A Note from your Editor; Johnny Silver Bear:

For those of you that remember the sixties, this may be a revisit. For those of you who don't, it may be a unique opportunity to consider the prophetic nature of a document written twenty-eight years ago. The book became a New York Times Best Seller. The conclusions arrived at by the "think-tank" are, at the very least, disturbing.

There has been much debate concerning whether "The Report" was written as a think-tank study or a political satire. G. Edward Griffin, (author of "The Creature From Jekyll Island), writes:

"Regardless of its origin, the concepts presented in the "Report" are now being implemented in almost every detail. All one has to do is hold the "Report" in one hand and the daily news paper in the other to realize that every major trend in American life is conforming to the blueprint. So many things that otherwise are incomprehensible suddenly become clear: forign aid, wasteful spending, the destruction of American industry, the job corps, gun control, a national police force, the apparent demise of Soviet power, a U.N. army, disarmament, a world bank, a world money, the surrender of national independence through treaties, and the ecology hysteria. "The Report from Iron Mountain" is an accurate summary of the plan that has already created our present. It is now shaping our future."

The Iron Mountain report was originally published by Dell. It is extremely hard to find now. In the early 90s a sequel was published. The author of this book took full credit for the first book and claimed that it was a hoax. The only problem with this "hoax" is that everything in the original book has worked out to be true. So whether the original title is a hoax or not is irrelevant. The original book is a blueprint for the present and the future.

Start with "The Report" and contemplate the present state of the world. Although the information contained herein is not specifically of a "Financial" nature, it is a must read for anyone concerned with freedom.