The Power Generator that Runs by Water
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A water-run power generator has been invented. This is not a prestidigitation, but a scientific invention which has been registered for a patient in the US under the name of Nguyen Chanh Khe, vice president of Research and Development Center, belonging to the HCM City High-tech Park.

The strange power generator

An officer of the center poured water into the three plastic pots. “Every pot is considered a power generation unit,” he explained. Meanwhile, another officer stirred the additives, a kind of chemical substance with no odor, in a glass and then poured into the water pots.

The mixture in the pots got boiling. Just one minute later, when turning on the inverter, the lamp lightens, while the fan runs.

The additive that makes the water boiled, according to Dr Khe, is a kind of chemical using nano technology. The chemical substance can liberates hydrogen, and then joins the catalytic process to separate electron and proton H+ in hydrogen. The process will have influences to the equipment to emit direct current DC (also designed by the center). The DC power which goes through the inverter, will become alternating current AC.

Declining to give details about the substance, but Dr Khe said that in order to start a power equipment with the capacity of 300W which can run for several hours, it will only cost a small sum of money of less than 1000 dong (5¢).

No sound was heard at the lab of the center. And according to Dr Khe, the process of generating power from water and catalyst substance does not generate pollution to the environment. As for the nano technology-based chemical substance, it only has effect with water; therefore, it is absolutely safe during the transportation process.

Also according to Khe, not only clean water, but sea water or domestic waste water can be used as the fuel for the power generator.

The commercialization process finishing

Dr Khe said that a company has agreed to invest in the commercialization of the water-run power generator. He declined to provide information about the name of the company and the value of the technology transfer deal.

He only said that the two sides, the center and the enterprise, have agreed to some provisions. The center will re-design the power generator to make it lighter, build a factory that makes power generation equipments, while 512 sales agents distributing equipments and catalysts have been built.

With the sample products now being kept at the center, the product with the capacity of 2000W, strong enough for the most basic machines at families, such as lamps, electric cooks, TVs, fans, microwave oven or refrigerator, would be priced at 32 million dong.

Meanwhile, the product with the lower capacity of 300W, would be priced at 6-8 million dong.

If everything goes smoothly, under the agreement signed between the two parties, the first commercial products would hit the market in June 2012. In the immediate time, there would be two kinds of products with the capacity of 2000W and 300W. The products with different capacities would be available on the market later, depending on the demand of people.

Khe has affirmed that it is not difficult to increase the power generation capacity.

The inventors have affirmed that the power generators would have the life expectancy of five or six years, while the pots containing water and catalysts would be stable for 3-4 years. As for the power generation equipments, after that time, if troubles occur, it would be just necessary to clean and replace damaged devices.

Khe said that the water-run equipment is suitable not only to local residents in remote areas, but also in urban areas, in case the electricity is cut. Like other inventions, the water-run equipment may still have troubles during the operation. However, Khe said, the invention can prove that in principle, water can be the fuel which can generate electricity to serve people’s lives. He also said that with the solution, material water can turn into running water.

Source: SGTT

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