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The Great Reset Is Almost Here – Are You Prepared?
Brandon Smith

I want you to imagine, for a moment, a future world in which everything we now know about functioning and surviving within the economy is completely upended. This world has gone fully digital, meaning people live within a cashless society where physical monetary interactions are abandoned or prohibited, replaced by CBDCs. All transactions are tracked and traced, nothing is private any longer unless you are operating as a criminal within a black market.

Furthermore, government overtly suppresses and micromanages all forms of production. Small businesses are a thing of the past, and only a select group of major corporations working directly with government are allowed to operate.

It’s not just that cash is outlawed and that everyone must rely on a digital ledger, but that government owns the very data pathways and networks we use to transfer funds – the plumbing of the global financial system itself. Much like the SWIFT data network, the globalists have the ability to lock down individual or business accounts. Deny owners access to their funds completely.

In the meantime, AI-based monitoring systems sift through billions of transactions every minute, searching for “anomalies.” The algorithm is designed to identify anyone who wants to remain anonymous.

The internet still exists, but it is a shell of its former self. The population uses it regularly to complete assigned tasks and to access approved research databases. Data providers are severely censored. Cryptocurrencies are not an alternative to CBDCs because any attempt to buy or sell them immediately sets off red flags for the AI watchdog.

Only government approved websites are allowed to exist, with extensive rules limiting what they can do and what they can say. AI chatbots provide the public with most of their data, and the globalists control the parameters of the chatbots. People are only ever exposed to the information that the elites want them to hear. All contrary data is eliminated. It’s not so much banned; rather, it is simply omitted from the record until the people who remember it are gone.

A preview of the brave new world

It might sound like science fiction, but every element of this technology already exists and is currently in testing at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Not long ago, during the Covid pandemic panic, organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF) began widely promoting a concept called the Great Reset. A new economic paradigm, a revolution in which AI runs everything, humanity is relegated to a limited number of government-issued “vital” jobs, and a new brand of technological socialism rules our lives.

Private property would be cast aside. Citizens would live day-to-day within a “shared economy” in which no one owns anything because everything is borrowed from the collective system on a daily basis. There’s no opportunity for most to acquire wealth, or to store it. There’s no provision for preparing for future needs or crises. The state plans for you, Citizen!

Human beings essentially cease to become active participants in their own lives. Instead, they’re managed en masse by technocratic overlords who live far away in high towers.

“You will own nothing” means “We will own everything

The Great Reset, or the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” as they sometimes call it, would be the start of a new terrifying age of feudalism. It’s a return to the oligarch and peasant model, a return to enslavement. The average person would only be allowed to work as a means to survive, never to accumulate wealth for the future.

The primary stepping-stone to this dystopian nightmare would be a global digital currency system. Without a cashless society, the globalists would have no power to enforce the other elements of their Reset.

But when and how will they implement this monstrosity, and why would anyone embrace it?

Globalists tend to operate in stages of incrementalism, but sometimes they exploit dramatic crisis events to frighten the population into compliance with policies that would have taken decades to institute otherwise. “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

We saw this clearly with the pandemic; most of the Reset concepts were openly admitted during this time, perhaps because the globalists thought they had it in the bag and there was nothing anyone could do to stop them. This included ample talk of cashless systems to prevent the spread of Covid on physical dollars.

You know, the same way germ-laden cash spread the Black Death across Europe in the 1400s. Or filthy greenbacks passed Spanish flu from shopper to cashier back in 1918… Of course, the only way to end those plagues was to burn all the money, right?

Nonsense. The Covid window slammed shut – the crisis was wasted.

Today, we must ask, when will they try again?

Fortunately, they’ve actually told us…

Most globalist organizations consistently mention the year 2030 as their timeline for finishing the numerous projects they have in place. Not just the “Great Reset” and numerous climate and carbon taxation goals. The WEF calls it a social contract to transform our world by 2030. The United Nations simply calls it Agenda 2030.

That’s not ominous at all, is it?

This tells us they want their control grid in place within seven years or less. That would be impossible without a bone rattling crisis of epic proportions. First, though, they’d have to introduce some of the elements of their master plan early, as a trial run. That way, when disaster does occur, the public will be aware of the “solutions” the elites already prepared with crisis in mind.

This process is under way right now.

In the case of digital currencies, crypto has already received wide exposure in popular media. Most people don’t own crypto and most who do don’t use it daily – but everyone has heard of it. CBDCs will be sold as a “safer and more stable” cryptocurrency, Uncle Sam’s bitcoin.

Right now, Australia is the test bed for fielding CBDCs to a national population. Their pilot programs are set to finish this summer and international transactions have been accomplished using the newly-invented “eAUD” currency. Now, of course they haven’t yet revealed a schedule to introduce the eAUD to foreign exchange markets or even to Australian citizens. The point is, the system exists, and can be copied and pasted by any other nation.

It really is that simple.

Even the most deluded globalist knows a few nations including America will never accept a cashless society without a complete collapse of both their currency and their economy. It’s just not going to happen otherwise.

I doubt many Americans would line up to accept such a dehumanizing and enslaving currency even after a total economic collapse.

In other words, only a full-spectrum crisis through the U.S. and the western world could possibly lead to a willing acceptance of CDBCs… A few years of “reconstruction,” a few dozen million homeless and starving in refugee camps would likely serve as the crisis needed. The globalist cashless “solutions” would follow.

If we take the globalist date of 2030 as a milestone, we can expect another crisis even more oppressive, pervasive and destructive of our liberties than the Covid pandemic — in the next 3-4 years. In order for the elites to get what they want, they need a 1-2-year crisis and a 1-2 year “reconstruction” and I’m certain “reeducation” period. After this, the change would be irreversible.

The longer the globalists wait, the more people become educated on their agenda and the less likely it will be to succeed.

Take steps now to insulate yourself and your family from the socialists’ end game. Make certain you have untrackable, uninflatable and totally anonymous stores of wealth (necessities like food and water for survival, barter goods for trade and physical gold and silver for everything else). When you depend on them for your very necessities, they have you right where they want you.



Brandon is the founder and chief strategist behind the Alternative Market Project. His goal is to create a barter networking hub and educational gathering place for every American across the country who wishes to decouple from our current collapsing financial system and build something better. Getting people out of their homes and meeting face to face to organize meaningful relationships, and eventually, entire free market communities designed to shield cities and states from economic and political danger; this is the mission of the Alternative Market Project.

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