The Silver Stealers: An Initiative to Protect Private Property Rights of American Citizens
Charles Savoie

(Editors Note: This is Mr. Savoie's outstanding exposé of the Pilgrim Society, an organization that has been conspiring to rule the world for over 100 years.To view all six parts, please follow these links: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] - JSB)

Are you interested in protecting your ownership rights in precious metals? Then please read this. Take weeks to check out the documentation if you dispute it, and do everything you can to encourage the widest possible readership for it! This Mephistopheles and his associates and successors must be stopped from using the President to sieze metals!

Ted Butler, the most widely followed silver commentator, has often said to buy and hold physical, because that puts you beyond COMEX rule changes. That’s correct! However, there remains an immeasurably more insidious, far reaching entity that can change rules - Uncle Sam, and he’s tightly in the grasp of the same forces who’ve depressed silver for generations. Uncle Sam nationalized gold and silver in the Franklin Roosevelt administration; this is subject to a repeat! Now that the price can’t be suppressed, what’s next? FORBID OWNERSHIP! You have hours for professional sports and Oprah Winfrey; how about some time for your property rights, without which you can go broke? Whether the excuse cited is North Korea, the Middle East or other, the actual reason is to break us and prevent capital formation on our part! Please read and act on what follows -

"What an awful thought it is that if we had not lost America, or if even now we could arrange with the present members of the United States Assembly and our House of Commons, the peace of the world is secured for all eternity. We could hold federal parliament five years at Washington and five at London. The only thing feasible to carry this idea out is A SECRET ONE (SOCIETY) GRADUALLY ABSORBING THE WEALTH OF THE WORLD TO BE DEVOTED TO SUCH AN OBJECT. There is Hirsch with twenty millions, very soon to cross the unknown border, and struggling in the dark to know what to do with his money; and so one might go on ad infinitum."

"Cecil John Rhodes," The American Monthly Review of Reviews, New York, May 1902, pages 556-557 describes the life’s work and globalist ambitions of South African diamond cartelist Cecil Rhodes, a man financed both by The Crown and the Rothschilds, out of whose wills came the subversive Rhodes Scholars, the Royal Institute for International Affairs in London, the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, and others, all under the concealed supervision of the controlling organization - The Pilgrims of Great Britain and The Pilgrims of the United States, the hidden Senate of the transatlantic super-rich, founded in 1902 and 1903, respectively, drawing into itself the prominent "robber baron" dynasties of the 19th century and the financiers of the centuries old British Empire. Their last ace in the hole for global control is the United Nations, and if it fails, they fail.

"It would have been better for Europe if Napoleon had carried out his idea of Universal Monarchy; he might have succeeded if he had hit on the idea of granting self government to the component parts. Still, I will own tradition, race, and diverse languages acted against his dream; all these do not exist as to the present English speaking world, and apart from this union is THE SACRED DUTY OF TAKING THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STILL UNCIVILIZED PARTS OF THE WORLD. The trial of these countries who have been found wanting - such as Portugal, Persia, even Spain - AND THE JUDGMENT THAT THEY MUST DEPART, AND OF COURSE, THE WHOLE OF THE SOUTH AMERICAN REPUBLICS. "

This "secret one" or society, which sprang into existence a few months after Rhodes death, is the only organization that answers to the descriptions conceptualizing it in this rarely seen article buried deep on unfrequented library shelves. Notice they admitted to trying to recruit into their ranks wealthy men and take control over their fortunes after their death for their globalist vision. Their definition of "uncivilized parts of the world" includes any areas they wish to bring under control, by means of World War I, World War II, regional wars, and the Third World War, still to come. They speak of their judgment that certain nations must "depart," meaning, cease to exist as sovereign states! That includes all of South America, with its silver producing belts! This presentation won’t try to convince the reader that their global reach is still an influence that will override all others, such as China and Russia. They unquestionably do possess the means to start World War III; is that influence enough? There is no way to know, but it should be supposed, that in exporting America’s industrial base overseas, they retained ownership, and hold vast assets elsewhere. The effort is to convince you of their domestic control over these United States and by extension, Canada, and if the North American Union materializes, Mexico. There is no threat to your gold and silver ownership remotely as severe as that presented by The Pilgrims Society of the United States, based in New York City!


