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More Of The Public Is Waking Up To Precious Metals Investment
Steve St Angelo

While the low paper gold and silver prices continue to frustrate some investors, I can tell you that my SRSrocco Report Google Analytics data suggests more of the public is waking up to PRECIOUS METALS INVESTMENT.

Normally, my site receives approximately 40% New Visitors versus 60% for Returning Visitors each day.  This is actually a very good percentage, as 40% of my daily traffic is NEW EYEBALLS.  However, traffic to my site yesterday suggests even more of the public is waking up due to the misinformation and propaganda put out by the MainStream Media.

My newest article posted yesterday, SOMETHING CHANGED IN THE SILVER MARKET IN MAY: Here Are 3 Reasons Why, received the most visits for all my articles over the past month.  Furthermore, the percentage of New Visitors yesterday were the highest I have seen in quite some time.

Of the 15,281 visitors to my site yesterday, 50.8% were New Visitors, while 49.2% were Returning:

Which means, the SRSrocco Report site experienced more New Visitors than Returning Visitors yesterday…. a new daily record.  In addition, the total amount of visits to the SRSrocco Report site yesterday were 69,200.  These visits include internet Bots of all types.  However, I have found out that the 15,281 of the “supposed” human visitors reported yesterday, are seriously under counted.

I know this because I have a SiteLock security Firewall to protect the site from malicious attacks.  When I spoke with the Sitelock account rep last year about updating the Firewall, he told me that I should as my traffic was really high.  I replied to him by saying, “Yes, I know…. on good days I received 12-15,000 visitors.”  He replied back and said, “Oh no… according to our data, some of your daily human visitor counts are reaching 40,000-60,000 this past month.”

I asked the SiteLock account rep, “Why does Google Analytics show a much lower number?”  He said he couldn’t give me a reason why, but the data that they receive for my daily visitors is more accurate as they maintain the site’s firewall and know all the details about the types of visits… human or internet bots.

So, I imagine my actual visitor counts are likely 2-3 times more than what Google Analytics are reporting.

Furthermore, the majority of my visitors come from the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and other European countries:

However, I do receive a good bit of traffic from Eastern European and Asian countries.  For example, I received at least 1,000 visits from Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Taiwan and South Africa during the month.  And… I would imagine these figures are under-reported as well.

That being said, I find it quite interesting that my last article generated a great deal more NEW VISITORS than I have in the past.  It seems as if the public are becoming increasingly disenchanted with the MainStream Media’s misinformation and propaganda.

Now, I am not just talking about the insane reporting on President Trump and Geopolitics, but also the lack of any insight of the dire economic situation Americans will soon face as the massive amount of debt and derivatives comes crashing down due to the disintegrating U.S. and global oil industry.

When I turn on the TV and see commercials on how some typical American family is being advised by a “Financial Planner”, it really disgusts me.  These poor folks have no idea they are pouring their funds into the BIGGEST FINANCIAL PONZI SCHEME in history.  All I can do is watch the Shakespearean Tragedy take place until the day the markets crack.

The good thing through it all, is that more and more of the investing public is waking up to the PRECIOUS METALS.  I can see it through the visitor data on my site.

Lastly, while the crypto-currencies are the new RAGE and investment FAD today, I would kindly like to remind everyone, Gold and Silver have been stores of wealth for 2,000+ years.  I don’t have anything negative to say about owning crypto-currencies, but I believe owning physical precious metals will be some of the safest assets to own, when the U.S.A. Titanic finally sinks.

Check back for new articles and updates at the SRSrocco Report.  You can also follow us at Twitter, Facebook and Youtube below:

Independent researcher Steve St. Angelo (SRSrocco) started to invest in precious metals in 2002. Later on in 2008, he began researching areas of the gold and silver market that, curiously, the majority of the precious metal analyst community have left unexplored. These areas include how energy and the falling EROI – Energy Returned On Invested – stand to impact the mining industry, precious metals, paper assets, and the overall economy.

Steve considers studying the impacts of EROI one of the most important aspects of his energy research. For the past several years, he has written scholarly articles in some of the top precious metals and financial websites.

You can find many of Steve’s articles on noteworthy sites, such as GoldSeek-SilverSeek, Market Oracle, Financial Sense,, SilverDoctors, TFMetals Report, Outsiderclub, SGTreport, BrotherJohnF, Hartgeld, Der-klare-blick, PeakProsperity, SilverStrategies, DollarCollapse, FurtureMoneyTrends, Sharpspixley, FinancialSurvivalNetwork, Pmbull, Deviantinvestor, PmBug, Wealthwire, and ZeroHedge.


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