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If I made the statement that, in a sense, there are only two kinds of people in the world, those that own silver bullion and those who don't, that would seem logical. Overly simplistic, but true. If I said all those who own silver bullion would like the price of silver to rise and those that don't own silver bullion couldn't care less, that too, would seem logical but it is, unfortunately, untrue. There are many that own silver bullion and use it in manufacturing that are terrified that, if the price of silver was left to seek its natural price level, their bottom lines would be adversely affected. There are others that don't own any silver bullion, but have resorted to criminal activity in order to manipulate the price of silver lower, for illicit gains (greed).

So it turns out that there are at least four different kinds of folks when it comes to silver bullion. Those that (1) own it and want the price to rise (any honest American with any sense, through the purchase of American Silver Eagles from the mint, or through the purchase of .999 pure silver bullion rounds, ingots or bars from reputable dealers throughout the country). Those that (2) don't own any silver bullion and couldn't care less (the successfully dumbed down sheeple who are in the process of being fleeced). Those that (3) use silver bullion in manufacturing and, motivated by greed, pay bribes to criminal politicians in order to keep the price down. And (4) those (like JP Morgan) who criminally manipulate the market by the constant selling of massive quantities of silver that they don't own, and that doesn't even exist (totally illegal) but who can get away with it because they have bought and paid for the government regulators whose job it is to prosecute such criminal activity.

In 1947, America's stockpile of silver amounted to over four billion ounces. Today the government has no silver left. When the Treasury needs silver to mint Silver Eagles, the government must purchase sufficient quantities of silver for the mintage on the open market. What happened to the four billion ounces of silver (over $100 billion worth) that was the property of the American public? How and why have our silver reserves been so radically depleted?

It was stolen

The major causal factor for the growing scarcity of silver in the United States is an organization called the Silver Users Association, (SUA). This group was founded in 1947 for the sole purpose of controlling the price of silver, and has since manned a small army of lobbyists (to learn more of the SUA and what happened to our silver, please see my 2004 essay The Great Silver Heist). These lobbyists continue to represent some of the largest corporations in the country. As the industrial uses for silver are quite diverse, so are the types of companies that engage the services of the SUA. It is their job to lobby politicians and persuade them (bribe them) to suppress, depress, repress, oppress, or do what ever it takes to maintain a grip on the price of silver. The SUA co-ordinates campaign contributions between association members and complicit politicians in return for quasi-legal legislation designed to keep the price down. It does not matter to them whether the means of suppression are legal or illegal, so long as the price does not rise.

By 1980, only 2.5 billion ounces of silver were left. By 1990, 2.1 billion ounces were left. Over the next fifteen years, the criminals stepped up their larceny. As late as 2008, only 5 million ounces of silver were left in the US government's stockpile. The silver was converted into wealth for criminals. Other crime family governments around the world have done likewise. Today, government stockpiles around the world have been squandered.

In other words, the amount of silver left in the world that is available for investment is less far less than the amount of gold that is available! Gold has a rising quantity of stockpile. In the case of silver, If all mining activity were to stop today, the aboveground stocks of silver will only last 4 months! What this all adds up to is the inevitability that the price of silver is on the verge of an eruption.

The Punch Line

I would like to personally take this opportunity to invite you, the loyal readers of "The Bear", to join us in our efforts to crash J.P. Morgan. It is a win win situation. We will also be "side-stepping" the SUA and will be, most importantly, enriching ourselves.

(I have, over the last nine years, tried hard to keep you informed as to how current events, IMHO, will affect your pocketbook. As the popularity of "the Bear" has grown, so have the server and bandwidth requirements to keep it running, as well as the number of people on the staff. I have to ask you for some help. We need your donations. In an attempt to entice our readers into ponying up a donation, we are now offering "first strike" Silver Bear Cafe proofs, .999 pure, one troy ounce silver rounds. If you ever gained any knowledge from "the Bear" that helped you protect yourself, or your loved ones, show us you care. Make a donation. Even if you don't care, but are looking on a killer deal for silver bullion, scroll down to the last offer, spot plus $1.25. - JSB)


For this campaign we will honor all $50 donations with a "first strike" Silver Bear Cafe .999 pure, one troy ounce silver round. The rounds come encapsulated in an air tight display case (like the one shown).

For a donation of $120, you will receive three encapsulated Silver Bear rounds.

For a donation of $230, you will receive seven encapsulated Silver Bear rounds.

For a donation of $320, you will receive a tube of 10 Silver Bear rounds.

Because of silver shortages, we have to discontinue our offer of 20 and 40 rounds. We will continue to offer the above quantities until our personal inventory runs out. We expect that we will have to continually adjust the price.

For orders of 100 or more generic silver rounds, the price is spot plus $1.25. Please realize that the delivery date of larger quantities may be pushed out according to availability. J.P. Morgan continues to manipulate the price of silver through (illegal) naked short selling. Please keep in mind that it doesn't matter what the price of silver is if you can't get any.

We will honor orders based on postmark. The closing spot price on the postmarked date will be used to calculate sale price.

We realize that many of our readers might not be in a position to buy large quantities of silver bullion at this time. This offer is being made so that everyone might participate in our "Crash J.P. Morgan" campaign. Let's hope that this idea goes "viral". Never underestimate the power of a small group of "pissed off" people.

We will only be able to make this offer on cash, check or money order donations or payments.

Please make your check or money order payable to Silver Bear Cafe and mail to:

Silver Bear Cafe
1920 Abrams Parkway
Suite 385
Dallas, TX 75214-6218

email: [email protected]

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