(Here on page 557 they admit that the year 2002 might be the halfway point for their dream of global Anglophile domination. "Best souls" means "most conspiratorial minds;" "first organization" means The Pilgrims Society of London and New York; and "the seizure of the wealth necessary" means many planned disasters caused by government actions negatively impacting the wealth of nonmembers, and those outside the ranks of such unofficial subsidiary organizations as the Council on Foreign Relations, which has long served as a staffing agency for multiple Presidential administrations. "The seizure of the wealth necessary" means many particulars, the first World War; Britain’s attack on the world’s silver money system, starting in India in 1926 with the decision of the Royal Commission on Indian Currency; the Crash of 1929, facilitated by Federal Reserve policies; the Great Depression, caused by Britain’s attack on silver; Britain’s attack on gold in September 1931, exacerbating the depression; seizing gold from American citizens in March 1933, and seizing silver in August 1934 to the extent of 113,031,000 silver ounces; driving China off its silver standard as of November 3, 1935 through the Silver Purchase Act of 1934; FDR’s socialist federal agencies; the second World War; the founding of the United Nations; the Korean war; the ending of silver coinage by the mid 1960’s; the Vietnam war and its war manufacturers windfalls; and all the ensuing major financial dislocations since that time to the crushing of the Hunt/Arab silver play in January 1980; to today’s mortgage crisis; forcing the middle class into apartments (feudalism); exportation of industry and jobs; reduced standard of living; Food and Drug Administration tyranny; the anticipation of hyperinflation; and concerns over a potential Federal nationalization of precious metals! It is to exert against that last eventuality that I present this essay, to place this specific elitist organization on public notice that they are now known; a partial summary record of their past attacks on gold and silver money and ownership; and a partial list of specific identified Pilgrims Society members involved over the years, acting to suppress gold and silver as money and against the commodity prices of each, and acting against citizen ownership of both!)

Pages 557-558 feature this about Cecil Rhodes -

"His original conception of his will was to leave the whole of his property, without any restrictions, to be administered by the sole discretion of three personal friends. As for eight years I was one of three to whom his millions were left in joint tenancy, I have perhaps as good opportunities of knowing his mind on this matter as anyone. It was while on board the steamer, midway between Cape Town and England, that the idea flashed into his mind of superseding his previous will by another, in which part of his wealth would be set apart for administration by trustees for educational purposes. When he first told me about it, the scheme was limited to British colonies. "It is admirable," I said, "but would it not be still better if you could extend it so as to bring the Americans into it?" Mr. Rhodes doubted whether his estate would bear such an extension, with which in principle he entirely concurred. Further examination satisfied him that it could be done, and accordingly the will contains the provision by which every American State is offered two scholarships tenable for three years."

(The person speaking was William T. Stead, Pilgrims Society, whom Lord Northcliffe, Pilgrims Society, described as "the greatest living journalist," page 45, "Pilgrims and Pioneers," which features no year of publication but is an early to mid 1930’s production by Sir Harry Brittain, founding member of The Pilgrims Society. See Chapter 10 of this scarce volume, "We Come Into Being," pages 103-153).

"I doubt whether Mr. Rhodes quite realized that by such an arrangement Americans would receive 50 percent more of his benefaction than British colonists. This however will probably soon be rectified by his executors, who have absolutely unrestricted ownership of the residue, which probably amounts to a moiety of the estate. Mr. Rhodes was amenable to my suggestion about the American extension of his scholarship BECAUSE IT SO THOROUGHLY JUMPED WITH HIS OWN IDEAS. "My scholars must all come to my old university. I AM ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THOSE WHO WILL DO THE GOVERNING OF THE NATIONS IN THE YEARS THAT ARE TO COME."

