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As America Falls Apart, The Economy In Tatters And War On The Horizon, The ‘Democrat – Deep State Crime Syndicate’ Tightening Its Hold On America Proves The NWO Is Fully In Control Of Our Elections
Alan Barton

I find it humorous, or should I say amusing, how things just seem to be following the path of least resistance even in such circumstances as when the very survival and of our lives is at stake. Let’s see now, what kind of example can I use to show this odd twist in what should be a fairly simple truth? A truth that belies rational thought and maintains such a hold over so many that it seems impossible to believe? I will admit that it is easier – much easier – to just go with the flow, or to not put too much thought into what may seem at the outset to be something of not too great importance, but in reality is earth shaking and even Biblical in proportion to what is initially perceived. What is very recent and fresh on people’s minds that will suffice for use an example? Oh, I know – how about the recent “election” that is so on the minds of so many of us? Note the quotes over the word “election” as I see it not as a free and fair election as it is intended, but rather a SELECTION process as most of the outcome was preprogrammed way before the process of staging an election to validate those selections.

In a column published by ANP November 2nd we covered who is ultimately and actually selecting our leaders and I would suggest you go back and review that one if you are not aware of our overlord’s identity. Using that one as a backdrop or introduction to the FACT that we are under a dictatorial and tyrannical cabal of misfit and evil monkeys, let us show how it is manifested against our best efforts to thwart the seemingly inevitable. As a more specific portion of this, today we will start with the magic “Red Wave” phenomenon that was so highly touted prior to the “elections” and widely taunted as a failure and propaganda item by the so-called MAGA or Super MAGA crowd and ultimately is being used as an almost perceptible or real club to bash those who still actually believe in Liberty and Freedom. I used the phrase “almost perceptible or real club” because in the end game that is just what they intend to do, literally beat us down by censorship and the very real threats of imprisonment by our government and many of its agencies and including the bumbling idiot that is supposed to be the President (but I for one, refuse to even use the term president and its name together as I do not accept it as the elected leader of the Real and Free United States of America) and calls by the Satanic left to actually go out and shoot us dead. Yes, many have called for just that including talk show hosts, captive news show propaganda announcers and so forth.

But before we go into all of that, perhaps we should first explain the Red Wave dialect that is so prevalent in the present news cycle and roundly proclaimed to be a fraudulent election as that is just what it is. Not so, the Red wave actually did happen and even constituted a massive tidal wave but the products of the New World Order and its companion, the captive democrat party and its associated members, has seriously dampened its effects on this just past election, or rather, selection of yet to be installed office holders. Yes yes, I know that it is not acceptable to say such things as it has been roundly proclaimed to be “treason” to tell the truth and somehow to even consider that the fraudulent election process is somehow tarnished by the massive fraud that it is. The DOJ, the FBI and all of the controlled mass media are on the lookout for people such as I claiming that the elections are not real; but so be it as I am here to tell the truth and not mutter some horse swaggle about some concocted garbage of who is the “real” winners.

With the pundits on both the right and the left calling the Red Wave a Red Trickle we can see how afraid even the supposedly stoutest of conservative writers go along with the leftist commies in their pronouncements of the idea that somehow so many millions of people that laughed at the prospect of some evil and radical leftist simpleton with major brain damage in a parallel feat to the Biden crime syndicate head can obtain a seat in the US Senate when everyone on the street said they do not know of anyone that actually voted for him and cannot believe any of the results, including some on ANP. And the curiously very feminine Lindsey Graham said “Definitely not a Republican wave, that is for darn sure” and as TGP said, “Lindsey did all he could to help Democrats this election cycle.” That is correct; he is a Rino acting in top Rino fashion as he said “hats off to the democrats”. I believe it is in preparation for what Stefan Stanford wrote about in his column concerning the coming purges of conservatives in this once great nation. Quoting Mr. Stanford, “with Democrats showing their total hypocrisy when it comes to human rights by carrying out a political purge upon Trump supporters who were protesting the Democrats 2020 election steal in Washington DC on January 6th while they were more than happy to spend 4 years of the Trump administration cheering as their favorite revolutionaries burned down America, what happens in the days, weeks and months ahead when, after stealing another election, they decide to carry out the kind of ‘Communist purge’ they are famous for”. Yes sir, that is exactly what I am speaking about, the total war upon the American citizenry, or should I say We the People who are not part of the deluded masses.

