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We are ALL slaves now
Michael L. Inabinett

States in our constitution are definitely places with borders. Federal and state and local laws operate within and out of state borders which is defining them specifically as a place. We are licensed and identified by the state and border in which we reside. A good example for this is the War Between the States.

To me, a person who is desiring a cloak of protection by an entity prefers coddling in all aspects of their life including control of their own self expression. In other words, they enjoy being slaves. Lovers of repression. 

The northern states were the actual slaves to an entity and not individuals or a place.The screwed up logic that the War Between the States was for the soul purpose of freeing slaves should be defined as freeing slaves from man to indoctrinate them and everybody else into the slavery of federal entities. To make an entity stronger than it’s people and giving it the right to have final decision in your welfare is in fact giving up your freedom of choice and making you a SLAVE.

If you have to reach in your pocket and give your hard earnings away before you even leave the house or receive a paycheck. You are a slave. You are feeding kings, not your future. Any human doing these things would be instantly criminalized. Lincoln represented and caused this infection and we are paying for it at 25% of our income and on everything we have to buy as well.

Why should any politician get paid period. Especially the salaries they get.

A reverend relies on the tithes of parishioners to support the house. A reverend does not require a tax to participate in the household of the community. Or send a bill at the end of the year punishable by law if not paid. But yet remains intact. Lincoln took the weak and offered a blanket of protection just like nothing less than a mobster. And now even after death he comes knocking on the door for his cut like clockwork.

The penny is our first coin and he was put on it for a reason. To remind us of how weak and helpless we are and that he comes first. Even before you eat or feed your children. WELCOME TO THE FREEDOM OF SLAVES of which so many of us seem to be proud of. The biggest pyramid scheme in history and we took it hook, line, and sinker refusing to see the true reality. God bless us all as Lincoln eternally burns in hell.

Michael L. Inabinett
Contributor to John Needham’s Civil War




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