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First they came for Alex Jones...
Jim Quinn

I’ve never been a huge fan of Alex Jones. He always seemed a little unhingedto me. But who cares? He had the right to his free speech and was able to attract millions of followers to his website and as viewers of his videos. I disagree with far more people than I agree with, but that doesn’t mean I think they should be silenced. 

The First Amendment means something to me. It means nothing to the corporate media conglomerates supporting the agenda of the Deep State. They will use and are using their monopoly control over media outlets to silence the opposition. Alex Jones is the latest victim. They silenced HollyO. 

When will they silence TBP? I’m not dependent on Twitter, Facebook or Youtube for driving visitors to my site. They’ve punished TBP by taking away my biggest advertising revenue streams. Ad revenue is down 40% versus last year, mostly due to Amazon dumping me. Donations have only filled 15% of that gap.

They’ve tried denial of service attacks, but TMWNN fought them off. I expect them to try and shut TBP down through some sort of legal action because they know I don’t have the resources to fight a legal battle. Time is growing short. The war has begun.

They will do no more than what we let them do.


THE BOTTOM LINE: “…I did no more than you let me do.”


James Quinn has held financial positions with a retailer, homebuilder and university in his 29 year career. Those positions included treasurer, controller, and head of strategic planning. He is married with three boys and is writing these articles because he cares about their future. He earned a BS in accounting from Drexel University and an MBA from Villanova University. He is a certified public accountant and a certified cash manager. These articles reflect the personal views of James Quinn. They do not necessarily represent the views of his employer, and are not sponsored or endorsed by his employer.

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