'And whether pigs have wings'
Part One: Something Wicked This Way Comes
Johnny Silver Bear

(Editor's Note: One of the perks of editing "the Bear" is getting to repost my own rants.In an ongoing attempt to "turn the lights back on" I chose to start out the year (2012) with a three part piece, entitled; "And Whether Pigs Have Wings" The point of this series is an attempt to wake up those of you that are not exactly sure what I mean when I bring up the "Dumbing Down" of America. This will be Part one, through which I will try to enlighten you to a far larger, and much more insidious conspiracy that is intended to take absolute control over you, everything you have, and every thing you do. We have to take this journey one step at a time so as to keep it from becoming "overwhelming". In this part I will try and exhibit the fact that some of the things you are absolutely sure of are absolutely wrong.- JSB)

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes - and ships - and sealing-wax -
Of cabbages - and kings -
And why the sea is boiling hot -
And whether pigs have wings."

The Walrus and The Carpenter - Lewis Carroll
(from Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There, 1872)

The readership of the Silver Bear Cafe, and other web sites of a like ilk, is made up, in part, of a group of open minded patriots who realize the country is being torn apart at the seams, by the central bankers of the world who represent elitists, whose primary objective is to control all the people and all the property of all the world! "The Bear" is also frequented by precious metal bugs and investors who seek information on how to protect their assets. Collectively these folks constitute what I call "the Community", and I, for one, am proud to consider myself a member. I work tirelessly to disseminate valuable information which is intentionally excluded from reports by the elitist controlled mainstream media. I believe that most of what is aired as news by these outlets is misinformation intended to placate and subdue the populace into an apathetic funk.

The future has been stolen from us. It is gone and will never be returned. It has been stolen by a cabal of miscreants that I have habitually come to refer to as "the darkside". This cabal is led by the offspring of several very wealthy banking families, mostly European (although there are three American families involved whose wealth was derived from business loans made to them by their European counterparts). The families are run by their current matriarchs or patriarchs, who have never taken a risk in their lives, and have lost, through the generations, any sense of moral purpose or social responsibility. They are completely and entirely self serving and self absorbed putzes, and, because of the influence provided them through their amassed, unearned institutional wealth, they have become a serious thorn in the side of the rest of the the human race. As a result of their actions, I believe that their days are numbered. I have identified these families and their individual histories in several essays I have penned over the years, but that is not the point of this missive.

Although I say the future has been taken away, I do not mean to say there will not be one, but that we will have to build a new one from scratch. Unlike recent generations that have, for the most part, taken the future for granted, allowed themselves to be lulled in to a sense of complacency and have, pretty much, fallen asleep at the wheel, the future will belong to those who are willing to fight for it, and to the winners will go the spoils.

What is the Problem?

When we are born, (at least in the case of middle class America) our parents have a natural tendency to shelter us. A parental shield provides a filter that attempts to insure we are not exposed to the the plethora of societal flaws that permeate the day to day lives of adults in this cold, hard world. As we come of age, as a result of the insulation provided by our parents, we are, understandably, naïve, and remain, for a time, unaware of some of the more discomforting aspects of life. As we become old enough to know better, most contemporary Americans seem to adopt a state of convenient ignorance. I don't believe that this is a natural or healthy state of being, but, instead, is the result of an insidious dumbing down campaign that has been waged against us, through the darkside controlled media, clergy, academia and government for several generations. The sheeple have been conditioned to go through a process of devolution which strips one of the survival instinct and self defense mechanisms.

An inordinate number of people in the U.S. have arrived at the final stage of this conditioning, which I call "stupid on purpose" (SOP). This is anti-Darwinism. How many people do we know that refuse to even entertain the notion that there is anything wrong, much less that it is the result of an intentional plan to rob us of our capacity to exercise critical thought?

The term ,"survival of the fittest" requires that one be both physically and mentally fit. In the United States today, the sheeple are neither. We are ranked 37th in the world when it comes to health. Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland and many others are intentionally killing us for a profit. Corn syrup, as a sweetener has done more damage to our collective health than anything else. Genetically modified animals (frankenfish for example) and vegetables (soybean, corn, canola, and cotton seed oil) are being developed that have the potential to alter our genetic make up. The giant agri-conglomerates utilize lobbyists to bribe corrupt politicians to pass legislation which mandate their use.

