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The Second American Revolution
Larry Craig

If the Founders of our country were alive today, there already would have been a Second American Revolution. And if the people alive today were alive back then, there never would have been a first one.

The Declaration of Independence was written to explain why the colonies wanted to be independent of England and why they thought it was worth fighting a war to do just that.

Read this excerpt from that document. But read it slowly. I’ll wait… 

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Our country is based on certain concepts: all people are created equal, and their creator, God, gave them unalienable rights. Equality means, or at least what they meant by it, is that nobody has a right to be a king or a ruler. There is no royal family or royal line. We would have representatives to represent the people, a Senate to represent the states, an executive to carry out the laws, and courts to mete out justice.

God gave people unalienable rights, rights that precede and supersede government, rights that the government cannot take away, change, or interfere with.

We establish a government for the purpose of securing and protecting those rights. And if it doesn’t, we are told to change it or get rid of it and make another one.

Our government no longer believes in unalienable rights. It only knows of rights that the government gives, based on what the people want or what they offer to the people in exchange for their votes to stay in their elected positions.

So why doesn’t the government believe anymore in unalienable rights?

It goes back to the court called supreme. That court said that the government cannot aid religion or favor any particular one of them, something that it had been doing for almost 200 years after our nation’s founding and the almost 200 years that the colonies existed before that.

Unalienable rights come from God. And not just any god. Islam doesn’t know of unalienable rights, nor any other religion. When the Founders spoke of God or our creator, they were talking of the God of the Bible. That’s why the Bible was a basic part of public education for almost 200 years before, again, the court called supreme found that unconstitutional.

But how can it be unconstitutional if the very idea of unalienable rights comes from the God of the Bible? Our very country is based on what our courts call a religious belief. The Founders called it a fact.

If our courts cannot favor any religion, then all religions must be considered equal. That only makes sense if religious beliefs are only opinions with no basis in fact. They are considered unprovable, so they have no validity outside of their own system. Religions are then nothing more than people’s opinions or preferences, like their taste in music, books, movies, or food. You can tell people why you like a certain book or movie, but you can’t tell them they are wrong if they don’t agree with you.

That’s one way you can look at religion, but then there is no such thing as unalienable rights. You don’t have them, and our country was built on a lie. You can call a religion simply a belief system with no basis in fact, but to the people who believe in their religion, it is a fact. It is true. Religion is a description of all of reality. And this is why all religions cannot be true. None of them may be true, but all of them cannot.

But if none of them is true, then God is unknowable, and talk of God is pointless. God would have to reveal Himself to humankind for us to know what He is like. If He hasn’t done it, then we don’t know what He is like. If He has done it, then only one religion can be true, because they are all fundamentally different in their core. Not perfect, because we are still dealing with human beings here. But its teachings in the broad scope would be true. As you try to answer more and more questions, people end up trying to be certain where the texts are not clear. But the main teachings are clear.

Some will argue that our rights are natural rights figured out by John Locke and some other philosophers whose works the Founders borrowed from. But unalienable rights come from a Higher Power, one that the people of the land need to agree on. You don’t get unalienable rights just because you say you have them.

Our nation and the United Nations are trying to pass the idea or force the idea of human rights on other nations. If enough people of a nation insist on a right, and the government doesn’t forcibly forbid it, people get rights. They are not unalienable, but once they have them, it’s hard to take them away apart from a forcible change in government, as a coup or revolution.

So, our country is based on a particular belief of a particular God of a particular religion. Without God, you don’t have unalienable rights. Without the God of the Bible, you don’t have unalienable rights. Without Christianity, you don’t have unalienable rights.

I should note here that Judaism and Christianity are inextricably linked. Christianity would consider itself Judaism 2.0. There is one basic teaching of the New Testament that Judaism doesn’t accept. But all the relevant teachings pertaining to unalienable rights and the necessary moral code that goes with them are found there. Our heritage as a nation is often spoken of as our Judeo-Christian heritage. But the Bibles used in our public schools always included the New Testament.

For generations now, our government has been insisting that we are a secular nation, where religion is best kept to yourself, and we don’t need or can use it in government.

So we stopped teaching it to our children. Then we flooded our country with people from all over the world who have in most cases no idea of unalienable rights, the God of the Bible, the Bible, or Christianity, which is the outworking of the teachings of the Bible. Which is why for most of our history, we got most of our immigrants from Europe. They were familiar with Christianity and the Bible.

So over generations, our nation has been shifting from unalienable rights to government-given rights, and the differences are huge. For one, they usually require enormous amounts of money. Since this shift has started, our government has almost always spent far more money than it receives in taxes. The government then just borrows the money, pays interest on it that makes everything it spends money on more expensive, and it prints money to devalue the money we already have to pay the debt back with cheaper dollars.

Our country is now pretty much at the tipping point. The number of voters who have no concept of unalienable rights seems to outnumber those who do, but our country is based on uniting states, not just one large mass of people.

But if those who believe in unalienable rights don’t fight for them, then our country is lost. We will still be the United States in name, but it won’t be the country our Founders fought a war in order to create. It would be the same as if we had been overrun by a foreign country and they imposed a new government on us.

But it happened slowly, over generations. So the changes were accepted as inevitable, small, not serious, necessary, progress, but it set in motion forces that only move in one direction.

Frankly, we don’t have much time before the country we fought a war to create will be no more. If you don’t know how it was supposed to be, you won’t see any difference. But the forces aren’t done moving.

Government rights seek to do more and more things for more and more people. And the money isn’t there. We are already $22 trillion in debt with no end in sight. Very soon we will be spending a trillion dollars a year just on interest for that debt. That’s money that is just wasted and that is a drag on the economy as it takes money out of the private sector and people’s pockets.

Those of us who know the truth have to decide if it’s worth fighting for because it won’t change without a fight. And nobody is even talking about it right now.

We are told not to talk about religion and politics. I think that was made up by the people who want to change our country because that’s what we always talked about, because that’s what’s most important in life. Religion has to do with our relationship with God and people. Politics is about almost everything else.

We need to start talking about this with our friends, family, co-workers, and then the newspapers and all of our elected officials. There is nothing more important for our country right now, and you can’t just wait for somebody else to do it for you.

Written by Larry Craig for iPatriot ~ December 27, 2018




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