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Petty Tyrants
Monty Pelerin

Petty tyrants are everywhere. Inside all of us is a “tyrant gene” that wants to take charge. Few do not believe we could not improve things if we were in charge.

Our society is based on liberty. Individuals have choice over their actions so long as they do not infringe upon others. The infringement possibility produces a need for “referees” or policemen (although extreme libertarians do not easily admit to this need or that it need be as powerful as it currently is). Regardless, the existence of a level of referees, policing authority and rule-makers with special power provide them with more “rights” that the rest of us.

These positions are Petrie dishes for the tyrant gene. Power is an aphrodisiac. Power is also like a weed. If ignored, it takes over the garden, the neighborhood and the country.

Under ideal conditions, the power is usually abused. Under crises situations, it is severely abused. The coronavirus provides the excuse for Stalinesque-type politicians to exercise the power they believe they have and deserve. Nothing could be more damaging to the country. And, nothing could be more revealing to the character of politicians.

Patricia McCarthy has opined on this relation in the American Spectator. Her analysis suggests petty tyrants differ by political afilliation. Those with strong tyrant genes seem to lean toward the Democrat Party.

Petty tyrants abound. In a crisis, the left turns to authoritarianism, the right fights for liberty

By Patricia McCarthy May 13, 2020

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” Camus

 The Covid 19 pandemic has served one particular purpose:  it has demonstrated for all to see how much the left bends toward authoritarianism while the right is left to fight for freedom.

From the moment Drs. Fauci and Birx presented the President with Neil Ferguson’s grossly-overly alarmist computer model predicting mass death, leading them to and advocate for  a total shutdown of the economy, the left’s natural inclination to ruthless subjugation reared its ugly head.  Very quickly those with a heretofore modicum of power puffed themselves up like howler monkeys and started barking orders at their perceived subjects.

The Napoleonic Dr. Fauci is the first person that comes to mind when considering all those who have assumed power far beyond their realm.  Yes, he has long been a government apparatchik, the go-to immunologist since 1984 during the AIDS epidemic.  He got a lot wrong then, as he has gotten a lot wrong throughout the covid19 event.  A long-time leftist and fawning fan of Hillary Clinton, he has leapt to the top of the heap of those the media worship as the fount of all covid19 knowledge.

The media never challenge him, never bring up all the things he has had to revisit.  “The flu is not serious “, “it is serious”; “masks are not necessary”, “masks are necessary”, and now, we cannot open up the states until there is a vaccine.  To this day there is no vaccine for AIDS.  This man has very likely not been a physician in a hospital or seen a patient in decades.  He looks at data no matter how flawed and dictates his recommendations based on computer algorithms, and the media hangs on his every word as if uttered from Mt. Sinai, which is why we are where we are today.

If Trump were to take issue with Fauci, the media would suffer a mass meltdown.

So here we are eight weeks into a national shutdown and our petty tyrants with swelling chests are all over the place, particularly in the blue states.  It is elected Democrats, from governors to the mayors of small towns, who are giving orders like the drill sergeants they are at heart.  Cuomo of NY is perhaps the worst because his orders sent thousands of elderly patients to their deaths when he ordered those sick with the virus into nursing homes.

Then there is the clownish Gov. of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, who has taken what she views as her absolute power to ordain which businesses can stay open and what people may purchase; marijuana, alcohol, lottery tickets are allowed, plants, paint, baby gear are not.  Big Box stores in Michigan have had to close off forbidden items with police tape.  Citizens of Michigan cannot drive to their summer homes or visit friends.  They can row a boat but not ride in one with a motor.

And equally as controlling are the Governor of Illinois, Pritzker, and Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot.  They are both wallowing in their newfound power over their constituents.  Pritzker has banned all travel, but not for his own family.  He has decreed that churches cannot open for a year.  Churches to the left are like crosses to a vampire.   Lightfoot closed all hair salons but went to her own. Both defended their breaking their own decrees because, well, they are special.

Then there is California, which has for the most part avoided the mass death that NY has endured.  Gov. Gavin Newsom has had it pretty easy, but that has not kept him from issuing all sorts of arbitrary closures, like beaches.   He has ordered by-mail voting (easier to cheat), and of course the closure of all non-essential businesses.  Like the rest of these petty tyrants, they have shuttered the businesses of those who most need to work, those who need a weekly income.

