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Behold Chaos: Two Months Of Market Headlines
Tyler Durden

Feel like you are losing grip of a market which appears to be entirely under the control of headline-scanning algos and CTAs? You are probably not alone. Below we have pulled a little over two months of Bloomberg summary headlines from the Bloomberg Macro Squawk Wrap starting with October 2, just before Chair Powell's speech declaring that the neutral rate is "a long way off" and continuing through today.

So for those who feel nostalgic and want to relive the past 10 weeks, feel free to count the various verbs - such as wither, snap, fall, bounce, drop, gain, sag, fluctuate, surge, rally, falter, hammer, waffle, sputter, trample, and so on, describing the daily market action since the start of October in the below summary headlines.


    • 12/11 Stocks Wither, Trump Threatens Govt Shutdown: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 12/10 Stocks Snap Back as Tech Gains; Pound Slumps: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 12/07 Stocks Fade Despite Kudlow as Outlook Sours: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 12/06 Stock Selloff Accelerates, OPEC Zaps Crude: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 12/03 Risk Rallies on Trade Truce, Pitfalls Remain: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/21 A Thanksgiving Breather for Stocks and Crude: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/20 Oil Slump and Trade Tensions Weigh on Stocks: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/19 Stocks Sag on Trade After Pence China Speech: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/16 Stocks Fluctuate, Trump Cools China Tensions: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/15 Stocks Flip, Lighthizer Says Levies on Hold: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/14 Stocks Mixed, May Gets Backing on Brexit Plan: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/13 Stocks Fall, Kudlow Talks Up China Trade: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/12 Stocks Drop, USD Gains as Oil Rally Fades: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/09 Havens Gain, China Says Global Growth Waning: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/08 Stocks Waffle, Markets Reverse Midterm Boost: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/07 Stocks Surge After Elections, FOMC Up Next: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/06 Stocks Climb, Markets Tiptoe Into Elections: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/05 Stocks Mixed, Risk Shunned Ahead of Elections: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/02 Markets Whipsaw With China Trade Deal Hopes: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 11/01 Stocks and EM Surge on Trump Tweet, USD Falls: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/31 Stocks Surge, Fitch Trounces Mexico’s Peso: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/30 Equity Rally Falters, USD Gains as GBP Fades: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/29 Equity Rally Fades Amid Tariff Talk, EM Lower: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/26 S&P 500 Bounces; Unscheduled Meeting in Japan: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/24 Stocks Hammered; Dollar Breakout, Bonds Gain: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/23 Stocks Drop, CAT Hit as Tariffs Impact Felt: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/22 Stocks Waffle, China Tax Plan Stimulus Fades: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/19 Stocks Mixed, U.K. Drops Key Brexit Demand: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/18 Stocks Sputter; Trump Warns on Mexico Border: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/17 Stocks Waffle, Fed Debated Rates Past Neutral: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/16 Earnings Fuel Equity Gains, EM Assets Rally: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/12 Stock Rally Fades, Treasuries and Dollar Gain: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/11 Stocks Drop in Late-Session Tumble, USD Falls: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/10 Stocks Trampled, China Ups Trade War Ante: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/09 Tech Stocks Waffle, GBP Gains on Brexit Hopes: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/08 Treasury Concerned About China’s Currency: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/04 Stocks, EM Drop as China Hack Weighs on Trade: Macro Squawk Wrap
    • 10/02 Stocks Mixed, Metals Surge While Italy Weighs: Macro Squawk Wrap



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