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The FALL of the WEST and why the world’s economic future
belongs to China, Russia, India and Iran
Mike Adams

Introduction: This one chart explains what’s happening in the world today, as the collapse of the West accelerates, and the rise of Russia, China, Iran, India and BRICS nations emerges. The chart is from the book, “Why the West Can’t Win” by Fadi Lama. I interviewed this extraordinary author today, and the interview is linked and embedded below. His rigorous, data-driven analysis achieves mind-boggling conclusions about the direction of economic, military and industrial powers across our world, and the inescapable conclusion is that the West is finished. Obsolete.

The dollar will die, Western Europe will suffer economic and industrial collapse (it has already begun), and any nations foolish enough to cling to the dying corpse of the US Empire (Taiwan, Israel, Australia, Japan, etc.) will suffer devastating losses in economic, industrial, military, cultural and geopolitical power. This is a can’t-miss interview that gives you a suddenly clear perception of what’s happening in the world. With this knowledge you can “decode” the wars, sanctions and political games playing out in front of us all.

China’s electricity generation has now surpassed all the G-7 nations combined. All the “climate change” nations are sabotaging their own energy infrastructure, leading to a rapid decline in farming production, industry, military capabilities, small business growth and also population. It is the climate change cultists who are pushing national suicide while those nations that aren’t afraid to produce and use energy are rapidly eclipsing the West.

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The full broadcast: The fall of the West and why the world’s economic future belongs to China, Russia, India and Iran.

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In this Special Report on Brighteon Broadcast News, we explore how the financial oligarchy is impacting Western nations’ futures. We delve into the economic and military successes of China, Russia, India, and Iran while highlighting the challenges faced by Western civilization. Additionally, we discuss the decline of Western nations, led by the United States, due to obsolete economic and political systems.

Political issues in Austin, Texas, and Israel’s war crimes are also addressed, as well as Netanyahu’s alleged immunity and its implications for international law. The torture and killing of a Palestinian doctor in Israeli detention are further examined. We analyze the correlation between energy consumption and GDP in Western nations, along with the impact of energy consumption on their economies and societies.

The rise of BRICS nations in the global monetary system is discussed, as well as the impending collapse of the US dollar and its potential consequences. The report also covers the US economic collapse, energy crisis, and geopolitical tensions. Lastly, we delve into global politics, Israel, and alternative healing, touching upon anti-Semitism and Zionism while critiquing Israel's actions. The US Congress's potential infringement on free speech through the anti-Semitism awareness act is also discussed.

Additionally, we will explore military power and its effect on the Middle East, military casualties and censorship in the media, the decline of the US empire, military power, and Iran's attack on US bases. We will also discuss the changing nature of warfare and the West's inability to adapt, economic collapse, gold-backed currency, and preparedness solutions for survival and self-defense.

Israeli genocide and attacks on free speech in America

Today, we will be interviewing an exceptionally intelligent individual named Fadi Lama. He is the author of a book titled "Why the West Can't Win: From Bretton Woods to a Multipolar World," which is available everywhere. The publisher of this book is Clarity Press, with whom I am not familiar but am glad to have published this work. Dr. Fadi Lama serves as an international advisor for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and is a partner at DNL Strategic Consulting, offering services in geo-economics, industry, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), and academia. He is also the founder and general manager of a testing equipment and industrial automation systems manufacturing company. Dr. Fadi Lama holds a PhD in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech, a master's degree in manufacturing technology from the University of London, and another master's degree in mechanical engineering from an unspecified institution. As a highly educated researcher, author, and numbers-driven professional, his book has been praised for its extraordinary insight into the history and current state of the financial oligarchy and as a meticulously detailed analysis of the forces shaping today's geopolitical power shift. I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Lama recently, and our conversation was enlightening.

Today's interview is groundbreaking and thought-provoking. Although I will provide an upfront analysis of the key findings from his research and how they are presented in his book, it is essential to note that there is much more content available if you decide to purchase the book. This information also has significant implications for listeners residing in Western countries such as Western Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Taiwan.

