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In Ukraine, it appears America will soon be arming both side’s combatants
Andrea Widburg

I happen to be one who believes that the escalating war in Ukraine is entirely Biden’s fault, that the current Ukraine government is completely corrupt, and that the entire thing, which has seen tens of thousands of Ukrainian deaths and the destruction of large swaths of that country, has become a profitable boondoggle for politicians and military contractors. Call me cynical or naïve, but that’s where I am. I also think the whole enterprise has taken on a truly hallucinatory quality, exacerbated by the news today: Putin is negotiating to buy abandoned American weapons from Afghanistan while Biden is sending 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine. We will have armed both sides to the battle.

In August 2021, Biden abruptly ordered American troops to retreat from Afghanistan. Doing so wiped out almost 20 years of the American military effort, both blood and gold, led to the death of 13 American troops and untold numbers of Afghan citizens and saw Biden abandon around $90 billion in American weapons to the Taliban.

Those weapons, which should have been returned home to America as part of our arsenal in our defense, haven’t gone to waste. Some, surely, ended up in the hands of warlords in dangerous places, but it seems that many of them will end…in Putin’s hands. The Sun reported that a Russian mil blogging social media outlet has chatter about Putin negotiating with the Taliban for the weapons:

VLADIMIR Putin is plotting to grab weapons seized by the Taliban during the US evacuation of Afghanistan, a so-called Kremlin insider claims.

The Russian tyrant is reportedly in the midst of negotiations with the terror group to recognise the Taliban government.

In return, Putin wants US equipment snatched from Afghanistan by the Taliban to be handed over, according to Telegram channel General SVR, which claims to be fed information by a Kremlin insider.

That sounds like a plan. According to The Sun, the list of weapons potentially available to Putin is impressive:

It is thought Taliban fighters may have stolen as many as half a million US weapons and up to 50,000 vehicles.


Estimates state 22,174 Humvees, 634 M1117s armoured cars, 115 Maxx Pros trucks, and 549,118 machine guns, assault rifles and pistols were given over by the US.

Some 33 Black Hawk helicopters, 23 Super Tucano fighter planes and 4 C-130 transport planes were also given to the Afghan Air Force.

Other support gear was also given over, with some 16,035 pairs of night vision googles, 162,043 radios and some 8,000 trucks.

While all of that isn’t necessarily functional, we are facing a scenario in which American weapons will be turned on American allies.

And for still more of the weapons merry-go-round, Biden is promising to send Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and six other Latin American countries (three of which are obviously hostile to us) new American weapons if they send their old Russian stuff to Ukraine. So it’s also possible that Russian weapons will kill Russian troops. (The only thing that really matters, though, is the Big Guy’s 10%, right?)

And speaking of American weapons, Biden is sending 31 M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, while Germany will send 14 Leopard 2 battle tanks, infuriating Putin. Did I mention that Putin has nuclear weapons and, apparently, is terminally ill, something that might lead him to take risks he would once have avoided?

This cannot end well. There’s a surreal quality to a war that carries no benefit to America but that we’re nevertheless arming, especially because it seems we’ll soon be arming both sides of the war. Watching a decrepit fossil like Joe Biden leading us ever closer to Armageddon is one of the most unnerving things that’s happened in my lifetime.




Andrea Widburg is an attorney, blogger at and is the Deputy Editor for  She comes back on the podcast to discuss James O’Keefe’s new video released today titled “OLIGARCHY”, all of the great work he is doing with Project Veritas, her recent article “Preachy Alyssa Milano gets put firmly in her place,” The Great Society created by Lyndon Johnson, will Gavin Newsom stay in power, and why China will stop at nothing to gain back control of Taiwan.

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