The United States is currently ranked 18th among the 36 industrialized nations when it comes to education. Through the use of revisionist history, what our parents, ourselves and our children have been taught is basically hooey. This revision has been well documented by freedom scholars like G. Edward Griffin, and William T. Still. I touched on it briefly in my recent rant, "Hippies":

In 1954, a special Congressional Committee investigated the interlocking web of tax-exempt foundations to see what impact their grants were having on the American psyche. The Committee stumbled onto the fact that some of these groups had embarked upon a gigantic project to rewrite American history and incorporate it into new school text books.

Norman Dodd, the committee's research director found, in the archives of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace the following remarkable statement of purpose:

The only way to maintain control of the population was to obtain control of education in the U.S. They realized this was a prodigious task so they approached the Rockefeller Foundation with the suggestion that they go in tandem and that portion of education which could be considered as domestically oriented be taken over by the Rockefeller Foundation and that portion which was oriented to International matters be taken over by the Carnegie Endowment.

The Rockefeller Foundation agreed to take on the domestic portion of the task. The purpose of all this interest in history, was of course to rewrite it. Dodd explained:

They decided that the success of this program lay in the manner in which American history was to be presented. They then approached four of the then most-prominent historians - such as Mary and Charles Beard - with the suggestion that they alter the manner in which they were accustomed to presenting the subject. They [were] turned down flat, so...they decided they [had] to build a coterie of historians of their own selection.

The Guggenheim Foundation agreed to award fellowships to historians recommended by the Carnegie Endowment. Gradually, through the 1920's, they assembled a group of twenty promising young academics, and took them to London. There they briefed them on what was expected of them when they became professors of American history. That twenty were the nucleus of what was eventually to become the American Historical Association.

In 1928, the American Historical Association was granted $400,000 by the Carnegie Endowment to write a seven volume study on the direction the nation was to take. The thrust of these books, according to Dodd was that "the future of this country belongs to collectivism and humanism."

Dodd concluded from his study that these tax-exempt foundations - by virtue of the fact that they pay for these studies - lay at the heart of a group determined to destroy the United States.

These educational changes were applied very gradually, so as not to alarm the general American populace, but they have been documented. This in tandem with state and federal court decisions in the later half of the twentieth century, has proven very effective at achieving this goal.

Perhaps the greatest advantage the forces of the New World Order posses is that they know they are at war. America, at best, only suspects it. How the New World Order will be manifested in the next century cannot be predicted, but one thing is clear: secret societies will continue to masquerade as benign, humanitarian organizations and to attack critics who penetrate their disguise. (William T. Still, New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies. pg. 180-181)

I am frequently asked; "What do you mean by 'intentionally dumbing down'?" Allow me to elucidate. I will use, as an example, the general populaces' perceived understanding of the Civil War.

The War of Northern Aggression

Most people believe that the Civil War was fought over slavery and that Abraham Lincoln was the "Great Emancipator". Why, they even decided to honor him by putting his likeness on both the penny and the five dollar bill. This is total hooey, and one of the most blatant examples of revisionist history. In the first place Abraham Lincoln was a monster and murderer. In the second place it wasn't a "Civil War" but , rather, one of Northern Aggression. Let me explain.

The American Industrial Revolution was in full swing by the end of the eighteenth century:

Around 1800, Richard Trevithick and separately Oliver Evans (1801) introduced engines using high-pressure steam. These were much more powerful than previous engines and could be made small enough for transport applications. Thereafter, technological developments and improvements in manufacturing techniques (partly brought about by the adoption of the steam engine as a power source) resulted in the design of more efficient engines that could be smaller, faster, or more powerful, depending on the intended application.

As the Northern Industrialists, through the employment of this new technology, constructed factories to mass produce goods, the production of textiles took its place as one of the primary uses of the steam engine.

In the three decades leading up to the war, plantation owners in the South routinely shipped their cotton to the North for milling. The state governments, ravenous for revenues, would tax each shipment as it entered each state. Cotton, being shipped from Georgia, would be taxed as it entered South Carolina, again by North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and whatever other northern state it might have to pass through on its way to the mills. Then, after the cotton was milled into cloth (which the South needed) it was taxed, by each state, as it proceeded southward. This (obviously) amounted to a very expensive venture for the Southern plantation owners. They were much more inclined to sell it to the English and have the cotton picked up and the finished textiles delivered locally.

