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Everything Happens Due To Bungling... Nothing Is Planned!
Charles Savoie

(Editor's Note: I was introduced to Charles Savoie and his research through David Morgan in 2002. Charlie is, in my opinion, the most knowledgable silver/gold manipulation researcher that I am aware of, anywhere. I believe, that if we had an honest judicial system, in the United Stated (or anywhere else for that matter) we could prosecute and convict literally hundreds of felons who have, and continue to conspire to suppress the prices of precious metals for their personal profit. These prosecutions and convictions could easily be based on Charlie's research alone. This could be done, if anyone cared. Consequently, the number of folks in the whole world who care does not amount to many compared to those that don't.

Singing to the choir here I will say, yet again: The world is run by a criminal cartel (the Darkside). The cartel is populated by those in positions of great power. In most cases, their power stems from their ill gotten gains, and those of their fathers and their fathers. Inter generational crime families are nothing new, but they constitute a greater threat to our lives, liberties, and properties, from within, than all of the threats in the world, from without, combined. Nothing short of insurrection will ever change that. We hold all the evidence necessary to jail these evil putzes. The problem lies with the glaring absence of one honest judge. - JSB)

"Nothing is so firmly believed as what we least know"---Michel De Montaigne 1533-1592 French author.

"The exact contrary of that which is generally believed is often the truth."---Jean de la Bruyere, 1645-1696, French author.

On November 13, 2013, a prominent voice in the gold arena, Nick Barisheff of Toronto based Bullion Management Group, let the world precious metals community down by remarking:

"I know many in the gold community feel there is a vast conspiracy amongst elites to control the world through bringing about a financial collapse and, eventually, a one-world currency and central bank. Others, like Dr. Paul, feel it is more a matter of incompetence. I tend to agree with this second view."

I haven't noticed Ron Paul disavowing conclusions that metals suppression stems from a conspiracy. But, who has time to read almost everything? I reserve judgment till I know more about RP.

Is it credible to hold that the monetary trend in the United States, England and Europe, using for example, a typical starting date;

the "Crime of '73," in which Congress wrecked most of the purchasing power of silver, and proceeding forward in many other adverse events including;

the Panic of 1893;

the Panic of 1907;

the National Monetary Commission of 1908;

the Federal Reserve Act of 1913;

England causing the Great Depression by dumping Indian silver on world markets starting in 1928;

President Hoover refusing to call a world silver conference unless England took the lead,

Britain exiting the gold standard in September 1931 (cheered by J.P. Morgan Jr.);

Franklin Roosevelt seizing gold from Americans in 1933 and seizing silver in 1934;

the World Economic Conference of 1933 in London allowing England to continue dumping tens of millions of silver ounces out of British India for another 4 years;

the Silver Purchase Act of 1934, which with its good effects, also had the intended terrible effect of derailing China off its centuries old silver standard;

Limitation Order L-208 in 1942, which ordered shutdown of USA gold mines for 33 months;

Bretton Woods conference in 1944 completely ignoring silver; silver leasing being pioneered during World War II;

the Silver Users Association being formed in 1947, the entity to which the megabankers have dumped silver down into as a black hole, at throwaway rates;

the decades long imposition of fixed Federal price capping on domestic silver, finally reasserting itself as $1.61 per ounce silver during the Nixon years, a substantial price trim-back from the Treasury silver "auctions" that ended in late 1970 to the silver users;

Treasury sales of silver to industrial users ramping up during the Truman and Eisenhower administrations;

New York bankers, silver users, Congress and Federal officials achieving an end to 90% silver coins in 1965;

the COMEX smash of the Hunts in 1980;

the ultra-secretive silver leasing activities of the 1980's and beyond

All that,and very, very much more,has happened due to incompetence? A Federal court in Manhattan blocks silver; the CFTC blocks silver; the NYMEX institutes multiple margin increases as silver was FALLING in spring 2011; the number of members of both houses of Congress who we might not get denial responses is so few that we can count them on the fingers of one hand; various (allegedly neutral) CFTC commissioners over the last 15 years are on public record speaking at a Silver Users Association meeting, one CFTC chief even stating TWICE he "looks forward to working with you" (the silver users), and this is only incompetence, not any conscious plan to injure the free market? All that and much more---is due to incompetence? HUH? Only a bunch of mental midgets could always turn in an incompetent performance. This is hardly the situation in metals. Evil geniuses they are!

And only a bunch of mental midgets, (or intimidated sources) can go about wearing this sandwich board advertisement "there is no conspiracy in metals" written large on both sides. When does the predicament become sufficiently dire as to finally necessitate honesty?

