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Seeking Arrangement Might Just Burst the College Bubble
Aaron Carey

There are THREE WARNINGS for this article. 

1.  This article contains links and discussion about porn and pornographic sites. You have been warned.

2.  This article is also written from a cold, clinical, empiricist economic viewpoint absent of any human emotion which you will find more insulting.  You have also been warned.

3.  This article is about a solid 45 minute read.  It's not for those of you with the attention span of goldfish or millennials.  Be careful reading it.  Your intellect might be stimulated 

"Ole Man Clarey's" Ignorance of Tentacle Porn

Like every red-blooded man on the planet, I have looked at porn on the internet.  Anybody who tells you any different is a liar.  And, like every red-blooded man on the planet, I have also had a microscopic tinge of shame in this fact.  However, I earned myself a bit of a reprieve listening to a podcast-colleague of mine, Chris Bechtloff

Since Chris and his co-hosts are friends/colleagues of mine, he and his co-hosts occasionally give me guff on the show.  They laugh and guffaw at "Ole Man Clarey" and his quaint, outdated Gen X's ways.  So when they found out I had no idea what on god's green Earth "tentacle porn" was, they could not rush me the links fast enough to this whole new world of depravity I wish I had never found out existed.  Traumatizing as "tentacle porn" was, however, it did make me feel a hell of a lot better about my comparably-pure-as-the-driven-snow porn tastes.  Good ole fashioned American "big tits, long legs, and lingerie" is almost saintly compared to some of the darker "Bechtloffian" niches of the porn world, and so whatever microscopic tinge of guilt I once had was now fully erased by those dagnabbit millennials and their warped, depraved porn habits.

But "tentacle porn" was not the most eye-opening of the sites they sent me to.  Matter of fact, not by a long shot.  For while "tentacle porn" is truly bizarre and disturbing, it is in actuality cartoon porn (don't ask), not involving actual, real, live humans.  And me being the libertarian I am, who am I to judge people's porn preferences?  If people want to watch cartoon, Japanese "tentacle porn," let them.  They're not hurting anybody.  No crime, no foul.

Enter in ""


"" is simply a pornographic web-cam site.  I can say "simply" now because now I know what a "web-cam site" actually is.  But at the time I had no idea and didn't even understand the concept of it.  Regardless, a web cam site is essentially an online strip club where girls will perform pretty much every possible, conceivable sexual act online, taking tips and donations from virtual strip-club goers.  It's streamed live through women's web-cams and men can throw money at them all day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from around the globe.

Unlike Japanese, cartoon, tentacle porn, these girls are very real.  And the sex acts they perform are also very real.  But even more real than that is the absurd amounts of money both Chaturbate Inc and these "digital strippers" make.  There are no industrial classification codes at the BEA, but your average webcam girl can make anywhere between $50-$100 an hour - more than an engineering major is going to make fresh out of college (perhaps more in line with what a surgeon makes).  However, because a girl can't be "camming" 24-7 this pro-rates out to more like $1,000-$4,000 a month, translating into either rent money or a modest salary most people can live on (though some of the top webcam models make $50K a month or more).

But what I found most fascinating about Chaturbate was the ruthless economics of this business model - both for the strip club industry, as well as its webcam girls themselves.  First, it has completely obsoleted the brick and mortar strip club.  You no longer need the capital investment costs of a building, stage, stripper pole, cocktail bar, even furniture.  You just need some servers and some web design.  The "stage" is the room that the web cam girl decides to set up in.  Second, you don't need staff or a bouncer either to serve the attendees drinks or to kick them out.  This lowers eliminates labor, as well as insurance costs, allowing for more profit to be divvied up between Chaturbate Inc and the strippers.  Third, the women themselves needn't suffer the physical presence of strip club goers.  It's safer, cleaner, more hygienic, and I'm sure a lot less mentally taxing than grinding against random guys you don't like and don't care about for hours on end.  Fourth, girls get to "telecommute."  I know perhaps this isn't a main selling point for strippers/web-cam girls, but it is a convenience you can just plug in a web cam and go, instead of having to drive down to a shady part of town and worry about some stalker following you out to your car.  Finally, supply and demand is 59% global.  You might ask "what do you mean 59% global?"  And what I mean by that is 59% of the world's population has access to the internet, meaning both men (demanders) and women (suppliers) can be entering this market 24-7.  This means instead of just having 3-4 strippers on a stage at any given time, you can have THOUSANDS of women globally "stripping" at one time.  Also, of particular benefit to women, instead of only having the legal fire-code building capacity of a strip club (say 200 people) you have (in theory) 2.2 BILLION men in this strip club (all the men who have access to the internet).  This not only means more tippers, but multiple tippers at one time as you are not performing a lap dance for any one man (thus prohibiting you from giving a lap dance to another) and can serve multiple, even hundreds of men at the same time.  This can translate into hundreds, even thousands of dollars an hour in theory.

