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Why the Kerch Bridge and Nordstream Pipeline Destruction Near Guarantee Higher Future Gold Prices
J. Kim

The NATO Goal of War

US Brigadier General Smedley Butler once called all wars “banker wars”.  Certainly what is happening in Ukraine with the NATO Russia war is an economic war because it is most definitively not about “liberating” Ukrainians, but rather the war is one over 

  1. control of natural gas/oil provisions to Europe;
  2. the maintenance of US dollar hegemony in this world, and 
  3. the continued suppression of gold and silver prices. 

There is little doubt that the Russian hierarchy also views the war in Ukraine as a war over Russia’s economic future. Therefore, the deliberate sabotage of the Crimean Kerch Bridge provoked a harsh response from Russia in the form of long-range missile attacks against energy, military and communications infrastructure in Kyiv, Lviv, Ternopil, Dnipro, Zhytomyr, and Zaporizhzhia that resulted in 14 deaths and many more injured. 

And beneath the surface of the very visible military retaliatory strikes will be accompanying financial and economic retaliatory strikes. Note that NATO/US/UK has endorsed numerous economic sanctions against Russia during the war in Ukraine, including the LBMA and CME’s refusal to accept, moving forward from this past March, all good-for-delivery gold and silver bars from six Russian refineries: Krastsvetmet, Novosibirsk, Uralelectromed, Prioksky, Shyolkovsky, and Moscow Special Alloys Processing Plant.  However, the hypocrisy in these LBMA and CME sanctions were through the roof as both needed the gold and silver bars of which they were already in possession to keep their Ponzi PM derivatives racket going, so they did not divest of the Russian minted gold and silver bars they already held in their possession. 

In any event, these foolish sanctions will merely prove to be an example of the bully shooting himself in the foot, as this ban of Russian gold and silver bars from LBMA and CME warehouses will only exacerbate and amplify  already shrinking LBMA and COMEX silver inventories.  As a consequence, the LBMA and CME will suffer massive problems with securing the necessary future quantities of vaulted LBMA and COMEX physical gold and silver necessary to continue operating their racket in the future. In any event, this action, if it were not already crystal clear to the Russian establishment, put them on notice that they will be further ostracized in all manners from participating in all Western economic markets moving forward. Ultimately, however, this ban on Russian mined gold and silver from London and New York markets is a game of checkers, not chess. Initially, the Western banking cartel has utilized their sanctions to further drive down gold and silver prices, but even though gold and silver prices took another hit this morning after US inflation data was released, my called bottom prices for both metals will likely still hold up, and I will explain in this article why destruction of parts of the Kerch Bridge connecting Russia to Crimea and of the Nordstream pipeline nearly guarantees much higher gold prices in 2023. 

In the end, the CME and LBMA ban on Russian gold will not hurt Russia in the long-term as it was designed to do. No doubt, Russia will keep a greater percentage of their mined gold in house and divert gold usually sold to London and New York to other nations with massive appetites for gold and silver, mainly China, Japan, India and numerous other African, Middle Eastern and South American nations. Thus, though these sanctions may hurt Russia in the short-term, in the long-term they will blowback to have the opposite effect of the desired one to dampen PM prices. 

If you desire a summary of the proposed Moscow World Standard and proposed new gold/silver/platinum/palladium spot markets, you may read my write-up of this topic here from this past August. Ironically, this proposal, one that can possibly destroy all the economic missions of NATO being deployed in the Ukraine war, was initiated by Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Minister for Integration and Macroeconomics, Sergei Glazyev, a man that was born in Ukraine. 

The Russian Goal of War

Much of what follows is from research I conducted on Russian news sites, using the Russian search engine Yandex and using language translation services to translate articles from Russian to English, so to the best of my abilities, I believe the following information about Glazyev’s perspectives to be accurate. Glazyev’s proposal no doubt holds a lot of weight with the current Russian administration as he predicted that Western financial institutions would freeze the USD reserves of the Bank of Russia and that of government officials. Like any truth teller and visionary, Glazyev, at the time he made such bold statements, was ridiculed by his colleagues and foreign analysts for the issuance of completely forward-looking statement that has since come true. Back then, Glazyev also preached the need to block export of Russia’s natural resources to build up reserves in preparation for future attacks on Russia’s economy. However, thanks to LBMA and CME sanctions, Glazyev no longer needs to convince the Russian oligarchy to do so, as Western economic sanctions are literally forcing Russia to build up their precious metal reserves at a quicker pace.  

Glazyev, when speaking of the Moscow World Standard proposal, noted that the main source of investment financing in the Chinese economy, especially in the first 10 years of its massive growth, were targeted loans at a 0.2% interest rate for priority areas, a 2% interest rate for the public sector, and a 4% interest rate for private borrowers. Glazyev stated that centralized loans, carefully controlled by the Central Bank, served as the underpinning foundation of China’s 8X’s growth in GDP since 1995. He concluded, “If [Russia] took this path, we would live 3 times better today.” However, such a path forward is not possible with a highly fluctuating or highly inflationary ruble. Thus, a Western banking attack was executed to destabilize the ruble earlier this year, followed by the counterattack from the Bank of Russia to peg the ruble to gold to force the ruble higher.  Since Elvira Nabiullina dissolved the ruble-gold peg almost immediately after it was established, this likely gave way to Glazyev’s proposal to establish the Moscow World Standard.

