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My name is Johnny Silver Bear.

(Editor's Note: I recently received an email from a reader that asked if the "Bear" had a mission statement. Having never sat down and penned a formal mission statement, I went back through the archives and found a Welcome Letter that I had written in 2002. I decided to share that piece with our current readers. - JSB)

My name is Johnny Silver Bear. Well, that’s my adopted indian name. One of my great-grandmothers, on my dad’s side, was a full blood Cherokee indian. One of my great-grandfathers was an Scots/Irish immigrant who ended up working as a coal miner in the mid 19th century. He had settled around the Appalachian town of St. Charles, Va. He didn't much care for coal mining and took off to find something better in Oklahoma. Well, it turns out that the Boomers had found all the good stuff that the Sooners hadn't already stolen. All that was left was a great big reservation. All my great-grandfather found was my great-grandmother.

My great-grandfather returned to St. Charles and went back to the mines. In his spare time he made my grandfather. My grandfather grew up and married an English immigrant who became my grandmother. They in-turn, made my father, (and all my aunts and uncles). Granddad lost his right arm in a coal mining accident when he was thirty-two, but continued to mine coal, with one arm, until he died of black lung when he was thirty-eight. Fortunately, for me, my Dad decided against being a coal miner and joined the Army Air Corps at the beginning of WWII.

My dad met my mom, while on a training mission, in Enid, Oklahoma. Sound familiar? Mom lived in Dennison, TX and was in Oklahoma to check out the pilots. Her grandfather was a French immigrant from Tennessee. Her grandmother was a Cajun from Southern Louisiana. My mom’s father was a conductor on the Katy Rail Road. Mammaw was a seamstress.

Dad came home after logging several thousand hours in a P-38 over Germany, and later, New Guinea, and married my mom. I was born in 1947. I grew up in a military household along with two younger sisters. I went to college at Georgia Southwestern University. I waited until I was forty to marry. I found the most incredible woman on the planet, (in my opinion), and we have been happily married ever since. I have been in the advertising/graphic production business for the last twenty years, and the internet business for the past eight. At this point, you know a lot more about me than I know about you.

I have let you in on this information for a reason. I suspect with this much background, you can draw some similarities between our heritages. We are probably both products of the same melting pot. We are both products of our environment. We are both concerned with our safety and the safety of our loved ones. We are both Americans.

I am also, what I consider, a Jeffersonian. Thomas Jefferson was crucial in the conception and implementation of our Constitution. It seems miraculous to me that a group of freedom loving geniuses could have come together, two-hundred-twenty-seven years ago, to construct a framework that would allow the United States of America to become the greatest country in the history of mankind.

I believe that Mr. Jefferson’s gifts to freedom are being systematically subjugated for the purpose of benefiting a small and elitist group of sinister Americans, who have lost all regard for what America stands for and who have been at it for over 100 years. I also believe their objective is Globalism. Their motives stem from avarice and greed. Being somewhat of a student of human nature, it does not seem miraculous that avarice and greed have become so prevalent in our society. What troubles me greatly is the extent that “the dark side” has permeated all of our lives.

I conceived the idea of the Silver Bear Cafe after trying to determine the cause of the decimation of our retirement plans, (IRAs, 401Ks, Savings Accounts, etc.). Realizing that there was a lot more to the financial markets than met the eye, I started diligently studying the flow of money throughout the world. I could have never embarked on this fact finding mission without the aid if the internet. I have become somewhat obsessed with finding out who, what, where, and when. Patterns have started to form. To quote Fox Mulder; “The truth is out there”.

The Silver Bear Cafe is intended to provide an information resource. A place where editorials and commentaries from all over the world can be found in one place. As the editor of the Silver Bear Cafe, I spend almost all my time searching out and assessing articles that express view points not presented by our “mainstream media”. In my opinion, the commentators on CNBC are sycophants, narcissists, and toadies, selling their souls for the benefit of their corporate bosses. We can’t believe anything we hear from the “mainstream” anymore. Our history books have been continually re-written for the past eighty years at least. Our children are being systematically dumbed down. The wealth of our nation is being purposefully redistributed to other slimy pieces of garbage throughout the world by “the dark side”. When you find out what I have found out, you will be pissed. But then, thank goodness, there is a way to fight back.

I am trying to remain non-partisan. I am trying to remain open-minded. I am trying to remain calm. My promise to you is that I will responsibly verify the veracity of each article that I post. I will continually authenticate the sources of all the information that is contained in the Cafe. I will continue to track stock issues that out perform the norm. I will gratefully accept ideas and suggestions that will make the Silver Bear Cafe a more valuable resource for it’s subscribers. I have included a “Give Johnny Silver Bear Some Feedback” link on almost every page. I appreciate hearing from you. If you like the Silver Bear Cafe and find it a valuable resource, you will not hesitate to tell your friends and “Spread the Word”. Before we can do anything to change this situation, a whole lot of people are going to have to find out whats really going on.

Thanks for your time. May the Great Spirit watch over you.


Kenny Parsons aka Johnny Silver Bear
Chief cook and bottle washer
The Silver Bear Cafe

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