In nearly every way Chaturbate is superior to strip clubs and stripping.  It's more profitable.  It's easier to set up (both for strippers and Chaturbate Inc).  It's safer for the girls.  Cleaner.  And infinitely more convenient for both the web cam models as well as the "digital strip club goers."  As an economist I find Chaturbate fascinating.  And I do mean that from an economic, philosophical, and entrepreneurial perspective, not a pornographic one.  Chaturbate is truly an amazing case study in business, economics, technology, and entrepreneurship.

But there was something else about Chaturbate that made my economic spidey senses tingle  And I actually took the time to grab a piece of paper and a pen.  And as I doodled, took notes, and put onto paper the ill-defined epiphany that was trying to get out of my mind, I realized that Chaturbate was much more than that.

Dear god almighty.  Much, much more than that.

And the ramifications go well beyond the strip club industry.

The Most Valuable Commodity in the World

To understand the full ramifications of Chaturbate and Chaturbate-like sites we need a critical lesson in economics that is never taught in schools.  I say "never taught in schools" because I am the only one to unearth this critical lesson and I have yet to teach it in any school.  Furthermore, it's truthful, which means it's politically incorrect, which means even if economics professors knew of this lesson, they wouldn't teach it because, well, truth and reality have no place in today's colleges and universities.  And that lesson is...

Female youth and beauty is the most valuable commodity in the world.

I'll say that again in case you didn't hear me the first time.

Female youth and beauty is the most valuable commodity in the world. 

I've pointed this epiphany out before, and I'll point it out again, but what drives this world and has driven it since the dawn of time is not:

Slave labor, or

It is, without a doubt, female youth and beauty.

Don't believe me?

Look at what men have both created and destroyed to have access to women.

Men (whether you like it or not) have single-handedly built civilization.  We build buildings, roads, aqueducts, bridges, and forges all so we can get a beautiful, young woman.  We've built cars, planes, trains, automobiles, buses, engines (diesel, regular, solar, electric, even nuclear), boats, barges, helicopters and space shuttles all so we can get a beautiful, young woman.  We've unlocked the secrets of chemistry, physics, nuclear science, electricity, biology, neurology, medicine, and metallurgy all so we can get a beautiful, young woman.  And we build companies, magnates, industrial combines and empires, even destroying them via wars, all because - when you boil it down - we want young, beautiful women.  Female youth and beauty is merely the fuel that powers the male economic engine that has built and created (and destroyed at times) pretty much EVERYTHING in this world.

If you still don't believe me, let me ask you - what do young men today spend the majority of their time on?  It is the pursuit of women.  Going to the gym, going to the tailor, dieting, running marathons, going to the bars, going to night clubs, dating sites, swiping left, swiping right - all the pursuit of women.  Our work and studying, where we slave away for decades, first at school, then at work, is not so much that we can have great, well-paying careers, but rather that we can get women.  And the stuff we buy with our well-paying careers we don't even spend on ourselves as it is the sports cars,  overpriced-McMansions, stupid ass clothes, useless jewelry, granite countertops, and European vacation we use to woo women.  Even the loser men of society, who seemingly are not participating in the rat-race-pursuit of women, still pursue women in a metaphorical sense.  It's just instead of going to the gym, getting a STEM degree, a good career, and financial success, they opt instead to look at porn in their parents' basement.

Porn of what?

Fat women?
Old women?
Fat old, tatted up, pierced women with gray hair and a Masters Degree in Social Work?


The porn of young, beautiful women.

If women did not exist men truly would just be living in caves, occasionally going out to hunt for food and at best, AT BEST, some creative cave man might have created poker along the way just so we'd have something to do inside the cave during downtime.