Let me clarify, perhaps not your specific future, as you will likely navigate it better than most; however, the future of your nation is not promising. There's a data-driven reason for this, which is not mere conjecture or opinion. It's based on facts and evidence. The future is already set in broad strokes, with minor details subject to change. Western civilization will indeed fall, leading to today's podcast title, "The Fall of the West." Consequently, the economic future of our world will belong to China, Russia, India, and Iran. This statement is not an endorsement for these countries; three out of four are currently considered enemies by the United States. I am not rooting for Communist China to dominate the global economy or for Iran to take control of the world. However, it's important to acknowledge that there are significant issues with certain actions taken by Israel.

As a realist, one cannot deny the accelerating decline of the West and the successes achieved by countries like China, Russia, Iran, and India. These nations are predominantly part of the BRICS grouping, which is no coincidence. There have been numerous examples of their achievements, such as China's mastery of massive industrial output and naval shipyard construction capacity, reportedly 200 times greater than that of the United States. Russia has also demonstrated its prowess in mass producing artillery, drones, and rapidly innovating new generations of weapons systems. Additionally, they have invested domestically in their own industrial supply chains, utilizing cheap and abundant energy resources. This domestic harnessing of resources has enabled Russia to surpass the combined military-industrial output of all G7 nations. Regardless of one's stance on Russia or its leadership, this is an undeniable industrial success story. Even under extreme punitive sanctions from the West, Russia has managed to thrive and, in some cases, benefit from these measures. This highlights a troubling trend where the West seems to be shooting itself in the foot, or more accurately, in the head given the current state of affairs under the Joe Biden regime.

Iran demonstrates military dominance over Israel

Iran recently demonstrated a strategically brilliant tactic by launching hundreds of low-cost drones and rockets, along with a small number of precision-guided ballistic missiles. This move significantly depleted Israel's anti-air defense systems, causing the US to spend billions of dollars on their behalf since America pays for Israel's military expenses. Concurrently, Iran established escalation dominance by sending a message to Israel that they can strike any target in the country at any time with various payloads on their advanced, evasive missiles that dodge anti-air defense systems.

This message was sent around mid-April, as it was April 1 when Israel struck the Iranian Consulate building in Damascus. Two weeks later, Iran retaliated with a brilliant drone strike and missile strike against Israel, establishing its technological and military dominance in a way that cannot be ignored. The rules of the game have changed, and Western nations - including Israel and the United States - have found themselves obsolete. Not only are they obsolete, but they lack any mechanism to catch up with countries like China, Russia, Iran, India, or even Turkey.

The West is already obsolete, and they don't realize it yet. They continue to act as bullies, such as Antony Blinken and Janet Yellen, making demands on China for unfair trade practices. The US tries to crush this competition with sanctions, while China simply laughs at their attempts.

Blinken, a figure often criticized, serves as an emblematic representative of the decline of the West. As a constant apologist, his demeanor is one of sadness and regret, as if he wakes up each day apologizing for his existence and the actions of the West. Despite this, Blinken continues to make demands and issue sanctions around the world, often appearing submissive in the process. The Western world's obsolete mindset persists, as they still act like a nuclear superpower from 1952, imposing their "rules-based order" while expecting others to follow their rules without question. However, this outdated approach is becoming increasingly apparent and will likely lead to further challenges for the West in the future.

The fraud of the West's "rules based order"

The rules don't apply to us; they only apply to others, which is how the US continues to operate. It's no secret that countries like China and Russia are laughing at our expense. Even Iran finds amusement in America's antics, particularly when we present figures such as a Space Force Admiral who seems more focused on LGBT moral lectures than actual military strategies. This situation likely has Russia in stitches, playing the video on repeat during their Comedy Hour. It's like watching the World's Funniest Home Videos from America - absolutely insane. However, they would probably be laughing just as hard if they heard it in Russian. Sadly, it seems that the entire West has become obsolete. As an American, this moment fills me with sadness. I love the ideals upon which our nation was founded, and I don't want to see it fall.

