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Jim Willie: Gold to Make a Sudden Quantum Leap to $18,000 ?oz
C Serpa

In an interview with Elijah Johnson and Jim Willie on January 15, 2015, Willie says: When the global banking system concludes that the dollar is not going to be working for them anymore, these countries will be looking for a way of dumping them. This will, I think, bring about QE 4 and 5.

Rather than see a dollar crash, the dollar's going to rise, like a rocket. Then you have the gold standard coming in through trade.

When it's clear that the Federal Reserve is printing more dollars to cover the 'dumped Treasuries', we are going to see a quick move to $3,000 in the gold price and $60 in the silver price. 

Then we're going to get recognition that the central banks of the world are sitting on a mountain of Treasury Bonds that are worthless. Their portfolios have risen by a factor of 4, and therefore we must increase the gold price from the $2,000 'water level' and multiply it by 4, to 6 or $7,000. 

Since June 2012, the London Comex has not delivered gold in any futures contract. They are all 'cash settled'. It fortifies the argument that the Comex is not a gold market. It's a 'gold paper manipulation center'.  It's not a market. It's like buying a television at Walmart, then walking out the door, and they say ,"There's no TVs, but we'll give you cash."

The allocated gold accounts in Europe, mainly in Switzerland and London,  are short 40,000 tons of gold that they've stolen from their clients' accounts. They don't call it stolen; they call it 'rehypothecated' or 'replaced by gold certificates.'

There are hundred of clients who are sueing the Swiss and London banks for improper use of the client's private gold. There are very high profile legal firms and class action lawsuits involved. There is zero news coverage on this, but it doesn't mean it's not happening.

That's going to drive the gold price from $10,000 to $18,000.

I think the prices are going to skyrocket in quantum jumps. You won't see a gradual move to $2,000 again. There's going to be a sudden move to $2,600, like an overnight move. That could come about when Shanghai doubles the gold price. 

They've got motive to do it. They are at financial war with the United States. When the Chinese can't get more gold from London, that's when they double the price. 

2015 is going to be the year when the entire world concludes they must reject the dollar, because it has turned toxic from monetary policy. Not just by the Fed, but by the Bank of England, Bank of Japan and Swiss National Bank. It will be very well understood that the dollar must be put to death for the solution of the ongoing crisis. 

Get out of the mining stocks, as they will go down in value. People might think they are a great value, but they are denominated in dollars, which will be going away. They will most likely be bought out by larger companies, probably by the Chinese.

Buy a silver or gold coin, where there is no risk of a company buying it out.  

Things are going to break apart in full view in 2015 as the world seeks a gold solution.

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