It takes large scale PLANNING and COORDINATION on the part of MANY PERSONS and ENTITIES to maintain the silver suppression, and in several countries! They are very competent, and it is all PLANNED, same as in gold.

Please see "The Conspiracy Against Gold," originally released in May 2006 at Silver Investor. It should be as easy to believe Barisheff on this "metals are price suppressed due to incompetence, not conspiracy" jive talk as to postulate that Henry Hudson is "still out there somewhere exploring Hudson's Bay!"

I would be as embarrassed to hold this view as if I had walked buck naked around the block at noon. He says the Fed and the Treasury recently took gold down. Very likely, with assistance from other allied entities. Yet they did it due to incompetence, not due to a conspiracy to injure a drift towards a free market! Conspiracy - or collusion - if that term finds you feeling less threatened - requires only several entities acting in concert, knowing that their actions will harm, in this case, metals miners, shareholders, physical investors, the free market, and the movement to remonetize real money. Can it be they aren't aware of the harm they've been causing for generations, and continue to wreak, and are just a bunch of sleepwalkers as to their actions? Sure! Just like the sugar industry didn't conspire to pay off organized "medicine" to stop speaking of "sugar diabetes," and instead just say "diabetes!"

Barisheff is in position to know juicy things about the PM markets in ways I wish I could. However, I have some very difficult to come by documents, that he doesn't have, and could never have begun to locate, because when you think everything happens by accident, you sure won't look for any culpable group; and have not been brought to light by anyone in PM's but yours truly, the Cinderella of PMs! I do this research of ferreting out arcane details, presenting them as a public service for free, and am never invited to the ball. I resented it for years, then decided my dogs were more deserving of my time than the suit and tie crowd. Additionally, I write for the rank and file---they are the VIP's! Haven't any of you wondered why mining company managements are silent as to the extraordinarily lengthy price suppression? Friends, there is way more going on than meets the eye. A superstructure of deceit has been under construction literally for generations. For a leader in physical metals to tell us this is all due to incompetence, which is another way of saying mere happenstance - tells me Barisheff is either taking the "road to popularity" - that is - it's FASHIONABLE, STYLISH and SOPHISTICATED to say "there are no conspiracies;" or he knows better and fears being straightforward. Would sourcing more bullion become tougher if he announced, "Savoie has been right all along, metals suppression stems from an international conspiracy of an elite" type of statement? I believe so. Perhaps it would even be shut off. It's all due to bungling, this astonishing silver price suppression! Around 2003 I corresponded with Barisheff once. At the moment I felt (very incorrectly) that it would be best if I didn't mention to the metals public about "The Pilgrims Society" being back of the attacks on precious metals. Nick agreed! I had to change my stance because my conscience troubled me, and in December 2004 I released my first research into this UK/USA group, "Meet The World Money Power," at Silver Investor. I continue to see major bullion bank players in the price suppression as heavy holders of shares in silver mining majors! That suggests the message to managements, "zip it!"

If "incompetence" explains the near-everlasting price suppression, would not this random chance process sometimes see Treasury Secretaries and top Fed officials acting in a "competent" manner? How is it that this alleged absence of conspiracy never results in "competent" officials? We are being asked to believe in elves and fairies. What a wonderland of fantasy this is! The entire price dampening of metals is just incompetence! But we cannot expect them to "blunder" against the concentrated short corner! NEVER! How marvelous is this chance process, that top USA/UK officials, and some others, all just always make "incompetent" decisions. It isn't a "social norm" to conclude this is a conspiracy---it may even be a "mental illness," and anything can be "mental illness" if such label suits the whims of authorities. No conspiracy! Except that the free market is dead, resulting in net injuries to the world. Because when there are financial victims, someone always benefits. If enough powerful people, acting in concert, could control prices to their advantage and to the detriment of (in this case, billions, because the world needs sound money), why would they not act on the temptation to do so?

Judge Patterson who dismissed the silver lawsuits was on the Rockefeller University council in the mid-1980s. You will find that detail in "Who's Who in America" available at libraries or paid access online. There was a series of letters between JFK and Rockefeller circa 1962 in Life Magazine in which he urged the President to maintain the $35 gold price and JFK agreed. Details are in "The Silver Stealers." William P. Miller II, a current CME Group ("How the world advances" is their slogan) director, was associated with the Rockefeller Foundation more recently.

