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The Death of a Nation
Mike Pettit

There is an insidious cancer eating away at our country. A cancer worse than any other bane on earth. No, it’s not Ebola or physical rot. It’s not radical Islam, nor modern Islam, both equally complicit in their hellish deeds. Nor is it climate change or chemtrails, not even war. It is the slaying of our equality and freedom. I feel sick when I think of how easy we have been led to our demise. Our Republic was founded on the basis that all men are created equal and that we all have the ‘Right’ to the ‘Pursuit’ of happiness. We have twisted that right to imply it is a ‘Right’ to be happy and equal under the constitution. The keyword eliminated over time is ‘Pursuit’. Every man can ‘Pursue’ life as he chooses. It doesn’t say it is ‘Owed.’ 

This is where the lie is. Twenty-four hours a day we are fed images of laughing healthy people driving a new car or vacationing on some tropical isle… all-inclusive. Hucksters offer us credit at usury rates, airlines show us cheerful people boarding a plane, but when the door closes… shit happens. We are taunted with gourmet foods and a moment later the advantages of two-ply paper for a softer cleaner experience. All of this is shown to one and all and if we don’t get it we want someone else to foot the bill…. Charity, Welfare, EBD Bucks, Social program handouts… By God, Two-Ply is our RIGHT!!!

Ah, but the worse is our ‘Equality.’ Every day we are told that we are not equal, that we are a working class or a middle class, or the educated class… or worse case… THE RICH!!!! So much for the Pursuit. In the eyes of my Congressman, I am a middle-class undereducated boomer oaf… Is that equality??? Laws are passed to ‘level the playing field… so began the dumbing down of the populace. It will take generations to recover from feel-good education where 2+2 is anything that makes you feel good.

This sickness is not by chance my lovelies. It has invaded our body over decades, carried by knowing and willing hosts. It goes under many names, but it is still a disease that corrupts the spirit, the mind, and our very souls. It is Progressive Socialism. Its progression is as predictable as alcoholism or drug addiction. Its basis is the false belief that there is no individualism and that government knows best. It always ends the same, the death of a prosperous society and the elimination of non-believers.

It all starts with “Free Shit.”


My thirty years of adventure and experiences living and working in the Far East gives me the voice of authority in my writings of Asian business and crime, and how the two are considered one in the same.I was immediately struck as a young man of the Oriental's obsession with power and greed, gambling and sex, and the need to win at any cost. Their driving force of "Face", and the life threatening humiliation of losing it. I have spent my share of time in little known back-water ports around Asia, learning and applying the rules of the East; knowing when a business deal is done, when to run, believe only half of what you see, and nothing of what you are told; survival goes in the plus column.

Fifteen years ago I bought a small place in the Florida Keys. This was meant to be a vacation home, a place to get away from the madness of Asia and to dodge a few unsavory ruffians from Macau that I beat at a few fast hands of Fan Tan. Well, within six months I had sold my California place, subleased my Hong Kong flat and was living the island life of a "Conch." Always an avid SCUBA diver,I spend my time diving my way around the Caribbean, searching for gold doubloons and pieces of eight. At home, now on Florida's Emerald Coast, I spend my time writing Adventure Thrillers. Stories of lost honor, stolen money, danger coming at you like a tracer round; where the good guy doesn't always win, and the bad guy isn't always who you think he is.

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