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Time to arrest Jeff Sessions for LOITERING
Jackie Juntti

When one refuses to identify who the enemy is – losing the war is the only outcome to take place. ~ Granny

President Trump is looking at revoking security clearances for several people. I don’t understand why it isn’t already law that as soon as any person who has security clearance is relieved of their employment that the security clearance isn’t stopped at once. That to me should be the rule. Why isn’t it? If they are transferred from one position to another then a new review for a security clearance should be instigated. This should sound many alarms with these SWAMP CREATURES. 

My prayers for full exposure of the evil acts is taking place – I am now adding that as these things are exposed that the CONSEQUENCES for these things begin to take place. That all who have violated the law be arrested, charged,prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned – no more Clinton SLIDERS and we can start with her. If Martha Stewart went to prison for her tiny violation then Hillary and those FBI, CIA, DOJ, and those who covered for them pay for their lies and violations.

AND – let us keep in mind as we are hearing about the *foreign* interference in our government the we had a foreigner occupy the White house for 8 years and only a few stood against it. Obama so very successfully got away with never proving beyond any shadow of doubt that he was a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN – having ALL his records SEALED so no one can ever prove he was a foreign agent who inserted dynamite in all our agencies to bring down our REPUBLIC (we are NOT a *democracy*). Does Obama still have *security clearance*????

THINK folks, THINK of how the many levels of invasion of America has been going on at so many levels – far beyond just those ILLEGALS crossing our borders – we have them in the SWAMP – directing the crocs and ‘gaters on how to kill anyone who dares to expose or interfere with their destructive acts. (think of the infamous Clinton list of ‘no longer here‘ folks).



Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at [email protected].


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