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Orwell’s Totalitarian Vision is Now
Steve Brown

On 9/11 2001 when Dick Cheney was flown to Cheyenne Mountain military facility, one of his last sights seen above ground may have been the strange murals displayed in Denver International Airport. It depends whether the flight to Cheney’s “undisclosed location” was initiated by a civil flight or a military one; continuity-of-government details which, of course, we are not allowed to know. But the idea that one of Cheney’s last views of the above ground world on 911 consisted of a walk by Tanguma’s murals is relevant to the terminally broken world order we are forced to confront twenty+ years on.

Created over 27 years ago, artist Tanguma denies the Denver airport murals have any meaning at all, other than being art. And yet what Tanguma claims about his art — at least for public consumption — is ultimately irrelevant.*

The murals depict a number of visions for the future, but in essence depict three potential outcomes. One vision is for a period of relative peace, where humans have learned to live with the planet and converted their weapons to plowshares, envisioning a pastoral, non-industrial future bereft of greed and avarice.  

In the second vision, humanity has not learned to live with the planet, and an environmental calamity sickens people, plants, and animals.

The third vision presents an Orwellian nightmare future, where a military figure with gas mask, assault rifle, and sword, represents a forever future of a world at war.

We don’t know what Cheney saw over twenty years ago when he was led to his “undisclosed location” on 911. What we do know is that by its militarist actions to support the Kiev regime, a thoroughly totalitarian and militarist United States government is now determined to lead the world into the horror of an confrontational apocalypse, of that third order.

If so, such an apocalypse is based on the perverse Dulles ideology that has permeated the totalitarian agenda of the collective west since May, 1945. That’s because that Globalist Fourth Reich ideology/agenda Link: has evolved over the preceding decades, to become the dominant hegemonic reality now.  Even if the west does not retain the dominant hegemonic, there is no possibility that global peace and commerce can be a desired political outcome for the United States and Europe going forward. This is the war to maintain global western hegemony, and is desperately sought by the collective west.

Thus in the world of force and duplicity we are forced to live in — and that we have allowed to come about whether through, greed, avarice, stupidity, apathy, or selfishness — at some point we may be forced to defend ourselves. Our rulers will cloud, taint, subvert, and trick us out of that decision. We know that, because they have already done so. Our rulers hope that we believe we are “safe” when we are not; that we are “righteous” when we are not; and that we are “well informed” when we are not.  Again, these are the Elites who have given us war and inflation for over one hundred years.

In the world of force we have inherited, consider that Washington’s warmongers will happily destroy the world to preserve a coup d’etat that Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt achieved in 2014, for profit and hubris. Now, for those of us who are antiwar and anti-imperial we are in a precarious position; it is difficult to find words… and perhaps John Warner says it best here:

Is the Ukraine war the catalyst for the showdown Warner speaks of?

Steve Brown

*In a steganography bit of perversity, Denver International boasts about how the airport plays to its largely American public patrons, where “conspiracy theory” is considered to be an effective invective/curse/epithet. Airport art director Heather Kaufman: “I think the quirkier the better,” Kaufman said. “I think if it’s unique, we love our conspiracy theories around the art or the airport in general. It’s an opportunity that we get to educate and have educational tools around the conspiracy theories. And it creates that conversation around our art and it’s what we’re known for.”



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