During a time of systematic, ‘big tech’ censorship and widespread institutional corruption, truth-seeking media and alternative views are crucial, and EVERY little bit helps more than you could know!)

There are so many examples of real time elections fraud (that the MSM will not cover, and even most “conservative” outlets also will not cover) that it would take far too long to cover them all or even a good selection of them, so I am including at the bottom a link to Mike Lindell’s overviews of this crime wave below as our first video. The Gateway Pundit reported that it “feels like we are watching the first wholly manufactured election in our history, in which all of the key competitive races have had the results directly programmed by Langley.” For those who do not recognize the Langley reference, it is an Air Force base that houses US military Intelligence groups with perhaps the better known group being LIGNET, the Langley Intelligence Group Network that is a Washington DC based intelligence and forecasting service using “high ranking intelligence officials from the CIA, NSA, State Department and other federal security agencies, and complemented by a team of experts in geopolitics from across the globe”. They also have a podcast given by the CIA to promote themselves called “The Langley Files: a CIA Podcast” to promote their propaganda. Remember that the CIA along with the NSA, State Department and Department of Justice are acting as just arms of the democrat party and the commanding secret societies that control them. Perhaps it could be better stated as the NWO is in control of our nations systems as we have covered in many columns previously and will continue to do.

As the previously mentioned TGP article said, “Americans are suffering through the most crushing economic conditions, rampant crime, reckless foreign/nuclear war flirtations, most aggressive perverse assaults on family and parental rights in history, all topped off by an embarrassing unpopular disaster in the White House leading a shrill, tin-eared bellicose fascist junta that appears indifferent to the ordeal they are inflicting on working people.

And yet the Democrat monolith is barely dented. Either the country has large states filled with brainwashed zealots who are too stupid and mindless to comprehend the reality of the collective damage they are ratifying with votes for at best lackluster at worst appallingly unimpressive if not foolish candidates…. or we are seeing direct black box voting manipulation. Final tabulations are being perpetrated on a scale that renders typical ballot and voter fraud schemes unnecessary anachronisms as the decisive votes that have now kept the ruling junta largely intact. At worst they are literal fabrications piled onto Democrat vote totals by a few keystrokes entered in some master election hacking operation run by IC criminals in a league with and part of the Democrat Crime Syndicate.”

I could not have said it any better and will add this little tidbit that “It would be suicidally ludicrous to think that this pack of criminals won’t use every last means at their disposal to the bitter end”. I fully agree. 

Blood Moon behind Statue of Freedom

Victoria Marshall in the Geller Report said that “On the eve of Election Day, when a red wave is expected to sweep the country, Democrats and their allies in the corporate press ramped up their propaganda campaign to normalize delayed election results. Prepare for a “red mirage,” they warned.

It was a coordinated effort across corporate media. Headlines ranged from “Why The 2022 Midterm Election Results Might Not Be Known Right Away” (CBS News) to “Be patient: this election is probably going to go on awhile” (NPR) to “We won’t know all the midterm results on election night. That’s normal” (Vox) and finally this kicker from ABC: “Early election night results might not indicate final tallies (and why that’s ok).”

Axios said “Democratic campaigns across the map warned journalists and supporters in preemptive briefings that tonight's outcomes may take a while.

Why it matters: In 2020, early returns in key states favored Republicans. It took days to count the mail-in ballots that helped put President Biden over the top. Dems had warned in advance of this "red mirage."

Yes, and they report that to soothe our nerves and they know why; and that is because they need time to fabricate the required ballots and manipulate the tabulating machines to give them the win they so desperately want and need to maintain their evil and unwanted control over this nation by the American People. The big democratic committees “(DNC, DSCC, DCCC, DGA) held a private call with allies last night to discuss "urgent messaging" if a flurry of GOP candidates claim victory prematurely” and that is so they can white wash the calls that they were indeed creating massive voter fraud when it is so obvious even to dead rocks that mass voter fraud is the order of the campaigns.  

