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08.09.12- More Than 100 Million Americans Are On Welfare
Michael Snyder

There are more Americans dependent on the federal government than ever before in U.S. history. According to the Survey of Income and Program Participation conducted by the U.S. Census, well over 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government. Many are enrolled in more than one. That is about a third of the entire population of the country. Sadly, that figure does not even include Social Security or Medicare.

Today the federal government runs almost 80 different "means-tested welfare programs", and almost all of those programs have experienced substantial growth in recent years. Read More

08.08.12- Crime Of The Millennium
Jeff Nielson

As few people in our societies even know, all of the world's governments have (foolishly) granted exclusive monopolies for the printing of all the world's currencies (our "money") to a cabal of privately-owned corporations called "central banks" - given that name because it is a cabal exclusively owned/operated by bankers.

Understand that the monopoly to print money is nothing less than a license for economic rape. These private banks lend us all the paper that they print out of thin air (at zero cost to themselves). The result is that after roughly 100 years of this economic rape we have (collectively) paid these banks $trillions in "interest" for nothing, and currently owe them $10's of trillions for nothing. History's single greatest act of legal theft. Read More

08.07.12- Baby Boomers Bamboozled:
Social Security Fades Into a Dreamtime Haze

Anthony Wile

As recently as 1985, workers at every income level could retire and expect to get more in benefits than they paid in Social Security taxes, though they didn't do quite as well as their parents and grandparents. Not anymore. A married couple retiring last year after both spouses earned average lifetime wages paid about $598,000 in Social Security taxes during their careers. They can expect to collect about $556,000 in benefits, if the man lives to 82 and the woman lives to 85, according to a 2011 study by the Urban Institute, a Washington think tank. ... The shift among middle-income workers is happening just as millions of baby boomers are reaching retirement, leaving relatively fewer workers behind to pay into the system. It's coming at a critical time for Social Security, the federal government's largest program. Read More

08.06.12- Will the Peasants Go Medieval On Bankers?

While everyone from Tony Blair to Nouriel Roubini is debating whether or not bankers should be hung, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg provide some fascinating historical context.

The journal’s Jason Zweig reports:

Financial criminals throughout history have been beaten, tortured and even put to death, with little evidence that severe punishments have consistently deterred people from misconduct that could make them rich.

The history of drastic punishment for financial crimes may be nearly as old as wealth itself. Read More

08.04.12- US citizens:
Pay attention to this

Simon Black

August 3, 2012
Bergen, Norway

I was sitting across from an impossibly blonde account executive this afternoon when I heard three words I never thought I’d hear at a foreign bank.

“Are you Greek,” she asked me with a bit of a smile…

me: “Uh, no. I have a US passport, among others…”

she: “OK good, as long as you’re not Greek.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Let me explain. Read More

08.03.12- Conflicts & Pressure Points
Jim Willie

Some extremely powerful differentials in power are setting themselves up, in a manner never seen before in modern history. Those who dismiss the uniqueness of the situation are those who continually are surprised by events as they unfold. The pressure features the managers of the system, complete with corruption and fraud with official coverups in a never-ending sequence of crime scenes, pitted against the forces of justice and fair markets. Not a single fair market exists in USDollar terms. In pure Orwellian style, every single market has a US-based or London-based financial engineer at a control panel doing duty in price intervention. The Western defenders of the syndicate do not wish for the price structure to reflect the reality of physical shortage or the bounty of paper-based surplus, for the currencies to reflect true toxic value, and for the discovery price systems to reflect the raids of private accounts. The system is broken, and the pressure is building. Read More

08.02.12- The Neoconservative War Criminals In Our Midst
Paul Craig Roberts

The State Department has an office that hunts German war criminals. Bureaucracies being what they are, the office will exist into next century when any surviving German prison guards will be 200 years old. From time to time the State Department claims to have found a lowly German soldier who was assigned as a prison camp guard. The ancient personage, who had lived in the US for the past 50 or 60 years without doing harm to anyone, is then merciless persecuted, usually on the basis of hearsay. I have never understood what the State Department thinks the alleged prison guard was supposed to have done–freed the prisoners, resign his position?–when Prussian aristocrats, high-ranking German Army generals and Field Marshall and national hero Erwin Rommel were murdered for trying to overthrow Hitler. Read More

08.01.12- Government Silently Positions for Martial Law as Financial Collapse Arrives in America
Susanne Posel

The US government has been scheming on how to provide for continuity of government for many decades now.

According to Peter Santilli, an informant who is an ex-marine and worked on portions of the contingency plans known as Rex 84, civil unrest will come after a financial collapse.

