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“Diversity” and the Sack of America
Mark Andrew Dwyer

Just like the ancient Rome fell to barbaric invasions that begun some 1,600 years ago, the most advanced product of Western civilization, the United States of America, is falling into the hands of less civilized peoples whose main collective accomplishments have been the overpopulation of their half-developed countries and civil disorder that usually accompanies it.

Although neither they nor their ancestors were able to build well-functioning and prosperous societies, which would require establishment of adequate political structures and construction of productive economies, they have managed to multiply fast enough – mostly due to Western help, technology, and investment – to outnumber the Westerners, by 2050, ten to one. Now they are using their sheer number advantage to conquer our land and redistribute among themselves our wealth. Thomas Malthus could not have predicted it any better. 

It appears completely absurd that they have been able to carry on their invasion, taking into account the dramatic disparity between our military, economic, intellectual, and cultural potential and theirs. Yet they are making fast advances and many of them are already bragging that they can do to us what they please as we have no chance to repel them. How did this inconceivable eventuality ever materialize?

The answer is surprisingly simple: it was an insider job accomplished mostly by means of the deceit called “diversity”. Here is how it worked.

First, the concept of diversity as an over-riding value has been gradually imposed on the American nation. That imposition was a part of an on-going overthrow of the WASP ruling class by a trans-national clique and its domestic naïve Liberals, or “useful idiots” as they were once called by Lenin. The imposition begun in 1978 with the Supreme Court (Regents of the University of California v. Bakke) invention that declared diversity in the classroom to be a “compelling state interest.” It was the proverbial foot in the doorstep that facilitated metastasis of the “diversity” mantra to other segments of the public sector, and – later – to the private sector. The white population, which at that time constituted the solid majority in the U.S., was gradually re-branded as the primary obstacle for “diversity” in America.

Under the pretense of combating “white racism”, “white supremacy”, “white privilege”, and similar alleged “crimes” of whites, non-white minorities have been empowered and encouraged to organize along ethnic and racial lines. The “encouragement” has been so persuasive that even their children have been drawn to politics of racial identity. The American history has been rewritten into a one-sided account of a never-ending stream of discrimination, oppression, and injustice, with non-whites portrayed as perpetual victims of the system.

Naïve whites have been indoctrinated and propagandized into believing that not only have they not been the creators of America’s unparalleled freedom, strength, and prosperity, but also that they are guilty of about every form of human misery and suffering that was out there since 1776. Just like in the Susan Sontag’s nonsensical claim that “the white race is the cancer on human history,” whites have been summarily deprived of due credit for the high living standards that prevail in Western countries and have proliferated elsewhere, with blatant disregard to the obvious fact that the vast majority of their “victims” would be fundamentally unable to create on their own any civilization as advanced and affluent as the ancient Rome was 1,600 years ago, never mind the today’s U.S.

If the “victims” and their ancestors were as capable as we and our ancestors – “the cancer” – were then why didn’t they create any lasting civilization that would rival the West in terms of culture, productivity, technology, sustainability, and living standards?

After almost half century of well-orchestrated efforts of that sort, America reached the point which some aptly call the “dictatorship of diversity.” It is important to realize that the plea for “diversity” is a cover-up for decidedly anti-white social engineering. Once you are aware of that, what is going on in our country today will surprise you no more.

So, here is what we are facing, now…

Millions of invaders – euphemistically referred to as “immigrants” – and their offspring are demanding that we give away our country and the fruits of our and our ancestors’ work to them for the sole reason that we are white and they are not.

If we resist their “right” to the “equal share” then it is blatant racism on our part, or so they say. The hostile trans-national ruling clique (which includes the so-called “mainstream” media) and the idiocracy it installed to rule over us agree with the invaders: whites owe everything to non-whites and questioning it by any white person is an expression of white racism and supremacy (or a “hate speech” as they call it now) which must not be tolerated.

The clique and its idiocrats are presiding over smooth and peaceful “transition,” a handover of our country to the invading masses and their progeny, and are making sure that we do not put up a fight with the victorious invaders and their heirs. They all (the clique, the idiocrats, and the invading hordes and their offspring) dream of non-white America. They equate whiteness with evil. They institute and enforce policies that openly favor non-whites, even when their protégées commit crimes and exhibit other forms of asocial behavior. Under the banners of “diversity” and “anti-racism” (reversed racism seems like a more adequate descriptor here), they frontally attack about everything that is considered an attribute or expression of whiteness. As a result, the white population of the U.S. is declining while the population of “protected” (privileged is a more descriptive adjective here) minorities is booming.