(President Bill Clinton, Pilgrims Society, is a Rhodes Scholar; Byron White, a Supreme Court Justice 1962-1993, was a Rhodes Scholar; Alfred Hayes, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Pilgrims Society, was a Rhodes Scholar - see "Paper Money Mobster Speaks," Archives. Trustees of the Rhodes Trust are invariably Pilgrims Society members; the board of directors of the Council on Foreign Relations are largely Pilgrims Society members; Bilderberg and Trilateral were founded by Pilgrims Society members. Skull & Bones, founded at Yale in 1832 as another British front with opium trade links, in no way has had the degree of influence as have had the Rhodes Scholars).


Cecil Rhodes, financed by the Rothschilds and The Crown in South African diamond cartelization leading to the De Beers conglomerate, out of whose wills sprang "the first organization," The Pilgrims Society of London and New York, referenced in my series "Meet The World Money Power" and "PILGRIMS." This Society should be of major concern to every metals investor, as they’ve been controlling silver’s destiny as an organization for most of a century! The following chronology is necessarily a two steps forward, one step backwards progression, as overlapping situations are the inevitable rule.

Lyman Judson Gage (1836-1927, Pilgrims Society charter member 1903) was Treasury Secretary in the cabinets of Presidents McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt, 1897-1902, in which capacity he opposed silver in the monetary system.  Before going to Treasury he was president of the First National Bank of Chicago, and after Washington he became president of United States Trust Company on Wall Street.  He was a three-time president of the anti-silver American Bankers Association (ask any member how they feel as to remonetization of silver; their monthly magazine, Banking, April 1965, page 117, called for criminalization of silver accumulations!)  Gage was first president of the Chicago Bankers Association, twice president of the Civic Federation of Chicago and a trustee of the Carnegie Institution of Washington; he was a member of the anti-silver Stable Money Association.  Gage took the financial editor of the Chicago Tribune, Frank Vanderlip, and got him into the banking business as his assistant at Treasury.  Recall that Pilgrims Society member Vanderlip was at the Jekyll Island, Georgia meeting where the Morgan-Rockefeller (Pilgrims Society) interests finalized plans for the Federal Reserve System!




Banker and financier Morris K. Jesup, a founder of The Pilgrims Society of the United States in 1903 and sponsor of Arctic expeditions, headed the New York Chamber of Commerce at the time. The Chamber opposed silver money; as one example, see Commercial & Financial Chronicle, November 19, 1942, page 1807 in the article, "N.Y. Chamber of Commerce Urges Passage of Silver For War Use"

"The silver bloc is opposed to any legislation which might lessen the monetary sacredness of silver.  There was no sound economic reason why an ounce of silver should be held as monetary backing."






George B. Cortelyou, Treasury Secretary 1907-1909, Pilgrims Society member, advocated a central banking system after the Panic of 1907, which his pals in The Most Secret of Secret Societies arranged -

As was intended from the beginning, the central banking system would militate against the use of precious metals in the payments structure until everything was fiat! Cortelyou became president of Consolidated Gas Company and chairman of the Republican National Committee. Many of these late 19th century to early 20th century Pilgrims Society members were back of the Gold Standard Act of 1900, which facilitated the march towards fiat currency by minimizing silver. Let’s look briefly at Charles Arthur Conant (1861-1915), a financial commentator and economist who was a delegate to the Gold Democratic Convention of 1896, organized against the silver movement led by William Jennings Bryan. Was Conant a Pilgrims member? I have found no such proof; he may have been related to James B. Conant (Pilgrims list 1969) which see later in discussion of silver used in the Manhattan Project. Charles was treasurer of Morton Trust Company, 1902-1906; that’s the Pilgrims Society connection. Levi P. Morton (1824-1920) was a charter Pilgrims Society member in 1903. Morton was a member of Congress, 1879-1881; Minister to France, 1881-1885; Vice President of the U.S., 1889-1893; and Governor of New York, 1895-1896. According to Ferdinand Lundberg in "America’s 60 Families" (1937, page 59) noted the association of Morton Trust Company with the J.P. Morgan interests and said Levi Morton was "long entangled in many shady deals;" and commented on page 66 that Theodore Roosevelt was "a virtuoso at deception" and had the backing of Levi P. Morton, Elihu Root (Pilgrims Society, helped steel magnate, Crown loyalist member Andrew Carnegie organize his dangerous foundations) and Chauncey Depew, Vanderbilt family attorney who helped found The Pilgrims Society. Levi P. Morton, dishonest financial operator, member of the anti-silver Pilgrims Society.


