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They are coming for your children!
Jeffery Bennett

They are rampaging across the South to begin with the tearing down of the artful memorial statues of America’s history. It matters not to me exactly where you stand regarding the War of Northern Aggression – or whatever you choose to call it. I reside in Arizona, and there was exactly one battle between opposing sides – but our one single small memorial to that event was removed several years ago (by theft). Now it’s Chapel Hill, NC and that damned Socialist University. 

It’s happened in Georgia and other cities and states throughout the South, but next it will be the statues of Christ, and the Holy Crosses across the land – already being awarded against by the Progressive Courts in America. Yes – you read me correctly – Veterans Cemeteries standing since just after World War I – are being forced to remove large crosses which look over the graves of the deceased – and this does not even include the desecration of Confederate Fields of Honor.

Are they going after Lenin’s statue in Seattle? Nope! George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or any number of statues placed in honor of our founders? Oh Lord – what of Jim Bowie of Alamo fame? He had a slave – which he set free – but that matters not to these heathens. They will be going every “undesirable” (to them) statue from one end of the nation to the other. When do they begin to storm the museums in America?

When will they come for the graves of your fathers who fought in wars – just or otherwise – just because these animals are on the loose with no one in America willing to STOP them? How long do want to wave your Union Jack or Southern Cross, or sing ‘Dixie’ and sit back in the afternoon or early evening with your Southern Belle while you sip on a Mint Julep? How long does a nation continue to support the National Football League with the over-payed whiners down upon their knee?

What are their goals? What do they want? Who and or what are they coming for?

When one sees a statue of the type shown below – being used to replace the destroyed Ten Commandments in Arkansas – then you realize that it stands for Pedophilia – which is being pushed more and more by the ‘Champions’ in Government of these perverted beings.

The statues and crosses and sacred memorials throughout the land are merely the warm up.

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It has been said that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it! My first broadcast on World Wide Christian Radio was heard June 28, 1995. Since that time, I have attempted to address the problems and the future of this nation in a manner that was unique from others who were, and are still, broadcasting on the ‘alternative media.’ My broadcasts have utilized historical, biblical and the financial knowledge which I have attained over six-decades on this earth – to get the message regarding the plans of the now and future “rulers” of the world – across to both knowledgeable and uninformed Americans alike.

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