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Why Is Eric Holder Freaking Out?
Dave Hodges

Why is Holder freaking out at the possibillity of President Trump firing Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller?

All the King’s horses and all the King’s Men could not put Humpty Dumpty Holder back together again!

Eric Holder has engaged in behavior which should have already sent him to prison. And if he would have gone to prison as the government offiical most responsible for the murder of Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry, then former President Obama would go to jail as well because of his role of ordering Holder to ship thousands of guns to the Mexican drug cartels, via the DOJ, in order to launch attack the Second Amendment in America.

Holder andd Obama should have already been charged with the following:

  1. Conspiracy to illegally distribute firearms to known enemies of the United States. This is treason.
  2.  Criminal facilitation.
  3.  Conspiracy to commit domestic terrorism.
  4. Malfeasance of office.
  5. Accessory to the murder of Brian Terry.
  6. International gun running.
  7. Racketeering with the drug cartels.
  8.  Contempt of Congress (charged and convicted but not sentenced).

Brian Terry: Cast aside like garbage by Holder and Obama.

The longer the Mueller investigation goes on, the greater the chance that Holder and friends are going to be fully exposed for their past bad deeds.

Additionally, I have learned that the State Department was involved in Fast and Furious as well. and this brings Hillary Clinton into the picture. Further, I have known for sometime, courtesy of a confidential FBI source, that elements of the Clinton Foundation participated in the Fast and Furious scheme. The Clinton Foundation reportedly operated as a financial pass through in facilitating the off-the-books scheme to put American guns in the hands Mexican drug dealers. In other words, Clinton’s people were laundering the money associated with Fast and Furious.

Holder’s Meltdown On Twitter

President Trump is frequently criticized for his behavior on Twitter. Trump has nothing on former Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Exactly one week ago, Eric Holder tweeted that any attempt to remove Mueller from his post “will not be tolerated.” Holder went on in this tweet to say that the “attacks” on Mueller and his staff are “BS,” adding that they “are blatantly political – designed to hide the real wrongdoing.” It was clear that this rant was designed to convict the President, in the public’s mind, and that President Trump has a lot to hide and  should be the target of and ongoing investigation into his conduct as the President or President-elect..

Apparently, one tweet was not enough. On December 17, 2017, the mounting anxiety of his impending legal difficulties, Eric Holder, again, tweeted out a very controversial message in which he frantically stated that the potential firing of Robert Mueller or in any way “crippling the special counsel’s office” is Holder’s “ABSOLUTE RED LINE.” Holder went on to state that, if the President should take action against Mueller in accordance with his role as Special Prosecutor, that “there must be mass, popular, peaceful support of both.”

“The American people must be seen and heard – they will ultimately be determinative” 

The Absolute Red Line: Who Is It Really Meant For?

Some are left wondering if that “Absolute Red Line” was crossed to the point that Antifa and are suspected of putting rocks on the railroad tracks that led to the deaths of six people. Others are also wondering if the fire and the shutting down of Atlanta’s airport was also the work of the same organizations. What other distractions does the left have up their sleeve? There are already UN troops on the ground in Chicago. What is the next move designed to cover their criminal tracks?


In previous articles, it has been documented that Robert Mueller has already been compromised by President Trump as Mueller has been clearly implicated as the one who delivered the first batch of uranium to the Russians  on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Some researchers, such as Liz Crokin, have speculated that Mueller has already been compromised by President Trump and is actually doing Trump’s bidding as all the pieces for prosecution are being lined up. There is some merit to this line of thinking because the investigation of the so-called Russian collusion delusion, has pointed several fingers back at Hillary Clinton (ie uranium one). Mueller’s Russian collusion investigation also yielded the emergence of the Fusion GPS scandal that Congress plans on pursuing after the Christmas Break.

Based upon this evidence as well other information, I am in the camp that believes that Robert Mueller is owned by Trump.

If this is the case and a very good case can be made that it is, Holder’s Twitter statements are really directed at Mueller and he is being reminded of who he really is. In this light, Holder’s comments contains a very thinly veiled message that if Holder goes down, so does Mueller. The rats on the ship are turning on each other.



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