The larger point is since men have built civilization, created and discovered nearly everything, and work harder and in harder subjects, we earn and make the lion's share of the world's income, giving us the most purchasing power in the world.  And the number one thing we demand is female youth and beauty, making female youth and beauty the most sought after, and thus most expensive commodity on the planet.  Thus while:

a barrel of oil costs $69
a cord of wood, $150.
and a ton of steel costs $730

NONE OF THOSE THINGS even comes close to the resources (both in terms of time and money) men spend on:

A wedding ring,
An unnecessary SUV.
An unnecessary McMansion men don't need
Bailing a wife out of her student loans 
Decades out in the night clubs
Decades going out on and paying for hundreds of dates
A sports car to "pick up chicks"

And if you still don't think female youth and beauty are the most expensive commodity in the world...

...just ask Jeff Bezos what he ended up paying for his first wife.

So say it with me now - "Female youth and beauty is the most valuable commodity in the world because the world simply would not exist without it."

Converting Beauty into Money

The problem facing women in the past was how to convert or "cash in" on their youth and beauty.  Traditionally, and across all cultures, this was done through marriage.  The "social contract" was that women would provide men their love, affection, support, and sexual access, raise the kids and keep the home, while men would go out, work, make the money, toil in the fields, get killed in war and provide for the family.  Some might argue this was barbaric.  I would argue this was nature's way (again, why else across ALL cultures was this the standard).  But whether this arrangement was good or bad is moot. It was what it was.  Women converted their youth and beauty into resources by having sex with a man who would provide those resources.  

This 2 million year old social contract was upended and replaced, however, and very recently so.  Because with rapid advances in technology, women's suffrage, democracy, and the elimination of traditional gender roles, women were no longer relegated to the home to rear and tend to the children.  Like men, they were allowed to go out and work, support themselves, own property, etc., freeing them from the expectation that they would have to exchange sex for resources, putting their own livelihoods in their own hands.  Furthermore, to cement this "new contract", the traditional role of men was replaced with the government.  The ultimate authority and responsibility in providing for a woman (and any children she might have) would no longer be men or an individual man, but the taxpayer through the state.  Thus, while men still made the lion's share of economic production, individual husbands would no longer pay individually to support an individual wife in exchange for sex.  Men (and working women) would pay communally for all women (and any consequential children) via the government, and sex would be incidental.  For the first time in human history women were truly free from men, and it was thanks to this "second social contract."

But before women get too excited about this "second social contract" and the freedoms it has afforded them, it gets even better.  Because the internet has provided for what could be considered a "third social contract" that combines the best aspects of the previous two with the drawbacks of none.

Old habits die hard, especially 2 million year old ones.  And just because women no longer need men, and men no longer need women, it doesn't mean men's genetic and biological desire for female youth and beauty has gone away.  Furthermore, men still make the majority of money, produce the majority of GDP, and control the majority of wealth.  So whatever success feminism has had in freeing women from being resource-dependent upon men, the fact still remains female youth and beauty is still the most valuable commodity in the world and men have most of the purchasing power.  Thus, even if women are taken care of via themselves or the state, they can still convert their beauty into cash as an "added bonus" if they wish to do so.

The problem was in the past (whether under the "first or second social contracts") directly converting your youth and beauty into money required either prostitution, stripping, or mistressing, all of which come with an abundance of problems and complications of their own.  Prostitution was (and still is) largely illegal, socially shunned, and the risk of STD's doesn't need pointing out.  Stripping may be legal, but there's the risk of drugs, slipping into prostitution, abuse, stalkers, pimps, mental illness and the whole underworld of stripping.  And though mistressing is perhaps the "healthiest," it also takes a toll on marriages and any children unfortunately indirectly involved.  But all of these problems have one thing in common.  One thing, that if eliminated, eliminates all these drawbacks without lessening the benefits - the physical presence of a man.
So if you can get rid of the physical presence of the man, all these drawbacks go away, but the benefits remain.

And the internet allows women to do precisely this.

The Digital World is Better Than the Real One

STD's, pimps, drugs, abuse, stalkers, possessive men, and even the inconvenience of the physical presence of an annoying man, all these problems are eliminated by the internet.  We highlighted these pro's before by delving into the revolutionary business model of "Chaturbate."  But the ramifications (and benefits) that the internet has for women goes well beyond the mere obsoleting of the strip club industry.  Additionally, there have been some sociological changes as well that makes this "new and improved third contract" a drastic improvement over the previous two.