Having established background for Charles Conant, let’s consider his actions against silver as money; it’s reasonable to regard him as a Pilgrims Society functionary. Someday when full lists become known his name may appear. Conant was a member of the anti-silver American Economic Association and of President Theodore Roosevelt’s (Pilgrims Society) Commission on International Exchange which "advised" various governments to drop silver and go to a gold only basis the rub being (as we will see later, the same thing happened in British India) that citizens of those nations couldn’t readily exchange their paper notes for hard gold! Conant "persuaded" the Philippines after the Spanish-American war, to go cold on silver, and did the same thing with somewhat lesser success in Mexico and Panama. (I have a 1962 Republic of Panama "Decimo de Balboa," actually produced for them by the U.S. Mint, having the same specifications and content as a 1962 Roosevelt dime). Of course, various sources have mentioned people like Charles Conant and his actions against silver; none of them located or identified, much less opened, the Unknown Source of monetary subversion to which he was connected - The Pilgrims Society; hence the desperate necessity of this documentary.

Conant complained about "the delusive quicksands of international bimetallism" (New York Times, December 30, 1902, page 5) showing his anti-silver stance.

The New York Times, July 7, 1915, page 11, "Ex-Treasurer of Morton Trust Company Acted for This Government in the Philippines and Panama," calling him a "noted financial expert" and named him "father of the Philippine currency" and mentioned -

"In 1901 he was appointed to a special commission of the War Department to the Philippines, being selected by Secretary of War Elihu Root to make a report on the Philippine monetary and financial conditions PRELIMINARY TO THE REMODELING OF THE SYSTEM. Conant was also a director of the Manila Railroad, the National Bank of Nicaragua and the Credit Clearing House. While connected with the Morton Trust Company he was invited to Mexico to aid in the plans for monetary reform then being undertaken by the Mexican Government, and in 1903 he was made a member of the Commission on International Exchange of the United States. He was made a member of the special commission of the New York Chamber of Commerce on Currency Reform in 1906. THIS COMMISSION REPORTED IN FAVOR OF A CENTRAL BANK. Conant also assisted the United States Government in suggesting a currency measure for the Panama Republic similar to the Philippine measure, and in 1910 and 1912 he visited The Hague as technical delegate of this government at the International Conference on Bills of Exchange."





Elihu Root (1845-1937), Pilgrims Society, set up Andrew Carnegie’s multiple globalist foundations and was appointed by President Theodore Roosevelt to Secretary of State, 1905-1909. Anti-silver activist Elihu Root -

The Philippines, Panama and the Dominican Republic all deposited "reserve funds" with Morton Trust Company after accepting the "reforms" Conant suggested.






Henry Clay Pierce, charter member of The Pilgrims Society in 1903, was a director of The International Banking Corporation, profiled in the New York Times of January 2, 1902, "International Banking Corporation’s Far Reaching Plans" as operating in the important silver countries of China and the Philippines. Pierce was considered one of the four richest men in America just after the end of the 19th century . In "America’s 60 Families" (1937) Ferdinand Lundberg citing other sources stated "H. CLAY PIERCE PUT UP THE MONEY BEHIND (FRANCISCO) MADERO AND STARTED THE REVOLUTION" (the Mexican revolution of 1910) -

Pierce had huge holdings in Mexico including National Railways of Mexico; Mexican Central Railway; Mexican Pacific Railway; Central Mexican Railway; Mexican American Steamship Company; Mexican & Northern Steamship Company; Mexican National Construction Company; Mexican Fuel Company; Bank of Commerce & Industry, Mexico City; and Tampico Harbor Company. Additionally he owned Pierce Oil Company that later merged into the Rockefellers Standard Oil. Pierce had interests in Tennessee Central Railroad; Tennessee Construction Company; Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railroad; American Central Insurance; Mercantile Fire & Marine Insurance; Title Guaranty Trust Company; Mississippi Valley Trust Company; National Bank of Commerce and others. It’s of potential significance that this large scale financier had large operations in three major silver countries and as we know, bankers are unfriendly to monetary silver.