The Readiness Exercise 1984, a.k.a. Rex 84, outlines continuity of government wherein the US Constitution is suspended, martial law is declared and the US military command take over state and local governments in order to ensure stabilization of our nation at any cost. Read More

07.31.12- Ph.D. in food stamps – the rise of food stamp usage among those with advanced degrees.
My Budget 360

Record number of households on food stamps.

It is hard to declare a recovery when a record 22.3 million households are now on food assistance.  The latest data shows that 46.5 million Americans are still relying on SNAP, the food assistance program, to get by each month.  Since this data lags, we see that in May we added 77,000 jobs but added 222,000+ Americans to the food stamp program.  This is not a positive economic calculus.  The recent rallies were all spurred by the utterance of more bailouts with more debt.  Will these promises be enough to give us a positive second half of the year?  Central banks and the government are stepping up in historic fashion just to keep the system from coming apart.  Think about the fact that over 46 million Americans rely on a small check each month just to get food into their household.  Some companies have seized this trend to their advantage.  Some with advanced degrees are turning to food assistance in larger numbers.  Where do we go from here? Read More

07.30.12- Auditing the Fed Is a Sideshow: Who Audits the Auditors?
Anthony Wile

On Wednesday, Ron Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve was overwhelmingly passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. The vote was 327 to 98. You would think that a bill with such overwhelming support would easily become law. But it won't, because Barack Obama and the Democrats plan to kill it. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has already said that the Senate will not even consider the bill. But of course if Barack Obama called Harry Reid and told him that he wants this bill to get through the Senate so that he could sign it then Harry Reid would be singing a much different tune. Sadly, we all know that is not going to happen. Barack Obama's good buddy Ben Bernanke called the Audit the Fed bill a "nightmare scenario" last week, and Obama is certainly not going to do anything to upset Bernanke - especially this close to the election. – Daily Caller Read More

07.28.12- Uh, Yeah, I Called It In November
Ann Barnhardt

Thanks for the forty-two blazillion emails about the Brietbart piece linking Holder to Corzine. Some of you may not have been around here back in the day (last November) when I laid all of this out and predicted not only that Corzine would never be touched due totally and completely to cronyism with the regime, but also the NFA's total failure to regulate and their willful, intentional incompetence. I laid all of this out in an audio inteview with Jim Puplava of recorded on November 30, 2011.

Why? Because the interview is completely honest, completely forthright and completely REAL. Everything in the media today, and even in the culture - down to private conversations - has been so twisted and corrupted by cultural Marxism (commonly called "political correctness") and systemic, abject COWARDICE that people are absolutely shocked, and then profoundly attracted to the spectacle of someone simply SPEAKING THE TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR. Read More

07.27.12- Corrupt Government Officials Should Be In Jail … Alongside Corrupt Banksters
George Washington

Wall Street fraud caused the Great Depression and the current financial crisis. Top economists and financial experts agree that our economy will never recover unless Wall Street fraud is prosecuted.

Yet the government has more or less made it official policy not to prosecute fraud, and instead to do everything necessary to cover up for Wall Street.  For example, the Obama administration is prosecuting fewer financial crimes  than under Reagan or either Bush. Read More

07.26.12- U.S. Poverty: It's Spreading
Mac Slavo

It’s bad out there. Really bad.

As world leaders finally begin to admit that we are smack dab in the middle of another Great Depression and the economy stands at the cusp of another earth-shaking collapse of the financial system, the US census reports that nearly 100 million Americans are now classified as living in poverty or are considered “near poor.”

That’s nearly 1/3 of our populace who are living in the worst economic conditions in nearly fifty years.

We haven’t seen these highs since the mid ’60s. That survey indicates the poverty level has grown from 15.1% to as high as 15.7% [since 2010], and it’s spreading at record levels to many socio-economic groups from unemployed workers, suburban families, to the poorest poor. Read More

07.25.12- Personal Secession - Reactions and Suggestions
Roger Young

A Declaration is Only the First Step

I received a lot of feedback after posting my latest video inspired by my previous essay, "I Hereby Secede." I also received a number of recommendations on how to make such a declaration into a physical reality. From this I realized I should make clear the nature of such a personal declaration.

Please understand that this declaration/affirmation is just a first step. It must be followed with concrete action. Many folks contacted me offering a number of viable options to choose from. I think whatever plan of action you devise and execute is only limited by your creativity. If that runs out, you have the creativity of the entire human race to draw upon, which I believe is unlimited. Read More

07.24.12- The Eminent Domain
Mortgage Heist?

John Aziz

Matt Taibbi:

Something very interesting is happening.