First, underpinning all of this is the increasing reliance (and preference) for digital relationships over real world ones.  It is no secret that Millennials-and-younger increasingly rely on social media for their social lives, but it is also the case with sexual ones.  Impossible as it may seem (since sex by definition is PHYSICAL), millions of Millennial boys prefer to jerk off to internet porn than engage in the daunting and costly task of pursuing a girl in the real world.  "Why spend all that time in the gym, classroom, traffic and office when I can just jerk off to this girl on Chaturbate for free in my mother's basement?"  And young women's counter to this is "Why should I have to physically have sex with a guy or show up for a date when I can get attention and resources by flashing my boobies on the internet from THOUSANDS of men at the same time?"  It is part economics, part fear, part laziness, and part technology, but also simply a change in generational behavior that younger people have moved their relationships online (including sexual ones).  And though this has resulted in a lot less real-world sex, a lot less dating, even a lot less kissing, it does not negate the fact that it is now more socially acceptable to "have sex online," removing traditional social stigmas surrounding porn and selling one's bodies online.  Thus you old, antiquated Gen X'ers and Baby Boomers might think it's shockingly "risque" your wife sends you a nudie pic on the phone.  For Millennials-and-younger a girl masturbating herself online is just another Tuesday.

Second, if you look at it from a purely "resource-extracting" perspective, the digital world is just as profitable as the brick and mortar one, just without all the drawbacks.  In the US the prostitution industry is estimated to be about $14 billion, while the porn industry (the figures of which are not as precise) are about the same
However, these statistics only measure what has been traditionally considered "porn."  It does not include all the money girls make today online through booming sites like Chaturbate, Seeking Arrangement, Name Your Price, and a score of others.  Furthermore, it's practically impossible to measure the millions (perhaps billions?) of private financial transactions online between men and women where women simply "send nudes" or "send pics."  Furthermore, if you're going to focus on mere "resource-extraction" a lot of things that aren't porn still are women trading their beauty in for money (cute pics, attention, subscription services, and patreon donations - which we will discuss below).  I'm no economist, but given this wider definition of resources-for-beauty, as well as the booming growth digital female beauty is experiencing online, I would very conservatively estimate the "Digital Female Beauty Commodity Industry" to be 5 times larger than the analog one today, easily reaching 10 times that in the next 5 years.  So yes, most girls today won't be pulling tricks on the street.  But what percent of girls today and in the future will pull metaphorical "digital tricks online?"  It's safer, easier, and multiple times more profitable, so much so I predict it will become the norm.

Third, what is "pulling a trick?"  Thus far we've focused on rather explicit forms of "tricks" where sending nudes is the most innocent of acts and performing sexual acts online is...well...not.  But if we are talking about valuing the "Female Youth and Beauty Commodity Industry" simple online porn is waaaaay too narrow a scope and the number and variety of websites out there highlight this. is arguably the most direct prostitution-like site.  Women who are willing to perform sexual acts for money will likely go on this site and make more than they would on the street.

You have which, though not a porn site, allows many young women to get a huge fan base of men, many of whom will pay for a webcam show - again, akin to digital prostitution.

Why bother with sites at all?  If particularly tech-savvy a girl can program her own site, with her own webcam and use either Skype or some VOIP program to provide men a show, she can cut out the middle man and keep the money to herself.

And who says anything about videos?  Apps like "Only Fans" allow women to simply upload nudes online and men pay egregiously for them.

Matter of fact, who said anything about "nudies" or porn at all?  Women don't even need to upload porn.  Just their mere attention is enough to get men to open their wallets.  Remember, there are BILLIONS of desperate men with internet access and either through apps like "Only Fans," Instagram, or "Snapchat" they'll pay for a mere internet exchange or a picture of a girl in a nice dress.  

But perhaps the most innocent, non-pornigraphic, respectable way a woman can cash in on her beauty online is to simply become a "thot."  Though the term "thot" has a different origin, it now today means a girl who simply uses her looks to garner attention (and thus money) on the internet.  The most perfect example is the "conserva-thot" who is a pretty girl who espouses conservative, traditional, and libertarian beliefs not because she actually believes in them, but because it will get her attention and money from non-leftist men starved for traditional women.  You can have "gun-thots" (cute girl who talks about guns), "hunting-thots" (cute girl who talks about hunting) even "prepper-thots," but all a girl has to do to get an immediate and 5x's more profitable following on the internet is take something men like and add tits...but without actually showing them.

The point is, women now have an array of online ways to convert their beauty into money, many of which allow a woman to maintain her decorum, even give her a career.  If you want to do hardcore porn, by all means go ahead.  If you want to run a wholesome, conservative, Christian, traditional housewife website, by all means go ahead.  Just make sure to show a touch of cleavage, put on the right heels, and have that Patreon page prominently displayed on your site.

