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All the King's Horses and All the King's Men, Part Two:
Getting Out from Under the Bus.
Johnny Silver Bear

It is high time We the People see the military and economic hegemony in the Middle East for the farce that it is, and start developing alternative solutions to the unsustainable system of the Petrodollar, and we had better do it soon.

The former paragraph was the last paragraph in part one of this examination.

I have been searching for answers regarding the continuing degradation of our economy since the stockmarket crash of 2000. Realizing that there was a lot more to the financial markets than met the eye, I started diligently studying the flow of money throughout the world. My research has uncovered much more than simple malfeasance. An orchestrated conspiracy has emerged and the consequences have become more apparent, day by day. I could have never embarked on this fact finding mission without the aid if the internet. I have become somewhat obsessed with finding out who, what, where, and when.

Now, thirteen years after I set out to make sense of it all, it is finally beginning to come into focus. My search has prompted me to believe that we have been misled by those whom we had been conditioned to trust. We have been ravaged by those who believe that they have some privilege, in regards to our property. We have been systematically "thrown under the bus" by those who have allowed themselves to become whores for the Darkside. But the greatest travesty, which is a result of these events, is that the world is currently under the control of the basest faction of humanity and, if left unabated, will most certainly degrade the quality of, and the future of, our species.

I might have been a bit "over the top" when I referred to the conflict, which is currently focused on Iran and Syria, as a farce. It is typical of "those who would be kings" to prefer to do everything they can, to control all of what is, rather than intelligently creating more, or by reducing the need. Instead of creating enough for everyone, they find it more expeditious to substantially reduce the the number of folks that currently constitutes "everyone".

We can't believe anything we hear from the "mainstream" anymore. Our history books have been continually re-written for the past eighty years at least. Our children are being systematically dumbed down. The wealth of our nation is being purposefully redistributed to other slimy pieces of garbage throughout the world. When you find out what I have found out, you will be pissed.

We have been thrown beneath the bus. In any attempt to emerge from "beneath the bus" we must understand the motives of those that placed us there, and the source and effect of their growing desperation.

In part one, I attempted to highlight some of the most important issues that should concern us in respect to our ongoing financial survival. Through a brief explanation of the Bretton Woods Conference, we gained an understanding of how the global condition after WWII was cleverly exploited:

All the countries that had experienced widespread destruction during the war were anxious, even desperate to attain a source of credit that could be applied to reparations. 730 delegates representing 44 allied nations met in July, 1944 in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in an attempt to agree to a solution. With much of the global economy decimated by the war, the United States emerged as the world's new economic leader. As a nation, the U.S. was holding all the cards, and put forth a plan that called for the creation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) which became operational in 1945. The chief features of the Bretton Woods system were an obligation for each country to adopt a monetary policy that maintained the exchange rate by tying its currency to the U.S. dollar which would be exchangeable for gold at the fixed rate of $35.00 an ounce. The agreement additionally provided the newly formed IMF the ability to extend almost unlimited credit to each country in the system. All delegates agreed. This enabled Europe the ability pay U.S. companies (we were the "only game in town") for the trappings of reparation. We made it, they bought it. We became wealthy on the back of the largest industrial surge that America had ever experienced. With it came a standard of living that had never been attained during any time in history. This was the initial occurrence that brought on the boom of the fifties, and would eventually lead to the U.S. Dollar's becoming the World's Reserve Currency. The fact that we have maintained the position as the World's Reserve Currency, as it turns out, is about to be exposed as a mixed blessing.

As I guide you through what has transpired since WWII, in relation to the Bretton Woods Agreement and banking and the economy, I will relate to FRNs (Federal Reserve Notes) frequently. It would have been simpler to refer to them as dollars since most people do, but they are not dollars. Dollars have been defined by law. The text of Coinage Act of 1792 states: "The Dollar or Unit shall be of the value of a Spanish milled dollar as the same is now current," that is, running in the market, "to wit, three hundred and seventy-one and one-quarter grains of silver." Federal Reserve Notes are not dollars, have nothing to do with silver or any other form of real money, and should not be considered as such. They are not worth anything. They are debt instruments, and as such, one of the prime sources of our economic ruination. The Federal Reserve sole intention has always been to steal our money. Bretton Woods was a ruse, whereby the entire western world was duped into the "web of debt" that was continually being spun by the criminal banksters. So, although it may seem clumsy, for the sake of this examination, I will replace the term "dollars" with "FRNs".

Initially, the FRN system, proposed in the Bretton Woods Agreement, seemed to work for all parties. After all, if a nation decided to opt out of the arrangement, they could always exchange their FRN holdings for gold, so they gratefully participated. The fixed rate of gold would prove to be problematic, however. The idea that a group of power mongers (the government) could put a fixed price on a finite commodity, was a fools mistake, one which had failed over and over again throughout history.