In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected the 16th president of the United States over a deeply divided Democratic Party, becoming the first Republican to win the presidency. Lincoln received only 40 percent of the popular vote but handily defeated the three other candidates: Southern Democrat John C. Breckinridge, Constitutional Union candidate John Bell, and Northern Democrat Stephen Douglas, a U.S. senator for Illinois. Lincoln was almost entirely financed by the Northern Industrialists (Republicans) who were adamant about economically controlling the agrarian Southern States as the South's produce was the fodder for their mills.

The Morrill Tariff

A smoldering issue of unjust taxation that enriched Northern manufacturing states and exploited the agricultural South was fanned to a furious blaze in 1860. It was the Morrill Tariff that stirred the smoldering embers of regional mistrust and ignited the fires of Secession in the South. This precipitated a Northern reaction and call to arms that would engulf the nation in the flames of war for four years.

Prior to the “Civil War” there was no U. S. income tax. Considerably more than 90% of U. S. government revenue was raised by a tariff on imported goods. A tariff is a tax on selected imports, most commonly finished or manufactured products. A high tariff is usually legislated not only to raise revenue, but also to protect domestic industry form foreign competition. By placing such a high, protective tariff on imported goods it makes them more expensive to buy than the same domestic goods. This allows domestic industries to charge higher prices and make more money on sales that might otherwise be lost to foreign competition because of cheaper prices (without the tariff) or better quality. This, of course, causes domestic consumers to pay higher prices and have a lower standard of living. Tariffs on some industrial products also hurt other domestic industries that must pay higher prices for goods they need to make their products. Because the nature and products of regional economies can vary widely, high tariffs are sometimes good for one section of the country, but damaging to another section of the country. High tariffs are particularly hard on exporters since they must cope with higher domestic costs and retaliatory foreign tariffs that put them at a pricing disadvantage. This has a depressing effect on both export volume and profit margins. High tariffs have been a frequent cause of economic disruption, strife and war. - Mike Scruggs

Before the American Civil War, cotton produced in the American South had accounted for 77 percent of the 800 million pounds of cotton used in Great Britain. As legislation coming out of Washington continued to "put the screws" on the Southern States it became more and more apparent where this was going. The Morrill Tariff precluded the opportunity of the Southern States to "legally" buy finished textiles (along with hundreds of other types of goods) from anywhere but the North. And now, the Northern Industrialists were bound and determined to get their "new boy" to restrict the sale of southern grown cotton to American mills only. In fact, that is why they paid so dearly to get Lincoln in office. Lincoln had agreed to "rape the South" as a condition of his being elected.

In April 1861, Lincoln instructed Federal troops stationed at Ft. Sumpter (overlooking the Charleston Harbor) to open fire on English trading ships (unarmed) in order to keep them from landing, and delivering cloth and picking up raw cotton for processing. The Southerners understandably took exception to this action by a "bunch of low life yankees" and opened fire on Ft. Sumpter. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The War of Northern Aggression had nothing to do with slavery. First of all, Lincoln was pro slavery. Secondly, the south was finally realizing what the rest of the western world had already figures out, that is was more economical to pay a man pitifully low wages for twelve hours a day than it was to take care of him twenty-four hours a day. The Northern mill owners paid the mill workers the same pitifully low wages. Unskilled workers in both the North and the South would be paid and treated like indentured slaves for the next sixty years. That war, like all wars, was fought over money, period. Oh, by the way, that war, fought at the behest of Northern Industrialists, left 618,000 Americans dead.

The only two good things that came out of the War of Northern Aggression was the Interstate Commerce Act of 1887 (which precluded states from taxing interstate commerce), and the Posse Comitatus act of 1878 which was meant to insure that no maniac would ever again be able to sic the American Armed Forces on American citizens. This act, by the way, has been done away with by Obama.

I could now go into the fact that Col. Edward Mandell House, a self confessed socialist, cohabiting the White House with Woodrow Wilson, conspired with a young Winston Churchill to pack the Lusitania full of munitions, then load the ship with unsuspecting tourists, and set her to sea, bound for England. Churchill made sure that Germany knew the ship was delivering munitions to the British, and on the way. Germany, full aware of the ploy to deliver armaments to the English via American Ships, published the following message in numerous American publications:

Travelers intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies; that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles; that, in accordance with formal notice given by the Imperial German Government, vessels flying the flag of Great Britain, or any of her allies, are liable to destruction in those waters and that travelers sailing in the war zone on ships of Great Britain or her allies do so at their own risk.


