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“Woke” California bill would ban gas-powered generators in part of the state that has more than its share of brownouts
JD Heyes

It is obscene that the country’s largest (in terms of population), richest state has one of the worst power grids in the country, but welcome to California, circa 2021.

For years the state has been suffering under increasingly worse drought conditions not due to ‘human-caused climate change’ but due instead to a change in weather patterns that occur naturally on planet Earth, California being no exception.

However, because the state’s Democrat Marxists have imported millions of illegal immigrants, coupled with unseasonably hot, dry conditions, California, for years, has suffered from a lot of brownouts, power shortages and blackouts. And it’s not going to get better anytime soon because of the regulatory regime there, which makes it impossibly expensive for power companies to operate efficiently and affordably, let alone build out infrastructure to provide power to the state’s nearly 40 million residents (and the power-hungry tech sector).

So you would think that rational people would ensure that Californians who live where the brownouts and power shortages are the worst would make things more accommodating — easier for them to adjust to the shortage of power.

But you’d be wrong: These are woke Democrats who have bought into the ‘global warming/human-caused climate change’ BS. So their answer is to ban gas-powered generators, as reported by local FOX26:

A bill is now on Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk that could disproportionately impact families in the Central Valley and nearby foothill and mountain communities.

Assembly Bill 1346 would end the production of gas-powered small, off-road engines–used in lawn and garden equipment and generators– by January 1, 2024.

Authors of the bill say small off-road engines produced more emissions than cars in 2020.

Maybe that’s because the power situation is so horrible in California, but hey, by all means, let’s ban portable power generation.

The solution is to ban gas-powered generators and replace them with machines that come with “zero emission battery technology,” the local outlet said.

Except: “It doesn’t compare to what you’d get with a gas-powered unit,” said resident Robert Vasquez in Clovis, who works at a business that sells and services gas-powered equipment.

“That’s really gonna affect our business if we lose generator sales due to emissions,” he added. But millionaire Gov. Newsom and the state’s Democrat supermajority don’t care; they’re going to be just fine.

“As FOX26 News previously reported, PG&E customers in local mountain communities including Squaw Valley, Coarsegold and Oakhurst have been experiencing more power outages recently, since the utility changed the sensitivity settings on its power lines to prevent wildfires,” the local outlet reported.

“Many people who live in the mountains rely on generators to kick on when the power shuts off, so a lot of their medical devices can operate even during a shutoff,” Fresno County Supervisor Nathan Magsig, who represents Eastern Fresno County, told FOX26.

He is now among the people who are calling on Newsom to do the right, sensible thing and veto AB 1346 or, at a minimum, exclude power generators from the ban on small engines.

“A lot of folks who create these laws forget that here in the Central Valley, it’s over 100 degrees, many, many days during the summer. When the grid has to be shut down for one reason or another, folks have no other options when it comes to powering not only their air conditioning, but also their medical devices,” Magsig told FOX26.

Again, it’s not that they ‘forget,’ it’s that Democrats don’t care if someone is without power or goes out of business selling a ‘disfavored’ piece of equipment. The climate agenda, no matter how big of a hoax it is, comes first, always.

It’s tempting to tell conservatives and libertarians who still live in California to move out and find somewhere free, but it would be better if conservatives would move there en masse and retake state government from the left-wing lunatics. Plus, the weather’s great, overall.

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