Fourth, the digital world even allows women to pursue a traditional marriage, while making money at the same time.  There are sites that have actually monetized the courting process (though admittedly, now you have to leave the comforts of internet and go into the real world).  And I believe these to be the most interesting and consequential of the (now hundreds) of Beauty-Into-Money sites and apps.  The two most notable ones are "" and ""

"Seeking Arrangement" is what is called a "sugar daddy site" which means young, beautiful women look for rich, established men to be their "sugar daddy."  The men pay these girls a monthly allowance or STIPEND and these women provide these men their company.  This site has a chameleon effect because it can serve different purposes for different people.  On the face of it Seeking Arrangement seems an escort site.  Effectively, I'd say it's a legal prostitution site (I have a curiously high number of acquaintances who use the site).  Officially, the site claims it is indeed a dating site designed for women who just want to cut through the bull and find themselves a real, potentially, marriageable man.  It is in fact all three as its users use it for all three purposes.  Still, the point is if a woman wants all the benefits of the old contract (marriage, successful man, resources, safety and stability), but the benefits of the new contract (money for your beauty) without the commitment or expectations, today's internet world allows for that via Seeking Arrangement.

"What's Your Price" is more of a dating site where men pay women for a first date.  It may not be as dubious as Seeking Arrangement, but it still allows for women to translate their beauty and youth into money, while also pursuing the chance of a traditional relationship.  Admittedly, how it works in the real world may be cringy as hell, but these "sugar baby sites" are a much more preferable way to make money versus doing internet porn.  

How Seeking Arrangement Burst the College Bubble

Now when you combine all of the traits and benefits mentioned above, a very interesting "Brave New Digital World" forms.  And while women and feminists may like the freedoms afforded to them by the second and third social contracts, you cannot have a "Brave New World" without some parts of the previous contracts being obsoleted or removed.  And so just as marriage or the mere the physical presence of a man has now become obsolete by the internet-inspired "third social contract," other traditional things have also become obsolete, especially under the "second social contract."

Namely, careers and education, the most important hallmark of modern day women and feminists.

If we take the time to review this "Brave New World" we have the following situation:

    • Women still control the most valuable commodity in the world 

    • The internet has opened up a whole new industry by which they can convert this commodity into money

    • Additionally, the internet is so dynamic and the demand for female beauty so high, women needn't even degrade themselves to pornography or webcaming.  There are scores of other completely, socially acceptable ways to do so

    • It takes no serious investment, time, or capital for women to convert their beauty into money

    • It also doesn't take decades of education or training to convert their beauty into money (bar hitting the gym).
    • They can still pursue the first-social-contract promises of a traditional husband and children if they want...while they're making money 

    • And finally, there is no shame or stigma converting beauty into money online (even pornographically) as living online is the new norm for younger generations.

oh...and by the way...there's just one more thing.

    • the pay offered by this "Brave New Digital World" is infinitely more than what the second-social-contract offers women.  Plus, it's for a fraction of the work and effort demanded by the second-social-contract. 
And that spells doom for academia and the careerists.

Young women today are faced with an increasingly attractive alternative to wasting 8 years of their youth,  $170,000 of their money on college, and decades of their lives in unfulfilling careers: 

On one hand they have their older Millennial female counterparts who are crippled with student loans, approaching 40, not terribly happy, and are slaving away for around $20/hour as a coffee store manager.  They can't afford a car. They can't afford their kids.  And the only thing they complain about more than their ex-hipster-husband, is that they can't find a job with their "Masters in Creative Writing."  But that's OK, because according to the second social contract the government will kick in to help.  They get EBT, Obamacare, a student loan deferment program, and an "Earned Income Tax Credit."

What a way to live! 

On the other hand there's their friend "Bitsy."  "Bitsy" makes $50 an hour fresh out of high school using the free smart phone her dad bought her and the "Only Fans" app.  Bitsy could go to college, but why would she when she makes $80,000 a year from the comforts of her own home?  Besides, Bitsy doesn't have much in the way of expenses as her 4 sugar daddies from Seeking Arrangement pay for pretty much everything.  Plus she makes a supplemental $10,000 a year in patreon donations from her "best fans."  "Like OMG!," exclaims Bitsy.  "I'm only 19 but I like make literally THREE TIMES what my bigger sister makes as an elementary school teacher!"  Bitsy plans to buy a new house in two years so she can rent the basement out to her more-educated, but debt-ridden sister.

That's an infinitely better and more successful way to live.