From the middle Forties to the early Sixties everything involving the Bretton Woods Agreement went according to plan. But then, in 1963, LBJ began to pillage the Treasury through the criminally motivated involvement in Southeast Asia and the equally criminally motivated implementation of "the Great Society". Throughout the remainder of the Sixties, Johnson and his cronies continued to embezzle the wealth of the Nation. For the previous twenty-seven years, the world had been flooded with these FRN debt instruments. Now that the forty-four allied nations' FRN holdings were no longer redeemable in gold and, thereby, no longer desirable, they began to dump them. On August 15, 1971, President Richard M. Nixon shocked the global economy when he "temporarily" suspended the promised convertibility from FRNs into gold. By reneging on, and thereby abandoning the Bretton Woods Agreement, the convertibility of FRNs into gold was never reinstated.

This would, in turn, usher in a purely fiat system (FRNs backed by nothing) which, with history as our witness, would be destined to failure. The Fed quickly realized that they had mindlessly introduced so many into circulation, that, lacking demand, these billions of FRNs would be repatriated (returned to the U.S.) and they were, with a vengeance. As a result of the concentrated dissolution of the purchasing power of FRNs, inflation blossomed and bloomed in America. The scourge of inflation continued to become more and more apparent, and the powers that be (the owners of the Federal Reserve) became "up close and personal" with the fruits of their folly. Unless something was done to stem the tide of FRN repatriation, The U.S. Economy would collapse.

So, in 1973, as a result of a stroke of evil genius by another evil clown, Henry Kissinger came up with a solution. It involved a plan to extort the Saudis by selling them protection. This was not an original idea, the protection racket had been successfully plied by various mob gangs for millennia, but this was the first time it had been played out on a global stage. By 1975, all of the OPEC nations had agreed to price their own oil supplies exclusively in U.S. FRNs in exchange for weapons and military protection. This "oil for FRNs" system, created an another immediate, yet artificial demand for U.S. FRNs around the globe. And of course, as global oil demand increased, so did the demand for FRNs. Any country that sought to purchase oil from OPEC would be required to first exchange their own national currency for FRNs. In exchange for OPEC's willingness to denominate their oil sales exclusively in FRNs, the United States would provide protection of their oil fields from neighboring nations. At this point it might be beneficial to gain a greater understanding of who OPEC's enemies might be via a quick history lesson.

Wealth and Power

The Middle East is made up, mostly, of Muslims. Not unlike Judaism, being a Muslim denotes not only a religious affinity, but also a political one. Among Muslims, there are several sects, but there are two predominant ones, the Sunni and the Shia. Sunni and Shia constitute the two major denominations of Islam. An approximation of the ratio is that 75% of the world's Muslims are Sunni and 10–20% are Shia. It follows then that Sunnis are a majority in most Muslim communities, but Shia make up the majority of the citizen population in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Bahrain, as well as being a politically significant minority in Lebanon.

At stake has been the tremendous wealth which is contained in land surrounding the Arabian Gulf. The Saudis, whose royal family and the majority of its citizens are Sunni, have, for hundreds of years, had to cope with an insurgence provided by the Shia minority. As mentioned above, the Sunnis and Shia are as much political sects as religious ones. The Shia Clerics who wield great power and control in both Iran, and Iraq, and Syria are ideological combatants of the Sunni Clerics in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman and Yemen. It is all about power. The clerics in Islam generally wield as much, if not more power over the people than does the government. As far as the Saudi Royal Family is concerned, it is the collective Shia of Iran, Iraq and Syria that pose the greatest threat to their ongoing control of their petrochemical deposits. But recently (in the past ten years) a new threat has made itself apparent in Saudi Arabia and its Sunni allies, in the form of a potential domestic insurrection.

It has become widely known that the once mammoth petroleum deposits in Saudi Arabia are in rapid decline. The Saudi Royals have traditionally used the wealth provided by their oil exports to, in part, maintain their power, and ruling class status, by subsidizing the cost of energy among the citizens. Cheap gas, as well as free electricity have created a dependence, by the population, on the modern comforts of life, such as air conditioning, which is a far cry from the climates their fathers had endured just thirty years earlier. The cessation of these amenities might cause a negative reaction amongst the common folk. The Royals are highly motivated to maintain the status quo. They are very dependant on the income from the sale of their resources. With their oil fields in decline, they have become desperate to initiate alternative revenue streams to replace the dwindling ones.

