Never Underestimate Our Enemies
Glenn Phillips

History has proven it is a dangerous folly to underestimate "One's" adversaries with often fatal "consequences" in battle or business. Yet many libertarian and precious metals web sites repeatedly malign the Bankster's as idiots "hellbent" on driving the world's economy off a cliff into oblivion. We are assured we will be running around the streets in our underpants shooting each other for loaves of bread The main theme of these arguments being: the complete collapse of the dollar and the chaos that would certainly follow.

Whilst I am certainly on board whole heartedly with the dollar losing Purchasing power, I am not a "collapsatologist". Sure, I own plenty of physical metals, guns and food. I abhor the insidious affects of a fiat currency on the working class. I fully understand that the middle class ranks will be severely depleted over the next 10 years. Many Baby Boomers will work until they die, never being able to afford a proper retirement. However, I think it is a serious folly to underestimate the cartels that control the people that own the Federal Reserve banking system. They have campaigned and schemed for generations to get control of the right to print the dollar. Fully 80% of the world's trade is completed in dollars and this "franchise" is growing not shrinking. There are only a few countries left that are not under central bank control: Iran and Venezuela being two of them. The Libyan Central bank sort code recently changed during the "police action" currently ongoing over there. That signifies the fall of another currency to the dollar. The franchise expands once again.

The dollar franchise is extremely powerful and profitable so why would the owners crash that train? Why would they wreck one of the most powerful forces they have in their arsenal: "the right to print money and charge interest on it"? Of course it is possible they could decide to implode the dollar .(This option lies in wait as the ultimate WMD.) I don't however; see they will need to use that option. The world will slide ignorantly with barely a whimper into "a new world currency" it just "won't" be new to us: it will be dollar based.

The "Fabian's" coat of arms is a wolf in sheep clothing standing on a Tortoise. The Theme is slow undetectable progress with careful attention not to create any unwanted "galvanizing" events. "We must face the salient facts that:

Many of our friends and colleagues don't understand the dollar has lost 95% of its purchasing power since 1971

The Bankster's actions go largely undetected by the masses.

There appears to be plenty of room left yet for the oblivious public to be milked with yet more inflation. The dollar will shrink 50% from here in purchasing power over the next 5 or 6 years. This will be easily achieved by 9% to 12% real inflation year on year. The compounded effect of double digit inflation over only 4 years is devastating, as well as insidious.

So why would those in control change tactics?

These people are smart and devious and to think they are just plain stupid is to underestimate our enemy. World domination is within their grasp with only a few countries to go.... They are not going to release their grasp by allowing the dollar to completely collapse! Expect extended retirement ages, social security means testing, higher taxes, loss of liberty, loss of privacy, a new "VAT" style purchasing tax and a greatly reduced standard of living. A collapse would risk everything and put the spotlight on the Banksters when really the general public continues to be so ignorant and oblivious that there is no need to collapse anything. A continued befuddled slow boiling via stiff inflation of the American people will be enough to crush the middle classes without them even knowing what's happened.

The only weapon we have against the Banksters is "education." The more the masses understand about fiat money and what the Banksters have done, the better chance we have to make the right changes. I would like to thank the following sources for freeing me from the "matrix", and greatly changing my life for the better. My investments have soared in the past 4 years. I could never have done it without the understanding and background that these sources provided.,, Andy Gause currency historian and expert on the America financial system. In my opinion the most astute fed watcher and currency guide you can have. Owner of Stewart Thomson at with excellent trading advice. Bill Still for his excellent DVD's , The Money Masters and The Secret of Oz. Edward Griffin with the definitive Bible on the Fed Reserve "The creature from Jekyll Island" and his many speeches. Great stuff. Paul Grignon's marvelous 47 min intro to banking and fiat money, Money as Debt, and Aaron Russo for Freedom To Fascism and the classic interview with Alex Jones

Keep up the good work
Regards Glenn ,
Austin Texas

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