As an independent-minded American, I can see the reality that surrounds us daily in society. Whether it's at the bank or grocery store, it's evident that people are consuming products filled with harmful chemicals - from refined, nutrient-depleted cereal products to poisonous shampoo and personal care products. It feels like everyone is unknowingly poisoning themselves. This trend is common across America, where many struggle to afford food due to high inflation rates caused by excessive money printing.

Looking around, it's clear that society is breaking down. Cognitive decline has become widespread, affecting people's ability to function as they once could. The cities are in disarray, with Austin, Texas being a prime example. On my recent visit there, it was shocking to see hordes of drug addicts and homeless people with criminal-like appearances gathered at various street corners. Some had no teeth, highlighting the dire situation in many urban areas across America.

The streets were covered in trash, with mattresses discarded on sidewalks and tents under bridges housing people who appeared despondent. Driving around Austin, one could not help but notice the pervasive sense of despair. Alongside these sights, there were often individuals with left-leaning views, identifiable by their blue hair and nose ring piercings. These encounters led to feelings of frustration and a desire to leave the city as quickly as possible. As a result, we chose to avoid going into Austin altogether, feeling that the city was collapsing. One reason for the West's decline is the lack of defense for traditional morality and family values. While some have tried to stand up for these principles, by and large, both the culture and the people seem to turn a blind eye to issues such as women entering girls' restrooms, men changing clothes in girls' locker rooms, and the presence of males on the women's wrestling team. It appears that nobody cares about these matters anymore, prioritizing equality above all else.

Democrats are dismantling America's energy infrastructure

The 2020 election was stolen by the Democrats, leading to the shutdown of America's energy supply. On day one in office, President Joe Biden halted the XL pipeline, energy exploration, and offshore natural gas harvesting, which could have provided affordable, abundant energy for the nation. Former President Trump had supported domestic energy production, contributing to a stronger economy prior to his administration's rollout of Operation Warp Speed and the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. However, Biden's policies led to America's dependence on Middle Eastern energy sources, which has resulted in escalating tensions and the possibility of nuclear war in the region. Consequently, the United States is now spending billions of dollars to support Israel, a regime accused of genocide under leaders like Netanyahu. These funds are used to arm Israel, which in turn uses American weapons to kill Palestinian women, children, and occasional Hamas members in Gaza. Instead of relying on Middle Eastern energy sources and supporting Israel, America should focus on domestic energy production.

Israel, if you wish to engage in conflict with Iran, it is your responsibility to deal with the consequences. Netanyahu's actions and their impact on the Middle East should be discussed separately. Our website,, aggregates news from heavily censored sources, including, which has recently been covering the war crimes of Israel and Netanyahu in particular. These issues go beyond politics; they involve human rights and dignity.

Israel's war crimes's recent expose on Netanyahu's claims that an ICC arrest warrant would be an antisemitic hate crime is shocking. As a murderous, psychopathic war criminal leading a campaign of ethnic cleansing and mass genocide, he argues that his Jewish heritage grants him absolute immunity. This violent lunacy in the Middle East must be addressed.

He claims that if an arrest warrant is issued against him, it constitutes an anti-Semitic hate crime. In the past, some diplomats have argued they possess diplomatic immunity. He asserts his Jewish identity and suggests a form of "Jewish Matic" or automatic immunity, similar to what he claims for himself. This stance should infuriate Jews worldwide, as most Jewish people around the globe condemn Netanyahu's actions and support a world governed by the rule of law. They are not advocates of lawlessness like Netanyahu seems to be. However, Netanyahu argues for "jewmatic" immunity, meaning that the International Criminal Court (ICC) cannot issue an arrest warrant against him due to anti-Semitic implications. Essentially, he suggests that anyone who converts to Judaism is granted total immunity from prosecution for their crimes. According to this logic, a person could commit acts of violence like rape, robbery, or carjacking and simply claim, "You can't arrest me; that would be anti-Semitic." Since the Jewish faith allows conversions, it seems that Netanyahu's argument could embolden criminals in New Jersey and elsewhere to convert and use his justification as a shield from the law.

