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With America's Death Plunge Being Rushed To Completion, These Maps Show Why Population Density Will Be Critically Important To Surviving America's Dark Days
Stefan Stanford

'The Decline And Fall Of Civilizations Are Barely Noticed By Most Of Its Inhabitants'

On January 5th, Susan Duclos published this story on ANP titled “Get Out Now Before It Is Too Late: Soros District Attorneys Handing Whole Cities Over To Criminals And This Is Their Plan For The Rest Of America!” within which she warned of the coming real world repercussions to cities across America because of horrendous political decisions.

With crimes basically being ‘legalized by Democrat rulers, and big cities being handed over to crime-lords and war-lords, not only should we expect the huge crime waves in those liberal-run cities to continue but spread outwards into the suburbs and beyond, with everything happening now giving Americans a great reason to leave the ‘red zone‘ seen in the map above if they possibly can, the 100-mile border region surrounding the US that is home to 2/3 of the US population.

And while not quite yet an ‘Escape from New York’ scenario, and thankfully, there are many very good communities and people living in that 100 mile border region, as Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson warns Owen Shroyer in the video we’ve embedded directly below, Communist ‘leaders’ throughout governments in America have launched an initiative to activate violence in major US cities, using the growing anger of their political base during the ‘scam-demic‘ that ‘Brandon‘ and Democrats now ‘own‘ as ‘their own‘.

Warning Shroyer and America within this video that if we keep along this path the left has us upon, we’re witnessing the ‘end‘ of the America we all grew up in and a death plunge into one of the most radical, human-being hating political philosophies to ever land upon our planet, the far-left propaganda media will surely attack Peterson as being a ‘white supremacist‘ though as we see and hear in the video, Reverend Peterson is nothing such.

Reminding us of what happened not too long ago while the Democrats embraced Antifa and BLM running rampant in cities across America, burning down their own stores and businesses while completely ignoring ‘law and order‘, we’re warned we haven’t seen anything yet once SHTF and the left once again unleashes their ‘useful idiots‘ upon the world. We wish that everyone saw the rush to impose tyranny upon us, and much more importantly, upon all future generations, as clearly as the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson does.

So following this video, we’re going to be taking a look within the next section of this story at ‘population density‘ and how that absolutely crucial factor ties into ‘survival‘, also taking a look at just how suffocating the population density is in such cities as NY, LA and Chicago, comparing them to other huge swaths of land across America where they’d fit if not living in the ‘death traps‘.

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So check out the 2 maps below from this story over at Visual Capitalist titled “These Powerful Maps Show the Extremes of U.S. Population Density”. Showing us just how many people live in cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, California and Chicago, Illinois, and what it’d look like if their populations were spread out across much more vast areas, we see why once resources such as food and water run dry, crime will explode out of control in places with higher populations jammed into smaller spaces much more quickly than vice versa. From this Visual Capitalist story of the first map below.

America’s 328 million people are spread across a huge amount of territory, but the population density of various regions is far from equal. 

It’s no secret that cities like New York have a vastly different population density than, say, a rural county in North Dakota. Even so, this interactive map by Ben Blatt of Slate helps visualize the stark contrast between urban and rural densities in a way that might intrigue you. 

How many counties does it take to equal the population of these large urban areas? Let’s find out. 

New York City’s Rural Equivalent

New York City (proper) Population: 8.42 million 

New York City Population density: 27,547 persons / mi² 

New York City became the largest city in the U.S. back in 1781 and has long been the country’s most densely packed urban center. Today, 1 in every 38 people living in the United States resides in The Big Apple.

For the northwestern counties below to match the population of New York City, it takes a land area around the size of Mongolia. The region shown above is 645,934 mi², and runs through portions of 12 different states. 

In order to match the population of the entire New York metropolitan area, which holds 18 million people and includes adjacent cities and towns in New York state, New Jersey, and Connecticut, the below equivalent area would have to be even more massive. 

And as we see in next map below showing us how far the population of Los, Angeles, California would spread out if it were to be redistributed across the Midwest, where would you rather be, in one of those tiny blue dots with thousands and thousands of your neighbors squeezed in within miles or one of those vast swaths of land seen in red where they could all fit if they lived spread out in other areas? Just seeing these maps, no wonder the totally different mindset between the left, millions squeezed in on top of each other, and the right living in the vast swaths of land across America. 

Los Angeles County’s Rural Equivalent 

LA County Population: 10.04 million 

LA County Population density: 2,100 persons / mi² 

Los Angeles County is home to the 88 incorporated cities that make up the urban area of Los Angeles. 

Even excluding nearby population centers such as Anaheim, San Bernadino, and Riverside (which are located in adjacent counties) it is still the most populous county in the United States, with over 10 million inhabitants.

So with these maps giving us a perfect visualization of why population density is so crucially important to survival, especially with it long been warned that only 9 meals separate a civilized society from total anarchy, while taking a look at the direction America is headed under 'Brandon' and Democrats, towards full-scale and widespread communism complete with the shortages and famine, we at ANP are grateful to live about 100 miles out of the 'red zone' seen in the map at the top of this story. Away from the masses with many more trees and much more nature surrounding us than people, you can check out the population density of your own area at the interactive map here

With the Washington DC area having a population density of about 11,686 people per square mile, much lower than NY City's but still far above the number of people we prefer to have surrounding us during every single minute of the day, while the population density of the state of West Virginia in its entirety is a whopping 77 people per square mile according to, where would you rather be once SHTF? 

And we can't say that we weren't warned. As Michael Snyder had reported in this November of 2020 story titled "The Great Relocation: Americans Are Relocating By The Millions Because They Can Feel What Is Coming" and this June 15th of 2021 story titled "Many U.S. Cities Are Already Starting To Resemble Post-Apocalyptic Cesspools As America’s Collapse Accelerates," what's happening to America in 2022 has long been foretold by the watchmen.  

As Steve Quayle has warned his readers and listeners for years, "life in the cities doesn't look so pretty any longer as they are led by Communist mongers". And yes, they have this planned for all of America if the American people allow them to get their way. But as Jesse Lee Peterson warns in the video we've embedded above, he's going to do everything he can do in his fight to get 'America' back. We here at ANP absolutely join him in his fight and invite you to do the same. It's up to us now. As we hear in the final video below, throughout history, the decline and fall of entire civilizations are barely noticed by most inhabitants, until it is far too late. 






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