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Electile Dysfunction
David Stockman

Electile Dysfunction is a psychological condition afflicting too many US citizens. It is the irrational belief that voting matters.

If you believe your candidate or any candidate will honor his/her promises for more than four hours after assuming office, you have electile dysfunction. This is a dangerous condition which risks severe depression, both mental and economic. It is delusional behavior as described by

… maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts, usually as a result of mental illness

A Home Self-Test for Electile Dysfunction

Electile dysfunction is easy to spot but remains a very under-diagnosed condition. Many people unknowingly suffer from the disease. Fortunately, a simple self-diagnosis can be performed. What you think of this political sign allows you to self-diagnose:

If you agree with the sign, chances are you suffer from electile dysfunction. If you agree only with the first three words of the sign, then you probably do not suffer from the malady and can be considered a reasonably well-adjusted person.

Scams Used To Prey Upon Victims

Beware of false definitions of the disease as well as promised false cures. The following fit into one or both of these categories:

The cure for the disease is abstinence, complete and total abstinence. Do not validate the myth of government by voting for the criminals who believe they have the right to rule over the rest of us.

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