May 1st, 1915, the Lusitania embarked on its 202nd crossing of the Atlantic with 1257 passengers, plus a crew of 702. It was under the command of Captain William Turner. It was, as was anticipated, sunk by a German U-Boat, and all passengers were lost. The incident was orchestrated by House and Churchill as an excuse to get America into WW1. The Rothschilds were financing both sides of that war, just as they had financed both sides of every war since those of Napoleon (they would go on to finance both sides of every war to the present). Both Churchill and House were on the Rothschilds payroll. More than five million were killed in action or died of wounds or disease related to WW1. Woodrow Wilson had been elected based on his pledge of American neutrality. Besides reneging on his pledge to the American people concerning the war, he also presided over the greatest abomination ever dumped on the U.S. by condoning the Federal Reserve Act. On his death bed he had this to say:

"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

A little too little, too late, Woody.

I could take time to expose FDR for his (by now, well documented) prior knowledge to the Japanese attack on Pear Harbor, but I feel that I have already uncovered what a criminal he was through my piece, Hippies, in which I explored how he, and LBJ, lined their pockets by awarding non compete contracts to Brown & Root. I also covered LBJ's continuance of the Viet Nam conflict to continue to line his pockets, and those of his croney capitalist buddies in Texas. Slime balls all.

Why don't you already know this stuff. Do you think that I'm making it up? History has been revised, over and over, in order to get you to think what they want you to think. There are no lessons to be learned through revisionist history. Academia was long ago co-opted to indoctrinate students with insidious revisionist crap.

As one more example I would invite you to follow this link to a piece about a 1954 8th Grade Civics Test - Could You Pass?

The Sat Test has been revised over and over to allow our under educated children to pass. Sit down with your child and watch "Jeopardy" together. If neither you, nor your child knows the answer to anything other than the television or film questions, you're in trouble. Now multiply that against an entire population of Americans who don't know the answers either.

As a result of this paradigm, a college degree these days is pretty much worthless and has become more of a liability (cost) than an asset (potential return on investment). It is pretty much impossible to build anything valuable on false foundations. When you hear the phrase, "war against the middle class", it is a real, life threatening dilemma that we must face, or become indentured slaves (everything old is new again).

What to do...

I have been researching the motives, causes and effects of the New World order for several years now. What I have found is disconcerting, to say the least. What is equally disconcerting, however, is the inability of the sheeple to wake up to the realities of the situation. Denial is not a river in Egypt.

Unfortunately, try as we all may, the bulk of society refuses to even consider the possibility that they are being set up for a fall, and we are considered a part of the lunatic fringe by the vast majority of Americans.

I believe that humanity is rapidly approaching a crossroads. For years I have harped on the misinformation campaign and the unfettered issuance of fiat. As I have suggested many times before, if any person or group is granted the ability to invent, (counterfeit), money, then they are also granted absolute power. If I had the ability to invent money, I could buy anything I wanted, including the vast majority of the human population of the earth. If you believe that you are above temptation, just start adding zeros. Of course, I don't have the ability to invent money, and those that do aren't buying patriots. In fact the people that they are interested in are those who can help them squash patriotism, national sovereignty, and our Constitutional way of life. To lend to my perception that this is an international dilemma, one need only consider the European Sovereign Debt Crisis and the prevalence of fiat currency systems world wide.

There is, afoot, a brilliant, albeit treacherous, scheme to control all the people and all the property of all the world. Who'd of thunk it?

In Part Two of this series, Those Who Would Be Kings, I will explore just who is behind this conspiracy.

And Whether Pigs Have Wings, part deux; Those Who Would Be Kings

ostritchIts not what you don't know that will screw you up, it's what you know that is wrong. The spin you hear from the mainstream media is intended to mislead you. Open your eyes and face the future. If you leave your head in the sand and ignore it, you are only leaving your butt exposed for the world to kick. This all may sound like gloom and doom, but when you get a handle on what is going to happen, you will have a future filled with opportunity. Fortune favors the Informed.

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Kenneth Parsons, aka Johnny Silver Bear, is an IT professional in Texas and the President of Silver Bear Communications, Inc. Mr. Parsons has been involved in the advertising and promotion industry for over thirty years. He is the editor and publisher of the Silver Bear Cafe and, as such, is responsible for shaping the content of "The Bear". Mr. Parsons has served as CEO for Fiberscape Communications, Inc., a web site development / hosting and streaming multi-media company in Richardson, Texas since 1997. He is a Jeffersonian and a passionate supporter of the U.S. Constitution. He is also an outspoken advocate of gold money and equal tax rates. You can contact Mr. Parsons with questions or comments via email at [email protected]

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