The New York Times, December 23, 1908 reported "Jacob H. Schiff, A. Barton Hepburn and Others Say the Silver Agitation Cannot be Revived." Left, Alonzo Barton Hepburn, Pilgrims Society (Who’s Who In America, 1914, page 1092) who held regulatory positions in banking for New York State beginning in 1880 and in 1892-1893 was Comptroller of the Currency in the Harrison and Cleveland administrations, after which he campaigned against silver in the National Sound Money League. Hepburn became president of the Rockefeller/Astor Chase National Bank in 1899 and chairman in 1911 -

The American Bankers Association set up a currency commission in 1906, chaired by Pilgrims Society member Hepburn, fighting for another central bank. Anti-silver activist Hepburn ran the New York Chamber of Commerce after Jesup’s tenure. Hepburn was placed on such boards as Bankers Trust; Columbia Knickerbocker Trust; Fidelity Trust; Maryland Trust; First National Bank; New York Life Insurance; First Security Company; American Car & Foundry; American Agricultural Chemical; American Cotton Oil Company; Safety Car Heating & Lighting Company; Remington Typewriter; Sears Roebuck & Company; Studebaker Corporation; Woolworth Company; Texas Company (Texaco); and United Cigar Manufacturers.



Jacob H. Schiff, Pilgrims Society, partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company investment bankers, was a founding member of The Pilgrims Society of the United States (page 154, "The Pilgrims of the United States," 2003) and was a director of National City Bank of New York; Central Trust Company; Western Union; New York Foundation; and National Employment Exchange...

The Schiffs and Warburgs (more to follow) are related, and John M. Schiff (director of large corporations) became treasurer of The Pilgrims New York, 1968-1985. His son David T. Schiff became a member. "We’re mostly family in The Pilgrims Society!" Before any unjust person plays the religion card, rest assured this is a financial inquiry, not a religious one; and greed, I believe, transcends all denominations. The pattern I want to establish is this - just after the end of the 19th century a Secret Society of financiers and aristocrats on both sides of the Atlantic was formed, calling itself The Pilgrims, with branches in London and New York; though the Society had no official existence until 1902, its founders were active against silver in some cases, generations beforehand; ancestors of some members were active against silver and gold as money back into medieval times. That can be the subject of another historical probe. This report is concerned with demonstrating a pattern that attacks against silver first, and gold secondly, since the dawn of the 20th century, have been coordinated from the highest levels, and back of a massive wall of silence and secrecy, by this organization calling itself The Pilgrims Society! They are in control of major central banks, and want the world on a global fiat basis! They oppose private property rights in silver, gold and land! The land issue is also a matter for another investigation; however, since the Federal Reserve was established, more Americans are living in apartments (feudalism), homeless, and in a mortgage foreclosure crisis, than ever before! There is the intent to abolish private ownership of land on the part of all but this feudalistic, British Crown allied organization of leftist international financiers!





"Others" opposed to silver money referred to by the article included Pilgrims Society member, Rhode Island Senator Nelson Aldrich, grandfather of Pilgrims Society member Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller (which see more of to follow). Aldrich chaired the National Monetary Commission that propagandized for a central bank, hollering about the need for an "elastic currency" (endlessly inflatable and not redeemable in silver or gold!) Almost all the Jekyll Island personalities have been identified as having been Pilgrims Society members -






President Grover Cleveland, an opponent of monetary silver became a charter member of The Pilgrims Society -

