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The Dumbing Down of America Is Deliberate and Deadly
Dave Hodges

We hear the mantra quite often: The dumbing down of America. Former senior level education official in the Reagan administration, Charlotte Iserbyt, even wrote a book by a similar name.

Is America getting dumber? Is this presumption even measurable? The answer to both questions is an unqualified yes!

In a related to vein to the purpose of this website, could this happen by design because controlling a population is made infinitely easier if the population is dumbed down. Some would even go as far as to say that the process of dumbing America down is not only real, but it is deadly.

Ground-Breaking Study

Many researchers have been saying for years that people are actually getting dumber. Now, because of a new study, we can actually quantify that statement. And because of population demographics, the problem is not going to get any better. Who has the most children, rich or poor? This is an important consideration because social class is highly correlated to both income and IQ and as we know, smart people tend to have smart children. And since low income have the most children, the generational effect should be obvious to all.   Can these claims be validated?

Do Rich People Tend to be Smarter?

To accurately answer that question, one has to consider certain variables. A good explanation of the possible trend between wealth and IQ we turn to Alex Lightman, Co-Author of the best-seller, Augmented: Life In The Smart Lane.

Yes and no. In countries will low corruption, like Denmark and Singapore, certainly yes. In countries with high corruption, then no. Corruption is the tool used by people with average IQ to level the playing field. 

The New York Times Economix blog found “a very strong positive correlation between income and test scores,” which they illustrate in the above graph comparing SAT scores to family income. In a nutshell, it shows that kids from wealthier families do better on the SATs.

These findings are reinforced by the Atlantic Magazine:

Atlantic’s own Conor Clarke cited a book titled “Intelligence and How to Get It: Why Schools and Cultures Count.” Specifically, he pointed to a chapter on “Heritability and Mutability.” Clarke wrote, “It took 15 seconds of googling to find problems with the Mankiw theory: high-income adoptees are 12 IQ points higher.” In other words, kids adopted by rich parents do better on IQ tests than kids adopted by less wealthy parents. From the book:

As it turns out, both genes and class-related environmental effects are powerful contributors to intelligence.

[…] The crucial finding is that children adopted by high-SES parents had IQs that averaged 12 points higher than the IQs of those adopted by low-SES parents–and this was true whether the biological mothers of the children were of low or high SES. So the study showed that being raised in a higher-social-class environment produces children with far higher IQ than does being raised in lower-social-class environments.

Norwegian Study On IQ’s

The internet is filled with citations regarding the recently released Norwegian IQ studies which conclusively demonstrated that IQ  scores are significantly dropping

From USA Today:

Environmental factors such as health and education played a role in both the rise in IQ scores during the 20th century, as well as a long-term decline dating back to the mid-’70s, a study from Norwegian researchers suggests.

The study focuses on the Flynn effect, a term used to describe the steady rise in IQ scores during the 20th century. IQ scores started trending downward after 1975, the study shows.

Researchers with Oslo’s Ragnar Frisch Center for Economic Research studied scores from more than 730,000 men between 1962 and 1991 who participated in military conscription testing. Researchers then narrowed down to focus on families with brothers to determine whether genetics or environmental factors played a greater role in IQ scores.

Results showed fluctuations in scores between brothers were similar to other participants, suggesting outside factors such as better health, changes in the education system or better standards of living, had a greater impact than family genes. 

The data is very clear, increasingly, the collective environment of the Western democracies is in severe decline. Primarily, this is due to the enormous wealth transfer that is happening on the planet where , countries like the United States, the middle class is being systematically eliminated. One might joke that only the very stupid would let this happen to them. Maybe it is not such a joke.

A Reversal of the Flynn Effect

Average IQs had previously risen by roughly three percentage points every decade since the Second World War, in a poorly understood trend known as the Flynn effect. That trend started to reverse in the 1990’s. Therefore, one must be careful to not interpret the trend as being recent. The trend matches the decline in standard of living across the planet which accompanied major transfers of wealth at the same time.

Researcher Michael Shayer, who co-authored a study on IQ trends, told Euronews that since 1995 a “large social force has been interfering with children’s development of thinking, getting larger each year… ave altered the way that children communicate with each other…Take 14-year-olds in Britain. What 25% could do back in 1994, now only 5% can do (with regard to math and science) ”.

This is not a new trend and it not confined to just Western democracies. A 2011 nationwide study in Thailand found similar results.

Do Drops In IQ Equal the Equivalent Drop In Income?

In each one of these studies, the answer is an unqualified yes. The effect is what we call in research, bidirectional. This means that each variable has an influence on the other. Drops in IQ result in corresponding drops in income. And drops in income has the same relationship with lowered IQ, particularly in children where IQ is a more variable measure.


Why did the Germans forcibly give the residents of the concentration camps fluoride? They claimed it made the population more docile and easier to control. Aren’t we doing the same to most of our water supplies?

The substances that we routinely paint our skies with (ie chemtrails), are laced with aluminum and other toxic chemicals which impact brain health and cognitive processes.

The new 5G installation into the fabric of our society have multitudes of studies showing the toxic impact that this will have and how brain tumors and brain cancer will proliferate. I could go one, but the trend curve should be obvious to anyone who has the courage to look at the facts.

It is very difficult to conclude that this is not deliberate and it certainly is deliberately deadly. Most of us are aware of the multitude of quotes from various globalist figures who tell us that 90% of need to be gone from the face of the planet. Apparently, they mean what they say. Some might say that nobody ever died of being stupid. I would respectfully disagree.



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