We're supposed to believe the silver/gold casino is just always managed by incompetent people. There is no conscious planning to hold prices down. However, if there is conscious planning, it must be labeled incompetence rather than some injurious plan ("conspiracy"). This plan must, to succeed, be coordinated from the highest levels in multiple countries, especially the London/New York markets. If all this were incompetence, would not mere random chance just sometimes favor the long side? If hundreds of highly placed people in several countries were all flipping quarters on a near daily basis during business hours, and all of them keep coming up "tails," and it keeps happening decade after decade, how is this a natural occurrence? How much of our reasoning faculties are we expected to sublimate to this patent nonsense? "Sublimate" in this sense means to redirect thought away from something represented as socially unacceptable ("conspiracies") to that which is held to be "respectable" ("incompetence"). Aww gee, if we could only make that word, "conspiracy," be deleted from the language. Some have tried! We hear about a "cabal" in metals. This is a synonym for "conspiracy" which is supposed to deflect some criticism from people relying on it. It is however less straightforward and for everyone who doesn't know what "conspiracy" means, there are likely hundreds who don't know what "cabal" means. People who are in the rut of saying "cabal" are compromisers worried about public image. Just side with the facts! "Conspiracy" means "with pirates." The Spanish language owes much to the Romans and their language---same as other countries. Spanish for "with" is their word "con" as in chile con carne, chile with meat. Therefore, "conspiracy," means "with pirates" as in "piracy." What is so overwhelming about that as an idea to entertain? Adverse conditions prevail in the silver market because powerful people have conspired to impose them.

"The most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome"---George Orwell (1903-1950).

We are all free to entertain starkly ridiculous conclusions about anything. Why would a person who cares about his public image do so? If not to placate someone he's afraid of?

The reader is invited/challenged to review "The Silver Stealers" documentary---a 474 page, free to read documentary---on the history of planned, intentional, non-accidental suppression of silver and gold for over a century by members of the London/New York based "Pilgrims Society".

This documentary will become larger as leaked lists find time for review---especially the London branch.

Barisheff can show you a way bigger silver stash than I could; however, this comparison radically turns the other direction as to the quantity of documented facts I can show you. The chances of so many powerful people across the decades, on both sides of the Atlantic, working in concert to smash precious metals, as being mere "incompetence" is less likely than most wild fantasies you could conjure. The cost to review these facts remains only, a few hours of your time---it has taken years of my time to offer this to you - for free. How about giving up several football games to read it? You can watch on replay. My satisfaction is in damaging the envelope of secrecy with which this organization long ago shrouded itself with.

"The opinions of ten thousand men are of no value, if none of them know anything about the subject." --- Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor 161-180 AD.

A better starting date would be 1791, when, acting on pressure from Alexander Hamilton, our government granted a 20 year charter to the first U.S. Bank (British controlled). When we "foolishly" allowed its charter to expire in 1811, the War of 1812 was the result! I note 5 items from "The Silver Stealers" in closing.

1) The name Pierpont Morgan Hamilton appears in the leaked 1957 list of The Pilgrims, New York. He was great, great grandson of British financial collaborator Alexander Hamilton, who was "founder of the nation's financial system" and "the primary author of the establishment of a national bank"

Alexander Hamilton married Elizabeth Schuyler, "a wealthy landowner from one of the most prominent families in the state of New York." The Schuyler name is another that has often surfaced in genealogies of The Pilgrims Society. Indications are that some of these groups have always been Crown loyalists, while others came back into the fold later, so to speak. Pierpont Morgan was an Air Force Major General in WW 2 and in charge of North African Intelligence. Wiki says "in the interwar years, he engaged in international banking," small surprise, as his mother, Julia Pierpont Morgan, was the original J.P. Morgan's daughter. Morgan Senior and Junior were members of The Pilgrims Society. Wiki notes "the refusal of New England financiers to loan money for the war" (of 1812).

2) Albert Gallatin, Who's Who in America, 1940, page 1002, born July 23, 1881, included in his bio "The Pilgrims" (membership) and stated "g.g.s. Albert G, Secretary U.S. Treasury, 1801-1814, and minister to France and England." GGS of course means, great, great grandson! The original Albert Gallatin helped charter the second United States Bank in 1816. While Gallatin made certain correct sounding pronouncements on money, debt, finance and the economy, and publicly clashed with Alexander Hamilton, this was merely for public display. The term "controlled opposition" comes to mind today, and we indeed are faced with it---take care who you trust! Gallatin's great, great grandson, also noted his membership in the council of New York University; the Mayor's Committee for National Defense; director of the France-America Society; and member of the New York Federal Grand Jury!