This whole idea of what Netanyahu is invoking is highly offensive to most Jews. And I'm not criticizing most Jews, by the way, I'm criticizing Netanyahu for perverting the name of Judaism and perverting the faith of Judaism. He stands as an abhorrent contradiction of what the Jewish faith actually teaches, by the way, he is not truly Jewish. So he doesn't have to subject himself to any court in the world no matter what he does. He can carry out genocide and mass murder. No court can hold him accountable. He says, and did you know that the United States State Department and the US Congress is now threatening the ICC and telling them Don't you dare issue arrest warrants against Netanyahu?

Because if you do, we're going to punish you. I wonder what that's gonna look like. So here you have a global criminal who is hiding behind being Jewish and using Judaism as a cover to carry out orders of mass extermination allegedly given by God. God supposedly spoke to him, telling him to go forth and slaughter, targeting the Palestinian people. No court can hold him accountable for his crimes due to dramatic immunity. This raises the question: why does the rest of the world hate the West? Someone asked me recently, "Do you hate Jews or something?" No, I don't hate Jews at all. What I despise are individuals like Netanyahu who are misrepresenting and bastardizing the Jewish faith in order to justify their violent actions. If you want to call that love, then I don't recognize your definition of love. I don't love mass murderers, pedophiles, child perverts, groomers, child molesters, or those who dropped 2000-pound bombs on women and children in hospitals and universities. If you think that's love, then you belong in the plane of hell.

You're supposed to also love Netanyahu, a psychopathic mass murderer, because God told him to do so. And some of the Christian Zionists are in on this too. It's like, what god are you listening to? You think your personal faith, person of death? So here's a headline that proves this yet again. A prominent Palestinian Doctor was tortured and killed in Israeli detention. This is a Palestinian surgeon who was the head of orthopedic medicine at Al Shifa Hospital. He was killed by torture while in Israeli detention, according to his statement from the Palestinian prisoners society. The man was only 50 years old. He died in the Israeli controlled Ofer prison in the occupied West Bank on April 19. His body has been withheld by Israel and another detainee. Ishmael Abdul, a 33-year-old detainee, also died in custody. His body was handed over to victims who died of torture and crimes committed against Gaza and detainees.

They were torturing an orthopedic surgeon in an attempt to get him to confess that Al Shifa Hospital was used as a military base by Hamas, allowing Israel to justify bombing the hospital. The captors would torture doctors and others, with unknown horrors involved, for confessions they could use for public relations purposes to continue justifying their actions. This behavior highlights the evil nature of Israel and its leader, Netanyahu, as well as 80% of the Israeli population who support such tactics. In contrast, Jews outside of Israel do not condone this behavior. The mass torture and death of enemies are used by Israel to justify their killing of Palestinians. This is one reason why many nations around the world dislike the West. America claims there's no evidence of crimes against humanity or human rights violations, despite Israel torturing and murdering medical professionals working in hospitals they have bombed. The world's anger stems from the dishonest and demonic actions of the West, as highlighted by Russian spokespeople like Shoigu and Medvedev, who describe the West as a demonic death cult.

Medvedev's assessment of the West as a satanic death cult may not be entirely accurate, but it highlights the growing concerns about the state of Western society. As someone living in America, I have witnessed firsthand the deterioration of values and morals within our government and among certain segments of society. The war mongering and bloodlust displayed by wealthy conservative Americans is alarming, as they seem to prioritize profit over human life.

The reliance on paper or digital money has led to a focus on materialism rather than the well-being of individuals. This, in turn, has contributed to the consumption of toxic foods and medications that negatively impact mental health. The ongoing vaccine debate further divides society and raises questions about the safety and efficacy of these jabs.

As we continue to witness the decline of Western civilization, it is crucial for all of us to remain vigilant and engaged in the issues affecting our world. The process of tearing apart our societies has only just begun, but there is still hope for change if we work together to address these challenges head-on.


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