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War, Economic Ruin, and Liberty Destruction Will Never End Until the Federal Reserve is Abolished
Gary D. Barnett

“Sneaky and underhanded, the Federal Reserve has been sucking the life blood out of the United States since 1913. Like a black widow spider, it weaves a web of corruption and deceit. Unknown to its prey, the FED’s bite is poisonous, deep, long-lasting and brings financial upheaval and misery to Americans.” 
~ Jim McCarthy, The Money Spiders, the Ruin-NATION of the United States by the Federal Reserve

Do any of the common people ever question the driving force of corruption, financial destruction, and war that is the basis of most all United States domestic and foreign policy? Do any understand that those who control the money control the entirety of government and commerce? Do any understand that wars of aggression cannot be fought without the power to create an unlimited supply of money? Do any understand that those few elites that control the banking system also control the politicians? The central planning of money is anathema to freedom and all that is honest and right.

The general population has never understood the real importance of money beyond the boundaries of its everyday function. And so-called intellectuals, those who pontificate about economic affairs, rarely have any ability to grasp the massive scope of its effects on every aspect of life and power. Money existed long before government, and the only reason for it to become the business of government was for the sole purpose of control of the people. The government is the middleman in a fascist relationship with the real power, the banking magnates.  Without outside interference, money would have remained a private matter of individuals, and could not have been used to empower the state and its controllers.

The construct of central banking in the United States, culminating in the creation of the Federal Reserve, was the single most damaging legislation affecting freedom and free market economics. For without the ability to print and control money at will, the banking system and its pawns in the political class could never have gained such massive power over the people as exists today.

Current monetary policy, better referred to as the criminal takeover of money for the benefit of the few, is what drives the many nefarious activities of the ruling class of this country. These policies are responsible for uncontrolled spending, uncontrolled debt, almost total economic manipulation and ruin, and continuous war. The general populace at this stage is mostly dependent on this system of largesse deliberately created for the purpose of control, and almost none understand it. This of course is by design. It was rather an easy task for the elite bankers to turn the concept of money into complicated economic theory that the average citizen could never comprehend.

The Federal Reserve is private but is in business with the governing system. To solidify this point, the Supreme Court ruling in 1928 stated: 

“Instrumentalities like the national banks or federal reserve banks, in which there are private interests, are not departments of the government. They are private corporations in which the government has an interest.” The Fed states openly that “Its monetary policy decisions do not have to be approved by the president or anyone else in the executive or legislative branches of government, it does not receive funding appropriated by the Congress, and the terms of the members of the Board of Governors span multiple presidential and congressional terms.” These rulings and admissions expose the conspiracy that exists between private banking and the government in the mission to control all of politics and economics through a corrupt monetary system. (See the video: Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve by James Corbett.)

The Federal Reserve rules were written in secret by the banking heads themselves at Jekyll Island, and passed into law by the Congress through collusion in 1913. This banking cartel regulates itself, and has the sole power to issue and control the entire supply of money in the U.S. The Federal Reserve actually has a monopoly on the money in this country. It began with conspiracy, and continues to operate as a conspiracy, even more so today.

Considering current circumstances, one might think it is 2008 again, but things are different this time. When the banks faltered in 2008, the Fed got busy and began aggressively printing money to bail them out. This was called quantitative easing, (QE) a process of fraud meant to issue new “money” to bail out the banking system at the expense of the taxpayer. This process created trillions of dollars of debt, but the liability was that of the inhabitants of the country, not the government or the beneficiaries of this newly printed money.

As of this writing, the Fed is once again in the money printing business in order to bail out banks. Exactly which banks are receiving the money remain secret, and the so-called representative government, Congress in particular, is ignoring this criminal behavior. While no banks have filed bankruptcy, or claimed that they are insolvent, the Fed’s pumping of over $100 billion per day into the financial markets tells a different story. This is a “writing is on the wall” moment, and all should pay attention. The Fed would not be creating and injecting these huge amounts of fake money into the financial system unless they knew the dire state of the economy and the weakness of the banking sector’s finances. This is a sign that disaster looms.

The Federal Reserve System causes economic chaos and financial ruin. This has always been the case. It harms liberty, and is largely responsible for almost unlimited funding of the military state and its wars of aggression. It enriches the elite class of rulers, while affording them power over all others. It is the bane of any free society. It should not be “reformed” or audited by its creators; it should simply be abolished.

“The Federal Reserve System is not Federal; it has no reserves; and it is not a system at all, but rather, a criminal syndicate.” ~ Eustace Mullins



Gary Barnett is a retired financial advisor and estate planner, and managed money for clients in his business for over thirty years. He also owned two other businesses during his life, and had a wild ride at times.

Gary has been writing about a full range of topics concerning freedom and liberty for many years, and has written for, The Future of Freedom Foundation, and several other publications over that time. He considers it a great passion in life to learn and continue to educate himself, and to promote and spread the ideas of liberty to all who are willing to listen. Freedom does not happen due to politics or constitutions, it can only exist in the minds of individuals.

Gary has appeared as a guest on several Internet and national radio shows, including Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano, the Brian Wilson Show, Antiwar Radio, the Karen Kwiatkowski Radio Show, Liberty News Radio, and Radio Liberty.

He currently lives in Lewistown, Montana, with his wonderful wife Yoshie and son Leo.  He loves the outdoors, cooking and fine food, dogs, beaches, music, fly fishing, and exotic travel. More hobbies anyone?

As far as his philosophy is concerned, he is a peaceful anarchist believing in natural law without restriction by the state. While Gary understands the skepticism of most concerning the implementation of this type of individual political structure, it is the only system where liberty can be fully achieved. Peaceful anarchy is based on individual responsibility, self-reliance, voluntary exchange in free markets, non-aggression, and individual freedom; all necessary to achieve peace and harmony. Collectivism, central government, and war are not, and never will be the answer.

Writing is Gary’s passion, and now that he is retired, he can concentrate on that endeavor full time. Writing from a warm beach would be most preferable, but living in Montana does not allow for that luxury. He can however, put on his shorts and flip flops while sitting in front of his computer during the blizzards and brutal cold of Montana winters, and dream.

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