as bad as things are, the worst could still be yet to come because the proposed solutions are worse than the problem. Read More

06.22.22- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Google Engineer Claims AI Computer Has Become Sentient
Doctor Joseph Mercola

According to Google engineer Blake Lemoine, a Google artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot application called LaMDA, short for Language Model for Dialogue Applications, has achieved sentience, or independent self aware consciousness. LaMDA is a chatbot system based on advanced large language models that mimic human speech by analyzing text from the internet. Large language models can predict which word should come after another, based on context, for example. LaMDA technology is widely used in conversational search queries and auto-complete emails. Read More

06.21.22- Interview With
Hayman Capital's Kyle Bass

Becky Quick

Following is the unofficial transcript of a CNBC interview with Hayman Capital Management Founder and CIO Kyle Basswhich aired during CNBC’s “Financial Advisor Summit: Navigating Uncertainty” event today, Wednesday, June 15.

Becky Quick: First of all Kyle, I just want to say thank you for being here. It is great to see you today.

Kyle Bass: Great to see you too, Becky. Read More

06.20.22- And Now, for Something Entirely Different: Russia’s New Rules
Tom Luongo

Russia is done with the West. The divorce is nearly complete. In the past few days we’ve heard from all major Russian leaders the same thing, “The West will play by our rules now.”

You can decide for yourselves whether Russia is writing checks they can’t cash, but in the words of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov telling the BBC bluntly, “We do not care about the eyes of the West.” Lavrov has always been the soul of politeness and discretion when dealing with European media. Read More

06.18.22- Even after Admitting She Underestimated Inflation, Janet Yellen Still Doesn't Understand What It Is
Frank Shostak

According to the June 1, 2022, Financial Times, Janet Yellen, the US Treasury secretary conceded she was wrong last year about the path inflation would take. Yellen told CNN:

There have been unanticipated and large shocks to the economy that have boosted energy and food prices and supply bottlenecks that have affected our economy badly that I didn’t fully understand, but we recognize that now. Read More

06.17.22- A perfect storm in banking is brewing
Alasdair Macleod

Now that interest rates are rising with much further to go, the global banking system faces a crisis on a scale like no other in history. Central banks loaded with financial securities acquired through QE face growing losses, and their balance sheet liabilities are now significantly greater than their assets — a condition which in the private sector is termed bankruptcy. They will need to be recapitalised urgently to retain credibility. Read More

06.16.22- History is not on the side of the crypto’s grave dancers
Simon Black

On June 12, 1817 in the city of Mannheim, Germany, a local inventor by the name of Karl von Drais unveiled a brand new, futuristic invention he had just developed.

It was called a laufmaschine, or “running machine” in German. And it was essentially the world’s first bicycle.

There were no pedals, no seat, and no chain to connect the wheels; the rider basically had to propel the laufmaschine with his feet, then balance on it once achieving sufficient momentum. Read More

06.15.22- Surveys: Consumers are saving less and acquiring more debts due to inflation
Belle Carter

Multiple surveys reveal that consumers are saving less, depending on debts to stay away from financial troubles, and starting to lose confidence in the economy due to the out-of-hand price inflation these days.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis data shows that in April, the household savings rate went down to 4.4 percent from the 6.2 percent in March. This is the lowest rate since the 2008-2009 Great Recession. Read More

06.14.22- A Nightmare On Wall Street
Michael Snyder

This is bad.  This is really, really bad.  Investors loved the ride up, but now the Federal Reserve is helping to destroy the bubble that it once so eagerly created, and trillions of dollars in paper wealth is being wiped out in the process.  Unfortunately, our system is not really designed to handle this sort of carnage.  So many in the financial world live right on the edge, and when things go really, really bad the dominoes can start falling at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking.  We witnessed this back in 2008, and it could soon happen again. Read More

06.13.22- A Chaotic Tipping Point:
"We Are Spiralling Into Something Messy"

Bill Blain

“The tipping point is not a question of if, but when”

The number of threats facing markets; from inflation, central bank hikes, war, geopolitics, recession risks, corporate earnings and bond liquidity are legion. The big risk is they combine into a chaotic tipping point, at which moment we will just have to pick up the pieces…. Again. Read More

06.11.22- Weekend Rant: “Pay-to-Play”
for the Rest of Us

Charles Hugh Smith

The more kafkaesque quagmires you’ve slogged through, the more you hope “pay-to-play for the rest of us” becomes ubiquitous.