Contrast Cleveland with monetary heroes I’ve mentioned, who were also overflowing with courage as military men - Andrew Jackson and Sam Houston! Under the Conscription Act of 1863, Cleveland (born 1837) paid $150 to George Benninsky to serve in his place! Cleveland was a big man, but so was Sam Houston; and I imagine that had they been contemporaries in a brawl, Houston would have savaged Cleveland to the tune of squealing moans! These Pilgrims Society members, as Presidents and Generals and Admirals, have shown expertise in both World Wars, Korea and Vietnam and elsewhere, in ordering troops to face death; yet they themselves remained safely out of range! In "Who Was Who In America, 1897-1942," page 231, we find -

"In 1896 the Democratic Party having declared for the free coinage of silver in the platform of its National Convention, Mr. Cleveland withheld his support from the ticket and endorsement."



Charter Pilgrims Society member George Fisher Baker (1840-1931), chairman of the First National Bank of New York as of 1909 (predecessor to Citigroup) was according to a director of 22 corporations; yet in his listing on page 98 of the 1914 Who’s Who, he lists 56 boards he was on "and various other corporations," with an amazing list of railroad corporations. They were correct in referencing Baker as "one of the most imposing figures in banking history." He was on the cover of Time Magazine, April 14, 1924. His son and grandson became Pilgrims Society members. Current George F. Baker Professor of Economics at Harvard University is Martin Feldstein who received an award from the anti-silver American Economic Association and served as its president in 2004. Feldstein has served as a director of such silver antagonists as American International Group and J.P. Morgan & Company and is a contributor to the Wall Street Journal. Pilgrims Society kingpin Baker left one of the largest estates on record in 1931...




William Cameron Forbes, Pilgrims Society (1870-1959), was Governor General of the Philippines, 1908-1913, an important silver country. He was the son of the president of Bell Telephone Company and grandson of famous essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson. Forbes was Ambassador to Japan, 1930-1932 and disturbingly, chairman of the American Economic Mission to the Far East in 1935, the same year The Pilgrims Society, United States branch, drove China off her centuries old silver money standard, as of November 3, 1935 -

Forbes was honorary president of the China Society of America; member India House Club, New York; trustee, Carnegie Institution of Washington; Overseer, Harvard University, 1914-1920; sent by the President to investigate conditions in the Philippines, 1921; receiver, Brazilian Railway Company, 1914-1919; partner, J.M. Forbes & Company; director, Copper Range Company; Boston Metal Investors; Stone & Webster; American Telephone & Telegraph; United Fruit Company; Massachusetts Fire & Marine Insurance; Massachusetts Hospital Life Insurance; Commercial Credit; Petroleum Heat & Power Company; Old Colony Trust; Arthur D. Little Incorporated; and others (Who’s Who, 1940, page 950; Who’s Who, 1952, page 827).



The Pittman Act of 1918, authored by Nevada silver Senator Key Pittman, allowed for melting 270,232,722 silver dollars for bullion conversion into approximately 209MOZ The bullion was then sold to Great Britain, in order that they could maintain control over British India, where demands were strident for payment in silver relating to expenses of World War I (Mining Congress Journal, February 1057, page 117). Senator Pittman insured that the silver would be replaced at $1 an ounce...then more than market prices...and partly as a result, the 1921 Morgan silver dollars were coined, all 86,730,000 of them. Senator Pittman wasn’t a hatchet man for silver suppressors, he was looking out for silver producers interests; but the silver was used to control British India.




The Earl of Reading, British Ambassador to the United States 1918-1919, Pilgrims Society member, obtained silver for British control over India. He was British Viceroy of India, 1921-1925 and as British Foreign Secretary in 1931, assisted his government’s campaign to depress world silver valuations by dumping melted rupees on the world market...

"THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT DETERMINED TO DESTROY SILVER AS MONEY" - Nevada silver Senator Key Pittman, quoted in China Weekly Review, Shanghai, January 31, 1931, page 318.





Robert Lansing, Pilgrims Society, Secretary of State 1915-1920, relative of first head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Allen Dulles, Pilgrims Society, worked with the Earl of Reading to get American silver into British India to help his "Pilgrim Partners" maintain control for another generation...

