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Reasoning With Madness – Love Does Not Reside in Hatred and Fear
Jesse’s Cafe Americain

How can one possibly discover what is true, know what is good? The time of lies is upon us, and the liars are skillful and deceptive, and persistent. But this is how it has always been in this fallen world.

Listen to the words, watch closely the actions, and most importantly look for the substance of them, the message that they contain beneath the words, the tone of it.

Do they urge you to anger? Do they exaggerate and misrepresent, do they appeal to fear and alarm? Do they flatter your ego, and represent themselves as a higher knowledge, a purer observance, a protection of the mere ornaments of the faith, the observances and rituals, but not the substance? Do they judge others, and harshly, even on the smallest of details and matters of taste? Do they seek to undermine and destroy your faithfulness, in order to preserve it? 

This is how they distract and pervert what is good. Outwardly they are all beauty and high faith and perfect observance, a shining example of preservation, but inside they are all willfulness and hatred and division.

Is their message one of love, of the two greatest commandments to love God and your undeserving neighbor as yourself for the sake of the Lord, which is something no evil thing can counterfeit? Do they put forward unacceptable, hateful means and attitudes that destroy in defense of what is good?

False flags abounding— from the walking Reichstag fire, about a thousand miles from the nearest border, and a phantom tax cut made up out of thin air, to assaults on our democracy from phony Russian ‘meddling’.

And now for the first course in what may very well prove to be a grand banquet of consequences.

The decline in the equity markets was very real today, although there was a distinct lack of tangible fear amongst the wiseguys. Although the professional cheerleaders and spokesmodels were uncharacteristically at a loss for words and rationalizations, being suitably confused by the selling— homina homina homina…

We will likely see some bouncing around since we are still in monetary la la land. But the handwriting is clearly on the wall.

I mean I even labeled these ‘blow off tops’ pretty much in near real time. I added a ‘ding ding ding’ to the big cap tech chart in case you missed the hint. Sometimes they do ring a bell, right?

Gold was only up slightly and silver was flat. The Dollar gained in a ‘flight to safety.’

Why didn’t gold and silver gain more? Well, silver is really not a safe haven since it has a large industrial component, remember? It will ‘follow’ gold in troubled times.

And as for gold, tomorrow is an option expiration for the November contracts in the Comex casino, remember that?

There may be some bright moments ahead. There always are.

But things are probably going to get worse, and maybe a lot worse if we continue to be stiff-necked, easily manipulated, and refuse to reform. History does not hold out much hope if we do not.

I just wish there were not so many innocents in the blast radius of this madness.

Learn to pray, and live simply. And count your blessings.

“I appeal to you, brothers and sisters, to be wary of those who sow divisions among you, and undermine the faithfulness of the people with controversies concerning the teachings that you have received.  Avoid them, for these people do not serve the Lord, but their own passions and objectives.  By their lying tongues and smooth flattering they deceive the naive and the unsuspecting.”Romans 16:17-18




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