This crowd of overseers do not lose a dime of income or a wink of sleep while ordering those for whom business is absolutely essential to sit at home.  Like that judge in Dallas who sat up high on his bench and called salon-owner Shelly Luther selfish and demanded she apologize for opening her place of business.  She told him she needed to feed her kids and that she would not apologize for that.  He fined her $7k and sentenced her to seven days in jail.  This so enraged the people most affected by this brand of leftist indifference to her plight that her GoFundMe page raised over $500k.  One would think that might be a wake-up call to theses big kahunas but no, they double down.

Tom Wolf, Governor of PA ordered “all but life-sustaining businesses” to be shuttered.  As numerous business and some local mayors have rebelled, he has threatened them with withholding of funds and/or loss of business licenses.  This is the man who said, when Tucker Carlson asked him if he had considered the Bill of Rights when shutting down his state, replied that the Bill of Rights was “above his pay grade.”

That is how you recognize tyrants – they never consider the Constitution, for they intend to render it meaningless.  Then there is Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey.  He has banned all social gatherings and all what-he-deems-non-essential businesses.  NJ was a hot spot for the virus but Murphy’s tack has been to instill fear and panic; “folks have go to be jolted” he told Martha Radditz.

The new Gov. of Kentucky revealed himself to be a tyrant of the anti-religious kind.  He’s the one who promised that if churchgoers attended an Easter service in their cars, their license plates would be collected and they would be fined.  A Trump-appointed judge, Justin Walker, put a stop to that nonsense.

Janet Mills, Gov. of Maine has been extremely hard on her citizens, shuttering all businesses and threatening those who defy her with loss of licenses.  As of now, Maine had counted 1,477 cases and sixty-five deaths in a state of 1.3m people! Meanwhile, the media have gone hard after any red state governor who has not imposed strict enough, to their minds, rules to be followed or else.  Nearly all of the mainstream media experiences malevolent joy at the misfortune, the loss of thirty million jobs, the working people of America are suffering.

Who is the very worst of the worst?  That would be Nancy Pelosi of fancy ice cream infamy.  This is the person who most clearly defines the left today.  Arrogant, elitist, thoroughly out of touch with working people, she is a 2020 version of Marie Antoinette and Lady Macbeth – corrupt and unscrupulous to her very core.  She has offered up an additional spending bill, this time $3t -the Heroes Bill of 2020 – that is ludicrous,  full of far left nonsense having little whatever to do with the consequences of the virus or the shutdown.  It does provide billions for illegal immigrants, however.  This monstrosity is her version of “never let a crisis go to waste.”  The US is already at least $25t in debt.  To borrow this much more would make us a “vassal of China” (Mark Levin) in perpetuity.  Like the rest of her set, they truly do mean to destroy America and use the impoverishment of middle classes they so abhor to do it.

Pandemics like this one, maybe less serious, perhaps more serious, will come and go as they have for millennia.  If this current pandemic has done anything valuable, it is to expose the predilection for totalitarianism that is the soul of the American left for all to see and experience.   Even our socialist-indoctrinated millennials do not like their beaches closed and their bars and restaurants put out of business.  All those people who finally found jobs once Trump became president are not likely to look upon their jailers with fondness.  These blue state commies may find themselves voted out by the very people they have long taken for granted.

Meanwhile, those who have bought into the panic and fear, those isolating themselves in their homes while their immune systems weaken, will suffer the most, physically and mentally.  Drug overdoses are sure to rise, as are deaths by lack of medical attention, cancer screenings and necessary elective surgeries, and of course suicides.  This is what our tyrannous left hath wrought.

The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”  Frederick Douglass 

The American people are not likely to stand for the abrogation of their natural and constitutional rights to self-preservation, independence and economic pursuits much longer.  Viruses come and go but the American spirit will prevail.  Petty tyrants be damned.


“Monty Pelerin” is a pseudonym derived from The Mont Pelerin Society. A pseudonym was adopted for the site when it began because I was teaching college and didn’t want any political views to taint the classroom.

The image on the left is that of Friedrich Hayek, Nobel laureate in Economics in 1974. He was the founder of the Mont Pelerin Society in 1947. The image on the right is Ludwig von Mises who was Hayek’s mentor and considered the dean of the modern Austrian School of Economics. For background on the Society, see below.

“Monty” retired to Asheville, NC with a corporate and academic background. The corporate experience was in the financial field in CFO positions. The academic background included college and graduate level teaching for about ten years. AB, MBA and PhD degrees from Duke University, the University of Chicago and Syracuse University in finance and economics provided the academic credentials.

A love of country and concern for its future prompted this website. I have children and grandchildren. They are the ones who will have to live with the mess we have allowed. In some small way, perhaps this effort can have a positive effect on their and others’ futures.

Other interests are reading, investing and sports.

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