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 “Are ‘we the people’ going to let that happen?”
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It's always the same plot: an economy gets into trouble and the Bolsheviks show up. They come with different names: National Socialists (Nazis), Bolsheviks (Russia), but the commonality is a hungry populace. The WW1, Treaty of Versailles destroyed the German economy, making a path for Hitler who, not long before he became chancellor, was the head of an insignificant party. Same with the Bolsheviks—they had a couple percent of the vote. And China, devastated by the Japanese in WW2, turned to Mao.

But more to the point, the nation in the cross-hairs of the socialists now, is the United States of America, which will soon have to shoulder the largest debt, in proportion to productivity, the world has ever known. And, right now, we have splinter groups in the US such as ANTIFA, which by definition is fascist (socialism through the use of force), and which, not long ago, was insignificant, but now (with BLM) shuts-down cities.

A bit of contrast and explanation. Constitutionally, there is no police or standing army —there's just the militia, which the tyrants began replacing with professional soldiers around 1903 (National Guard)—which was a move in the direction of tyranny—intend- ed to take power from sovereign citizens. And it worked. There are no longer citizen militias in any states—though militia provisions are still on the books. So what is the contrast between National Guard/Police and ANTIFA?

We are in a crisis—one that requires action. The National guard is unconstitutional, as are the police. There is a case to be made for elected Sheriffs, as elected militia (keeping the power in the hands of the sovereigns where it belongs). But mob violence, with the potential to bring down the entire country cannot be allowed to gain a socialist, non-elected, foothold, using violence and intimidation as their vehicle to power. Which is worse, having the police stand-down in the face of rioting and looting, or supporting anarchy (which only lasts until a tyrant takes control)? Governors or the president have the power to call up the militia, to enforce US laws, and put a stop to insurrection.

What is going on in blue-state cities is law-breaking and insurrection—which Americans have a constitutional duty to stop. Constitutionally, the president can step in, calling forth the militia as an arm of the federal government to quell insurrection. But with no militia, how could he do that? We have a militia; every man and woman between the ages of 16 and 55 (different in some states), comprise the militia, which mayors, governors, or the president can call into action. As unruly as this would be, it would be more bounded in the law of the land than using troops or police. And it is the president's discretion to take control of the militia during insurrection. Maybe you don't like Trump, but is that reason enough to allow our nation to be destroyed from within?

I listened to self-proclaimed Marxist, Professor Richard Wolfe, on with George Gammon's, 'Rebel Capitalist'. Good, George would take him on—but no, the professor droned on, using his lifetime of pedantic lecturing technique to control the conversation. George let him go for an hour an a half—without as much as a question.

There are so many Wolfe's out there in academia, where they outnumber constitutionalists—by the droves—and Richard is among the worst of them, because Wolfe is a persuasive, intelligent man, who makes some good points, but like all socialists, he does not understand human nature. Human beings are self-interested. That's why real capitalism and entrepreneurialism works, and when you take the power away from the people, what you get is a top-down despotism, with a mission to control, and what they want least is for the power to remain in the hands of the people.

Wolfe talks about the government needing to control the means of production but somehow being under democratic control. That doesn't work. When a few or one run the show, power is taken from the people and, as a result, hundreds of millions are slaughtered. Think about now: this nation is coming apart economically and politically. Does the professor really think that Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA are going to sit down with Biden or Trump and work things out? That's absurd. All we have to save us is the Constitution—and a messy democracy (republic) is the far better option.

Look at what the Bolshevik left is doing: curbing free speech on the social networks, if it has to do with any conservative viewpoint, or worse, if it questions the established narrative. Questioning matters because both left and right need to be questioned thoroughly. You Tube channels are demonetized or done away with. My site has traffic redirected somewhere else. Readers post my blogs on Facebook where they disappear. That's what's going on in this country, and the worst part of it has to do with an acceptance of socialism to rectify our troubles, in an ordered and sound manner—and doing do a much better job than capitalism. But didn't socialism produce those Russian czars?

Wolfe sites northern European countries as the model for what he looks forward to. Top-down control of the means of production, with a vigorous democracy below. Is that the case? The major cities in those countries have areas where police and emergency services cannot go because EU tyrannical leaders allowed 5 million unvetted immigrants in. Did the average Norwegian want that? Do Swedes accept the fear of their daughters going out at night? Would the population of Independence, Kansas, by secret ballot, vote to welcome 50,000 immigrants into their small community, and on the same ballot give away their power to an array of nations controlled by unelected bureaucrats (as in the EU), who become more despotic as the days go by, while depending on a country, not in the EU (the US—which is NATO), to provide for their defense?

There is not mention in the Constitution for self-defense, because, in a sane world it is assumed. But there is provision for the militia 'being necessary to the security of a free state'. They are going to be going after our Constitution—and they will do it in any nefarious way that gets the desired result. Are 'we the people' going to let that happen?

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