With the actual voter laws that have been in place for this nation all ballots can be counted overnight with results available the next day, and in many races, on the very night of the elections. His has been the normal for many decades or since the beginning of this nation, so what has changed? With the fancy electronic ballots and computer tabulating machines and other high tech gizmos to make vote tallying rapid enough to get those totals our as fast as possible, why is it that the simple hand tabulated ballots are counted far faster than the high tech systems can do it? Very simple answer is that it takes time to fabricate the fake ballots and get them into the system so that they can see how many they need to fabricate a “win”. As The Geller Report said “Don’t let Democrats or the corporate media fool you. Before the 2020 election, election results in America were published on election night. This push to turn Election Day into “election week” is a brazen attempt by Democrats to ensure elections result in their favor. If the United States is one of the most technologically-advanced countries in the world, it should be able to count all its votes on Election Day.  

And since according to a Fox news exit poll said 75% of voters are dissatisfied or even downright angry at the way our government is currently working, how in the hell can they get so many wins? If more than half of the voters say that this dissatisfaction is the most important consideration in casting their ballots, how in the hell can any democrat win? In real life they cannot win, it is proof (circumstantial I will admit) that it is impossible for them to win anything. And yet through some fantastic, mystical miracle they do such as the radical leftist that has never been able to think clearly and has no moral sensibility whatsoever as a true Marxist style democrat with a severely injured brain without the ability to think or speak or even understand what is said to him can “win” an election then how can we even suppose that somehow anyone is elected fairly except through massive voter fraud? No, they were not elected but SELECTED as we have discussed before. 

The World Net Daily said “For the past two years Democrats have held the White House and majorities in both houses of Congress, leading to a one-sided government agenda that essentially disregarded the 75 million voters who supported President Trump in the last election” and brings up the matter that the Satanic madman George Soros who bankrolls so many pro-criminal district attorneys, has purchased the method to maintain the evil empires control over us because those DA’s will not allow actual truth to be told nor allow for liberty loving Americans to live freely and vote and think and act in the best interests of this nation nor in the manner that God wants us to act.  

Natural News asks the obvious question “How did Democrats win a single election, after pushing oppression and evil at every turn?” and I answer that they did not, except perhaps in a few super liberal communist infested hell holes like San Francisco and the like. “Waves of Republican voters turned out to cast their vote in the 2022 midterms. However, the way people actually VOTED had nothing to do with the outcomes that were REPORTED. While a RED WAVE existed in some states, (namely Florida), Democrats reportedly won critical races across the United States. Democrats won senate seats and retained governors for states where Democrats oppressed the population and aggressively threatened the rights of individuals” they said with some demure verbiage and the fact they brought up Florida brings to mind that at least they put into place far more secure voting regulations and systems that we all should be applying as they used primarily what we all should have used to use to assure a fair chance at accurate election results, and delivered rapidly in an old fashioned manner. Well done Florida.

But we are not alone. In Brazil they are rioting after a massively rigged election that was so obviously stolen that they cannot keep quiet and refuse to accept the results. The last video below covers this in some detail and again I will refer back to Stefan’s excellent column mentioned near the top of this one. We have had bad elections results before this year, before 2020, before 2016 when even with the inconceivable fraud that We the Peoplevoted in such massive numbers that they were completely unprepared to counter the “huge” red wave then and got President Trump elected to nullify some of the dictatorships mandates against this nation. They took this defeat to heart and made the margins so outlandish that a mental midget name Biden was appointed or artificially installed as de facto dictator under direct control of those who installed him. It seems to me that this enormous and vile attack on this nation cannot go unanswered and I fear that it will be resolved only through a major loss of blood to correct as the powers that be will not let go of their ill gotten power without it, just as Stefan noted.

The Red Wave occurred but was blunted by lies and more lies and more lies by the satanic liars club.

God Bless

Crime Spikes: Mike Lindell Shows Real Evidence Of Election Fraud - 2022







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