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The Massive Lies of Ukraine's Gold
J. Kim

The regular Military Industrial Banking (MIB) lies of gold have become even more ridiculous than usual, especially those forwarded by the mass media.   BTC maximalists have always deemed gold “worthless” , and thus BTC maximalists have always failed to understand the central role of  sovereign gold reserves in all economic and military wars, In any war provoked and started by the MIB complex, they have always looted gold, when substantial amounts existed to be looted, because of their vulnerable state as a consequence of war. No one knows exactly what happened to Saddam’s alleged substantial amounts of gold beyond the credible assumption that US military forces loaded it onto a cargo plane for a final destination of US Central Bank vaults. 

Perhaps the Germans received illegally looted Iraqi gold when they requested repatriation of their gold because US Central Bankers certainly did not return the original gold Germans vaulted with them after World War II (you may read more about this case here if you would like). During the NATO operation to assassinate Muammar Gaddafi, Western military forces also were the main culprit in the theft of Libya’s very substantial 144 tonnes of disappeared gold, and after NATO forces disposed of yet another democratically elected leader in Ukraine, the Wester MIB complex looted almost all of Ukraine’s 42.3 tonnes of gold reserves once again.

After the illegal 2014 US government led coup that overthrew democratically elected Ukraine President Victor Yanukovych and replaced him with a US hand-picked puppet, Yatsenyuk, to turn Ukraine from a pro-Russia to an anti-Russia state, the head of Ukraine's National Bank, Valeria Hontareva, stated in an interview with Ukraine's Kharkiv TV, “Official statistics of the National Bank show that the amount of gold in the vaults drastically fell, and it is unclear where it went. At the beginning of this month, the volume of gold was about $1 billion, or 8 percent of the total gold reservesin the vaults of the central bank there is almost no gold left. There is a small amount of gold bullion left, but it's just 1% of reserves." And this event marked the real beginning of the NATO Russia ware being waged in Ukraine, as even confirmed by US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland’s admission that the US government has spent billions of dollars in Ukraine to change the “hearts and minds” of Ukrainians

In 2014, 1% of Ukraine’s reserves would have amounted to about $125M of gold, or at gold’s price of $1,165 per ounce in 2014, only 3.3 tonnes. Thus, Hontareva stated that 39 tonnes of Ukraine’s gold reserves had been looted and no one had any idea of “where it went.” Perhaps, this public declaration of Western theft of Ukraine’s gold was what led to Hontereva’s “surprise” resignation from her role as head of the Ukraine National Bank just a few years later, and four years before her term expired. Since 2014, the Ukraine National Bank has had four different heads, which exemplifies the power struggle for control of the Ukraine National Bank, likely due to loads of outside Western interference in the appointees, especially in light of the fact that an appointed head of the Ukraine National Bank is supposed to serve a 7-year term.

Fast forward to July 2022, and Ukraine National Bank (NBU) Deputy Governor Kateryna Rozhkova announced that the NBU had recently sold $12.4B of its gold reserves since 24 February of this year. However, this announcement does not reconcile with any of Ukraine’s “official” gold reserve number, which exposes the enormous level of mendacity that always revolves around Central Bank reported gold numbers, not just for Ukraine, but likely for every major economic power in the world as well (including the US, the UK, China and Russia). According to the former statements of Valerie Hontareva, most of Ukraine’s 42.3 tonnes of gold reserves were stolen in 2014 and only 3.3 tonnes were left after the alleged theft.

Back then, numerous reports surfaced of these 39 tonnes of gold being loaded in the middle of the night by heavily armed men in unmarked black uniforms onto a cargo plane. And back then, inquiries by GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action committee) secretary Chris Powell to the US Federal Reserve as to whether they had taken possession of 39 tonnes of Ukrainian gold only received this stonewall of a response: "Any inquiry regarding gold accounts should be directed to the account holder. You may want to contact the National Bank of Ukraine to discuss this report." Thus, though it was near certain that US Central Bankers knew the answers to Mr. Powell’s questions, they stonewalled his inquiry by reverting him back to the NBU, who had already announce the removal of 39 tonnes of gold from its vaults.

Let’s return to the NBU’s announcement that it had sold $12,400,000,000 of gold, all in this year. At a  price of $1,850 per ounce, $12.4B of gold amounts to 208 tonnes of gold. From where did Ukraine get 208 tonnes of gold? Did the Feds sell stolen gold from Iraq and Libya to help Ukraine in the NATO Russia war? Since 2014, when the NBU announce they only had 3.3 tonnes of gold left in their vaults, they have announced only minimal gold purchases since then in an amount that would only bring their gold reserves into the very low double digit tonnage amount if Hontareva’s official statements in 2014 were accurate and truthful. Furthermore, if we look at the “official” gold data, as reported by the WGC and IMF below, the 2014 theft of almost all of its gold reserve as reported by Hontareva is not indicated in the below reported numbers and its most recent official gold reserve amount was listed as 27.06 tonnes as of Q2 of this year. So how could Ukraine sell more than 200 tonnes of gold if it only had 27 tonnes? 

The fact that none of official reports about Ukraine’s gold reserves reconcile with one another should immediately alert you to the fact that you should never make any decisions about investing in gold to secure your financial future based upon media-reported “official” gold data, as this data is a complete joke. It further should alert you to dismiss the conclusions of all those that use this ‘official” data as well. Does the Bank of Canada really have no gold reserves as officially reported at the current time? Does the US really own 8,133 tonnes of gold as officially reported? Personally, I have no faith in any of these numbers.

Finally, for those that don’t believe that considerations of the vital importance of gold in the global economy does not drive MIB considerations of war, we need only remember that the MIB complex was fine with Gaddafi being the de-facto leader of Libya for over 40 years until he suggested unifying the African continent under a gold dinar and silver dirham as the de-facto pan-African currency. Shortly after this announcement, NATO forces had invaded Libya, murdered Gaddafi and sent one of the most modern, secular Muslim African nations into a dark downward economic spiral in which open slave markets and terrorist cells now openly operate.  Though the mainstream media summarily dismissed any theory attributing Gaddafi’s murder to his desire to unite the African continent under gold and silver money, leaked emails from Hilary Clinton advisor Sid Blumenthal confirmed that once again the mainstream media is just a propaganda dissemination arm for the MIB complex and the above reason was a driving force behind the French driven NATO invasion of Libya and the eventual murder of Gaddafi.

To read the conclusion of this article titled, “Is Gold Behind the Massive Western Hostility Towards Russia?” as well as to view charts that illustrate this possibility, please click here.

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