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What's Really Going on in Palestine
Clint Russell

Last post on this topic to answer all the questions I've been asked over and over today.

1. It is stunning to me how little most people know about the treatment of the Palestinian people. Over 2 million people packed into 140 square miles in Gaza. Robbed of their land and housing over and over. We're talking real David VS Goliath here. David has been taking sh*t for years. They are very desperate.

2. What Hamas did is pure evil. Those responsible deserve whatever is coming for them. That does not justify atrocities against non-combatants. 50% of the Gaza population are kids. No joke. Remember that when you talk about turning it into glass.

3. If you are unaware of item 1 above then you probably think their hatred of Israel is based entirely on religious dogma. It's not. They are in an open-air prison with over 50% unemployment. They are destitute.

4. Israel provides water, food and electricity to the Palestinians for the same reason Rikers Island does: control over the prison population. Don't take my word for it, look into it. It's awful. Calling it charity is a really twisted way of viewing things

5. I'm not going to pretend to know what the long term solution for peace is. After the attacks by Hamas, I fear their fates are sealed. The IDF is likely going to flatten Gaza killing an insane amount of innocent people and dispacing a million more. I have no clue where they will go.

6. I will never celebrate the death of innocents. To the thousands of people that have responded to me, describing paelestinians, including the over 1 million KIDS, as subhuman and worse: you're sick. You need help. You make me fear for humanity's future. Sincerely.

7. I am still very suspect that the IDF allowed for this attack to justify what comes next. I don't know for sure, no one does, but they need to answer for that security failure. It makes no sense.

8. I have nothing but love for the Palestinian and Israeli people. For their governments, not so much.

9. Above all I am a non-interventionist. America cannot win a world war. No one can as it'll likely go nuclear. But America is in steep decline and this would be the end. I pray it can be avoided. This can escalate out of control so insanely fast given that there are 4-5 potential fronts already on the table. It risks the end of all life on earth, no exaggeration. People are way too flippant about what's happening.

10. Iran uses Palestine as a proxy. Israel attacks Iran at will. The CIA attacks every one of their neighbors. Islam does have a problem with radicalism. That radicalism is also understandable given what has been done to them. My belief is that the US needs to STOP intervening and let them all sort it out. Israel also has a problem with a supremacy worldview paired with a martyrdom complex. That complex is also understandable given what they've had to live thru. In short, everyone has some valid justifications for their actions. Also, everyone involved has committed heinous acts. It requires our better nature to shine thru if there is to ever be a lasting peace. Forgiveness is probably not on the table but dear god do we need to seek it. That is all I've tried to call for today... Peace and non-intervention and if you're religious: prayer Love to everyone in harms way including my Israeli and Palestinian brothers. May you walk in God's path and not one of vengeance. Lastly, the political class in America is undoubtedly going to capitalize on this trauma. They are going to use your sympathy to strip you of further liberty. Reject it. They will use your better nature to justify further bloodshed. Reject it. Do not trust them. The war on terror should've taught us all that lesson, please remember what they did to you when you were at your lowest. These people are evil. Good night.



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