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The illusion of choice in the media
Crisis HQ

When you head out to the voting booth this November, know this… whether you pick Obama or Romney, you’re essentially voting for the same person. If you watch the video below you’ll understand why this is so.

The arguments, the debates, the smear campaigns and the emphasized differences between the two candidates are there to facilitate you with an illusion of choice.

It’s true that the mainstream press presents Romney as Obama as opposing each other in both ideas and ideas. However, if you actually compare their positions on most important matters like: debt, bailouts, monetary policy, foreign policy, military, civil liberties, Constitution, etc. you can easily pierce through this facade and see that the real difference between them is style and not substance.

It’s no secret, that the combined top contributions for both Obama and Romney come from the same bankers, special interest groups, and lobbyists. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, UBS AG, all made and make significant contributions to both Romney and Obama at the same time, during the same campaign. This is precisely why both Obama and Romney hold virtually identical positions on every single critical issue facing America today.

Regardless of the outcome of the presidential elections, it will be business as usual. Wall street will get the bailouts, the national debt will continue to skyrocket and the economy will crash. The constitution will continue to be abused, citizen’s rights will be striped further and federal and state government’s powers extended. So, watch this video all the way to the end (it gets better as it progresses) and you will understand that come election time, you will only have one choice, Obamney of the Republicrats party.

Both Obama and Romney Support:

Bank bailouts; the concept of “too big to fail”; sending your money to foreign dictators; the George W. Bush foreign policy; federal restrictions on gun ownership; spying on American Citizens without warrants; the indefinite detention of American Citizens without charge, trial or lawyer; assassinations of American citizens without due process!

Both Obama and Romney Oppose:

Balancing the Budget in less than 30 years; Paying down the National Debt; states rights to make their own laws; auditing the Federal Reserve; a Government that consistently obeys the Constitution!

Please watch this video to the end and share it with everyone you know.

If you think information control by mainstream media is just another crazy conspiracy theory propagated by paranoid masses, you simply haven’t considered the facts. Did you know that 90% of all information from media, whether you’re watching TV, reading a newspaper or listening to radio, actually comes from the same six sources? It’s packaged in different brands of course, but the fact is 6 corporations (listed below) control 90% of all media in America. In a perfect world, this would hardly be of any consequence. But in our world of corrupt politicians, greedy bankers, and power hungry elitists, this is a perfect propaganda machine, too tempting not to abuse. If controllers of media conglomerates want to help their buddies push a certain agenda or slant people’s opinions on any given matter, they certainly have the mechanism to accomplish just that. Freedom of press is meaningless and irrelevant when reports, editorials and opinions are handed down from the top.

A less sinister example of the illusion of choice principle

You may look at the grocery store shelves and think they’ve got a multitude of options, but the truth is, the same huge corporations own all of the brand names, use the same toxic ingredients in the products and care not the slightest about your nutrition or health. This same principle goes for media… but worst of all it applies to politics as well.

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