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Yodel For Me, You Sap
Tim Knight

Let’s say you went up to a grown person and told them that, if they would try to yodel for you for 15 seconds, you would give them twenty dollars. They might hesitate at first, but most people would, within a pretty short amount of time, figure that was a fair trade and try to warble out a few yodel-a-ee-hoos for you.

You say “thanks” and walk away without paying them. They would probably leer at you and mutter an obscenity under their breath.

The next day, you find the same fellow and make him the same offer. I suspect at that point, instead of accepting your offer, he would make a very specific anatomical suggestion which not only you’re not interested in performing, but is itself impossible to perform. Needless to say, no yodeling would be forthcoming.

Now, let’s say you did the same thing with a five year old. Day one, you approach them and offer them ten bucks (hey, kids are cheaper) to yodel. They try their best, and as with the adult, you just say thanks and walk away without paying them.

You go back the second day and make the same offer. The odds aren’t bad that the kid would give it another shot. They might assume they just didn’t do a good enough job the prior day. You might be able to do this three or four days in a row before the kid wound up making the identical anatomical suggestion that the chap above did, and they’d both be right to do so.

Yet let’s say you found a grown person whom you could approach day after day, week after week, month after month, and he would yodel for you every single time. You break your promise every time, but somehow he never gives up. It isn’t that he’s mentally challenged or anything. I guess he’s just a gullible sap. Whatever the reason, you are getting yourself one hell of a lot of yodeling for absolutely no charge, my friend. Well done.

And that’s precisely what we have with this goddamned China situation. You people – – yes, I’m looking at you! – – keep falling for it again, and again, and again. And then again. Oh, and look! Again! Jesus!

In a span of hours, we had this……..

…….followed by………..

………and then………….

To which I can only say to the people of earth: Jesus Titty-Fucking Christ, what is WRONG with you people? THERE……..IS …………NOT. ……….GOING …………TO…………BE ………..A………..DEAL! Even if they do eventually cobble something together, it will be as meaningless and unimportant as the “deal” we had with North Korean (Remember them? The ones who are able to test missiles with impunity, because their fat-ass leader has figured out that our fat-ass leader will do anything at all if you send him a fawning letter?)

And yet the markets get yanked around like a dog on a chain:

But even when we turned green Sunday night (which, to me, is just incredibly laughable) I knew that we’d plunge again for some reason or anything, because the pattern (in green) was as plain as day).

And thus we are getting shifted from range to range.

You know what I would tell our genius President if he really, really wanted to win 2020? I would tell him to let the market crash NOW. Because the American public has an attention span of roughly 48 hours (I’m being generous), and so long as things SEEM to be on the mend in late October and early November 2020, he’ll be right as rain.

But the man’s pathetically frail ego won’t permit that, and he’s just going to keep trying to save the day, again and again. Thus, it is entirely possible that by the time the autumn of next year rolls around, whatever shit is hitting the fan is going to be so indefatigable that the bastard won’t be able to do a goddamn thing about it, and he’ll get completely crushed.

Character is destiny.


Tim Knight has been charting and trading since 1987. His first stock trade was, in fact, on October 19, 1987 – the day of the crash – which perhaps goes a long way explaining his disposition toward bearishness. He has been involved in personal computers since late 1979 and, starting at age 16, began writing a couple dozen books about using and programming computers. His most recent writing has been focused on charting and the history of financial markets, including his newest books, Panic, Prosperity, and Progress, and, more recently, Silicon Valley Babble On. He has been running Slope since March 29 2005 and has, during that time, written more than 20,000 posts on the site.

In 1992 Knight founded Prophet, a web-based technical analysis company that was acquired by Investools (and, later, Ameritrade) in January 2005. Tim served as Senior Vice President of Technology for Investools from 2005 through 2010.

Knight directed his passion for the markets to fuel the innovation for which Prophet was known. In fact, Barron’s and Forbes consistently named Prophet the #1 website for technical analysis. In his professional role as a hedge fund manager today, Tim relies on technical analysis as the primary basis for his investment decisions. He also hosts a daily show on the TastyTrade network, Trading the Close.

Before starting Prophet, Tim was Vice President of Technology Products at Montgomery Securities in San Francisco, where he led the development of an institutional online-trading platform.

Additionally, he has held various positions in marketing management at Technical Tools and Apple Computer. He lives in Palo Alto with his wife, their children, eight egg-laying hens, a pond full of fish, nine thousand honeybees, and a trio of dogs which occupy whatever free time may be available. He has also been known to burst into song from a wide repertoire of Broadway musicals, irrespective of the preference of those around him at any given moment. 

Message from Tim: Please note I am the principal of Tim Knight Organization, LLC, a California-registered investment adviser. The content of the postings and investment strategies and discussions provided herein do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or policies of Tim Knight Organization, LLC and Tim Knight Organization, LLC makes no warranties regarding the accuracy of their content or their completeness.

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