And stereotypical behavioral patterns, such as opportunism, preference of instant gratification, low academic achievement, aversion to rules and propensity to lawbreaking, membership in ethnic gangs, dependency on public assistance, etc., follow the “demographic change”.

Not that the above detriments exhaust the list of ways in which the imposition of “diversity” is wrecking America. There are many others.

Mass injection of underperforming (be it unwilling or unable) individuals into a merit-based democratic society with strong egalitarian sentiments (like – for instance – the American society) threatens its well-being and survival. Minimum standards for admissions, graduations, hiring, promotions, and other forms of socio-economic advancement are being watered-down and lowered in order to not to “discriminate” against the less talented, the less creative, the less able, the less productive, the less entrepreneurial, the less persistent, the less dedicated, and the less law-abiding, and to ensure their upward mobility. This allows multitudes of substandard performers to bypass the merit-based selection criteria for the positions and functions for which they are not sufficiently qualified.

The average quality of education deteriorates. The average quality of goods (notable exceptions notwithstanding) and services has a declining tendency as well. The latter process remains less visible than the former because it is partially offset by astonishingly rapid progress in science, technology, and manufacturing that is mostly driven by high intellectual productivity of a relatively narrow cognitive elite (and – obviously – not by the underpreformers).

Just think how much better life in the U.S. could have been today if millions of “empowered” and well-paid but underperforming and incompetent workers, clerks, managers, designers, engineers, lawmakers, etc., would not collectively hold us back from taking the full advantage of the unprecedented progress in the new manufacturing economy of this technologically most advanced nation that the world has ever seen. It is safe to say that a large part of today’s amazing technology is wasted on “diversity”.

A good illustration of this “social progress” backward is a recently passed law in California by its diverse legislature (Assembly Bill 830) that eliminates high school exit exam in the “Golden State” because tens of thousands of high school diverse students were not proficient enough in English and mathematics to pass it. Indeed, if the American Republic becomes an Idiocracy then the imposition of “diversity” and the erosion of standards that it brings about will deserve the lion share of blame for it. And I did not even mention the damage to representative democracy inflicted by “empowerment” of the less savvy but more rebellious, and the damage to free-market capitalism inflicted by redistribution of wealth among the less prudent and the less successful. They have had a strong tendency of electing wrong governments and patronizing mediocre businesses that cater to them.

The socio-political pathologies described above are not random. They are the results of a cleverly planned and masterfully implemented hostile takeover of the bastion of Western civilization – America. We are well past the times for discussions, arguments, and negotiations, for our enemies within are not going to abandon their well-working strategy just because we prove that they are absurdly wrong and harmful to us and our country. On the contrary, they are going to relentlessly exploit every vulnerability of our socio-political system in order to weaponize its institutions against us.

There is an all-out war these days against our nation; the “diverse” populations, often with roots in countries culturally and politically incompatible with ours, are taking part in it as foot soldiers on behalf of the hostile ruling clique. Although their displays of contempt for our Republic, its laws, and borders, which contempt they conspicuously almost never direct against their failed societies of origin, are commonplace in America, the “mainstream” media – firmly on the side of our trespassers – hardly ever report it.

How different media reaction is when a group of whites publicly expresses their disapproval of the demographic change that the clique has been engineering for over five decades, now. About every instance of this sort of manifestation is being broadcast ad nauseam as to create a false impression that these are the “white supremacists” (a code-name for “diversity” skeptics and uncooperative victims of the said demographic change) who pose an existential threat to America. They will infallibly try to crucify (figuratively speaking) any white person who points out to a strong statistical correlation between the race and ethnicity of our challengers and the level of their hostility towards or incompatibility with our socio-economic order that delivers goodies that they all want for themselves and their progeny.

The survival of America of our ancestors and the nation that built it is at stake, now. The dictatorship of “diversity” must be abolished by any means necessary. That is the first step of our defenses. We either repel the invasion, separate the self-appointed social engineers from political power, and defend ourselves, our heritage, and our Western civilization, now, or they (the clique, the idiocrats, and the invading hordes and their offspring) will render us powerless and dispossessed, hopelessly watching as this marvel of Western civilization, the United States of America, with her magnificent governmental agencies, is being used as a potent weapon in the hands of our predators and parasites with which they will beat us into submission and facilitate the looting of what we and our ancestors have produced.

It is of little reconciliation for us to know that they will run, eventually, our once prosperous nation and its productive economy to the ground, after which the living standard of those who survive will plunge to where it had been in their countries of origin before they sacked ours. Those of you who still remain in a state of denial may wish to study the history of fall of the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages that followed it.






Mr. Dwyer has been a continuing contributor to the Federal Observer. Mark Andrew Dwyer’s commentaries (updated frequently) can be found here. Send your comments to [email protected]

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