Enter natural gas

It turns out that some of the largest known natural gas deposits on the planet are located in Yemen, Oman and Qatar. The Saudi allies currently account for the exportation of the greatest volume of liquefied natural gas in the world. The amount that they liquefy and transport, via tankers, amounts to just a tiny fraction compared to the volumes they could deliver via a pipeline. Syria is the most obvious land route for any pipelines to export oil and gas from the Persian Gulf, including Iran, to the energy-hungry nations of Western Europe. To exacerbate the situation, the Syrian government has made a deal with the Russians, not unlike the one proffered by Kissinger with the Saudis. Syria's petroleum reserves were estimated in 2010 at 2,500,000,000 barrels. They, too, feel the need for "protection" from their enemies. Saudi Arabia is an avered enemy.

As a result, the Syrian government is backed and bolstered by military support from Russia and Iran, while Qatar and Saudi Arabia transfer weapons to the rebels who are battling for control of Syria. We are currently witnessing a large faction (thousands) of al qaeda mercenaries, posing as Syrian rebels, in the employ of the Saudi and Yemen Royal Families, attempting to overthrow the Syrian Government. We are told that the problem is one of a "humanitarian nature". Tripe. The purpose of this grossly misreported exercise is simply another lunge for wealth and power. At stake is a potential delivery system for the European Natural Gas Markets.

Russia is already providing Europe with pipeline delivered energy. The directors of the Russian petro giant, Gasprom, do not feel that it would be in their best interest to compete with the produce of the Arabian Gulf. Putin fronts for Gasprom. Herein lies the rub. We can now address the truth of this dispute. We can identify the players and their motives and begin to understand what stake the U.S. has in all of this.

Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave...

We began this portion of the examination by understanding that Nixon's actions in 1971, by abandoning the Bretton Woods Agreement, provided a wake up call to the rest of the world, when they realized that the U.S. Federal Reserve had been provisioned with the unfettered ability to produce as many FRNs, out of thin air, as they wanted. In turn, many nations chose to abandon FRNs, which resulted in a mass repatriation of FRNs to the United States in the Seventies, which caused massive inflation in America. Even with the implementation of the "Petro FRN" system in 1973, in order to save the system, Paul Volker was forced to raise interest rates substantially before the crisis was brought under control.

When Paul Volcker took over as president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1975, he became a permanent member of the Federal Open Market Committee. The FOMC is the the panel within the Federal Reserve System responsible for [mis]managing credit conditions and interest rates. By 1981, as a reaction to the continuing and increasing inflationary pressures caused by the mass production of FRNs by the FED and exacerbated by the actions of Johnson and Nixon, Volcker raised the federal funds rate, to 20%. The prime rate rose to 21.5%. Rather than repremanding him for his fellow banksters causing the crisis, his actions were applauded as having saved the the country from a hyperinflation. Very few people have a grasp of the causes and effects of rampant debt creation.

The combination of Volker's defending FRNs with extremely high interest rates and the repurposing of FRNs through the Petro-FRN system staved off an implosion of the U.S. Economy. The continuation of the Petro-FRN System has availed the FED the ability to "kick the can down the road", until now. Consequently, raising the Federal Funds Rate today would result in immediate and violent death of our economy. There are purportedly over $800 trillion in interest rate swaps (derivatives) being held by the largest banks in the world, that would implode in the event that rates went up 5%, much less 20%.

What has happened since 1981 can only be considered an insanely greedy exhibition of deluded, out of control and self absorbed mental midgets flooding the world with worthless paper in order to collect usurious, unearned and undeserved interest on fake debt by maniacs who should rightly be put to sleep. This has caused, and continues to cause the death and devastation of thousands upon thousands of innocents, all over the world, just to keep the sytem afloat.

The ongoing overt and obvious dissolution of the purchasing power of FRN's has become glaringly apparent to all but our blindered sheeple, and several oil-producing countries have begun to question the wisdom of accepting increasingly worthless paper for their precious resources. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and Libya have openly voiced their destain at having to receive FRNs for their petrochemical exports. China, Russia, India, North Korea and Cuba, are complaining about having to pay in FRNs. When Iraq threatened to accept Euros for their oil, the U.S. Government, working at the behest of the banksters, killed Saddam Hussein. When Libya attempted to trade its oil for gold Dinars they killed Muammar Gaddafi, The CIA tried several time to assassinate Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, but he died of cancer before they could get to him. Obama tried his best to help Saudi Arabia take out Bashar al-Assad of Syria but, so far Putin has out foxed the White House at every turn. "Obama's best" might be an oximoron. What is happening in our world today makes a whole lot more sense, albiet in a sick kind of way, if you simply read between the lines and ignore the “official” reasons that are provided by the mainstream media.

