"Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you..." Johnny Silver Bear

David Allen Rivera




Chapter One: The Illuminati, the House of Rothschild, Freemasonry, The Illuminati Grows, The German Union, The French Revolution, The Illuminati Spreads to America, Phi-Beta-Kappa, Skull and Bones, Congress of Vienna, the Masons Separate Themselves From the Illuminati, the Illuminati in the United States, Weishaupt Dies

Chapter Two: Controlling the Money, the Federal Reserve Act

Chapter Three: The Federal Income Tax, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Endowment, the Ford Foundation, the Illuminati Creates Racial Tension, World War I, the League of Nations, the Stock Market Crash and Depression, the Electoral College, Symbol of the Illuminati

Chapter Four: British East India Company, the Fabian Society, the Round Table, the Council on Foreign Relations, the CFR Elects Nixon, the CFR and Their Goals

Chapter Five: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, World War II and the Rise of Hitler, the Deception of Pearl Harbor

Chapter Six: The Origin of Communism, the Rise of Karl Marx, Lenin Takes Control, the Russian Revolution, China Goes Communist, Korea Falls, the Vietnam Conquest, the Cuban Cover-Up, Communists Fight Among Themselves, the Spread of Communism, Disarming America, the End of Communism?, the Ultimate Goal of Communism

Chapter Seven: The Brookings Institution, the Committee for Economic Development, the United Nations, European Union, the Bilderberger Group, Atlas Shrugged, the Seven Sisters, the Club of Rome

Chapter Eight: The Trilateral Commission, Independent Commission on International Development Issues, Regional Government, Creating a Crisis, Riot and Revolution, Ready to Spring the Trap

Chapter Nine: Putting It Into Perspective, the World Church, Satanism, the New Age Movement

Chapter Ten: Waiting for a Man, Prieure' de Sion, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the World Church

Chapter Eleven: "When Shall These Things Be?", the Invasion of Israel, Rebuilding the Jewish Temple, the Ark of the Covenant, the Antichrist is Revealed, "And Then Shall the End Come"


More thoughts on Conspiracies

The Illuminati Agenda Today we realize that the Illuminati exerts almost 100% control over all three branches of the American government and the few remaining congressional defenders of America can be counted on one hand as the intense public vilification and disparagement recently directed at McKinney of Georgia will bear witness to. It's too late in the game now to expect any patriot remaining within government service to rescue us from the brutal destruction that lies ahead, but the American people can save themselves from these satanic destroyers of liberty & life through NON-COOPERATION and NON-COMPLIANCE.

The Most Powerful Man In The World? So, you thought you were pretty well informed by now about all of the main players on the "conspiracy" playing field? You�ve maybe been hearing for years about (or bumped into on your own) the various elements of society who control our world from behind the scenes.

Secret Organizations and Hidden Agendas Now let’s put theory behind us and get back into some real history. From the minutes of the Carnegie Endowment, we recall the curious words: “We must control education in America.” Who is this “we?” Who are the people who are planning to do that? To answer that question we must set the co-ordinates on our machine once again, and we are now moving further back in time to the year 1870. We find ourselves suddenly in England in an elegant classroom of Oxford University, and we are listing to a lecture by a brilliant intellectual, John Ruskin.

The Chasm Are we doomed to repeat history in the war on terrorism? If we continue to follow the circular path we are now taking, I believe that we are. But to find out if that is true, we need to go back in time. So, I invite you to join me, now, in my time machine. We are going to splash around in history for a while and look at some great events and huge mistakes to see if there are parallels, any lessons to be learned for today. I must warn you: it will seem that we are lost in time. We are going to go here and there, and then jump back further, and then forward in time, and we will be examining issues that may make you wonder “What on earth has this to do with today?” But I can assure you, when we reach the end of our journey, you will see that everything we cover has a direct relevance to today and, in particular, to the war on terrorism.

The Iron Mountain report For those of you that remember the sixties, this may be a revisit. For those of you who don't, it may be a unique opportunity to consider the prophetic nature of a document written twenty-eight years ago. The book became a New York Times Best Seller. The conclusions arrived at by the "think-tank" are, at the very least, disturbing.

John F. Kennedy vs The Federal Reserve On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business.

Interview with LBJ's mistress on JFK assassination This is Robert Gaylon Ross interview with Lyndon Johnson's mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown. She claims that LBJ told her that he had John F. Kennedy killed.

Americans Embracing Their Own Destruction In the following missive, Devvy Kidd systematically assualts every aspect of your respective comfort zones. We have arrived at our country's "Day of Reconing". What happens next will be up to the collective citizenry, or those of us who choose to act.