Of course the two stories painted above are simplified, stereotypical anecdotes, but it does show you what the third social contract offers vs. what the old and outdated second social contract offers.

The Brave New Digital World offers women an adequately paying job right out of high school in monetizing their beauty.  It does not require women sacrifice another 4-8 years of their youth earning a worthless degreethat won't pay.  It also does not charge them $150,000 in student loans to get said worthless degree.  The Brave New Digital World will not cripple these women financially for the rest of their lives, but rather enrich them.  The Brave New Digital World does not force these women to commute, pay for parking, pay for fees, and sit in front of a computer screen whether that's at school or work.  And the Brave New Digital World doesn't lie to these women about their profession or the promise of making "six figs," but only after you get your MBA.  It simply delivers six figs if you work hard enough at it. Oh, and by the way, you might meet your husband while you're working in the Brave New Digital World.  Oh, and by the way again, you'll still be able to get an education, you'll just actually be able to afford it.

The second-social-contract is horrifically worse, even abusive.  It forces women to unnecessarily attend school for another 4-8 years for degrees that are largely worthless.  It forces women into debt they will never be able to repay.  It enslaves them to low-paying careers that will never afford them financial stability, let alone retirement.  And it lies to women, telling them their education, career, and politics are the most important things in their lives - even more important than family, children, a husband, and love.  And yet, like men, these women quickly find out work sucks, it's boring, it's unrewarding, it's unfair, it's a waste of life, and it's taxing. A miserable life ensues, but hey, at least you got a government check.

When young women today look at these two social contracts and the older women who have gone down each, it's going to become increasingly clear which is the better one to take - the Brave New Digital World.  But an emphasis must be put on the word "increasingly" because as it is right now it's not perfectly clear which path to take.  Understand trillions of dollars has been spent over decades brainwashing generations of young women (and men) to go with the second social contract.  They are propagandized to go to college, go into debt, work hard, pay taxes, and that their career and politics are the only things in life that give them value.  But three trends are occurring right now that I believe will finally break the brainwashing hold K-12 education has on young people today and make it clear the Brave New Digital World is the clear choice.

First, the train wreck known as the "millennial generation" will continue to fail so spectacularly that even their 16 year old kid sisters will recognize them for the jokes they are.  And not only will they view the millennials for the jokes they are, they will realize the college degrees the millennials earned were also jokes.  As it stands right now your average highschooler is still enamored with the idea of "the college experience" because that is all they have to look forward to in life.  But the failure of the millennial generation, especially as it pertains to the education bubble and the consequential student loan crisis, is now publicly and regularly highlighted, even mocked in the media that the allure of college has certainly waned.  It's no longer a "given" you just go to college.  Matter of fact more and more high schoolers view it as a risk.

Second, tuition prices will continue to go up and above their already unaffordable levels.  This will not only provide a financial deterrent to any prospective college-goers, but in light of college losing its veneer due to the "Epic Millennial Train Wreck" exploding in front of us, these increased tuition prices will prompt increasing numbers of young women to reconsider forking over $400 a credit for some Mickey Mouse college degree.

Finally, the money being offered by the Brave New Digital World is simply too good.  Just like the oil boom in North Dakota attracted men from around the world with its high wages, the price for digital female beauty will get so high, women will flood the market.  And just like those men chose to quit school to make $75K in the Bakken oil fields, so too will women quit school to make $85k running a "Gun-Totting-Bikini-Wearing-Christian-Conservative-Wife" website (I just pray that UNLIKE the men of Bakken oil field boom, these young women SAVE AND INVEST their money instead of piss it away).

These three trends are becoming so pronounced that no amount of brainwashing or propaganda will be able to hide college for the scam it truly is.  And with such a convenient and high-paying alternative for women to make money, a significant amount of them will leave college, perhaps never attend it in the first place.  Again, it's impossible to calculate what percent drop there will be in female college enrollment, but it doesn't have to be a lot.  Depending on the elasticity of the product, a small single point percentage drop in demand can result in a 20, 30, even 70% drop in price.  Also, depending on how much debt and bloated overhead these colleges have, a 5% drop in attendance could result in colleges having to lay off 25% of staff because they need to lower tuition by 25% to remain competitive.  Of course this bubble won't burst like the Dotcom bubble or the Housing bubble, but do not be surprised to see tuition come down in the next 10 years as the second-social-contract loses its allure because young women choose to make $40 an hour posting lingerie selfies instead of pay $400 a credit to learn about "Eastern Lesbian Chicano Literature Studies."