Robert Lansing founded the American Society for International Law (read "world government") in 1906. He was a trustee of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, funded by British Crown loyalist, Pilgrims Society member Andrew Carnegie of the original steel trust. Lansing’s nephews were John Foster Dulles (Pilgrims Society) who became Secretary of State and Allen W. Dulles (Pilgrims Society), Central Intelligence Agency director. Lansing was a member of the American Commission to Negotiate the Peace, 1918-1919, which along with Britain, intentionally imposed such harsh terms on Germany at the close of World War I, that they purposefully assured a second World War; that was the planned objective.








Dwight W. Morrow, Pilgrims Society, was a J.P. Morgan & Company partner, 1914-1927, appearing on the usual agglomeration of corporate boards. He was Ambassador to Mexico, always a key part of the silver scene, 1927-1930...










Charles M. Schwab, Pilgrims Society, chaired Bethlehem Steel and was a director of Empire Trust; Metropolitan Life; Tonopah Extension Mining; United Zinc Smelting; Vanadium Corporation; Chicago Pneumatic Tool; American Surety et al (whose bother in law, Alva C. Dinkey of Carnegie Steel, was also a member), was a director of the silver suppressing Chase National Bank (1928 Who’s Who, page 1853) ...







Pilgrims Society member George W. Wickersham (1858-1936) was noted in the New York Times, November 5, 1932, page 4, "policies of the Hoover administration were defended by George W. Wickersham." In this context, Hoover’s policy of refusing to call an international silver conference because Great Britain opposed it...

President Hoover appointed him to what became known as the Wickersham Commission (on law and order) which is sardonically amusing to consider given his criminality. He was president of the Council on Foreign Relations, 1933-1936, one of many proofs the CFR is under Pilgrims Society management. He was Attorney General in the Taft administration, 1909-1913. He was a principal in Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, powerhouse law firm at 40 Wall Street dating to 1792 in which Henry Taft, President Taft’s brother, was a partner. William Taft was American governor of the Philippines, 1901-1903. Alphonso Taft, father of the Taft brothers, was Attorney General, 1876-1977.







The Earl of Balfour, Pilgrims Society of Great Britain, was Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs in 1916-1919, in which capacity he made a contribution to his government obtaining American silver in order to quell unrest in British India...

Balfour was a member of the sardonically named anti-silver Stable Money Association.






The Pilgrims Society staged a massive "confiscation" of gold and silver, March 1933 into early 1937, dispossessing Americans of their natural right to protect themselves from depredations of their inflationary government. See "Metals Confiscation Facts And Prospects," a 312 page pdf file, original source material from the Commercial & Financial Chronicle and the New York Times and other sources, covering in depth week by week over a four year span Franklin Roosevelt’s seizure of precious metals from Americans. Franklin Roosevelt, PILGRIMS SOCIETY member ...

Herbert Hoover at left, in keeping with the "long standing tradition" of United States Presidents being "honorary" members of The Pilgrims Society ("The Pilgrims of the United States," Profile Books, 2003, page 30) refused to call an international conference on silver unless the British did so first!


Nevada Silver Senator Key Pittman, New York Times, June 9, 1931, p. 49

"President Hoover, DUE TO BRITISH OPPOSITION, has refused to take any steps toward calling a silver conference." - China Weekly Review, June 20, 1931, page 85.

"Leaders of the silver industry are understood to entertain little hope that the President will take the lead in calling a conference to restore silver" (Commercial & Financial Chronicle, New York, April 18, 1931, page 2869); "The President has no intention of calling a (silver) conference, it was authoritatively asserted" (New York Times, September 3, 1931, page 35). Dean of Boston University, Howard LeSourd, said after World War II...

"Our State Department seems to have no mind of its own when it deals with the British on matters of world policy.  Even our President backs down at the suggestion of the Prime Minister of England." - (New York Times, November 21, 1945, page 2).

(Editors Note: This is Mr Savoie's indepth expose of the Pilgrim Society and its manevolent agenda To view all six parts, please follow these links: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] - JSB)

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