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Supreme Court Justices
Bobbie Kelley

Supreme Court of the United States
1 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20543

Dear Supreme Court Justices,

You are scheduled on February 19th, this year, to make a decision on whether to hear, consider and make a ruling on the lawsuits before you pertaining to the presidential election of 2020. In the Texas case, both justices, Sam Alito and Clarence Thomas, agreed to hear the case. They are due the respect and appreciation that the other seven of you frittered away. 

There’s no way that you can have any doubt whatsoever that the election was a cruel joke on the United States of America, its citizens of today as well as generations to come. There is more than ample proof of blatant, mind-boggling fraud and outright theft of the election.

JOE BIDEN DID NOT WIN! I know that, everybody in the country with 2 functioning brain cells knows that and YOU KNOW THAT!

You also know that Biden, (programmed, by God knows how many socialist/communist/behind the scene puppeteers),has already signed a multitude of executive orders destroying thousands of jobs and doing everything he can, by fiat, to completely destroy our economy and everything else that constituted the American dream for over 200 years. When did we become a monarchy?

Untold numbers of people are going to find themselves unable to support their families. No small numbers of people are apt to lose their homes, savings, children, marriages and hope. When people lose hope, some of them will commit suicide. That has been proven already by the extended ruinous government foisted travesty of COVID 19.

Another ruinous action taken by Biden is his extremely dangerous plan to flood our country with illegal aliens of every stripe, many of them reportedly sick with COVID and no telling what else. You KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is absolutely insane. I’d call it criminal insanity. Biden says he wants to be “president of all people”. He has a hell of a way of showing it. These illegals will bring with them all manner of nightmares that we, the people, will have to deal with, AND PAY FOR, against our will.

I’m not going to enumerate other anti-American, anti-constitution, anti- common sense and anti-common decency actions Biden, the imposter, is taking against the country and its citizens. I don’t want to write an unnecessary book. Unnecessary, because every one of you justices know that Biden wasn’t elected President. Every one of you knows that in this election, democrats broke just about every election law on the books, including constitutional laws, pulling so many outrageous shenanigans that it would make good slap-stick comedy if it wasn’t such a tragedy.

You, as “justices” have a job to do. You are paid at $277,700.00 per year, Chief Roberts, and $265.00 per year for the other eight of you. That’s paid out of the pockets of We the People of America. That includes me, my children, grandchildren, friends & neighbors. In case you don’t know it, WE ARE YOUR EMPLOYERS. We expect you to earn your pay!!

All the pundits, politicians and others “in the know” say there’s no chance that you’re going to accept, study and hear the cases presented to you with claims and mountains of proof of fraud in this election. If you refuse to do it, there’s no such thing as justice in America anymore. And you will become frauds; complicit in the election crimes; undeserving of the title “justice”. We the People consist of 350 million American citizens who deserve free and fair elections. You have the power in your hands to see that we get what we deserve and what we work and pay for. If you use some puny excuse not to hear this case, or cases, regarding the election, you will be putting your stamp of approval on fraud, theft and utter dishonesty. You’ll no longer be “Justices” of the Supreme Court. You’ll be cowards of the Supreme Court. You, from the ivory tower of the court, will be willing participants in the fraud, theft, misery and death of innocent, hard working Americans. You’ll go to your judgment day, standing, with blood on your hands, face to face with the ultimate Judge of all humanity. You’ll have to answer to Him where excuses never work. When He finds you guilty, you’ll be enduring His wrath for all of eternity.

I hope that won’t happen. I hope you’ll prove the pundits wrong. I hope you’ll have the integrity and backbone to rise above any threats or fears you may have and do the right thing for our country. That’s what I’m hoping for and praying for.

May God grant you wisdom, character, empathy, stamina, courage and consideration for your fellow man as you weather this storm. May you hear Him and do the right thing.

May God shed His grace on America, again, in this crisis.

Bobbie Kelley,
Columbia, TN


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