There's Just One, Minor Thing - Youth and Beauty

There is, however, just one small, minor, technicality.

The entirety of this Brave New Digital World, and all of its financial promise, and all of the ease of life it can afford, as well as all of the pain it avoids, it all hinges on one minor thing:

That you actually have youth and beauty.

And while being young is easy, being beautiful is hard.

The reason being beautiful is hard is for more reasons than today's modern man might think.  Yes, going to the gym regularly is hard.  Yes, dieting religiously is hard.  And yes, the process beautiful women put themselves through daily with makeup, fashion, hair, etc., is VERY hard.  But the real reason it's incredibly hard for your average young woman to be beautiful today is because establishment women loathe and detest female youth and beauty.  So much so the entire second-social-contract establishment is actively waging a war against beauty and any young women who have it.

Everyday young women, even little girls, are propagandized to believe that beauty "is on the inside."
Corporations, desperate to increase sales lie to women saying "big is beautiful."
Establishment female publications engage in self-worship claiming "every woman is beautiful."
Pretty girls who make a living on their looks are slandered, if not protested out of a job.
Companies that WERE BUILT ON THE PREMISE of female beauty abandon it.
And our education system clearly tells women their education is the ONLY thing that matters.
Even the concept of being female or feminine is attempted to be erased as establishment women and our institutions try to eliminate the concept of "the sexes" altogether.

And thus when you add it all up, modern day establishment women have actually convinced the majority of women (even some weak minded men) that "beauty" is now this:

When it is plainly, clearly, emperor-has-no-clothes-level, NOT.

The question then is why do establishment, second-social-contract women hate female beauty so much?  Why do they put up such hurdles for young women to attain it?  Do they not want young women to be both smart AND beautiful?  And there are many possible reasons for it.

The most obvious of which would be pure and simple envy.  An ugly woman probably begrudges a pretty woman her looks.  Laziness is another explanation because the effort needed to stay in shape, diet, and be beautiful is quite a daunting commitment.  Perhaps most modern women have drank the cool aid and truly do not believe female beauty has any value and instead bow down at the altar of education and career.  And one musn't forget the "retaliatory strike nature" of some misandrist women who just hate men and take pride in depriving men of what they want (the ones who define themselves by screeding "I don't live my life for a man!!!").

But while all those explanations are plausible, and certainly explain why some second-social-contract women hate female beauty, the real reason is much simpler - sunk investment costs.  Most modern day women, most establishment women, most second-social-contact women have committed their time, youth, energies money and investment to their careers and education.  They are fully vested in the second-social-contract.  Their entire lives have been lived in the second-social-contract.

And that's the problem right there - "their entire lives."

Because they are old now.  They have no youth left.  They cannot be beautiful anymore.  And if they can't have access to the world's most valuable commodity, then by god no one can.  That is the real reason behind the war on beauty - establishment women can't face the fact they wasted their youth.

Wage a war against something like "female beauty" all you want, what's sad is these establishment women are wasting their time.  Because no matter how much propaganda they spew, no matter how many trillions of advertising dollars they spend, no matter how many decades of K-college indoctrination they install in young women, it's going up against two much more powerful forces - genetics and economics.

If this whole "anti-beauty" thing was completely insular to the female world, then yes.  Big would be beautiful.  Brains would be the only thing that matters.  Sex could be a social construct.  And whatever other psycho-nonsense modern day establishment women want to tell themselves.  But it's not.  There's this other small segment of society called "men" and men ultimately determine what is beautiful in a woman.  And matter of fact we don't even get to determine it because it is our hard-wired genetics that forces us to.  You can launch all manner of campaigns, lie to your children about being transgendered, feed every one a ton of hormones and drugs, all your efforts will be for nothing because men are hard-wired to like traditionally beautiful women and we forever will be.

But the real trick played on second-social-contract women comes from the world of economics.  Specifically the Law of Supply.  And just like genetic laws are unbreakable, so too is the Law of Supply.

It's already hard enough to be beautiful.  But if second-social-contract women want to shame women from being beautiful, by all means go ahead.  Because it will simply lessen the supply of truly beautiful women.  Sadly, according to the Law of Supply, when supply goes down, the value goes up, making true female beauty all that more valuable.  And any women willing to attain it will reap even more rewards because of their rarity.  Alas, trying to eliminate the value of female beauty by making fewer women beautiful is like trying to lower the value of diamonds by producing less diamonds and flooding the market with dirt.  I'm sorry ladies, you just simply can't win.