There's been so much corruption on Wall Street in recent years, and the federal government has appeared to be so deeply complicit in many of the problems, that many people have experienced something very like despair over the question of what to do about it all.

But there's something brewing that looks like it might be a blueprint to effectively take on the financial services industry: a plan to allow local governments to take on the problem of neighborhoods blighted by toxic home loans and foreclosures through the use of eminent domain. I can’t speak for how well the program will work, but it’s certaily been effective in scaring the hell out of Wall Street. Read More

07.23.12- Too Big To Fail – Fed Proposal Allows Banks To Seize Your Money
Alexander Higgins

The New York Fed has introduced a framework to give banks the right to suspend account withdrawals at will to defend against financial panic.

The shadow central planners have proposed new contigency plans to prevent the Great Depression style bank runs that are hitting Europe from spreading to America.

Their solution is the creation of a framework that consists of “capital controls” which allow financial institutions that find themselves in hot water to limit or outright suspend customer account withdrawals. Read More

07.21.12- The Sinister Nature of Inflation

Historic droughts push food costs up impacting 46 million Americans on food stamps. What happens when everything gets more expensive and incomes fall?

Inflation is an odd sort of economic beast. People take it for granted that inflation will always be a part of our life sort of like a quite humming background noise. The Federal Reserve is doing all it can to increase inflation so banks can essentially inflate their debts away. Yet the impact for most Americans is negative. The debt based system built on access to easy debt has seen a perpetual system of bubbles. We had the housing bubble now followed by the higher education bubble. While prices in the two most expensive pursuits for Americans went into bubbles, the average American has seen their net worth and incomes go negative. Inflation erodes the purchasing power of every dollar you have in your pocket. At the moment, the process of deleveraging is so large that inflation is muted in some categories. Yet items like college that are decoupled from income are soaring to stratospheric levels. Read More

07.20.12- James Howard Kunstler: It's Too Late for Solutions
Adam Taggart

Consequences are coming and we better start facing them soon

Author and social critic James Howard Kunstler has been one of the earliest, most direct, and most articulate voices to warn of the consequences -- economic and otherwise -- of modern society's profligate wasting of the resources that underlie its growth.

In his new book, Too Much Magic, Jim attacks the wishful thinking dominant today that with a little more growth, a little more energy, a little more technology -- a little more magic -- we'll somehow sail past our current tribulations without having to change our behavior. Read More

07.19.12- Separating the Banking Wheat from the Chaff
Douglas French

No one cares when, each Friday, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) closes a small bank here and there. The local paper runs an item, but otherwise bank closures are non-events. The regulators from the FDIC, state banking authorities, along with the local police, lock the doors of the retail branches, wrapping them in yellow tape. FDIC investigators interrogate senior management.

A transition team working for the bank takes over the deposits. Temporary signs and a staff are ready to open Monday morning: It’s like nothing happened. Of course your money is safe. It never went anywhere. Your account number will change, but your money is still here. Your ATM card will still work at thousands of locations. Go ahead and write checks. You’ll forget the name of the failed bank in no time. Read More

07.18.12- Civics Lesson
Chris Sullivan


Back in 1973 there was a popular Paul Simon song called Kodachrome, the first few lines of which are:



"When I think back
On all the crap I learned in high school
It's a wonder
I can think at all
And though my lack of education
Hasn't hurt me none
I can read the writing on the wall"

It really is a wonder that anyone subjected to public schooling can think at all since the purpose of public indoctrination seems to be to fill the students' heads with error and carefully filtered information. It isn't so much a lack of education that hurts anyone, it's the errors that are taught as fact that do almost irremediable harm. Read More

07.17.12- Who Wants the U.S. To Make War in Syria?
Michael S. Rozeff

There are people vigorously promoting America’s entry into new wars in Syria and Iran. Many of them eagerly advocated the U.S. aggressions against Iraq and Afghanistan. Despite the failures of these wars to achieve the projected goals, they are urging new U.S. wars. They are the neoconservatives. They applaud U.S. military action in places like Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. The neoconservative paradigm also looks favorably upon a U.S. military presence in countries like Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and the Central African Republic.