3) John Caldwell Calhoun, Who's Who, 1914, pages 362-363, charter member of The Pilgrims, New York (1903) identified himself as g.s. (grandson) of John Caldwell Calhoun, vice President of the U.S., 1825-1829. The original Calhoun was a bitter enemy of Andrew Jackson and he was also a strong supporter of the second U.S. Bank (forerunner of the Federal Reserve). Calhoun's career was a strange one; we won't take time to review it, except to state that he was actually Jackson's first vice President, until Jackson discovered Calhoun had spoken against him in 1816 while on a military campaign to secure Florida. Calhoun supported the charter of the second U.S. Bank in 1816, a fact which it seems Jackson would have known; in any case, Calhoun was for the unconstitutional central bank. On December 28, 1832, Jackson forced Calhoun's resignation as vice President.

Calhoun's great grandson (Pilgrims Society charter 1903) married Linnie Adams, grand niece of Richard M. Johnson, vice President of the U.S., 1837-1841. Calhoun was finance committee of the Central Railroad & Banking Company of Georgia; he had agricultural landholdings in at least three states; was president of the Baltimore Coal Mining & Railroad; and director of the Richmond & Danville Railroad. These all undoubtedly were financed by New York money. Not only is there "a vast conspiracy among elites" as Barisheff said, to wreck monetary metals; this conspiracy is centuries old and its key participants are very frequently related by genealogy! "We're mostly family in The Pilgrims Society!"

4) Charles Francis Adams IV (leaked list of The Pilgrims, 1969) was great, great grandson of John Quincy Adams, President of the U.S., 1825-1829. Although Andrew Jackson won the popular vote for President in 1824, a "corrupt bargain" was struck in Congress to have Adams as President instead. Jackson also won a majority of electoral votes! No doubt the financial network on the East coast, typified by Crown loyalists such as Stephen Girard and John Jacob Astor, pulled every string they had against Jackson. The "corrupt bargain" is described, with important details absent .

It must also have been known about Jackson, that had he ascended to the White House in spring 1825, he would immediately have moved against the second United States Bank! The only reason England started the Opium War against China in 1837, instead of again invading America, was because they were making greater profits in China than here, they lacked resources to attack both countries, and they must have remained in fear of Jackson's military prowess. Instead, the British monetary powers contented themselves in unleashing the Panic of 1837, in which all large banks here simultaneously suspended specie redemption. More "incompetence," or "coordinated planning." Which do YOU think was more realistic? Were they all suddenly "incompetent" all at the same time? How much happenstance are we supposed to buy into? Sure, yeah, right, OK, haha - all these events were/are just flukes! And because of these "flukes" or "incompetence" or "mismanagement" (or "CONSPIRACY") the interests behind these poisonous actions seriously harmed the vast majority!

Charles Adams IV (Pilgrims Society) was longtime head of large defense contractor Raytheon Company and a director of First National Bank of Boston, interlocked with the silver suppressing Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Adams was brother in law of Pilgrims Society member Henry Sturgis Morgan, grandson of the original J.P. Morgan; H.S. Morgan founded silver suppressor Morgan Stanley in 1935. I've seen so many of these sort of details for so long, my head spins when I think about it. There IS a conspiracy against silver first, and against gold second! It IS directed by members of "The Pilgrims" out of New York and London. This organization is a more sensitive case than Bilderberg, as it STILL refuses to release rosters into the public domain.

5) Eleuthère Irenée DuPont (1771-deceased on Halloween, 1834), founder of Du Pont gunpowder and chemical works, was a director of the second United States Bank (forerunner of the Fed). Both U.S. Banks were filthy corrupt! And precious metals suppressors---notes could be converted to specie only at other branches! This was at a time when travel was much harder. More incompetence, or harmful intent? Henry Algernon Du Pont (1838-1926), Pilgrims Society, in the 1987-1942 Who Was Who in America, page 349 we see Du Pont stating his "OPPOSITION TO THE FREE AND UNLIMITED COINAGE OF SILVER."  Du Pont, possibly the biggest silver user in the country, was a Republican Senator from Delaware, 1906-1917 who voted for the Federal Reserve Act of 1913! Too many multi-generational instances of silver/gold attacks, too many of related genealogies surfacing later as members of The Pilgrims, "the world's most secret organization" (American Opinion Magazine, October 1970, page 22.)

"Even logic must give way to physics!" ---Commander Spock in "Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country" (1991).

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