You know how “pay-to-play” works: contribute a couple of million dollars to key political players, and then get your tax break, subsidy, no-bid contract, etc., slipped into some nook or cranny of the legislative process that few (if any) will notice because the legislation is hundreds of pages long or a “gut and replace” magic wand was wielded at the last minute. Read More

06.10.22- We Are Hurtling Toward Stagflation
Michael Maharrey

There are a number of signals that the US economy is getting weaker even as inflation gets stronger.

In other words, we are hurtling toward stagflation.

Target announced plans to cancel orders from suppliers and slash prices to clear out amassed inventory. Why? Because consumers aren’t buying their stuff – particularly hardline goods such as clothing and home goods. Read More

06.09.22- Why Woke Corporations Will Go Broke
Doug Casey

International Man: There seems to be a concerted effort to blur the lines around gender. For instance, it’s now common for schools to introduce bizarre gender theories to prepubescent children.

What is going on here?

Doug Casey:The reports are so bizarre and crazy that you’d think that they were made up, but apparently, they’re not. Read More

06.08.22- When Money Dies
Craig Hemke

Back in the summer of 2011, many of us were reading about the Weimar Republic and its hyperinflationary downfall. A decade later, it's time to revisit the history.

The go-to book in the summer of 2011 was "When Money Dies” by Adam Fergusson. Originally published in 1975, Fergusson updated the text in 2010, and following the initial onslaught of debt monetization and QE1 and QE2, it became required reading. Read More

06.07.22- You Own Stocks, But….
Karl Denninger 

..... you don't really own them.

Let me explain.

Let's say I own shares of Boeing or GE.  This gives me the right to vote my shares.  That is, if I own shares in a public (or private for that matter) company, I have a right to representation -- I can vote at the annual meeting for, as an example, the board of directors.  I can also vote on shareholder proposals, which may include things like "DIE" (or DEI), ESG and similar. Read More

06.06.22- Don’t get too excited about the stock market’s recent rally. Some Wall Street experts say it could be a trap—and the bear market will still wreak havoc
Will Daniel

The stock market is suddenly looking up. Or is it?

Equities whipsawed throughout the month of May as investors contemplated falling economic growth projections and less-than-stellar earnings forecasts from retailers.

Despite the bearish news, ongoing volatility, and consistent predictions of an impending recession, the S&P 500 ended the month roughly unchanged after mounting a recovery over the last few weeks.Read More

06.04.22- Jamie Dimon Warns “Brace Yourself” for This “Economic Hurricane”
Peter Reagan

We’ve suggested many times that an economic “storm could be brewing” so that you could start or continue preparing for it.

Well, if Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan) is correct, it looks like we might have underestimated how bad things could get. According to a recent report on CNBC, Dimon predicts that something much worse is barreling toward our economy: Read More

06.03.22- Biden Sentences Struggling Americans to Even Worse Economic Hardships
Brandon Smith

One of the most detrimental aspects of an inflationary or stagflationary crisis is that, in most cases, housing costs tend to rise while home sales fall.

It might seem counterintuitive; one would assume that as sales fall so should prices, but this is the upside-down world of inflation. Certain commodities and products, usually necessities, almost always skyrocket in price, ultimately driving most American families out of the market completely. Read More

06.02.22- Now Even The Elite Are Openly Admitting That America Is Facing An Absolutely Enormous Economic Crisis
Michael Snyder

Not too long ago, the elite were trying to put a happy face on our growing economic problems.  It was obvious that things were trending in a very alarming direction, but they kept assuring us that any bumps in the road were just temporary and that a new golden age of prosperity was just around the corner.  Needless to say, there were dead wrong, and now some of them are publicly admitting the truth.  For example, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon just publicly stated that an economic “hurricane” is rapidly approaching…Read More

06.01.22- Teamsters, Car-Haulers Go Down To The Wire In Contract Talks
As Trucker Strike Looms

Mark Solomon

Car-hauling companies and the Teamsters union went down to the wire Tuesday to reach a collective bargaining agreement and avert a nationwide strike that could start as soon as a minute after midnight on Wednesday.

In a Facebook post late Monday night, lead negotiators of the Teamsters’ Carhaul division, meeting in Michigan, appeared optimistic that a contract could be agreed to by midnight Tuesday. Read More


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