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Livid Luongo Lashes Out At Democrat "Depravity" Playing Out In Real-Time
Tom Luongo

It is one thing to know your opponents have no soul. It is quite another to watch in real time their depravity play out with gleeful disdain.

Anyone saying that what is happening right now in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan etc. is not a conscious effort to rig an election is either a victim of propaganda or being willfully obtuse.

Because they told us this is what would happen. Through the Transition Integrity Project and bread crumbs left throughout the campaign, we knew it would come to this.

For weeks I’ve been saying I hope Trump’s performance is strong enough and his coattails long enough to preclude the Democrats and The Davos Crowd from trying to pull off the theft of the election.

That they would see the magnitude of the problem in front of them and be stopped short by little things like math.

And then realize that even if they did try and cheat it would be so transparent that nothing good for them would be gained by it. But they didn’t listen.

Trump almost pulled it off. His numbers across the board were excellent, stunning even given everything that’s happened.

He may yet pull this out and I support any and all efforts to do so, but it is looking quite grim today.

The potential is there for the Republicans to pick up as many as twelve seats in the House while holding the Senate if not picking up a seat, depending on how the courts rule on the already well-documented fraud.

Coattails that long are prima facia evidence that what’s happening with the presidential election is fraud. I won’t go into the list of red flags here, others have done a far better job (and are, frankly, more entertaining), but they are big enough and red enough to get even the laziest, porn-besotted bull in the world angry.

And that’s what should be scaring the crap out of everyone on ‘the Left’ today. Because as we heard yesterday, with coattails that long and the amount of obscene behavior on display, the remaining members of the Democratic caucus in the House are scared… and not just for their political lives.



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