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Some Musing On The Durham Investigation
Dr. Roderick T. Beaman

The Durham investigation has been prolonged, much to the chagrin of Trump supporters and derision of opponents.

Everyone should realize that Durham has had to do a painstakingly thorough investigation, especially in tackling someone as prominent as Hillary Clinton.

And the Watergate matter was child’s play next to this. Watergate was a burglary to get information about the Democratic Party’s plans for the election and little more. It was the sort of thing that has been done throughout election history, in the United States and elsewhere. It was seized upon by a media with a contempt for a president who despised them, at least as much. It was unrivaled to that point. 

National security was not at stake. This investigation involves possible capital treason.

As I’ve thought about the case, I’ve been reminded of the scene in Godfather II, where Willie Cicci, Mafia hit man, played by Joe Spinell, testified before a Senate committee on organized crime. He admitted that he’d never received a direct order from Michael Corleone to carry out a murder. He said it was because there were a lot of ‘buffers’ in the Corleone family and laughed.

Evidently, others were put in mind of the same scene John Durham’s Explosive Motion.

Throughout both Godfather I & !!, Corleone crime family attorney, Tom Hagen, played by Robert Duvall, was always very cagey about saying or doing anything that could be used against him or the family. Any evaluation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton family situation makes sense, and perhaps only makes sense, if you view the Clinton organization a la the Corleone family. Hillary was an attorney, did some criminal work and did a good job, as reprehensible as many clients likely were but then, that is the nature of criminal defense.

Anyone, especially an attorney, working in a criminal organization, would know the importance of couching one’s language and having as many levels of buffers as possible between the head honcho & the ones who do the dirty work. In this case, many of these buffers are themselves attorneys and any investigation has to contend with claims of attorney-client privilege each of which could require a separate legal action, delaying things.

But the real fun will begin with the prosecutions. Will Pres. Joe Biden even permit them to proceed? He is the head of government and the Department of Justice serves at his pleasure.

If he does, each and every one of the indictees will have legal representation, some of very high quality and their jobs will be to get the best deals for their clients and that will dovetail with the prosecution’s desire to get the person at the top. With the long list of Clinton associates who, in combination, have met their actuarially highly unlikely deaths, do not be surprised if there are ‘suicides.’

Look for Bennie Thompson to release his January 6 committee’s report, timed to distract from Dunham’s report and any trials with the media falling into line, devoting hours and pages to it while devoting minutes and sentences to any Dunham proceedings.

Be assured, the media will fall into line with Hillary’s defense team. As much as the media and Nixon despised each other, the relationship between Trump and the media has been light years worse. Some of the media and even several Democrats were friendly to Nixon. Rhode Island’s Sen. John Pastore was a regular private dinner guest during the Nixon years. Other than for Fox and a very few other cable channels and some podcasters, the media and even some traitorous Republicans have nothing but contempt for Donald J. Trump.

Also, no matter how careful the investigations are, there will be multiple appeals by defendants & even perhaps, the prosecution. The media will ignore them unless there are not guilty verdicts or guilty verdicts set asides. And there is the question; will Biden issue pardons in the event of guilty verdicts?

That’s for starters.




Dr. Roderick T. Beaman is a board certified family osteopathic physician who practices in Jacksonville, Florida. A native born New Yorker, he is happy to be out of that pit of liberalism. A libertarian with little use for government, he is the author of an on-line piece that won a Ron Paul Liberty in Media Award. He also is a composer.




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