As I stated in this article here, I believe an internal conflict exists between the mission of Elvira Nabiullina and top Russian Kremlin officials.  Glazyev has heavily pushed for the elimination of all Russian executives that cannot construct the path to a quality of life that is “3 times better” than the one that currently exists. He has been firm in his rhetoric that the only way to achieve his dream of a strong, stable economy in Russia is for a system of responsibility and accountability to be enforced upon all  those in power for the results they achieve or fail to achieve. Thus, if Glazyev gets his way, we will soon find out whether or not my theory about Nabiullina’s compromised status is true. In fact, Glazyev in some respects, has confirmed my hypothesis I laid out back in May about Nabiullina’s actions contradicting the mission of the Kremlin in stating that Russia lacks a cohesive system to achieve his above stated goal. 

One of Glazyev’s primary stated reasons for Russia’s current failure is his accusation that “the Central Bank [under the direction of Nabiullina] is serving the interests of financial speculators.”  Thus, in Glazyev’s opinion, the Bank of Russia is no different than the Bank of England (BOE) and the US Federal Reserve in serving special interests first and failing the people.  This is certainly a situation that Glazyev must find extremely distasteful in his quest to establish a stable ruble that would create a trade balance surplus instead of trade balance deficits. With the establishment of heavy trade balance surpluses, Glazyev has noted, the surpluses can then be reinvested inside of Russia to develop infrastructure and technology to catapult Russia’s economy to never before seen heights.

Of further note is the fact that Glazyev has discussed using Russia’s gold to provide stability to the ruble, stating that gold could be used to fix the rate of the ruble against all other major global fiat currencies and to prevent speculators (and other Central Bankers) from easily influencing the purchasing power of the ruble up and down, but mostly down. Such public statements by Glazyev is likely behind the Western banking cartel’s massive efforts to stifle gold and silver prices this year, and is all the more likely to harden Russia’s resolve in bringing the Moscow World Standard into reality. 

Furthermore, Glazyev, as I have stated for the entirety of this year, has noted that oil is being used as a weapon in an attempt to destabilize the ruble. As such, Russia will likely demand payment of its oil in the new currency it plans to develop with input from dozens of other resource producing nations that will be backed by hard assets in the form of dozens of commodities. It is for this reason that the US/UK has been fomenting so much animosity and hatred among its citizens, too ignorant and naive to understand this economic conflict, against Russia.  For if Russia succeeds in formulating this new currency for global trade, it is game over for the USD and the British Pound Sterling. Or as Glazyev suggested, Russia could demand payment for its resources in a new cryptocurrency stablecoin pegged to gold that has also been tabled. It is important to note that all of Glayzer’s proposals would help usher in the end of the 110-year reign of the USD as the global fiat currency king.

Perhaps some of you that have not understood why the Western media has been cheerleading for the MIB (Military Industrial Banking) complex so furiously for war against Russia will now have some perspective. And because Glazyev is so well respected within the Russian political apparatus, this is also the reason why the West is so intent on escalating the current war against Russia in Ukraine, even if their intention escalates the military phase of this war into insanity. If these economic schemes were not being developed in Russia at the current time, I guarantee you that the current Russia – NATO conflict being waged in war Ukraine most likely would have ended in a brokered deal for peace and compromise instead of war.


In addition to the forward-looking global currency and resource alliances spoken of in the referenced links in this article that contain many South American, African and Asian resource producing nations, I believe that there is a stronger possibility than believed by the vast majority, that typical NATO allies like Germany, may also drift towards joining the proposed economic unions of Glayzer. Though this may seem like an absurd hypothesis to many, this is only likely absurd to those that have not been keeping up-to-date with the growing political and economic tensions between Germany and the US/UK that have been developing for the past decade. For example, retired US Army colonel Douglas Macgregor and former Pentagon advisor has postulated that the most likely culprits behind the destruction of Russia’s Nordstream natural gas line was the US and the UK, with the intended message of this sabotage a warning to the German government not to withdraw support for the war against Russia in Ukraine. Macgregor inquired, “Would the Russians destroy their own pipeline? 40 percent of Russian gross national product or gross domestic product consists of foreign currency that comes into the country to purchase natural gas, oil, coal and so forth…So the Russians did not do this. The notion that [the Russians blew up their own pipeline] I think is absurd.” Macgregor further stated, “We know that thousands of pounds of TNT were used because these pipelines are enormously robust. You have several inches of concrete around various metal alloys to move the natural gas. So it’s not something that you could simply drop a grenade down at the end of a fish line and disrupt. That means it takes a certain amount of sophistication…Then you have to look at who are the state actors that have the capability to do this. And that means the Royal Navy, the United States Navy Special Operations.”

If Macgregor’s postulations are true and Germany discovers that they are true, with energy prices in Germany likely to soar this winter and with US Germany relations already on thin ground after numerous calls from German cabinet members during the past decade to decrease reliance of their economy on the US dollar and the US controlled Belgium SWIFT system, the destruction of parts of the Nordstream pipeline may be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel’s back in US German relations. If German political actors feel that the US MIB complex is trying to bully them into certain political and economic choices it may not want to make, then the deliberate sabotage of the Nordstream pipeline may potentially blowback in the form of driving Germany into joining future Russian/Eurasia/South America/African economic alliances as a necessary means to protect their sovereignty. 

That said, it is not far-fetched to conclude that the destruction of the Kerch Bridge has now likely expedited Russia’s timeline to execute Glazyev’s plan in establishing a new global gold spot market, a new global hard-asset backed currency, and possibly a new gold-pegged cryptocurrency stable coin as well.

Finally, Western NATO nations that were involved in blowing up the Nordstream pipeline should expect The Greatest Threat to World Stability that I wrote of at the start of this year to play out as I predicted it would.  Due to dozens of the world’s top hackers being based in Moscow, future cyberattacks that cripple Western infrastructure will be likely blamed on Russia.  When these cyberattacks happen, it will certainly be very easy to sell the narrative that “the Russians are coming” and that “the Russians did it”, whether true or not.

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