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Treason of the Highest Order-Why Is Obama Still In Office?
Dave Hodges

President Obama has placed every American at grave risk this morning with the virtual decommissioning of our aircraft carriers, by placing them all in port at the same time. This is treason and it is national suicide.

Before we can understand the gravity of the siutation, it might be valuable to examine a prior event in our history that can shed some light on what Obama has just done.

Pearl Harbor

In 1941, President Roosevelt was concerned that Germany had done enough to win World War II. In particular, FDR was receiving information from scientists, mostly Jewish, who had escaped Hitler and had some to a great deal of knowledge regarding the construction and application of an atomic bomb.

What made the Nazi construction of an atomic bomb so very concerning was that Germany was developing the capacity to deliver the bomb via rocket. The Germans first developed the V-1 and then later the V-2 rocket. They were striking London and other parts of Great Britain with regular explosives up until near the end of World War II.  If the rockets had atomic weapons on them, World War II would have ended with a Nazi victory. Further, it is safe to say that if the US had not entered the war when it did, our country, and the world, would have had a far different outcome.

The False Flag of Pearl Harbor

Following the end of the war, a secret document surfaced called the Eight Point Plan, which was a document which described 8 provocations designed to get the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. History demonstrated that all eight were carried out (e.g. cutting of scrap metal shipments to Japan, moving the Pacific Fleet headquarters halfway to Japan in a move which took the fleet from San Diego to Hawaii).

Without going into great detail, it is now clear that the US had plenty of advanced warning of the approaching Japanese fleet. This information was kept from the Pearl Harbor base commanders, Admiral Kimmel and General Short.  Further, Short was ordered to line up the planes at Hickam Field in a straight line, thus making them easier to destroy. On Battleship Row, the battleships were aligned in a row also and as should have been protocol in a war zone, some of the battleships should have always been out to sea in the event of an attack. Pentagon orders prevented such defensive measures. Why? Because Roosevelt was dealing with an isolationist population that wanted nothing to with the raging war. Roosevelt had to shock the American people into a wave of anger resulting from a Japanese “sneak attack”, and this was all designed to promote war fever by allowing Pearl Harbor to be destroyed. Interestingly, the aircraft carriers, the one ship that the US could not lose if they had hoped to effectively fight in the Pacific, could not be destroyed. So, they were all conveniently out to sea at the time of the attack. The strategy worked and the American public demanded war after Pearl Harbor was attacked. Interestingly, America developed a defeat Germany first policy, even though it had been Japan that had attacked the US.

As a point of contrast, FDR was trying to ensure American victory. Obama’s recent action of confining our carriers to port is designed to do the opposite.

Parallel Event

Mark Twain once said that history may not repeat but it sure does rhyme. President Obama has engaged in a military practice that is so bizarre and so utterly catastrophic to the defense of the United States and our key allies, that I have a hard time concluding that this is an accident. What Obama has done is nothing short of treason and quite frankly, I am surprised, based on the gravity of the situation, that the military has not enacted a coup against Obama.

Never before in the history of the United States, has the country been in so much danger. Obama, in a time of near war, has already reduced our military to pre-World War II levels. Obama has destroyed the leadership our proud military by firing over 300 command officers. And now, he is engaged in abject treason against the United States people and its military protectors.

No Carriers at Sea

There are no US carriers anywhere in the world at the present moment. By having the carriers in port, the heart and soul of the US Navy has been reduced to the status of a sitting duck. This is Pearl Harbor all over again where our carriers, like the planes and battleships at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, were set up to be destroyed. However, FDR’s actions were designed to save America, no matter how ill-conceived the plot. This latest move by Obama is setting up the Navy to be obliterated by a small number of surgical strikes involving nuclear weapons. If our carriers are destroyed it is game over because we lose the ability to take the fight to the enemy. Carrier superiority is the one major advantage we still enjoy over Russia and China and Obama is doing his best to negate this advantage and turn it into a handicap.

The Loss of all Military Options in Key Areas of the World

Another danger posed by Obama’s strategy of confining the carriers to port has to do with the fact that any of our enemies are free to attack with a reasonable expectation of success anywhere in the world because we are unable to respond. For example, our actions have told the Chinese that they can completely shut down sea traffic through the disputed South China Sea. Additionally, China can now make a move on Taiwan or even Japan and there is nothing we can do with our conventional forces. Only the nuclear option is available. And this is what the globalists want, they want a nuclear war that will inflict maximum casualties to further their well-publicized depopulation agenda. As I said, if we in the Independent Media can figure this out and assign meaning to these treasonous actions, then where is the military? For the life of me, I cannot figure out why the military, at minimum is not standing down in the face of this treason. At maximum, if there was ever an action so dastardly to warrant a coup, this would be that time.


I have documented other acts of treason on the part of Obama. However, this is the most dangerous. Today, we all woke up in a country that has invited its enemies to attack with near impunity when it comes to our convention forces. Ask your Congressional representative why they have not enacted articles of impeachment against this Pretender-In-Chief.

Seventeen more days of treason are ahead of us until this modern day Benedict Arnold leaves office.





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