Neoconservatives seek democracy almost everywhere, with the choice and emphasis depending on their interpretation of American interests and with lip service to costs. Read More

07.16.12- The Beginning Of The End Game
John Mauldin

"Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot. Not a word! Into your clothes and come!" – Sherlock Holmes

About this time two years ago I began to seriously work with Jonathan Tepper on our book Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle and How It Changed Everything. It came out the following March. I remember vividly that in November of that year, as crisis after crisis hit Europe, and the first of about 20 summit meetings which were supposed to solve the crisis was convened, that Jonathan and I worried that the book would not be out in time to actually catch the Endgame before it happened (at least in Europe). Read More

07.14.12- Libor Rigging:
The Tip of the Iceberg

Rob Kirby

GATA was born in the late 1990’s – primarily on the back of fundamental research by Frank Veneroso regarding Central Bank Gold Leasing. Veneroso’s intellectual curiosity was aroused after being fed detailed data re: gold leasing by the Bank of England’s Terry Smeeton.

The fact that gold prices and interest rates were so highly “inter-related” was first publicized in the alternative media by Reg Howe in 2001. Howe alerted the world to academic accounts of the special relationship between gold and interest rates. Read More

07.13.12- Banksters, Bombs and Bozos
Greg Hunter

It looks like things are continuing to heat up in the Middle East. Last week, there was news that the U.S. was sending more military assets to the Persian Gulf. This week, the buildup continues with news the U.S. is sending underwater drones to combat possible Iranian mines and their drones. Meanwhile, in Syria, the Russians are reportedly sending a flotilla of 11 warships to the Syrian coast for maneuvers. NATO already has ships on the Syrian coast, and surveillance flights by the alliance are increasing in the region. This is not how you set the table for peace in the Middle East, even though the U.N. is attempting to put the East and West together to find a peaceful solution. Read More

07.12.12- It's Like I'm Psychotic or Psychic or Somethin'
Ann Barnhardt

When I wrote in my Going Galt Letter that the problem was SYSTEMIC, do you now understand that I wasn't just typing big, fancy words so that I could hear the soft pitter-pat of my keyboard?

When I said over and over again in interview after interview that the so-called regulatory system overseeing the futures industry was no such thing, but rather an evil, despicable mafia, administered by politicking psychopaths on the take, and staffed by affirmative action hires to provide plausible deniability and scapegoats, WERE YOU NOT LISTENING? Read More

Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt
Chris Hedges

View Video

07.10.12- New York Times, Gretchen Morgenson Applaud British, Issue Challenge To American Regulators Over LIBOR Scandal
Matt Taibbi

The New York Times and its outstanding financial reporter, Gretchen Morgenson, have published an important article about the LIBOR banking crisis, challenging American regulators to take this mess as seriously as the British appear to be.

We found out just over a week ago that Barclays CEO Bob Diamond, as well as several other senior Barclays officials, were pushed out of their jobs after Bank of England chief Mervyn King trained a mysterious Vaderesque power on them, impelling them to leave with an "inflection of the eyebrows." Read More

07.09.12- The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER...
James Bouder

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07.07.12- A Land in Denial: Part II
Donna Wasson

(Editor's Note: This is the second part of a pissed off Christan's Weekend Rant. I think she's got a point. - JSB)

The frightening international news we’re bathed in every day is building up to such an absurd level of danger and doom that it’s actually becoming comical in strange way. I mean, step back and look at the entire picture of troubles; U.S. economy, gas prices, high tensions in the Middle East; startling increase in demonically inspired crime; unemployment rate; elected officials betraying us; natural disasters, etc. This world is going insane!

Or is it? One of my all time favorite Bible passages is Psalm 2. Here’s some of it. Read More

07.06.12- A Land in Denial: Part I
Donna Wasson

Denial is not a river in Egypt.

On June 28, 2012, our Supreme Court decided to assist President Obama in erecting the proverbial poison tipped, razor-wire fence that will be used to imprison and enslave the American people. Chief Justice, John Roberts, cast the deciding vote in favor of upholding the destructive monstrosity that is Obamacare. From here on, I will refer to Obama as ‘Mr.’ because to address him as ‘President’ triggers my gag reflex.

Now, I’ve always liked Chief Justice Roberts, with his boyish good looks and tendency to rule conservatively, so I’m as stunned by his bizarre ruling as anyone else in the country. What was he thinking?? Read More

07.05.12- The Constitution Is Becoming The Road Less Traveled
Stillie Mason

On the eve of America’s self-proclaimed birthday, touted as “Independence Day,” the Constitution route is being ignored for an increasingly perilous detour from our nation’s Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the rule of law. The recent Supreme Court decision on the “Affordable Care Act”, more affectionately known as “Obama Care,” is supreme evidence that the judicial branch has now also vacated its obligation to the cause of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. American citizens will pay a high price, (Are you surprised?) as the gang of 535, Potus and the 9 Supremes have again played an exemption card for their own health care needs. And if that wasn’t enough, a Federal propaganda machine proclaims, in a tagline, on the government website, “Take health care into your own hands.” Read More