Still, while we can focus on the war being waged on female beauty, it is my belief the Brave New Digital World is going to give modern day establishment women a run for their money.  Again, the spectacular failure of the Millennial generation is on display for all young women to see, the miserable lives second-social-contract women lead will also become increasingly-apparently miserable, the costs to enter the second-social-contact (college tuition, and life-long debt servitude) are becoming prohibitive, and the wages/freedom being offered by the Brave New Digital World is bordering on compelling.  The real issue is simply what percentage of women are going to commit to be beautiful?

This is impossible to answer, but as you might surmise by the tone of this article I estimate "more than in the past."  I am not predicting percentages as much as I am a trend here.  I believe there will be more pretty women than in the past.  But I also believe that the Brave New Digital World will not eliminate or replace the second-social-contract as much as split women between the two. You must understand "the ugly will always be with us."  Whether it's out of laziness, sloth, brainwashing, indoctrination, even misandry, a certain percentage of women will always choose the second-social-contract, no matter how horrific it is, because they just refuse to be beautiful.  But if you're willing to put in 4 hours a week at the gym (as opposed to 8 years in a women's study program), maintain your decorum, and actually be feminine, a much better, enjoyable, easier and profitable world awaits if you're just willing to be beautiful.  I optimistically believe future women will choose the latter.

Didn't We Just Come Full Circle?

If you're brave, courageous, and intelligent enough to still have common sense, you'll realize nothing has changed.  Since the dawn of time it was female beauty that drove the human race and today it still is female beauty that drives the human race.  The only real question is whether society wants to acknowledge this fact.

For those that do there is success and happiness in life because basing your decisions in reality is the only guaranteed formula for success.  But if you base your decisions in lies, which all of society decided to do with the second-social-contract, you can expect to pay a dear price.  In this case we ignored men as the engine of economic growth, and denied them the fuel they needed to make it hum (female beauty). The price we paid was slower economic growth, lesser standards of living, divorce, broken homes, broken families, national debts, cripple student loans, and overall more miserable people.  And I would also argue, ironically, it has hurt those who advocated for the second-social-contract the most.  But for whatever price we paid and no matter what sociological or political experiments the government, media, the education industry or "establishment women" wanted to play on society, it was all moot.  It was all a waste of time.  Because in the end reality always wins.

Target Corporation can tell us "big is beautiful."

Formula One racing can fire their F1 girls. 

The colleges and universities can scream at women they don't need a man, just an education.

The government can cut checks here and there to keep women just barely above the poverty line.

And feminists can yell at the moon.

It still won't change the fact that female youth and beauty is the most valuable thing on the planet.  And if you're smart, you'll make damn sure you have it.

Enjoy the decline. 

Hello, I’m Aaron Clarey and I’m an asshole.

Let me be short and succinct.

I dealt with enough incompetent corporate banking douchebags and their criminal clientele to know bullshit when I see it.  And my experience in dealing with frauds and idiots isn’t relegated to just the business world.  Batshit insane women, dealing with mortgage companies and the problems of homeownership, soulless universities, HR ditzes, the list is endless.  Unless you are significantly older or were particularly adventuresome in your life, I likely have more experience in life than you do.  And don’t think this is bragging.  I’ve likely made infinitely worse mistakes than you have.  Regardless, the point is you can benefit from my background and experiences, either where I succeeded or spectacularly failed.

The only thing is…I’m an asshole.

Life has not been easy.  Matter of fact it’s been hell.  I won’t bore you with the details, but in short, I’m burnt out.  I’m all out of patience.  I’m done.  I no longer have the capacity to sit there with that soulless suit smile on my face, listening to middle age morons blather, and mindlessly nod my head.  Ergo, when I see the solution to a problem or a way to capitalize on an opportunity I’m not going to sit there silently, waiting for the appropriate moment to bring it to the attention of my boss.  I’m going to come outright and say it,

“HEY!  DUMBASS!!!!  The reason for your high employee turnover is because you don’t train them for shit.”
“HEY!  FATASS!!!  The reason girls won’t go out with you is because you’re fat.  Lose the fucking weight!”
“HEY!  DIPSHIT!!!!  What the hell is wrong with you letting your kid major in some worthless degree AND YOU PAY FOR IT???”

There’s too damn many stupid people in this world, and acting like they’re all geniuses in the hopes of contracting future business is not my cup of tea.  I call it like I see it and it would be wise counsel to listen to me.

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