The Coming Collapse of the Petrodollar System

With the bumbling dog and pony show conducted by the Obama Administration in regards to the invasion of Syria in September, and its ultimate failure, the Saudis are beginning to feel like they have been forsaken by the U.S. It is rumored that this may lead to OPEC's abandoning the Oil for FRN arrangement.

Please remember, the dispute is all about wealth and power. Basically, the U.S. is already bankrupt, and its debts are so great that they will never be repaid. The banksters know this. They know hat they have been "living on borrowed time". This is why the U.S. government has so ardently prohibited any country from going off the system, but the whole world is about to abandon the system at the same time. What will happen when the Saudi Royals announce that they will no longer require payment in the Fed's worthless paper?

Not unlike the reaction we experienced in the Seventies, which resulted in massive inflation through the repatriation of FRNs by the forty-four allied nations, we are about to face a situation where the whole world will no longer be required to buy oil with FRNs. The participation in this convoluted system has proven detrimental to everyone involved, except, of course, the banksters. The world has no need for the counterfeit money, backed by nothing, any longer, and will get rid of them. Only, this time, rather than billions of FRNs flooding into the U.S., it will be trillions.

If You Were a Bankster, What Would You Do?

With the knowledge that the Russians are providing the Syrians with arms - guns, missiles, tanks, humvees, etc., and that, without the support of the U.S. that Saudi Arabia will have to source arms to defend themselves from China and North Korea, and that if there is a repatriation of FRNs to America that it will mean the total collapse of the American economy and everybody's FRNs will become worthless, what would you do? What do you think the maniacs in Washington will do? What do you think the banksters in New York will do. What do you think Joe Six Pack will do?

These, and thousand of similar questions, have been addressed by government think tanks, the military, the Russians, the Chinese, the North and South Koreans, and just about every other warm bodied person, equipped with a brain, on the planet, except, of course, the American Sheeple. They have been, conveniently sheltered from the possibilities. They have been kept in the dark. They have been thrown under the bus.

The American government's complicity is undeniable and they are completely aware of all the ways this might play out. They have been preparing for the civil blow back that will occur, in waves, for several years, as more and more citizens are forced, by their ever worsening conditions, to wake up. At first, the sheeple will be clueless as to the cause but will, eventually, realize that they have been had. At that point, I expect chaos.

Getting Out from Under the Bus

This is an impossible situation. There are no viable solutions. The train wreck has already occurred. The damage has already been done. It started one-hundred years ago at the onset of the abomination which is the Federal Reserve. It has made a very small portion of the earth's inhabitants very wealthy, while concurrently impoverishing the rest. In the days and months to come, everyone will lose. What difference will it make how many FRNs you have if they are worthless? What difference will it make how much oil and gas you have if no one can afford to buy it?

The world is about to change radically, and not, in my opinion, for the better. What is about to happen will have been intentionally caused by greedy morons who want to rule the earth. They are people who see themselves as Counts and Countesses and Kings and Queens. They view everyone else as serfs and slaves. They are grossly deluded. The damage has already been done and there is no fix.

I believe that we are on the verge of an inflationary collapse of the economy while, at the same time a deflation, where assets will lose most of their value, which will result in the massive debasing of collateral, world wide, which, in turn, will result in a global banking meltdown. The biggest desperadoes will be those responsible, the banksters, and they will stop at nothing to save themselves. I suspect that they will start killing each other. Meanwhile, the minions of unsuspecting sheeple will find themselves squarely under the bus with no way out. This could all play out in a matter of days.

Are you prepared? Have you gotten yourself and those you love out from under the bus already? Can you survive in spite of the power mad war mongers whose intention it is to blow up the world? You must be aware in order to stand a chance. You will need help. It is our duty to wake up as many folks as we can. If you have some idea about what's going on, you can get ready.

Its not what you don't know that will screw you up, it's what you know that is wrong. The spin you hear from the mainstream media is intended to mislead you. Open your eyes and face the future. If you leave your head in the sand and ignore it, you are only leaving your butt exposed for the world to kick. This all may sound like gloom and doom, but when you get a handle on what is going to happen, you will have a future filled with opportunity. Fortune favors the Informed.

Kenneth Parsons, aka Johnny Silver Bear, is an IT professional in Texas and the President of Silver Bear Communications, Inc. Mr. Parsons has been involved in the advertising and promotion industry for over twenty-five years. He is the editor of the Silver Bear Cafe and, as such, is responsible for shaping the content of "The Bear". Mr. Parsons has served as CEO for Fiberscape Communications, Inc., a web site development / hosting and streaming multi-media company in Richardson, Texas since 1997. He is a Jeffersonian and a passionate supporter of the U.S. Constitution. He is also an outspoken advocate of gold money and equal tax rates. You can contact Mr. Parsons with questions or comments via email at [email protected].

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