It Was Just Time
Shelby Moore

Martin Armstrong was jailed for six years for civil contempt. (Bloomberg News/Landov)

I don't know if anyone else has commented already, that Martin Armstrong's "It Is Just Time" prediction made back in October 2008, for a major turn event on March 19, nailed the exact day (after) the Fed announced to start buying government bonds directly.

He had also predicted ahead of time the turn that coincided with the peak in the precious metals prices last March 2008.

Google "Martin Armstrong", for the remarkable story about how accurate his computer model predictions have been, and him being in the maximum security prison without a trial, together with the Shoe Bomber and the Unibomber, alledgedly because of his unwillingness to share his model with the CIA.

Unlike the prior swap programs shell games, which gave money to banks who had not loaned it back out, this direct monetization of Treasuries, apparently puts money directly into the economy and seems to cement an exponentially accelerating decay to complete destruction of the world's financial system.

We are now in the 29 or 30th day of the exponential effect of change, as illustrated by the Water Lily:


I think most people (even most gold and silver analysts and enthusiasts) are still stuck on trying to figure out how to cope or ride out the current system, as if there will be a system. I suggest reading Armstrong's latest predictions about complete failure and return to brutality of the Dark Ages:


What can we collectively do to stop this? Nothing.

The sooner we realize that we have only one pathway forward, the better each of our individual chance for survival. The Bible talks about this time, and the wisdom of how to prepare. Remember the people were instructed to come out of Egypt into a place where they were trapped, but Moses opened the sea for them. But I will let the reader decide if they want to pursue the Bible. That one pathway is to come out of the system entirely. The only way for an individual to come out of the Great system, is to go back to a very simple life of self-sufficiency, as devoid as possible of any material want or need. Your gold and silver may not be that useful. Many may end up throwing it in the streets, because it probably won't buy food, due to the mayhem coming will seek out those people who ever spend a silver dime in public.

The Great system has a plan to stop self-sufficiency:



How can one survive without the permission to plant and harvest food? I think there are no jungles in USA, perhaps one could move quickly to place with them. Small cohesive communities will be disbanded. The flat lands of the USA are sitting ducks for roaming marauders. Seek the mountains, and the most difficult terrain. Seek not to resist and make war, but to come out entirely in a peaceful condition of separation. Seek terrain where helicopters can not easily drop defoliating chemicals on your gardens. Remember the Great system will be promoting and instigating all sides in the coming civil disorder, so trust no human leaders.

I understand math. I understand exponential change better than most analysts. I understand a Geometric Series. I have done numerous calcuations.

It was just time. Don't be too late to come out of the system. The clock is ticking, there isn't much time remaining.

There will come a new dawn after this mess plays out. It may take the form of a precious metals backed currency. This is orthogonal to the need to come of the current system, while one still can. Such a globally systemic transistion is not smooth and predictable by any man, nor likely favorable to masses who have tried to game the system. The truth lies outside the Great system. Should one seek to store wealth, consider that most were forced to bury it for eons or give it to marauders in the prior Dark Ages. No part of the system is safe from raping, including any storage service for precious metals. Perhaps the new dawn will come quicker this time, as time tends to accelerate. My point is to think how to disengage from the system, perhaps bury the metal for a future time. It wasn't my preferred choice. I tried in vain to search for a smooth transistion solution-- there is none, only fantasies or denial of truth. I can not stress enough that the highest priority is to remove what has been your life, from your life. Make yourself independent as possible from the Great system of money. For once...

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